POV’s Know The Enemy: Syracuse

Here are the Game Notes from Pitt for Saturday’s match.

OK – final game of the regular season and one we need to win to set us up for a possible progression in the win column from last year’s eight. Get this one and win a bowl game and we are at nine wins and sitting pretty for the future.

Syracuse is in the Atlantic Division of the ACC and has an overall record of 4-7 with a 2-5 ACC mark. The Orangemen are old Big East conference brothers and we have played them since 1916 – the year Dr. Tom was born.

Here is a small piece out of those game notes above:

SERIES NOTES                                
Pitt and Syracuse have met every year since 1955…Pitt holds a 37-31-3 advantage in the all-time series, which began in 1916…the Panthers have won 10 of the past 11 games against the Orange and 12 of the past 14…Pitt won last year in the Carrier Dome, 23-20, on a 25-yard Chris Blewitt field goal as time expired…

in the last game played at Heinz Field, the Panthers routed the Orange, 30-7, in 2014…Syracuse’s last win in the series was in 2012, a 14-13 decision in the Dome, which snapped a seven-game losing streak to the Panthers..

.the 2012 encounter marked the final Big East game between the two schools…Pitt and Syracuse met 20 times as Big East members from 1993-2012 and the Orange owned an 11-9 edge in those contests…Pitt has won all three ACC meetings (2013-15)…

So – what has SYR done this year that is impressive?  Well for one they beat Virginia Tech who beat us in a nail biter game 39-36.  That SYR win, 31-17 over the Hokies was unexpected and gave them their 3rd win versus 4 losses.


But all -in-all their team has been average at best and pretty bad at worse.  You can see from the chart below that it has been an uphill climb for their team.


The best product they have put out on the field has been their passing offense at 13th nationally. 310.5 ypg would normally scare the crap out of me given that we are still looking for any warm bodies to play DB (yes, I know about last week’s 243 yards given up but that is still a lot).

Fortune most probably favors us here though in that their sterling QB Eric Dungey has been concussed and is listed as “doubtful” for Saturday.  Given that Dungey is a true Sophomore and is the leading light of Syracuse’s dim future it would be rather silly to play him in a meaningless game – the Orange certainly aren’t bowl bound so this is their last game of 2016.

Here is some head-to-head info which leans heavily in Pitt’s favor to my eye.


We may well drop another 56 points onto the SYR defense  – the fact that they already give up 35.2 ppg is bad enough, but add to that the fact that James Conner will be playing his last game at Heinz (almost surely) and the Beast will run wild.

Hey, Syracuse lost to Clemson (remember them?) 52-0, so I’m not saying chisel a “W” in the win column just yet but I’m not worried much at all about the final outcome of this one.

Every team has its diehard believers – here is a SYR fan’s post regarding the team and this game:

Brian Bober ·Atlanta, Georgia

Syracuse desperately needs this game to even have a chance at a bowl game. Even then, with a 5-7 record, it’d depends how good the VT win looks. With what Pitt did to Clemson, doesn’t seem like there’s much of a chance, unless Pitt’s weakness at playing passing teams surfaces.
OK – love the attitude but I suggest that Brian take that Bowl travel money he’s set aside and buy some nice Christmas presents for someone he cares about.
Note: As I said in comments earlier this week will be sparse as far as articles go.  between family stuff, weekly volunteer obligations and T-Day travel to and from NC I’m two-blocked.  I’ll try my best to get up a predictions thread but that might be it until Saturday morning.

Let’s go Panthers and HTP!!

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  1. MajorMajors. Please repost the Ron Cook artiucle. I bet most readers missed it on the old thread. Great article. Ron and PP-G (often not our favorites) deserve credit for this one.



  2. I feel it’s a lot easier for PITT fans to say that it would be dumb for Dungey to play Saturday then for a Cuse fan to say it. Luckily we don’t make these decisions. 🙂

    I feel he’s there only chance at all to win this game for Cuse. and even then

    I feel like I can’t remember the VT game at all. I know PITT could have won but remind me again how close it was and how PITT could have won that game? I’m thinking another first down scenario?

    I feel electricity coming from the real PITT fans for the first time since Wanny won 27 games in three years.

    I feel like I can let “the steve” go. Finially!


  3. The only thing that scares me about this game is Syracuse has one really tall, really good WR. If we can semi-contain him, this game should be like last week.


