POV: Monday Morning QB; Duke

We are ensured a second straight winning season.  That was the biggest takeaway for me when this game ended. Here is how our seven wins have played out… W2-L2-W3-L2-W2.


Not that it wasn’t a fun game to watch – it sure was, but we are becoming happily predictable in our high scoring and the only question remaining for a viewer seems to be what number of points we’ll allow the other team.

Seven offensive points for Duke was an answer to that question and 14 overall sealed the game. It is almost beginning to feel like another day at the office when we play our offensive game plan to perfection.  But surprisingly enough the time of possession was almost equal… that is kind of strange when you put up 56 points.

But then again when you score that many it usually means you have some quick-strike points as we saw with the long passes to Weah and Orndoff… and both of Henderson’s scores. To wit:

Let’s get right into the Positives and Negatives.


* Nate Peterman’s second straight very good day at the office.  The offensive playcalling over last two weeks have been what I expected Canada to do from the beginning of the season.  We all figured we’d have a strong running game , especially when Conner came back and rounded into form.  But even without his being 100% we were getting great yardage on the ground once we got the opener against Villanova under our belt.

That seems like ages ago and I had forgotten this but we only had 86 yards rushing against the Wildcats in that game – on 34 carries.  Of course the next week we ran all over PSU to the tune of 341 yards.  Canada and Narduzzi wanted to get the run game going and they did.

But I hoped we’d see the passing game be partners in the offense and that took some time. Fans tend to forget forget what a nice year Peterman had in 2015 (61.7 %, 2287 yards with 20 TDs and 8 INTs for a 139 rating).  That was a good base for springing into his second season as a starter and I expected he’d do well.

But that is hard to do when it is obvious you and your receivers are 2nd fiddle in the offensive game planning.  It worked out for us then and now the passing game is an important as the run game.https://i2.wp.com/grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/pitt/sports/m-footbl/auto_player/12153206.jpeg

I had bet a beer with you guys in the preseason articles that Peterman would better Tyler Palko’s best TD production year of 2006 when he had 2871 yards, 25 TDs / 9 INTs for a 7.8% TD ratio and a 163 QB rating.

Given the way Peterman has played so far – in the last two games he’s 33/55 for 545 yards and 8 TDs to 1 INT – he may just match up to Palko’s year. At least in the yardage, TDs and INTs columns – getting up to a 163 rating won’t happen (probably).

Against Duke Saturday Peterman had a 21.5 yard average per completion – doesn’t get any better than that folks.  Here is how they stand side by side now with two games left for Peterman to play:


We’ll see, but even with that slow start Peterman is having one of the best QB Rating years a Pitt QB has had.  His 14 wins in 24 games isn’t too shabby either.

* Q. Henderson… again. It is becoming a bit repetitive but he was showcasing his talents again Saturday in both offense and special teams. He had the most all-purpose yards again, this time with 162 that included a 65 yard TD on a punt return and  52 yard run for another TD.

He is currently #1 nationally in KO TDs with three; #2 in all-kick return yards with 967; #4 in KO returns with 773 and #12 nationally with all-purpose yards with 150.9 per game.



* Coaching preparation for this game.  Say what we will about senior leadership or players’ maturity, to get fired up and sustain that for 60 minutes after a game like we had in Death Valley last week is a real coaching achievement.

The kids were ready to practice and play hard, the coaching staff had specific goals for their units (Canada challenged the Offense to score 40 points – which they did in less then 45 minutes).

Let’s give Narduzzi et al. all the credit deserved for having two hugely successful weeks like we did after being shellacked by Miami.  The season may have turned south after that game easily enough – sheer will and detailed preparations made sure that didn’t happen.

Honorable Mention: We didn’t give up our normal average of 343 yards passing… only 243 which still sucks (we averaged 214 last year).  I know I harp on this but the truth is that had we any sort of passing defense at all we may well be 11-0 at this point.  And don’t give me the party line that you have to sacrifice run stopping for stopping the pass – I don’t believe that one bit.


* Crap attendance again.  If we can’t get the fans and casual visitors out to watch Pitt after knocking off the #2 team in the country then we aren’t ever going to fill up Heinz on a regular basis. Here is the bill of sale for the bridge Pitt wants us to buy:

Scoring Summary (Final)
The Automated ScoreBook
Duke vs PITT (11/19/16 at Pittsburgh, PA)

Duke (4-7,1-6) vs. PITT (7-4,4-3)

Date: 11/19/16  • Site: Pittsburgh, PA  • Stadium: Heinz Field  •  Attendance: 35,425

Do not believe that for one second!  The Truth is Out There!

It was embarassing to look out and see so much yellow – but that’s a refrain we Pitt fans say and hear all the time. Like it or not but we have also heard that recruits want to play in front of huge crowds and as much as we don’t want to acknowledge it that plays a factor in recruiting.

AD Scott Barnes better get his fundraising skills well in hand because aside from the ACC shared money we ain’t getting anything from the box office sales.  I’ve been skeptical of actually getting an on-campus stadium and still am.  But when I walked around the stadium pre-game and saw all the construction it is plainly evident PGH doesn’t give any concern at all to tailgating – which should be the life’s blood of football fandom… especially in college football.

I would like to have a sold out some-what smaller venue than a half empty bigger one – but the ACC has other ideas about that I’m sure.

The bottom line is I believe Pitt is, at best, 4th in the minds of not only sports fans but of the politicians and the financial movers and shakers in PGH – they just don’t give a damn about us at all.

* I missed tailgating before the game.  I left Maryland early enough but crap weather slowed me down over the mountains of the turnpike.  I didn’t get parked and out of the car until around 2:30 or so and pretty much had to go straight to the press box.

I wanted to see friends but even after the game I had other obligations in PGH.  I did have dinner with friends at The Porch at Schenley Plaza on campus – just when it started to really snow hard.  I left the table and took my drink outside and stood for a while looking at the Cathedral of Learning and the Pitt campus in the falling snow.  Have to say it took me right back 40 years in a split second.

And yes, that was melted snow on my face when I sat back down to dinner.

* Still no beer in the Press Box.  It’s ridiculous that Heinz Booze Nazis allow idiot 21-year-old students who are already half in the bag to buy beers during the game but adults doing a job in the press box have to lie, cheat and steal their way into the North Clubhouse to get a few drinks.

