POV’s Monday Morning QB; Clemson

An Unhappy Clemson Fan’s Television with a Flying Remote Wound

^^ Look at that photo above – Pat Narduzzi has Darth Vader as his police escort.

This win feels almost as good for me now two days later after the fact… I say almost because as I tend to do after one task is finished, in football’s case wins or losses, I look toward the next challenge at hand.

But the upcoming Duke game is a lifetime away,  Clemson is still fresh in our minds so let’s look back at just what happened.

First off, what the Pitt football team and Head Coach Pat Narduzzi really needed to have happen this season  happened, they beat a highly ranked team that almost everyone thought they would lose to.  The icing on the cake with this win is that our opponent was the ACC Conference leading Clemson who entered the match carrying a 9-0 record.

It is one for the Pitt ages to be sure and very much reminiscent of our win seven years ago against our rival WVU in the Backyard Brawl when we kept them from a national championship game. But there are differences there also…

I am as happy as anyone that we pulled this off but something has been bothering me as I have been reading fan’s comments about the game on the internet and I couldn’t figure out what it was until I read someone who had written “It was like David and Goliath“.

But I beg to differ here – and without taking away any of the hard-earned glory these kids earned on that field down in South Carolina. Our team this year is a winning one even before this Clemson victory. We were also few points away from beating both OK State and North Carolina, both highly ranked teams on their own.

Going into Saturday we were strong in both rushing offense (30th) and rushing defense (7th) and were  up there in Passing Efficiency (32nd) also.  Which as it played out were the strengths we used to win that game.

Am I the only fan who while still thinking it was a wonderful win isn’t 100% surprised by it?  Here is what I wrote on Friday’s Prediction thread even though I predicted a 17 point loss..

I feel that we will rebound in part from the Miami ass-kicking and play better than people are thinking we will….

...the only silver lining I see with the passing situation tomorrow is Watson’s 10 INTs to date.  If we can get two or three INTs and/or fumbles and maybe a Pick-6 out of him then we may have a fighting chance to keep the game closer than Clemson would like going into the 4th quarter.

 If we can avoid allowing those quick-strike points teams have been putting up against us in the beginning of the games then I think we’ll be within spitting distance of winning after the 45:00 mark …

Which lucky for us is almost exactly how it played out.

But fellow Pitt fans – let’s not think this is a ‘fluke’ win. Because it isn’t. It is a win that our team has been building toward over the last two seasons.  We hit on 6 of 8 cylinders Saturday and, with the strong players motivations created by a focused HC and his staff, pulled out a win.

Wonderful – yes.  Impossible – no, it really wasn’t.  It was more like improbable and we went down there and did it anyway.  This isn’t 2007 when we took a battered 4-7 team into Morgantown and pulled out that win.  We have a different team and a much better team than that Mountaineer Killers one was.

Since we won let’s get to the three positives first:


* Game preparation by Narduzzi and the coaching staff. The approach to this game must have been different from the one prior to the previous week’s Miami game because we saw a different Pitt team on Saturday.

Hell, let’s wrap the coaching staff’s ability to change things up on the fly during the game also.  We had a cobbled together starting lineup on both sides of the ball and were still effective.

* Nate Peterman’s play (see ‘Notes” below). Peterman isn’t a pretty QB.  He doesn’t change games around in dramatic fashion with his arm.  He misses easy throws sometimes also.  But when you throw for 242 yards and four TDs in the first half  when the opponent is scoring at pace also, you get the credit for keeping the team within a reasonable chance to win later in the game.  Which we did.

* The defensive Front 7’s play.  Wow – forget about that 4th & 1 shutdown we had with less than a minute to play.  Well, don’t forget about it because it pretty much won the game for us – but their play overall made the Clemson offense one-dimensional.

Which anywhere else but the Alternate Reality this game was played in would have sufficed because Clemson put up 580 yards on us in a record-setting session of throw-and-catch.

But when they tried something different than throwing the ball, which they did to a tune of 70 (!!) attempts, we bitch-slapped them down to the deck.  Clemson’s tired tailbacks  tippy-toed to the tune of two yard per carry on the afternoon.  Alliterative allusions aside we owned them asses.

It got so bad that it severely clouded Clemson’s HC Dabo Sweeny’s memory.  He totally forgot that they had thrown the ball almost the length of six football fields with basically no opposition – so he ran the ball and lost the game when it mattered most.  “Thanks Dabo!”

An honorable mention to Chris Blewitt here.  He did what he needed to when the game was on the line. The pressure was on and he came through.  Remind me to tell you the story of when I met him and his Dad at a PA Turnpike rest stop years ago.


* Our hilarious pass defense’s failures are becoming  not only a regular occurrence but an actual beloved trait of those poor young bastards who have to keep getting rotated in and out of that defensive backfield.

It was a perfect afternoon for those DBs of ours because in this game they can, rightfully so, point to three INTs when asked why they sucked so badly in pass coverage. Those INTs helped win the game though so we can be happy for them at the same time we are calling their play a negative.

The only thing they have to yet to accomplish now is to grab that last 128th place in Passing Defense while we still win ballgames… That will not be an easy thing to do but I think under the teachings of soon to be ex-Cornerbacks coach Renaldo Hill the kids can pull it off.

Take a look at who resides in the Pass Defense basement right below us… Hi Toddy!


* Because I have to reach for negatives from this great win I’m going with some of Narduzzi’s in-game decisions. I’m not taking away one iota of praise for the way he handled game week and the match itself.   As I said, I’m reaching here but his use of timeouts in the second half had me frustrated. We didn’t see the poor decisions as that fake punt and other plays in the last game against Miami so there was progress on that front.  Kissing his own players makes up for anything else Narduzzi might have done anyway.

Note to reader – if you must kiss any young men who you are in a position of leadership over then do it ‘The Narduzzi Way” and kiss that boy in front of millions of TV viewers. I’ve used many leadership techniques my own self but that’s a new one.

* Injuries.  Boy – that is a tough break for Moss and Whitehead both. They are tough kids and will comeback better than ever though. “After the game, Narduzzi’s only comment on the (Whitehead) injury was, “Jordan’s not as good as we want him to be.