  4. Here’s a link to the good Ron Cook article about Coach Duzz and James Conner:


    I’m not a Cook fan, but in this article he actually provides some information that is “news” and he doesn’t take his normal shot at Pitt. The article shows more of the virtue of James Conner – the seems-like-he’s-too-good-to-be-true kid from Erie.

    Hail to Pitt.


  5. Back in my earlier days when we lived in upstate NY I kept beating my head against the wall for the decade of the nineties showing up at the Carrier Dome every couple years to see Syracuse beat the hapless Panthers over and over again. Never changed, no Pitt wins ever witnessed at the Dome. So even though most Panther Faithful don’t really see the Orange as one of our rivals, I personally have a whole lot of payback that I’m still trying to collect on, on an annual basis these days.

    Don’t take this team lightly. Syracuse is better than their record suggests and we aren’t good enough to look past anybody. Another good beat down by Pitt will confirm that this team is learning how to step on the throats of a lessor opponent.

    Beat the Orange, beat them like a drum!


  6. Cook’s story is nothing new to Panther fans. James Conner is a inspirational team leader. His team mates love the guy.

    He supplies the team with the MOJO that I’ve termed since fall camp as the “Conner Factor”.

    He’s special, another special Pitt man.


  7. Thanks MM, Have to say I’m not a Cook hater but I don’t love the guy either. He’s not a PITT lover for sure….but… the article is good and all but this piece is not about PITT in any way. This is a human interest story about a player who is very easy to love. Cook does a nice job with it but little PITT football talk. Like I said, I don’t hate the guy like some but I’m having trouble feeling the PITT love in this article…………………………ike/waltspappy



  8. Last week was so unusual but fun. I want PITT to dominate teams and this week is no exception. Keep building the program, dominate early and rotate the kids in to get experience.


  9. “When you look at our losses, they were like this,” he said, making a small gap between his thumb and forefinger. “Those inches we didn’t get, I look back and look at how close we were to winning them all. If we had done this as coaches, then maybe we would have won every one of those games. “

    That is Narduzzi from this article in the Trib about possibly going to a better bowl.


    Sorry – but his insistence over and again on “those inches” when you give up over 1,349 yards and 11 TDs in three losses is a load of crap. Against OK State, NC and Miami opponents averaged 450 and 3.7 TDs passing.

    I truly think Narduzzi has to buck up and explain exactly what the problem was instead of doing this misdirection act each time he talks about our losses. He’s a big boy 2nd year HC now and he should act like it.


  10. Before we get to Sat, we have a BB game tonight vs Yale, don ‘t yawn, they made the tournament last yr. Pitts an 8pt favorite. Yale beat Washington on the road this yr. Game on the ACC network whever that is.


  11. Reed, I’ve been saying that those losses were on the offense (not defense) when they were put into position to get a first down and failed. It’s the old adage that plays/penalties/turnover/etc…don’t matter if you still have a chance to win the game at the end. This is where the games are won and lost. Isn’t this the same thing you are talking about concerning excuses over inches?

    Let’s throw in the UNC illegal formation? That’s not even an inch. It should have been called a penalty and game over as you correctly showed us all. How close was that? You just crack me up with the…. I like Narduzzi BUT!!!

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  12. Does “vacating a win” necessarily mean that the opponent is credited with a win? Somehow I doubt that. Maybe Brian Kelly should instead be asked to give back his salary for those years.



  13. When I read the Cook article it seemed to me Cook was already telling James “goodbye and thanks” for leaving now. Fact is Conner is only a redshirt junior, who says he wouldn’t stay for his senior year? He himself hasn’t!
    Though he will most likely declare for the draft, he my feel he needs this last year to get back to total beast mode and be the favorite for the Heisman.
    James loves it here, let’s not push him out the door like Cook is doing in his article.


  14. Another story: I had a good friend (from work) who was just the greatest guy. We were dealing with the public mostly and “Howard” was the man in charge of the complaint dept. Howard was an ex-Marine and had the coolest temperament of anyone. You know the marines, they train you a certain way and expect you to believe every word of it…..So in comes this tough guy and he’s pissed and wants to talk to Howard. Howard calmly starts the conversation that started to escalate quickly. Howard invites him to the vestibule where it gets really hot. You could still hear them and de everything going on. Soon Howards face was red as a beet with his arms waving like a loon. Screaming and he whole shebang. Afterwards a comrade laugh at Howard and said “I’ve never seen you so upset” Howard flatly stated. “I wasn’t upset” We all had a great laugh and never forgot the day Howard wasn’t “upset”.

