POV’s Sunday Podcast: Miami Game

There isn’t a whole lot of surprises that came out of yesterday’s game – even the Pitt fans who predicted a win weren’t surprised we lost… but they maybe were shocked at the poor overall showing we put forth in Miami.

51-28 was the score and here are the box score and stats for you to lament over as you listen.



So that was yesterday’s totals – here is something to chew on when thinking about our next three games:

Pitt Team Stats – Through games 11/05/2016
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 50 422.3
Rushing Offense 30 220.4
Passing Offense 93 201.9
Team Passing Efficiency 32 146.29
Scoring Offense T-27 37.0
Total Defense 87 428.7
Rushing Defense 13 111.6
Passing Yards Allowed 126 317.1
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 115 147.36
Scoring Defense 107 34.4
Turnover Margin T-54 0.11
3rd Down Conversion Pct 43 0.429
4th Down Conversion Pct T-34 0.600
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 40 0.365
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-110 0.667
Red Zone Offense 28 0.897
Red Zone Defense 128 0.974
Net Punting 90 36.18
Punt Returns 20 11.82
Kickoff Returns 1 30.68
First Downs Offense T-72 187
First Downs Defense T-59 187
Fewest Penalties Per Game T-45 5.78
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 41 48.67
Time of Possession 21    33:01

93 thoughts on “POV’s Sunday Podcast: Miami Game

  1. November 6, 2016 at 9:54 am
    The game was lost because their lines pretty much man-handled ours all day.

    We never got any pressure on Kaaya, who started the game with 13 straight completions.

    Price was ineffective with two big agile studs on him all day (and they never call holding unless they tackle a guy)

    Then Soto takes a helmet to the shin (should have been a penalty) and Jarrett gets rolled up on, on the same play (could spell disaster for the rest of the year) although Taleni made 8 tackles.

    On offense, the line couldn’t open a hole for Conner or Moss all day, or seal off for Henderson. Hall had two nice runs that were wasted, when they inexplicably passed with no success. The line also gave Peterman little time to throw on most occasions.

    Then you add a throw by the punter to Whitehead in double coverage (the trick that didn’t trick anyone),
    a drop of a TD pass by Weah to stop momentum, the fumble by Henderson and the interception by Peterman.

    You end up with a very bad day.

    Of course Pitt fans blame it all on Narduzzi, which is pro-forma around here.

    Miami had their bad day vs VT. They lost by a point to FSU and close games to UNC and ND.

    They weren’t going to lose 5 in a row and our mistakes made it easy for them.

    Barring a miracle next week, we will have to struggle to beat Duke and Syracuse, both teams
    are not pushovers, and Heinz field will be at half capacity at best. Pitt would be well served to allow everyone to fill in the lower bowl, if they want any atmosphere at all.


  2. Wearing my coaches hat this morning….I piled on Narduzzi and am guilty as charged but……every one that has ever coached has had “yesterday” happen to them. You prepare your team well, good practices following a tough loss the game before, and start the next game. From the beginning everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. Then your team has a few key injuries, the dam opens up, and your team that you so love and put your heart and soul into coaching, falls apart and an ugly rout (are their any pretty routs?)ensues.

    It’s happened from girls Jr HS basketball coaches to Mike Tomlin ( see Philly,Miami).

    What’s important is how,as a coach,you handle the coming week with the morale of the team and the season on the line, No job anywhere could be tougher than coaching Pitt Football and now to have to play Clemson next with a third of your team injured, just brutal!

    The coming week will tell us a lot about our apprentice head coach and whether he has the chops
    to be successful and it won’t be about wins and losses!


  3. Ditto Dan72, this week counts and how he and they handle that performance. I dont see complaints about Narduzzi sideline behavior, he was a gentleman ?and it had no effect. Just an all around putrid butt kicking that all jelped create..


  4. I love how Naruzzi gets a pass like he is some priven winner. Matt House had a better Defense. Yes Matt House. Say that outloud and still want to give Narduzzi a pass?

    Nice podcast Reed.


  5. We have now played Miami a dozen times in the past 20 years, and on 9 occasions I came away thinking that they were far and away the most talented team we played in that season … and scratched my head (1) at the disparity in talent between them and us and (2) why they didn’t have a better record (except for 00- 02).


  6. IMO, they are only 4 defensive starters who are of ACC caliber … Price, Jarrett, Maddox and Whitehead … and only 2 of those committed to House


  7. Wwb – which takes away any excuses House could of used. His players, next year, I personally believe are just excuses.

    Next year we will say another year and we are close.


