POV’s Sunday Podcast; Armageddon

Game of Thrones

First off let’s congratulate Matt Canada and his offense – scoring 76 points in a single ball game is damn impressive. So – good for you.

This is a bit late in posting but in all honestly I wasn’t all that happy with the way things turned out yesterday and, even with a regular season-ending win, I feel disappointed.

Some fans just care about the Ws and Ls and I can understand that in part. Those tick marks will be the historical record that goes in the books for later when we talk about past seasons.

I am personally more interested in how the games themselves play out as well as the different ebbs and tides that the season goes through until it ends, hopefully on a winning note.

With that view have to say that as happy as I am we finished with eight wins I though yesterday’s game was about as strange as could be. 

Here are some stats to look at:

 Team Totals  SU  UP 
FIRST DOWNS  38  20 
   Rushing  14  12 
   Passing  21 
   Rushing Attempts  45  40 
   Average Per Rush  5.1  9.8 
   Rushing Touchdowns 
   Yards Gained Rushing  250  406 
   Yards Lost Rushing  22  13 
   Completions-Attempts-Int  43-61-1  9-19-1 
   Average Per Attempt  7.2  13.2 
   Average Per Completion  10.2  27.9 
   Passing Touchdowns 
   Total offense plays  106  59 
   Average Gain Per Play  6.3  10.9 

Along with the both team’s offensive players’ work on the day (the defense isn’t worth writing about:


Here is the passing game log for Nate Peterman for this 2016 season.  Take a look at his last three games (all wins):


That is 44/73 (58%) for 796 yards, 12 TDs and 2 INT.  That is a QB rating of 175.9 over those three games. Again those three wins jumped us up from 5-4 to 8-4.  Way to go Nate!

We’ll have a MMQB article up tomorrow then go into off-season type articles through the week.

HTP!! 8-4 !!  That’s a good thing….!


91 thoughts on “POV’s Sunday Podcast; Armageddon

  1. Armegeddon, not really, actually not even close. At the end of the day it was a win that except for SOP vestigial vibes really was never in doubt (yes, I felt uneasy).

    I was pleased to hear PN say he was “sick” over the defensive performance which was an appropriate description. I choose to chalk the defensive performance to the defense being (1)extremely tired by the whole game clock thing, (2) the linebacker and secondary playing awful because they are awful and (3) let’s admit it Syracuse’s offense played great.

    Let’s s not forget that this same defense (meaning the team not the very same players because there was some players who were injured) played Clemson so strong in the 4th quarter and held Duke to one touchdown last week. Yes, it was a “win that felt like a loss” but it wasn’t a loss—not even close to one.


  2. And with that media-attention-getting victory Pitt ends the season ranked in the AP poll. H2P!

    Now they have to come up with the money to keep Canada and look for a defensive coach or two.


  3. Charlie Partridge was just let go as HC of Florida Atlantic. He was a former defensive coach and great recruiter. He was the DL coach at Pitt from 2003-07. Also the DL coach at Wisconsin from 2008-10 before being promoted to DC for 2011-12.


  4. Yesterday’s game was really strange. Our D was consistent all year in stopping the run. For five quarters over the Clemson game and Duke game, they looked really good overall. Then, yesterday, they fell apart in both phases and got worse as the game went on. But what great fun our offense was!

    As I commented, yesterday, this is my favorite Pitt season in many years. I’m expecting ACC costal dominance for the next few years, and a shot at the playoffs more than once. I plan to enjoy it, because if this only happens every 40 years, I won;t see it again.


  5. Nebraska gave up 62 to OSU this year. At least 25 teams gave up more than 45 this past weekend.
    I hate it too, but I hated 0-3 far worse.
    It is all about perception in CFB.
    I perceived that we won.


