POV’s Miami Game Day Thread

Here we go friends. The team is in Miami and ready to stop their QB, pound their defensive line  to bruised meat and bring an ACC win back to Pittsburgh. Our predictions have been cast in stone and what’s left to do is out of the fan’s hands.

But don’t let that stop you from willing them to play their very best through this game thread.

Have at it friends – this one will define this season I believe – win and we have a good shot at bettering last year’s record which is what we want to see from our coaching staff – progression.


607 thoughts on “POV’s Miami Game Day Thread

  1. Hey guys just checking in. I little girl has her birthday party today then we’re flying home to see my mom. The end is very near for her so please keep her in your prayers the last few weeks have sped up considerably and as many of you guys said it’s been real tough. I love my pit POV family and appreciate you guys. I like pit the win the game but I have a hard time thinking Miami’s gonna lose four street or five straight for that matter. This game will come down to coaching. I do think it’ll be lower scoring.




  3. Dane Jackson and Damar Hamlin for the rest of the season —- Ryan Lewis on the bench and get Terrish Webb out — Can we sign a petition here guys??

    LOL — Jim Beam time gonna finally get banned by @Reed Lol


  4. Lewis behind by 2 steps. Ridiculous. Like a hot knife thru butter for Miami.

    Not going to get mad today. Exactly what I expected. Geez 7 plays 2.42 minutes. Pathetic!


  5. Let’s see Webb wiffed on a tackle and when they went into press coverage Lewis gets torched easily. So much for a good start defensively.


  6. How can we have hope that Narduzzi can have a good defence some day. Webb should be carrying water I can’t stand watching him and the rest aren’t any better. I rather lose with young guys. Way to go Q!!!


  7. Wow…a fade pattern, who saw that coming?…Webb whiffed on two tackles on that drive and really should get sat down on the next series….Wow again…QH!


  8. we all know this pass defense sucks ass. I don’t care how well these upper class men practiced this week. I don’t care that the freshmen don’t “know” the plays. Webb and Lewis cannot ever be on the field again. Get the youngsters out there no matter what.

    I may just watch the offense and turn it off when we’re on defense. The problem with that is that the other team scores so fast…..

    I’m going to vomit…..again.


  9. Something just HAPPENS to opposing Quarterbacks when they get to go against Terrish Webb, Ryan Lewis (Worst Offenders) and Pitt’s USELESS linebackers —- They are like Sharks who smell the profuse-bleeding, and Wolves who Smell Weakness and Fear — Lewis and Webb especially are just SO BAD I’m starting to question the literal sanity of the Defensive Staff????


  10. Our pass defense is a total disaster. I hate to post negative thoughts, however, I believe that we could lose our last 3 games simply because we stink !!


  11. This defense is useless the defensive backs are constantly getting turned around and when it comes to tackling they just can’t.

    This is a joke


  12. Lob pass for a td. NO PASS DEFENCE///NADA. Every team is just throwing and throwing and …. I believe that unless we can turn our recruiting around we are going to be living in company with BC and Wake Forest. HCPN strays with a system that DOES NOT Mach our total lack of talent.


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