POV: Some Good News Rollin’ In

As seems to happen when you have a string of bad luck some smaller nice things pop up to remind you that the end of the world is indeed not in sight.  Offensive Coordinator?  Who needs that guy?  Athletic Director leaving?  Dime a dozen.  Good Offensive Lineman and a new experienced Quarterback coming in?  Whoa! That’s another story altogether.

The Pitt offense landed a starting QB for next year. I’ll state it that baldly because I think Max Browne will run out from the sidelines to Pitt’s first huddle in the 2017 season opener September 2nd at Heinz Field against the Youngstown State Penguins.  Buy your tickets now. 

This kid is going to throw for some real yardage in his one year at Pitt regardless of who the new OC is going to be.  He’s transferring in from USC for his post-grad extra year allowed by the NCAA and he’s welcomed here with open arms.

browne-statsThe Pitt fan collective can now let out a breath of relief that we’ve got one more QB on the roster and especially this one.

We also this afternoon received a verbal commitment from OL Jerry Drake out of Florida.  He’s big at 6’7″ and 300 lbs and has an impressive resume’ of offers to have chosen from.  But he most probably watched Adam Bisnowaty and Dorian Johnston greatly raise their draft stock (and future earnings)  after their last two years of working on Pitt’s OL and that can open a lot of eyes.

Here is his offer list:


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  1. You know why I love Narduzzi? Because he gets it. Amping up the fan base is almost as important as recruiting and winning games. You think the timing on these announcements is random? I think not.


  2. Browne should also make it more interesting for some offensive coordinators, hopefully of the multiple year variety, but if they put up 42 points a game, they are welcome to cash in.


  3. Well Ford is 6″ and Wade is 5’9″ that could make a difference.

    But always good to get the highest ranked guy in the Wpial.

    Whitehead was the last one for us.


  4. Where is Upittbaseball to throw in his two cents that most of the schools that offered Drake really didnt pursue him that hard and that Mad Max has already proven himself to be a complete bust?

    Good night for Pitt, who also already sold out their bowl allotment for a second consecutive year. H2P!


  5. It’s quite possible a 5’9″
    Player (wearing lifts) from a 1A school may not be the automatic success story one thinks himself to be.


  6. Softball – If you read the previous thread I was very happy with Drake. SFLA Talent from Palm Beach Gardens. Awesome Get! I’m also very excited about Browne bc we have no viable QB’s on the roster so he was super important. Maybe you should read more.


  7. The most impressive part of landing Drake was not the offers. Rather, it was his official visits. A lot of top schools offered and couldn’t get him to their campus. Several football factories got him to their campus. Pitt and Narduzzi closed the deal. Still looking for the ones that said he couldn’t win a big game or recruit against the big boys. You can’t get everyone. You get the ones you can!! He got a great prospect.

    Narduzzi learned something from our prior HC. Get some big talented horses and your offensive production should be good regardless of coordinator.

    Great day from a recruiting standpoint. Now let’s get a new AD and really turn this bad mamma jamma around!


  8. Great pickups today and getting Browne sans Canada is very encouraging. So I wonder if the Nard Dog already has someone in mind for OC and relayed that info to Browne. So as to assure him it will be a good one that will showcase him.

    Browne sort of got a bum steer at USC imo, he was starting QB for the 2 toughest opponents on USC’s schedule. That being Powerhouse #1 Alabama and at the time #7 Stanford, at the Farm. So he was sort of thrown to the wolves, offered up as chopped liver, served up as an appetizer……you get the idea.

    The middle game of the 3 he performed very well against Herman’s former haunts, Utah State. ikr
    He was 23 of 30 for 187, 2TD’s and a pick. 143 QB rating.

    Commonality between Browne & Peterman…..though both started against Alabama. Chances are pretty astronomical that that would occur and both wind up their college careers at Pitt.
    Both were huge recruits coming out of HS and underperformed until coming to Pitt.

    This could be very interesting next season, to watch play out. H2P !


  9. And Pitt has sold out their allotment of tickets for the Pinstripe Bowl,

    So that makes 2 years in a row Pitt has done that, slowly killing the idea we don’t travel well.