Get on that E.J. will ya?  Honestly and seriously – I don’t get the reasoning.

BTW – those guys in the beginning of the video below are Jerry DiPaola and Chris Peak.






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  1. Observations from a fan in attendance out in the cold and wind and not in the warm comfy press box:
    Positives 1) NP played very very well. Makes me shudder of thoughts without him next year. 2) The lesser used players got into the mix – Jay Stocker was all over the field , Wirginis continued his improvement even playing with Galambos on a few plays and Q was also all over the field; even Ffrench played D 3) Taleni was again good and the whole line play put pressure on the Duke QB all game – Duke did not play well 4) QH what can you say – best since Jo Jo? 5) The block by Astpn on QH jet sweep TD and Canada for noticing the weakness in game.
    Negatives 1) Empty seats all around 2) with a blowout after a YUUUGE win it would be nitpicking to find much negative so I wont – on two plays the DBs actually turned around!!. 3) weather 4) some guy crying at the Porch 🙂


  2. One negative that you missed was the quality of the playing surface. Players were slipping all over the place.

    With respect to attendance, the weather sure didn’t help. There was a group of about 6 people behind me that are dedicated and make nearly all home games, but they were too cold and left about midway through the 1st quarter.

    Harping back on earlier discussions about how challenging our schedule has been this year, Sagarin currently has us ranked at 28. We are the only team in his ratings ranked lower than 30 to have played 6 top 30 teams, and we are only 1 of 2 teams in the top 50 to have played 6 top 30 teams (Arkansas being the other team). Our schedule is ranked as the 14th toughest, one spot ahead of Alabama.


  3. It is hard to understand why we use weather as an exuse to show support for are boy’s.It is time for real Pitt fan’s to show up I drive 600 plus miles each game to be there if you can not show and support Pitt do not comment we real Pitt fans do not need you.Reed come to section 137 there is always a drink here for you.Hail To Pitt and GOD Always Bless Are Troops cause we are going to need it after jan. Smeper Fi


  4. Taleni has been outstanding the last several games. Hopefully he can carry that through to next year. We really need to win the last game and the bowl game to keep momentum going. While there are a lot of guys leaving from this year’s team, I’m not as worried about replacing talent as I am the leadership and intangibles that some of these guys bring to the table.
    This team is definitely fun to watch – something we haven’t seen in a long time. I too wish we could play UNC and Virginia Tech again. I think we win both. Oh what could have been….


  5. Did you know that for 55 million the administration at Pitt could have gutted Pitt stadium, modernized it with luxury boxes and a dome. Ed Bozik had the engineering study. Google Pitt stadium and read the Wikipedia article.


  6. 2 things for now:

    steve ruined an entire generation of PITT football fans. and yes he stole the only spot for an on campus stadium for a Tai Mahal BB meca that takes up too much room.
    I know the pass defense still sucks but 70 or so of those passing yards were from a screen pass at the line of scrimmage.

    be back later…………..


  7. Who care’s I’ve had season tickets since 1976 where are all you fan’s ? Show up then you can bitch I come from nc every home came not cause I like the south but that is my obligation what is most of your excuse.


  8. Was at the game and it was cold and windy with a touch of snow, but that is Western PA football in late November. As for the empty seats, bad on the local Pitt fans who can’t be bothered to show up. I make the drive from Virginia Beach (combine the trip with a visit to the old man) so anyone within a 200 mile radius has no excuse and forfeits their right to whine about attendance. Maybe Barnes can offer to pay for new seats that are black instead of yellow! Good to run into Reed at the entrance to Bettis’ after the game. Time for a hair cut sailor (coastie)!


  9. If u think attendance was bad last week and VA Tech, wait til you see Syracuse. 25,000 max! And it’s the last time we’ll see our seniors!

    WLAT – that article upsets me greatly. I had written to Pitt suggesting a domed stadium on that spot in 1997. I got a snarky reply.


  10. Was at the game–felt I owed it to this team after theClemdon game and they did not disappoint. However, the team sure must be disappointed with its fans–absolute disgrace to have 35k there. East Lansing had just under 70k for s 3-7 team. At this point I would not blame a single recruit or the Nard-dog himself for looking elsewhere.

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  11. Positives–1) Defense!!! First time all year
    2) James Conner–just an absolute beast and now creeping into heisman talk
    3) Special Teams–Henderson and co continue to shine.
    4) Throwbacks and Duzz’s sweatshirt, looked awesome

    Negatives–1) Pitt fans dressed as yellow seats, totally putrid


  12. Did anyone else watching it on DirecTV have major issues with the reception? Of the 11 channels listed as carrying the game, only one was not blacked out, Channel 654 from south Florida. It was like watching a a scrambled porn movie on cable in the old days. The commercials all were perfect. But, when they switched to the game, the screen locked up and it was like some demon was pushing the forward and reverse buttons for 2-3 minutes. I missed every Pitt score.

    Yes, I know. The answer is to show up for the game. Unfortunately, that was impossible last Saturday.



  13. Reed, I think if you look back to the Marshall game this year, Pitt in the second half tried to give help to CB’s and as a result Marshall almost ran us off the field. So Pitt may still be at a point where it has to sacrifice either the run or pass defense in its weekly game plan. Hopefully that scenario will change sooner rather than later.


  14. Heinz Field is a dump! It has little
    place to shelter during bad weather.
    I attend home games at Pitt and 3 Rivers. The coldest I ever was at 3 Rivers for The Peds 75-76. -5 degrees at times.

    Next coldest… this year at the Heinz Igloo at VA Tech and it was 35 and windy.

    There is a mighty group of about 50M that lives and breathes Pitt Football. After that, no one cares.
    Thus the attendance. As someone on here said, SP tried to make us Temple and almost succeeded!


  15. We can only be temple if we let it be that way how many folks who show up here never show up at the games. It is not hard go to the game if not do not bitch


  16. Now I know the local Pedo centric media wants you to believe that ONLY Pitt is not drawing HUGE crowds.

    WRONG…this is going on everywhere. The Avg attendance in NCAAF is only 45,000 approx.

    Smallest crowd ever at this years UCLA-USC game.