You’ll have your own take on this game and the positives & negatives – let’s here them…


LINK: Peterman Walter Camp

The senior quarterback engineered the Panthers’ stunning victory at Clemson.

 PITTSBURGH—Pitt senior quarterback Nathan Peterman has been named the Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week following his incredible performance in the Panthers’ 43-42 victory over previously unbeaten Clemson.

 In what will be remembered as one of the greatest games ever by a Pitt quarterback, Peterman threw for a career-high 308 yards and five touchdowns with zero interceptions on 22-of-37 passing. Entering the game, the Tigers had only surrendered five passing touchdowns the entire season.

 Peterman threw for 242 yards and four TDs in the first half alone. His scoring strikes to James Conner (46 yards) and Scott Orndoff (55) were the longest against Clemson this season.

Following a fourth-down stop by the Pitt defense with 58 seconds left, Peterman led the Panthers into position for the game-winning field goal by competing two passes for 25 yards and running for another nine yards. Chris Blewitt completed the upset by nailing a 48-yard field goal with six seconds remaining.


105 thoughts on “POV’s Monday Morning QB; Clemson

  1. Aside from our poor pass defense, I’ve been astounded that few teams threw bad passes or receivers actually dropped any against us.
    Saturday Clemson (finally) threw some bad passes and receivers dropped a few.

    How do you rank this game in Pitt wins? Mine are 1.PSU in 76, 2.GA in Sugar Bowl, 13-9 over WVU and this game 3. 43-42


  2. Pitt-Clemson game rebroadcast on Root Sports tonight (Monday) at 9. Just got a call from them saying they did not receive the game tape until this morning, hence the other game last night instead.


  3. Reed. A positive. Your guy Taleni has performed well this year. Did you see DiPaolo’s comments about him last week?

    A negative. Having to listen to Brian Griese. Is he the best “color” guy ABC has?



  4. I wish national sports channels and commentators would remember that Pitt also beat what is now the #9 team, PSU, plus barely lost to OSU, NC and VT. Miami was a total embarrassment. So this win over Clemson makes up for a lot. Plus it might be worth noting that the OL did a very good job of giving Peterman time and opening holes. Also, the defense played with hurting players and missing starters.


  5. Thoughts – Positives
    1) Unsung heros and future stars – Taleni another nice game and great penetration on The Stop ; Aaron Matthews excellent punt coverage 3) Brightwell
    2) Resiliency – tough to be a DB and win during an ACC record passing record by Clemson. Tough minds.
    3) Nate Peterman – as nuts as he drives me when he hits cold streaks it was timely achievement for the game.

    1) DBs what else
    2) Announcers – had to squeeze this in somewhere but the ACC should be ashamed – the announcers trashed Narduzzi from beginning to end – That’s our job! haha
    3) 4 man pass rush – still not impressive.


  6. I am going to start with a positive. 1. We won the game on national tv and not espn12. This looks good for potential recruits. This gives the players confidence which has been sorely missing for several weeks. Winning is the ultimate cure for confidence. Build off of it. 2. Dane Jackson – We may have found a safety. To me he had one of the biggest plays/hits that I have seen this year from our DB’s. He has the speed to “get” there and he did on those deep balls. With Whitehead out, this may have been a good find out of necessity. 3. OL – the power running game and pass protection was awesome. Canada didn’t run the jet sweeps into the ground and learned that defensive speed stops jet sweeps. 4. Peterman, Conner and the run defense on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1. 5. Aaron Mathews on punt coverage. He makes plays. Would love to see him running routes. 6. Recruiting – Charles Reeves and our other TE recruits should be pumped.
    7. Season – We have a chance for a real nice ending to a season. Let’s finish it right!

    Negatives – 1. WR – Did anyone notice that on 2nd or 3rd down on the last drive, Peterman scrambled left and threw to Ford around the 25 yard line. He was all by himself….mainly because he was standing out of bounds. How does that happen?? Watch it, it is embarassing. Weah made a couple of nice catches, but to me lacks the desire to get the ball. We are not strong off the ball and then going after it. 2. Record – Bobby Carpenter was all about Pitt today and the former OSU and NFL product said that Pitt just didn’t finish games earlier in the year which cost them a chance to be in the playoff with one loss to Miami. It was an interesting take because he thinks we will have beaten Clempson, Dairy College and three other top 25 teams with an ability to finish. He thinks Narduzzi is on to something. 3. Posters – we all get frustrated but calling coaches and players names and then reversing fields on a whim is not cool. I think we are all so desperate to win big that the frustration just takes over. I do that sometimes and I apologize. 4. Injuries – too many to list. The good news is that there wasn’t a noticeable drop-off in talent with the backups. That is also the negative.


  7. MJ – all your points above are why I wrote that this win shouldn’t be considered an ‘impossible’ feat.

    What really saddens me though is that if we had any sort of a decent pass defense we may well be undefeated with this offense we have. It is still mind boggling to me that with the same players on defense from last year – and with an upgrade at DL – we are so damn bad against the pass.

    Same staff, same players (less Pitts) and still we dropped from:

    2015 – 54th – 214.7 ypg and 18 TDs total… to:
    2016 – 127th – 343.4 ypg and 21 TDs so far and with two games to play.

    Can anyone at all explain that to me? These DBs were ‘out on an island’ last season also so that’s not the reason.

    It isn’t like we sucked at Run Defense last season either – we were a very respectable 147 ypg. Better this year at 105 but that is only 42 ypg more…

    Seriously – can anyone shed light on how this can happen? I think we are giving a free pass to Conklin and Hill (DBs coach) and not holding them accountable for ruining what could have been a truly amazing story season.

    I think some changes are in line on the defensive staff because we went from poor in ’14 to bad in ’15 to absolute terrible this season. Do this again next year and we could blow another season like we have done this one (in a sense).

    Think on this – against UNC we were ahead 36-23 with only 7: 22 left to play.

    In NC’s final two possessions they had 129 yards passing and two TDs for the win… in just a bit over 7 minutes!

    Any sort of pass defense and that is a nice win for us right there.


  8. I think I’m starting to get an idea of what Moses might have felt. I’ve been wandering in the desert for 30 years (compared to his 40 years). I’m really tired of the taste of the Manna – I’d like to taste the bread and honey. I’m finally catching a glimpse of The Promised Land. And I’m wondering if I’ll live long enough to actually live there!