    Does anyone travel well the BBVA/Compass/Kumquat Bowl or the Quicky/ Pizza Bowl ? (that would be a big NO)


  10. For Pitt fans going to the BBVA Kumquat Bowl was akin to a death march to hell.
    Two great gets. Interesting that Drake was impressed by our world class engineering school. Kudos to Pitt for encouraging this. A friend of mine with ties to Athletic Dept and the player relayed a story about a local all star LB years ago, I forget his name, who went to Ped State. When asked by Chief Pedophile Sandusky what he was going to major in the player responded Engineering. Sandy responded “I thought you wanted to play LB at Penn STate” Up yours Joe. Proud of Pitt.
    Someone recalled Billy West deciding on Engineering as a major – a tough major – I believe it was Walt who though not thrilled let him do it. HAIL TO PITT.


  11. @BooBoo on the Blather site: no restaurant on top of USX for years. UPMC offices for senior management now. Excellent recruiting news yesterday. Keep the good karma going…shit-can Herman.


  12. Rob… Billy West ended up being benched by Walt because he had to miss a Thursday practice to get his degree in electrical engineering… I think that is the way his story ended at Pitt


  13. Upitt with all due respect you have no idea how viable a QB MacVittie may become for Pitt. How many practices have you attended this year? Please give us all a break with your consistent negativism on almost anything connected to our athletic programs.


  14. My guess on Barnes, he thought he had the Oregon St job in the bag and the bag ripped open. Time to send him packing with a better bag.


  15. Pittman4ever … probably because there will be no financial ramifications if he leaves on his own… hope Gallagher has EJ in the batters box


  16. Max Browne yesterday, hopefully this summer Robert Foster joins the program. I like these rental players. It upsets those who think Pitt should be so pure in the slimy world of college football.


  17. In addition my understanding is that MacVittie has the physical tools to play but he lacks the actual game experience due to he only played 8 games at QB in high school. I guess the staff feels he might not be ready next season.


  18. Good on ya Upittbaseball. I know that under that hard cynical exterior of yours there is an optimistic Pitt fan in there somewhere. Too bad you’re too young to have experienced the “Miracle on Forbes Avenue” four decades ago. Maybe then you could actually convince yourself to believe that Pitt Football can reach greatness again and shed that hard exterior.

    I for one, do believe. And I’m not adverse to the annual disappointment that has become the standard for us diehard Pitt fans over the years. But with disappointment comes the realization that to be great requires a combination of a multitude of factors, lots of $$$, a supportive administration, solid institutional commitment, a shared vision, talented players and a dedicated coaching staff. Pitt is getting there. If Narduzzi is the coach that I think he is, we’re on the right track.

    I never want the Panther Nation to march in mindless lock
    step as do our rivals out east in creepy valley, but I would like to see guys like you demonstrate glimpses of your own Pitt fan enthusiasm more often. Attitude does matter when it comes to fan support and putting fannies in those yellow seats at Heinz Field.

    Reality provides plenty of negative vibes for our Panthers, like losing that UNC game in the last to seconds of the game, without supplying our on negative inputs, so there’s no need for us to throw wet blankets at will on those misfortunes that will inevitably occur in any case.

    As a case in point, I have already accepted the fact that Wade is a major lean towards PSU. If it turns out that Wade commits to them, there is no need for us Pitt fans to interpret that as a major negative on our own program. Wish the kid good fortune (except when PSU plays Pitt) and let’s get back to concerning ourselves with things Pitt can do tomorrow to improve the program.

    Anything can be accomplished with the right attitude. Pitt is It!
    Max Brown’s commitment is a tremendous spot of good news for us. Enjoy the vibe.


  19. Narduzzi got Browne for the same reason he got Peterman – he saw what talent was on hand and didn’t trust it to perform well in his vision.

    What I have been surprised about is why Narduzzi didn’t target any regular (sit out a year) or graduate-transfer DBs (immediate help) onto the roster. He got QBs, WRs, TEs and DEs… but nothing in the position that has negatively impacted his two teams at Pitt the most.

    I’ve watched MacVitte a bit and think that he may be OK in the year after Browne if his arm strength improves. There is a world of difference between throwing passes to receivers who can get open against HS DBs and trying to spot the ball perfectly against the speed of ACC DBs.


  20. Did you guys see Sager passed. He was a great dude. Very positive outlook on everything.

    I agree Doc and Reed.

