Here we go friends. The team is in Miami and ready to stop their QB, pound their defensive line  to bruised meat and bring an ACC win back to Pittsburgh. Our predictions have been cast in stone and what’s left to do is out of the fan’s hands.

But don’t let that stop you from willing them to play their very best through this game thread.

Have at it friends – this one will define this season I believe – win and we have a good shot at bettering last year’s record which is what we want to see from our coaching staff – progression.


607 thoughts on “POV’s Miami Game Day Thread

  1. The game was lost because their lines pretty much man-handled ours all day.

    We never got any pressure on Kaaya, who started the game with 13 straight completions.

    Price was ineffective with two big agile studs on him all day (and they never call holding unless they tackle a guy)

    Then Soto takes a helmet to the shin (should have been a penalty) and Jarrett gets rolled up on, on the same play (could spell disaster for the rest of the year) although Taleni made 8 tackles.

    On offense, the line couldn’t open a hole for Conner or Moss all day, or seal off for Henderson. Hall had two nice runs that were wasted, when they inexplicably passed with no success. The line also gave Peterman little time to throw on most occasions.

    Then you add a throw by the punter to Whitehead in double coverage (the trick that didn’t trick anyone),
    a drop of a TD pass by Weah to stop momentum, the fumble by Henderson and the interception by Peterman.

    You end up with a very bad day.

    Of course Pitt fans blame it all on Narduzzi, which is pro-forma around here.

    Miami had their bad day vs VT. They lost by a point to FSU and close games to UNC and ND.

    They weren’t going to lose 5 in a row and our mistakes made it easy for them.

    Barring a miracle next week, we will have to struggle to beat Duke and Syracuse, both teams
    are not pushovers, and Heinz field will be at half capacity at best. Pitt would be well served to allow everyone to fill in the lower bowl, if they want any atmosphere at all.


  2. DK – you misquoted me. Made no mention of the QB at all. I know much more about football than you so leave it at that. Read my post again. Based on closely watching the game. You’ve shown 0% football knowledge but I do really love you and actually look forward to your ridiculous posts. I really do. I get pissed when you disappear for a while.

    As to your Jester Weah prediction of a 1st round pick…..put the lid back on the glue!!

    That said, completely agree with you on Wirginis. Big upgrade from any of our starters yet we continue to troy out these slow and unathletic “good guys” every week who can only make tackles from behind or watch guys fly right by them while they watch.

    Love you man! Keep it up.


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