  8. Hose had to defend Jameis Winston who completed 25 of 27 passes Then go to 2014, and look at the entire 1st half of the schedule … not one fucking competent offense …. then we finally play some offenses, and give up 56, 51 and 40 points in 3 consecutive weeks. .

    If House had to defend this year’s schedule with his players … he would have jumped off of the Cathedral half way through.


  9. and by the way … this is Monday Morning QBing. Go back to the Blather … many of us here bitched hard and long as to just how offensive oriented the classes of recruits were a few years ago.


  10. Pitt is dead-last in fund raising for athletics in the ACC by a wide margin. Until that changes expect the same results. The large donors need to be found and tapped. You would think the sweet spot would be post-2000 since the grads who grew up w/ TD and Marino gashing opponents would be in their prime earning years… and for some reason it just hasn’t happened.

    So you get to the current situation. Pay $$ for Canada… justified. But no $$ left and you end up w/ the Conklins and the Renaldo Hills and Rob Harley’s of the trade. MAC level coaches coaching MAC level players.

    And you people act shocked and outraged?!? Give me a f’n break. Open your eyes fools!


  11. Great podcast Reed. I just don’t understand why so many make excuses for Narduzzi. We have digressed over the season and no one can dispute that. Upitt I couldn’t agree with you more.


  12. Narduzzi will only succeed if he can recruit better players for his Defense, and IMO, things are not looking that good. I have said for several years that you cannot win without a strong pass rush, it has to come from two d-ends and guys that can blitz. Yes we need better d-backs, but without a pass rush you can have Revis’s back there and it won’t matter.

    And yes we need a better QB. In almost every game the opponents QB has been better than ours. Certainly in all of our losses, it isn’t even close.

    Narduzzi may be the guy or maybe not, but we certainly don’t know yet, and another coaching change is not the answer.

    The real question is, can he recruit enough elite players to Pitt? Definitely not an easy job.


  13. I know I sound like I’m pointing fingers at Narduzzi alone. That really isn’t my intent and I get all those things that gc stated above.

    But isn’t it the responsibility of the coaching staffs to have work-arounds in case of injury and the ability to adapt when circumstances change?

    Yet I see none of that in our ball games this season. I think the opposite of what gc says is the truth in some ways – he says “Of course Pitt fans blame it all on Narduzzi, which is pro-forma around here.” which is his take.

    But it can also be said that because everyone loved the Narduzzi hire and all his bells and whistles – twitter, Pat Signals, his energy, etc… they give him a pass on the responsibility of how his players execute and what his players are tasked to do.

    I don’t do that. I think that after 26 years in college coaching, 8 as a Big Ten DC and after a full season as a head coach in a Power Five conference it is he who should shoulder the blame for our team’s poor performances. Yet Pitt fans seem to bend over backward to look at everything else before him and his staff.

    And if he retains Conklin after this season I’ll say that Narduzzi has no judgement at all when it comes to being a HC. You don’t watch your defense go in the toilet for two straight year – culminating in some of the worse defensive play we have ever had – just because you like the coordinator or want to keep him until you “have your guys” in place.


  14. It’s not rocket science …. PC and staff recruited OL, TE and RB very well. But not so well on defense and at QB.

    In 2013-4, the defensive staff consisted of

    the most underqualified coordinator in Power 5
    an LB coach (directly from Mt Lebanon HS)
    a DL Coach with one year D1 experience
    and a grad assistant who filled in as CB coach


  15. Look at how many points Wisconsin is now scoring ….. not very many at all. PC is winning by defense.. The defensive coordinator at Wisc while PC was at Pitt is now the DC at LSU.


  16. You have to wonder whether Chryst always knew he was going back to Michigan or was he just passive aggressive towards Steve in hiring House. There really wasn’t one elite player recruited on defense during Chryst’s tenure except for Whitehead, who did commit before Chryst left. Jarrett and Soto are having good senior seasons, but one year is just not enough.

    You need guys that can win their individual battles. We have very few on defense, Narduzzi needs to find more.

    By the way, getting Cabinda back has really helped PSU. Good thing he didn’t play against us, he is their run stopper. It looks like Franklin has solidified his position. Maybe not a great coach, but he is a great recruiter and will only get better with this year’s record.

    I think I said 7-5 was the over/under for this season. Definitely not going to be the over.