    Thought I would pass that story along about now. The devil made me do it…


  15. I saw somewhere on some Bowl Prediction article that someone had Syracuse playing the St. Petersburg (no, not the one in Russia) Bowl.

    Seriously, so they would mean they would have to win against Pitt and get to 5-7. As I believe last year three 5-7 teams got invites to Bowl games. As there are so many meaningless Bowl games, they didn’t even have enough 6-6 teams to fill all the 4th rate Bowl slots.

    ESPN has totally made a laughing stock out of Bowl Games. Let it to them to destroy holiday traditions.


  16. But, and I posted this last week or the week before, can’t see how Syracuse would risk Dungey in
    such a meaningless game for them. Is a 4th rate bowl game invite worth the risk of further head injury to their star sophomore QB.

    We shall see if the insanity of money, greed and tv network power trumps common sense and Dungey’s well being.


  17. PMD, it does not. It simply means the game didn’t occur in the record books. Reggie Bush Scandal (No one in the books is listed as winning it that year), USC’s opponents and etc. just no longer had an extra loss.


  18. I wonder if this latest incident(vacating 21 wins) at Notre Dame, will be the straw that breaks Brian Kelly’s back.

    And there was this:

    “Kelly has been cloaked in a lot of deserved criticism this season. Six players were arrested before the season on various charges ranging from misdemeanor marijuana possession to misdemeanor gun possession. One was kicked off the team. Another was suspended.”

    However he just signed a 6 year contract extension in January and ND just got done paying off Charlie Weis’s contract. Would they eat 5 years on another contract ?

    The local kids however should think twice before going to ND, this isn’t your father’s Notre Dame anymore.


  19. “Fear is a choice. I choose to not fear cancer. I choose to fight it, and I will win.”

    Its such an inspiring quote from a special young man.


  20. If Conner stays next year Pitt should put him in the Heisman discussion. He will hold a ton of ACC records. We only have a limited number of scholarships remaining, so those ND recruits and others better hurry up. Especially if Kelly is shown the door.


  21. Some vacated wins and a 5k fine for ND. What a joke. You want to punish them for real? Make them pay back the bowl money they received those three years.


  22. lol pmd, Yea I guess Kelly had something in his eye when he was winking at the tutor. Student on student cheating my butt. The tutor doesn’t need a college education with the money bag left at his backdoor. Either that or he’ll end up dead in a creek with his lap-top broken to pieces. Like certain DA.

    BTW my little anecdote story above came to mind when I thought of another former military serviceman (a POVer) who may or may not be in denial once in a while. 🙂


  23. Ike, don’t you think its making excuses for losses… it’s like a house is on fire and someone says don’t light that match.

    Good God, our worse in the country pass defense is the sole reason for 3 losses yet people are pointing at not getting a 1st down that lost a game.

    Well Hell, how about we use our great offense and build leads that aren’t slashed by deep passing TDs. Maybe let’s win games where we have a defense that doesn’t give up 35 points.

    You do not have to hate someone to disagree with the way they do business. We have a team that should be 10-1 at this point and fans are just looking at where we are at 7-4 and jumping up and down.

    Funny that I’ve been the guy who some say “settles for mediocrity” … when the truth is I think we could be way better than we are.


  24. Reed thank God you are here to balance out the Narduzzi kool-aid. Just when I was starting to get the warm fuzzies about the program you came in with a well needed jolt of reality. Inches! Bah! We were nearly 2/3 of a mile away from those wins. Nevermind that we were maybe just a couple of inches out of position or a couple of inches away from making a game changing play on the ball. Why would we ever want to be positive about things? Why would we want a coach that is positive? We’re not positive. We’re Pitt Fans. Thank you again for getting too dang positive and setting myself up for a tremendous let-down.


    The Atlanta Panther


  25. Be a fool not to realize that PITT’s defense stinks to high heavens. I just look at the bigger picture, maybe foolishly, but not to think how the games have been played out and I wonder……mmm the big 3 losses all could have been won with a little more offense or an official’s call….. As well as way better pass defense.. I do get that.


  26. add on’s:

    Reed I kid about the “I like Narduzzi but” stuff ……. still think he made you plenty mad about the closed practices..

    Oh, Atlanta, …… great Little Feat track, btw. Don’t know if tempering the excitement around PITT football now is the right time to do it. It’s time to throw a big ole tree trunk or two on the fire…imo


  27. I like many on here thought 8 or 9 wins before the season started looked pretty good. Considering the schedule and it is still pretty good. We still need to 2 more wins to achieve 9 wins. At this point and considering how the team has played the last 2 games, anything less than 9 now would be a disappointment, since we should get 8 wins pretty easily, at least according to the odds makers.

