POV Game Day Thread: Clemson

We love to expect, and when expectation is either disappointed or gratified, we want to be again expecting.  

(Samuel Johnson)

I’d say that fits us Pitt fans pretty damn well. And it is what we do so well.

When we lose a game there is next week’s match.  Have a poor season and there is always next year.   Lose a coach – the next one will be even better.  Lose an AD… well, you get the drift. 

What keeps us sane with those multiple expectations we have is the humble nature of people who care about and follow Pitt football. Yes, that is what I said.

We truly are a humble community and I’d say a group of like-minded people who are also pretty well grounded with those expectations.

Which brings us to the today’s 3:30 game against ACC conference leading Clemson and their lofty #2 national ranking.  We Pitt fans know we are going to lose this game.  Hell, even the Pitt fans who couldn’t bring themselves to formally pick  Pitt to lose chose Pitt to win with a caveat.

They did so with an explanation on why they had to do so even thought they are pretty sure we’ll see a “L” in that bad column tomorrow.

And this why I love you gals and guys and why I do what I do on here.  Whether we come out of the locker room and lay an egg or whether we see our kids pull another 13-9 again we’ll still love and follow Pitt football.

Is that a curse on us from some unseen demon from the underworld or is it just the way it is?  Maybe because we are so great in all the other aspects of our lives some Supreme Being takes one little part of our big hearts and stomps on it with glee on a regular basis.

I really don’t know – You tell me…

491 thoughts on “POV Game Day Thread: Clemson

  1. *Yeah….Pitt is gonna get LIT UP* tonight under the lights in SoCar* lol —- but like you said @Reed — everyone here will still **Love Pitt .

    Clemson right now is what Pitt fans are hoping Pat Narduzzi can build Pitt into. At the moment though — Talent Mis-Match Central.

    Hail to Pitt! — Pitt needs to focus in-on that 7-5 this year and finish off the last 2 home games.


  2. On XM 84 this morning in their review of the Pitt vs Clemscum game, they discussed Narduzzi’s stubbornness with his corner cover D and how he is losing with it in the conference with the best cast of QB’s and WR’s in college FB right now.

    The commentators stressed that Pitt will need to score a lot to overcome the CB play.

    Here’s hoping out defensive minded HC devises a scheme that surprises the tigers.



  3. Having a blast here, maybe I witness history or just an ass kicking otherwise it’s a beautiful football day!

    Emel I haven’t been arrested yet but the day isn’t over.

    I’m hoping for a competitive game. Off to my seat.


  4. Agee pii – I watched it again and meh……I also watched wiliams rake the face of lewis at the 25……but that was after lewis yanked the jersey at the 28……sounds loud there too! what an on campus atmosphere


  5. No camera angle showed the ball cross the plane, it thus cant be definitive . It is no coincidence Swofford is there. He was at VT. We are Yankees in the Confederacy.


  6. To be clear, there was no camera review that showed when the runner began to lose possession of the ball. As such they shouldn’t have reversed the call of fumble. Just saying. Ohh, and that completion to Mike Williams on the jump ball down the sideline….he raked Lewis across the head before gaining separation to catch that ball….they showed it on the break.

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  7. Hey look TD – after blowing a 3rd and long. I think I’ve seen this before – at NC – Ok ST – Miami – blah blah blah rinse repeat


  8. The last pass interference call was an overthrown pass. So some games they allow hand fighting and others they don’t. Horrible coverage by number 11….


  9. Could’ve been even better…ok, Pitt gotta come out from the half and get it going again. If they strike first, need to respond. If we strike first, it will be YUGE!!!


  10. the ref wouldn’t even look at narduzzi at the end of the half. the line judge had to run over and act like they care that the not-southern not-home not-favored not-top 5 playoff contender team’s coach is mad they screwed him again.


  11. “How does a goober/gomer like Dabo get the rashad’s and the tyron’s to come to redneck Clemscum”

    the weather and the hot girls and clemson isn’t exactly an academic powerhouse and obviously the players are treated like gods and get a very nice life outside of the hot girls plus they win a lot

    almost sells itself


  12. the weather for football in August thru mid October is god awful hot for football. Pittsburgh has much better wEATHER Football weather for those months.


  13. Surprised that the referee didn’t penalize dabo for yelling at him and triggering a bad memory of his parents yelling at him for making a bad decision when he was a child.


