POV’s Monday Morning QB; 11/7/16

One of the nice things about Monday Morning QB is that I have two days to read the post-game comments on here and that helps to focus in on some things I might have missed during the game.

We lost to Miami on Saturday, 51-28 so we’ll start with the three negatives first:


* Preparations for the game.  Hey, we have to start with something other than our pass defense for once (although again…).

It looked as if Pitt was not as ‘up’ for this game from the beginning as they have been with the other games on the schedule to date.  Although when an opposing QB goes 10/10 and gets two passing TDs in their first two series it will dampen any enthusiasm the kids might have had coming out of the tunnel.

It seemed as if Pitt goes into every game determined to stick with a set game plan (the same plan for every team it appears). Where is the individual approach to each different opponent?

* Our run game vs their run game. This is supposed to be the ‘one dimension’ that the HC and DC keep talking about limiting the other team to.  Narduzzi’s stated goal for the team this season was to “run the ball and stop the run“.  Neither happened in this game.

Prior to Saturday Pitt has been rushing very well – we had 1984 net yards on 397 attempts for an average of 5.0 ypc and that’s good.  Our opponents had only 1004 yards in 297 carries for 3.3 ypc which is good defense on our part. 

However, the tables turned against Miami – we went 34/130 for 3.8 ypc and the Hurricanes bettered that with 178 yards on 36 carries hitting 4.9 ypc (but see below also).  The fact that we ran so much worse than our previous team average of 248 ypg, 118 yards less, made us rely more on the passing game.

Which brings us to #3 of the negatives…

* Peterman’s passing or lack thereof.  Set those rather decent passing stats aside (287 yards with 2 TDs to 1 INT) – Peterman had one of the worse games I can remember from him as he missed a slew of open receivers on passes that would have extended drives… then also threw a killer INT when we were deep in Miami’s red zone.

At the 8:05 mark of the 3rd quarter we were down by 13 points and sat with a 2nd down at the Miami 4 yard line. Peterman missed seeing an open James Conner in the right flat and instead tried to force the ball to the back of the end zone when a defender was sitting on our receiver.  It was intercepted of course, but what really stings is that had he just thrown the ball away we would have had one or two more plays to score at least three points but probably seven.

Now – on to the positive side. I really have to scratch my head to come up with something I can point to that we did well throughout the game. But here are some good things:


* Henderson’s return magic struck once again.  And it happened at exactly the right time to keep the ball game for being lost in the 1st quarter.  After Miami took the opening series downfield for a TD Quadree Henderson took the kickoff and went 100 yards to make the score 7-7.

Had he not done so  the score would have been 17-0 at the end of the 1st quarter and 27-14 at the end of the half.henderson-ko

As it stood with Henderson’s score we went into the 2nd half at 27-21 and feeling that we could still win the game. This is becoming a thing to watch for every time opponent’s have to kick to us… and even with his three return TDs this season teams still kick the ball to him.  Look at his average above – 33.8 yards per return means that he starts our offense out in decent field position almost every time he grabs a kickoff .

* Ryan Winslow’s punting.  His 44.6 average Saturday was very good and with that he pushed Miami back down the field – and was just about the only player or unit on the team who did that.  Here is his stat line:punt

The only two returns Miami had were off booming punts; one was a 48 yarder from our 24  that put Miami on their own 43 (15 yard return) and the other was a 53 yarder from our 16 that pushed Miami back to their own 38 yard line.

* Our Defensive Line play on run defense after the injuries.  Contrary to some reporters and fans, I think the DL was faced with both a decent running team and some hardships when interior DL Soto and Jarrett missed almost the whole 2nd half of play.  Soto did come back later in the game but our main run stopper, Tyrique Jarrett (Allderdice!!), was out for the duration.

Here is a hidden stat that shows how the DL handled the Miami running game in the 2nd half: over the first 27:48 of that period we held Miami to 43 yards in 13 carries – a decent 3.3 ypc average with mostly 2nd string DL players in the interior.

That was the case right up until Miami ripped off that 55 yard run to grab their last TD.  But if you look at the first half of the game and what Miami’s rushers did then it is pretty impressive on our part also – 80 yards on 22 carries for only a 3.6 ypc.

That 55 yarder kind of skewed things as big plays will do, but overall I think our two-deep DL did pretty well in the run defense side of things.

The pressure on the passing game was, unfortunately a different story.

