POV Bits & Pieces; Oct 24th

* 4 star DT Donovan Jeter has finished his second stop in his “DeeJee’s Nationwide Commitment Tour ’16” (sponsored by Magic Eraser).  His first stop was in South Bend, IN and that was a success as a warmup to his main show.

The pressure to perform live again was too much so his agent booked a date in Ann Arbor, MI for a second and more permanent commitment.  Which he offered up on a silver-plated platter.

“I’m done. I can’t put myself through this again,” Jeter said.

Jeter chose Notre Dame in September after a visit for a Fighting Irish game. But not long after, he began to have second thoughts, admitting he made a decision too quickly. He said he also made the Notre Dame commitment to relieve the recruiting pressure and when he made the decision he said Michigan and Pitt were the other finalists.

“I started thinking, ‘Michigan is undefeated and Notre Dame is 2-5,’” Jeter said.

When asked about his change of career venues Jeter was heard to say “A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance!!”  Image result for indecisionAfterward a reporter was hear saying “Well, when the f*ck is that going to happen?”

Let’s hope he doesn’t switch again and come to Pitt – there will be a locker room fight between he and Chris Clark for bragging rights as to who is better at de-committing from schools.

* The Post-Gazette had this article a few days ago: Phillipie Motley is latest to join crew of junkyard dogs in Pitt’s secondary.  In it we read this bit of wishful thinking…Image result for dog beaten by newspaper

“You’ve just got to come out fighting, you know? We’re scrappers,” said Motley. “Me and [Avonte] are what everybody would call ‘littler.’ You’ve got to have that dog in you to not let anything happen, always fighting to get the ball out, not to let a receiver catch the ball. That’s being a dog.”

“Littler” is one way of putting it. Both Maddox, at 5-foot-9, 175 pounds, and Motley, a hair taller at 5-10, 175, are not exactly the twin towers of the ACC. Both need strong athleticism and near-perfect fundamentals to compensate for the lack of size.

More like rescue dogs or maybe someone’s bitches are more apt descriptions so far this season, but that’s splitting hairs… .

* Jerry DiPaola of the Trib-Review has a nice piece on two-way players with some history lesson thrown in.

* A sportswriter for the student newspaper, Dan Sostek of the Pitt News,  came out with a fun article in which he lists his favorite and best players in five mid-season categories (MVP, Biggest Surprise, etc.)

Here is his take on the “Most Unsung” and I agree 100%.  Aston is turning out to be one of the best and most productive players on either side of the ball.:

Most Unsung: George Aston, FB

Fullbacks will naturally get overlooked in offenses, but George Aston is making that tougher and tougher to do every week.  A former walk-on linebacker, Aston found playing time last year primarily as a short-yardage pass catcher, hauling in a pair of touchdown receptions.

He’s been even more involved in the offense this year, tallying five touchdowns already on just 24 touches. He’s emerged as a secondary goal line back to bruising tailback James Conner, forcing defenses to divert their attention away from Conner and account for him when Pitt is within a few yards of the end zone.

Aston doesn’t pile up yardage, but he lowers his shoulder with the best of them, and his penchant for finding the end zone has been key for the Panthers.

* On the basketball side Mike Wysocki of the PGH City Paper weighs in with a great article on Pitt having a new BB coach for the first time since 2003.Image result

In 2003 we loved American Idol, Survivor and the Lord of the Rings movies. The music of Evanescense, Chingy and 3 Doors Down filled the air. We hated the French so much that we called French fries, freedom fries. We hated them enough to rebrand them, but not to stop eating them. I hated the French so much that I would refer to old Steelers running back Frenchy Fuqua as Freedomy Fuqua. We were also forced to choose sides in the war between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Oh, and the University of Pittsburgh hired a new men’s basketball coach.

* Regardless of what is being broadcast 24/7 via the media – some families immigrate to the US because they absolutely have to.  Here is a real success story of one of those family’s sons making good in WPIAL HS football as a defensive lineman and linebacker for North Allegheny – Carlos Jaromir Blanco Jr:

His natural position is linebacker (young Steelers phenom Ryan Shazier is his favorite player), but he has been playing defensive line for the North Allegheny Tigers, while he learns a new playbook. Carlos Jr. says Mexican-style football differs from the American brand.

“Football in Mexico is much more smash-mouth style,” says Carlos Jr. “Here, it is very quick. You have to have technique and can’t just ‘hit somebody.’”

