Updated New York Bowl Bound Thread…

Let’s use this thread as a touchstone for POV’ers travels – I’ll pin it at the top of the heap that way we can keep our meeting plans straight so you can buy me all those drinks you promised

It is now nine (9) days until the whistle blows to start the ninth win of Pitt’s solidly good season so far.  Suffice to say that if you haven’t bought a ticket from Pitt at this point it is either too late (Pitt sold out 1st allotment) or getting late. Jump on it while you can this should be a very good game.

We’ll have a regular “Know the Enemy” (I think Northwestern isn’t a pushover by any means)  article a few days before but lets take this piece and let our friends know where to find us in New York and during the game.  I’ll start.

I’ll be taking Amtrak from the BWI station to NYC’s Penn Station on the morning of the 27th and back again around 10:30 the morning after the game.  I may already be half-lit when I arrive… one never knows, do one?

Then I’ll be staying at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel just a few blocks over from the “Pitt Headquarters Hotel”.  The Lotte Palace is 4.5 ☸ and through Priceline I got a great deal for a bit over $200 per night for two nights… did you get the 4.5 ship’s wheels instead of stars?

The ‘Pitt HQ’ NY Marriott Marquis Hotel is three blocks directly west of my hotel
Address: 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

I’ll be there the Tuesday night before and Wednesday night after the game but I’ll probably be hanging out at the Pitt Marriott Marquis hotel for drinks, etc. in the evenings.  I’ll keep my phone on for last minute plans.

I received my press pass media credentials for the game so I’ll be up in the Yankee Stadium’s “open air” box  – remember it was built for nice baseball days.

If anyone cares I’m getting in at around 10:30 on the 27th if you want to catch lunch on Tuesday – but I’m doing the Museum of Modern Art that afternoon and highly recommend the same if you can carve out a couple of free hours.  Or hit any of the fantastic museums NYC has even especially if you haven’t ever done it before.

I do so much look forward to getting to know more Pitt fans and to making new friends at the Bowl Game.  This blog has been a great thing for me and I want to meet you guys to make it even better…

Note: (I had to delete yesterday’s “POV Flag” post because there was a problem with the photo and it made the site’s connection “Not Secure”.  Yes, Santa – please do send me that IT Manager.)


106 thoughts on “Updated New York Bowl Bound Thread…

  1. OK – I’m going to use this top post to pass Gameday & travel info along and so it is easily found.

    First off I have one ticket for sale – Sec 233B Row 10 Seat 15 right on the aisle. It cost $95 but I’ll take what you can afford especially if you are a poor student (seriously). Let me know via email and we figure it out.

    My itinerary is this:

    Train 172: BWI THURGOOD MARSHALL AIRPORT STATION, MD – NEW YORK, NY Depart 7:53 AM, Tuesday, December 27, 2016;
    Arrive Penn Station @ 10:46 am

    Lotte New York Palace
    455 Madison Avenue
    New York NY, 10022, United States
    Hotel Phone Number: 212-888-7000

    Tuesday, December 27, 2016 (03:00 PM)
    Thursday, December 29, 2016 (12:00 PM)

    Arr 12:33 pm


    The Sheraton New York

    811 7th Avenue

    New York, N.Y. 10019

    Phone: (212) 581-1000


    New York Marriott East Side

    525 Lexington Avenue

    New York, N.Y. 10017

    Phone: (212) 755-4000


  2. Wish we could be there-wife’s isn’t quite ready for a long cold day on the new knee…Damn, we had a great time hanging with Reed, JoeL and Pat Bostick at last years bowl game..think i mighta met JoeKnew walking between bars with Reed and company in Annapolis…We will be there is the PITT Spirit!!!
    Hope more of the POVers connect the dots..bunch of goods peeps..


  3. Big B: that was me regarding the flagpole. Reed, you can use mine if needed. I don’t miss home games.

    Last – will do and thanks so much for the offer…



  4. Will be there. Flying to and
    Staying in Newark. Taking the train over for the game. My buddy is driving in from Greensburg.
    Sitting in Section 236.