  6. Yes, far from Armageddon. You must really be a depressing person to be around if you can’t at least appreciate yesterdays game for what it was – absolute unadulterated fun to see. This game(football) is entertainment and while you can legitimately criticize a ton and entirely this garbage they call defense, the rest of the game is pure electric to watch. Would it have been more enjoyable to watch a 57 to 17 blow out? I don’t know because I would have to see how it played out but I COULD HAVE LOVED THAT because it would have matched my prediction. Whoever was there got to see history being made. It wasn’t horrific history of which I could give REAL examples that really do not compare. It was a blast to see and full of special moments for many players not on defense for Pitt(outside DJ and he made up for his pick 6 with other fine gaffes).

    So, lighten up Francis and let’s look forward to a nice, entertaining bowl game which if in NY or someplace warm and convenient enough, I will gladly attend and if I can be guaranteed to be able to stand and scream for anywhere close to 10 Pitt touchdowns, I will head home happy.

    Maybe we will play some defense next year and hopefully in Happy Valley at least.


  7. Erie Express, I like Scott Shafer’s resume better than Charice Partridge’s and I believe he already has a Working relationship with HCPN, like Matt Canada did. Scott Shafer is my choice for DC!


  8. Erie Express, I like Scott Shafer’s resume better than Charlie Partridge’s and I believe he already has a Working relationship with HCPN, like Matt Canada did. Scott Shafer is my choice for DC!


  9. I’m trying to understand the negative side of PITT’s season and I am having trouble doing so. Try as I might, I just don’t get it. Yes yes yes, PITT’s defense was abysmal this year. Absolutely the worst. I get that…

    Now imagine you’re ready to board a rocket ship to the moon and before boarding, someone asks you, How do you think PITT will finish this year record wise and you answer “maybe 7 wins….I hope” then take off for the moon. You come back not knowing one thing about the season and they tell you…PITT won 8 games and they beat psu and Clemson on the road…and both could make the national playoffs final four. What’s to complain about? but people do

    Yesterday’s game, the defense was a total disaster for sure. The defense was tired silly and the tackling was as poor as it gets. Heads will roll on this account. The up-tempo and injuries really reared their ugly heads against a not so bad of a passing team. Let’s not forget about that. I would really like to see some coaching changes there and agree with Reed on that.

    PITT averaged 47.8 points a game the last 5. Not too shabby either to understate it. Nate to me proved he’s not just a game manager as some suggests. The more he was given to do this year the better he played. He gets a game ball from me. The offense looks to be in great hands down the road for sure.

    As far as the rushing D of late. Missing Jarrett hurt PITT, we tend to forget about how the injuries piled up but PITT doesn’t have the kind of depth to endure these types of problems. Not to worry here. You guys like to dwell on and on about the terrible PITT defense and for good reason, they do suck but as always, I find my silver lining.

    PITT’s defense will return 18 letterman next year including 12 players that started at least one game this year: Briggs, Blair, Brightwell, Edwards, Wirginis, Hamlin, Jackson, Maddox, Roy, Taleni, Whitehead, Idowu, and even Herndon.

    Others were: D Edwards, Folston, Ffrench, J Stocker, M Henderson.

    Along with another 14 players that did not play this year due to a redshirt or injury. Some impressive names in that bunch as well.

    Here are a few: Coleman, Hendrix, Garner, Zeise, P Jones, H Miller, Camp, Pine, Watts, Weaver, Wheeler, Pugh, Hargrove, P Campbell, and Anthony McKee. Lots more speed and athleticism to come next year to help out. On top of the returning players. The defense will be much improved. imo…..ike



  10. Pitt finally got into AP Top 25. But they couldn’t just put us in, we had to be tied for #24 with USF.

    How on Earth is Nebraska ahead of us? They have beat NO ONE of note. NO ONE !!!

    6 BigJoke teams in Top 25. The conspiracy continues.


  11. All these teams got dropped OUT of the Rankings and yet Pitt barely slid in.

    Dropped from rankings: Houston 18, Boise State 20, Utah 21, Texas A&M 22, Washington State 23, Tennessee 24


  12. Stanford got bumped from not being Ranked last week….to #17. On what basis. Beating a 3-9 pathetic Rice team.

    These rankings and bumpings are absolutely LUDICROUS !


