POV Podcast: Ode to Joy

Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.

(Ralph Marston)

Especially when you are facing having to stop a great 9-0 conference opponent on a 4th and 1 play with 58s left in the game. 

The game we won, and that Pat Narduzzi coached, against a powerhouse of a team in #2 ranked Clemson last evening is one that will be felt nationally in the ripple effects that a Top 10 loss brings… and will be felt even more locally as it dispelled doubts that our head coach, Pat Narduzzi, could bring home a win from a large underdog status.

And how sweet was the way he – and his staff and players – did it? With cool determination from the HC to some wonderful playcalling by the OC Matt Canada we overcame issues on the field that would have sent other teams to the watery depths.

 For that we can thank SR Nate Peterman and rsJR James Conner for their grace under pressure.  Peterman had a career day with 20 of 37 for 308 yards and 5 TDs with no INTs. That my friends is a 167.6 QB rating for the game.  Yes his passes weren’t long bullets but he was effective as hell. 

 So was his backfield mate Conner with 132 yards at a 6.6 ypc clip.  Thank you to both of them!

 BTW – Peterman is now #16 in the NCAA in Passing Efficiency with 152.5… last year he was 44th with 138.6.


Here are some stats more to enjoy…


From the POV Prediction Article:

 “As I wrote earlier the only silver lining I see with the passing situation tomorrow is Watson’s 10 INTs to date.  If we can get two or three INTs and/or fumbles and maybe a Pick-6 out of him then we may have a fighting chance to keep the game closer than Clemson would like going into the 4th quarter.”

 Onto the next two games at home – we can beat both Duke and Syracuse regardless of how many yards they pass for… after all we just won a game where we gave up 580 in the air. 🙂

81 thoughts on “POV Podcast: Ode to Joy

  1. I was there and loved every minute of it!
    Clemson fans were really complimentary after the game. One told me if they had Peterman, they would’ve won by 20.


  2. Great day to be a panther! My enthusiasm is renewed. JC is so overwhelmingly great. This win is just what ALL of us needed. Program, players coaches, university and fan base. A resounding



  3. Great to see the great mood you’re in this morning Reed. A win changes one’s perspective for sure and hearing your story talking to Kevin about dealing with the porous PITT passing defense was very telling. It is what it is. Nice job”’

    Reflections and random thoughts:

    Whiteheads broken arm is a bummer, hopes he bounces back and heals up completely. Speaking of Jordon, Even though we all know it, the play (fumble) should not have been reversed by the letter of the rule. It should have been called a TD from the beginning but I don’t buy the argument that it was the right thing to do. Doing that ruins the spirit of the rule believe it or not.

    Never in my life have a listened to a broadcast that was negative of a coach like I listened to yesterday. Griese and rightfully so constantly told us how Narduzzi was a great defensive mind and all but then, said he’s never saw such stubbornness and poor technique. This spilled over to clock management and they continued to ridicule Narduzzi.

    Yes, I couldn’t help but think when the 48 yard field goal from Blewitt was good, they both had to feel at least a little stupid. Narduzzi had roped more then one dope! and didn’t he say that PITT’s defense sickened him?

    Jarrett’s injury just may have been a blessing in disguise? Well many thought that Taleni may have been looking to leave, maybe the playing time for both parties will convince him to stick around? Su hope so.

    Aaron Matthews impressed me yesterday and he doesn’t look as skinny as I first thought. He is going to be a big player for PITT, watch out for him.

    Quadree Henderson not returning kick-offs only one or two yards deep? This could be a good thing and he may be just doing what the coaches want or is he worried about fumbling?

    Again, the offense, not the defense cost PITT the OSU, UNC and VT games. Oh what a couple first downs would have done for this great season?……. imo!………………..ike



  4. I agree Clemson fans were good and mentioned they were winning by the slimmest of margins but in shock they lost, that was a devastating loss for them.

    Again the offense wins another for them, I disagree Ike the offense has kept them afloat all season, we scored a lot of points against UNC, VT and OSU the defense made some plays but they still are way too inconsistent and another record setting passing day for the opposition.

    A great win for the Panthers and a signature win hopefully it picks up enthusiasm for the next two home games and recruiting.


  5. My one-singular issue with the “Outside Factors” last night was solely that that Shawn Levy (doing the play-by-play) would not say ‘PITT’ and said “Pittsburgh” all game. Brian Greise (color-guy) at least clearly had the respect+understanding to say “Pitt” lol.