So far, this American style has translated into success for Carlos Jr. His best game was against Penn Hills High earlier this month, when he tallied six tackles and three sacks in a North Allegheny win. Carlos Jr., though a bit undersized for a defensive lineman, uses his speed and quickness to avoid blockers and pursue the quarterback. (His sack-per-game average is the best on his team.)

* Here is a great bit about Toddy Graham. (The video is hard to hear – the link is better…)

“Know The Enemy” tomorrow; “Predictions” article on Wednesday and “Game Day Thread” on Thursday.



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  1. Aston is one tuff dude and IMO should play even a greater roll in the Pitt offense with multiple more opportunities per game. They used him earlier in the year with a pass in the flat and haven’t gone to that play in the recent games. He may not run by you, but he may well run over a couple of opposition CB’s who happen get in his way.


  2. I loved Aston’s quote from the UPMC Livewire Highlights of the PSU game, stated after his TD, “It’s a good day to punch someone in the mouth”! Classic.


  3. Didn’t realize Reed snuck another article up here. Since this is one of my more positive posts, I’ll repost it.

    Clemson has come close to losing several games this year, most recently the NC State choke on the FG.
    And that was at Clemscum.

    With Ohio Fake losing, if past years are an indicator, there will be some huge upsets in the coming weeks to get the Fakers back in the Playoff picture.

    No reason why Pitt couldn’t beat Clemson in that type of scenario. Pitt is better than NC State who should have won that game.

    Ran into a Clemson guy in the grocery store the other day, he was not 100% convinced that Clemson would roll Pitt. And he was all decked out in Clemson colors.

    First things first though, we have to pluck the Gobblers on Thursday. Pitt has a good track record of beating VPI in da Burgh, going back to the WLAT days.


  4. I really like Wysocki. However the following article blurb regarding Jamel Artis’ D is far more sarcastic than I can recall from him.

    “His relentless style of defense will please the Zoo faithful once again. ”

    I think one of the reasons Jamel seemed to tank it, or at least sulk, in some games is because Dixon bitched at him about his lack of effort on defense. This sometimes resulted in Jamel being benched. Paradoxically Jamel only seemed interested in D when Pitt was scoring.


  5. Reed, some very nice lines in this article. I especially liked the picture of that nasty dog and the other dog reference!! I laughed out loud in my office at work. Only other thing you could have thrown in there would have been a political reference to Jeter’s flip-flopping more than….well I guess I won’t go there and be shunned.

    Jeter’s comments really puzzle me. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t see him playing at ND or Michigan for at least a couple years – not with their talent. And I understand wanting to play for a winner. But would you rather play and be recognized or watch your team win from the bench? I don’t know. I guess to me it almost came off like he was picking his school solely on their record this year. I know that’s probably not the case. It doesn’t matter to me though. I’d like him to come to Pitt and stay home. I’m sure his brother and family would too. But hopefully he does well wherever he goes. I hope that for all the kids that leave here and go elsewhere even though I’d like to see them stay home and build something here. Doesn’t happen though.
    If there was one kid I’d love to see stay though out of the committed ones – it’d be Adams. Not happening though.


  6. Bits and Pieces Bullets
    1) Reed I love the pictures you come up with – I guess the dog is your Pomeranian/PittBull? Nardog?
    2) Ditto on Ashton – Manimal
    3)Stallings was not impressed with his first teamers at a public scrimmage (including talker/tankers Artis and Young)
    Of course the alternative which is why Artis tanked it on defense is that he sucks, is lazy, thinks only of himself, etc etc. Ask him how great he is he will tell you.
    4) Todd “TEXT” Graham calling someone chickensh*t – how classic.
    5) Emel apparently the Clemson fan hasn’t seen our DBs. 🙂


  7. Maybe we’ll play in a driving Hailstorm and Clemscum’s air attack will be grounded.

    As far as our defense, there’s a notion among a lot around the nation who don’t follow Pitt football very closely, that we play tough defense. Must be the images of the molten Steel, crucibles in old mills and such they flash into the subconscious of many during the games.


  8. Michigan just picked up another 4 star DL. That makes SIX!! That to go along with a 5 two 4’s and a three from last class. Hope Jeter remembers to pack his tweezers he is going to be riding the pines for a while.