  14. Narduzzi is fine Oklahoma. He explained his teaching which makes sense. Players don’t turn heads they get penalties or the opponent catches it. Coaches don’t tackle, catch passes, hold or turn the ball over. They coach. These youngsters will be good in a year or two. Patience now, fun later.


  15. Aaron Mathews is a stud covering punts and wants to play physical. He should be in for Ford. He’s got to learn to play against the big boys at some point.


  16. Reed – in case you missed Dabo going nuts on the sidelines, cue the game tape up later in your studies to mid-3rd qtr. The big question I have, will the ACC fine him or give him a pass…?

    Pitt’s Canadian offense is missing in action during the 4th qtr – throw it deep – come on!


  17. Did you hear that Narduzzi? You are making Brian Greise sick the way you play defense. You see – when it is 3rd and 10 – you don’t play 15 yard off the receive. It sort of defeats the purpose. My University of Pittsburgh degrees taught me that math.


  18. Just got back from dinner….I heard we’re getting screwed….

    Great job showing up. This should give us some confidence either way.


  19. Typical Narduzzi. Defensive timeout that will come back to haunt twice. Once when they don’t stop the first down and once when they need it while driving late for points.


  20. Good time out – now throw the house at them – all out, no holding back. Make Watson uncomfortable now! It’s beast-mode IMO…


  21. Great effort by Pitt. No excuse for missing an extra point in D1 football. May cost us the game. We set a new QB record as Watson has thrown for 583 yes. Best in Clemscum history.


  22. granted I don’t watch every frickin college game, but i don’t remember tV announcers being so critical of a Head Coach……other than going way back….and they were hard on Foge.


  23. Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOVE THAT GRIESE!!!!!!!!! HAIL TO PITT!!!!!! PITT IS IT!!!!!!!!
    I’m off to a Deplorable Party – it dont get any better





  25. I am kind of upset to hear to “older” — “FEROCIOUSLY NEGATIVE guys try to comment because all they did is **trash on Pitt when times were hard which shows their Character 😦 😦 .

    #HailToPitt 🙂 🙂


  26. Do you think we’ll crack the top 50 this week?

    This one feels as good, if not better than the pedo state win.

    I still hate pedo state!


  27. Narduzzi gets his signature win or does he have to schedule and beat Alabama? You guys are on blogs and HCPN is making millions knowing what he is doing…..but I respect the amateur opinions.

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  28. A 9-0 4th quarter to win on the road against a #2 team. This same team should have beaten Alabama last year except for an onside kick. All we need to do is get a couple studs on the D-line and fix the secondary and look out…


  29. ——- Guys who say silly, Self-Insecure Stuff like, “Oh Pitt Sucks…..Pitt will never be good….we won’t ever be good with some $hitty 40,000 person ‘on campus stadium’, …etc” …. **The POSITIVE PEOPLE are the ones who comprehend PITT is a ture Sleeping Giant moving-on to the next level 🙂 .

    I honeslty do not comprehend how so many of the Negative Nancies here literally live their daily lives??? It must be super-depressing???? hahaha


  30. I’m not sure Pitt is a sleeping GIANT. But it is good for at least once since 13-9 that we are relevant. Its a long time in the making.


  31. this should be the lead story on every sportscast of the weekend. Has to help recruiting.If Pitt wins out, this will be a very good year. 8-4 with a win over #2 at Clemson stopping about 5 different winning streaks.


  32. Reed – you really used “idiot” to describe our HC – only negative I’d use for your Monday Morning article.

    Great win – YUGE!


  33. ……………@Reed ya gonna call any B$ here???? lol

    so many $hiz talkers so-hard now it’s all A-Okay????

    Emel 1981 is all….. you have no real tangible points anytime but you say Pat Narduzzi is full of crap all the time???

    Texas somthing always talks crap, and now he’s buying everyone at the Bar shots to celebrate the win???

    Man —- all good, but super-duper, “SUNSHINE” fans here!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol I actually think our Pitt Squad totally got ‘Lucky’ and coulda done many things to-ensure an easier win!!!

    —–Too Many, ‘Sunshine-Fans’ here, YIKES!!


  34. I guess the old rule that if you throw 70 times you lose…lol. Peterman, 308 yards, 5 TD, no ints. Watson, 580 yards, 3 TD’s but 3 ints.

    BTW, we won on national TV…another grand achievement. I wonder what that smug clown who wrote the Clemson blog has to say now. Yeah bozo….a rivalry is born….