  9. Reed – the drop off is puzzling indeed. Assuming the coaches aren’t coaching the players “up” perhaps some is due to the fact that opposing coaches have discovered the weakness and are passing much much more. I suspect we will have to adjust our thinking to that we will give up much passing yardage in today’s college game and in the ACC in particular. The ultimate question is can we keep the run defense down and get better athletes to try to contain the pass enough to win. IMO this defensive philosophy will not produce the shut down defense Sherrill and Fazio were known for. I am still trying to understand and reconcile this concept. That said, with much of the players the coaches must bear a lot.


  10. When I wear my blue and gold socks here in Columbus I usually get comments like, “Are you a Michigan fan?”. Now I expect, “Are you a Pitt fan?”


  11. Dan 72 – My top five + 5:

    1) Jan 77 Sugar Bowl victory
    2) 76 PSU win at Three Rivers.
    3) 82 Sugar Bowl vs Georgia – Marino to John Brown
    4) 13-9
    5) 2003 victory over #5 Hokies at Heinz Field with ESPN GameDay present
    6) 2016 win at Clemson
    7) 1976 vs ND
    8) The “Im so f*cking proud” game at South Bend
    9) 1989 – Alex Van Pelt and an interim HC beat Texas A&M in the Sun Bowl
    10) Any victory over ND


  12. Hail to Pitt and the great team they are. All the negative comments on here in past weeks show that most fans no little about what they comment about .Play some ball before you question Reed


  13. After reading POV’s Monday morning QB a bit earlier I ran some errands and in the back of my mind thoughts of some points I wanted to write down, then reading some our POVers thoughts we may have come upon some common ground…..and here I go.

    Unofficial Positive. We talked about the team sticking together and not quitting on each other after last week’s game but unfortunately it seemed to me that our very own family here at the POV may have been falling apart at the seams. I find it interesting AND fun to see and feel what a big win does for not only the PITT football team but it’s fans as well. Harmony once again. To blow my horn I did pick PITT to win after explaining my gut said no. (I never pick against my team) I have said all along that only a few first downs by the offense and PITT would be very highly thought of right now. and Reed, you misspelled here, it’s hear. You’re the one with the edit button. lol!

    1. Narduzzi, he gets my game ball. He deserves one himself after handing out a ball to each member of the team.
    2. Conner, another hard played game by JC and we can never take him for granted.
    3. The subs and the freshman, the cupboards are not bare moving forward. Plus there were so many more I would be here all day.

    Lets just say the whole PITT football program is the number one positive.

    1 None, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth so to speak but this was no gift!

    Summary so far. This PITT team has, in my estimation, over-achieved so far this year and nothing can take that away now. Finishing the season with 3 more wins could take the program a couple of notches higher and hopefully ticket sales as well…..ike



  14. Nice list JoeL.

    I would insert the 1975 Notre Dame, Tony Dorsett 303 YDs.

    This was the game that told the world we were elite, and not a fluke.

    After many years of oblivion.


  15. anonymous I have seen the light!!! Pitt has nothing but great players and should be undefeated!!!!!. Reed is omnipotent and omnipresent!!!! No dissent from here on out. .


  16. Positives:

    A winning 48 yard field goal from Blewitt.

    Three INT’s from our much maligned D-Backs.

    Every player that made an important play (too long to list)


    We don’t need no stinkin’ negatives


  17. Are we clear on Reed’s earlier position? He’s pick PITT to lose almost every game and has constantly dissed HCPN but only after stating he liked him….then goes on to say how his defense sucks and stubborn he is. Narduzzi didn’t get any smarter in one week guys. Some of you did. I’ve been beating his drum from the very beginning. Reed? not so much.


  18. Winning the game is number 1 but number 1A was HCPN’s hug and kiss to Blewitt. It shows how he really cares about the kids. Parents watching took notice.


  19. Ike it was one great game, not sure why you are jumping on Reed.

    Our pass defense didn’t suddenly get great. We got three INT’s on three poorly thrown passes.

    Let’s see if we can beat Duke and Syracuse before we declare victory.


  20. For greatest games, I Would like to add 10-0 over PSU in ’87 with the clinching Pick 6 by Billy Owens. Also 12-0 vs PSU at 3 Rivers, with Rod Rutherford’s amazing TD. And, one of my favorites, the triple overtime win against WVU in ’97.


  21. Not jumping on Reed, it’s all in fun and I love the fact that PITT nation is back together again. It’s what a big win will do for the hometown team’s fans. Just can’t revise history though.


  22. JoeL and gc…1970 Pitt comeback vs Bobby Bowden’s Mountaineers with Ed Conway shouting “and here comes PITT!” as we continuously rammed the ball down there throats during the entire 2nd half..no phucking TV time-outs and replays in those days.the game had rhythm and built to the crescendo erupting in the TD pass to Pliconsis..

    Positives from Saturday #1 Team effort in a very physical game..lots of passing yards for the opponent but the Panthers had contributions from all cast members.

    #2 The Pitt crowd WOW..I still can’t talk I am so hoarse. We made some noise and we were split into several areas..Section L”gave it up’all game..the Clemson fans taught us how to Boo and we booed long and loud..damn we were great..LET’S Go PITT!!!! and for you who couldn’t travel hopefully we made all of you proud..the Clemson fans are awesome and I hope they win the NC…

    #3 Open public prayer to the Lord our God just prior to the start..ending with a prayer for rain in an area of severe drought without precipitation for 90 days…It was raining the next morning…so Clemson and the Panthers had their prayers answered that evening. Praise God

    Emel..every time I look at my extra ticket I will think of you..your bad. Hope to meet you someday.

    UPitt’s mom got her big heavenly promotion last week ..as Jesus said in John 14 verse 3 ” I go and prepare a place for you and I will come back and take you to be with me…..This is what I think played out in Heaven this past Sat;urday: UPitts mom checked into her room and heard a knock at the door-it was the Big Guy just checking on her. “Do you find everything to you liking?” She replies ” Wow, this is so far greater than anything I could have ever imagined and I am totally restored to brand newme and have life!!!” “Well is there anything I can get you,” the Heavenly Father asks ” Well, God you probably know there is a football game tonight in South Carolina, Pitt against Clemson that I really was hoping to see, I am a PITT fan you know but you already know that.” and the Lord brought the game into the Heavenly home “Live” so UPItts mom could experience “live,” and the Lord asked her if she had anything else she needed or anything on her mind and she replied ” Well Lord there is just one thing-our PITT people have been wondering this desert for nearly 40 years so could you just sit here beside me and, together, we will watch the game……I thought of her and UPitt the whole game.The wandering in the Desert for 40 years is coming to an end…..

