Bowl Eve Recap & Game Thread

OK then. Let’s go down a recall list for the revelers and submit an after action report.

Left my hotel at 6pm and got to the Pitt HQ hotel, the Sheraton Times Square, a bit after.  On the way there I walked up to  Pat Narduzzi standing on the street corner looking up at the street signs and trying to figure out where he was with the phone in his hand.

It was kind of a nice scene because he was in his all Pitt blue and gold sweats and had two packages of shopping in his hands so he looked like a regular tourist but in full Pitt regalia.

Once I got into the hotel I walked up to the bar and saw two guys in Pitt gear so I sat down in the middle and began to speak with them. On my left was Brandon Ford’s father Richard and it was a real pleasure being with him; on my right was another rabid Pitt fan whose Name Escapes Me Now but we sat and talked for about an hour on everything that has to do with the Pitt football program.

Brandon’s Father had a lot of insights into the recruitment of his son, basically from the middle of Penn State territory as that’s where they grew up. He thinks the world of the coaching staff now but really had glowing respect for Paul Chryst and Joe Huber who began recruiting Brandon in his junior year of high school.

Richard said that when Joe Huber approaches your kid as an offensive lineman it is pretty much like the best in the business coming to tell you that he wants your son to play for him. It was hard to refuse that type of offer even though Brandon had traveled around and visited a lot of different Big 10 schools.

After that the Fords went to have dinner at Rosie O’Grady’s Saloon across the street and I went over to talk to Scott Orndoff’s father at the other end of the bar who had, of course, his son’s Jersey on. We had a really important and interesting conversation about Scott and his four years in the program and the changes he saw happen on the staff, team and admin.  Really insightful stuff and some I didn’t know.

Scott, Sr is very proud and I mentioned to him that when I went to the Media Day at Spring practices I had a chance to talk to Scott and Jaymar Parrish together and that Scott was very open and honest about some of the things that he’s experienced in his four years, both good and bad. I discussed some of that with Scott’s father and then sat around drinking beer, a lot of beer, and reminiscing about Pittsburgh and Pitt’s old teams.

After dinner I went downstairs to Rosie O’Grady’s Pub in the basement of the building which was really truly Pitt Central at the time and I met a lot of old friends that I’ve known through tailgating at Pitt football games and some new ones also.

My first conversation was with The Partying Panther, Thomas Baily, who was wearing a panther head as a ball cap and holding court. Tom is a die-hard Pitt fan who takes his converted RV to all the home and almost all the away games that he can. He was sitting with some older players and we talked about what, if anything, is really different this time around.

That was the topic of conversation with everyone I spent time with actually. Later on I sat with Jeff Ferruza and ex-FB Lance Markle 9of Facebook’s “Pitt Panther Fanatics”along  with some guys I knew from the message boards. Everyone was happy with this staff but all agreed that the real test will be when the bigger programs start offering Narduzzi.

I’d say that it was 50/50 on whether Pitt 1) has the money to compete on big contracts and 2) will be willing to spend it. That wasn’t surprising to me as Pitt fans tend to say one thing on the Internet and then another when a subject is discussed in detail.

Another in_depth talk we had with a players parents was about the QB for 2017. We discussed MacVitte’s readiness and agreed that the staff wants transfer Browne as the starter.

Saw Terry and Pamela Wirginis and talked about their kid’s excellent play this year…along with discussing the Gateway Flipper fleet (they own it) and their dealings with Coast Guard inspections.  Years ago I trained the lady who now commands Coast Guard station in PGH.

Talked with Pat Bostick Jr about stuff… Barnes especially and his replacement, whoever that may be,  but my bet is that it won’t be a retreaded Jim Tressel.

I also had some short conversations with a few staff coaches and a couple of players who were walking around.  Most were on their way back into the hotel for a 9:00 curfew I believe but I could be wrong about that.

All in all it was a great night and I was stopped by a bucch of fans who recognized me as the writer of the POV and told me they read it daily…  lots of parents included. One common theme was that is was great to read dissenting opinions in both the articles but also in the many comments and that they liked the civility in which the discussions are held.  So thanks again for that.

Now – up to Billy’s Bar at Yankee Stadium then into the Press Box at around 1:30 0r so.


787 thoughts on “Bowl Eve Recap & Game Thread

  1. Clearly the offense shot itself in the foot more than a couple times. But saying that NW had more talent than us and we lost cause we don’t have D1 players, is another excuse for poor defensive coaching.