    On the other hand, and I posted this thought the other week, Pitt doesn’t get many opportunities to reach Double Digit wins too often. In fact it’s only happened ONCE in 33 years 😦
    So with that in mind and considering 2 to 3 games were just blown because of not being able to figure out some sort of way to pressure the QB or defend the pass.

    The UNC game was particularly painful as we just needed to make one god d*mn play on a series of unc 4th down plays, we could be looking at double digit wins THIS year.

    And 10 wins gets you to a better bowl, and helps enormously with RECRUITING !


  28. Also gets you in the Top 25, where you get more notoriety, as every major tv network and the hundreds of local tv news sports segments in every city and every town in America, announces your score. Your school’s name is in the consciousness of everyone.

    People look at my Pitt hat down here and I say I graduated from Pitt, they don’t immediately get it, it is not in their day to day consciousness. If they need some help, after seeing their blank stare, I say…you know the University of Pittsburgh…..Pitt. And then they go….oh yea ok…right.

    Pitt football has finished ranked in the Top 25 at the End of Season a Grand total of 4 times in 33 years.

    We need to get into the Top 25, week in and week out, get our scores announced on every national and TV channel in America, week in and week out and get Pitt’s name back in the consciousness of football fans and people in general across America.

    That is what it is going to take, nothing more and nothing less !


  29. I agree emel, Top 25 would be huge. I think if we win 9 games, including a convincing bowl win we can break in this year. Technically we are 30 right now in the AP if you count “others getting votes”

    A beat down of Syracuse to close out the season and well-played game at a neutral site on national TV with big old James Conner mauling some hapless DB’s and well…lets just say at that point it doesn’t matter how much water Reed throws on the fire, the country is going to have to sit up and take some notice.


  30. After last year’s bowl debacle – let alone this week’s game – I ain’t counting nine wins until they are in the bank.

    And is there anything more nonsensical than vacating wins?
    Wanna whack a program, reduce scholies.
    NCAA is a bunch of impotent posers…see PSUcks for proof.


  31. Need to finish strong. Beat Cuse. Lobby for a decent bowl. Incent the fans and alum to make the trip. A 9 win year would exceed all expectations given this schedule. But Pitt needs to find a way to consistently win 10 games a year over a good stretch. Thats gets you into the top 15 and dare I say conversation for BCS. How can Pitt be ranked behind the Hoopies at this point? How can there be such a disparity between Pitt and Pedo State? Panthers are a damn good team this year. That Miami game perplexes me however.


  32. Nothing more insincere Gasman, it’s a joke and Kelly gives the obligatory complaint as if he cares. Me, I mean we? We didn’t do anything illegal to help our student athletes to cut the mustard.

    Kelly deserves a trip up the scissor lift during a hurricane.


  33. Wisconsin with one win over a ranked team – 4 loss LSU – yet they are ranked at #6.

    Pedo State also one win over a ranked team and a 39 point loss to Michigan. Yet they land at #7.

    I’ll be rooting hard for Michigan to blow out the Ohio State Bucknuts, along with MSU to beat the pedos.

    Crush cause!


  34. Actually Erie, LSU is no longer ranked. Wisconsin’s only win over ranked team is over Nebraska — another Big Joke team whose most impressive might be its victory over Wyoming.


  35. Dr Tom
    Timing is everything … from graduation to this year I lived in Upstate NY … I’ve seen the panthers win in the dome and even in old Archbold! My recollection of the series is that one team “owns” the other for a decade or more. From Wikipedia

    “From 1916–56, Pittsburgh led 8–2–2, but Syracuse went 11–5 to tie the series up. Pittsburgh then went on an 11-year winning streak from 1973–83. However, Syracuse went 16–1–1 from 1984–2001 to take the series lead (29–25–3). Pittsburgh has gone 12–2 since to retake the lead.”

    Anyway I agree with you they are not a team that we can take lightly …


  36. I don’t have a big problem with narduzzi’s “this close” talk, because:
    a) it’s mostly true
    b) it’s better than throwing his kids under the bus, which i know is not the only other option, but still…
    c) He is 15-9 in year 2 of a rebuild against a schedule that is moderately more difficult than Big East circa 2008. Pitt’s last coach whose tenure started that well, i was a young child…
    d) Pitt has had some “this close” wins too. PSU and GT come to mind.