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  23. Reed – Here’s what I think. 1. As a whole, we’ve faced better passers this year, period. 2. As a whole, we’ve faced better WRs this year. How many WR have we played against that will be in the NFL next year or after – I’d say at least 6. 3. We’ve faced better coaching as a whole than in the past 2 years. After being exposed early on, good coaches have looked at tape and said here’s their big weakness. After one coach successfully abused that weakness, we’ve seen coaches week after week abandon their normal game plan to follow suit. I know, we should change something and counteract that – but it’s clear we just don’t have the athletes to do much else. What amazes me a little bit is that the few times that Pitt has put a few good defensive plays together and stopped some D passes, you would think some of these teams would maybe back off a little or revert to being a little more conservative. We haven’t seen that – and I feel that’s because the other coaches know that consistently they have better athletes and playmakers and we truly can’t consistently stop it.


  24. Death Valley a great and historic stadium, great atmosphere, great campus, great pre and post game tradition, great win for Pitt! Glad I went there. Not sure I’ll be around in 12 years when Pitt travels there again, and even if I am, I don’t think I could make it to the top of the stadium where they had the Pitt fans sit.


  25. Many of you guys know I was a History-Political Science dual major at Pitt, so I found this article on a Clemson football blog particularly wonderful, chock full of quite remarkable facts and why so many of you who went to the game, felt right at home, were welcomed like you were friends or almost kin.

    Well it turns out, if you were born in Pennsylvania, you most likely are kin. I had known that this part of the Carolinas, south of Charlotte was originally settled by a mass migration from Pennsylvania in the 1700’s, which is why we have York, Lancaster & Chester named County’s in S. Carolina (after the ones in Penna).
    But I had no idea the founder of Clemson was a Pennsylvanian as well. Or all the other ties.

    They are us ! lol

    Thanks to BigB for posting this website where I fortunately found this wonderful piece.


  26. I had no idea Pitt was sort of the sibling university of the University of Pennsylvania either. When we were the Western University of Pennsylvania.


  27. Positives
    Matt Canada – absolutely crushed Dabo and Venables. That’s a really good Clemson defesnse and Canada absolutely shredded. Incredible impressive. They had no answer.

    The run D. Say what you want about the secondary – but they completely shut down the Clemson run game. That team, with those athletes, should be able to shove the ball down your throat.

    Really, so many more. Connor, Blewit, takeways, punching back. Really just a great day for the team and everyone involved.


    I got nothing – you knock off #2 on the road and you did something right.


  28. @Reed

    One of the biggest reasons for the drop off in pass defense in my opinion is thexquslity of offenses and quarterbacks we have faced. How many times did we either play a team with a bad starting quarterback (passing wise) or an inured an or a 2nd or even 3rd string an laat year. I would say at least 5 or 6 out of our first 8 games last year.


  29. Glad to hear the traveling PITT fans had a great time. Would like more comments on your experiences.

    I’ve been to Clempsum twice & walked those upper deck stairs. But I do not understand how the Clempsum fans are gracious. They sure aren’t to their Gamecock rivals – win or lose.

    BTW, I wasn’t at the game because my wife volunteered us to watch the grand kids in Columbia over two months ago. Left my PC at home & hate to use my wife’s Ipad.


  30. First time caller, long time listener…..

    Fellow PITT fans, I have been following the Blather and this new blog for years but haven’t chimed in yet until now. I just have to express some thoughts and emotions after such a Yuge victory.

    I was fortunate to be at the game and echo the many other comments about the Clemson fans. They literally kill you with kindness and almost make you feel bad for winning the game…..almost.

    What I witnessed was a Pitt Team that is so together in their quest to play for one another. Even as the DB’s were losing their one on one battles time and again, they simply picked themselves off of the turf, fist pumped their team mates and kept playing hard. There was never a moment where anyone got down on each other. I find that amazing. Start to finish the effort is there and the camaraderie is there. This is a team I feel so good about supporting. Well done to the improved culture!

    Thanks to all of you for your comments over the years as I have and will continue to enjoy living the Pitt Football dream/ nightmare through all of your passion and insights.

    Oh, and BTW, I didn’t obviously add a prediction to the thread but I did put 20 bucks on Pitt to win outright via a buddy who is in Reno…..just say’n….

    Best Regards,


  31. PittCockfans .. easily explained – they view the Gamecocks as we do the Mountaineers-Nuff said!

    Greg, thanks for posting. Keep jumping .. it’s like one big happy family on here most of the time.
    Emel thanks for posting the shakinthe south website.. You can link to it on the
    Blather.. I enjoyed reading their post game blog…..


  32. Positives :
    We won
    We won on the Road
    We won on the Road in one of the tougher venues in NCAAF
    We won on the Road against the #2 team in country
    We overcame a just terrible overturned call, when clearly there was not enough evidence to do that.

    Negatives :
    Hard to find any when you win, but the announcers bias and antipathy towards Nard Dog was disgusting.
    Very rarely or never do you see Network announcers constantly and repeatedly put down a Head Coach like that. Maybe they don’t like people of Italian/Irish heritage. Pricks.


  33. I think the change from last year to this in pass defense is pretty simple

    Other teams have had a full year to study Narduzzi’s defense as it is executed by these players, correctly identified what to do to beat it, and then went out on the field and did that

    Add that to Pitt playing 5-6 QBs this year who will either definitely get into the NFL or have a very good shot + a bevy of WRs who will also definitely be playing on Sundays and you get what we’ve seen this year


  34. I honestly think that the Clemson Win will always go-down as, “The Moment“, Pitt fans will look to as the True Take-Off Point for this program. — Pitt finishes this season Strong —> ALSO: Narduzzi and co. finally get Lamont Wade to come join the ‘Brotherhood’, and they finish-out the Recruiting Class with Panache.