  9. Pitt opening in Vegas as a 4.5 put underdog. Lord I’m scaring myself with how optimistic I am about Pitt’s chances in this game. VA Tech has great speed everywhere and a good option QB but Pitt has so many more tools! Of course there’s that 127th ranked pass defense!


  10. FWIW

    Smart pick

    Pitt has beaten Virginia Tech the last two seasons. Also, the Panthers should be fresh after a well-timed bye week, while the Hokies are coming off a big effort last week against Miami. The smart play in this spot is Pitt plus the points on the college football lines.


  11. WLAT it’s never smart picking any team that trots out a dismal defense. And I believe we can categorize Pitt in that group absent their 2nd half performance against Virginia.


  12. I hope Narduzzi & Canada are working with Peterman on the passing game during this long time off because VT is going to be stacking the box and working on identifying the jets sweeps. Weah is going to have to have a great game Thursday too.


  13. @jrnpitt

    I’m taking Pitt and the +4.5 at home. Pitt can move the ball and score, yes the defense is suspect but I believe Pitt can win a 38 to 35 type game.

    VT is coming off a big win they might have a slight let down similar to their Syracuse performance.

    It’s just going to come down to who makes more plays. A classic cliche but true.


  14. Ryan Luther in a transition offense.

    Guess he would be your ‘spot up’ 3 point shooter. If Artis will give up the ball & not launch himself !


  15. With Big Ben out for another month or more. Pitt football has a chance to perhaps garner some more attention in the Steel City. And if we strung together some wins here that could happen.

    Winning of Hearts & Minds, winning of hearts & minds.


  16. Aston is no unsung hero on the internet!

    Has anyone ever seen Donovan Jeter and Tony Butler in the same place at the same time? Hmmm….


  17. Over on the last article – “a bit past halfway” many posters were calling for an 8-4 regular season record and seem satisfied. Hogwash – why not 10-2?

    The pedos are happily on their way to such a record. As Emel put it in an earlier post, Clemson is beatable. NC State should have beat them but choked. Pitt is better than NC State…

    But first things first. Beat the jokies of vt in the rain soaked mud of Heinz Field in da-burg on Thursday night.

    Smash “razzle dazzle” Mouth football = Canadian Football



  18. 🏈🏈 keys to the “W”:

    Two-Way Players have to make a Huge Impact :

    1) Jordan Whitehead (Absolutely Pitt’s most explosive ball-handler along w/ Quadree Henderson) needs to get at least 7 really smart plays to him on offense to open-up V-tech. Not just obvious jet-sweeps: 3 screen passes when VT’s front seven starts getting too aggressive, 3 carries out of the shotgun next to Nate P (when it could be run/pass), and then one jet sweep — something like that — at least 7 strong touches for J Whitehead to keep VT guessing.

    2) James Conner HAS to go to one End spot and rush the passer on third and longs +”Obvious Passing Downs” . James Conner is a BEAST 👿👿 and it really shows for him on Defense where he can go-deliver Punishment to those other weaklings lol. Maybe even keep 3 D-ends on the field at one time, rush Conner right off the edge on the line, but be creative in how you bring pressure with the 3rd D-end (I.e. , Stuntin the kids call it 😎)

    3) Get CREATIVE with Nathan Peterman and the passing game .
    Even in NFL, so many offensive coordinators are so uncreative, it’s frankly poetic-injustice how much so many guys get paid to read off plays off a play sheet. However I truly believe Matt Canada will find a way to squeeze everything he can out of Pitt’s passing game against VT (NEED many first down conversions, and at least 2 Touchdowns from Nathan Peterman and passing game) . But Matt Canada can not call B$ slow developing pass plays all game , where Nate Peterman drops straight-back, and has to go through his progressions to deliver the throw. To win, Canada will always have to mix in screens to both receivers and running backs (especially George Aston and Moss against VT — who will sell out against the run and pressure Peterman hard) , and you have to get you QB moving out of the pocket to get space and affect the D-Lineman (so they can’t ever get into, “Pin Ears Back, tee-off on the QB, “pass-rush mode”, Ever).