  13. Emel – see Iowa’s bump up to #22 as well. They got clowned a few weeks ago by penn state, who of course Pitt beat.

    But, Iowa beat Nebraska who beat Wyoming as their best W this season.

    B1G Joke!


  14. Third time Narduzzi has Pitt ranked. I agree hard to grasp just how poor Pitt is on defense. But better days are coming on that side of the ball. I think Canada will be in play somewhat. But I think he likes Pitt and unless the money is so big he is stupid not to take it, he is back next year.


  15. Duzz was sick (literally) over the defensive play… that’s a good thing… if changes are needed then make them as soon as feasible. I thought the D was starting to come together but was wrong…We talk about how good our run defense was and blame the passing game but guys we all know the components of the D must work together like a fine tuned machine to be balanced and fully operational… balanced and hitting on all cylinders just like our Canadian offense … our D was a Helter Skelter bunch- coaching , personnel ?? That’s why coaches are paid big bucks.. this game kicked Duzz in the nuts-hopefully we see a more balanced D next year..
    See we are ranked !!! Wow what an entertaining year and excited about the bowl game – just contacted Pinstripe Bowl for lodging/transportation… I would love to go back to the Military and get a measure of revenge on the Middies… Reed…I’m with on Annapolis what a great trip for PITT fans.. Great hosts and fanfare.. great food n drink.. 5000 PITT fans in a tailgate.. what wasn’t there not to like about it


  16. What on Earth is Iowa doing ranked ahead of us, lost to a D2 team, lost to 6-6 Northwestern, only beat pathetic Buttgers (worst P5 team) by a score of 14-7.

    Here are Iowa’s wins:

    Miami of Ohio (6-6)
    Iowa State (3-9)
    Buttgers (2-10)
    Minnesota (8-4)
    Purdue (3-9)
    Michigan (10-2)
    Illinois (3-9)
    Nebraska (9-3)


  17. We need to win our bowl game and stay ranked into the signing period. Of course this ranking will also help us get a better bowl game. It’s easier for them to sell a ranked team. But Conner and our offense will be the big selling points.


  18. Right EE….i forgot Iowa got clowned by Pedo State, who Pitt beat.

    There is no common sense or fairness in these rankings at all. It’s all sports politics and it’s slanted towards these big city sportswriter boobs who take their cues from others, higher up the ladder.


  19. Something about a bowl hold up for the Navy / Army game results. Not sure what this means? There is some small talk about a WVU / PITT matchup in the Russell Athletic Bowl matchup in Orlando. That one is a long shot but I would be willing to hop a plane down there in late Dec. The Military Bowl is my second choice.


  20. Media (at least ESPN) pushing that neither Ohio Fake or Michigan are OUT of the playoff race.

    Even though neither one CAN BE conference champions. I’m betting one of them will get in. And if
    Wisconsin beat the Pedo’s probably them too.


  21. I think Wisconsin will win and still have to head to the Rose Bowl. I doubt they chase out Washington if they win next Saturday against #9 Colorado for either Wisconsin or Michigan.


  22. Pitt’s chances of moving up the Rankings lay in getting a Bowl Bid against a ranked team. And the best chance of that is playing in the Sun Bowl. Where if things worked out right, you might get #17 Stanford.

    Playing a 6-6 Northwestern BigJoke team in the Pinstripe doesn’t excite me one iota.

    And the Military Bowl, is a 3rd rate bowl game and we were just there.

    Herman should be able to get a 8-4 Ranked, High Scoring, Record Setting Pitt team a better bowl game this year. What the heck are they paying him for.


  23. It’s a long shot Jack but they were in attendance at a recent PITT game, (Duke I think).. That matchup would be interesting to the locals and possibly all over the country.