  35. Darkie, please stop your shit. Pitt deserved to get lucky for once. No we werent the best team but we found a way to win. And I’m happy it wasnt SOP. There was probably a 10% chance for us to win today and we did. Much like the Cubs and Trump. Again everything always comes in 3’s. Pitt was the final 3. So go FUCK yourself.


  36. ^^^^ So many here are so SHORT SHIGHTED I understand why Pat Narduzzi is so irritated in Press Conferences, because sometimes I assume all my peers are like me—> **LIke I said I totally understand people being upset with Narduzzi’s Personnel decisons expecially —- but Super-Duper Fickle Fans even here just love or hate by pure ‘Macro-Results’ 😦 😦 😦 not comprehending in the minimum, that **ALL the details matter 😦 .


  37. TX Panther —- *You think SO SMALL TIME , Pitt “Deserved to get LUCKY” for once????**

    So Pitt is some tiny program that sometimes can get lucky??

    Dunno where your Head’s -at … But I know Pitt is on it’s way to being a Program more powerful than ‘Clemson’ has Dreamt of being. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  38. We have a lot of wounded guys and have gone 3-4 deep at some positions due to injury. That is an area that has been overlooked and plays into our inability to defend the pass better. Moss, Whitehead, Watts this game. Start looking at Duke tonight!!

    Great game guys! I really enjoyed todays game with each of you! Thank you.

    Upitt – We love you boyeee!

    Sportscenter is going to show pitt’s locker room post game….


  39. ^^^ Small-Confidence Older Guys, lolYou are so hyper-excited by ONE UPSET that you dont’ get the Bigger-Picture — Pitt Football is becoming a National Power…..

    —- “TX Panther”…and “Emel…1984 or whatever“…..want to hear —- OMG, Pitt WON! SO EXCITING! —- when the reality is, Pitt Football is in the ACC now, with TOP-TIER LEADERSHIP and is *ASCENDINGtrue apolgies if the older, JADED, guys feel left-behind!!! lol


  40. The Cosmos has been against Pitt for the past 30 years you ass wipe. Its about time that karma was on our side. What other signature win can you recall since 13-9? Get your ass down to Texas Darkie so I can kick you ass like Frankcan. Meet you on the corner of Abrams and Copper. You Fucktard.


  41. ^^^ “The Cosmos has been against Pitt for the past 30 years you ass wipe”

    Yeah … JADED as I said —- That’s in the PAST Pitt is in the NOW time to embrace how great the City of Pittsburgh is, and how GREAT the University is constantly Evolving, and GROW. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  42. my house is still going crazy! Tons of fun and still in shock.

    That said – I do have to eat a shit sandwich for my prediction. I deserve it.

    everybody on here needs to stay off each other’s ass tonight.

    Enjoy it and stop the fighting. save it for the eers and the Pedos.


  43. I said PSU win made my season and at the time I meant it. Hopes and raised expectations came after the very tough losses that followed and the VT loss made me ready to move on from football and the Yuge enthusiasm I had gained . Well, I am back on the ‘Duz wagon and may even try to make one of the remaining home games that I would’ve never considered. This team deserves OUR support.
    Yuge smile I can’t seem to get off my face. Screamed my ass off with wife and 15 yo son and 10 yo daughter watching the big screen together. Doesn’t get much better.



  44. You haven’t been knocked around, kicked in the balls and stabbed in the back enough…. if ever DK.

    So even though you don’t come on here to celebrate a victory with us but instead choose to attack other Pitt fans, I still don’t wish the last 3 decades of Pitt irrelevancy on you.


  45. ^^^^ Oh TX Panther if we meet in real-life YOU”LL LOVE ME 😉 😉 😉 hahahahha** — 🙂 c’mon 🙂 — Hail to Pitt 😉


  46. @ TX_Panther — 😉 a lil ‘friendly-ribbing’ isn’t a any question of loyatly!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    —- I’m just a Hyper Positive guy and I am so appreciative being around other Wonderful Pitt Supporters!!!

    Agologies if I EVER seem to be insulting I TRULY KNOW that the posters -here and everyone’s energy is Huge for the Pitt Program 🙂 🙂


  47. To redeem yourself, you must meet me at Billy Bobs where you will ride the bull and be subjected to toxic shots of Tequila. Only then can we make amends. Otherwise its a Texas shoot-out in the Stockyards. 🙂


  48. @TX_Panther……

    ….If it means anything… both TX, and the word “Texas”, Panther…and the underscore on the keyboard “_” — *will always be on my -vocabulary* 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  49. WOW did not see this coming, but glad it did! Penn State and #2 not bad. Too bad things in between kind of got away, oh what could have been.