    Hail to Pitt!


  5. Im in the Delta Sky360 club section 221B. Its in the endzone (behind home plate), but it has enclosed concourse in the event the cold strikes.

    I will be driving up from Virginia on the 27th, but will be parking my vehicle in Hamilton, NJ at the train stop and taking NJ Transit into Manhattan. The Hamilton station is just outside of Trenton and has plenty of parking. The train ride from there is reasonably priced and take 45 minute to Penn Station. I’ve done this before and it works well.

    Staying at the Marriott Midtown East, which I believe is an official hotel of the Bowl.

    Reed – looking forward to buying you beer again this year. Perhaps we can find Mr. Hillgrove and tip a few with him ad BigB has done in the past.


  6. Glad we didn’t draw Stanford who will be playing without their star MCCaffery…don’t remember that happening in the past… college FB continues to morph.. hope he doesn’t start a trend… but most of the bowls have no real value or do they?


  7. I’ll be on the One Day Pitt Panther Fanatics Bus to the bowl game leaving Monroeville at 3:30 am. Have seats in Section 228. No set plans yet as to where we are going once we get to the stadium . Hope to meet some other POVers there!


  8. Big B: The company is Sunsetter…same company that makes the adjustable awnings. Many varieties but the aluminum is top notch. One piece and has stainless clips and can run 2 flags. Comes with an American flag too! I fly Old Glory and Pitt right below.


  9. Hoping the weather channel is right with prediction. Mostly sunny helps make 43 feel down right comfortable.

    Hoping to see a win to make up for the Navy debacle. Wonder if Canada’s head will be in the game.

    Given up on the D for this year.


  10. Houston won’t be coming to Pgh for the playoffs unless it’s in the AFC Championship(no chance). Houston has to win their division to get in & will host a wildcard game if they do.


  11. Taking the Fanstics Bus leaving at 2:30 from Northside–driving to bus pickup from y-town. Sitting in section 235. Looking for a meeting place once bus pulls in around 10.


  12. Here's hoping Reed makes it to the PITT HQ hotel from his. You may want to go three blocks due west instead of east sailorboy. This isn't the high seas you're navigating. :)

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  13. I’ll be there with my two sons and two grandsons; section 228. We are going to Billy’s Sports Bar (The Alumni official) which is across the street from Yankee Stadium. I will behaving myself especially with the grandsons around 19 (Rutgers) and 17 (high school junior).

    Would love to see some old friends from the early 60’s I recognize.


  14. Kevin Johns is the man for the job 🙂 — Annnnd he also looks EXACTLY like Canada lol:

    Is he gonna be TOO Good Next Year at Pitt and get too much attention from Other Programs with Max Browne, Thomas “Big-MAC”-Vittie and a great O-line, Jester Weah, Quadree Henderson, Chris Clark and co.??? — probably lol but that will be after Pitt’s 9-3, top-15 ranked season 🙂 .


  15. Via PSN, Barnes reporting Pitt sold out its 2nd allotment of bowl tickets. Not sure how many tickets Pitt got in the 2nd allotment, but it’s nice to see that Pitt was able to sell that block out also.


  16. Don’t sweat it big guy, who needs maps now when we have GPS? Yet I don’t miss a thing Reed when it comes to direction or maps, it’s my thing. Pretty sad but I like to know where I stand in this world.


  17. Looks like Barnes is gone. Now, before the bitching starts on who they do hire, I would like those who throw stones to give some realistic names to go after. Seriously, who? People would bitch cheap hire, but EJ is ready.


  18. If you are on any job for a year and you even take an interview, you are not committed to your employer. Mr. Gallagher, show him the door, now. Do not make a counter-offer or you will be forever counter-offering at any hint of a new job. We understand that there was a large buyout on the prior AD, so we shouldn’t take a financial hit again.