    I love how hype this has made so many posters and @Reed!! — ENERGIZED You guys! — But this game is like the US Hockey Team (also severly undermanned back in those days) beating the Russians in 1980 – that Famous Moment was not actually even a Medal-Game and there was a lot of Hockey still to play against good teams to get the Gold — Pitt Football, Pat Narduzzi & co., and these Seniors gotta Finish The Mission and win-out the next games strong!

    Nathan Peterman was a HERO last night. 🙂 I Highly Doubt he Drinks Alcohol!!! — but I’m sure he would never need to pay for a drink in the 412 ever again!


  6. ^^^ @Reed What Brain Griese was trying to say very clearly was that THE D-BACKS ARE BEING COACHED TO TURN AROUND when they are in position and **He didn’t comprehend why they weren’t turning around when they were “In-Phase” (his words for ‘stride-for-stride’) because that is what he knows Pat Narduzzi coaches.

    Again Brian Griese (won a National Title at QB at Michigan and played 11 seasons in the NFL) was also bashing the d-backs for lack of talent and execution and he even conceded that he doesn’t know what Pat Narduzzi could do besides Replace Them.


  7. Listen to the podcast again. Reed explains the DB’s are Not to turn around unless they are pretty much right body to body with the WR. I think they are doing what they are coached and I see DB’s becoming better coverage corners as the year goes on. It is frustrating to see the underneath so wide open though….but boy oh boy I’ve seen a lot of great throws and catches this year by the opposition.


  8. Did anyone see Sports Center this morning? They interviewed HCPN. During the interview they showed a clip of Mark May and Mack Brown watching Blewitt kick the winning FG. May came out of his chair in excitement over the win. Then May joined the interview. What a great 5 minutes of pub for Pitt.


  9. GREAT GREAT WIN. Cant wait to get to the podcast tomorrow but work calls. This issue of turning around fascinates me as turning sooner could lead to a lot more breakups or interceptions, wanna hear what Narduzzi and staff have told you. AS much as NP can drive me crazy when he gets cold on high and low passes he has the leadership to bounce back when he has to which is why true FR like McV could not pull out a win in a place like Life after Death Vallley. HAIL TO PITT. GREAT GAME GUYS.


  10. Great win! Just read the article, will listen to the Podcast later. Too many things to do today!

    Was at the game in the upper deck and was great to hear the Pitt fans cheering. Pitt fans could learn a lot from the way Clemson fans treated us after their loss. Gracious and polite. Hopefully we all were just as gracious and polite winners!

    Will watch the game on DVR later but it appears that we had five people in coverage multiple times. The linebackers were dropping back in coverage more frequently than in the past. Hopefully Narduzzi and Conklin are learning! Coach Canada continues to cover the faults of our defense.

    Does anyone else wonder why Clemson didn’t pass on the third and one at the end of the game? Surely they could have a completed a little dink to get the first down and ice the game.


  11. All season long I have believed that the Pitt kids are very scrappy. They have D1 talent at many positions, especially on offense. On defense the talent may be thin but the kids still hit hard and give their all and IMO are still D1 players, just not as great as some of the other teams have. Remember they had four stops in the fourth quarter, two punts and the last two were game breakers for Clemson, the INT and the 4th down stop.

    Canada called a great game and the Peterman kid did not crack. Conner is a miracle kid. What a player! The affection and the coaching confidence buildup for Blewitt in the first half by Coach Narduzzi turned out to be a terrific coaching move. In the end, what transpired turned out to be right out of a Hollywood sports movie, especially the kiss.

    Yes, I think of these players as kids. IMO they are not the big time pros that too many college football fans think they are. They are a few years out of high school, still learning that the great talent they showed in high school has to be measured now in terms of other great players out of high school. It is a shock of recognition that some of them are able to overcome, and for others it beats them.

    Pitt’s kids are out there putting up with the ridicule of giving up a lot of passing yards. The coaches are still trying to coach them up. The kids are still trying to catch up. Six times they have been successful this season. Three other times the games were still there for the winning at the end.

    This game will live on in the memories of all who played it, coached it, and saw it. Savor it. Great job, Pitt. If their growth continues, these kids of Pitt WILL become Men of Pitt. Hail to Pitt!