    Welp, my work is done! —- I think this last week is the true ushering in of the “AP Era” (After Pederson!!! ACC >>>>> Big East 🙂 ) moment of Pitt Football and I think — well, I KNOW that Pitt will now be ‘A’ ….. no, “THE” Top-Power in the ACC Coastal from now onwards (with Pat ‘The Dark Knight’ Narduzzi now, but regardless even with whoever the Head Ball Coach may be for 🙂 THE University of Pittsburgh!! 🙂 ).

    #HailToPitt !!!

    It’s been fun!! I just wanted to get to interact with so many other great fans+supporters during the *”Ascension-Phase” lol. But it’s here now (PROMISE that — Enjoy the Ride guys!! 🙂 ). So, My-Work of Spewing unrelenting Optimism, Positivity, and plenty of Good-Ol’-Fashioned *HYPE about Pitt Football is no longer needed* 😉 .

    However, remember this Clemson upset especially for a huge reason —– as it won’t be too long before Playoff Bound Pitt gets frustrangingly tripped-up at some point at Heinz! —– maybe by some unranked, 6-3 Florida State or someone else with nothing to lose —- and ya’ll are going to have to watch the opponent storm OUR Field in total exuberance! 😦 lol —– so prepare now, and don’t throw your remote into your TV in that future-moment!!! haha

    “We’ll always have Clemson!!” 🙂


  35. Watching at home in my man cave was like viewing a religious experience–better than 13-9 because we battled back all day long and made just mind boggling plays. BUT 13-9 was pretty damn memorable too.

    Positives—1) Nate Peterman played the best game I have seen from a Pitt qb since Palko at ND(another top 5 all time Pitt win).
    2) Next man up–Taleni was awesome and Brightwell made the play of the game. Jackson was solid and Hamlin held his own. Plus Darrin Hall is making some plays on o spelling Conner.
    3) Nard-dog–being from the Youngstown area I am automatically bias, but Pat Narduzzi has beaten 2 top 10 team in one season and has a chance to win 9 games IF he gets the team fired up for this week (HELLO PITT FANS SHOW THE HELL UP SATURDAY)

    1) Ryan Lewis and Terrish Webb just are so darn frustrating to watch
    2) WR play–needs to just get better, a lot of drops and poor routes
    3) Ticket sales for Duke–over 3000 on StubHub starting at $6, university offering a free hat with a ticket sale, come on what are we the Rescue Mission??


  36. @JJ I’m still not sold on the better passer thing as others have postulated because some of these better passers have lit Pitt up for yardage in 2016 far in excess of their average and most have hit career highs.

    @JJ You may be onto something with the receiver aspect. Pitt has played against some big, athletic and fast WRs this year. Their smaller DBs have proven to be no match. The bigger DBs have no experience. VT executed the clearest exploitation of this earlier this year. I haven’t compared the receivers to last year but I only clearly remember UNC, Syracuse and ND having receivers that I recall Pitt having trouble containing last year.


    a. O Canada had a great game plan. I was worried he was getting too conservative in the 2nd half but he clearly did enough to win the game.
    b. James Conner was simply fantastic!!! He is unbelievable!
    c. The defensive interceptions and the stops on 3rd and 1, and 4th and 1 were legendary!

    a.&b. There’s a reason for our last 2 nationally televised games that the former college and pro QB announcers can’t stop telling the audience how bad our pass D is and how stubborn Duzz is to not help it with some adjustments. Without a doubt the worse pass defense in the history of the U. of Pittsburgh.
    c. Having Moss go down with an injury and not seeing Q Ollison be given the ball EVER!


  38. Reed, once again, if the players and coaches are the same … then it must be the schedule

    HCPN got the Dodd Award for coach of the week. Peterman got an national award for QB and Galambos was ACC LB for the week. When stuff like this happens, you play very well


  39. BibB – tongue in cheek on the graciousness.

    I enjoy tailgating & telling & listening to tailgating stories. Best place for graciousness & tailgating was the “Grove” at Ole’ Miss.

    BTW – PITT fans in my neck of the woods in upstate So. Car are few & far between. I did get 6 cell phones calls congratulating me (as if I had something to do with the huge,wonderful victory) & 2 more on the answering machine at home.


  40. @deepelemblues

    You nailed it on all points. Rudolph, Watson, Trubinski, Kayya, Evans all will be NFL draft picks and all have future draft picks on the receiving end.

    I don’t remember Pitt playing this much NFL talent in my time watching them. Some of those old Big East teams could score (WVCC, Louisville, Cincy) – but they all were all system driven… Pitt’s schedule is just loaded with talent this year.

    Plus – when the weakness is so blatantly obvious, why wouldn’t you attack it. I’m not sure why teams even attempt to run vs Pitt.


  41. The Ultimate Positive: Matt Canada. Before Saturday, Clemson has been giving up an average of 1.8 TDs per game. Pitt got 6 … and the offense was more passing this week, since Clemson was ready for the jet sweep


  42. wwb & deepelemblues: yes I think it’s the combination of schedule and coaches figuring out that a quick drop and a heave is hard to get pressure and cover one on one. Then, when they play off the line hit the underneath quick guy. This has always been the defensive coaches dilemma


  43. Pat Narduzzi Named Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week

    Narduzzi recognized for success on the field, as well as the classroom and community.

    ATLANTA (November 14, 2016) – Officials from the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation and Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl today announced that Pittsburgh Head Football Coach Pat Narduzzi has been selected as The Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week.

    The Dodd Coach of the Week Award honors the football coach whose program embodies the award’s three pillars of scholarship, leadership and integrity, while also having success on the playing field during the previous week.

    “Coach Narduzzi’s Panthers traveled to one of the toughest places to play in the country and came out with a stunning upset,” said Jim Terry, chairman of the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation. “To defeat the No. 2 team in the country in a stadium they have not lost in since 2013 is truly impressive. Coach Narduzzi is certainly deserving of this week’s honor.”

    Unranked Pittsburgh traveled to Death Valley to take on the undefeated and No.2-ranked Clemson Tigers. In a back-and-forth game that featured six lead changes and record-setting offensive outputs, the Panthers were able to hang with a Tigers team that had not lost a regular-season game since 2014 and had not lost at home since 2013. After stuffing Clemson on what would have been a game-clinching fourth down conversion, Pittsburgh marched its way into field goal range where kicker Chris Blewitt drilled a 48-yard field goal with seconds remaining to clinch the 43-42 upset.

