POV Game Day Thread: Clemson

We love to expect, and when expectation is either disappointed or gratified, we want to be again expecting.  

(Samuel Johnson)

I’d say that fits us Pitt fans pretty damn well. And it is what we do so well.

When we lose a game there is next week’s match.  Have a poor season and there is always next year.   Lose a coach – the next one will be even better.  Lose an AD… well, you get the drift. 

What keeps us sane with those multiple expectations we have is the humble nature of people who care about and follow Pitt football. Yes, that is what I said.

We truly are a humble community and I’d say a group of like-minded people who are also pretty well grounded with those expectations.

Which brings us to the today’s 3:30 game against ACC conference leading Clemson and their lofty #2 national ranking.  We Pitt fans know we are going to lose this game.  Hell, even the Pitt fans who couldn’t bring themselves to formally pick  Pitt to lose chose Pitt to win with a caveat.

They did so with an explanation on why they had to do so even thought they are pretty sure we’ll see a “L” in that bad column tomorrow.

And this why I love you gals and guys and why I do what I do on here.  Whether we come out of the locker room and lay an egg or whether we see our kids pull another 13-9 again we’ll still love and follow Pitt football.

Is that a curse on us from some unseen demon from the underworld or is it just the way it is?  Maybe because we are so great in all the other aspects of our lives some Supreme Being takes one little part of our big hearts and stomps on it with glee on a regular basis.

I really don’t know – You tell me…

491 thoughts on “POV Game Day Thread: Clemson

  1. *Yeah….Pitt is gonna get LIT UP* tonight under the lights in SoCar* lol —- but like you said @Reed — everyone here will still **Love Pitt .

    Clemson right now is what Pitt fans are hoping Pat Narduzzi can build Pitt into. At the moment though — Talent Mis-Match Central.

    Hail to Pitt! — Pitt needs to focus in-on that 7-5 this year and finish off the last 2 home games.


  2. On XM 84 this morning in their review of the Pitt vs Clemscum game, they discussed Narduzzi’s stubbornness with his corner cover D and how he is losing with it in the conference with the best cast of QB’s and WR’s in college FB right now.

    The commentators stressed that Pitt will need to score a lot to overcome the CB play.

    Here’s hoping out defensive minded HC devises a scheme that surprises the tigers.



  3. Having a blast here, maybe I witness history or just an ass kicking otherwise it’s a beautiful football day!

    Emel I haven’t been arrested yet but the day isn’t over.

    I’m hoping for a competitive game. Off to my seat.


  4. Agee pii – I watched it again and meh……I also watched wiliams rake the face of lewis at the 25……but that was after lewis yanked the jersey at the 28……sounds loud there too! what an on campus atmosphere


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