    If they loved McVittie you would still want depth but Browne isn’t coming for depth.


  21. Having an experienced QB coming in to play the likes of PSU and OKST is really big.

    Really good that he is arriving in January, plenty of time to get familiar with his center, make throws to his receivers, and learn the new playbook. Also get acclimated to the Pittsburgh weather, although he is from Washington.

    I like the list of lineman and linebackers coming to visit next month, really need some of them to come.

    Looks like we will get a good turnout for the Pinstripe bowl. Lots of alum with friends and family on Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut can visit and attend the game. Philly is close enough to take the train. Lots of alum there as well.

    Even though we should have had the Sun Bowl, for attendance, the Pinstripe is better. Lots of people do like visiting NYC over the Holidays and see a show and eat in a great restaurant. A lot easier and cheaper for students to get there.

    Really need a victory to finish strong this year. Glad that Canada will implement the game plan.

    Where did Pitt play before Pitt Stadium?


  22. Re-opening that Foster can of worms. Last night on the Nightly Sports call, Zeise had a question directed at him. “Is Robert Foster transferring to PITT” With the look of someone getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar he said something like.. I only know he wants to or is looking to transfer at the end of the semester. I don’t know where to.

    Like him or not he is often in the know with the younger kids. His kids are around that age now and he has a network going. Stay tuned..


  23. If Foster does come, we would have amazing speed and size on both sides. Really spread the field.

    Does Foster stay and get another ring or does he come here and make 35 catches?


  24. Foster already has the ring. He needs to actually play to hava a shot of making it pro. You would think Pitt would be a no brainer for him. Let’s hope so!


  25. PITT played their home games back in the early 1900’s at Exposition Park in Allegheny City. (north-side)

    Starting in 1909 PITT did play at Forbes field until 1925 when they moved into their freshly built home known as PITT Stadium.


  26. Problem with Foster is he hasn’t graduated yet. He thinks he will have the credits by the end of this semester. I think that why he isn’t talking possibilities right now?


  27. Reed, I know,,,, the “show me” hasn’t happened just yet with these guys but with Coleman, Campbell, M.Henderson and Miller now in the mix for actual playing time, after pulling off their Red Shirts, our secondary will be going through a huge metamorphosis for the better all of next season. I may be wrong about this one, but I would not be at all surprised if Maddox doesn’t lose his starting roll to one of those tall, fast whipper snappers chompin at the bit for playing time come midseason 2017. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Ford doesn’t inherit one of those RSs himself with all of that talent in front of him.

    Remember the hand wringing that went on all of last off season with our main concern for the 2016, “how in the world will we replace the production of Tyler Boyd”? That kind of evaporated, didn’t it? These new inexperienced guys will be doing the same thing for our secondary in 2017. you’ll see.


  28. @ReedPlease Write About E.J. Borghetti, because in My-Personal Ignorance I have not done my due-dilligence and I only know him him as a “Secondary Figure” in the Pitt Athletic Department (and I’m sure many Pitt Fans may not be very familiar with him as well!!!)!!!

    Let many of us know who this man is, I’m excited by your enthusiasm of him to LEAD PITT!!! — Who IS this man for us who don’t know???!!!


  29. ^^^ Oh man Max Browne at USC ….. just not a FIT in the end . First game ever as starter this year vs. Alabama was just not fair lol. Second game was against a ridiculously inferior team so it’s a wash — but that third game against Stanford it was just weird

    —- Juju Smith Schuster (USC’s Slower, Shorter, 15-pound lighter version of Jester Weah) was an NFL All-Hype type guy and he turned his entire offense against Max Browne……Whereas I think Max Browne and Jester Weah are gonna be a MATCH-MADE-IN-HEAVEN lol* honestly….

    I love it all!!! —- as the UK said, Goodbye Canada, Farewell! —- #HailToPitt


  30. ^^^ Against Stanfrod in Crunch Time Max Browne throws a Should-Be TD pass right into Juju Smith Scrub-sters (lol I’m funny 🙂 ) freakin’ Chest in the 4th and it bounces off his shoulder pads ——- just gotta remember how bad Nathan Peterman’s early Tennessee-Tenure was — Max Browne is Tom Savage + talent.