    Coach Narduzzi has seen immediate success since taking over the Pittsburgh program in 2015. After winning eight games in his first campaign, Saturday’s upset win clinched bowl eligibility for the second straight season. The Pittsburgh team has seen success in the classroom as well under Narduzzi’s leadership, boasting a notable Academic Progress Rate score of 970 last year.

    Since his arrival at Pittsburgh, Coach Narduzzi also started an annual “April Service Day” where student-athletes visit various local non-profit organizations with the goal of positively impacting the youth from the local Pittsburgh community. The organizations are typically youth-oriented, including the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh and the United Way.

    “The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl is proud to honor Coach Narduzzi after such an impressive upset win for his Panthers,” said Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Chairman Percy Vaughn. “Coach Narduzzi certainly earned this week’s accolades and we wish him and his team continued success this season.”

    The Dodd Trophy presented by the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl – along with the Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week Award – celebrates the head coach of a FBS team who enjoys success on the gridiron, while also stressing the importance of scholarship, leadership and integrity.

    2016 Dodd Coach of the Week Winners


    Paul Chryst



    Bret Bielema



    Urban Meyer

    Ohio State


    Gus Malzahn



    Larry Fedora

    North Carolina


    Ken Niumatalolo



    Nick Saban



    James Franklin

    Penn State


    Charlie Strong



    Dan Mullen

    Mississippi State



  44. I agree with deepelemblues as to why our pass defense is so bad…I believe the worst in the country even worse than Toddy. The only difference is our offense is on the field twice as much as high octane.

    I, like Reed, think that if Narduzzi wasn’t stubborn we could be at maybe one loss, that said Narduzzi is playing the long game and it may pay off. He hasn’t wasted redshirts and he isn’t waivering in his plan…I do respect that even though it is frustrating as a fan. Nobody can saw Narduzzi is looking to leave.

    Lastly, although our corners have been awful, they are almost always in good coverage and we have seen more improbable catches against us then imaginable. NFL highlight reel catches.


  45. –My guess is that if Pitt and Clemson played 10 times, Clemson would win 9 of them. That’s how improbable this win was; and how great this win was.

    –Finally, finally we have some seniors step up and make big plays to win a big game. This is how it’s supposed to work. Nate Peterman and Scott Orndoff come to mind. Good teams win games because their seniors make plays – this has been missing from Pitt, especially at the QB position…

    –On the miles of passing yards given up, my take is that on more than half of the completions our DBs is right there with the WR and has a hand in there trying to dislodge or block the play. In spite of that fact, a ridiculously high percentage of these passes have been completed against us this season. I say that opposing QBs have been outstanding in putting the ball in the best place for their guy to make the catch; and the WRs have made some truly sensational catches against us. The VT WR catching the TD pass while lying on his back just inside the pylon comes to mind, along with many other sensation catches against Pitt this season.

    –My son was at the game and had a blast – I don’t think he’s gotten his voice back yet.

    –Now Pitt faces a mighty challenge — to build on this great win by beating both Duke and Syracuse. The perception of this season hangs in the balance.

    Thanks Reed.

    Hail to Pitt!


  46. Game prep was key. This could have turned more ugly than Miami when the team was not prepared and looked to have given up come the 4th. Nard Dog had these guys ready. Players were motivated. Coaches called a good game. Players executed and didnt turn ball over…another huge key. Plus we had some beaks that went our way. Impossible? No. Improbable? Yes. Only an 8% chance to win. But we need the team focused on the next 2 games. Winning both means the difference between Detroit and Florida.


  47. @wwb,
    6 TDs. Four with the full 7 points -> 28. Two with no extra points -> 12 (1 missed and a failed 2-point conversion). 28+ 12 = 40. Add a field goal and it’s 43.


  48. It was so nice to see a big win on the national stage. No fancy players or tricks really. Just hard nosed football with a good game plan and execution. Everything broke Pitt’s way pretty much. Impressed by the Pitt showing. Wish we could get that many fans to a bowl game. Pitt was ready for this game. Clemsons luck ran out and I think they underestimated us. I’ll take it.


  49. Pitt-cock fan… totally agree about Ole Miss fans being the best period… little story- wife and I attended the BBPV-Watcha-ma-call-it bowl to watch our favorite son Tino battle the middling Rebs st the Rust bowl the centerpiece of a very depressed side of Birmingham.. being 2 of the total of 57 PITT faithful( seemed like 57 fans lookin round the stadium) it was so
    Easy to make friends with those Reb fans.. 3 pals that stay in contact, an invite to the “Grove” including a place to stay at no cost . After the asswhooping my wife and I went out for drinks and steaks.. a bunch of the Ole Miss new friends were sitting near-by… they taught me the Hotty Toddy and I taught them a few cheers from my old days at Pitt… at the end of the evening I asked the waitress for my bill… she informed my Mississippi friends took care of it… it was a little over $200.00 excluding a tip…I was totally humbled… and in case you didn’t know the speed limit on the Ole Miss campus is 18 mph in honor of Archie Manning… so much to be discovered and people …on the road…
    One last thought.. what can we do on here to improve our fan base?? I am buying 6 tickets for my nephew and family for the Duke game ..they don’t have the money and have 3 school age boys…I am getting on StubHub tonight and putting a few butts in 💺… What can the rest of you do- posters and non-posters..why can’t we have a representative crowd that cheers our boys on… we can sit and complain, make excuses.. our team needs is to go to work not just lip service…

    Liked by 1 person

  50. I think the passing is largely the schedule and also that teams can’t run on us forcing them to pass more.

    Pitts was also a four year starter who got beat but also made some plays.

    But as badly as our d-backs have got beaten, many of the plays were just excellent passes and catches.

    Very few poor passes seem to be thrown against Pitt this year.

    As well as very good receivers, most teams with more than one.

    The pass rush was equally inconsistent in both years.


