POV Game Day Thread; Syracuse

Here we are in the last Saturday of the regular season and this game is not looking like it’s going to surprise anyone. At least it doesn’t feel that way.

Let’s hope Pitt plays to form today against Syracuse.  If so will have our eighth win on the season to match the winning total of last year, something that clearly shows progress from 2015.

We had our predictions posted  yesterday… I didn’t see anyone picking Syracuse to win so it’s pretty much a sure bet we’re going to take this game.  Then again we’re talking about Pitt football and there isn’t a college team anywhere who is so good as to not lose a football game given the right circumstances…right Clemson?

We won’t see that today. I think we’ll pull out a good win and get us on the road to preparing for a good Bowl showing unlike Navy last season.

And hopefully we can send James Connor out of Heinz Field with rousing ovations of genuine thanks at the end of this game, his last one at home.  Although Aaron Donald did return for his fourth year… remember?

Let’s hear what you guys have to say as things unfold.

HTP !!!

439 thoughts on “POV Game Day Thread; Syracuse

  1. Reed – I’m pretty sure gasman and Dan72 picked cuse to win. May have been one other.

    Thanks for your dedication to keeping Pitt football conversations flowing.

    Does anyone know which alumni player will be the honorary captain today? Also, what is the chosen uniform color combination?

    Bundle up tailgaters, it’s football weather – yeah!

    Crush cuse!


  2. Pulled this from PSN –

    “Pitt was positioned at #30 in last weeks rankings and plenty of teams ahead of them lost yesterday and could lose today.

    Lost this week: #16 Nebraska, #20 Houston, #19 Boise State and #23 Washington State

    Challenging games today: #13 Auburn at #1 Alabama, #18 West Virginia at Iowa State, #25 Navy at SMU, #22 Utah at #9 Colorado, #15 Florida at #14 Florida State,”

    Look out for two teams that were below #30 last week to jump over PITT – Memphis (no votes) who beat Houston and Iowa (1 vote) who beat B1G Joke Nebraska. Just because…


  3. Darn you EE, I just spent the last 10 minutes compiling a post that said the exact same thing. 🙂

    couple things though I don’t think PITT will get hopped over and I hope they get into the top 25 for bowl concerns and I think they will.

    The NCAA poll I looked up had psu12 with a couple buttons you could hit, one for over-rated and the other for under-rated. u know which one I hit and when I did, it gave an update on the polling, 67% said OVER-RATED. naturally.

    Every year it’s the same feeling. Where in the heck did the football season go already. It’s really a bummer. I hope you all just don’t go poof and disappear the next few months. I understand that some don’t follow recruiting as much as some but I keep a close tab on the local kids. It’s keeps me engaged and I feel re-energized now that Narduzzi is at the helm. A big win today would go a long ways around WPA. I feel strong that one or more recruits may flip if PITT can win these last two.

    Anyways this year has been fun and I’m so happy Reed thought enough to run over to ITH and let us all know about this great blog called The Pitt POV. Thanks Reed. …………………ike/waltspappy



  4. Sad to see our last game of the season. Next year’s schedule maybe a little easier. Beat the Cuse to finish then get MD in BB on Tuesday. H2P


  5. Looks like the forecast is 40 degrees and occasional misty rain. Not bad for this time of year but expect lousy crowd even though this is a “rival” game. Did anyone feel like the Cuse was a “rival ” in anything but BBall.


  6. A couple more things:

    No, in no way do I feel a kindred rivalry feeling with the fighting Oranges. They are more like a paper cut, they bother me and I don’t like them but it’s not like having my whole finger cut off the way psu and ND make me feel.

    Haven’t been feeling well so I will miss this game. I feel bad about that but when I look around, I probably know of a dozen or so ticket that were available. I sure hope everyone made sure those seats will have butts in them today, that’s really important guys.

    so… having said that, I do wish the PITT seniors a final goodbye, you have made the past 5 seasons or so, very enjoyful for me and I appreciate the great effort you young men have put forth this past year. Thank You and Good Luck Men

    (I think I made up a new word right there, I think I’ll keep it)


  7. Off topic: I could not prevent myself from laughing out loud LOL when I saw the score of the Toilet Bowl Arizona bombed ASU. 2 examples of horrible human beings coaching at major universities.


  8. We need to win this game to have any chance to get Wade IMO too. I’m not worried about the rankings if we can win today and win the bowl game. If we take care of business we’ll end the season ranked. If we lose either game we won’t. Very simple….


  9. Sad that with all these rivalry games today and we are playing Syracuse. Seriously? Get WVU or PSU played on this day. Rivalry my ass.

    Pitt by 17.


  10. I agree Syracuse is not much right now, but playing a non-conference game to finish the season is idiocy.

    This is the future we are in the ACC, we need new rivals and should have them in a few years.


  11. Pitt needs to take control of the game we ran what 12 plays in the first quarter?

    We scored but really quickly, our defense was on the field a lot.

    Wear them down and take control, our defense has to be a bit gassed.


  12. Defensive backfield is inconsistent. at best. We make one real nice play and then pooooof, the old dbacks show up. On pace for a 56-56 overtime victory. Good grief. I am hoping their qb wears down and makes mistakes with the ball.


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