    HailToPitt — Shows also that: END ALL —> BE-ALL — It’s about Pitt’s Head Ball Coach, PERIOD 😉


  31. Thank You!!! @Dr. Tom!!!

    —- LOL *I am TELLING YOU — the theme for Pitt’s INSANE, FEROCIOUS Defense next season — Especially Pitt’s Insanely Long-and Crazy-Fast Young D-Backs :

    —- This the the Soundtrack for Pitt’s Young D-Backs!!! Narduzzi knows 2017-Time IS: KICKSTART MY DEFENSIVE BACKFIELD!! haha 🙂 🙂 🙂


  32. Dr Tom,

    I agree there will be a lot more competition in the backfield next year, my main concern is up front.

    Hopefully Hendrix will finally step up, but the line has a lot of question marks, on whether they will get a pass rush and be strong up the middle. The linebackers should be better, with Wirginis, Zeise, Idowu, and Brightwell back and a lot of young talent backing them up. I heard they want Pugh to be a rush end, which is exciting, but will he be ready this year?

    Hopefully these extra practices will set the stage for these guys.


  33. The interesting thing is which ones of these young guys will mature physically over the off season.

    Pugh is listed at 210 lbs, not enough for a rush end. Most of the freshman and sophomores need to put on another 10-20 lbs of muscle this winter.

    Soto a great example this year. First year at tackle and he was great. I think he will do well in the Pros.


  34. Ike thank for the info on where Pitt played. Allegheny City was the North Side – wonder if students took horse drawn wagons there and sang a Robert Foster song at the end of the 3th quarter. 🙂
    Big B thanks for the info on West, I vaguely remembered him getting less time by Walt – who was canned at Stanford in part for being too much of a disciplinarian. Didnt know the exact reason.
    gc just when I am feeling better about Pitt football you had to go and mention Browne practicing with his center – hadn’t thought of Alex Officers’ bad snaps in a while. Wonder if they will drill chasing down a bad snap? 🙂


  35. I’ve been bullish on Zeise from his high school days and just feel like he will continue to grow and morph right into a stud linebacker. The funny part is and it seems all of a sudden. The expectations for him are fairly high for never playing a down of college football. I think he will meet those expectations if he can stay healthy. Wirginis and Brightwell have shown what they are capable of and the extra speed from all three of those guys will be very evident. Throw in Idowu and now PITT has some experience.

    Read where PITT is expecting Dantino to become the starting center thus moving Officer to guard where his build is better suited. Dantino is somewhat like Georgie at fullback, (where Dantino did practice for awhile) He’s very athletic for a big boy and has that white guy sort of hustle if you know what I mean. Like I said Georgie Aston like…..and hey, that gives PITT some versatility along the O-Line.

    Pugh is an outright stud. I expect him to play a lot of positions this year. He can grow into a Juan Price type but lets not forget a guy named Zeke Gadson. There is no substitution for athleticism.

    All in all, I’m back in and positive as ever and thinking PITT has righted the train on the tracks after a little speed bump at the end. This is not your Same Old PITT fellows. Narduzzi has the team rallying…..ike



  36. LOL for his “Quarterback History” — Pat Narduzzi (Kirk Cousins – then Conner Cook at QB who he RECRUITED) —- Immediately jettisons terrible Voytik and brings in 6’2”, 220 Nathan Peterman, now Brings in 6’5”, 225 former Consensus Top-10 Recruit Max Browne who will turn Jester Weah, Clarke, and Quadree Henderson into 1st Round Picks next year (sorry, Studs have to go play Pro 🙂 )…….

    Yeah, Pat Narduzzi is gonna get paid Top-10 …maybe Top-5 NCAA D-1 Head Coach Salary next season from Ambitious and Strong Chancellor Patrick Gallagher —-> and just wait til you see how Feriocious the Defense is next season, you will all be pulling-out your check-books to make a Contribution. 🙂 🙂


  37. ^^^ If, honeslty — after analyzing everything I could find about him and *Mulling It Over I felt he wasn’t Good — I would say it!!!

    —–> But I think Max Browne is gonna help Pitt DOMINATE next year and especially I just have this Instinctual-Sense that him and Jester Weah just became these Blood-Brothers over their visit —- Don’t ask me why I just have that sense!!!

