POV Gameday Thread: Duke

It’s Saturday morning and I’m getting ready for the drive up to Heinz.  We are favored by seven or eight points this afternoon depending on who you are giving your money to. I think we’ll be under that but not by much.  I predicted a 41-35 Pitt win.

I just received an email from our friend Bernie (BigB) who was the guy I quoted back in July when he told me he had some Outer Banks’ bar face time with our OC and who shared with us that Matt Canada was 100% firm in his belief that ‘We’ll score a ton of points this season‘ . Hey, that happened!!

Our body surfing DC was being carried out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a riptide as that shore-side conversation was happening because the exact opposite has transpired under Conklin’s watch.

Bernie and I think alike – if we had even an average pass defense as we did last season we may well be 10-0 at this point.

The season, so far, has played out pretty much like we all figured – with a surprise here and there.  Most thought we’d beat Penn State and we have, nobody but a handful thought we’d beat Clemson and most fans had us at seven or eight wins on the season.

Win today and we’ll be at that seven win mark.  But it might be easier said than done.

Quite honestly with a porous defense like ours with the amount of yardage we give up and the rather unbelievable 35.1 points per game we allow no wins are etched in stone this season.

I believe that it is vitally important for a new HC to show coaching improvement from year one to year two and Narduzzi has done that on some fronts.  Getting to eight or even nine wins on the season will be a huge step in that direction.

So let’s start with beating Duke this afternoon.


Notes:  I’ll be the tall guy with a mustache and a blue Coast Guard ball-cap on wandering around the parking lots before the game – I’ll get to PGH about 1:30 or so… I  also have a tattooed beard.  Here is my recent arrest photo from last month.


353 thoughts on “POV Gameday Thread: Duke

  1. In the make you sick category, Filiponi and Cook were talking about how Canada deserves and should get a head coaching job somewhere next year. Maybe so, but what pricks. Always looking for something negative regarding Pitt, even in the most positive week we have had for a long time, well at least since the PSU game.


  2. Filiphony and Cook are the worst. Did you realize they didn’t really talk Pitts win vs Clemson until 3.5 hrs of their show! It was all Steelers. This shows the problem of being in a pro market, but really, on the flagship station of Pitt?? Where else in the country would this occur?? Not on one college football flagship stations. Cook can’t help it, whatever Pitt did to him has scarred him beyond belief. Filipino is just a provocateur, much like a less knowledgeable and slightly toned down Mark Madden.
    For those of you who live out of town, you cannot believe how frustrating it is. Penn State gets more time. Somehow,these guys spent over an hour justifying how they deserved being in the playoff! A team that will play only two teams in the top 25, beating one at home on two special teams plays, and getting whacked by 40 by the other. Never has a team road one win to so much!
    But you will never,ever hear that from those two, EVER!


  3. Last Row,
    Looks like you’ll all have plenty of time to consume some “liquid courage” to take on the weather and the demons blue!
    #H2P brave warriors!!!


  4. Just took a beer run and in Latrobe it is windy as all heck. Throwing the ball in this stuff will be rough to say the least. Good new is this weather was not unexpected. Hope MC adjusted already.


  5. Little known fact: Reed gave Tyson advice on face tats.
    Cook was a Penn State reporter and has publicly written this fall he still believes Paterno knew nothing. He is a JOKE.
    Canada will some day get a HC job, I wish he had a protege or two in our assistants on offense but he has all Chubbs people.
    getting ready to layer and leave. HAIL TO PITT!!!!!!


  6. Well, we missed playing on a beautiful day by one day… Hoping the fans still come out, but I know better. I will be there – as my Mom would say — “Bundled up.” Looks like at worst we have some light rain or snow and the temp stays around 40 or high 30s.

    I have a bad feeling about this game but I’m hoping it’s just indigestion.

    Go Pitt.


  7. Anyone around and wants a beer I’m in lowest level of the Red Garage on General Robinson St…right at the Reedsdale entrance. White Volvo.


  8. Wish I were there with you guys. Been years. I’ll be in ATL waiting for my ride back to LA LA Land watching the game at an airport bar.

    Thought 1. We’ll learn a lot about the admin. when we see what they do to keep OCMC. Why in the world he’d want to leave any time soon, I don’t know. He’s going to have so much fun and be a local hero. Why go all Norm Chow and be miserable with some loosing team?

    Thought 2. I’m looking for a sea change today…win or lose (and I see a close win), I want to see this as the first leg of a run to the 2017 ACC Costal Title. I want to see some serious leadership and “professionalism” in doing the job the right way.


  9. Looks like about 10,000 at the Purdue on campus stadium, with Whisky.

    PSU vs Rutgers, Michigan vs Indiana, big difference between the top and bottom in the B1G.


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