    Miami played a ridiculous, Zero-Creativity, pure drop back + progression pass game and got Brad Kaaya KILLED. VT’s defensive lineman all game could just put all their weight way-forward — lickin’ their Chops—- and right off the snap go all-speed-ahead to smack Kaaya all game!!! And Miami never adjusted their pass calling with WR/RB screens or Any ways to counter VT’s lineman in sell-out pass-rush-mode at all!! I expect so much more out of Canada to get Nathan Peterman tons of Quirky Pass Yards (huge gains off screens and sweet roll-outs and play action). I HATE when our offensive coordinators just keep calling zero-creativity drop back passes (even Matt Canada got in this mode vs. Oklahoma State + North Carolina 😡😡) — even with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning helming your Offense —> offensive coordinators have to be creative to help out their QB’s, protect them, and give them great opportunities to go out there and make Big Plays!!

    Especially after pswho winning a big game Pitt Fans right now NEED this Victory from Pat Narduzzi and his Whole Pitt Crew. Yes — this game is a Must Win ✊✊ for this Pitt Football Program — and I believe Pat Narduzzi will Deliver .

    Ps, (😏😏😏 pssshh, it’s like a right of passage in the big10 to get to “upset” a high ranked, overrated Ohio state team calm down 😂😂 — & pswho already got smoked by Michigan keep-perspective lol)


  19. 😏😏😏 I only even pay the slightest notice to pswho in how it affects THE Pitt Panthers —- I have zero clue where the wierdness is coming from about one miracle upset over a struggling Ohio state team that lost like 8 top 4 round draft picks from last year 😏😏 …..

    Pswho already got Smashed + Blown Outta the Water by Michigan! ….Dunno, whatever —- Pat Narduzzi has gotta win vs. Va Tech on National TV to reassure the more easily-swayed 😂😂😂


  20. ESPN’s read on the current polls –

    “And don’t look to the polls for answers here. No. 21 North Carolina lost to No. 25 Virginia Tech, but the voters like the Tar Heels better. Pitt’s only two losses came by a combined eight points, but the Panthers earned fewer votes in the latest AP poll than Troy and line up well behind Penn State, a team they beat in Week 2.”

    Go figure?

    Win vs the jokies of vt and recognition will work it’s way back to da-burg.

    Win out and finish at 10-2 and this team will be talked about, maybe even ranked – lol.


  21. ~ DK

    I think we need at least 250 yards and a couple TD’s from NP this week. Syracuse won because they exploited VT’s pass defense. Dungy passed for over 400 yards.

    VT’s gonna be stacked in the box, susceptible to the long bomb, so maybe your man Jester Jester will have a big game. Let’s hope NP can find him and then connect.


  22. ^Gutsy M&M. I like that. For whatever reason, (hopefully and forever optimistic) I have a good feeling about this game. The bad news is that I’m wrong a lot and never predict PITT to lose a game. EVER!

    I think Nate is the difference in the game plus the skill PITT players.


  23. When has Heinz ever been muddy besides that Steeler-Dolphin Monday night game when they put the new sod over the old stuff & it rained for 2 straight days? You guys call for it all the time & it never happens. The middle of the field was redone prior to the New England game & it will be covered. I don’t even think that stuff has dirt under it.


  24. I earlier said I wouldn’t comment on Bball this early. But the above Stallings quotes (link) cracked me up! He’s apparently not afraid to tell it like it is to his best players when they need a “teaching moment” (i.e. attitude adjustment). LOL


  25. Anonymous – you are correct as Barney and the Pitt BB spin department are trying to sell season tickets and having a very hard time.

    Below is about all you can find – I’ll add from memory in parentheses –

    PITTSBURGH – The Pitt men’s basketball team played in front of its first audience of the 2016-17 season as it hosted an open scrimmage Saturday afternoon in the Petersen Events Center. The Panthers played three 10 minute periods and two late-game scenarios (in front of a few hundred fans).

    Fans had a first glance at Kevin Stallings’ up-tempo offense ran (poorly) by newly appointed point guard Jamel Artis. Fellow seniors Sheldon Jeter, Chris Jones and Michael Young ran the court alongside Artis (as the Blue team) in the high-speed and aggressive offense, looking more poised and decisive than ever (not saying much considering their previous body of work, but thrown in to help sell tickets).

    Of the newcomers, sophomore transfer Crisshawn Clark distributed the ball extremely well while knocking down a handful of shots. True freshman Justice Kithcart also handled the ball well in his first “game-like” situation (as they both lead the second string Gold team to victory in the final 10 minute session verses the “gassed” Blue team supposed starters).

    Pitt opens the season Nov. 11 in the Petersen Events Center as it hosts Eastern Michigan in the first game of the 2K Classic Benefiting Wounded Warriors Project (very good cause).