  50. ^^^^ 🙂 🙂 I truly appreciate getting to read your thoughts on-here 🙂 🙂 ——– *BUT NOW, ANYTHING LESS THAN 8-4 IS A **FEROCIOUS DISAPPOINTMOINT, NO???* 😦 lol


  51. Very excited about win win. Great game great team effort. We are a better team than in sept hope all of you show support and come to the game next week to beat duke. I read this to be with Pitt fans. Today is a day for all to enjoy and not analyze. H2 P


  52. I was ready to write that our guys played their best game and still lost, and then this really happened.

    So happy for the seniors that have been through so much, a win that goes down in Pitt lore with 13-9, our first major upset on National TV in the ACC. Bigger than 13-9? maybe, certainly as unexpected.


  53. So proud of our Panthers!!!! UPitt, I guessing your mom must be a Panther fan and she’s grinning like the Cheshire cat right now. Hail to Pitt!


  54. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @Lamont Wade —- 😎please come to Pitt😎 Lol —- come be a 🔆STUD🔆 Difference maker in Pitt’s D-Backfield!!!!


  55. I took my Little Girl to Broken Bow, OK to get away before I head back home. We trout fished and my Cabin had a TV and box but didnt work. How fitting. If we got blown out this place would of had a 80 inch HD Big Screen TV.

    We did smores tonight and I told her the news. She loved her Nana so much.

    Great Win! I thought we would cover but Wow!

    Dallas is going down tomorrow and the Romo for Dak conversations will start.

    Thank you all for the kind things you said and prayers. My extended family and to those of you who texted Thank you. You helped me find peace. She is in a much better place and not suffering.


  56. @Upittbaseball:

    and I know they’re aren’t may movie-fanatics here in all-likelihood, but This Is Quite A Theme of Hope & one of my favorites 🙂 🙂 the Future is In-Describably Bright 🙂


  57. A couple of post game thoughts..
    * UPitt. …mom came thru today!

    I’ll be there anyhow l, but if Pitt really wants to draw more than 3o,000, wear the throw backs next 2 weeks… and tout it!!
    Erie… played golf today 53 degrees. Going back to your 60 degree floor!
    Tex… the next DK post I read will be my first. Suggest u do the same!


  58. ^^^ @Dan 72 HUSH!!! — DON’T BE A HATER YOU KNOW YOU READ MY POSTS!!! hahahaha

    an emotional night I think — some of my favorite soundtracks 🙂 🙂


  59. Basking in the glow tonight! What an upset and it was nice to upstage PSU once again with an upset of number 2 on the road. Usually games like this end in a million people texting me consolation but not today. I heard from people I haven’t talked to in years because they know what a faithful fan I am. Pitt fans needed this to restore the faith and know we are moving in the right direction. This could bring the type of positive momentum that 13-9 did 9 years ago. Hail 2 Pitt! Also I picked them to get creamed so I will gladly eat crow. Finally Canada is the best OC Pitt has had in a long long time.


  60. Pitt’s win over Clemson is the biggest upset over a top-4 opponent in the College Football Playoff era, based on FPI pregame chance to win.


  61. @emel1981 — You really don’t think Nathan Peterman has earned himself at least at free-agent spot in an NFL camp??? — lol


  62. Here’s one for ya UPitt..


  63. *I hope All Poster’s Lives’ here are WONDERFUL and all, truly —- but, Pure “Pitt Football” Talk ……..

    Pitt Football BETTER GO 1-0 NEXT WEEK!!!!


  64. Nah must be the 55.3% that I can see on 2nd down as I move the cursor. Can’t get the 3rd down to display now.

    PITT 51.6%
    2nd and 1 at PITT 45
    (0:41 – 4th) Nathan Peterman pass complete to Scott Orndoff for 21 yds to the Clem 34 for a 1ST down


  65. GOTTA GO 1-0 vs Duke next week#RaisedExpectations lol 🙂 8-4 or BUST 🙂

    —— Lamont Wade, Please Just Commit To Pitt!!! lol


  66. the quick strike to orndoff running down the seam that got pitt into field goal range is a play that has worked very well all year and i hope we see it several more times this year and a lot more than that in the years to come. if you’ve got a TE with some speed it can do some big damage as orndoff has showed multiple times this season.


  67. DK – Just back from a Deporable Party with some fellow Pitt grads. Dissent is the essence of democracy. As Emel said get over it. We bitch and moan and point out different good and bad things that catch our eyes and ears.