    And I know Pat Narduzzi is 150%-DOWN on his young RS Freshman Stud Thomas MacVittie getting Tutored Correctly and getting Tons of Snaps and Plays in Live-Game Action (I’ve said he’s gonna have HUGE GASHING QB runs against pswho next year!!!!)

    #HailToPitt#ACCCoastalTitle !!!!


  38. ^^^ @Upitt Smiling Chancellor Gallagher is so —- oh-so-ready —- to Comensate Pat Narduzzi with 4.5+ Mil + top-tier assistant sallaries if this year is a great-success. 🙂 — That would make Pat Narduzzi compensated in the Mid/High Tier NFL Level and ELITE Power 5 level and he will Earn It and Prove He is Worth It 🙂 🙂 .


  39. ^^^^ LOL(6’5”, 225) Max Browne w/ Slasher Runner and growing-Pup QB MacVitte (6’4”, 225 – 4.5 40 yard dash) +++ with * (6’3”, 210) Jester Weah, Quadree Henderson, Chris Clark (6’5”, 250 stud), Darren Hall, Quadree Ollison —- and a STUD O-line with so much tremendous Talent Returning + Giant-Bodied youngin’s coming in…….*

    The Defense this Year is going to be JUST LIKE PITT’S OFFENSE WAS for ya’ll “Skeptical Types” lol


  40. Re: Foster, do we really need the guy? Seems like there are already about a dozen WR’s on the roster. Is this guy good enough to be among the top 3 or 4?


  41. ^^ Honestly My only Worry with “SUCCESS” for my “Mutual-Interest Things” is when people get just too caught-up in it….vs. the “alright, that was Great…Next-Up!!!” mentality ….

    I only say this because Pitt Football Dominance is Right-Here! And when a “Pitt-Clemson upset” happens to “Us” I hope you guys don’t go cause too much trouble. 🙂 hahahaha


  42. Foster same as Browne. If he starts and wins games it’s all good. If he doesn’t………so be it. What’s the harm and the plus side….we won’t have to hear about Foster ever again.


  43. Upitt

    Thanks for the instructive pottery vid. Most woman potters who I have met do not look (or dress) like that. Quite inspiring to know that true art can thrive in our times.



  44. It will be hard to duplicate the offensive success next year. But I like the fact 4 Ol return who started and Weah, Henderson, Moss and Hall at RB with George at FB is not to shabby Clark at TE may be a real horse as well. Browne is coming into a very good situation.


  45. Reed Here (at the library).

    We’ll have tons of time to talk about next season. I’m drafting up a Christmas Wish list from a Pitt Fan’s POV and then you guys can add it it after its published. Should be up by tonight or tomorrow morning.

    I’ll put something together for a piece on EJ but so much of what he does is deep behind the scenes and he’s very circumspect about the ‘downs’ of the program.

    I’ll say this right off the bat – I’ve had some great and candid conversations with him (and others on the Southside) and will say that EJ is more than qualified to be an AD at Pitt. Many years spent as being the Damage Control Officer while SP was here has taught him great amounts of what works and what doesn’t at Pitt.

    His loyalty is unquestioned and his friendship with the all the different factions related to Pitt football is unmatched.

    Some fans make the mistake that because EJ was the media coordinator during SP’s time and had to be the public face he then he marched lockstep with the AD.

    Nothing is further from the truth, and EJ put out fires and steered the program clear of real public embarrassments since he was hired on. As said – Damage Control was a huge part of his job in the past and he learned a ton from all that.


  46. Let’s not forget Ollison at RB, who has already proven his ability as the ACC Freshman of the Year in 2015. If he doesn’t start in 2017 (unless he transfers for being totally ignored in 2016) something is DRASTICLY wrong in the program. He is much better than Moss or Hall.


  47. Reed, I think EJ is more than qualified but I ask again for your new article. Does he have that crusty backbone that job will take? Will he stand up to the good ole boys club down south? I’ll hang up and listen to your reply…ike


  48. Still a mystery why Ollie got no carries after the first couple games. He should be our power back next year, with Moss and Hall the shifty guys. Sibley coming too, so quite a stable. Alston a force on the goal line.

    Hope we get a winner for OC.


  49. I have always been a proponent of hiring from within if the person is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to the institution. That to me fits EJ.