    As far as replacements, EJ may have made a mistake by not going to another program for a few years to get a different perspective on how things are run. That said, I think a Pitt person is important or someone more local. EJ is fine although I must admit that I don’t study AD’s.’


  19. For all you bashing Barnes you need to start reading other college sports news besides Pitt. Barnes hired Stallings just like 90% of the other college programs hire their coaches. Get a f-cking clue.

    Now, if Stallings sucks as a coach (still not known), then you can bitch but don’t state old bogus stale news for thinking the guy sucks.

    How many on here bitched about the bowl? Anyone that follows Pitt knows they sell tickets for NYC events and it has been proven. Majority of Pitt fans that will attend a bowl game live in the north east. All those people that bought tickets don’t seem to mind Barnes getting the Pinstripe bowl.

    If Narduzzi bitches about Barnes or his hires end up sucking, then it is time for him to go.


  20. I got time off work to go home and watch the game in front of the fire with the dog and lady. Upitt will probably be taking his talents to South Beach w/ his lady friends but if not we will probably meet up.


  21. @ notrocket – I think you missed the points. Some are bashing, but others are stating the realities of work life. Barnes is light years better than Pederson. That said, if you are looking to leave after only one year in a role (no matter where you work or what you do), your goal was never to make it a home. That is what he sold. We need stability.

    Also, my thinking is that he lost out in the Canada bidding war. Only three people know what actually transpired with Canada. The Chancellor, the AD and the HC. My sense is that the HC went to Barnes for more money to pay Canada. Barnes went to a certain limit and said, “No More”. HC said that wasn’t enough and jumped his head and had a conversation with Gallagher. Gallagher freed up additional funds. Barnes felt usurped, because he was. At that point, he introspectively looks at his role and position and figures it is best to look (although not actively), at other opportunities as they become available.

    First one that is a parallel move, he is out. Now, the asterisk to that. He will try to come back to Gallagher for a counter-offer and to take his place in the hierarchy of the Athletic Department with an ultimate power play. If he is successful, he puts the HC in his place and that creates a problem with our HC for any opportunities that may come his way as he will feel slighted.

    Gallagher should not flinch at the counter and negotiate this AD away. No room for politics when you are trying to build a power. After you build it, there will be plenty of accolade collectors!!


  22. We got Max Browne coming in to keep the offense going and a bevy of RB’s who are somewhat proven, especially Ollie(hopefully he won’t transfer). And now experienced WR’s who should be that much better in 2017. Plus the new highly rated TE’s and the defense has got to get better.

    So why not 10-2. Since we should get 9 wins this year. Nice vid Darkie.


  23. Huff

    Agree that Barnes looking for a new job is complete BS but it is the nature of college sports. There is absolutely no loyalty any more. Take the money and run.

    I hope he has a huge buyout.


  24. Teddy – My talents are currently in Fort Lauderdale. 78 and sunny!

    You guys and Barnes. Barnes is a Fucksock and always has. He is an arrogant ass and if you think hiring Belks Shoesalesman Pappy Stallings was positive than please be my boss. Upitt called it on his hire date the guy wouldn’t last 2 years. Never made sense.

    Only Press Confernce where an AD had to sell everyone about his cronyism and hiring a guy that was in process of being fired was positive.

    I’m not sure you could hire 2 AD’s worse than Herman and Smug.


  25. “Pitt athletic director Scott Barnes, who was hired 20 months ago, has been offered the same position at Oregon State and is negotiating with OSU officials, The Oregonian/Oregon Live has reported. A Pitt spokesman had no comment.”

    As I posted last week, Pitt should have been proactive and…canned Herman’s ass then.

    Why…why /…why….let someone walk out on you. Oregon State is a nothing. They are far less relevant than even Pitt. At least Pitt at several points in football were Nationally relevant and National Champions.

    OSU is a nothing in both football and hoops and always has been. Have some self-respect PITT !!!