    Were any adjustments ever made to stop NW’s rushing attack ? Their QB was not exactly on target a lot and only avg’d 5.9 yds per completion.

    Their RB avg’d …..get this….7 yards per Rush.

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  2. I am not smart enough to say it is defensive coaching. But I know when I see poor defensive players all year long. Too many guys missing too many tackles. Too many guys running five steps behind the receiver. Maybe a better coach would make a difference, but not enough to win when our juggernaut offense craps the bed, then gets knocked out.

    I think I mentioned Brightwell even before you did yesterday. He should have started over Caprara. Probably rewarding a senior, not necessarily a bad thing.


  3. Believe it or not I think one of the biggest losses that has been totally overlooked was the loss of Jarrett after the second series. He totally disrupted what NW was trying to do. They had to double him which led to others getting in the backfield. Going forward, that lack of size on the d line is very,very worriesome next year.
    Also, we only punted once the whole game, shot ourselves in the foot multiple times to accomplish that.


  4. I have no problem with Caprara starting. But after we were getting gouged at 7 yards per rush, you need to get some speed in their. Caprara was slow covering the RB out of the backfield for the TD, that gave them the lead 28-24.


  5. Anyway, another season ends in frustration and a whole off season sucking on a loss.

    I’ll be interested in reading Reed’s observations and other Pitt fans he mentioned that didn’t even
    stay in their Hotel’s for nite 2 and bolted NYC.


  6. A coach playing seniors in a bowl game is not a novel idea. Another good reason to stand back and take this past game for what it was. A fiddle faak.

    Like Bob Dylan once sang. “There is no reason to get excited said the joker to the thief” ….there is too much confusion here, I can’t get no relief. < possibly a paraphrase?

    Brightwell finally got into the game but it was too little too late. PITT has lots of speed ready to go next year.


  7. I get it gc – my fandom takes precedence over my wanting to be right. I am right on everything else, just ask me…lol.

    Pitt has never lost to Clemson….ever, double never! Okay, so we ar3e two for two. So, out of ten, I don’t know. Out of two, we have beaten them twice. Touche’ my good man! All in fun. I get your point.


  8. For those saying PNs recruiting is no better than Chryst, can we please stop this nonsense. Please compare the offer lists. Under PN, you’ll see lots of other P5 offers for most recruits. Under PC, you’ll see mostly MAC offers outside of Pitt. Huge difference.
    Emel, I don’t think anyone on here thinks NW was the better overall team.

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  9. Welp, we have been bringing in recruits from Florida which should help team speed and athleticism for sure. I agree that we take any 3 star floridian and the Conklin pipeline seems to be in effect. Five or six floridians a year is a must in my book. So for me, recruiting has improved.

    If the athletic department was smart, we would buy time on the Sunshine Network in Florida every Sunday morning and have our game re-played. We would get into so many florida households! Rutgers stopped doing that when their focus went to local new jersey recruiting. Just a thought!


  10. Agree with many here who understand the Peterman and Conner hits were critical and blown calls. Even with that, Dinucci gave us a chance for a tie with a perfect pass to a reliable tight end who missed.

    This year was a big improvement and was possibly just defensive adjustments from being great. Responsibility for this should be spread around but I am encouraged.

    I will say it now, IF WE BEAT PSU next year, I will be satisfied with the 2017 season.



  11. My point is Connor had 35 yards in the first half. We are heavy at RB. Losing Peterman is different. As far as a concussion didnt he play a series after the hit then come out?

    Either way a HC is to blame when the team had zero energy and seemed like they didn’t want to be there.

    Call it how I see it.

    I do love SFLA recruiting. WVU has made a living in Miramar and got a Stud WR from St. thomas Acquinas in Lauderdale.


  12. No offense Upitt but a slip down cost PITT 7 pts and a dumb throw cost at least another 3. Zero energy is a not the way I would describe PITT’s start to this game. However afterwards???? Then the illegal hits on top of all that.. Yea that sucked…….ike


  13. Let’s also not forget Jarrett started the game when PITT had the 3 and out. Then he was out for the rest of the game. Missing Whitehead didn’t help much at all.

    Did I mentioned that one of the middle linebackers had an awful game?


  14. While the game was important and I was ready to throw a brick threw my TV when NP threw the interception, I look at it as just one game. Everyone has the game where you shoot yourself in the foot.