  17. We’re in game 21-20. From there our play was bad led by poor QB and his ability Big question go over replay and watch how many times whitehead misses(completely) arm tackles anyone. He has been not a factor in any games. If he is our best we are in trouble in future. Next year syndrome creeps in again for us fans. Tryouts for QB long season there. I’ll still drive over three hours for each game one way but enthusiasm and hope are dwindling. It’s tough to watch psu on tv and know they improved a lot and we have digressed this year. How much do you think we have gotten better since Sept 11. See you at duke game. I’m taking wife shopping so I dont have to watch Clemson next week


  18. Reed, I don’t give Narduzzi a pass, and said the conservative offense cost us against OKST and UNC.

    However, it is not Narduzzi or Conklin’s fault we don’t have a pass rush. Our guys are just not good enough to beat the blocks. Our linebackers are too slow to blitz and can’t win their individual battles.

    Our D-backs can’t win an individual battle with a receiver.

    Other than Price, Soto, Whitehead and Jarrett, we don’t have another guy that would start on any ACC team.

    Our QB would not start on any other ACC team.

    I like and support our kids because they are our kids, but let’s be honest we don’t have an abundance of talent on defense. worst yet, we have no depth.

    So while Narduzzi has his faults, in some ways it is remarkable that we have been in every game except for yesterday.


  19. While I did think the pass from the punter was ill-advised, Narduzzi didn’t miss a tackle, fumble the ball, throw an interception, miss a field goal, drop a TD pass, or jump off side.

    It was a really bad game.


  20. Reed

    First and foremost thank you for the podcast and your frank evaluation. I’ve been watching Pitt football since the 60’s and you really got me thinking.

    Some ramblings:

    Pitt has been a bit of a graveyard for head coaches and pretty much a revolving door that you have to admit looks quite comical.

    Foge was fired and never a head coach again.

    Mike Gottfried was fired and never a head coach again.

    Paul Hackett fired, yes USC hired him but they fired him quickly and never a head coach again.

    Majors 2, stepped down, never a head coach again.

    WLAT Harris was forced out due to his contract was not renewed by the administration and fired by Stanford.

    Wanny was hired to take Pitt to the next level, resigned/fired never a head coach again but he looks great in the studio at Fox Sports.

    Mike Haywood fired, currently head coach at Texas Southern.

    Turd Graham,the ultimate job hopper saw the writing on the wall of a dysfunctional and cheap administration and texted in his resignation for ASU his dream job.

    Paul Chryst finished his training program set up by Lord Barry Alvarez, he resigned and yes went home to his dream job.

    The book is out on Narduzzi and who really knows what the future holds, maybe Purdue, MSU or stays at Pitt and continues to do it his way.

    Yes, Pitt might be a stepping stone based on the last few hires but prior to that the Pitt administration dictated terms through firing men who really never had head coaching success after Pitt as head coaches.

    Pitt a long, long time ago was considered an elite program but through bad management and pure arrogance pissed everything away and now we are an also ran looking to climb that ladder back.

    It is going to take a commitment from the chancellor (who seems to be committed) down to the alumni and fans to provide the resources to become successful.

    That means a lot of money and yes fan support by packing the stadium on a consistent basis.

    Even when Pitt was elite attendance was an issue and to top that off Pitt does not travel well to bowl games.

    Can Pitt scale the ladder back to an elite program again?

    Pitt has selling points, the city, the shared practice facility with a pro team a great opportunity for an education.

    At Pitt it’s going to take time to develop players because we are not going to get top recruits year in and year out and when your chewing through coaches every 3/4 years it puts you behind.

    As you mentioned in your podcast Pitt at this time doesn’t pay in the upper tier and if you want to compete you have to pay because it is a business and money is the driving factor behind it all.

    College football is big business and that’s why Pitt moved to the ACC for more money.


  21. I am really not looking forward to hearing Narduzzi’s coulda woulda shoulda press conference. Every week it’s like we were so close if a couple plays had turned out differently – yada yada yada. I want to hear him stand up as the head coach and admit that this was an EMBARRASSING game and UNEXCUSABLE on so many levels and that a HUGE amount of that falls squarely on the coaches.

    I totally agree with you Reed, that they threw in the towel in the fourth quarter. There were just too many bone headed plays as well as giving up huge runs when we KNEW they were in running situations.

    I am also completely puzzled by the punt on 4th and 5 with 3 or so minutes remaining. I would love to hear any kind of sane explanation how that made sense? At that point, our ONLY hope of winning was to get the 1st down, score a touchdown, and then do an onsides kick with what would have been ~ 1:30 or more remaining. That was one of the worst coaching decisions I’ve EVER seen.