    Season tickets (many left) are now on sale for the 2016-17 men’s basketball season. Call 1-800-643-7488 for additional information on ticket options.

    Me personally, I was impressed (for the first time) by HC Stallings and his honest description of his team’s performance – I thought, maybe his comments will motivate the players to play & work harder to get better.

    We shall soon see – back to FB…


  26. ike @ 10:26, and just like his older brother, Donovan will transfer to Pitt after his freshman year. Hence the big question: Will Harbaugh sign his release?


  27. I hope dearly I’m wrong but I have the feeling that we will rue the day we let Dixon go .. or maybe rue the day we hired Stallings. (sort of reminds me of another situation of about 5-6 years ago)


  28. Note that unlike most instances when a new coach is hired, Stallings has 4 starters back plus two more players with a lot of experience. And not only does he have to prove himself on the court … he also has to do it off the court in that he he will have at least 5 scholarships to fill this off-season.

    He has passed the initial test in keeping the new commits from last year … but while he has 2 decent new recruits thus far, he has been striking out on a bunch of others recently. There is still time to rectify .. but he is under the gun


  29. Last week’s hinged on a huge Pick Six produced by our very suspect defensive secondary. This unit is getting better with the next guy up attitude of the replacements in that weak secondary. This week it will be a “Motley” Crew once again. Besides Motley, Dane Jackson is now mentally prepared to contribute and I won’t be the least bit surprised to see Danae Hamlin make his 1st appearance on Thursday evening.
    Does this infer that we don’t have problems in Pitt’s secondary? Absolutely not! We are getting better though. Another key turnover on Thursday produced by this group will be another step in the right direction.
    Somehow the Panthers squeak by for their sixth win. Why? Because this team is learning how to win, & this game is winnable.
    #The Pursuit!


  30. Dr. Tom, you ignorant slut! Just to take the counterpoint.

    Va Tech’s QB is the type that always kills us. Big, Strong, a good passer and maybe a better runner. They have a 6’7″ tight end that is really good.

    Their defense is sound and very fast from sideline to sideline, does not bode well for the jet sweep.

    Beamer ball is gone, they have an offensive minded coach and still have their great defensive coordinator.

    Price may not be able to play.

    Narduzzi does not want to admit it, but the season is on the line, lose this one and we most probably go to 5-5, with better than their records Duke and Syracuse to finish up.

    Recruiting is the key to change the dynamic and things have not been going well.

    Lots of cheap tickets on Stubhub and they haven’t been moving.

    Weather, 42, with wind 6-12, possible shower does not appear to favor either team.

    Not to be negative or anything.


  31. Erie,
    The Anonomous was me on the Stallings quotes.
    Anyway, I think our pass D will unfortunately stink all year (hope I’m wrong) but we will continue to win games like we did to go 5-2.
    The problem for Duzz is his famous D at MSU was made for Big10 football and not for the Spread O of the other conferences (which includes the ACC).
    If he’s worth his salt he will have no choice but to adapt to the spread. Dumb coaches don’t adapt. Good coaches do. Hopefully Duzz isn’t Dumb!


  32. wwb, I mentioned the Robinson young man a week or so ago. He’s actually their QB and come be a really good WR. I like this kid, hope PITT can snag him.

    Reeves is a big time recruit that would help PITT in perception as well as play on the field.


  33. I agree with the statement that his Narduzzi’s reputation was built vs B10’s offenses. However, it will work with right personnel … look what MSU did last year at Ohio St, which does not play typical B10 offense.

    We need speed in the LB and DB to be competitive. Look at the year Whitehead had last year as a natural freshman … without college experience.


  34. It is unlikely but not impossible that Penn St wins the rest of its game. If they do .. and OSU and Mich wins out (which is likely), and then OSU wins at home vs Mich … there is a 3-team tiebreaker for B10 East. Since all 3 teams are 1-1 vs each other, the the next tiebreaker will be overall record which will knock PSU out because of its loss to Pitt.


  35. ^^^^ *Lol from an “Adopted Steelers Fan” Here —- @8:25, “Mean Joe Greene” talking about the Steelers rising from a Perennial Loser into Champions —- he speaks of the Rise from SOS — Same Old Steelers!! …just like now with: ‘Same Old Pitt’!! hahaha always like that until you truly break through!!!

    #HailToPitt —- Pitt fans need a National TV Statement-win Thursday @Pat Narduzzi!!!