    We are what our record says we are. We could be 5-6 just as easily as 9-2.

    The pass defense has been frustrating, and some introspection is in order, but i’m not incredulous that narduzzi is taking that approach with the media.


  37. I guess when we break it all down, the silver lining is pretty dam bright. We worry about how Narduzzi is conducting himself off the field more than on. imo it’s taken him a little less then a year to kind of spoil us all. Guy’s we have waited a long time to be this cocky toward a head coach who has had PITT in every game but one and even that game wasn’t a total bust altogether. Yes he’s a lot weird on how he conducts interviews but in my life that’s not all that terrible of news. Chuck was one dilly when it came to answering questions. Tomlin is no picnic either.

    The one thing I can say with relative certainty is that the PITT football team has been in a forward and upward trending motion all season. The improvement and effort has been consistent and really can drop your jaw sometimes. Stuff we haven’t seen around here in some time. I like it and maybe get to protective of the team. Narduzzi is a dozy for sure but I really think he knows what he’s doing and wants to stick around and be a part of PITT returning to there rightful position in the national spotlight.

    (not even bothering to proof-read) …………………..ike



  38. Guys … I wish once and for all we could quit whining and bitching about how a our HC’s interview… it was unrelenting criticism of Coach Chryst during his tenure … people are people with their unique personalities and use of the “Kings English”…People don’t change.. they are who the are… I often tell people that I don’t need a lot of big words and use some incorrectly cause I am from the Burgh..we are who we .. Duzz is who he is and by imo is getting the job done .. he ain’t gonna change… Coach Chryst is who he is and he changed by going to Wisconsin …seems to be doing fine without our whining and criticsm


  39. What I find most encouraging about this team is the last two games. There are many ways in which the team has improved this season. I look at the contributions from Brightwell, Taleni, and Hamlin and see a lot of talent still untapped and waiting in the wings to contribute next year. The future of Pitt football is looking brighter and brighter from my vantage point. Hail to Pitt.


  40. pitt4ever – I took the same take on Cook, I think he wants him out the door for next year Pedo game. Remember he wrote this fall he doesn’t believe JoePa knew of the sex scandal and would remain of that belief till Joe could answer (HUH?) Head up his butt. The article could have been written anytime. On PN post game interview he referred to having JC back next year which may have been a mistake or slip of the tongue. If scouts tell JC it wont affect his draft position by playing another year he will go, if not he will stay. As of yet JC is not scheduled to be announced with the Seniors Saturday. IMO coming back would improve his position but I’m not disinterested either.
    Are we talking about ND who cannot be undefeated every year because they must recruit academic athletes? Petino had one on one meetings with “academic advisors” for his players. I I think sex education. (sarcasm) ND hit harder than Pedos were for the worst scandal in the history of the American University – sports or not. Ha Ha. (NCAA was not set up for the grand scale of Pedo conduct nor were other laws – how do you legislate against the unthinkable).
    Reed :PN cannot be frank and say he doesn’t have the players yet, i.e. throw them under the bus. He did that once earlier in the year and you slammed him and rightfully so. He is trying to build up his team’s attitude. Do you really think he doesn’t understand how much DBs have sucked – he is not a moron, he knows teams are setting passing records on us. You will get a frank answer from him about this defense in a few years. Oh last week we gave up 268 total yards on defense, not great but not as bad as its been. I have begun to look at Narduzzi’s defense not as a shut down defense we had at Pitt in the 70’s but one that must be looked at in light of today’s air circus offenses. The defense by Narduzzi’s standards has a long way to go but realistically I think he is shooting to shut down the run and “hold” passing to 200 yards and count on the offense to outscore the opponent. This is just my opinion but I am coming to that conclusion, making my brain hurt thinking of this concept..


  41. So many highs and lows in this season. Looking forward to thanking our seniors on Saturday.

    Two weeks ago, we were wondering aloud if the Panthers could scratch out one more win to earn a trip to Detroit.

    Today, Pitt is a 3+ TD favorite over Syracuse, and you can find major sports websites and writers who are:
    * Projecting Pitt to the Russell Athletic Bowl.
    * Pointing out the merits of Pitt earning a spot in the CFP Top 25.
    * Suggesting that Conner is deserving of Heisman consideration.
    * Wondering if Pitt will be able to keep its OC

    Pitt has a ways to go, but I’m confident that the (BBVA) Compass is pointing in the right direction.


