It’s Saturday morning and I’m getting ready for the drive up to Heinz.  We are favored by seven or eight points this afternoon depending on who you are giving your money to. I think we’ll be under that but not by much.  I predicted a 41-35 Pitt win.

I just received an email from our friend Bernie (BigB) who was the guy I quoted back in July when he told me he had some Outer Banks’ bar face time with our OC and who shared with us that Matt Canada was 100% firm in his belief that ‘We’ll score a ton of points this season‘ . Hey, that happened!!

Our body surfing DC was being carried out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a riptide as that shore-side conversation was happening because the exact opposite has transpired under Conklin’s watch.

Bernie and I think alike – if we had even an average pass defense as we did last season we may well be 10-0 at this point.

The season, so far, has played out pretty much like we all figured – with a surprise here and there.  Most thought we’d beat Penn State and we have, nobody but a handful thought we’d beat Clemson and most fans had us at seven or eight wins on the season.

Win today and we’ll be at that seven win mark.  But it might be easier said than done.

Quite honestly with a porous defense like ours with the amount of yardage we give up and the rather unbelievable 35.1 points per game we allow no wins are etched in stone this season.

I believe that it is vitally important for a new HC to show coaching improvement from year one to year two and Narduzzi has done that on some fronts.  Getting to eight or even nine wins on the season will be a huge step in that direction.

So let’s start with beating Duke this afternoon.


Notes:  I’ll be the tall guy with a mustache and a blue Coast Guard ball-cap on wandering around the parking lots before the game – I’ll get to PGH about 1:30 or so… I  also have a tattooed beard.  Here is my recent arrest photo from last month.


353 thoughts on “POV Gameday Thread: Duke

  1. Yes, the announcers were poor. Buy the one seemed to have legit football knowledge. He claimed we were in a different D this game then what we normally do. The term he used was a “cover 2”, which IF he is correct, worked extremely well. Would like more info on this.


  2. Matt Canada 🇨🇦 has made this season something special.. his offense has become unstoppable since he has opened the full playbook… only that can stop this blitzkreig is mental mistakes and turnovers
    An the D is coming around.. the more 2nd teasers start the better they play… and Galambos has been bringing IT!!!


  3. Unfortunately, I was watching the game on ESPN3, but had to leave in mid-3rdQ and missed the rest of the game with no way to record the remainder of the game.

    Does anyone know how the replays work? Will ESPN show a replay sometime this weekend or is there another Internet source that would have the game available?


  4. i don’t think they will, no losses by teams 20-25 this week except no. 22 washington state

    if they beat cuse maybe they’ll get in at 24 or 25 depending on who loses next week

    if they beat cuse and win their bowl game they should be ranked in the final polls


  5. I know it will never happen but if you need a role model and a solid football player who just set two ACC records, Conner should be in Heisman discussion.


  6. I understand Pitt has 4 losses and 3 were close games but we have defeated two top ten teams and powerhouses Troy (8-2) and SDSU (9-2) are top 25 as is LSU 6-4 is ranked 16. Fd up.


  7. Pitt move one spot on the AP poll to 31st and stayed the same on the Coaches poll at 32nd.

    Meanwhile, the pedos who beat buttgers, the worst P5 team in college FB moved up one spot to 8th.

    Go figure!


  8. Penn State the is better than us, just ask them.

    Although that was a lot easier for them to substantiate back when we didn’t actually play one another.


  9. gc – I wasn’t looking to be ranked yet – just thought we should get a better bump upwards, and not the same movement as the pedos got for beating THE worst P5 team.

    Just sayin…


  10. PSU is 9-1 and the B1G has three in the top 5.

    Pitt and the ACC get little respect.

    Still happy that we appear to be getting stronger and no doubt the Clemson game saved the season.

    Some are talking about us vs WV in a bowl. Would be a cool Pinstripe game.


  11. PSU is 9-2 and hopefully facing a loss to MSU next weekend.

    If Pitt wins out and finishes 9-4 and the pedos lose out to finish 9-4, who gets the higher ranking?

    gc – would love to see Pitt place wvcc in a bowl game. I believe Pitt fans would travel for that one.


  12. The way Pitt is playing at this time even with significant injuries, I think if any top ranked team were asked which teams they least wanted to face, Pitt would be HIGH on their list….much higher than 31st. That is, of course, any top team other than Clemson and PSU for obvious reasons….although not really sure PSU wants us again this year.


  13. BigB – possibility is low. Currently six ACC teams ahead of Pitt with WF and GT right even with Pitt. We are usually low on the southern run ACC administrators minds when it comes to good bowl games.