On a separate note the Howard County MD Library System asked me to do a 60-90 minute lecture and Q&A on the US Coast Guard and my career in it. Here is the advertisment in their magazine – if any Maryland Pitt fans could attend I’d love to see you…

Semper Paratus: Adventure and History in the Tales of the U.S. Coast Guard

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Branch: Central Branch

Discover the missions, history, and achievements of the U. S. Coast Guard as Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger, USCG, Ret., imparts his knowledge and experiences from his 33 years of active duty service. Discussion includes his years at sea and his work in Search and Rescue, Emergency Response Policy, and Marine Safety Inspections.

Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger retired from the US Coast Guard in 2011 after 33 years of active duty. He was a “Mustang” advancing through the enlisted ranks to Chief Petty Officer, where he was the Operations Center Supervisor at numerous commands. He then advanced through the Warrant Officer ranks to Warrant Officer 4. The Coast Guard then awarded him a meritorious promotion to Lieutenant.

He was assigned into the Marine Safety field and became a Senior Marine Inspector. LCDR Kohberger retired out of Coast Guard HQ where he had been a Regulations Development Manager and the Coast Guard’s formal Nation State to Nation State Liaison Officer to the Makah, Quileute and Klallam Native Peoples tribes in the Puget Sound area.

*Registration is preferred by calling 410-313-7800.




80 thoughts on “POV’s Monday Morning QB; 11/7/16

  1. The Jester Weah drop at the end of the 2nd quarter was a huge play. If he catches it (right in his hands ), he probably scores. We would’ve been up 28-27 at half.


  2. Reed, I think you nailed it again.

    One more positive is the play of Aston, pretty special.

    Although overshadowed by his drop, Weah running all alone in the secondary was a thing of beauty and a rarity for Pitt fans, a blown coverage by the opposition.

    Short but sweet, a cameo from Hall, two nice runs

    Also nice to see Brightwell using his speed.

    Negatives, the greatness of Henderson has been tempered by his two drops in consecutive games. They really came at inopportune times as well.

    A really stupid call for a punter pass on 4th and long, too early in the game and too deep in your own end,
    thrown into double coverage. Ill advised and ill designed.

    The real negative is having to play Clemson next week.

    As an aside, I wrote that I didn’t like SP scheduling the home and away with OKST. That game could cost us a winning record and a bowl game. It will do nothing to fill seats next year. Most everyone tries to make their non-con easier because the conference is tough enough, but SP adds OKST when we already have PSU on the schedule. The gift that keeps on giving.SP

    OKST added nothing but trouble, no good for recruiting, have we ever had a recruit from OK or Nebraska for that matter. Really dumb.


  3. I chose to attend the Champions Tour event in Richmond this weekend and missed the game entirely. What a blessing. Having looked at the box score and read the accounts, it sounds like the best thing to do is put that mess behind us and focus on Clemson.


  4. So we rather play a gimme schedule like Schiano used to with Rutgers or Franklinstein with Vandy? The schedule is fine, I want to see Pitt play good P5 teams. PN needs to play the kids he’s recruited to have a fair evaluation of what kind of coach he is. That being said, this Miami loss hurts. They aren’t a good team.


  5. Damn gc – I had Aston in my notes for today also – he’s played very well all year. I’d like to see some runs with him carrying the ball and Conner blocking for him. Not at all bad for a walk-on.


  6. Mostly agree except for Pitt not being ‘up’ for the game. As pointed out above, if Weah doesn’t drop an apparent TD, we are ‘up’ at halftime.

    I believe the end zone interception was the final nail on a frustrating afternoon. After that, the emotional bank emptied.


  7. I know where this is going to go – but I agree with the piece Dokish wrote on his blog regarding where Narduzzi stands right now. That being said, I’m not saying he has been perfect and couldn’t have done some things better.
    The game wasn’t televised in my area and it was blacked out on ESPN3 so I didn’t get to see any of it. Sounds like we had a bad game and I’m glad I didn’t see it.
    I’m sick of all of the negativity though.
    We’ll see where we are at the end of the season.


  8. Reed: Pretty much nailed it, I shall try a different slant
    Positives 1) Team and coaching UNITY – they all sucked and came together to quit on themselves. UNITY . (also put this in negative column).
    2) the way we have played on defense all year we were due a blowout and perhaps Clemson will be overconfident enough to keep the score in the low 60’s.
    3) Geroge Aston

    Negatives 1) see 1 above.
    2) this puts us closer to the BBVA Cumquat Bowl which I hope has and exercises a right of first refusal clause.
    3) Wanny didn’t have a winning record until year 4 so…….. (Hey I’m trying).