  50. DK, if my memory hasn’t failed me were you not the one calling for MacVittie to replace Peterman after about 3 games into this season? Now you think MacVittie has to get tutored by Browne before he’s ready to take any snaps behind center at Pitt. And were you not the one that called out Reed for being deficient in evaluating QB talent?


  51. Browne will start, but MacVittie is going to play next year, 100%. And I would be shocked if we don’t see ANOTHER grad transfer after next year, brought into compete with MacVettie going into ’18…

    Lot of empty chairs in the QB room at the moment – it’s a real problem…

    And if Foster can graduate, and wants to come play his last season in his home town, of course you take. Production is the most important thing for him next year. Doesn’t matter what conference he’s in, he needs to produce if he wants any shot at the pros.


  52. Glad to hear about Browne. Foster would be nice.

    The OC hire looms large. This is a nice situation for the right OC to step into. Decent talent. Let’s get the right guy.

    Pitt’s in the weaker half of the ACC and has the ability to go head to head with VaTech to win our division next year.


  53. A few thoughts..

    No biggie switching OCs. I read 25% of Power 5 schools are changing O or D coordinators. It does hurt slightly at the beginning of the year but teams over come the learning curve.

    As an example, PSU had two new coordinators this year. Look where their OC came from. Tons of OCs out their.

    I think Pitt should find a former understudy of Canada that runs the same offense. I am sure they are out there. Reed can track them down, LOL.


  54. Off topic – Pitt wrestling beat WVU. Pitt is ranked most years in wrestling and this year is no different. WVU is often good (and I believe they are ranked ahead of us this year) as well. Nice win.


  55. notrocketscience this OC position does not call for a Rocket Scientist. Although it pays much better than most all rocket scientist are being paid. Canada laid out a very exciting formula. So really how hard is it to copy much of what he laid out and add a few wrinkles of your own. My guess is that quite a few OC’s around the country will be looking at the Pitt offensive playbook for the 2017 season and incorporating much of the Canada called plays for their respective teams.


  56. The playbook is one thing. Calling the right play at the right time is a whole nuther matter.

    Same with putting together a game plan. This takes skills.


  57. ^^^
    “DK, if my memory hasn’t failed me were you not the one calling for MacVittie to replace Peterman after about 3 games into this season? Now you think MacVittie has to get tutored by Browne before he’s ready to take any snaps behind center at Pitt. And were you not the one that called out Reed for being deficient in evaluating QB talent?”

    None of these QB’s have played a Live Snap yet for Pitt….. …… Saying that it would be great for a Live-Armed, 6’5”, 225 NFL-Type QB with Super High Character and Leadership coming from USC to help come Mentor a 19 year old, 6’5”, 230 pound Youngin’ and give him all his lessons……

    What point Were You ATTEMPTING to make???? because it was not remotely clear????


  58. ^^^ So If Max Browne plays many snaps, and Thomas MacVittie plays many snaps, and both create big plays for Pitt and have success…. —– @… jr pitt? jrn pitt??? Are you trying to say Thomas MacVittie should play from Snap One and have 100% of the reps????


  59. ^^ ** LOL I say I can evaluate QB talent because from SNAP ONE I said that Tino Sunseri and Chad Voytik were D-3 level and should be benched / demoted Immediately……I have zero clue what you are even attempting to say @….jr pitt??? Jrnpitt?**


  60. Dk, what I was trying to convey is that you also are lacking in any ability to evaluate QB talent. Throwing Peterman to the wolves early in the season should be evidence enough to prove that point.


  61. ^^ I was Numero-Uno on saying Voytik needs to GO and Peterman needs to start asap.

    I was pulling a straight-up “Upitt” going at Nathan Peterman’s play after 4 weeks because the running game+jet sweeps were essentially what got Pitt in such good position to win vs. Okie State and North Carolina and Nathan Peterman just needed to make ONE MORE PLAY in both games to seal a win — and I was just frustrated. If any actual backup QB needed to come in for a Spark it would be Manny Stocker to run his Wildcat I was just Pi$$ed Natie P. couldn’t just make ONE PLAY to win both games.