  24. Emel – the weaker ranked B1G Joke teams make you wonder about the top teams like Michigan and Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin’s big wins – LSU (8-4), Nebraska (best win is Wyoming), Minnesota (best win is 6-6 NW)

    Michigan lost to Iowa who lost to a D2 school. They did best penn state by 39 though.

    Give Pitt a gift for a bowl with either Nebraska or Iowa and show off the Canadian offense.


  25. Right Jack, Russell Athletic has one of the top picks of ACC teams. They won’t take us.

    Don’t know why that Bowl is held in such high esteem, it was always a 2nd or 3rd bowl game before the last couple year.

    Jerry Palm has GT going to the Sun Bowl (wtf we beat them and have much more impressive resume) and UNC going to the Gator Bowl. (taxslayer bowl- stupid name)


  26. Watching replay .. our DBs playing off of receivers allowing the ball to be caught – trying to keep the play in front of the… poor game by all LBs


  27. Although I do like his predication of the Pedo’s getting stuck playing Western Michigan in cotton bowl.

    That’s something they would normally do to Pitt.


  28. Yesterday’s game was really strange. Our D was consistent all year in stopping the run. For five quarters over the Clemson game and Duke game, they looked really good overall. I thought they were gelling. Then, yesterday, they fell apart in both phases and got worse as the game went on. Run D was awful! I expected SXU QB to do well. He’s had a couple games to learn the system, but the run game!!!???

    But what great fun our offense was!

    As I commented, yesterday, this is my favorite Pitt season in many years. I’m expecting ACC costal dominance for the next few years, and a shot at the playoffs more than once. I plan to enjoy it, because if this only happens every 40 years, I won’t see it again.


  29. Ha! Nice thing about getting older is you can post or read the same crap twice and enjoy it just as much the second time! To you guys with better memories, sorry!


  30. Know you guys are getting tired of my positive posts but PITT is tied with the fourth best record in the entire ACC. That puts them eligible for the RAB, jus saying. I don’t think they use tiebreakers in this instance.


  31. That was invigorating. We have these stainless steel Wolfgang Puck cookware, and of course we all have our favorite frying pan and we know what happens to the back of these pans after cooking with them for an extended period. I just completed steel wooling the entire back of it to almost near new condition.

    So why am I telling you guys this. Well I was pondering that SOP won’t be over until we get rewarded with a good Bowl game vs a good opponent. If it’s another one of these no-win situation type games against basically a nobody, in some bowl that wasn’t even around a decade ago, or it’s against a 6-6 or 7-5 middling team, it’s SOP.


  32. I actually think Pitt is a good draw for a bowl committee. They are clearly an up and coming team, have a HC with some name recognition, a RB in JC that has national appeal (lots of good stories for full in stuff), and a dynamic offense that has become something big being discussed after the big win at Clemson.


  33. You guys are crazy if you are complaining about the Pinstripe Bowl. A game in NYC would be basically a Home Game for Pitt – which despite the cold will be a total blast – because there will be a HUGE number of students there and A LOT of Alumni in easy driving distance. It will be against a mediocre BiG Joke opponent that we will probably hang 50 points on. In ten years nobody will remember the bowl, but they will look back and see the first 9 win season in a long, long time. Needless to say I’m a big fan of the Pinstripe.


  34. lol I’ve never even watched the Pinstripe Bowl. Again if we got an opponent that was at least 8-4 there it would be ok, But 6-6 Northwestern. yuck No win situation and if you lose, quite embarrassing.


  35. I guess it would be preferable than playing Temple in the Military Bowl as was being floated last week.

    That would draw crap, in another ‘no-win’ situation. We had 9 wins in 2008, not that long ago 🙂


  36. Then they fired the coach Emel.

    I understand that Reed has his hands full with the POV and family issues and all but I’m use to and like when he posts more and what’s this not watching he second half of the game? Shaking my head on that one..


