As seems to happen when you have a string of bad luck some smaller nice things pop up to remind you that the end of the world is indeed not in sight.  Offensive Coordinator?  Who needs that guy?  Athletic Director leaving?  Dime a dozen.  Good Offensive Lineman and a new experienced Quarterback coming in?  Whoa! That’s another story altogether.

The Pitt offense landed a starting QB for next year. I’ll state it that baldly because I think Max Browne will run out from the sidelines to Pitt’s first huddle in the 2017 season opener September 2nd at Heinz Field against the Youngstown State Penguins.  Buy your tickets now. 

This kid is going to throw for some real yardage in his one year at Pitt regardless of who the new OC is going to be.  He’s transferring in from USC for his post-grad extra year allowed by the NCAA and he’s welcomed here with open arms.

browne-statsThe Pitt fan collective can now let out a breath of relief that we’ve got one more QB on the roster and especially this one.

We also this afternoon received a verbal commitment from OL Jerry Drake out of Florida.  He’s big at 6’7″ and 300 lbs and has an impressive resume’ of offers to have chosen from.  But he most probably watched Adam Bisnowaty and Dorian Johnston greatly raise their draft stock (and future earnings)  after their last two years of working on Pitt’s OL and that can open a lot of eyes.

Here is his offer list:


123 thoughts on “POV: Some Good News Rollin’ In

  1. Darkie – I really liked Riddick but I don’t see the fit for him. He is a TV Guy now and seems to do very well. If anything he would want back in the NFL one would think.

    He also probably makes the same money now so unless he had a major change of heart I see him continuing down the TV path.


  2. Big B Alabama may have screwed up with that drunken litigation prone nut…but he would be good at a tailgate or pub crawl.
    DK – Scarface was mowed down in the end. Mom’s calling you for dinner. 🙂

    Sounds like Reed knows EJ who was interviewed last time – sigh. I’m trusting Reed on this.
    UPitt – think the blind guy with the voice passed, havent seen him in a few.
    I have put out an APB on wwb, wbb. Miss your insights and news breaks buddy. Hope you are feeling well and not just sick of us. 🙂


  3. @Reed – you mentioned that you were flummoxed regarding Narduzzi taking grad transfers, but not in the defensive backfield. I think the answer is simple. Offense is not his gig. He sees a former 4 or 5 star and says “they can be a weapon”. No long term investment. Foster fits but last I heard he will not graduate until after spring. He could transfer in the summer. Thought he was 30 credits shy heading into the year.

    He won’t take a 5th year DB because it takes them too long to learn how he wants to play. Absent a kid from MSU, I don’t see that happening. He took Scarpinato, right.

    Looks like a DE just flipped for Pitt! Nice!!

    Hopefully we can get OSU to flip and rethink their need for our AD. It is clear that Narduzzi has Gallaghers ear. Our current AD may be seen as not fully invested at Pitt and if that is the case, he gotta go. Stat!!


    PASS Clayton Thorson NW 257-442, 2968 YDS, 21 TD
    RUSH Justin Jackson NW 266 CAR, 1300 YDS, 12 TD
    REC Austin Carr NW 84 REC, 1196 YDS, 12 TD

    CCopy and pasted from the ESPN listing of the Pinstripe bowl game. This is the COMPLETE list of “players to watch”. No James Conner, no QH, no Peterman, no PITT player.

    FU ESPN.
    Not sure if the link will take you there but,


  5. Narduzzie likes to carry 5 QBs on his roster so now he has 4 if my count is right. He can still recruit another one this year. Feeling much better about next year than 5 days ago.Go Nard dog go! H2P


  6. @TVax1 – Thought it was strange also. but in checking, espn took the easy way out & compared qb’s, rushers & receiver. Whoever had the most yards between the two teams became the player to watch in that category. Hit the “summary” tag to compare. Worked on the the three games I looked at.


  7. IMO the reason Nard doesnt go after DBs is as Huff said that one year is not enough to learn his system, it is not the standard zone that you can plug into. Further any really talented DB is going pro after 4 years – if you are any good you are playing before your 5th year.