  26. “I am very excited to join Beaver Nation and am ready to hit the ground running and build upon the success of OSU Athletics,” Barnes said in a statement. “I guarantee that we will contribute to advancing the mission of this university. We will deliver the highest level of achievement on the playing field and for all student-athletes in the classroom, in the community and in their lives and careers.

    “Everything that we will do will be defined by excellence. Success will be measured in wins, championships and by providing the best student-athlete experience possible.”


  27. http://www.hudl.com/profile/3902330/damarri-mathis

    ^^ Biggest thing is Pat Narduzzi is only recruiting Great, Great Young People along with tough and able players. 🙂 🙂


    —> Always, every year… it’s mostly 3-star High School Recruits who by in-large end up NFL All Pros — and then it’s always a “race” to see if more overall players make it who were “5-star” vs. “Not-Ranked” . This specific year in the Pro Bowl it’s 12 “5-Star” Players vs. 14 “Unranked, ZERO star players” who made the Pro Bowl.

    —- Dang Pitt BLOWS-OUT Northwestern in NYC and then with Pat Narduzzi coming-back Full-Throttle in 2017…..Look Out!!!


  28. LMAO Emel at 7:50. I wholeheartedly agree with you Emel, when he interviewed back home on the coast it should have been bye bye birdie – guess it was wanting him to break his contract. My answer – so what his interview was a breach and we have a house full of lawyers, Once you interview like that you are worthless to fundraising etc – you have shown your interest was not Pitt.. Is there room in the Barnes Box for POVers? All of UPitts wives and girlfriends, DK’s staff? I will leave my one wife at home, I’m a team player all the way..


  29. I called that fat faced snake out when he was hired….. Stallings is a trainwreck.

    Gallagher great job chief on that hire. Didn’t take a rocket science to know a NW Lifer wasn’t going to stay in Pitt. All he did was piss off the fan base by calling them noise.

    Hire a competent AD. Seriously. How hard is it. Cyanide to this Munster Character. SMH

    I smell a Kirk Bruce hire front this crew of misfit leaders. Or EJ who in my opinion is not worthy of an AD title because he only knows Pitt.


  30. Emel – Bet you 10k Herman uses the term “Front Porch” “NW is Home” blah blah blah. Move was because of family sounds better than I used Pitt for 15 months.


  31. Public Relations 101, NEVER talk down to the people whose money you depend on. See ya Barnes, you smug piece of garbage. On a happier note, I will now buy some tix & begin attending basketball games again.


  32. Chet – Please send Ny of your drugs to me in SFLA. Thank You. Upitt

    Please name 2 things he did well in 18 months. Just two. And no he disnt bring the script it was Gallagher.


  33. ^^^


    ^ 5’11” –> 6 foot, already 180+ pounds as an 18 year old corner —- kid breaks on passes as fast as any corner does, no matter-versus a 5+ star going to play for Saban.

    Pat Narduzzi is back to the “Late 70’s – Early 80’s” style —>getting the (somehow?? lol — Our Gain) “Overlooked” Stud Florida Kids now at Pitt to put us ‘Over The Top’ 😉


  34. He expanded the fund raising and hired people to focus on that area. He did in fact reorganize the space and athletic department offices. He also laid out a blue print for upgrading other sports like soccer and track. He is not the ogre some suggest. He is very professional in his job as AD.


  35. Barnes also handled a difficult situation in Dixon leaving. IMHO it is Dixon who was the fuc**** train wreck. He was a terrible recruiter and the program was heading south big time. He lowered the buyout fee for TCU and that allowed Dixon to leave and relieve Pitt of an albatross of a contract. that alone saved Pitt big bucks and brought the coaching expenditures back into line. Imagine the angst of paying Dixon close to 3 million to finish 10th in the ACC.


  36. Barnes cost Pitt money by lowering Dixon’s buyout. He used that money to fatten his cronies pockets for the coaching search. He cost Pitt more money to buy out a coach who was going to get fired. When he was questioned about it he cost Pitt even more money by disrespecting the fans. When no one showed up to basketball games because of his actions he fled to Oregon. Helluva guy.