    Sorry to be such a downer – but it does ring true. We got to win more games – simple as that…


  14. Had a chance to congratulate George Aston at the post game tailgate. Quality family and seems like he’s grounded. He was smiling like the butchers dog. Let the good times continue to roll.


  15. Root seems to have a habit of scheduling the replay of the Pitt game and then yanking it. Based on what I read on here. The did the same thing last week according to posters, not showing the Clemson replay on Sunday Nite.

    Who owns that network, Pedo or Hillbilly grads/supporters ?


  16. Eric Dungey Questionable Concussion Dungey has missed the last two games with concussion-like symptoms and is uncertain to play November 26th against Pittsburgh.

    With the Orangemen at only 4 wins, I doubt they risk Dungy in a meaningless game for them. Cause if he got knocked out again, the NYC media would be all over them.


  17. Gotta love this:

    Brian O’Neill said Canada challenged the offense to score at least 40 points against Duke, which had not allowed that many all season. Pitt reached 42 only four minutes into the second half.

    So, what did Canada say after he was reminded that the offense had met his challenge?

    “Just congratulations,” said O’Neill, who didn’t expect a pat on the back. “We have to focus on next week. We can’t take the foot off the gas.”


  18. And this:

    Pitt became the highest-scoring team in school history in its 56-14 victory against Duke on Saturday, reaching 432 points in 11 games and breaking the previous standard of 428 held by the 1977 team, which played 12.

    That team had All-Americans at quarterback (Matt Cavanaugh) and center (Tom Brzoza), plus two more on defense (tackle Randy Holloway and defensive back Bob Jury).


  19. Working some of the sites on college football coach movement. Strong will be out at Texas. He will get rehab work with a top10 blue blood program for a year or two and be back as a headliner. They say Hermann will take his place. No effect on Pitt. Also, Sumlin at A&M is on the hot seat again. They had a lot of off field problems this last year. So the question would be who goes there. LSU also is looking as we all know. If they don’t keep Orgerin, the rumor is Jimbo Fisher. I think Fedora would be a fit at LSU or A&M. Also, Holgaredbull could make the move to LSU or FSU. If that happens, I can see PJFleck going to WVHigh.

    Just saw an updated bowl projection that puts the Dairy College against Western Michigan. How does that happen? I mean, i know how it happens, but candidly, i looked at their appearance similarly to how we were in the bowl game against Utah and put Urban on the map! Puts Pitt against NW in the pinstripper bowl. It was a cut and pasty.

    If you wanna gross out, look at Minnesota’s record of 8-3 and who they beat. Sickening and an embarrassment. It is the same for Dairy too.


  20. A BIG difference between 1977 and 2016 is that 2016 is far more consistent. Our LOW scores for the year have been totals 28, 28, 36, 36, 37 so far. In ’77 our lows were 9, 13, 17, 28, 28. The average of 35.7 was bumped way up by a score of 76 against Temple. I know this is a different era, but we showed exceptional consistency scoring an average of 39.3 against a real variety of defenses, including some really good ones–#12 Clemson @ 18 ppg, #16 Miami @ 19 pp., and 4 more in the top 50.


  21. “Pitt is going to be really good next year. Like really, really good.” Not sure I’d agree with that statement until we know just how our new starting QB will perform in 2017.


  22. jrnpitt – plus who will replace Conner, Biz, Johnson, Parrish and Orndoff.

    On D, many to replace (like 9) plus Blewitt. There are many questions for next season. But the future seems bright.

    No more excuses…


  23. Recruiting! Finish this season with a 9-4 record with wins over both PSU & Clemson clinch a bowl game victory and recruits will know for sure that Pitt is It going forward.

    Finish strong Panthers, Conner Strong!


  24. Conklin was very late in shoring up the secondary, maybe he finally got the message. If not, there are 3 or 4 defensive formerly head coaches looking for employment. Maybe Pitt could snag an upgrade like Miles or Strong or Sumlin or was Orgeron a DC?


  25. For what it’s worth I still think Maddox and Lewis are our two best corners on D. Notice how much better they played on Saturday with the Duke WR’s that were about as tall as they were. This year Pitt has faced some very talented QB’s and WR’s many of whom will be seen next year in the NFL.


  26. Yep, Duke didn’t employ the hike and heave philosophy as past teams and maybe it was because they didn’t have the same type of receivers and or QB that could execute these types of plays. Their QB held onto the ball a little longer and we saw the results. There hasn’t been much wrong with the pass rush all season, it’s just the teams got rid of the ball too quick.


  27. “D” has pitched shutouts 4outta the last 5 quarters with lots of newbies getting PT… might be onto something here.. See how they do with the Orangemen .. wouldn’t jump the gun


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