  17. Email no disrespect but we real Pitt fans do not care about anyplace else or any other game it is only about Pitt IPersonally have not watched another football game other than are boy’s since 1981 not worth my time to spend time away from my family when I’m home


  18. I’m not bitching, but then again no one should bitch when Pitt doesn’t get that 4 star and 5 star senior to commit against those programs that pack in 100k per game. It’s hard to compete with that college atmosphere those programs put forward on game day.


  19. Pitt football historically hasn’t drawn that well since the WW2 era. Decades of little attention paid to the football program has denied us generations of fans. Pitt was horrible for large swatches of time, the 1940’s, most of the 1960’s save for 1963. Most of the 1990’s except for one or two .500 seasons.

    So get over it.

    I looked back at even in the late 70’s and early ’80’s, the attendance was generally tied to who the opponent was.


  20. POSITIVE: Duke punted the ball SEVEN times. Can’t remember when we made a team punt 7 times 🙂

    Negative: We have a tough time getting the fans out for a beautiful day in September, so how the hell are we going to pack them in for a cold, windy nasty day in the second half of November?

    What’s up with the scheduling? We should be playing away games at the end of the season…

    Positive: Guys who are playing well and deserve some special mention: Oline; Galambos; Taleni; Henderson (although I’d like to see him catch some passes); Aston; Nate Peterman; James Conner; Wirginis, Price; Orndoff…

    And Ford looks like he might be getting back to form after a tough year – like to see him have a big game against the Orange (where he started his career).

    Negative: Seasons almost over.

    Go Pitt.


  21. Poor attendance is ancient PITT history. I’ve been to game since the 70’s and many times in late November the crowds were tiny. I have club seat again this year and health concerns that linger on. I also have been to Heinz field for Steeler games in the bitter cold with the club seat. There is no where to warm your body for a second.

    If I don’t like Heinz field, why should I be attacked for that. I think it sucks for a lower attending team. PITT’s bench mark for avg. attendance should be around a 54,000 seat stadium at the most. (maybe not even that big) With plenty tailgating.


  22. Pitt needs to do what we use to do in hoops back in the ’80’s. Play the big name opponents at the Civic Arena and everyone else at Fitzgerald. You got basically packed venues at both places.

    So we need an on-campus football venue for about 45K and you play the big games at Ketchup Bottle.


  23. There must be some business elements in Pittsburgh given the new convention center and arena that would be interested in building a multipurpose small domed stadium for concerts, soccer, lacrosse, school events, etc. Maybe next to a light rail site (hopefully someday in Oakland). I try to go to Pitt games early in the schedule otherwise us old guys freeze. The Carrier Dome may be outdated but it works.


  24. I see no reason to believe that Saturday’s attendance shows Pitt can never consistently fill Heinz Field.

    Reed, you are looking the Clemson win it through the eyes of an elated hardcore Pitt fan.

    One upset of #2 isn’t enough to erase the 25 years of mostly suck.

    Attendance won’t be great next year either even if Pitt wins its next two games convincingly and comes out next September as a legit top 20 or better team and plays like it all year.

    If Narduzzi gets 9 or 10 or more regular season wins next year and wins the bowl game as well, you will see attendance pick up big-time in 2018. That’s what happened to Walt’s program in 2003, Pitt’s best year for attendance probably ever. An okay 7-5 in 2001 (okay because they ended the season on a 6 game winning streak that gave Pitt fans a lot of hope), 9-4 in 2002 (which appeared to justify that hope) and then attendance averaged nearly 60,000 per home game in 2003. No doubt helped in large part by a one Larry Fitzgerald but the perceived upward trend of the program had a larger part.

    Make Pitt fans believe it’s worth showing up and they will show up. Narduzzi is doing that but he needs just a little more time and the fans will really start to come flocking back.


  25. Emel… I really like the Minnesota Stadium… thanks for the pic…
    What if 🇨🇦 was our OC last year, knew these boys and could operate with a full play book from the beginning..guarantee we would be in the playoff conversation!!
    I see these boys winning out… this group of senior leadership knows how close they were to being a top tier team and are playing with something to prone to the college football world… they are hungry and want to eat… 2 more games to enjoy.. Gurantee we will be talking about this team and the 2016 football 🏈 team for years to come…


  26. Heinz is what we have unless there is someone willing to come up with one billion plus to buy land and built a half ass playing field get over it and get your ass out to support are boys it is not hard only takes a little of your time


  27. I usually attend 2-2 home games a year at Heinz and 2-3 road games a year … the big difference between Home Vs Away games is the wonderful on campus atmosphere to partake at the away games…I met Associate AD Bob Heller at the Clemson games that I have not been on our campus during a home game since they moved to Heinz.. He asked “Why?” I told him there is only so much time to get to the stadium park watch the game then fight traffic to get out of the city… no time for the casual walk down “memory” lane ’round campus.
    BTW Assoc Hellar is in charge of ” large gifts.”


  28. Pitt was Pre-Season ranked #10 in 2003, that had much to do with the season ticket sales and attendance that year.

    That was the first time in 20 years (1984) that Pitt was Pre-Season ranked in the Top 10.


  29. Why are we in such a rush to leave game and the north side lots to do and see park downtown take the boat come back enjoy the sights I been all over the world on are government Pittsburgh still has the best sights and best looking women plus the food at home is like no other


  30. Emel .. don’t know if you remember that vacant land that sat between PITT Stadium and the VA hospital used by PITT as a practice field prior to the installation of turf.. that was precious space that could have been incorporated into sports facilities but the brain trust of the university thought it would be better used to house fraternities and sororities . Didn’t want the Greeks living on the streets of Oakland in “traditional” housing..

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  31. Miscellaneous comments on attendance. (1) About 10,000 of those empty seats were due to PSU season ticket holders. Hence, $6 seats on Stubhub.

    (2) The weather IS a big factor. If you are a senior citizen, believe me, bad weather games are a non-starter; same with all night games. One reason why we did not renew our season tickets this year: looking at the schedule there was one night game and the good likelihood of two bad weather games; I increased the Panther Club check instead.

    (3) If you are a Pitt student, getting to and from the games is a real pain in the ass, not to mention a real time commitment. No one is thrilled about spending a good chunk of a Saturday riding a school bus.