  37. As part of the ” noise” and a hoops ticket holder that sits in a half empty Pete…I’m glad the jagoff is leaving. I work for UPMC and if anyone accepts a position with a competitor security escorts them off the campus immediately. Doctors included. How can this guy stick around?


  38. If Pitt were a bible. there would be the Wannites and the Dixonites. All of them would blame everyone but the two men who always lost to an inferior team wen it really counted. Barnes was and is well thought of by the people that count. He is leaving for family reasons and yet some seem to continue to bang him for doing a better job than a Pitt AD has done since Long. Oregon ST hired him in a heart beat and that folks is a good indicator of his worth. Pitt may do better and that is great. But he handled things with professionalism and got Pitt to pony up a million per keep Canada. First time I have seen Pitt compete like that since Majors and that were donors who led that hire..Pitt is in a very good place athletically that when Moose and Smiley were here.


  39. Chet So the good you suggest any geek 2 years out of business program
    Could institute. You listed organize and someone said a throwback uniform. Ponied up money to keep Canada. Yeah how did that work out. Oh and you know what a really leader does not a ogre oafe fat lazy ass. He is proactive with Canada and gives him the million before the teams came calling. Again, a guy makes 600k and had a throwback uni and had a consultant organize the program and we say OSU wanted him so he must be sharp. Comical.


  40. And where is all the money coming in. Everyone I knew refused to give him money. Oh and yeah hoops looks awesome half empty. Great job Barnes with Brissel Bob Stallings.


  41. Upitt

    Holy shit dude. We get it, you didn’t like Barnes. You don’t like Stallings or EJ or anyone Pitt will hire.

    It would be a Christmas miracle if you said something good about Pitt athletics.

    Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! My gift to myself is not reading the negativity on here over the holidays. 🙂

    It truly is all about family, friends, college football, skiing and oh yea….religion, lol.

    Go Pitt!


  42. The Conner video is well worth the 9 minutes it takes to listen to and watch one of the great Pitt student athletes of all time –

    Best quote of the video (for me) – “I love this place, I love Pitt, I’m a Panther for life, Hail to Pitt!” By James “the beast” Conner


  43. Rocket – There is some good but not Barnes and or Pederson. The good that exists had zero tpo do with Barnes. EJ is great as a SID. Not to run a program.

    Just sad to me people have toilet bowl expectations of what an AD should do.

    Get some teams to win. Create a good experience and play games on campus.


  44. No one liked Stallings at the time and the stands are half empty due to the cupboard that was prepared before he arrived. Positives are he brought back the Backyard brawl in basketball starting next year and football in 2020 I believe. He brought the script back bu the colors weren’t what we were all looking for (Hello next AD). Let’s take this like we have taken Canada, he was someone who stabilized and brought organization to an imperfect product, gave Narduzzi what he needed, and has left some cookies on the table for the next AD to be highly loved throughout the community.


  45. Herman going to Oregon State to be reunited with his former football HC at their former digs of Utah State.
    That being Gary Anderson, no not the former Stillers PK…… the other one.

    If one remembers the whole thing that brought the Nard Dog to Pitt, started with Oregon State’s Mike Riley taking the HC gig at Nebraska (you know where Cornhole went to and then came back from) when Youngtown’s Bo Pelini got the boot at Nebraska.

    That started a whole chain of events, which opened up the Oregon State job and much to the surprise of like 99% of college football watchers, Gary Anderson left a prime job at Wisconsin, and digressed to Oregon State.

    This in turn opened up the Wisconsin HC gig, which got Cheesehead Paulie, out of da Burgh and back home in Wisconsin and in a momentous moment of hilarity, also got Cornhole jettisoned from Pitt.

    Enter the Nard Dog of Youngstown and now Pelini’s current boss at YSU, Tressel is interested in the
    Pitt AD gig.

    So everyone got that, there will be a quiz later !