  12. Anyone have a link to the Sports Center Narduzzi interview?

    Great game and win. Can’t wait ’till we are better at deep pass protection.

    Hope Narduzzi and people in the AD are thinking of how to keep Canada here for a long time


  13. Taleni is definitely the unsung hero of the game. Glad we have him for next year.

    How about Weah’s one hand grab down the sidelines, in a game of great plays that one still stands out.

    Brightwell makes the first of what will be many splash plays as a Panther.

    Peterman goes from so so to legendary in one game.

    OH Canada! What a hire.Brilliant game plan.

    Hope Clark is all that because he has some huge Orndoff shoes to fill.

    Aston deserves a nickname, the bowling ball with great hands.

    And yes thank you to the coaches and Henderson that decided not to run out of the end zone against a very speedy team.

    James Conner the best run with the best stiff arm ever, he buried that guy.

    Kissing Coach Narduzzi, Priceless!


  14. Allen Edwards made a great play on the third and one too. Sliced right through clemsons line and took their RB gallman’s legs out from under him for no gain to set up the 4th and 1


  15. Good podcast Reed, you asked about the Syracuse QB (Eric Dungy). He did not play in Cuse’s game yesterday against the Wolfpack and they predictably lost 20-35. He’s also listed as ‘Questionable’ with a head injury for next weeks game against Fla. State. Must be some sort of pre-cautionary concussion type thing. So maybe if we’re lucky he won’t play against us either…. as if they lose against Fla. State there’s no way they can get 6 wins and become bowl eligible. So they just might decide not to risk it and shut him down for the rest of the season.


  16. If PSU can get put into the AP Top 25 after beating OSU, then PITT should also get moved into the AP Top 25 for beating Clemson


  17. Pitt broke a 21 game home Clemson winning streak yesterday which stretched back to 2013. As well as a 45 game winning streak they had against unranked teams. And a 15 ACC game winning streak.

    “You just got to take your hat off to Pitt, their team, their coaches,” said Dabo Swinney, who lost at home for the first time since 2013. “They hung in there and they made the plays when they needed to make them.

    “This one is on me.”

    “At the end of the day, it’s all about finishing,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said. “It’s my job to put us in a position to finish, and I didn’t do that. Where it starts and stops is with me.”


  18. Oh but for about 3 points and an OT loss at OSU we win NC, OSU and VT and are looking at a premier bowl and are looking at an 11/1 season. UFB. Now lets all get behind the team and the coaches and turn out for the last 2 games Duke will be out to Clemson us for sure. For once Pitt gets on prime TV and wins big. H2p


  19. PITT certainly deserved the win but finally a few breaks went their way. Going on the fourth down AND running the ball was very ill advised. Or just plain slightly stoopid. < (good band)

    Am I allowed to criticize the other teams coach on here?


  20. What’s very interesting (at least to me) and I think I posted this the other week when Ohio Fake lost.
    But it seems like every year they have an unexpected loss, then all hell breaks loose and a bunch of other highly ranked teams lose. That then gets them back into the National Championship picture.

    Jerry Palm over at CBS Sports has the Bucknuts now in the 4 team playoff.

    I mean who would have thought Iowa. coming off the beating they took from the Pedo’s, had any chance of beating Michigan.

    I guess I’m going to start calling this strangeness the Ohio Fake Effect (sort of like Lake Effect snow) 🙂


  21. Don’t know if anyone else saw the on field video showing the team while the game winning kick went through the uprights. As players and coaches ran onto the field in celebration, James Conner slowly walked over to the bench and gave a big hug to someone sitting there by himself. He appeared to whisper a few things into the ear of the person sitting there.

    As he stepped away, you could see that it was Jordan Whitehead sitting on the bench with his arm immobilized. What a great young man James is. The biggest win in 10 or 15 years, and his focus was on saying something inspiring to a fallen teammate, rather than immediately celebrating the victory. Amazing.


  22. One of the best sporting events I’ve ever witnessed and I was blessed to be able to do it with my three sons by my side! As noted above, the Clemson fans couldn’t have been more gracious both before and after the game. I really think they all knew that they were long overdue for their lucky streak to end and thank God it happened for our Panthers on national TV. And why oh why Dabo tried to run the one yard when Clemson could have thrown a pass on every single down and gained 5 yards each time is beyond me. Thanks Dabo!