  36. wbb – if the pedos do indeed win out, the cult nation from creepy valley will be dancing in the streets and thumbing their noses at all things Pitt.

    Then they will grab a New Year’s 6 bowl game – not so with Pitt, even if we win out and finish 10-2.

    Listening to xm radio 84 yesterday, you’d of thought the pedos already finished the season at 10-2.

    Shows how weak the BIG Joke conference really is.


  37. ^^^^ How about Pat Narduzzi Beat Freakin’ NFL-Stacked #5, 11-1 Baylor RIGHT BEFORE he came to Pitt?? — for, “Pat Narduzzi only stops 5-yard and clouds of dust offenses” NONSENSE.

    That #5 overall Baylor team (with like, 10 draft picks???) got upset by a 6-6 or 7-5 West Virginia (**exactly like pswho’s miracle upset, which many here thinks will lead them to Nick Saban @Alabama National Glory Dynasty level now immediately(?????) lol) from being 12-0 and being in the Inaugural College Football Playoffs.

    Pat Narduzzi came down to the field at half time after trying to call defense from the press-box, and the whole team Rallied Around Him and won the game. It doesn’t matter if Baylor Scored too much, or had too many yards —- because Michigan State got a ton of yards too, THEN SCORED MORE TO WIN THE GAME. 🙂 🙂 .

    Man…. I don’t even find myself to be a particularly “optimistic” person or anything, yikes!!! Yes, Va Tech at Home on Thursday is going to be a Heavyweight Fight —— But, Guys: penn state suxxx and had a miracle win over an ohio state team that is exactly like Notre Dame this year— they lost EVERYBODY except their QB!!!!!



  38. Dr. Tom and GC You ignorant sluts – love it the original SNL. How are we going to cover a 6’7″ tight end – stack Motley on top of Jackson? Dr. Tom where do you buy your blue/gold tinted glasses? 🙂 Only Erie out optimisms you. 🙂
    wwb The Robinson kid got a very positive write up locally a week or so ago. Apparently a very talented athlete.
    Ped State will not run the board but with only Iowa and MSU who knows. The Big Joke always gets butts kicked in bowl games. . OSU always chokes in Happy Valley. http://www.collegian.psu.edu/news/crime_courts/article_9133c44e-9938-11e6-8445-fffe201625d2.html
    Very Hoopie like.

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  39. Regarding PSU, when we were really winning in the late 1970s, I was fearing a loss to PSU because of what it meant nationally. When we were not very good, beating PSU meant a successful season. Hopefully we can return to the former and forget the latter.


  40. Ugh… what has VT done this year? Beat a decent UNC team in a driving rain storm which negated any passing game… and beating one of the worst coaches in NCAA history. Big deal. They lost to Syracuse for goodness sake. They are no more formidable than any other mediocre team on Pitt’s schedule.


  41. John, the Syracuse QB should shred the Pitt pass defense this year. I think he would have beat us last year if not for getting knocked silly early in the second half. And this year he’s playing at a much higher level than last year. That game at best is a toss up IMO.


  42. ^Not sure what this means John R? Is UNC a decent team or mediocre? Clemson? Miami?

    I mentioned before how the ACC Costal seems to have been stricken with a bad case of parity this year. Well except for UNC, no other team has distinguished themselves. Well except maybe PITT?


  43. The Pedo’s are not going to run the Table. lol Indiana, Illinois or some other BigJoke basement bargain team will beat them. They didn’t beat Ohio Fake, Fake beat themselves. The odds of what happened to them in the 4th quarter was astronomical. Franklinstein got his once in a blue moon miracle. Now back to reality.


  44. Attended the scrimmage at the Pete. Observations:

    Dixon left this team with NO forwards and centers after this year, he screwed the pooch and the Pitt fans. Thank God Stallings kept Manigault or there would only be Luther next year. WTF? Dixon totally blew last years recruiting class.

    Stalling came onto the court a few times to tell his players they weren’t doing what they practiced and in between periods would say the same thing as he addressed the crowd. He would then explain to the crowd what they were going to work on next. It was a nice event. Players signed autographs after and kids (and some weird adults) got to shoot free throws.

    As for the players…

    Young played great.

    Cameron Johnson needs to be more aggressive. As a 6’8″ guard (if he stays there) that can shoot, he needs to start driving the lane. He has the skill to do it.