    (4) Don’t look to see more than a handful of students at the Syracuse game; holiday weekend.


  32. Pete I’m 55 plus still serving are country please do not make excuses for anyone time to buck up and support are boys you can not be like those who claim to be loyal to Pitt and then in the next breath make excuses it is what it is Pitt plays at Heinz show up and support them or just shut the fuck up upitt sucks


  33. Hey, anonymous at 3:53, don’t tell me to shut the fuck up, those weren’t excuses, those were facts. Sure hope you didn’t go to Pitt: your spelling and writing skills wouldn’t pass a third grade English test.


  34. Your right asshole I’m a grunt protecting you but been through enough classes at Pitt plus a daughter who graduated top of her class do not give two shits about spelling never could pass those classes if you took it personal show no problem


  35. A poster posting on an anonymous blog under an anonymous name posted this :

    “Your right asshole I’m a grunt protecting you but been through enough classes at Pitt plus a daughter who graduated top of her class do not give two shits about spelling never could pass those classes if you took it personal show no problem”

    You’re out of line if I read your post right? It really doesn’t make much sense but the gist is there. You don’t know who you’re referring to and understand what goes on in others lives. Sounds like you think you’re some sort of hero protecting us all. I don’t need an asshat like you protecting me. Now you hit a nerve with me.


  36. FWIW

    The faithful here in Athens think there is going to be a Pitt vs UGa matchup in the Tax Slayer bowl.

    Jabba the hut offense versus Oh 🇨🇦

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  37. “I been all over the world on are government Pittsburgh still has the best sights and best looking women”… This statement makes me think that Anonymous lives in his parents basement in Dravosburg. Pittsburgh’s a great town, but no way does it even come close to have the best looking women.


  38. Would love too still have my parents but at my age and them gone all I have is my family and Pitt just can not see why most of you can just show up and cheer for Pitt and the pretty women we have there are still the best to me a wife a daughter two grand daughters four sisters and thirty plus nieces I’m one of ten rocky ass would never put down your family serve your country first before you put down mine


  39. Your right Ike she did but she overcame and is now a sucesful buisness women me I’m just a man protecting your right to me an asshole


  40. Well thank you anonymous. Just don’t forget at the same time you are protecting me, you’re protecting your own right to be an asshat. Which you seem very good at.


  41. Anonymous – chill out a little. This is football. Football is entertainment. It is not life and death. You, of all people, should know this. As such, you don’t need act like a tough guy on here. We are all Pitt fans, just talking (or in my case reading) about football.

    Not all of us can attend games. There are a variety of reasons for that. We are not lesser Pitt fans because we can’t attend in person.

    My comment about the ladies of the ‘Burgh was 1) in jest to try and lighten you up a little; 2) true in my opinion and I’ve traveled quite a bit; 3) not about your daughters, nieces, wife etc. Not sure how you made that stretch.

    Lastly, a person of your age and background (you’ve seen it all so to speak) should not be easily offended. Yet, you are? What gives?


  42. I like to read this blog when we remain positive. I am 70 years old and two major heart surgeries. I was at the game and made it to the third quarter I agree as your older much tougher to attend games but can still support them the best ways we can. I appreciate the game for what it is and H2P


  43. Various thoughts:

    I drove up from Virginia at dark o’clock Saturday AM despite knowing what the weather would be. The temps in Richmond were in the low 70’s while I was gone. I love going to the games, even if the crowd isn’t as good as other programs. I immensely enjoy my section (114) – we have some real characters and just really nice folks.

    UPitt – my plan was to time my drive to pass by the Jumonville Glen area (as I always do) around 1030a with the hopes of introducing myself and paying my respects just before the service. Unfortunately, my daughter at PItt had a medical issue overnight, which required me to take the Turnpike this time to get to Oakland quicker. (She is fine now BTW).

    Dan 72 – you have obviously not been to a dump. Heinz Field is not a dump; its actually a really nice stadium to see a football game. Yes, its a pro stadium and not a college stadium. Its not ideal for a team that cannot fill it. When it is full, its good. Now, if you wanna critique the wisdom of selecting bright yellow seats that show each and every seat that is not filled, Im with you. ANd if you want to complain that the stadium is not within walking distance of dorms, classrooms, etc. – Im OK with too.

    Emel – both of you 😉 – Thank you for providing DATA into the discussion. Your points are spot on.
    Regarding the crowd size…Im less concerned about the crowd size at Heinz than I am about the team continuing to improve under HCPN. We need him to stay long enough to win the Coastal division. It starts there. Playing in and winning big divisional games against the likes of UNC, VT and Miami. Until we do that, the stadium doesn’t really matter. With the kind of kids Pitt is recruiting, that is possible.

    Win big divisional games. Win the division. Play in the ACC Championship game. That’s gonna attract bigger crowds and not before. Saturday was not a surprise.

    Damn though….if we convert on 3rd down once or twice or make a stop on 4th down ONCE in the UNC game – just once – we’d be ranked in the teens and we be in the hunt for the division. And the crowd would have been better.


  44. JoeL – I know a few good folks that live in Dravosburg. And they all have basements. 🙂

    I grew up across the river and a little south of there. If I’m not mistaken Dravosburg used to have the largest sheet metal plant in the country? Or, do I have the wrong town?


  45. Tailgaiting! College football is about tailgaiting. Groups of people getting together to spend the whole day together. I had season tickets for Pitt for over 15 years and gave them up when they moved my parking space to somewhere under the Parkway East. And my group of tailgaiters were all split up over Pittsburgh. We cannot afford to get a spot around the stadium via donation.

    Give me a place where I can park 3 cars together in a nice lot or field , within a mile of the stadium and Pitt would have another 10 season tickets holders. I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same way. I can watch this team play anywhere, including on tv and at away games, but what would make me come to town on Saturdays for the game would be the gathering of friends and family.

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  46. Hey JoeL, I believe if PITT gets a first down at OSU and UNC, the games are over and PITT could be ranked top 15. The VT game I’m thinking could have been won by a few late first downs. Am I right about that? Memory is fading. Who knows how the Miami game goes down then??