  46. Eliminating possible ADs for the search committee:
    1) No one west of the Mississippi. Don’t get Yinzers.
    2) No one south of Mason/Dixon line because rebels that talk funny won’t get Yinzers
    3) No One with BIG roots cause they play slog ball.
    4) No one from New England because they will be tending their lobster pots.
    5) No one from Pittsburgh cause that’s a cheap Yinzers hire and most likely from Carrick.

    Which leaves us the only acceptable place the AD can come from, Fayette County.
    With that I am going to enjoy my Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


  47. First off, Last night Paul Zeise who does know a thing or 2 about PITT mentioned he didn’t think EJ was looking to become the AD. Don’t know if this is true or not.

    rkb, Tressel did find trouble at OSU but I’m not sure of it’s seriousness. I know a good part of it was due to the freak Terrell Pyror. Tattoos and ring selling crap by the idiot. I think the coverup more then anything cause the problem for JT. I think PITT can live with that and I hear he is very interested.


  48. Thanks Ike I believe you are correct on the trouble, it wasn’t Yuuge. He did get canned so I’m sure it will come up in an interview. I have a friend who is a big tosu fan and he was upset about some gold pants pin awarded if you beat Michigan – of course Terrell sold his. Thanks for jogging the memory.


  49. ike was partially correct.

    Pryor was just one of MANY players over MANY years who traded OSU merchandise for tattoos. But he was the biggest name at the time (2011) so he was thrown under the bus by the Ohio media who assumed that Tressell was pristine. Then an investigation led to the finding that Tressel was warned about this and other acts by the OSU AD as far back as 2004 … but continued to turn a blind’s eye. This ultimately led to his dismissal (forced resignation.)

    In retrospect …. this was minor compared to what had occurred at other schools (USC, PSU, Lvillle, UNC, etc). Thus, I believe this would not eliminate Tressel from consideration, especially since he is currently employed as a college president (It’s all about the fund raising …. prez or AD)


  50. Plus what is wrong with trading your stuff for money or something you want. Un-American.

    These kids are treated like indentured servants.

    wwb, glad you are back, just taking a break or something more interesting?


  51. ~ rkb…..I’m thinking now that Barnes was hired sort of like a temp. Which in fact he did become.

    Pitt needed someone after months of searching and they came up with a temp AD solution.

    And they make it appear Herman got more at OSU, by adding some ridiculous VP title as while.

    That way, everyone can save face. At least in their bureaucratic way of thinking.


  52. There must be someone out there with ties to Pitt that is qualified for the AD position. The major components of the athletic department need some stability. The turnovers in the football head coaches and basketball program needs to stop. An atmosphere needs to be created making Pitt a destination not a stepping stone in all areas.
    The next AD needs to bring together the alumni donors and generate enough enthusiasm to open up their wallets.The ACC money is a start, but not enough to hire and keep top flight people. We should not loose assistants over pay issues.
    My belief is a Pitt man is required at the top, who the cash people know and respect. Mark May seems less visible on tv these days, I would start with him and if he is not interested ask for suggestions. I would not spend big bucks getting recycled suggestions from search firms!


  53. @Chet I watched Dixon’s team beat the shit out of Duke last year and UNC and ND (final four team) the year before. He also stunned UNC in an ACC tourney game in North Carolina a couple of years ago. I also watched Dixon win Big East regular season titles and knock off #1 teams. Is that underachieving and not living up to expectations? Are you talking about the NCAA tournament? Pitt was a #1 seed twice for the first time ever and lost to a final four and runner-up team on those occasions. They lost to a sweet sixteen team last year and final four teams on the preceding two trips. Catch a clue.

    Tell us, what exactly are Barnes great accomplishments that make him the best AD since Long?


  54. The Pitt Panther Fanatics Bus will be parked in a lot on 151st Street (Ave?). I’d expect it to hit the Bronx around 10 -11 AM. If there are any planned POV gathers anywhere near the stadium before the game please let me know. Gotta buy that drink for Reed!


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