Updated New York Bowl Bound Thread…

Let’s use this thread as a touchstone for POV’ers travels – I’ll pin it at the top of the heap that way we can keep our meeting plans straight so you can buy me all those drinks you promised

It is now nine (9) days until the whistle blows to start the ninth win of Pitt’s solidly good season so far.  Suffice to say that if you haven’t bought a ticket from Pitt at this point it is either too late (Pitt sold out 1st allotment) or getting late. Jump on it while you can this should be a very good game.

We’ll have a regular “Know the Enemy” (I think Northwestern isn’t a pushover by any means)  article a few days before but lets take this piece and let our friends know where to find us in New York and during the game.  I’ll start.

I’ll be taking Amtrak from the BWI station to NYC’s Penn Station on the morning of the 27th and back again around 10:30 the morning after the game.  I may already be half-lit when I arrive… one never knows, do one?

Then I’ll be staying at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel just a few blocks over from the “Pitt Headquarters Hotel”.  The Lotte Palace is 4.5 ☸ and through Priceline I got a great deal for a bit over $200 per night for two nights… did you get the 4.5 ship’s wheels instead of stars?

The ‘Pitt HQ’ NY Marriott Marquis Hotel is three blocks directly west of my hotel
Address: 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

I’ll be there the Tuesday night before and Wednesday night after the game but I’ll probably be hanging out at the Pitt Marriott Marquis hotel for drinks, etc. in the evenings.  I’ll keep my phone on for last minute plans.

I received my press pass media credentials for the game so I’ll be up in the Yankee Stadium’s “open air” box  – remember it was built for nice baseball days.

If anyone cares I’m getting in at around 10:30 on the 27th if you want to catch lunch on Tuesday – but I’m doing the Museum of Modern Art that afternoon and highly recommend the same if you can carve out a couple of free hours.  Or hit any of the fantastic museums NYC has even especially if you haven’t ever done it before.

I do so much look forward to getting to know more Pitt fans and to making new friends at the Bowl Game.  This blog has been a great thing for me and I want to meet you guys to make it even better…

Note: (I had to delete yesterday’s “POV Flag” post because there was a problem with the photo and it made the site’s connection “Not Secure”.  Yes, Santa – please do send me that IT Manager.)


106 thoughts on “Updated New York Bowl Bound Thread…

  1. There must be someone out there with ties to Pitt that is qualified for the AD position. The major components of the athletic department need some stability. The turnovers in the football head coaches and basketball program needs to stop. An atmosphere needs to be created making Pitt a destination not a stepping stone in all areas.
    The next AD needs to bring together the alumni donors and generate enough enthusiasm to open up their wallets.The ACC money is a start, but not enough to hire and keep top flight people. We should not loose assistants over pay issues.
    My belief is a Pitt man is required at the top, who the cash people know and respect. Mark May seems less visible on tv these days, I would start with him and if he is not interested ask for suggestions. I would not spend big bucks getting recycled suggestions from search firms!


  2. @Chet I watched Dixon’s team beat the shit out of Duke last year and UNC and ND (final four team) the year before. He also stunned UNC in an ACC tourney game in North Carolina a couple of years ago. I also watched Dixon win Big East regular season titles and knock off #1 teams. Is that underachieving and not living up to expectations? Are you talking about the NCAA tournament? Pitt was a #1 seed twice for the first time ever and lost to a final four and runner-up team on those occasions. They lost to a sweet sixteen team last year and final four teams on the preceding two trips. Catch a clue.

    Tell us, what exactly are Barnes great accomplishments that make him the best AD since Long?


  3. The Pitt Panther Fanatics Bus will be parked in a lot on 151st Street (Ave?). I’d expect it to hit the Bronx around 10 -11 AM. If there are any planned POV gathers anywhere near the stadium before the game please let me know. Gotta buy that drink for Reed!


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