    PS In our predictions is there a ceiling on how high we can go for Clemson?


  9. Piitastic, what is gimme about our schedule. OKST adds nothing and plays a different style of football than we do. They are a football factory and nothing more. In college ball you need some warm-up games, especially when you have been average or less for thirty years. There are no style points, wins and losses count no matter who they are against. BYU won a National Championship without playing more than a couple of real games. Our challenge is to win the Coastal, and putting butts in seats. OKST, does not help either way. A win against Akron and we would be bowl eligible right now. Much more important than having a tough schedule.


  10. So we’re okay going to a shitty bowl with a a smoke and mirrors schedule. I want a good team that will play anyone anywhere. We just have difference of opinion.


  11. Alabama plays W Kentucky, Chattanooga and Kent St. and USC for their Non-con

    The USC game was a college kick-off type thing.

    ESPN though so little of our game they didn’t even show the fourth quarter, when the game was tied.


  12. David Hood ‏@MDavidHood 39 minutes ago
    Ranked No. 2 in the coaches poll and No. 3 by Associated Press, Clemson will be the highest rated opponent Pitt has faced in nine years

    And I assume we got our butts kicked then …. (just kidding)


  13. The point is we don’t have a good team yet. I’d like a date with Jessica Alba.

    Playing in the ACC with PSU is not a smoke and Mirrors schedule.

    Playing in a shitty bowl is better than no bowl.


  14. I’d like to weigh in on the non-conf scheduling. I agree with “gc” on this topic. When scheduling non-conference, there are a few major things that I would want to maximize.
    1) a likely win to boost record
    2) access to a recruiting hotbed
    3) sell more tickets
    4) increase team visibility/profile

    Marshall and Nova get you a likely win. Penn State, ND, and WVU sell tickets. OK State doesn’t seem to accomplish anything except a good chance at losing.

    There’s no trophy for playing ten P5 schools. If Pitt replaces OKST with Buffalo on the schedule, everything is exactly the same…except that Pitt is 6-3 instead of 5-4.

    When Pitt is ready to compete for national titles, sure, schedule up to ensure that you can get in at 13-0 or 12-1. Right now? Stack winning seasons together and try to sell progress, even if a minority of close observers can see through it.


  15. Thank you Provo.

    How is Clemson #2-3,PSU #12, UNC #15-18, VT #18-23 plus Miami, a smoke and mirror schedule?

    OKST added nothing.


  16. Positives
    The Season is mercifully ending for the worst Pitt pass Defense EVER !

    We might qualify for a joke bowl game still.


  17. Temple is quietly having another good season. 1st place in the AAC East at 5-1 and 7-3 overall.

    They had a lot of kids graduate off of their excellent defense from last year, so this is surprising.
    They might have surpassed us as 2nd best team in the State of Penna.

    And they get treated with more respect from the the Eagles and Lincoln Financial than we do by the Stillers and Ketchup Bottle.


  18. GC, you have finally come around to my way of thinking on scheduling. Steve P heard that in order to get into the football playoff, the committee would take who you played into consideration. What Pederson forgot was that in order to be considered you need only lose one and maybe 2 games per year. So the idiot goes out and schedules difficult opponents when we need wins.

    Pittat has it all wrong. It is not smoke and mirrors. At a minimum, you play two cupcakes, one toss up and one difficult. Three easy ones is better. Recruits do look at wins and losses when making decisions. WVHigh and Dairy College execute the same easy schedule each year and no one talks about it because it doesn’t matter. It’s a game and Peterson failed miserably!!


  19. Negatives: #1. tackling..damn poor for most of the team the whole game highlighted by that 55 yd Miami TD run..Webb is the poorest tackler in the DBs. Whitehead whiffed a few times.
    #2. Dropped ball by Weah, INT at the most inopportune time by NP with plenty of time to survey the field, fumble by QH .
    #3. Lack of a running game..dumb OL penalties, bad snap, JC-QA running into each other in the backfield and NP getting on JC for that mistake..don’t remember seeing JC too much after that..
    #4 Honorable mention..Duzz needs to show more emotion on the sideline. WEBB= GET HIM OUTTA THERE

    Positives…#1 George the Animal Aston- nuff said. #2 Maddox, Hamlin and Brightwell played fairly well in the backfield. Replacements on DL held their own til that 55 yard run by Miami #3. Reeves committing to PITT

    Win the last 2 and we are bowl eligible and will forget most of the “downs” this season heading into the bowl game.