  47. Back to football stuff. I just hope that the Pitt administration thinks long term football facilities. Heinz is not the best for the students but we have no alternative for now. One thought though, I know the visiting teams get up for it, it may be the only chance they ever get to play in an NFL stadium rather than a hostile campus stadium.


  48. Rm your right just a little uptight about all the negativity on this sight usually just read and bear it but knowing what is coming sort bummed Pitt fans can not support the great team we have guess seen to much the last couple months fearing for the future no disrespect meant to you sorry never been to dravosburgh


  49. While everyone complains about Heinz Field, I might as well get my 2 cents in. It might not be the ideal facility, but we are stuck with it for probably at least a dozen more years. We are going to have to make the best of it for that time … there are going to be attendance issues, and you’ll have a hard time convincing me that a new stadium, even one on campus, and even if it was an indoor stadium, would solve that. If a recruit wants to play in front of 85,000+ fans, he can go play at one of the programs that offers that (how many of them are there? 12-15 or so?). We aren’t going to out recruit the Alabamas, Ohio States, Michigans. We need to get the kids who want to be at our school, want to work hard to develop, want the opportunity of practicing alongside professional football players, and want to prove the scouting services wrong. We also need a coach who wants that, and I think Narduzzi is the right guy.

    Long term, our AD needs a vision for the future and get us our own facility in about 15 years. It doesn’t need to be big (I’d guess capacity of about 50,000), but it can’t be built on the cheap. It needs to be 1st class. I have dreams of a Cathedral of Athletics, that has a retractable roof modeled after Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Give it some gothic architecture. It could host our football and basketball teams (like how Syracuse uses their dome), and could be used for plenty of other special events (college wrestling showcases, AAU basketball or volleyball tournaments, special hockey games, etc.). But that will be expensive, so you better start planning and fundraising soon (just getting the land atthe right spot will be incredibly expensive).


  50. Ike – I was just trying to get too “what-iffy” so I went for the one game. And you know, we all knew the UNC game had big ramifications.


  51. Anon @ 6:15pm – you are most certainly entitled to your view about the parking situation, but Im still calling BS on you.

    My group tailgates in the Blue 10 parking deck and those not bringing the goods park downtown for $7 and walk across the Clemente Bridge. We still have plenty of fun and there are lots of others around us doing the same. Cornhole, music, etc. And frankly there have been days when we’ve been glad to be undercover. The fee for the parking in the deck doesn’t require a donation (although I make one) and its something like $90/yr. Most years, we also bring other cars in and park side by side, although this year its been a bit different with the North Shore construction.

    Make the best of what we have – you will still have fun – and we can use more fannies in the seats at games.


  52. I don’t think we will ever see an on-campus stadium in Oakland because the land is just too valuable there. What we might see is an off-campus but close enough to the campusto be considered at home field.

    After all if Pitt owns the land it is a campus no matter where it is.

    I talked to Nordenberg about this three years ago and as much as he wanted one, and he did, it’s just not feasible for all the different political, financial and other entities in the city to come together and agree on.

    PITT will never use endowed monies for a stadium either. The “whale donors” don’t think that is a priority at all.


  53. Guys, if someone wants to do an article on either BB or FB for Wednesday let me know and we’ll talk. I’ve travelling Wed – Sat and may not be able to post much.

    I’ll do a “Know the Enemy” piece tomorrow and a small “Prediction Thread” on Friday.

    BTW you guys have made this 1st season of The Pitt POV a real joy to have started and I get up every morning looking forward to writing and then reading your excellent football (and other issues) observations.

    I had someone in the mainstream media tell me on Saturday that the POV was “the best discussion of Pitt football in years” and I have you all to thank for that…


  54. All the way back at the beginning of this thread , JoJo Heath was mentioned . .God bless him, about 20 years ago I saw him come into the office I was working at, offering to sell a NY Jet game ball because he needed money . .his life should serve as a cautionary tale for our beloved young men. RIP, JoJo!


  55. Positives from the Duke game –

    A. James “the beast” Conner breaking two ACC TD records.
    B. QH turning on the after burners, twice.
    C. Duke’s 25 yards rushing.

    Honorable Mention – defensive efforts of Price, Taleni, Wirginis, Brightwell and J.Stocker.

    Negatives –

    A. NP’s pick 6.
    B. Attendance, ikr.
    C. QO’s lack of touches when JC was hurt in the 1st half.

    Honorable Mention – no Pat Signal.


  56. One last thing I forgot. All levels of teaching is changing. Libraries, classrooms, study halls, buildings, etc. will become obsolete if they are not already at some schools. Virtual settings and on line teaching are here. My grandkids are seeing it. From what I see on TV, Larry Fitzgerald completed his degree from the University of Phoenix.


  57. I’ve been preaching retractable domed and multi purpose (more than 1 sport and academic/business functions) OCS for years. Tailgate at the bars on Pitt campus and outside lots. Smaller stadium around 45k will suit Pitt just fine being more intimate, fun and full of character. Big match-ups can be played at the new Steeler stadium in Washington County.


  58. Hey Reed, How long did it take you to get from downtown to Phipps. That’s pretty much the problem,not the space. Even worse in other direction, and I will tell you taxpayers of Alleg co and state won’t put bucks into infrastructure improvements.


  59. To move away from the attendance love fest, anyone think we might try to snag Max Browne as a grad student transfer from USC? He could hold down the fort–ie get us the ACC Costal– while we get one of our RS kids ready to go for the title in 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

  60. The Max Browne post was mine (LA Panther). Not sure why it went out as Anonymous, so any grief goes toward me, not our buddy in the uni….


  61. Just to change the subject….Pitt is a 24.5 point fave over Syracuse!! Let me say that again…24.5 point fave! Are we that good?

    Big B ..I posted a while back that I have not been to Oakland in 14 years yet come back for 3-4 games a year. A 578 mile round trip by the way. I was excoriated by several for not being able to find Bigalow Blvd!


  62. A packed 45,000 OCS that maxes out at 45,000 doesn’t solve an attendance issue. It just eliminates extra revenue when you could sell 65,000 tickets for games like FSU, PSU, WVU, ND, etc.

    Why can’t we sell out Heinz Field for every game? Excuses are easy to come by to rationalize for last Saturday’s poor attendance, some are valid. But one thing is for sure, this current Pitt football team isn’t an excuse in itself.