  42. I have a hard time believing Pitt gets the Russell Athletic Bowl or the TaxSlayer Bowl, given our history of not traveling as well as other programs. Additionally, the schools ahead of us in the ACC do travel well. Those projecting us to go to either are looking past this; I wonder of the bowl committees will?

    Belk Bowl? – I have a hard time seeing us filling enough seats in that stadium to make it interesting to the folks in Charlotte.

    Should we win Saturday, I think our record, our offensive power and the James Conner story will get us a promotion from the Military Bowl (a venue that I think is great for Pitt BTW) to the Pinstripe Bowl. Pitt can sell the tickets needed for Yankee Stadium, given its location and the unique venue.

    I just hope we don’t draw the Sun Bowl. Too many bad memories and a hard location coupled with date/time for many to make it.


  43. I don’t know if the Russell Athletic bowl would turn down PITT. PITT’s season has been exciting and it is in a destination location even for the PITT fans that don’t travel to games. It’s a vacation ready to happen for the whole family.


  44. Pitt is always unexciting to any bowl based on how few fans make it to any game. We would need to be playing for the national championship for Pitt to be in demand by any bowl.


  45. Gottfried lost me as a coach when he had a stable of running backs Ironhead and others and had Congemi throw the ball all over the lot. Syracuse at that time was very poor in run defense and he lost that game due to being basically a moron. To this day it was such a poor game plan that it was head shaking.


  46. USA Today bowl list projects us as playing Arizona State (Fraud) in the Sun Bowl. Playing Fraud’s team may get lots of Pitt fans there.



  47. ~pmdH2P

    Eric Dungey ~ Doubtful Concussion ~ Dungey has missed the last two games with concussion-like symptoms and is uncertain to play Saturday against Pittsburgh.

    Their back QB is a kid named……Zack Mahoney. Has started their last 2 games since Dungey got concussed. Has played in 7 games. Here’s his line.

    39 completions in 74 attempts for 503 yards. 3 tD’s and 3 interceptions

    Completion % is 52.7% YPA = 6.8 QB rating = 115


  48. In football, you win as a team and lose as a team.

    I do have a negative about the the last 20 Pitt games offensively. Has anyone noticed that after James Conner breaks a big run or otherwise makes a big gain from scrimmage, we go up tempo? Does anyone realize that when we go up tempo after a big James Conner run…..we hand the ball to him and he gains little to NO yards because he is gassed?When you watch the games back, focus on the tendencies. That is one of ours that needs corrected!

    Maybe Canada fed the 24 to set up a big play late in the season. Welp, it’s late.


  49. I didn’t realize he was hurt 3 weeks ago. That’s a long while to be out for a concussion and return for a meaningless game. That would be irresponsible for sure. My son wouldn’t be playing under any circumstance.


  50. Is Lord Barry Alverez part of the CFP selection committee?

    You gotta wonder what biases are being thrown into the mix for self and conference.


  51. ASU isn’t bowl eligible yet at 5-6 with 1 game left against in state rival Arizona. Assuming they win that.
    Playing a 6-6 team would do nothing as far as getting Pitt into the Top 25.

    Wherever we go, hoping we get a ranked team, not a rank one. 🙂


  52. Good point Huff…..and yes I have noticed that. After a long run, he should get a breather on the sideline for a minimum of 1 play. Also almost a given after a long Conner run, is another running play. When you got the other team reeling, I would go for the jugular and hit with a long pass. Before their defense gets their bearings back and their composure.


  53. Agree Huff and yes I was bitching about it after the second time it happened. Although it happened so fast the camera’s didn’t catch it. Throw that concept in the garbage. < say with a French accent


  54. Can no longer listen to the Fan. All the have been talking about is how the Nitters deserve to be in the playoff!!
    Tried to get thru but when you tell them what you have, they ignore.
    1) played 2 gems in top 25, beat one at home on blocked fg, got whacked by 39 by the other.
    2) SOS is 35th. Way below other deserving teams.
    3) never has a team got as much out of one win. We’re unranked when upset OSU, then which big win moved them up 17 spots? Purdue? Iowa? Rutgers? Indiana? BIG might be best conf. but they played no one.
    4) justification is they are getting better, Nooooooo, schedule is just getting weaker.
    These yahoos were going on and on about how they would beat Clemson etc.
    That station needs a major shake up. Pitt flagship station my ass


  55. I don’t watch all these sports shows with ‘Talking Heads’ anymore. So I was wondering, when Pedo State made the big jump from #24 to #12 based on beating Purdue (3-8) and Iowa (5-4, at the time).