    Whether it was nerves, overconfidence, coming out flat, not being ready, doesn’t really matter at this point.

    Just like the 5 fumble game, no real explanation, some want to blame the coaches, some the players, some the football gods. I always laugh when a player points to the sky and God when they make a play, but they never point to the ground and blame Satan when they F-up.

    Just the nature of the game and another hump Pitt needs to get over.


  15. I was going to mention Jarrett too…..his loss killed us along with the other injuries. Pitt’s luck yesterday was SOP 10.0. Figures too that the refs would take $ since we were favored. Ad to that Narduzzi not having the team prepared and we has a perfect flop storm…

    I did mention yesterday that Conklin has too many guys coming in as recruits to fire him. His has that Florida pipeline since he coached down there. He should be a linebackers coach though and not DC.


  16. Huff I always pick Pitt too – I irrationally think picking the other team jinxes Pitt. This is why I dont gamble – I wouldn’t have a shirt to lose. 🙂 Emel and UPitt can be on my team anytime. I’ve only been posting 2 years but was this BooBoo guy more of a Koolaid drinker than Doc and Dark? – just kidding you two.
    Upitt I was being sarcastic ‘genius” picking of AD. We never pick a guy with any ties or knowledge of Pitt or its problems. Oval Jaynes (colorado state ad – dropped to Idaho and Tenn Chatt after brilliant Pitt career (sarcasm) Cornhole (Nebraska) Long (from Ohio hired from within after Oklahoma- hired away by Arkansas) Cornhole again, Barnes (Utah and any other state allowing 10 wives, also ties to Wash State); Cas Myslinski (Army, born in Steubenville), The worst are IMO Jaynes, Cornhole, Barnes all from way out of the area. Search committee chaired by same guy who picked Barnes? Ugh, no confidence.
    Upitt yesterday you said you would rather have sex with a 106 grandma than watch the game. My good buddy’s mom Alice is 104 – maybe a bit young for your cougar but she has taken a bath and is hot, wet and ready. (going to hell for that). 🙂


  17. I hear Pitt fans traveled to this game and represented the university well. I’m interested in hearing from those that did attend. How was the atmosphere. How was it to watch a game in a baseball stadium. What is the thinking for next years team and who our next AD might be???


  18. TX Panther- I was at the game and thought that it was a pretty good atmosphere. I live about 45 mins from the stadium, so I have been there a bunch of times for Yankees games. To be honest, it’s a little stark and cold for a baseball game, it normally feels like a football stadium, if that makes any sense. The setup was a little odd. I had 50 yard line seats but they were farther from the field than a 20 yard line seat cause of how they have to run the football field. -from home plate to cf. I thought it was a pro-PITT crowd. We definitely had more fans than NW. The lower level, where I was looked to be sold out. I couldn’t see the levels above me, but from the crowd noise I bet it was pretty full too. I met a lot of really nice PITT fans there. None of us in our section saw Connor or Jarret get hurt, so we were wondering why they weren’t in the game. And we all thought the officials were terrible.


  19. Sometimes after having a few cocktails and some deep thinking one comes to the realization that HCPN is the man we want to be our coach. The best person at this time and maybe for a long time.


  20. Sometimes after having a few cocktails and some deep thinking, I think that HCPN should be our coach for a long time. We need good stability and I believe he is it. H2P


  21. You have to care about a. Owl game if you are worth anything. Pitt was ranked and win the bowl game and you are a top 25 to start next season. Now? We are the sop and an after thought with “a ways to go”. No individual, school or program pride in this game.


  22. Yeah — Nate Peterman, Dorian Johnson, James Conner, Tyrique Jarret, AND Ejuan Price (no one pointed that out!!) all get knocked out the game fairly early-on. YIKES.

    —- Lol And we now know that Ben DiNucci is not “the answer” haha. That pass to Orndoff was perfect but his arm strength is not even remotely close to enough to play at this level. But that run was very nice — he could be a real player if he moves to safety / wide receiver (Julian Edelman style).

    Pat Narduzzi’s recruiting is NOT Paul Chryst recruiting. 6 foot + , ultra athletic defensive back talent is not Paul Chryst recruiting. Super athletic linebackers are not Paul Chryst recruiting. It will all come into-place for Pitt Football once, AND ONLY ONCE all the defensive Chryst guys are totally weeded-out and it’s all Narduzzi athletes. Period.