  8. Deslin Alexandre — 6’5”, 230 D-End (Great Size) Senior Year mis-season Highlights:

    Kid is Huge and will carry 265 easily after 6 months in the weight room.

    Lol “Dominate The State” by James Franklin? Pat Narduzzi gets kids from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia and D.C. —- and is Especially is Pipelining Florida bringing in future Hugh Greens, Jabaal Sheards, Antonio Bryants etc…

    🙂 #HailToPitt! 🙂

    I have that gut feeling the Max Browne-to-Jester Weah connection is gonna be AWESOME this season (1200 Receiving Yards, 8+ TD’s — mark it!).

    And I envision Thomas MacVattie coming in on many plays — keeping opposing defenses Totally Off Balance with a future NFL rocket-armed Pro Passer Max Browne along with this Tasmanian Devil Freshman —- with MacVittie ripping-off Huge Zone Read runs and getting 5+ Red Zone Rushing TD’s and 400+ rushing yards on the season at least……. and I even see Young Mac throwing a couple TD’s to Max Browne on Trick Plays!

    —- Max Browne is a Cream-of-the Crop Quality Kid (in 4 years graduated and got–or almost got his MBA from Southern Cal — Bright Young Man) and Thomas MacVittie and him will be like Brothers from Day-1 Max Browne unzips his suitcase in the 412.

    Gotta rep Sammamish, Washington hard in the 412 and Ball-Out for Pitt! —- 9-3 regular season in 2017 (Including Beating pswho at Beaver!!), and a top-15 overall ranking across all the polls post-season — Max Browne and Jester Weah are the most dynamic Passer-Receiver duo in the nation —- and the Offensive Line (which will be Massive goodness gracious Narduzzi keeps bringing in Monsters 🙂 haha) will be Beastly and will “Push The Pile”.

    —- Who gets the majority of the reps at Running back next season though??? That is gonna be the biggest competition on the team next season.


  9. @Pitt cocks-fan…ok, bad enough the local media lack of respect, looks like statistical issue only.
    Now let’s go out and shred NW with our statistically inferior team.


  10. As far as running back carries, I would expect it to be done by committee with Moss,Hall and Ollison. It would be great to redshirt Sibley but our history suggests he plays because we can’t get through a season healthy in that spot.

    Speaking of health. We were so fortunate to have a healthy qb this last year. Our expected OL for next year also suggests that our qb (either macvittie or browne), will be reasonably well protected. Starting to think of a Weah, Foster, Henderson trio and think we don’t drop off too much, if at all in yards. Points maybe. Depends on OC.

    I am going to lay off the AD bashing for a second. Okay, that was painful. Narduzzi has Gallagher’s ear. Barnes lost the OC money argument and as such, lost any opportunity to stop the Narduzzi bus. Increase budgets for recruiting and kids start coming from different states. I support 3 star Florida kids.

    Erie, if you have insider information on Wade, that is great. I just don’t see it. Maybe Narduzzi pulls one out, but I think he goes the Jeter route and bolts. Jeter to Michigan should be troubling…for Jeter. Study the depth chart and he realizes he is ranked no higher than all his competition.


  11. It’s proving outthat in fact this staff does know how to bring quality guys into the program.

    Narduzzi recruits nationally. With Alexandre on board now, that makes four (over 20%) from Florida in this class of 18. Max Brown, although not considered in this recruiting class, being a grad transfer is a guy from the west coast coming to Pitt as a game changer QB. That is big news.

    Hell, our kicker in this class is an Australian for cryin out loud! We’re going international! H2P!


  12. I think Wade goes to WVU. Small chance at UCLA.

    Tony Gibson is a good recruiter. Didn’t they have a Safety go first round to Raiders?


  13. I think he’s a future pedo and figured that all along. I would love to Weah torture him next year if he goes to the dairy school.1/10 chance he comes here IMO if that.


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