    Was there any uproar from any of the pundits and Talking Heads that are all over TV and the national radio shows ????


  56. Another BigJoke joke in the polls this year was Nebraska. Take a look at this schedule. Played 3 ranked teams, lost to 2 of them, one by a score of 3-62 and the one ranked team they beat was a fraud, Oregon was ranked when Nebraska played them but they are a 4-7 team.

    So I would say there has been somewhat of a conspiracy to rank these BigJoke teams thruout the season, especially in the Top 10, as Nebraska was 4 weeks.


  57. Ohio State looked very unfamiliar with the forward pass the night they played the shameless school from central Pa. OSU is even more over-rated than the unforgiveable ped enabling school. rot in hell joe!


  58. So this lineup of stiffs(which represents your wins), gets you in the rankings all year and in the Top 10 for 4 weeks, mid season.

    Fresno State (1-10)
    Wyoming (8-3)
    Oregon (4-7)
    Northwestern (5-6)
    Illinois (3-8)
    Indiana (5-6)
    Purdue (3-8)
    Minnesota (8-3)
    Maryland (5-6)

    So who is your best win, the Wyoming Cowboys or the Minnesota Gophers ?

    And Pitt is not ranked ???? (we have 2 wins over Top 10 teams and one was #2 in the nation)


  59. When you look deeper you see the Cornholes only have 2 victories over winning teams. And juggernauts they are not, Wyoming and Minnesota. Wow, i’m impressed

    So this resurrection the news media and their creepy sportswriters have concocted for both Nebraska and Pedo State and the BigJoke as a whole this year…… is nothing more than Smoke & Mirrors.


  60. So who are the head creepy sportswriters the others take their cues from. As we saw how they worked among so-called news journalists. A couple Top Dogs and the rest are Sheep.


  61. Happy Thanksgiving to all my passionite Pitt POV and Blather

    Like with life, I hope we can all be more thankful of what we have as Pitt Alums and Fans! The arrow is trending up!


  62. Emel @ 2:35pm – I heard several times from commentators in the past 3 weeks on XM 84 radio that pedo state is overrated and that NO team who lost by 39 points should be considered for a playoff spot (top 4).

    One even said this morning “I don’t care how many linebackers you were missing in that game, NO team who loses by 39 points deserves to be considered for the playoffs – regardless of whether you win the conference championship”. I believe that was the ex-bama QB McElroy.

    It was even pointed out this morning that the 1st half score in the Buttgers game was 9-0 and that pedo state should be ashamed of that considering the Scarlet Knights are THE worst P5 team.


  63. 2016 Big Ten Standings

    Michigan 7-1 10-1
    Ohio State 7-1 10-1
    Penn State 7-1 9-2
    Indiana 3-5 5-6
    Maryland 2-6 5-6
    Michigan State 1-7 3-8
    Rutgers 0-8 2-9

    Nebraska 6-2 9-2
    Wisconsin 6-2 9-2
    Minnesota 5-3 8-3
    Iowa 5-3 7-4
    Northwestern 4-4 5-6
    Illinois 2-6 3-8
    Purdue 1-7 3-8

    Interesting how a 1-7 Michigan State team will probably beat pedo state – don’t tell me Pitt HCPN hasn’t phoned in some commentary for the MSU staff to consider. Duzz wants his buddy and former boss M.Dantonio to pound pedo state this Saturday. Good for recruiting for both Pitt & MSU, along with the “clapping” that will occur as a result – lol.


  64. Pulled this from ESPN –

    “The Nittany Lions need to beat Michigan State to preserve their chances of winning the East Division, and running back Saquon Barkley might be a bit banged up this week. If so, McSorley could carry a bigger load for Penn State. The Spartans slowed down J.T. Barrett last week in a near upset, but they were helped greatly by adverse weather conditions. Assuming the weather cooperates in State College, McSorley should be able to take advantage of a still-suspect Michigan State secondary and use both his arm and legs to put up some big stats.”

    aren’t there (2) MSU starters from Pittsburgh in the secondary? Cox and Nicholson – both recruited by Duzz.


  65. Emel, that is what I have been saying about the B1G, they have inflated records with so many conference bums.

    If Pitt would have played Akron or some other rent a win instead of OK State we would be ranked.

    Now that we are in a good conference we don’t need more than one competitive non-conference game.

    We don’t have Purdue and Rutgers in our conference.