    If I have to have one complaint it’s that the game took FOUR hours from kickoff to completion and it was a long drive home to Charleston. Think about that for a minute. One hour of actual football and three hours of other stuff.



  23. Great game great teamwork great coaching. Now we continue for two more games. We are on way up and time to get on the train H2P. See you next week for Duke game


  24. Cool thing about the Jeter Tweet – no cuss words…or at least I couldn’t hear any. No f-bomb, no holy sh#%, just a little oh my God.

    @Bobby, I’d put up with a bunch of those drives for each and every win like yesterday.


  25. Makeshift defensive line comprised of beasts.
    Allen Edwards and the Happy Hawaiian were stars on the last two defensive plays.
    Bodes well for the next two games.


  26. I hope Pitt can capitalize on this moment. Remember that Cornhole extended Wanny and then fired his ass a few years later. I dont believe Nard Dog deserves an extension based on one game, but we need to build momentum for next year. And games like this help. National TV. Confidence. Validation that Pitt is on the right path.


  27. Reed Peterman still had 8.1 ypa. That’s not too shabby. That includes at least three stuffed shovel passes and at least two drops (Orndoff and Weah) downfield.


  28. Dark Knight,

    I like that analogy to the ’80 US hockey team. Pitt needs to follow this up with a win over Duke to validate this season.

    Three cracks left to meet or exceed last year’s win total.


  29. Emel… thanks for posting that Greenville paper… not one word about PITT and how we matched them blow for blow and we had 4 freshmen on D.. Pitt gave up some big pass plays as expected but kept the short reception YAC in control.. and stuffed the run game reminiscent of the game in Chapel Hill … the CBS namely Jackson and Hamlin ( sounds like a law firm) are steadily improving not perfect but progressing..they have covered future NFLers the pst 2 games and the times they were beaten will serve to motivate in the off season..

    @ JoeL… saw your post on the last thread.. regarding your Dr Tom question- he always smiles and can do so when BSing, drinking beers 🍻 and bourbon or smoking a victory cigar… he is the eternal optimist and the glass is half-full kinda guy.. his glass is more half-full today than it was 36 hours ago..Celebreties I ran into – Sam Clancy.. talked with Pat Gallagher and asked him to put the chorus back into the PITT Victory Song- he told me he did not know they were missing?????? Talked with Scott Barnes and suggested PITT goes replica Dorsett/Marino unis/ he assured me they will replicate those unis in 10 years
    Clemson peeps are great… started the game with a prayer to the Lord our God over the public address system.. the prayer ended with a prayer for rain as the area has been without rain for 90 days.. we traveled in smoke from wildfire in the area for 60 plus miles thankfully the air was clear for the game… when we awoke this morning and went outside..you guessed it .. it was ☔️


  30. I told my wife after the Miami game that we were still going to Clemson ( she figured I would give up on the gut wrenching season) I told her I wanted to sit in a REAL college FB atmosphere and at some point on this side of the grass I wanted to feel the earth shake like I did in the 1970 PITT comeback vs WVU..and “I Felt the Earth 🌏 move under my feet🎤
    Also met new Assoc AD Bob Heller- he went car to car in the parking lot and table to table
    At the University sponsored tailgate talking to fans- very personable fella


  31. I want to apologize for all my bitching and moaning on these boys( with the exception of Webb) The play hard and continue to grow. Going to miss the kids who move on after the season..the play hard and I am sure our opponents who have been victorious know they have been in a battle.
    This offense gets better and better .. the OL can run and pass block opening the playbook.. so many ways to attack a D even without NFL caliber QB n receivers.. Remember we did very little passing the 1st 4 games and lost 2 …against Clemson over 30 passes.. talk about growing the “O!!!”


  32. Once ran into Sam Clancy and I just said hey, I used to watch you and think you are one of the greatest. He put his big hand out to shake and said. “Nice to meet you, I’m Lawrence Taylor” We both burst out in a laugh out loud moment. True story and one of the few athletes I truly admire.


  33. Need to get butts in the seats on Saturday, NO EXCUSES!! He’ll go on stub hub-tickets starting at $6. If not after that win on Saturday, WHEN???


  34. UPitt, So sorry about your Mom. Glad your Dad was holding her hand and your family was there when she passed. It’s tough but it happens to all of us. God Bless. OPFM


  35. WTF, I’m psyched and settled in to watch one of Pitt’s greatest wins of all time and the stupid idiots at Root Sports preempt the game for a stupid game coached by RichRod. I’m sick of Root never coming through with the Pitt replay. The last time the replay started over an hour late because of stupid Div III game. What the hell is up?