    Hell you called for NP to be benched and the redshirt to be taken off McV = some would call your moaning just hypocrisy In the end we are all Pitt fans. Perhaps if negative comments are too much for you you can go out to Oakland and march down the center of Forbes, Mayor Padildo can pat you on the head, you can go to your safe space and have hot chocolate and we can all stiffle dissent so nothing triggers you with microagressions.

    Grow the fuck up.Back in the old days at Pitt for us Oldtimers we believed in the right of people to express opinions. Proud to be an OLD Pitt grad, HAIL TO PITT ON A GREAT WIN. CONGRATS TO ALL THE PLAYERS AND COACHES.


  68. pitt’s first 10 offensive plays today against clemson’s very highly regarded defense resulted in:

    150 yards
    2 touchdowns

    on the first 10 plays

    that’s some 18 dimensional chess level of offensive football right there

    open up the checkbook for matt canada in the offseason, chancellor gallagher

    open it real wide

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  69. The margin of error is thin in CFB.
    The difference isn’t one or two plays.
    The difference is a state of mind….the size of the fight in the dog.
    PN has got to coach one defense. This isn’t basketball with 6 guys who really matter.
    PN is coaching (aka “teaching”) like great CEOs lead….he is building a state of mind.
    Our state of mind won for us today.
    It is far more than X’s and O’s.
    That is something the Todd Graham’s of the world will never understand.

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  70. Was at the game with 80000 screaming fans.. Clemson folks greeted with Southern hospitality and were gracious losers nearly everyone to a person congradulating us on the long walk back to the parking area…that said attedence to a Clemson game should be made mandatory for every Pitt fan “How to be a Fan 101”
    Great week to be a PITT fan and an American


  71. Lasso 3:30 PrimeTime National TV slot✔️

    Play in Death Valley on Clemson Senior Day✔️

    Punch Tigers square in the mouth right out the chute✔️

    Fight like angry Nard dawgs all game long✔️

    Get ripped off for a 14 point swing on a ACC Homer video reversal call✔️

    Have Blewitt miss a PAT and drill a FG attempt up a Pitt lineman’s ass to bring attention to his last name✔️

    Get the secondary to make 3 key INTS✔️

    Finally getting big time players, making big time plays in big time games✔️

    Bringing the game to a close with a final Blewitt FG attempt just for a little added drama✔️

    Beating an undefeated #2 team in the Country in their own house named “Death Valley” with a come from behind FG✔️

    Never ever quitting✔️

    Getting Coach Duzz his 1st Signature Win✔️

    Schooling Pitt fans that this team can never be counted out✔️

    Burying once & for all the SOP from the last few years✔️

    Having the opportunity to share in person with other diehard Panther fans like BigB the most exciting Pitt game in my 47 years of Pitt fandom✔️

    Having this victory inherit the “very best Pitt game I ever saw in person” title, over #2 Choice, Dorsett’s NCAA record breaking performance at Annapolis over Navy & #1 Choice, Pitt’s NC win in the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome over Georgia,,,,, PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    It’s tuff being a Pitt fan. Heartbreaking defeats are more common than what I witnessed yesterday by far. But that Panther Pride I possess has never died. Narduzzi is going to get it done here in Pittsburgh. Hail to Pitt. Burn those Cathedral Victory Lights brite!


  72. And btw, big congratulations to EE on the prediction…not perfect, but damn good!!!

    Did anyone go out to meet the team arriving back last night? I bet Blewitt got more kisses than just PN’s.


  73. tvax1 – thanks for the shout out on the prediction victory – lol. I copied it below in case anyone missed it – yea right!

    Erie Express
    November 12, 2016 at 5:47 am
    Pitt with a 41-38 win as C.Blewitt kicks Clem’s son in the tiger and Pitt sneaks out of Death Valley with their “bowl eligible” lives in tact.

    Hamlin and Whitehead make a few plays in the secondary and the others don’t. Brightwell and Wirginis play many more minutes and make many more plays than the starters. Taleni becomes the Hawaiian Haymaker today with a YUGE game in relief of Jarrett.

    Our Canadian O becomes our best D by sustaining long, clock eating drives all game, including the winning series as time expires.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?


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  74. There is a connection between PN kissing Blewitt and him choosing to stay and coach MS against Baylor. It’s that PN is a quality human being who genuinely cares about his players. The kids was t really about settling Blewitt down. It was about PN caring about Blewitt. Every parent of a recruit should think about that.