  51. Big B …. maybe best post ever.

    Keyboard Kev- 87 Pitt PSU game I will never forget. I was going thru a miserable divorce and was on my way to Chicago w a Company Check $125,000 made out to Sears for a job we F’d up. Hadn’t slept in 2 days.
    No where to go on Thanksgiving in 2 days. Then that interception as PSU was driving late in a 3-0 Pitt lead game. Mentally I ran with him all the way to a 10-0 win. Still 76 PSU win the best.


  52. PITTPT… just thinking about UPitt his mom and the journey they all went through while sitting at 🐯 stadium… my Dad told me ” in life there are things worse than death” you and I both know ALS meets that criteria..my Dad also told me ” my church is in the woods- there aren’t any hypocrites in my church.” He loved to hunt n fish so it took a long time for me to come around and accept the Creator…UPitt is one of the many ” characters” that you meet on here.. I love him and the fire in his belly..and what he brings to this forum…I bet he got that edge from his beloved Mom…Thank you, all of you who use the heartbeats the Lord gave you to spend time on here enlightening and entertaining..


  53. Big B – Love you bud! You made my heart happy tonight. I think Mom used all her mojo on the Panthers and ran out the last minute during the Steelers game. Mom’s service will be Saturday so if anyone is driving through Rt 40 on the mountian and wants to meet for a drink that night just let me know. 😊


  54. UPitt – I’d be first in line, but I’ll be in no shape to navigate my way down 40 on Sat after the Duke game. I hope there will be another chance!


  55. In pitt basketball news coach stallings had some harsh words for the lack of effort on defense and fundamentals tonight despite the 19 point win.

    Unfortunately I suspect he’s not gonna have any more success with certain players cough young and artists cough than Dixon did


  56. Yes, Pittsburgh fans would prefer a 4-0 game with the second safety to clinch the game in the final minutes. Four Anvils vs Four Blocks of Granite (Fordham, right?). But honest to Pat, where is the love for our O.

    Can you believe it. Forty-three against Clemson!? Really!? Forty-Three points??? No one scores 43 on Clemson–well, “Bama” got 45 last year, but we left five points on the field. And our WORST game was 28. Has Pitt EVER had a season where they average in the high 30s and never scored below 28?

    How is it that almost all I read about is how our D sucks. Yes, it’s awful. But Canada just keeps it coming. Jet sweep doesn’t work? No problem. We’ll shovel it on another way. We need to lock that dude up for some serious cash. Only Louisville in the ACC has an offense as consistently good a Pitt’s, and they only scored 36 on Clemson (and 24 on Duke). D will come. We Pitt fans will WILL it to come. D is our common mantra. In the meantime, please let’s enjoy this amazing O.

    And if we keep this up, recruits will come. Maybe even that Panache guy, whoever he is, that Dark Night mentioned. Hope he plays D back. I hear he’s almost as good as the Pièce de Résistance kid.


  57. All I could fine, but I sent an email to Customer Service. Will post if I get something worthwhile.
    Our commentators don’t have public e-mail addresses, but will be happy to accept a letter or a postcard sent to them at the address below:

    ESPN Plaza
    Bristol, CT 06010


  58. Does anyone know why Ollison is not getting any playing time this year? He must have pissed off Canada or the Duzz.

    UPitt—My sympathies. Love them while you have them.



  59. Just when you thought the Post-Gazette could not sink any lower . . . . The new Pitt football beat reporter appears ro be Elizabeth Bloom, the paper’s classical music critic. I kid you not.


  60. Ollison stuck out during the post game celebration in the locker-room after the game and he was beaming, jumping and celebrating as much or more then anyone in there. Next year will be his time…..again


  61. Narduzzi has his work cut out for him this week making sure his team doesn’t suffer a letdown.

    Pretty easy getting the boys up for playing a game against the #2 team in front of a packed Death Valley on National TV.

    This week it is Duke in front of a half-empty Heinz Field.

    Hard to get the Adrenalin flowing.

    Duke just knocked UNC out of the Coastal race so they are for real and much better than their record.

    Another big test for Narduzzi’s coaching skills.


  62. How great is James Conner at scoring Touchdowns?

    If he scores two this week he is the greatest in ACC history, both rushing and overall.

    If he were to stay next year, he would undoubtedly pass Tony Dorsett’s TD record.

    Gonna be a hard guy to replace.


  63. While the Duzz has his flaws, getting his players motivated and ready to play isn’t one of them. I’ll be shocked if the boys aren’t ready to go. #H2P


  64. @ JoeL, an impressive list of Pitt games for sure and there are many more than that! But the kicker on why this one was the best Pitt game that I every attended was because, just like 13-9, NOBODY thought Pitt could hang with Clemson. Like Narduzzi commented in his Monday pressor, inside the Pitt meeting rooms, “we believed we could win this game”, but outside those walls nobody gave Pitt a chance,,, ZERO! My own prediction was Pitt 14, Clemson 42, with my ending comment challenging Pitt to “prove me wrong”.

    Well, prove me wrong they did! Even better than the WVU victory though, this game was a steeper climb to victory in so many ways. In the WVU game White, their QB, went down with injury creating a big break for Pitt. By contrast, in this game it was Pitt that was decimated by injuries. Watts lost early, both Maddox & Soto playing hurt to begin with then both getting dinged up again during the game and still coming back into the game to be some of the difference makers. Then of course losing Whitehead too was another devestating loss, but Pitt just persevered! Next man up!

    Also, that early 14 point “overturned by replay” official call would have crushed the spirit of any of our previous SOP teams early on & the Clemson rout would have occurred from there. Not with this team however!

    And the drama was unbelievable in this one. Clemson gets punched square in the mouth with a quick Pitt one, two in the first Q with 2TDs only to see Clemson come back to take the lead. Then Blewitt misses that PAT & the long FG in the 1st half which sets him up to be the scapegoat, but not on THAT day!

    Plus we did this at frickin Death Valley for crying out loud! Breaking the longest home win streak in the Country. Huge, simply HUGE.

    If you were there, you felt the Pitt MOJO near the end of the game that was just electric running through the Pitt Faithful. There was no quit in this team and there was no quit in that Pitt crowd. The noise that we produced from such a small contingent in that mass of humanity at Death Valley will be a memory that will last the rest of my life. Just starting to get my own voice back to normal after three days!