    Lol I’m a “younger guy” so I don’t want to be insulting no-young kid if you are one (jk jk) and #HailToPitt if you’re a fan no matter what age…..but playing Quarterback at Power 5 level is the Most Competitive Thang in all of Sports so these young Players are Under The Spotlight. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And that’s why they got “All The Glory, All the Girls……..And All The Blame!!! that’s the the Nature of Power 5 QB!!!


  62. @”ike” I’m not in the mood to be TESTED TODAY!!! 🙂 🙂 hahaha — Don’t Question my ability to Analyze QB’s!!!!


  63. Guys – EJ may be a great guy and a great Pitt man. I never had many dealing with him as he was a small fish in the pond back in my days 95-2000. But I just do not see him as dynamic enough and enough businessman. Now comparing him to Pumpkin Squashnuts Head and Pederson then Yes. I’d take the poor Blind man who plays the music loud and sits on Milk carts on Forbes over those dolts 100%. That guy has a great voice and God Bless him.

    I will lean on Reed’s assessment though bc I just don’t know enough. But you have to be careful because sometimes being such a huge fan of a program and living and breathing Pitt non stop would cloud his judgement running it like a business. Just my 2 cents.


  64. ^ 6 year NFL Player —- Squeakiest of -Squeaky clean Character — PITT MAN, Pitt Football Player, Grad —- He would be a top Ambassador for Pitt from Day 1 to say the least…


  65. 😦 😦 😦 😦 ….. Sorry @ jrnpitt — you are absolutely right and I did say those things, and I only meant these recent-comments in jest on not to be serious or insulting 🙂 .

    #HailToPitt —- #MaxBrowneToJesterWeah 🙂 lol


  66. Upitt – for clarity, are you including EJ in the “those dolts” comments? Intentional swipe at a really good guy or did you miss a chance to reflect and edit?


  67. Seems like the Pitt offense should be very good, and reading the tea leaves, Narduzzi should be fielding call from some great offensive minds looking to drive that juggernaut . Let’s hope!


  68. Darkie – I really liked Riddick but I don’t see the fit for him. He is a TV Guy now and seems to do very well. If anything he would want back in the NFL one would think.

    He also probably makes the same money now so unless he had a major change of heart I see him continuing down the TV path.


  69. Big B Alabama may have screwed up with that drunken litigation prone nut…but he would be good at a tailgate or pub crawl.
    DK – Scarface was mowed down in the end. Mom’s calling you for dinner. 🙂

    Sounds like Reed knows EJ who was interviewed last time – sigh. I’m trusting Reed on this.
    UPitt – think the blind guy with the voice passed, havent seen him in a few.
    I have put out an APB on wwb, wbb. Miss your insights and news breaks buddy. Hope you are feeling well and not just sick of us. 🙂


  70. @Reed – you mentioned that you were flummoxed regarding Narduzzi taking grad transfers, but not in the defensive backfield. I think the answer is simple. Offense is not his gig. He sees a former 4 or 5 star and says “they can be a weapon”. No long term investment. Foster fits but last I heard he will not graduate until after spring. He could transfer in the summer. Thought he was 30 credits shy heading into the year.

    He won’t take a 5th year DB because it takes them too long to learn how he wants to play. Absent a kid from MSU, I don’t see that happening. He took Scarpinato, right.

    Looks like a DE just flipped for Pitt! Nice!!

    Hopefully we can get OSU to flip and rethink their need for our AD. It is clear that Narduzzi has Gallaghers ear. Our current AD may be seen as not fully invested at Pitt and if that is the case, he gotta go. Stat!!


    PASS Clayton Thorson NW 257-442, 2968 YDS, 21 TD
    RUSH Justin Jackson NW 266 CAR, 1300 YDS, 12 TD
    REC Austin Carr NW 84 REC, 1196 YDS, 12 TD

    CCopy and pasted from the ESPN listing of the Pinstripe bowl game. This is the COMPLETE list of “players to watch”. No James Conner, no QH, no Peterman, no PITT player.

    FU ESPN.
    Not sure if the link will take you there but, http://www.espn.com/college-football/scoreboard/_/group/80/year/2016/seasontype/3/week/1


  72. Narduzzie likes to carry 5 QBs on his roster so now he has 4 if my count is right. He can still recruit another one this year. Feeling much better about next year than 5 days ago.Go Nard dog go! H2P


  73. @TVax1 – Thought it was strange also. but in checking, espn took the easy way out & compared qb’s, rushers & receiver. Whoever had the most yards between the two teams became the player to watch in that category. Hit the “summary” tag to compare. Worked on the the three games I looked at.