  20. Negatives from me:

    The combined sloppiness’ of this PITT team. This includes: penalties, turnovers, poor tackling, and the over-all lack of effort. Narduzzi gets a D- for the game. The players get the same grade.

    Once again, negative plays on first downs. Canada is included in the poor effort from the coaching staff.

    Weah’s drop and Henderson fumbling again. Stuff happens during a game but shouldn’t happen every game


    The game is over

    Brightwell, Wirginis and yes even Mitchell who I at least saw around the ball and making some plays. Where was Caprara and Galambos and Webb played completely out of control? MIA again.

    The game is over.


  21. @Reed Speaking of game day coaching, did Pitt call a timeout after a 3rd down incomplete pass by Miami just prior to halftime and about a minute on the clock? I think Miami was inside their 30 yard line at the time. I only watched a few minutes of the game and I thought this occurred just as I turned the game on. I just found it odd at the time. Glad I missed this stinker.


  22. Narduzzi posted first team defense for this week. A lot of ors on list. Interesting fact was whitehead listed as or his play speaks for itself. He had 5 solos 4 assists last week and 6 whiffs on running plays. As many passes thrown against them last week he should of had 20 tackles. Watch replay on root. Even the big dog rattling the pound for guys to step it up. Duke game 3 ocklock kickoff. We have big timers announcing this weeks game with Gries and Todd McShay. I’m sure they will build up Clemson


  23. Negatives:
    1) Coaching:
    * going for it on 4th and 10 from our end. There is a time and a place for taking risk, and this wasn’t it.
    * punting on 4th and 5 down by two touchdowns with 3 minutes left
    * not being conservative on 3rd and 10 from the 20 to ensure a field goal – Peterman takes a 20 yard sack which leads to missed field goal
    2) Offensive line not finishing blocks for run game
    3) Peterman’s inaccuracy combined with critical drops and boneheaded penalties

    Also a question: Has anyone else noticed that we never seem to run simple routes into open spots in the zone to sit and catch stationary passes? It seems like we’re always running difficult routes that require precision

    1) DB’s seemed to be in better position compared to previous games, but still couldn’t make plays.
    2) Henderson’s continued brilliance as a kick returner (minus the critical fumble of course)
    3) I thought the defense played pretty well after settling in early, but that coincided with our offense’s inability to get anything done, and eventually, Miami started cashing in again.


  24. Last week I talked about Wake Forest’s defense, since we’re constantly hearing from the Kool-Aid Patrol, how we must wait until we get some better players in the defensive secondary, before Pitt’s defense can get better.

    Well I had only researched Wake’s 2 starting CB’s last week. Who were both 2 star rated recruits by Rivals.
    One of the kids was from here in Charlotte.

    Well low and behold the ACC Players of the Week were announced a couple hours ago.

    And guess what…..both of Wake Forest’s Safeties were named on the ACC Players of the week

    And they like their 2 CB’s were 2 star rated recruits by Rivals. Cameron Glenn – 2 Star, Jessie Bates – 2 Star

    So the whole defensive secondary for Wake’s #35 ranked Defense (Total), #52 Defense (Passing) and #5 ranked Defense (Redzone) is composed of 2 star rated recruits.

    That is what you call, Coaching up Your Players.

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  25. And congratulations to Little Q for being named again as an ACC Player of the Week.
    Offense only scored 21 points in reality, as defenses are getting wise to our trickeration.


  26. Emel, both of those guys were 6’2″ 185 in high school, sounds like really good recruiting as much as coaching.


  27. ~ gc

    Or perhaps the Defensive Scheme of Mike Elko’s doesn’t ask kids to do something even most NFL CB’s can’t do.


  28. The other problem with not having 2-3 tune up games to start the season is that you don’t get to role out your full offense. This year with a new coordinator we didn’t throw much till our fifth game. You also don’t get to role our your second and third string guys to see who can play.

    It will be the same next year making MacVittie and a bunch of new guys on defense go at it with little or no experience.


  29. Emel, very few NFL player if any go one on one on every play. Certainly not vs the star receivers.

    It looks like it is time for Revis to move to safety to extend his career.


  30. ` gc yep yep

    Pitt’s offense is bound to be less prolific scoring wise, next year. Unless one of these QB’s on the roster or coming (Bo) is a phenom. We haven’t had a phenom QB since Marino. So those chances are minuscule.
    The games we’ve won outside of Villanova, our offense has had to outscore the opponent.
    Chances are next year, that they won’t and the defense will have an even more impact on losing or winning.