  22. College football is a business. It is an arms race. You need to out spend your opponents. If Pitt is cheap, it will just be mediocre and that’s how Cornole and Nerdball wanted it. Just a middle of the pack team with some occasional relevance. Now the current Chancellor, wants a better front porch. He’s willing to spend some money but it won’t be at the elite level. Only boosters can help do that. And Pitt doesnt have the boosters that these other schools keep around. Donations have always been a big problem with Pitt. And Pitt cant rely on revenues based on ticket sales. We max out at 45-50k season tickets whether we play in a 50k or 100k stadium…in good times. So the solution is fundraising and donations. Which is the primary job of our AD. Boosters want influence. Fans will donate if they had a good experience. Tough for these students to have a good experience when they are bused to a stadium and very little traditions exist to boost school spirit and engage fans. But it is very remarkable that Pitt hasnt become Rutgers or BC by now. I think we are on the right path, but our road has many hills.


  23. Well yesterday’s loss was an eye opener for me for sure. Team did not seem well prepared and they did not execute the way they have the first 8 games. Narduzzi needs to except responsibility and the blame for the way his players put forth a very poor effort. There is no denying that at all.

    Again and it seems like almost every game anymore that the team makes critical mistakes throughout the games. It’s wearing me down like the rest of you guys. Miami had some drops and bad penalties as ell so I know it worked both ways yesterday.

    imo, the pass defense got beat yesterday in a little bit different way then usual. It seemed to me that Miami was attacking more areas of the field than the past games, like the middle of the field. Many bemoan the fact that PITT plays press coverage yet yesterday at times the d-backs were off the line of scrimmage, resulting in passes thrown underneath. The pass defense breakdowns are not so cut and dried as a lot like to say. I did see some double coverage at times although not many times.

    Now my amateur beef with Pat. When Ollison didn’t play at the beginning of the season, I was quick to say trust in the coach. However moving on all season I realize that he and his coaches have a weird way of awarding playing time. Not sure what it is but I just don’t think the right players are being used at the right times. To me, and I’ve said this all along, Wirginis deserves much more playing time. He’s around the ball when he is out there. I saw flashes from Brightwell as well. Speed from both these guys ere evident to me. Mitchell didn’t have a great game but I thought he was around the ball and in more team tackles then Webb.

    Offense has one trend pointing down lately and it’s the negative plays on first downs. PITT did recover on a few but one way or another they do not get positive plays on first downs. On this note I thought Nate had a poor day and Canada had a worse one.

    Weah’s drop, Henderson fumble, Peterman interception hurt a team that can not afford to play sloppy.

    Miami’s kicking game should have gotten a game ball for their stellar performance yesterday. Actually the two kickers may have been the difference………ike



  24. Reed: Why blame Conklin when Narduzzi is calling the shots on the defensive scheme? The blame firmly rests with Narduzzi, No matter who we get as defensive coordinator they will still be burdened with Narduzzi’s scheme.

    At this point in the season I will be surprised if we finish the regular season better than 6-6. Hopefully we can beat Duke. Syracuse can pass the ball. Clemson is going to kill us.

    James Conner should seriously consider coming back next year. He needs another year of recovery from his ordeals before thinking of trying to go pro. Hopefully he also realizes that he needs his diploma also because his NFL chances are not a great as they were after the 2014 season.


  25. Reed, I wish you had someone to make transcripts of your podcasts. I am just too impatient to listen to them.

    Who said Miami’s O- line was hurting. They sure looked healthy yesterday.

    One other thing that is very bothersome. With a mature O-line and 4 really good running backs, we don’t seem to have much of a running game. Our opposition has figured out how to stop the sweeps. Conner has 759 yds and the other three haven’t amounted to much.


  26. @Reed ……..C’mon What are you talking about?????? ……. Coaching Clinics and what not? should help you learn to be a Head Coach whaaa???



  27. John the Listener – interesting point on Conklin. So, if any D coordinator will have to play Narduzzi’s defense no matter what, then the only thing that matters is if he’s a recruiting machine and road warrior. Pay for that when we dump Conklin because I think you’re right about Narduzzi dictating.

    John Ramella – you are correct on fundraising, boosters and fans. Pitt gets the football team it deserves and the factors you mentioned feed off themselves and spiral. Not enough big boosters, no OCS, mediocre team leading to shitty ticket sales and cheap tickets with very little required donation. I should be paying more for my club seats and my required donation should be larger – if we had a real program. Pitt has a very large endowment on a relative basis, but that money isn’t for athletics. We need boosters who want to help repair and paint the “front porch” – that is the AD’s primary job.


  28. SO MANY EXAMPLES OF HORRIBLE RECRUITING —- #ZEROPERSPECTIVE —- Avonte Maddox DROPS ANOTHER PICK-6 (Brad Kaaya throws the ball RIGHT TO HIM —- no Miami offensive players anywhere close) — so Chryst’s BEST DEFENSIVE BACK shows he’s bad too.