    Rozelle Nix. This isn’t to bust on the kid because he obviously has serious knee issues that he is not recovering from. I feel bad for him because you can tell i he was able to move he may be good, but what the F was Dixon thinking? What the F was Dixon thinking?

    Crisshawn Clark (who the F is that?), played great. Drove the lane, shot and passed well. He is physically well built and 6’4″. I guess he has had knee injuries in the past but you couldn’t tell on the court. He is very athletic with a nice shooting motion. A successful JC kid from CA.

    Kithcart is quicker than any guard I have seen at Pitt, it stands out as you watch play. He could beat anyone one on one to drive the lane.

    Manigault has loads of potential and the kid is 17. He will be good.

    All I kept thinking as I watched the scrimmage was, Dixon screwed Pitt, they will have no depth next year even if Stallings brings in a great class. Enjoy this years team, because the next two or three are going to be lots of younger players.


  45. Good point jrnpitt. Cuse was up 17-13 until Dungy got hurt. They only scored 3 more points without him.

    Hopefully he won’t play. Since he runs so much he takes some YUGE hits.


  46. ~ notrocket

    Dixon would have signed a bunch of bigman stiffs, as he was known for… his last 3-4 years.

    Just to jog the memory since these stiffs were so unmemorable.

    Alonzo Oddoda (the Giant Dodo Bird)
    Rafael (ate too many Burritos) Maia
    Rozelle (ate too much of Everything) Nix
    Joe (Wheels) Uchebo
    Derrick (great against Nia teams) Randall
    Tyrone (Never got off the Pines) Haughton
    Khem ( Leaving for Las Vegas) Birch
    Malcolm (not in the Middle) Gilbert
    Dwight (no Height) Miller

    Nope I think Jamie had run his course at Pitt. The show had become tired and quite predictable.


  47. Emel

    That was funny. He struck out on more than big men too.

    If Stallings doesn’t pull in a good first class, Pitt hoops is screwed. He can certainly sell instant playing time.


  48. Who was on here talking about how great coach Tom Herman is at Houston? You can’t judge a team on the 1st quarter of a season. Losing to SMU is horrible. Just another AAC team.


  49. You can: Love, Hate, or not care about Stallings as the new PITT basketball teams head coach but lets not yearn for Jamie. His time had gone the same day steve was shown the door.


  50. Devin Wilson from Montour started for Va Tech BB at PG as freshman 2 years ago .. and saw a lot of PT this past season. Believe they beat Pitt last year. Anyway, he is also on the FB team … has 2 receptions thus far this year.


  51. Wheels Uchebo made the all conference team at Charlotte last year and led the league in rebounding. Averaged 13.2 ppg and 11.5 reb. Got a double-double vs Syracuse. He was undrafted but signed to the Hornets — doubt if he made it though.


  52. Pitt Football ACC Injury Report, Virginia Tech

    LB Mike Caprara (lower body)
    DL Ejuan Price (lower body)

    DB Terrish Webb (upper body)

    LB Bam Bradley (upper body)
    WR Dontez Ford (upper body)
    DB Avonte Maddox (upper extremity)

    WR Zach Challingsworth (upper extremity)
    LB Elijah Zeise (lower body)

    Out for the Season
    TE Chris Clark (lower body)
    DL Zack Gilbert (medical)
    OL Mike Grimm (lower body)
    DE Dewayne Hendrix (lower body)


  53. ~ wwb

    Wheels was an interesting story indeed. Pitt paid boo coo buck$ for all his rehab/etc. And then when he’s fully recovered Dixon let’s him transfer to Charlotte. Where he set the all-time UNCC or Charlotte U. now rebounding record for a season. Mind you UNCC went to the Final 4 one-time and has had quite a few very good NBA type players. For instance Cornbread Maxwell.


  54. Refreshing that Stallings doesn’t blow smoke up these kids butts.

    He seems to be hitting the same brick wall with his targeted recruits.

    This is a crucial year for both.


  55. One thing with bball, you can turn things around really quickly with just a couple 2-3 star players.

    Think middle 80’s, when they landed Charles Smith, Jerome Lane and Demetrious Gore. And Pitt’s program was in a far worse place then, with not much history and the dilapidated ancient Field House.

    If you can’t recruit to what Pitt is now, the Pete and the best BBall conf in America, something is wrong.

    Maybe Friar Tuck should shave his head ala Buzz and some of the others losing their hair.