  37. Saw Pitt beat Temple back in 1977 at Veterans Stadium with another 8,000 or so poor souls. Now that is a strange feeling of emptiness in that big round echo chamber when you can hear your own cheers distinctly come back to you after another Pitt TD. The score in that game was Pitt 76 Temple ZERO.

    That game was ALL KINDS of boring. Yesterday’s game was anything but boring.

    I’m with ike & tvax1, it’s all good! Pitt is ranked, we sent the seniors out with a win and about half the offense went home with a game ball that they scored a TD with.

    You want to talk Armageddon, think how Syracuse fans must feel today. “The good news is we scored 61 frickin points yesterday, the bad news is,,,,,,,,,,,”


  38. 80 Bowl slots, 74 have been filled, so guess what.

    There will have to be sub .500 teams again this year invited to Bowl Games. (most of which are owned and operated by ESPN)(they do find corporate sponsors, no matter how silly sounding to tag them with)

    But in keeping with the tripe on college campuses these days along with the pc agenda being pushed by ESPN thru college sports, this is in keeping with their agenda.

    So many Bowl Games equates to about 33% of them being nothing more than:

    Participation Bowl Games


  39. ~ Doc

    Maybe Reed watched a rerun of Armageddon last nite on TV. And it was on his brain.

    If we would have lost the game by that score, now that would be really really bad, but still not Armageddon.

    Now if we were Buttgers, say Fresno State or Kansas in football, that truly would be Armageddon.


  40. Let’s hope Syracuse remains a dumpster fire. Because when they went up (say like the mid ’80’s thru the 90’s, Pitt went South for the most part.

    That also was reflected from 1957 thru 1968, sans the one year in 1963. They were good, Pitt was not.

    Very rarely in the modern era of football have Pitt and Syracuse had good teams at the same time in football. This might play into the ESPN animosity towards Pitt, with their heavily laden Cuse work force. They know that too !


  41. FWIW I’m personally holding out for the Sun Bowl and Stanford .. wanted the Sun last year and got demoted to the military! It’s my turn now. 🙂


  42. BigB
    November 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm
    Watching replay .. our DBs playing off of receivers allowing the ball to be caught – trying to keep the play in front of the… poor game by all LBs

    Sounds like Out House’s secondary…..and when they play press coverage they get burned too. I’m going to step out on a limb and guess they just stink as players and need replaced.

    Sorry 9-2, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the windy 0-3 game there the last time. I’m sure they’re not crazy about us down there either.


  43. As we all know rankings are a popularity contest with voters always picking their favorite school or alma mater. I would not be surprised if some network personalities vote for their network’s upcoming games to improve ratings. We seem to always be out of the limelight despite producing NFL HOF famers. We did get some pub during last night’s Clemson game but some of it was like how did they lose to Pitt. Even Sagarin has us 28 but he also has PSU 14 and AL, MI, OSU and Clem in CFP.


  44. I’m with you….. 9-2,8-4,11-1 X3

    Always remember the ’75 Sun Bowl as a launching pad for the ’76 National Championship.

    That was Pitt’s first Bowl Win in like eons, like 1936.

    And more importantly winning that Sun Bowl game, got us a #9 Pre-Season ranking in 1976, which set us up for the big run. Without that high pre-season ranking we don’t get to #3 after beating Notre Dame. And maybe we never get to #1 in the rankings.

    So myself personally, I have a fondness for the Sun Bowl. (plus we’ll get a Power 5 opponent guaranteed and the best shot at a Ranked team, maybe Stanford).


  45. I don’t get how that would be animosity towards Pitt. I think it would be more indifference…sort of how I feel towards Syracuse. I mean, sure, I want to win when we play them, but it’s not personal like some other games.