  29. DK – not sure who said Maddox could be counted as a ACC level player. Absolutely not. Low level D1player at best. Plays hard and with good heart but just not talented enough.


  30. ^^^^ “If we go 6-6 the Bowl Committee might just overlook us”……BRO, I might have to start: “The Pitt Factor” or Something lol



    —– Sometimes it’s like I’m listening to some Housewife complaining


  32. So last year our backs averaged 136.5 yds per game with Ollison leading the way.

    This year 133.3 with Conner leading the way.

    Yes schedule has been tougher, and I am not saying Ollison is better than Conner.

    But there does seem to be a problem, shouldn’t we be better than last year, with our line intact.

    I like Canada, but sometimes I think he is so enamored with the misdirection that he has forgotten about power football.

    I still don’t understand his use/misuse of Ollison.


  33. Darren Hall also CLEARLY LOST 10+ POUNDS —- and he looks Slim and like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLAYER — he looks like he’s gone from Overweight to a Svelte 200 or so — he was EXPLOSIVE and I LIKED IT lol.

    —– DAN 72 ??????? Pitt Football SUCKS, Pitt should drop from D-1 to D-2, Pitt WILL NEVER BE GOOD….NO WONDER!!!



    James Conner should go in the D-Backs meeting and TEAR THEM UP!!!!


  35. PITT and Narduzzi didn’t put the best PITT has out on the field yesterday. DK. I’ve been a Narduzzi apologizer up until now. PITT sucked yesterday and all involved are responsible for it. Top of the list? Pat Narduzzi.



    ….LOL it’s Pat Narduzzi to MICHIGAN STATE lol get it right, YEESH!!! 🙂 🙂 haha


  37. —— GUYS —- Pitt is now ranked as an Elite Northeast Academic Institution* 🙂 🙂 🙂 — And Pitt in the ACC is PRIMED to become a TOP FOOTBALL PROGRAM as well — I’ve said since from the very beginning: IN CHANCELLOR PATRICK GALLAGHER I 100% – TRUST 🙂 🙂 . He loves football **too* and I KNOW he is going to **make sure Pitt ascends into the ELITE . 🙂 🙂 🙂


  38. AND ANY REAL FOOTBALL FANATICS KNOW —– hahaha Drew Brees is gonna hire the next both Purdue Foozball Coach — that ‘Austin (TX) Boi’ is not only a MONSTER Purdue Booster but he loves Purdue Football as well.

    Regardless — Patrick Gallagher is as INVESTED IN PITT FOOTBALL WINNING NATTY’S as an Poster Here: I PROMISE THAT.


  39. I prefer Ollison over JC.
    And if Hall can show what he did yesterday, then he deserves carries also.
    As for receivers, I want to ssee Ffrench. He can’t drop as many as Jester.
    Time to play the youngsters


  40. According to some here, Hall is a bum and only played because he was a Narduzzi guy. We just don’t know what goes on in practice. Which is another problem all together for too many.


  41. There is something clearly wrong w/ Narduzzi and that is evident from his press conference yesterday. Maybe he has come to realize the futility of coaching Pitt w/ a budget that only allows for plucking DC’s from FBS schools. For that matter… plucking LB coaches from FBS schools… plucking DB coaches w/ one year experience. These guys are incompetent!!!

    Narduzzi spent the $ he had on the offensive side of the ball assuming he could coach the defense and hire a bunch on the cheap. It ain’t working out. Fundamentals are not there due to lack of coaching.

    Reed – you’re coming across week after week as if the only solution is to fire Narduzzi NOW because he’s an idiot. Is that what you really want? Otherwise… I don’t understand your point.


  42. How ineffective was the O-line yesterday?

    James Conner ran 12 times for 47 yds.

    One for a 12 yd yard TD, untouched because of a great block by Henderson.

    Another for 15 yds.

    So for his other 10 carries, he averaged 2 yds per carry.

    Anyway you look at it, very bad.


  43. Actually it was worse than that because Conner’s net yds rushing were 40. So less than 2 yds per carry after 12 and 15 yd runs.The team ran for a net of 130. By far our worse performance of the year.

    Obviously when you get behind, you have to pass more, but still very bad.


  44. Not really much left to say, with at least 5 losses after next week, Pitt will get nothing more than another no-name 4th rate Bowl Game and how exactly do you recruit to the Weedeater BBVA Military Wargamer Bowl held in Podunkville. That is, if we even get to 6 wins, and that is seriously in doubt as Duke played VT as tough as we did yesterday, but actually had the ball down 3 late in the game and Cuse will beat us if Eric Dungy plays(and they just do every so often). You can put a fork in this year’s football season.

    Thankfully Basketball season is about to start. None too soon either !!


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