    No Price, No Jarrett, No Soto, do we even have anyone on the roster to replace these guys, other than just a warm body. And CB’s on islands, means Pitt’s defense could be even worse next year.


  31. Good googily moogily now we are back to worshipping and being envious of Wake Forest. Yet many think I’m the crazy one…..:)………….?


  32. D-Linemen that have played a little this year, Watts, Herndon, Taleni, Roy, Blair, Folston, Edwards, Hendrix, not sure about Hamilton. Redshirts this year, Camp, Wheeler, Jones, Desire and maybe Gilbert.

    Not exactly a who’s who of defensive linemen. Blair, Folston and Roy have played significant minutes. If Jarrett can’t go, Taleni, Watts and Herndon will have to hold down the fort.

    Hopefully some of these guys have Donald’s workout ethic over the summer.

    Linebacker will be interesting too, as will D-backs.

    Lot’s of opportunities to step up.


  33. Brightwell, Maddox and Wirginnis played well, and will be back next year.
    Another safety will emerge. And the linebackers will be quicker.

    Trying on my rose-colored glasses in case that shrew is elected.


  34. This season thus far (Defense, anyways) has us set up for the Perfect Storm. And Clems’ Sons are on the horizon. I’ll wait till later in the week to explain – till all this talk about being “crazy” has subsided. I can take a couple days of name calling, but not the whole week!

    BTW if any of you have heard the Clem fans sing their fight song after each score, you know that it ends up with the chant, “C-L-E-M-S-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO-N.” Do you know why the long pause after the “O”?

    It’s so all the fans have a chance to turn to their neighbot and say, “Quick! What comes after the “O”??!”

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  35. Didn’t know that Savannah, since the last time I saw a Pitt-Clemscum game, the Scum never scored a TD.

    Pitt 34 Clemscum 3 1977 Gator Bowl emel1981 was there as well as supersizedme EMel.


  36. the rooneys shit on pitt. i would think they are related to the inbreds from the south who burn couches and rape sheep. heinz field is not our home. there is no competitive advantage. until pitt finds a true home, we will wander in the desert.


  37. guy with pitt hat and girl with pitt sweatshirt behind hillary today. all national tv saw it. Thats a good thing.


  38. Yesterday I compared the striking similarities between the Steelers play and our play given the exact same situations. I guess playing after days off and playing a struggling team at their field usually leads to disaster. I hope the kids can muster resolve to stay with Clemson. Maybe the comparison with how Clemson beat GT (26-10) and how we beat GT (37-34) helps.


  39. EMel. I was there too. 60,000 Clemson fans and about 15 ( okay it seemed like 15) Pitt fans. Total and complete dominance by Pitt. Horrible cold weather … I remember because I brought my sticks!

    Wish I’d of given up on Pitt Football after that game because it’s been all downhill since!


  40. Emel – Watched the 77 Gator Bowl on TV from Greensboro (i think). If my memory serves me well (and it usually doesn’t), Clemscum featured their “all American” QB Steve(?) Fuller. And we shut him down completely! Great Game! Hope HCPN drags up some old video of that game for the guys this week!


  41. Negatives: SOP refuses to die…

    Positives: BB season starts soon….

    Oh…and according to Dokish, in a few years Narduzzi will make Pitt great again!


  42. i remember a bunch of us were down on Jax Beach the nite before the game. It was snowing, coldest snap they had like in 30 years. It was Pittsburgh weather. Clemscum team and fans couldn’t operate in that type of weather. For us it was nuttin.

    Clemscum would have never won their National championship had we been ‘allowed’ to play them.


  43. Well, I have 1 positive. After last weeks embarrassing loss to VT I stated on here I had to take a week off from the insanity – and I did!
    What a great decision ! While you guys were yelling and screaming at the TV, I was sitting at the beach in the warm waters of the Texas Gulf of Mexico with good friends and the wife.
    Really needed the break, should now be able to finish out this promising season that has quickly gone bad.


  44. Savannah… I watched the 77 game a few months ago on utube .. the Mustard(Golden) years of PITT football


  45. Well, I got up early to stand in line at the polls to vote, so I thought I would give my +/-‘s.

    I had a really hard time with the +’s and I’m still coming up with -‘s – so at some point you just go with it…


    A. S.Brightwell’s play at LB. He should start the remainder of the season and never come off the field for a sub.
    B. Q.Wirginis’ play at LB. He should start the remainder of the season and never come off the field for a sub.
    C. My renewed interest in playing golf in sub-60 degree weather.