  36. Jackagain
    When I tried to register for ESPN3 it asked for a credit card but promised no charge would be put on the card. It sounded fishy to me. Do I have to provide a credit card to watch ESPN3? Does anybody know how to help a tech challenged old man watch a Pitt replay?


  37. No way you need a credit card Tax, just keep hitting the game you want. You do have to unofficially sign up though to ESPN3………better yet pay the extra dough for a DVR and tape the games that are televised. It’s well worth it.


  38. emel – I would love it if Pitt pulled the Pinstripe. NYC is fun anytime of year.

    Folks – I’m already worried about a letdown vs Duke. Wasn’t gonna go unless we took 1 from VT, Miami or Clemson. Thought we’d get by VT and lose the other 2. Who knew?! Anyhow, I’lll be there Sat and hope we get a decent crowd. We could use a much better turnout than the pathetic showing vs VT!


  39. For those that can’t make it to the game next week, ROOT Sports Pittsburgh is scheduled to carry the Duke Pitt game at 3PM this Saturday.


  40. Would not be at all surprised to see a let down vs Duke after such an emotional victory.

    Whitehead is a big loss, shame about Watt and Moss, both guys were coming on. Also Soto is pretty banged up.

    Can’t say enough about this offense, kept waiting for them to peter out, but they had the answer every time.

    The defense gave up a ton of passing yards but had THREE interceptions and a gigantic fourth quarter stop. Not to mention the disputed goal line stop and TD that was taken away from them.

    Lewis, Maddox, and Brightwell each with probable touchdown saving catches. Brightwell with the great run after catch.

    We even overcame uncharacteristic drops from Orndoff and the usual from Weah and a fumble by Peterman.

    A game for the ages which no one saw coming, c’mon Huff, fess up.

    As bad as our lines played last week, they were that good this week. Although still no pressure on the QB, we still got one satisfying sack.

    There was one thing that helped us immensely that hasn’t been mentioned. Deshawn Watson was unable to run. One of their greatest weapons was inoperable. Probably the difference in the game.


  41. Just getting back to reality after 4 days in Clemson.

    Clemson fans are an amazing group of folks. We weren’t in the lot for 5 minutes and had 2 Clemson fans welcoming us. Throughout the day we were asked to take pictures with several Clemson fans and we invited to many, many tailgates. Everybody was handing out shot, beer or just making us feel like family.

    I can’t add anything to the game except it is a bummer Whitehead is done for the season. Hopefully he can heal and be ready for next year. I sat next to a student who works for the team at a restaurant at the airport yesterday and he confirmed a broken radius and ulna.


  42. This Panther team is currently playing with a patchwork of players, some of which, like Aston, weren’t even on scholarship when they joined the roster. And what does this bunch of 2nd & 3rd stringers who were buried on the depth chart do? They take down a #2 undefeated Clemson at Death Valley! $hit like that only happens in dopey screenplays for some sports movie, not in real life.

    Reed loves his stats. The probabilities of wins & loses usually parallels the obvious. The better teams with the consistency to produce those killer stats, game after game are the Victors most of the time against inferior foes. That’s just the way it is, especially when that inferior foe is just going through the motions and lacks the spirit to produce something special.

    This current Pitt team is no longer associated with anything from previous SOP. I’ve been preaching this sermon ever since Narduzzi went on his “Panther Prowl” campaign at the beginning of his tenure last year. This guy is the epitome of a inspirational college football coach. Narduzzi has knowledge, he has perseverance but most of all he has passion! Many ridiculed his emotional displays on the sidelines during recent games but not me, that is just who this guy is.

    College football is a game fueled by emotion and momentum. It ain’t the NFL where full grown men are punching the clock, earning their million+ paychecks to support their families. College football is played by a bunch of kids that are just enamored by the game itself and who are passionate about playing it.

    Motivating such young men to reach beyond their own perceived potential is a key ingredient in what separates a good college football coach from a great one.

    Narduzzi will prove out that he will in fact be a great one. What he produced on Saturday with his ragtagged bunch of replacements was nothing short of remarkable. Coach got his players to play beyond what statistics alone can demonstrate. Narduzzi got his players to play “inspired” football on Saturday. That only occurs when you have captured the minds & hearts of your players. Only when they have been convinced that what Coach has told them about the confidence that he has in them is sincere.