    **Excited to see what 6-7 more players sign to Pitt in this recruiting class in a couple months 🙂 and I’m hype to see what Max Browne shows now that he is in Oakland and practicing with all the guys.

    C’mon —- #HailToPitt!!! — Now >>>>>> losing to SMU twice / Houston to Bookend- Paul Chryst era just two years ago!! #LilPerspectiveIt’sImproving!


  23. Howvdorsbthebfuture look for Pitt in the coastal. Well as many have said here, VaTech and Miami have much better athletes than us and they are rated higher in recruiting. NC is recruiting well so where does that leave us. A perennial third or fourth place in the coastal?


  24. Thanks Steve for the commentary. I watched the game on TV. Pitt got into a funk and never got out of it. I give credit to fans for making this bowl game. I was really hoping the Sun Bowl against Stanford. I would have driven the 8 hours for that one. Still wishing for a New Years game. Maybe in 2-3 years.


  25. We do need to recruit better athletes. I’m encouraged by the reach into Florida. Nard Dog also understands there are plenty of athletes in OH, NJ, MD and VA. He should do just fine in those states. But the new AD needs to make sure Pitt has a huge recruiting budget and we hire and pay for recruiters. And we need to wow recruits with a much better game day atmosphere otherwise Pitt will need to bring out the Benjamins, whores, cars and tattoos. Its not beneath me to buy a 5 star.


  26. Glad we were the only Dogs in the ACC. Glad we are in the coastal. Weakest Part of ACC. Narduzzi isnt the answer. He is what he is. A 7-6 and occasional 8-5 guy. Sad part is Pitt Admin is estactic at 8-5.


  27. I went to the game too and thought the game atmosphere was great. The 1st two levels on the Pitt side were packed. I didn’t mind the football in a baseball stadium as our seats on the 2nd level at the 25 yard line were pretty good. Unfortunately , had some local punks sitting behind us sitting oñ our side, root for NW and being general douchebags but other than that had a great time. The chance to see Yankee Stadium was a plus for us. Looking ahead, unless we make some major progress on defense we could regress next year.


  28. Excerpt from DiPaola, Trib:

    Playing without injured strong safety Jordan Whitehead (arm) for the third consecutive game and losing free safety Terrish Webb early, Pitt didn’t have enough depth to fill the voids.

    Narduzzi was quick to point to freshman defensive backs who were either redshirted or used sparingly this season, but could be key contributors in 2017.

    “Damar Hamlin, (Therran) Coleman. (Jay) Stocker is going to continue to get better,” he said. “Bricen Garner is a good football player already. Henry Miller, across the board.”

    He also threw out the names of three other freshmen: linebacker Chase Pine, defensive tackle Keyshon Camp and wide receiver Ruben Flowers. Then, he added, “Wait until you get a glimpse of (quarterback) Thomas MacVittie.”

    Narduzzi didn’t mention USC transfer quarterback Max Browne, a senior-to-be and former five-star recruit. Browne said he will enroll at Pitt, but Narduzzi isn’t permitted by NCAA rules to publicly talk about prospective players until they start attending class.

    “There are guys everywhere,” Narduzzi said. “We have done a decent job of recruiting. We just have to keep it going.


  29. BTW, did you hear about the Arkansas TE who got suspended for the Belk Bowl game?

    Each team member was given a $450 gift card to use at Belk Dept Store to buy whatever they want. So, not only did this guy use up the gift card, he was caught shoplifting … what a moron!! Only in the SEC!


  30. Too tired from travel to do an article yesterday but I’m going to put one up today about the bowl game itself but more importantly about the reaction of fans after the loss in New York City and what I have heard from conversations and emails since Wednesday evening.

    It’s some interesting stuff in that it wasn’t just the reaction to the loss but how the coaching staff handled things in the last part of the season.

    Here is one issue to think about… Narduzzi said that in the last few weeks he had DiNucci taking QB2 snaps. Think about that. Everyone knows Stocker is more talented and had been practice QB2 all year, then when a QB was really needed DiNucci was used. What does that say about the future of the QB’s depth chart going into ’17?

    I can say this… Some people are very upset about Browne coming in and Pickett be it recruited at the same time. Why? It means we carry 5 QBs into spring camp and at least 4 into fall camp…all on scholarship which is normally one too many. Will we see a transfer? If so who?

    Schneider will go so that will leave 4 scholarship kids. Narduzzi played DiNucci so that is a show of faith.