    This team is exciting to watch, scores tons of points, has a good coaching staff and plays for 60 minutes every game.

    Quit your complaining about attendance, it is a waste of time. Put that same energy into talking up your team and getting people interested in sharing one ofthe most affordable sports attractions in the city of Pittsburgh instead.

    This team deserves all the fan support it has and with the quality of Pitt’s football program under Narduzzi, it is only going to get better.

    Spread the word. Hail to Pitt!


  63. Pitt will be at Heinz for another 12-15 years until the Steelers move to Washington County. At that point looking to build a new stadium at the Southside Practice area or near it would be ideal. Close enough to on campus – would also need to get a light rail line funded for the Southside to tie in to the T from Station Square to Oakland… But taxpayers will not give up the $$$ guaranteed.

    Some group needs to start NOW to promote, plan and fund raise privately for that future – don’t depend on the administration or local government. As an example I went to UNC as an undergrad (don’t hate me – my wife is the Pitt grad and I have been living in the ‘Burgh supporting Pitt sports financially since the turn of the century) and The Dean Dome was built largely by donations – a group of alum got together and started the fundraising drive independent of the administration almost a decade earlier. Did not rely on public funds at all.

    I am certain we could do that here too perhaps with just a little extra support (Mark Cuban are you reading this?) – We The Pitt Fans in Pittsburgh have the grit, determination and tenacity to do it if some Pitt alum who is charismatic with good organizational skills would just step up. Stop bitching, let’s get out our lunchboxes and go to work. (Play ‘Flashdance’ theme here)

    Also want to give a shout out to the Post Gazette for their ‘great’ coverage of Pitt Football…one (1)article on Sunday after the amazing Clemson upset last week … but they made up for it this week by posting an article and a positive column – 2 whole pieces!!! – on Sunday. Of coarse this compares with the dozen or so articles posted after the Steelers beat cellar dweller Cleveland.

    No wonder Pitt has little fan support here – it’s Hometown papers ignore it, no news coverage AT ALL – so folks don’t get informed. Even Root sports doesn’t take us seriously – its always a crap shoot when (and if) the replay gets shown.

    Finally I went to the game Saturday – wife was sick, (as both of us were for VT otherwise we would have been there – have made every Thursday Game for the last 12 years) – there are reasons not to go; we are NOT bad fans and I hate it when folks say we are (We are Gold Panther Club members for many years – season ticket holders in all 3 sports – hell we actually attend 90% of Women’s BB games because we enjoy it and want to support the Ladies too) so SCREW YOU to anyone who says we are.

    We are older and do the best we can; as does the young family who sits next to us and has 2 very young kids they bring to the games – they miss some because of child care and sickness but make the most they can – they are great fans too (left during 2cd Q due to the cold on Sat – kids were freezing).

    We will be there this Saturday cheering to beat ‘Cuse (God willing); we expect only 25,000 or so attending with only a few hundred Students as most Turkey Day home games have been for the last decade – and we will cheer and enjoy the game and not worry about the empty seats – it is what it is we will make the best of it.



  64. Sean – 12:30pm on Pitt Stadium at Heinz Field. Plenty of seats available.

    LA Panther – I’d like to know more about your Max Browne from USC theory.

    Crush the orange! Remember, VT was favored over this same cuse team by 24 and their HC Dino Babers used that spread as motivation to pull of the upset. Let’s make a statement on Saturday and beat the pulp out of the Orange.



  65. It’s ashame that Almono site in Hazelwood is getting developed now … if it had been another decade or so, Pitt might have been able to scoop it up for a stadium and other athletic facilities, student housing, biotech/robotic/computer research facilities, etc. all in relatively close proximity to Oakland. Didn’t WVU essentially open a second campus area in Morgantown where they built their basketball arena?


  66. Dan72. Hah. It is harder to miss Bigelow Blvd than it is to find it. That street goes forever.

    Reed. There will always be a need to discuss football after the season is over. But, do you foresee this site also covering basketball. I know that is not your thing.

    Remind who it was on Pitt Blather that was arguing for the stadium to be built in Panther Hollow?



  67. As to bitching about the attendance I have had season tickets for 25 years and am there every week. It sucked, was embarrassing. I must say it was colder following a 70 degree day the day before.
    The answer Reed as to why no booze in the press box – newspaper editors and TV producers want a non-alcohol induced product I’m guessing.


  68. Emel, the first thing I noticed before the empty seats was the mid-field and end zone logos. Haha
    I have decided to embrace the negative as a positive 1) We have the smallest mid-field logo in college football 2) we are Pitt but our one endzone says PITTSBURGH – a salute to Cornhole 3) the other end zone like the great throwback unis is diagonal stripes, a throwback to the 1950’s. HOORAY FOR OUR COMPLETE PACKAGE!!!!


  69. Newbk, isn’t there land available down at the Hazelwood site since Kennametal pulled out of that deal?

    PITT does need to start planning for some type of college football stadium. It seems everything is getting place to put PITT back on the map besides….


  70. ike: I read in the paper a while back that some wealthy guy donated some land to the City down there I believe. If that is the case it will have bike lanes and trails, bike park, environmental run-off ponds, safe spaces etc. For out-of-towners Pittsburgh has shut off traffic lanes for bikes only lanes- ran a study last year but cancelled it when it was discovering only 4 bikers per hour were using the former traffic lanes while traffic is snarled. 🙂
    When weather is crummy and the games are on TV I think most casual Pitt fans stay home which probably explains Emels observations about NCAA football being down in general.
    An article in todays PG on whether Canada will be staying – I haven’t read yet.


  71. As soon as the Panthers assume that they can mail in their performance for another win is the same day that they get beat again.

    I don’t think that will occur though because Pat Narduzzi is the kind of leader that promotes 100% effort 100% of the time. This team is discovering what needs to be accomplished to pencil in victories in the win column. Plenty of “swings and misses” to remind them of the results that can be anticipated when you fail in that regard. We are what are. That 7-4 record says we are an “Also Ran” program that is just striving to develop an favorable identity of an “up and comer” capable of competing with the big boys in the FBS.