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  75. Best game I have ever witness in person ever!! Fantastic Pitt win.

    Need to give major kudos to the Clemson fans. Most were very quiet. Some congratulated us on the win, but they always very polite and courteous. Hopefully some of this ACC decorum will wear off on Pitt fans.


  76. Doc – you are one of THE most optimistic Pitt fans I have ever run into and I enjoy reading your posts. I was shocked when I read Friday’s prediction from you, but I believe you were being a realist at that time. This morning’s post was spot on – well done!

    Dan 72 – Speaking of realists, I need some “free” advice on sales forecasting. My VP of sales gave me a lower than expected forecast for 2017. I reviewed with him what I thought the first qtr might bring and told him if that really happened, we’d book 1/2 of his full year by March. He told me he gave me what his team thought was “reality” – I told him I wanted his team to deliver an optimistic # – set the bar high and go for it.

    Am I wrong with my thinking as the business owner?

    Kind of like 10-2 -> looking back, we now know it was possible.


  77. Nice post, Dr. Tom!

    Amazing win! Not trying to get ahead of myself, but a 9-4 finish is not out of the question.

    That would be a hell of a result with this schedule, these injuries, and adherence to the defensive system when maybe something else would be better for this group.


  78. Erie, I was just about to say, you got a pretty magical crystal ball hidden in your basement. I just went back and read the posts from the prediction thread and was going to comment about how scary accurate your prediction was. Especially dropping Brightwell’s name.


  79. Hey guys I’m imagining Reed hustling down to beautiful downtown Columbia to record his podcast. What a great morning to listen to Mr Kolhberger. Although I know one tune he will still be singing. (Narduzzi’s stubbornness) but it ill never sound so good.


  80. @EE, it was worth the wait (prediction perfecting)
    @GC, thnxx

    @JohnTL, with you on the “decorum” hopes/expectations, outside of any PSU commentary or interaction


  81. Give Narduzzi some credit because he is learning as he gets more experienced … He could have overreacted to some of the calls against us in this game, but he didn’t lose his cool. Dabo, on the other hand, blew up and took it out on the refs, and that didn’t score him any points or get him in their good graces, if anything the refs made gave some of the later 50-50 calls to us.

    It’s easy to say, sitting on your coach, that you should not overreact in certain situations, and I’m sure at some point in the future the refs will make a call that causes Narduzzi’s blood to boil and he’ll go nuts, but today his demeanor (especially when contrasted with the opposing coach) contributed to the win.


  82. Pitt’s much maligned D held Clemscum, the #2 team in the country to ZERO points in the 4th qtr to post a come back victory.

    Time to bury SOP forever!


  83. EE – Great pick! Mine was similar. I took the 13-9 score and tripled it, calling for a Pitt 39-27 final.I can never pick against my team, sorry. That’s why they are my team!! I would rather be wrong with predicted win, then be right and take consolation that I picked a loss correctly. I can never reconcile doing that…..ever!

    Congrats to all those that attended in person. That is awesome that you could do it. A once in a lifetime experience. I want to thank the group gameday thread guys for keeping it lively during the game. We had terrific banter….except for some tough opinions on Nard and the qb..and the db’s and the lb’s and the rb’s and the wr’s and the kicker…lol!!! Reed, thank you for the outlet to have such fun and jocularity…..emphasis on jocularity!!! Well done fellas. This is what Pitt football is supposed to feel like!!!

    If you are Narduzzi, you need to be telling your guys that the victory last night means nothing if you don’t follow it up with a solid effort next week. Duke will be an interesting game because they too had an exciting victory when they were a big underdog, but against their rival. Both coming off emotional wins. Advantage Pitt because we are at home, but I am concerned with our injuries. We are 3-4 deep at some positions.


  84. UPitt – just picked up on the news about your mother. She will stay with you everyday for the rest of your life. Always remember the things she said or did that made you laugh or smile. Remember the wisdom she shared with you. It helps me and I believe it will comfort you.

    My deepest sympathy to you, your father, daughter and the rest of your family.


  85. BigB – come on man…you shortchanged us with that post.

    Details my brother details!

    Is it true that Dr Tom always smile?
    What was the drink of choice when you met?
    Did you curl any with Pitt celebs?


  86. Great comments on here on…….The Morning (day) After. Appreciate you guys sharing your game experiences. I was going to take BigB’s offer up, and wish I had. Glad to hear the Clemson fans were
    gracious in their loss. Maybe Clemscum is not appropriate, they sounded more like Southern gentlemen.


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