  31. Other than Price, who else will get drafted from the leaving senior defensive players? I don’t think anyone besides Price. It should be an upgrade in player athleticism on D next year with the replacements for the others.


  32. Reed, ?? “Everyone knows Stocker is more talented..” I don’t believe any of us have ever seen Stocker throw a pass … plus, if you review his stats at NC State, you will see that he ran more than he passed.. He ran 7 times for 18 yards and was 0 for 2 passing. (Thus, Stocker has never completed a pass as a D1 QB)

    On the other hand, DiNucci was what we thought he was …. accurate but weak-armed (remember Bill Stull?) But he was Gatorade Player of Year in HS and has the PA passing yardage record.

    Not sure there is a big controversy here .. although the signing of Max Browne may create some concern. Nonetheless, Pickett already signed his LOI and is beginning at Pitt next week (even with the knowledge that Browne is coming.


  33. I truly believe Browne is coming in because on Sept 9th, I don’t think the coaches want an inexperienced QB playing before a raucous crowd of 107k. Just my opinion. MacVittie will still have 3 years eligibility and Pickett 4.


  34. Hard to watch this defense two years in a row. But no question the physical upgrades will eventually pay off. But they are young and will need to gain needed experience. The best and probably outcome is Pitt get better this year on defense as the year goes along. Narduzzi is recruiting a much better recruit than HCPC and it will show up going forward.


  35. MacVittie will have 4 years of eligibility not 3 as he redshirted this year. Hopefully the Narduzzi comment in the TribLive article today on MacVittie is accurate and not him just blowing some smoke up our a** after another bowl disappointment game.


  36. I kept thinking all game long of Huff …”Games are won in the trenches…” We lost in the trenches. NW had their way with our Hogs!

    Was it coincidence that the guys who had the best chance to interrupt NW went down with injuries? OR was it a concentrated and designed effort? Conner – helmet to the chin when he wasn’t carrying the ball; Jarrett, in like the 1st series; NP helmet to helmet early in 3rd Q. I’m surprised they were never able to get to Juan. OK – enough of the conspiracy theories!

    BTW, TV showed a facial close up of JC shortly after the hit, and his eyes looked like he was quite woosey.


  37. imo DiNucci playing was a no brainer. As much as we all wanted PITT to win the bowl game what good would staying with Stocker as the #2 QB during this past month have done for the PITT football teams future? Stocker was #2 at the beginning of the season to possibly save some games when they really mattered. Did the bowl game “really matter” ? I believe the extra practices were a great time to look towards the future.


  38. jrnpitt… correct about MacVittie’s eligibility. I meant after this ‘coming ‘ season, he will still have 3 years

    chet … couldn’t agree more. I have little doubt that this coming season, we will see much more speed and athleticism with Pine, Pugh, and Zeise added to LB corp and a DB consisting of Maddox, Whitehead, Coleman, Hamlin, Miller and Ford. However, the big fear is that they will take their lumps early … specifically vs PSU and OK St in Sept. But hopefully, they will be schooled enough to do well come ACC time.


  39. I also think DiNucci got a lot of snaps this last month, because he will be here next year and Stocker will not.

    I think Soto gets drafted and possibly Jarrett and Galambos in late rounds, if not they definitely get a shot as free agents. Galambos played well in his last four games, still probably too slow for the NFL.

    I think this game was one where all the bad luck for the year showed up in one game. My only lasting concern is that Henderson learns how to hold on to the ball. The rest should be forgotten.

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  40. Stocker did play several series during the year and drove the team to a TD; DiNucci took a knee. Stockr was number 2 all year. Not sure what Nard was thinking – next year third team QB needs live action; playing DiNucci keeps him here; bowl games not as important as development at this point – if that is so where were players like Blackwell; Stocker, Edwards. Perhaps Stocker didnt put out in practice About as confusing as game plans. With all due respect wwb the stats are from prior year, different team and as relevant as NP stats at Tenn, IMO. I want to go bowling next year but enough of this ice bowl nonsense.


  41. Zeise and Idowu fighting it out again, with Pine, Reynolds, McKee and a lot of young guys fighting for playing time. Definitely more speed than Galambos and Caprara.

    If Hendrix is good, with Blair, Edwards, Folston, and maybe Pugh, we should have a pass rush, Taleni, Herndon, Watt and others to hold down the middle.