  46. Watched the first half and have some notes (will watch the 2nd half tomorrow):

    Quadree Henderson a factor even if he doesn’t get the ball: 2 kicks out of bounds, 1 pooch punt
    Jester Weah: SPEED (and now hands)
    Ejuan Price: Middle LB in NFL?
    Aaron Matthews on the int: laid out, good effort, well thrown
    Taleni : watches tape–saw the screens coming
    Pitt defensive players wanting to get off the field early: hands on the helmet
    Ryan Lewis played well early (presumably before tiring out)
    Conner left the field immediately after his 1st touchdown; didn’t celebrate with teammates; C on his jersey (Cancer?), new shoes
    Caprara burned up the middle in the 1st for a touchdown run
    Peterman almost gave up another pick 6 if not for Weah
    Lopes : great special teams play
    Matt Canada: is an illusionist in another life
    Syracuse offense: Fraud Graham-esque


  47. Not wanting to be too negative on this blog, but I see us losing Wade to PSU after PSU beats Wisconsin for the Big 10 title.—Conklin couldn’t recruit anyone to play in his defense after watching Pitt all this year. Not sure why he is still on the Pitt payroll 24 hours after the Syracuse debacle. I hope you folks all realize what a liability Conklin is right now for Pitt’s recruiting efforts on D a little over 2 months away from the letter of intent day.


  48. Sorry but a NY Bowl Game is a joke. Any Bowl not in Florida, AZ, TX and or Cal is not a bowl you want to be in. The Sun Bowl outside of Emel and me and Big B getting arrested in Juarez is the only good bowl we are being considered.


  49. Syracuse ran 106 offensive plays in that game. Pitt’s lack of depth resulted in letting them score 61 points. A win is a freakin win.


  50. Chris Dokish nailed the stat that says so much about where this program is headed. Pitt has beaten the teams it should have over the last couple of years (Navy was a very good team last year, just like they are this season) and now the Panthers are knocking off some big boys too.

    I’m very concerned about the lack of quality recruits in this current recruiting class. Sibley & Ford are the type of players Pitt needs more of! This class has to close with a few more recruits at key positions, Lamont Wade would be a huge get and we need a couple more interior DL guys that this class is sorely missing right now.

    Both Camp & Watts appeared at the 11th hour last year, hopefully Pitt can pull off some more recruiting magic like that next Feb. as well.

    This is the battle, off the field, that Pitt has to win if the our aspirations to see Pitt ascend to the next level is to become reality. Right now we aren’t winning that recruiting war over the likes of PSU etc.


  51. PittPT – yeah hope Dk and wwb are okay as both have been absent – maybe mom locked them in basement , they always add to the conversation.
    Bowls – wont be gr8 due to our mediocrity last few years. I would love Stanford in the Sun Bowl – Upitt as a prosecutor I do have a badge but in Juarez “we don’t need no stinking badges” (pronounced ‘batches’)
    BiG Joke is vastly overrated – they seem to have losing records almost every year when they go bowling.
    Reed- the problem is Chryst left the defensive cupboard bare – they didn’t mind small persons in the corners.
    As to people speculating about new DCs – y’all mentioned good names but they don’t play the Narduzzi defense which Narduzzi will not change. He must therefore modify his approach – allow better LBs to switch in and out of run support on different series or plays – kinda like B Ball, now we are back to Saturday. I was in attendance – oddly exciting but not a nailbiter.
    Finally, this for you Reed, there was a nice article in local Pgh paper this past week where Caprara said that Chryst didn’t play him an ignored him BUT he gave Chryst credit for weeding out the bad influences on the team.


  52. RKB – I wouldnt play Caprara either. He and Galambos have Cement Feet. Great Heart but little ability.

    We need you in Juarez! Batches or not! Haha


  53. Griz – you beat me to the punch with your question about using all players for the bowl game. Thanks for asking it – I’m curious what the right answer is…

    We could use the 11 Red Shirt defensive players to help “fix” our D.

    rkb – I saw the video version of the Caprera article you are referring to – great rep for Pitt, on and off the field. He almost transferred because of how the Chryst staff handled him, but when the change to Narduzzi occurred, former Pitt great, Scott McKillop had his ear and told him his opportunity was right before him right here with his hometown team.