    A. The Oline suddenly became a weakness.
    B. NP’s pick in the end zone, numerous missed receivers, the sack that lead to a missed FG and the fact that he played every offensive play without sitting.
    C. Not playing Conner more on O and not playing Conner on D.
    D. The Canadian offense went south.
    E. The cheap block by the miami player that took out Jarrett and Soto on the same play.
    F. The 4th qtr “quit” with 9 minutes to go in the game by the coaching staff, with Pitt down just 2 scores. That was shortly followed by the players quitting. Both “quits” were the first I have seen this year. Funny how NO 4th qtr lead is too big for Pitt opponents to quit on – never forget Houston…or unc 2016.

    Honorable mention: another dropped INT by a DB, another dropped pass by The Jester and another fumble by QH.

    Remember, it is just a game and there are more important things in life that matter and there are other forms of entertainment.

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  46. Great comments guys… think we can hold off on the politics today and afterward? I know we are all friends on here but I truly do want this to be one place where we can keep that subject out of our conversations and concentrate on more pleasant subjects.

    I’m of two minds with sitting down upperclassmen starters and getting the prospective 2017 starters playing time this weekend.

    On one hand it is a good idea, on the other no one wants to see a team put up 60+ score up against us in a Pitt loss… that won’t help in any regard especially recruiting.

    I wouldn’t mind taking Weah out of the games after his drops – at least 8 by my count so far this season. He’s a hit and miss type player and we have younger WRs on the bench that are probably just as, if not more, talented. I wouldn’t cry if they benched him completely.

    This is another example of the staff sticking with a player no matter what happens. We should have seem Manny Stocker in at QB at some points earlier also.


  47. To build on Eries “D.” point of his comments.
    Maybe “Canada’s O migrated south” would be a tad more expressive! 😁


  48. Pittman4ever….good call! Wish I’d of missed the last two. VPI game and crowd still haunting me.
    Weekend of Pitt Miami and attending Raven debacle just brutal!

    Erie…great reminder. It’s just a game! Just like “it’s just an election!” My golf rule is under 55 no play. Going to be 77 here today in Baltimore.


  49. In response to a lot of the bashing Narduzzi has taken on here over the past several weeks…….anyone remember the comments on here back when he was a guest analyst during the last 2 National Championship games??? Not only were people on here praising his football intelligence and knowledge and how often times he knew the play before the offensive team snapped the ball but a lot of big time football people were singing his praises too. How fast people change their mind!


  50. You’ve all covered the X’s and O’s well enough. What I noticed, simply as a fan of the game, is that this team has regressed from weeks 1 & 2. And the blame for that has to fall squarely on HCPN. We were embarrassed against a team that had lost its FOUR prior games. And it is likely we will be embarrassed AGAIN this weekend in Clemson. And that, my friends, is some sad shit right there.


  51. In other news, Pitt’s BB team beat up on UPJ last night and the guys looked pretty damn good in doing so. Not much of a line on Rozelle Nix, though. Only 6 minutes and no points. I wasn’t high on the HCKS hiring but I think this team is going to surprise a helluva lot of folks this year…..


  52. 3 Negatives:

    Where has C. Moss gone at RB?
    No pressure from the front four
    We can’t pass or defend the pass and all the teams we play make both look easy.

    3 Positives:

    My watch espn feed was so bad I couldn’t watch the game (I listened on the radio)
    Taleni played well once he went in for the injured Jarrett
    Couldn’t come up with a third

    Like many others on here I want to see some of next years players even if it means a loss. ex.) Matthews should play in place of Weah. Brightwell, Wirrginis should play at LB. Brigthwell played well a few games ago then the coaching staff decided not to play him similar to Moss. Anyone should play in place of Webb, Mitchell etc. Whitehead needs moved to O because he is stinking up the joint on D right along with the rest of em.


  53. I think JJ hit it pretty good but didn’t close. We all know that Narduzzi is a stud when it comes to film study. He has proven that to America in the last two championship games. So when you know what is coming and you can’t stop it, the issue is lack of talent. That is changing. Our guys are getting bigger and faster. They are coming from Florida which is what everyone clamored for over the past 10 years.

    Patience will be rewarded. A great teammate will pick you up when you are down. I don’t align with the majority on the coach issue. Narduzzi will be fine as will the team. Support him. We aren’t perfect….even on Monday after the game. New bombshell coming to college football. Will change the landscape.


  54. I’d like to see Weah continue to play and develop. His development from last year is huge. What will he be like next year if he gets more time on the field?


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