  74. IMO the reason Nard doesnt go after DBs is as Huff said that one year is not enough to learn his system, it is not the standard zone that you can plug into. Further any really talented DB is going pro after 4 years – if you are any good you are playing before your 5th year.


  75. Deslin Alexandre — 6’5”, 230 D-End (Great Size) Senior Year mis-season Highlights:


    Kid is Huge and will carry 265 easily after 6 months in the weight room.

    Lol “Dominate The State” by James Franklin? Pat Narduzzi gets kids from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia and D.C. —- and is Especially is Pipelining Florida bringing in future Hugh Greens, Jabaal Sheards, Antonio Bryants etc…

    🙂 #HailToPitt! 🙂

    I have that gut feeling the Max Browne-to-Jester Weah connection is gonna be AWESOME this season (1200 Receiving Yards, 8+ TD’s — mark it!).

    And I envision Thomas MacVattie coming in on many plays — keeping opposing defenses Totally Off Balance with a future NFL rocket-armed Pro Passer Max Browne along with this Tasmanian Devil Freshman —- with MacVittie ripping-off Huge Zone Read runs and getting 5+ Red Zone Rushing TD’s and 400+ rushing yards on the season at least……. and I even see Young Mac throwing a couple TD’s to Max Browne on Trick Plays!

    —- Max Browne is a Cream-of-the Crop Quality Kid (in 4 years graduated and got–or almost got his MBA from Southern Cal — Bright Young Man) and Thomas MacVittie and him will be like Brothers from Day-1 Max Browne unzips his suitcase in the 412.

    Gotta rep Sammamish, Washington hard in the 412 and Ball-Out for Pitt! —- 9-3 regular season in 2017 (Including Beating pswho at Beaver!!), and a top-15 overall ranking across all the polls post-season — Max Browne and Jester Weah are the most dynamic Passer-Receiver duo in the nation —- and the Offensive Line (which will be Massive goodness gracious Narduzzi keeps bringing in Monsters 🙂 haha) will be Beastly and will “Push The Pile”.

    —- Who gets the majority of the reps at Running back next season though??? That is gonna be the biggest competition on the team next season.


  76. @Pitt cocks-fan…ok, bad enough the local media lack of respect, looks like statistical issue only.
    Now let’s go out and shred NW with our statistically inferior team.


  77. As far as running back carries, I would expect it to be done by committee with Moss,Hall and Ollison. It would be great to redshirt Sibley but our history suggests he plays because we can’t get through a season healthy in that spot.

    Speaking of health. We were so fortunate to have a healthy qb this last year. Our expected OL for next year also suggests that our qb (either macvittie or browne), will be reasonably well protected. Starting to think of a Weah, Foster, Henderson trio and think we don’t drop off too much, if at all in yards. Points maybe. Depends on OC.

    I am going to lay off the AD bashing for a second. Okay, that was painful. Narduzzi has Gallagher’s ear. Barnes lost the OC money argument and as such, lost any opportunity to stop the Narduzzi bus. Increase budgets for recruiting and kids start coming from different states. I support 3 star Florida kids.

    Erie, if you have insider information on Wade, that is great. I just don’t see it. Maybe Narduzzi pulls one out, but I think he goes the Jeter route and bolts. Jeter to Michigan should be troubling…for Jeter. Study the depth chart and he realizes he is ranked no higher than all his competition.


  78. It’s proving outthat in fact this staff does know how to bring quality guys into the program.

    Narduzzi recruits nationally. With Alexandre on board now, that makes four (over 20%) from Florida in this class of 18. Max Brown, although not considered in this recruiting class, being a grad transfer is a guy from the west coast coming to Pitt as a game changer QB. That is big news.

    Hell, our kicker in this class is an Australian for cryin out loud! We’re going international! H2P!


  79. I think Wade goes to WVU. Small chance at UCLA.

    Tony Gibson is a good recruiter. Didn’t they have a Safety go first round to Raiders?


  80. I think he’s a future pedo and figured that all along. I would love to Weah torture him next year if he goes to the dairy school.1/10 chance he comes here IMO if that.


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