    That is why this team is going to be a team to be reckoned with very soon. Narduzzi loves this team and this team loves playing for Narduzzi. He gets 100% out of his players all of the time. This Panther squad has no quit in them and they are learning how to win. As Coach said after the game, “guys you will remember this game for the rest of your lives”!

    I love this team and Coach Duzz too. My Panther Pride has never died! Hail to Pitt!


  43. Very nice Doc and you sound like how I think. My confidence began to soar the day Chancellor Gallagher came to PITT as the PITT football savior. It went higher when steve was shown the door and left the atmosphere when Pat Narduzzi was hired. I like Barnes as well but he hasn’t moved my needle just yet.

    There is something going on down in Oakland that is actually tangible, you can sense and feel it. If some wants to dig up the pre-season predictions I think many would be surprised at the cautious approach most took. I didn’t really want to give a record but I did. (7 or 8 wins) but to me it was more important to see with my own eyes what kind of product PITT and the coaches would send out onto the field. As well as be competitive in every game. I haven’t been disappointed each week (except maybe Miami) and this team actually puts a smile on my face when I see the effort they all put into this collaborative project. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I have always believed in HCPN and figure he knew what he was doing all along. He did! Some of us got it from the start and it’s been a fun ride and it’s great to see others are “Beginning to see the Light” < “Velvet Underground”



  44. Glad so many Panther fans, including POVers had a wonderful time at Clemson’s Death Valley and were treated well. I cant wait till I retire, 4yr2mo, and I can join you all in traveling. Enjoyed the podcast, if you ever get a chance Reed I am very curious about this turning heads. If it is so taught it is rarely done. I am curious, if you can get an answer, how many times he thinks his players could turn back but don’t , in terms of percentage and what can make them do this.
    It was a wonderful game and gave us a glimpse into the future with Taleni and Brightwell making big plays. While JC is getting it back I hope he returns for his senior season as I think NFL teams would like to see more.
    Banged up or not there should be no excuse to lose to Duke and Syracuse. IMO we are going to have to grin and bear the YUUUUGE passing yards – and ACC record on Saturday. As the great Pirate Geno Cimoli said after the 60 World Series vs the Yankes “they broke all the records and we won the games”. Preliminary forecast chance of rain,ending at noon. See y’all there.


  45. BTW, watched the Steelers game yesterday and couldn’t help but notice the drop and heave from Prescott to Bryant several time and #1 pick Burns was all over him with his head, not turned around every time. There is such a thing of looking back too soon and or too late.


  46. Ike — Burns did turn his head around on one play, and Dez Bryant took off downfield while Burns was looking back. Dez got some separation and it resulted in a TD reception for about 50 yards if I remember correctly.

    Boulware for Clemson tried looking back on Orndoff’s long TD reception, and it resulted in a catch and and touchdown.

    I’m not saying a DB should never look back, but it’s a very difficult job they have. It’s not simple to know when you can get away with looking back and when you can’t.

    I did like seeing our DBs play off coverage more often, although it resulted in a ton of easy 8 to 10 yard receptions. So we still have up huge passing yards, but it took away some of the deep passing as the 2nd half wore on.


  47. I remember that play Newbk and maybe that is Narduzzi’s point? Great cornerbacks are not a dime a dozen for sure and they end up getting paid like that’s true.


  48. If Watson was hurt and couldn’t run, lets keep our feet on the ground and look at all the injuries Pitt had to overcome. Good W for team and coaches and it was great to hear Pitt fans cheering in the stands during the game an covering the field at the end. Hope Conner does come back but if not I think we have a Conner II in Ollison given half a chance. I think the espn announcers negativity was inspired by all the media types that beat on Trump for a year and now are eating crow. They think thats what the big boys do.


  49. Pitt Clemson game rebroadcast on Root Sports tonight (Monday) at 9. Just got a call from them saying they did not receive the game tape until this morning, hence the other game last night instead.


  50. Recommended reading at “Shakin’ the Southland.” Clemson’s version of Cardiac Hill…They need more PITT guys chirping in and providing comfort…hilarious…shell-shocked..can’t believe the were beaten by a “gimmick offense.” Pay’em a visit…..


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