    This team is close. This team currently is actually filled with a roster full of over achievers IMO, based on the talent level of the players who are in there obtaining those results. People in the know, already realize what Narduzzi & Co. are building here at Pitt. The big issue is that this team has not yet become common knowledge with the public masses. Therefore this results in that lack of respect from the pollsters in the rankings and the snub from so many of the media outlets.

    Well that is about to change. Narduzzi has used this lack of respect as motivation for his troops. This has resulted in beating teams like PSU & Clemson. That feeling of accomplishment instills self confidence. Self confidence enhances one’s performance IF it is backed up with proper preparation and adequate coaching. These are the ingredients for success and Pitt has that recipe in hand right now.

    The only thing that is missing right now is the “talent level”. If we had four experienced shutdown CBs on this team for this season, THIS TEAM could easily be 9-1 and be vying for the ACC Championship and in the talk about the Playoff THIS SEASON. That is how close THIS TEAM is to getting everything right.

    Recruiting results are going to be the reasons why this team continues to succeed or not. Right now that discussion is up in the air on whether Narduzzi can reel in the elite talent required to propel Pitt into that rarified air of a top 10 program or not.

    Myself, I dream that he can, but at the same time I worry that he won’t. Why, because he may lose coaches to a better offer, or Narduzzi himself my be lured away if the success at Pitt continues. He may not get the unlimited financial support that is required to get the job done, and perhaps the recruits we need just decide that options like Ohio State, PSU & ND are more attractive than playing in a Panthers uniform.

    What can be done by the average fan to enhance the potential for success then? That formula is pretty straight forward. Support the program, contribute to the athletic department, purchase tickets & show up for the games.

    Many urban colleges struggle with the same issues that Pitt does with their fan base when competing with other sports options available in the big city.
    The Panthers are behind the Pirates, Penguins & Steelers when competing for fans. That’s a steep hill to climb right off the bat. But we’ve all seen what is possible when all things go right for the Panthers. This season’s game on September 10th at Heinz Field was just as an exciting venue as any other major college stadium on that day! Will Pitt ever be the cult that PSU is, no we won’t and we shouldn’t even strive to be. We are who we are, an urban school that has a great football history from days long gone from a grimy dirty mill town whose immigrant population of mill workers aspired to improve their lot in life by getting a higher education using football as the vehicle to do so. Those days are gone.

    But this University, right now, with this administration, with this coaching staff, are at the threshold of the next era in Pitt football. It is the Narduzzi Era. Will it be a quickie performance like Majors provided us old timers back I n our youth or will it progress into a long term dynasty like coaches at LSU, OSU or Alabama have produced as of late? Some may argue that Pitt can never pull that feat off in these current times, that’s BS of course. With the proper focus, commitment and vision, this program could be elite again.

    Don’t bother demonstrating your own more pessimistic opinion to me by listing all of the reasons why this can’t possibly transpire, I’m well aware of the hurdles that need to be overcomes. All that I’m expressing is that it’s possible, very possible IF this University’s current administration places that goal as a primary focus to aspire to.

    Still doubt that, OK, then you tell me what chance you thought Pitt had back in August of having a 7-4 record here in November with victories over both PSU & Clemson? Yep, that’s what I thought.

    Hail to Pitt!


  72. Joeknew – you are correct about that. With the crumbling infrastructure in the rust-belt cities there is always some sort of delays somewhere. Now that might not apply in 20 years from now… or it could be worse.

    I just do not think that an Oakland stadium is ever going to happen. Guys – we are jazzed about Pitt football now but it really isn’t a big deal for Pittsburgh or its citizens to do this at any point. The sad truth about Pitt football is that it is really the redheaded stepchild in the big picture of not only PGH sports but where the city wants to go in the future.

    It has a small following and that has shown not only in attendance but in athletic dept donations. No one person is going to use his billions of dollars to drop a stadium into the city – it worked in Eugene, OR and in Stillwater, OK because that is about the biggest thing that happens in those towns.

    They don’t have the professional sports or the cultural arts that PGH does – that is where the citizens money goes and that is where the donation money goes from the families that have the truly big dollars in PGH.

    Everyone is happy with the relationship Pitt has with both the Steelers in the shared practice facility and with Heinz Field… except for that 20-30K dedicated fans of Pitt football and, as hard as it is to say, we don’t amount to a hill of beans on the importance front.

    And I personally think that won’t change even if we win championships under Narduzzi or any one else – we just don’t make much of a blip on the big picture radar for the city and its future.

    BTW – that wasn’t me who wanted a Panther Hollow stadium. I’ve never though that would happen as the PGH gov’t would have to condemn those homes by eminent domain and use public spaces for it to happen. PGH will never give up one inch of public or parkland space for a stadium – that is one of the biggest assets and draws the city has going for it.

    The parks system, Oakland itself, along with the Downtown Cultural District, are the jewels in PGH’s crown and will remain that way.

    We should have jumped on the Hazelwood LTV site..

    Click to access hazelwood_ltv_sites.pdf


    Liked by 1 person

  73. Dr Tom – I am rising to your constant and amazing level of confidence. Always enjoy your posts even when I am too cynical to go along. 🙂 We are one late touchdown away from having defeated three top ten teams.


  74. Read the Trib this morning where Narduzzi cites a strong friendship with Canada.

    Had to laugh when he mentions Chaney and “getting snowed” I don’t know about that. They sure didn’t look like friends on the sidelines last year.


  75. I am with you Dr Tom. I think that the Duzz, having grown up in Youngstown, knows why Pittsburgh is a special place—and will stay here, as long as he has support from Barnes and Gallagher. And, of course, from people who will give money to the school for both academic and athletic programs.

    So, is Syracuse now slotted as our “rival” game by the ACC? If so, let’s hope that Notre Dame really joins the ACC someday and we can focus on them at season end. In the meantime, let’s imagine Jim Boeheim’s face on the jersey of every player.



  76. To “Anonomous” and others:
    The University of Pittsburgh is not some local community college. It has fans all over the world, many, like myself live over 1000 miles away. That is a tribute to the school. Those of us who are avid Pitt fans love the POV to stay in the loop with our team.
    To be bashing fans around the world sounds like something WVCC graduates would do.
    As a Pitt graduate try representing your school with a little class, please.


