POV’s Prediction Thread; Syracuse

Damn, we wait seven months over the off-season for Fall Camp to start – then it does and then it and the regular season go by in the blink of an eye.  We are almost at that point tomorrow when at the end of 60 minutes of play against Syracuse at Heinz Field we start the long wait again.  With a break for the bowl game of course.

But we still have that last regular season game to play against a long-time Pitt opponent.  Syracuse, even with its less than good record shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can beat us just like we can beat anyone in the nation.

We’ll see if the SOP (Same Old Pitt) curse has that last nail beaten down to trap it in its coffin tomorrow.  I think it will but any long time Pitt fan will tell you we always tend to win one game we shouldn’t (Clemson!!) and lose one we should have won… that is the outcome that’s missing this season.

Miami and VA Tech were both legitimate teams to have bested the Panthers on those days we played.  Actually so is Syracuse but give that we are major overbitches (as opposed to “underdogs”) then a loss would feel like a SOP moment.  I don’t really feel that SOP is present, I feel it is in hiatus while Narduzzi is HC here, and we’ll pull this one out for our 8th win.

Here are some of the oddsshark.com’s takes: 

First off we are giving 23.5 points as of this writing with the over/under sitting at 69 points.  Pretty heavily tilted in Pitt’s favor there.



From those charts you can see the gold points are prevalent and by a large margin in most cases. 


Here is something I found interesting; as bad as Pitt’s passing defense is – and that is the first factor you have to address I suppose, Syracuse is actually giving up more yards per pass that we do by a score of 14.85 yards per pass to our lower 12.95. 

I didn’t think that was possible. “Cry Havoc” and unleash Nate Peterman’s arm I say. He needs all the TD passes he can get to help me win that bet we have.

The fact that Syracuse is giving up 5.06 ypc against our 5.03 ypc gained doesn’t bode well for the Orangemen either – Conner may have a(nother) career day tomorrow.  That leads the odds makers to this score for tomorrow.:syr scoring.PNG

OK then – those are the basics and other’s predictions – I’ll call this one:

Pitt 45 –  SYR 27

HTP!!! and safe travels…


66 thoughts on “POV’s Prediction Thread; Syracuse

  1. I hate when the oddsmakers make us heavy favorites. I really believe that the opposition USES the dishing as an incentive to play much harder to prove them wrong. Absent early turnovers from Pitt I think we can beat them easily. Pitt 38 Syracuse 20


  2. Every week, I don’t necessarily think SOP as much as it’s just time for the offense to slow down some…..but with their defense being so bad PITT could never stop scoring though. Is that the case this week with Dungy being held out? No. PITT will use more ball control then usual while still scoring points, just not as many. Well not 56 anyways. Conner runs wild and I think we see the jet sweep make a slight comeback. Looking for Ford and Orndorf to have good games. Defense will play as good as last week to get everyone’s hope’s up for the bowl game. Love the idea of a PITT vs WVU matchup in Orlando in the Russell Athletic Bowl. That would be cool…





  3. Aftet Duke, the DBs should have their confidence up about as high as its been all season – hope it stays high throughout the game!

    Pitt goes grocery shopping in the produce section:
    The D pics 2-3 oranges; and partakes in a post Thanksgiving Day sale on 3rd down stops;
    There is a PRICE increase in the Cuse backfield.

    Meanwhile, the OL makes a mess of the Cuse D, and management calls for “Clean up in aisle 4!”

    All the while, JC, QH, NP, and TE SO spend the afternoon consuming Low Hanging Fruit!!
    Good Guys Win, Good Guys Win!!

    BBVA, here we come!!! (We don’t travel well, and we don’t get a break!! Can you say, “Red headed step child?”)


  4. The only place to watch the broadcast that I found is on WatchESPN then choose ACC Network Extra. It is free but I believe you must subscribe to a participating cable or satellite service to access this.


  5. A lot for Pitt to play for, nothing for Syracuse to play for. I see the d continue to play adequate and the o chew up huge yardage. Conner has another 100+ day with a couple more touchdowns and the Heisman chat gets louder.
    Pitt 49
    Arch rival Orange 16


  6. I have my TV set to record tomorrow on ABC Cannel 4 in Pittsburgh. <(ACC network) I’m not sure about this but I think if you have Comcast it may be affiliated? Something like ESPN3. Outside of the city I can’t tell you.