    These are the reasons it’s my new #1 Pitt game that I’ve witnessed in person, & I was at the Sugar Bowl to watch Pitt win their last NC too (which had been my #1 pick in the past).

    Love this team, love this coach, love seeing Panther Nation coming together to celebrate the 1st signature win for Narduzzi!

    One final question, “Do you believe YET”?

    Hail to Pitt!


  65. I think Ollison is getting a relatively decent number of snaps, just not any carries. I’d love to see him get a couple of these shovel pass receptions, because with his burst and strength I think he could do some damage on that type of play. Of course everyone who is running it now is doing it successfully, so if it ain’t broke, no need to fix.

    I know Duke looks like a relatively weak opponent based on their record, but I promise you Duke is an extremely well coached team, maybe the best coaching staff in the ACC. I’ll never forget last time they came to Heinz Field. We didn’t center ball for the field goal … it seemed as if we weren’t doing everything we could to win the game, and emotionally our players reflected that. Like we weren’t expecting to win. Meanwhile, Duke seemed full of energy and excitement, like they knew we would miss and they would win the game. And they did.


  66. BTW, Rachid Ibrahim is playing a lot of special teams. Hope he stays for his final year. Maybe he needed this year to get back some of that speed he may have lost through injury? I don’t want any of these players leaving…


  67. I got congrats on FB from buckeye former coworkers. I asked if they will let up on Mark May now. Response was-no way.
    I am driving in for my first game this SAT. Lots of traveling prevented visits til now. Going to StubHub and would like an opinion on end zone club seats. Doesn’t look like a good viewing location.


  68. I have tickets in the end zone club seats about the 6th row in the lower section. Great seats when the action is flowing toward you. Have to concentrate on the acton on the field and not the jumbotron when at the other end. If you can get in the upper section that should ameliorate some of that. Amenities are nice.


  69. @ gc, be not concerned about the “half filled Heinz Field” my friend. Just like this team, the fans that ARE there on Saturday will be there because they want to be there. And whether there are 35,000, 45,000 or a house packed with Pitt fans, that crowd on Saturday is going to be into it, I guarantee it! The Pitt Faithful slumbering giant has been awakened.

    This loyal fan base may not be 100,000 strong but we have seen the light of this Narduzzi Era that is now before us now! The Pitt-PSU game took a backseat to no one regarding a major college game day experience and that victory was our wake up call! Pitt football is back and Heinz Field is OUR HOUSE!

    The Panther Faithful don’t frickin care if the upper deck is fleshed out with an additional 20,000 “fair weather” fans to help us cheer this team on to the next level. The Faithful have been there all along through all of those lean years. Putting up with all the stupid $hit, the Fraud Grahams, the Steve Pedermans the SOP BS for so long that nothing can keep us from now enjoying this new era of Narduzzi Pitt Football.

    A team that is exciting to watch, one that has no quit in them and one that is learning how to win the big game.

    The fair weather fans will come. Winning solves that attendance issue. But the really important thing is that the Pitt Faithful who have been there with their support all along, now, right now, this Saturday, they have the opportunity finally to get off their a$$es, stand up and cheer at the top of their lungs for a really solid group of players & coaches who are sincerely representing our University at the level that such a great academic institution with such a rich football history should be represented on the field of play. And that field is HEINZ Field!

    Thus Saturday, come out to the Heinz Field to welcome home our victorious Pitt Panther warriors. Heinz Field is OUR HOUSE! Lock the gates and dismantle the Devils! This is OUR HOUSE! Hail to Pitt!

    Liked by 1 person

  70. Seeing a bunch of seats available in the EAST Club for on Stubhub for $30. Works out to about $39 each after Stubhub wets its beak. That’s good value for a Club seat, especially with the weather looking iffy.


  71. Big B Thanks for the look. Was all the way over in Section K. Should have made a sign!


    Win over ranked team on national TV, in their house. I remember watching Florkda State flat-out demolish us at Heinz in the first game of the Paul Chryst Era, which was not that long ago. Wow what a long way we have come. If we were playing last year’s schedule we might well be 9-1 and knocking on the door of the top-10.
    Jeremiah Taleni. Way underrated. Kid had a sack, a TFL and was part of the 4th down stop. Has a heart the size of Oahu and sneaky quickness for a DT.
    James Conner Beast Mode. He’s back fellas. That run in the 4th quarter was vintage Conner and a thing of beauty. Allow me to recap it for you, if only for my own pleasure: Starts left. Gets bottled up. Reverses field. Face-plants linebacker with stiffarm. Uses burst to get to the edge. Follows downfield blockers perfectly. Runs over two guys to get into the endzone.

    Pass Defense. Dead horse beaten.
    3rd quarter offense. I’m picking nits here, obviously.
    Fan apathy. Yes that’s right. It’s not because the fans weren’t rowdy. It’s because a significant amount of fans still refuse to participate like big-time college fanbases do. Lot of opportunities for everyone to chime in on a “Lets-go-Pitt” and “PI – TT”. Lot of opportunities missed. If i’m grading us out, then i’m grading us at 25- 50% participation rate, even during the celebratory moments (except for maybe once or twice). Embarrassing. I’ll continue to challenge the fans at the game to participate like an actual college fan base. It doesn’t have to be at the top of your lungs, and it really does make the game more fun. Nard-Dawg has taken the team to another level. Maybe we should too.


  72. Greatest Games:

    You’ve got to throw in the last-ever game at Pitt Stadium on National TV, where walk-on LB Scott McCurley intercepts the Irish QB in the 4th quarter to seal the game and the fans rush the field. That one should at least get honorable mention.


  73. @gc..JC needs 2 more TDs to set the all-time ACC record and he did it by playing 2 years and sparingly in the 1st 4 games this year as he continued to recover from the affects of the life-saving treatment..says a lot about the young man and the HORSES blocking for him..with MC’s offense he is now a threat through the air…what an exciting year, especially on the offensive side..never seen anything like it and the forward pass was not invented until after the 4th game,,,Let’s Go Pitt


  74. AtlantaP..I was at the last Pitt game at Pitt Stadium..what woulda made that game even more memorable – charging the field and stuffing Steve Pederson’s ass in that box (idiot captured the PITT spirit in a phucking box-to be opened later at Three Rivers/Heinz) and thrown into the Mon River……


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