  77. Reed, one thing I have noticed which out of towners may not see is the gradual increase in people wearing Pitt gear around town. Even noticed it in church Sunday!! It’s not just kids but adults of all ages. It is a slow process, but I think the first thing is that someone with clout must address the snarky media, if it takes some financial pressure so be it! You don’t want Kool Aid but left handed snarky comments, or worse, no real mention is wrong, especially on the flagship station. They may say no one calls on that topic but you need to put it out there on a regular basis.
    Also, does anyone know, is there history with employees of the Fan? I ask because it is not just the on air guys but program managers who seem to have an issue. And they aren’t all Nitters.


  78. I find it amazing that anyone thinks we will ever have an OCS.

    Also that the Steelers will ever move to Washington County.

    We are lucky that Pitt has got into the ACC and will hopefully spend enough money

    to keep us competitive in Football and Basketball.

    The fact is that right now our deal with Heinz Field is a financial winner and that is pretty much all that matters to the powers that be at the University and to the City.

    No one is clamoring for an OCS, except a relatively small group of diehards on these blogs.

    We are lucky to have Pitt Football be a topic of conversation around the water coolers (ancient reference) of the corporate offices. No one at the University or at City Hall has an OCS on any agenda.

    Most people that even remember Pitt Stadium will be gone in twenty years.


  79. Reed, you are way off base on how this town reacts to a winner. There are tons of Yinzers out there that would identify with the hometown school if it was a consistent winner, just the nature of the beast. That won’t produce sellouts on a blustery November day against a losing program like Duke but it will produce enough interest in both the Pitt Alumni base & the causal Pittsburgh sports fan to make attendance at games respectable all season long.

    Like I just posted, Pitt will always be Pitt. But there is nothing wrong with that. Why many tend to magnify the negatives while discounting the positives with Pitt football is an illness that is not terminal. You can be cured.

    Just keep winning Panthers and good things will continue to occur for the program, whether others want to fully recognize it or not.

    Myself, I’m just loving this season. Conner’s story is a fairy tail, now with ACC records in hand too. The early season win against PSU shut those assholes up about Pitt for this year plus I love the satisfaction of knowing that our win against them is keeping them out of the Playoff discussion. Then you have the emergence of the next generation of Pitt stars. Weah proving me wrong by becoming Pitt’s go to WR, Ordoff making it easy to forget the contributions that JP Holtz made over the last four years. A guy named Aston who surplanted Parrish at fullback, & Parrish himself is no slouch. Aston’s exploits though come from a kid who started off as walk on student athlete though, less we forget. And while we’re forgetting, who remembers the excitement that Tyler Boyd created when he touched the ball on kick returns now that we have Q Henderson making a national name for himself as our premier return specialist. Last but not least, KUDOS to the DL this season. Hendrix out for the season in the first game, Jerrett out for the biggest game of the year. Watts down with an injury in that very game too. No depth and only unprovened scrubs to plug into that line. Hail to guys like Taleni, Herndon, Guy, Edwards & Blair all of who have accepted Narduzzi’s coaching to be a top unit in stopping the run. And stopping the run TWICE in that Clemson game was a thing of beauty!!!!!

    So I’m happy, yes I am. It’s good to be a Panther fan again. These guys are thirsty for more! Good, come Saturday drink some Orange Crush!

    Hail to Pitt!

    Liked by 1 person

  80. Pittman4ever is spot on about the wide reaching geographic web that the Pitt Alumni create. We are everywhere. I’ve been involved in a couple fan clubs, one in Hilton Head Island, one in my own Savannah community.

    Since we moved to Savannah, I’ve experienced away games at Duke, UNC, GT & Clemson. The Pitt fans that I’ve met over these last couple of years may be transplanted but still “Hail Pitt” as very proud Panther fans. The Clemson game was simply unbelievable on the unity that the three separate Pitt fan sections demonstrated during that game! All three sections were heard loud and clear in Death Valley. It was an experience I will never forget.

    I don’t know what others expectations are when they decide to attend a college football game in person, but I know what I expect and my expectations have been realized in great wins at GT last season and at Clemson this year. Even with our two heartbreaking loses to the Tarheels at Chapel Hill, both games were super exciting even in defeat. Pitt football is fun again! What more do you frickin want? Folks around town are stopping to talk to me after the Pitt win against the Tigers when they notice my Pitt gear that I often wear. Pitt is generating a buzz and I think that buzz is only going to get louder!

    Let’s Go Pitt! Our most important game of the season (our next one) occurs on Saturday!!!! Slam Syracuse!


  81. Rare article from Ron Cook where he actually provides some info we’d didn’t know and he doesn’t take a shot at Pitt. Maybe things are changing for the Panther’s program.


    Good posts Dr. Tom… I happen to think that last year’s recruiting class was the best we’ve had since the glory days. Now we lost one or two really good players due to medical conditions, but if Coach Duzz can bunch 3 or 4 classes of that quality together, we are going to be a force in the ACC.

    Hail to Pitt.


  82. Yes…Heinz can be tough to get to. It is really enjoyable though to walk to Heinz from downtown on a beautiful fall day. Let’s focus on making Heinz a better experience now. Perhaps have all sit in the lower bowl for games vs. Duke, Cuse, and similar teams and open the upper sections for games vs. FSU, ND and PSU? Also, schedule WVU again. Thought the pictures of less than sell outs at WVU, TCU, Minnesota, Illinois …were interesting…only 10-15 teams sell out in the 80-100 K range for most games. Do like the idea of a smaller domed/retractable roof facility on campus and play bigger games at Heinz. Hey, somebody stepped up to build the Pete…Must be somebody out there to step up for an on campus facility.
    H2P always!!! Beat the Bulldogs tonight!


  83. Joe L – Thank You!!!

    RockyMtnhigh – Yes when the best looking women in Pitt convo comes this cat is definitley not been around.

    Anyonomous – I read 10 or so of your posts. You call me out and I have no clue who you are. Have some class. Thanks for your service. You are old enough and if you truly served you would have more class.


  84. Upitt – I make the 30 mile trip up to Boulder from time to time to see a game or hangout with friends (went to grad school at CU). Some good looking ladies in that town for sure. The Buffs are having a good year (finally). They may end up playing PS in the Rose Bowl. Wouldn’t that be something if both of my schools beat PS in the same year!


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