  7. The VT/UVA game is blacked out down here in western Virginia. So, the local (Roanoke) ACC network station is broadcasting our game. Yahoo.



  8. And in a blink of an eye the 2016 season comes to a close and what a season of change we have witnessed..Thank you PITT Panther Nation…you kept believing in each other and truly played as a team ..you never quit.. 2016 Will go down into the annals of PITT football as the pivot point where we broke the barrier and again became relevant soon to become part of the National conversation.
    Game on TV in N Carolina tomorrow … I have seen 11 outta 12 this year attending 3 road games and all the rest on TV…. love being in the ACC…
    I like our D tomorrow and a chance to do something big… O continues to bring it in record fashion and lots of Panthers get a chance to ” soil” their unis… PITT 49 Orangeman 0……
    Let’s go bowling


  9. Pitt wins 51-31

    Conner has a 200 yard 3 TD day. QO returns another for a score and the D gets a pick 6. Orndoff and Ford are on the receiving end of NP TD passes. Blewitt misses one extra point and makes one FG.

    The D bends and breaks, but not enough to lose. Price gets 2 sacks, Soto, Taleni & Blair with one sack each. Brightwell leads the team with 12 tackles – 2 for a loss.

    Our Canadian offense excites a sparse crown of 25k.



  10. Ike had my score so I’ll go with Pitt 45, Cuse 21.

    Emel, I may have to root for Ohio Fake since a loss by them would help the dreaded pedos.


  11. The Orangemen (i know that’s wrong but I like it better) lost a couple more starters last week who aren’t going to play against Pitt. They lost their starting NT and starting Tackle on offense. Also a starting DE and their best LB are banged up and if they play at all, won’t be 100%. Babers can’t play Dungey, in what is essentially a meaningless game for them. Cause if he did get concussed again, the media would be all over Babers for playing him.

    Pitt rolls 42-14


  12. Jack – I think you want to be rooting for both Michigan and Michigan State tomorrow. With either Michigan team winning, pedo state gets bumped from the B1G Joke championship game.

    Can anyone else help confirm that?


  13. For the 12th time this season, I am picking Pitt to win. My record so far is 7-4. I can never pick against my guys, sorry. Pitt will win their game tomorrow and it will be closer than many think. In a long season of tougher than normal opposition, I predict Pitt 38.5 – Syracuse 30.

    We are playing with house money here. Not like in Matt House money. All the prognosticators had Pitt at 7-5 at best. That would be an improvement many believed. 8-4 is now realistic. Let’s go grab it and prosper. Endeavor to persevere.


  14. Heck I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for Ohio Fake to win. In the Rose Bowl Games I always rooted for the Pac 8 or Pac 10/12 teams. Even when they played Th(e)(ug) U in the NC I rooted against them. They are like Pedo State for me.


  15. I saw in the P-G this morning that Lamont Wade rushed for over 1900 yards this season with 26 TDs. His YPC was 15.3. He broke T.Boyd’s school career rushing record as well.

    I’d like to see that young man in a Pitt uniform next season.



  16. From what I’ve been reading that win gets Dave Doeren off of a little warm seat. As he is in his 4th season already. Hasn’t had a winning conference record yet. 3-5 is best.


  17. Seems like yesterday we were bitching about Matt Canada’s offense vs. Nova.
    Cuse 35
    Good guys 28

    I picked the bad guys the two weeks and it worked out well…the gambler’s fallacy.


  18. I’d love to see Pitt score big points and win by a large margin, by I guess I never have good feelings before games. I’m guessing Pitt wins 28-24. H2P — let’s have a good final performance by Conner, I want to see the O-line create some good things push and open some big holes. It could be the last time he plays at Heinz as a Panther.


  19. We may need Wade as a running back next season.

    We will probably lose both Conner and Ollison which leaves Hall and unproven Sibly.

    Given both Macvitte’s inexperience and our transfer QB’s questions we may see another run-heavy offense.


  20. Pitt 42-17. Bring on the Bowl game. Everyone have a great game day tailgating Last one of the year. It went quick. Root hard for Michigan. And Michigan state. H2P


  21. Hall runs the same way as last year…straight ahead. No wiggle or wag at all. Only thing he has going for him is he’s from Nard Dog Youngstown. Sibley is from Ohio too. Ibrahim has another year left I believe, but he hasn’t sniffed getting in on offense this year. I’d leave to if I was Ollie, cause you can see where he sits on the depth chart and I’m sure ohioian nard dog recruit will pass him on Day 1 of Training Camp.