  42. Reed might comment on this but I am hearing that Salem called most of the offensive plays with Canada as mentor. HCPN is a guy who wants loyalty and rewards loyalty. This suggests Salem will be the next OC. I hope not but the writing is on the wall…….


  43. rkb, stats include this year also (look closely). Not much there … and especially qualifying the statement that Stocker is more talented. I believe Stocker is a better runner, but that’s it.


  44. I am in the camp that Narduzzi won with Chrysts Offensive Players.

    Chrysts Defense Players Stunk.


    Narduzzi loses most of Chrysts offense so that b/c recruiting stinks should regress.

    Narduzzi should be bringing in better talent on defense. I will take you guys word he is doing that.

    So you have a Offense with a new qb, new system, new OC, less talent.

    You have a defense that can’t get worse.

    PSU gets better. Losing no one.

    Ok St. Keeping QB and Washington.

    Call me a bad fan but those are 2 L’s.

    Miami is solid.
    VT is solid.

    I see 2 L’s there.

    NC State is pretty good. 50/50

    UVA will improve but we should win. 80/20

    Syracuse up there with the starting QB is probably a W 60/40

    My point is Offense gets worse and Defense should improve some.

    7 wins is my guess.


  45. 2 years of Narduzzi have given us 2 eight win seasons in a row and plenty of thrills. Very proud of this team. They played with heart all season long.


  46. UpittBB, for once, can’t argue …. 7 wins seems realistic although next year’s schedule may be a touch easier than this year.

    per Dokish …. Penn St, Clemson, Oklahoma St, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Miami are a combined 39-9 since playing Pitt.

    Face it … we played a tough schedule this year with only the NW loss as standard SOP. And even then, we were ahead when NP got hurt.


  47. The offense depends on how good is the QB play. Brown will start if MacVittie isn’t ready. The line should be pretty good if it stays healthy. O’Neil and Bookser are solid. Officer moves back to guard, Dintino plays center and Jones-Smith at tackle. Should be very solid, with young guys in reserve. Plenty of running backs, a great fullback, Weah with ten TD’s, Henderson with Jet sweeps, FFrench, Tipton and Flowers.
    If Upitt’s hero from Bama comes home….Plus Clark and possibly Reeves.

    Ollison ran for 1100 last time Conner was gone. Conner’s TD production hard to replace individually, but maybe not collectively.

    Probably won’t be ready for PSU, but who knows, it is a rivalry after all.


  48. Plus who knows who will turn the corner. Did anyone predict Henderson’s big play emergence?

    Maybe one of these young guys is a shut down corner and interception machine. I can dream.


  49. Agree wwb, the cupboard is not bare, lots of play makers just need guys to step up.

    Salem is probably Narduzzi’s best recruiter, would not be a surprise if he gets the job as OC.


  50. Why is Pugh moving to DE?
    Too small.
    The offense should be fine next year, provided a QB can fit in.
    As for defense, we should be a lot faster.
    And maybe we can get a kicker who makes more than 60% of his attempts.


  51. George Aston may be just as effective at the goal line as Conner was. Overall offensive personnel should be almost as good as this year’s. Don’t expect as much scoring as this year, will depend on how creative the new OC is.


  52. Gasman, because we need pass rushers and they think he can grow into the position.

    Both Hugh Green and Ricky Jackson were D Ends in a five man front.


  53. Next years big problem might be our Defensive Line more so than our DB’s. We need some big size to replace Jarrett or extreme quickness off the snap as per Donald. Right now don’t see either of those commodities on the current Pitt roster.


  54. 11-1 TCU vs. 11-1 Kansas here in Fort Worth. Game on ESPN 2.

    I’d guess Kansas Kills TCU.

    I know Belks Shoesalesman Stallings would be demolished by them.


  55. jrn, I share your concern for the D-line. Taleni, Herndon and Watts played this year Camp and Wheeler next year. Would be a great place for a senior transfer. Tough to find one though.


  56. I also read somewhere that Pugh may be a rush DE next year … but can’t attest to the reliability. Does make some sense.

    I’d be surprised to see Salem as OC. Last year, Salem was OC in bowl but wasn’t hired.


  57. I agree Gasman. PITT gets to keep Salem and hire another OC who will be great.

    PITT recruited a DL last year by the name of Calvin Hamilton. 6′ 315lbs at last count. Can’t say he will help much but you just never know from one year to another. Plus Weaver, Watts, Wheeler, etc……


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