    Even the 5 conference win teams in the B1G didn’t beat anyone good.


  66. I give thanks that we are Pitt and not Pedo State.
    I give thanks to Reed and Chas and all those who allow our opinions to be heard.
    I give thanks to the extended Pitt family.
    I give thanks for family, friends, country and God.
    I give thanks for anyone or anything that deserves thanks.


  67. And I give thanks to Kirby Smart and the U. of Georgia. Thank-you!

    By the way, the reason some bowl projections have Pitt going to the Russell Athletics Bowl is that the bowl is also linked to the Big 12. The projection is West Virginia vs. Pitt which they believe would get lots of Pitt and WVCC fans as well as TV audience.


  68. Huff et. al. – noticed the same thing about JC after a long run. Makes no sense. When they did this against Duke, Ollison just happened to be on the field. When Pitt rushed to the line, I figured this was a perfect chance to give Ollison the ball — no, it went to JC for a couple of yards. Puzzling, especially earlier in the year when it was even more obvious that JC was gassed after a decent run…

    And I wonder why we’ve been unable to get the ball to Henderson outside of the jet sweeps? With his quickness, seems like he should be able to get open.

    On the other hand, it is a little loony to be making complaints about this Pitt offense…

    Go Pitt.


  69. Big usually has losing record in bowls. Dont forget Pitt not only beat two top tens we lost to OSU by 1 TD. Ped State is sooooooooooo overrated.
    If we play ASU and FRaud in a bowl I will carry wwb’s bags =, the first to tag The Fraud
    Thanks to all of you for being all of you.
    Just got a robo call from PItt player to come out Saturday to honor seniors and they knew I am a season ticket holder. You might want to think ahead at beginning of year Herman Munsterhead. Selling out to Pedos leave a lot of empty yellow fans.
    Reed Hatfield-McCoy Kohsberger special thanks to you for being our general. Reed is heading to NC for family – Emel I think you are having company for Thanksgiving with the Reed clan.

    Off to a deplorable party.


  70. Major, I agree it’s a little loony to be making complaints about the Pitt offense this year. But I was wondering the same about how little we get the ball to Henderson via the pass. Perhaps his lack of size makes him a difficult target for Peterson most times. However he is such an exciting runner, perhaps some screen pass plays should be in order.


  71. I don’t think the problem with JC’s running after a big in is with JC’s stamina. Invariably there’s no hole for him to run through on that second run. Not sure why but it’s a fact. As for OH getting pass catching opportunities, I offer two comments. First, his skill is open field running which is nation class. I see nothing special about his ability to avoid being tackled let alone break a tackle before he has gained speed. Second, I see him having below average route skills — compares so unfavorably with Switzerland and Renfroe. If I were OH I’d watch those guys tapes over and over again because OH has the physical skill to run their routes. (He may not have their hands, but hey, you can’t have everything.) Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  72. POVers – here’s to a great family day for everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!! Load up on the turkey and goodies – then nap thru the football – until 8:30 when the Stiller’s come on!

    Here’s hoping psux gets creamed (or rather, gravied, to keep in the holiday spirit) by the Sparties. Hope they get a bowl game against a quality (SEC) team. And see them get spanked by 39 – again!


  73. Gc – not sure there were viable P5 D1 candidates of the 22 other than the ND crew, Jeter, Thorpe and Zandier.

    I believe we will be pleasantly surprised on signing day.

    There is still talent yet to commit (and flip). Tennessee has 27 verbals right now…



  74. Savvanah – if your “hope” for the pedos comes true and Pitt wins vs cuse and it’s bowl game, both Pitt and pedo state would have identical 9-4 records.

    Let’s see what our poll position looks like then.



  75. EE there are at least 13 senior kids of the 22 going to P-5 D-1 schools. Possibly 2 others.

    Seriously, I hope we finish strong, but this is a very bad year for Pitt locally.

    Local kids have always played a very important role for Pitt.

    Other than Ford and Houy, the best have got away this year.


  76. gc my brother, with all due respect this fine Thanksgiving morning. You post “Other than Ford and Houy, the best have got away this year”.

    Not so fast my friend. Not yet they haven’t. Narduzzi did pluck Cox and Nicholson from the WPIAL so I worry not about his recruiting. That big Lugg kid was hanging out down at Heinz for the Duke game with other recruits. Who knows how this shakes out but the final letter intent day is not upon us yet?

    Happy Thanksgiving……………………ike/waltspappy



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