  22. ^ that would be ohioian nard dog recruit Sibley will pass him….^

    Pugh kid from Aliquippa can play RB as well. As can Whitehead. But ND would probably be ok with Hall instead of moving them from defense.


  23. oh yea Moss, forgot about him since he sort of got dealt out of the shuffle since Marshall or UVA. He’s from Ohio too, so he’ll be in good with ND.


  24. Moss is hurt. Ollison would lose a year of eligibility while sitting out a transfer year, so no guarantee he leaves with only 2 years left.

    Pitt 49
    Cuse 16


  25. The Cornholes lived up to their season long overrating. Getting reamed 10-40 by Iowa.

    I think I just ranted about their not belonging in the Top 25 the other day. 🙂


  26. Hard to figure this one. Good reasons for a let up of several kinds. Kids may not want to punish Syracuse or risk injury. HCPN may want to play it conservative to rope a dope the bowl opponent. Syracuse players may have nothing to play for, but also nothing to lose, and Syracuse tends to play us tough.

    Or Pitt may be a different kind of animal. I’ll go with 41, just over our season D1 average, with 2 FG for CB’s going away party (he’s a senior, right?), just 1 for Connor, but one for someone new, and 3 passing TDs for NP. Most teams have scored over their season average on us, so I’m guessing Syracuse gets 24. Pitt 41, Syracuse 24.


  27. Pitt 57
    SU 17

    Big day for jet sweeps again and hope it is good enough weather to make the surface fast for QH and others. I am feeling a few big plays by a variety of guys with JC pounding it on everything close in.
    Expect Syracuse to be blitzed and pressured into losses and turnovers.

    Let’s fly south for a nice bowl if not Pinstripe.

    BTW, WVU hoops goes down while Nix and Manigault get some minutes an Milligan hits some 3’s.

    H2P and Honor Conner and all the seniors!!!


  28. Need help please! Can someone tell an old geezer how to watch the game tomorrow on my home computer. I have Direct TV and always got ESPN3, but no longer. Just get this message [0066:no account returned from UPDA]. If you can help I would be very grateful, don’t want to miss viewing another game. Thanks in advance.


  29. Nice to hear from you ohih8, hope things going better. After 30 years my one OSU friend will always correct me when I say Red and Silver – kind of like a sport.
    Heard PN on radio couple days ago – he said because players couldnt go home for Thanksgiving he found each a local family to dine with – another reason they play hard for him.


  30. FYI u need windows 8 or newer to view WatchESPN on a desktop computer. It works with the os on my tablet so i’ll get to watch the game after all. Yea.


  31. The score 38-24 PITT over the Orange has popped in to my head for tomorrow . .Hope I can keep it together for what may be JC’s last game at Heinz field .


  32. Good guys win 44-10. Open invite to tailgate in Red lot 5A. Garage side of the lot. Look for black pickup with American flag and Central Catholic HS flag. H2P.


  33. Last chance to run up the score and add to Conner and Blewitt’s career records, looking for another 50+ points. Big day for the seniors and Conner. Orndoff playing for the scouts.

    Galambos has played very well in the last two games, look for him, Caprara, and Bradley to shine today. Price can also move up the career sack leader list. Soto playing for the pro scouts. Who would have said that last year? Lewis, Mitchell and Webb should be fired up.

    Lots of seniors trying to get our first 9 win season in many years. Need this one today to make it happen,

    Super article about Taleni in the PG today. Kid really deserves it, as much as anyone he really has saved our season after Jarrett went down.

    Should be easy if Dungy doesn’t play, maybe tough if he does, but our offense should be humming either way.


  34. Killer instinct born against Duke last week. Team found out that it likes getting reps for the underclass men in mop up duty. Panthers smelingl a top 25 ranking if they can dominate another opponent. Conner knows this is his last game at Heinz Field and gives us one more inspirational performance as his going away present for the Panther Faithful. Two teams going in opposite directions, this is another opportunity to demonstrate just how far this Pitt program has come in just it’s second season under Narduzzi. Coach stokes the flames of recent successes. The chance won’t be squandered.

    Pitt – 49
    Syracuse – 24


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