  56. I think basketball is pay to play. Have to get your hands dirty to get the really great players, unless you are Duke. North Carolina still not penalized for running a professional program without the encumbrance of attending classes and Pitino knew nothing about hookers for recruits and their dads.

    Days of landing Smith, Lane and Gore are long gone. Jamie did more with less, until he hit the wall and couldn’t get a big man. Not sure why we got an SEC coach when we need ACC players. Stallings was supposed to be a good recruiter, so far not so much.


  57. The bigger concern is Narduzzi’s class, yes he finished strong last year, will he do it again?

    It is not looking good so far.

    The ACC Coastal is going to get better with better coaches. Gotta keep up.


  58. Here’s the full Stallings article:

    I liked this one:

    “We may have to take a look and see who’s bringing the gold team the energy that is causing the blue team to lose and put those guys more in the lineup,” he said, adding that perhaps some of the first-teamers “feel like having that blue jersey on was something like a birthright and not something that’s earned each day.”

    “I’m pretty sure I know how to fix that,” Stallings said.

    That was a direct shot at Dixon and his loyal upper classmen start philosophy.


  59. gc, yes this years recruiting class can go either way….but there is a bunch of 4 stars that are fairly interested. The class will shake out, imo, just fine and maybe/could be better than last years. Starting with Reeves and ending with Wade.


  60. Is there a Pitt FB game this week? Latest weather forecast at game time 49 degrees and overcast, rain showers ending at 3. FB weather!!!!


  61. GC – I wrote a small piece about college bball pay to play scheme. This involves AAU, shoe companies and money exchange. I got this directly from a head coach in a P5 conference who was not invited to the table after he originally rebuked the advances. It is a scam and that is exactly why the NCAA cannot do anything. The NCAA knew and still knows but it is so far gone, it can never be fixed. Well, that is until the NCAA is shown the door. I wrote a year ago that it would be 5 years until they are out. I stand by that.


  62. Hard to explain to a bunch of yinzer jagoffs the intangibles involved with bringing home a signature win when on paper the opposition should have their way with us.
    Call it women’s intuition but Pitt wins this one, I’ll bet my reputation on it. If I’m wrong you can have your way with me.


  63. @ IS

    Also take into account VT will play 3 games in 13 days plus travel to the burgh. Pitt will win this one, call it ‘yinzerforlife’ intuition.


  64. IS: now I REALLY hope Pitt wins. The thought of a bunch of yinzer jagoffs having their way with you fosters a mental vision I don’t think I can live with!


  65. @IS: your reputation is well known among the Coast Guard and heck, all the armed forces. Reed and his sailor friends have known a lot of women and maam you are not a woman. PittPT watch it this is a clap game (trap game – get it?). I would suspect UPitt as IS but it is too positive a post. Savannah I have been a yinzer all my life (don’t use the word though) and I can be a jagoff but there is not enough alcohol in POV land for this gal. Reed we need a new article fast. LOL


  66. Somebody please help me out with this. Why was’t it pass interference on that long pass to the OS wideout on OS’s last series against PS? I thought it was clearly pass interference but no one has mentioned that play. Am I missing something?


  67. 6&34, many of us mentioned that play. I mentioned it when it happened.

    Obvious pass interference. Actually a good play by the defender, it should have been a 15 yd penalty instead of a long catch. Even better since he got away with it. The ghost of JoePa.


  68. Interesting that Price and Caprara are listed as probable. I guess Narduzzi wants people to show up.

    Pitt’s chance of victory diminish greatly if Price isn’t 100%.


  69. It is refreshing to have Stallings call out these lazy players. But he has to get on the recruiting. When you have 3 of 4 of the best teams in the ACC caught blatantly cheating and not just once but systemic cheating – you have your work cut-out for you. Teams like that shouldn’t have to cheat – yet they did… what does that tell you?


  70. Under the radar, Taleni played in the last game. Looks like they really wasted a redshirt.

    Lots of seniors graduating in both sports next year, many opportunities for kids that want to have the chance to play early.

    Really hurts that Narduzzi has missed on a great year for elite players in the WPIAL.

    Especially with the example of Whitehead.


  71. Lots of Upper Deck tickets going for only $6 on Stubhub. Pretty cheap entertainment, Pitt has a fun/exciting team to watch. Wish I lived in Da Burgh, you’ll probably be able to scalp a great seat down low for $20 or less. Marketing should be……Pitt Football …Fun Cheap Entertainment !!!


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