    I’m glad Mike Caprera stayed at Pitt – Mike also mentioned he has a desire to coach FB some day –



  54. Dr Tom, I have been expressing my concerns about recruiting all year, starting with the poor results in the WPIAL. Hopefully Narduzzi will finish strong but if he has hit the wall and he cannot sell Pitt, it won’t be long until he leaves.

    You would think that kids would love to play for Canada, and Narduzzi has the personality and defensive chops (although those are starting to be questioned) to get kids to come here.

    Obviously poor fan support is a deterrent being used by our competitors. Barnes, who was so proud of his season ticket sales, needs to go back to the drawing board to fill those seats. Fireworks nights and Bobbleheads anyone?

    We will find out soon enough if Canada stays and Narduzzi can finish with some elite kids.I sure hope so.

    A bowl win for a ninth victory and a top 20 finish would help the cause.


  55. On recruiting….imagine other schools telling our prospects and showing pics of the Cuse crowd saying ” do you want your senior day to be here (at Pitt) or with us (show crowd at PSU, OSU, ND etc)”? How does Pitt recruit against that?

    On another note, I watched Narduzzis defensive scheme play out for Michigan State at PSU Saturday. Corners left on an island got utterly torched by PSU QB. Any time the Peds needed a completion, they got it. At least 4 long bombs for TDs. So my question, how much does the scheme play in our porous defense???


  56. Offense played 4 qtrs of excellent ball. Defense played 2-1/2 qtrs of excellent ball. The issue that Narduzzi has to diagnose is what happened to the defense in the last 1-1/2 qtrs.

    At midpoint in the 3rd, the offense had scored 6 TD’s and the defense had allowed 3 TDs but had gotten 1 back on the pick 6. Had the game ended there we would have all considered it a huge success by both the offense and defense. But, it didn’t. The offense got better scoring 4 more TDs in final 1-1/2 qtrs but the defense collapsed epically allowing ‘cuse to score an unbelievable 6 TDs in that time.

    I believe that once the Panthers went up by 28 after the pick 6, the offense continued to play as if the score was 0-0 but the defense lost all focus, wanted the game to just end so they could celebrate and look forward to the holidays and bowl game.

    Fixing whatever caused that loss of focus is what’s needed IMO.


  57. I am under the impression Pitt is only paying the difference between the Pitt contract and the NC ST obligation. Thus Pitt only has to come up with the difference which is not substantial. But the issue is if that NC ST follows him to another program, it also means they only have to come up with limited increases as well. Narduzzi isn’t making any changes at least right now to the staff. Narduzzi brought in younger defensive coaches and have them learn to compete with energy and commitment to the program. Next year is where the rubber meets the road for the defensive staff. I have to believe they are really motivated to put a very good defense on the field.


  58. Dr Tom, I remember that 76-0 Temple game. Played a sandlot tackle football game back in Greensburg that day. I remember sitting in the back of a pickup truck afterwards going for a beer with all the guys when we heard the score. Thinking it was a very pleasant that afternoon all the way around.


  59. From USA Today’s “Misery Index” article

    Arizona State: Were it not for Todd Graham’s massive $14 million buyout, the stunning lack of competitiveness the Sun Devils showed against a historically bad Arizona team in losing 56-35 to end its season 5-7 might be grounds for reassessment of the entire program. As it is, consecutive losing seasons is not a good trend for a coach who boasted that he could win a national championship at Arizona State 16 months ago. But it’s even worse because Arizona State’s defense has regressed every season, and Graham runs the defense.

    Arizona State gave up 23 plays of 50 or more yards this season, by far the most in FBS. That cannot happen again. Though Graham has done some good things in Tempe and truly looked like he had Arizona State knocking on the door of the elite in 2013 and 2014, the last two years have been extremely disappointing and there’s little recourse for the fans but to hope it gets better.



  60. @Reed Were you not interested in the second half because you like a little defense to be played? I am with you. Many frustrated fans around me.


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