Pitt vs Virginia Prediction Thread

“With craziness, you can’t predict it. There’s very little defense you can have on craziness.”That’s a quote from Bryan Cranston, our favorite chemistry teacher. 

That sentiment holds true for what we have seen from Pitt’s defense so far this season.  While during the off-season we fans felt that the interior of our defensive line was going to be a real problem – just the opposite happened.

Then we figured that our DBs, who returned almost en mass losing just L. Pitts, were coming back strong with that year of starting experience under their belts and would better what we did in defending the pass in 2015.  Well, that sure didn’t happen either.

So predictions are tricky things.  Sometimes, especially with Pitt football I think, the heart overrules the mind – that’s when we start predicting Pitt to upset a better team.  Although that hasn’t happened in the last two years yet we keep hoping it will so we pick Pitt in those games.

Other times the head may overrule the heart like mine did when I predicted a Pitt loss to PSU.  Which leads us to the thought that unless you are totally ego driven sometimes we are happy to be wrong.  At least I was when the whistle blew at the end of that game.

This upcoming game against Virginia is a bit of a mystery to me.  First off it is being played in Scott Stadium https://i1.wp.com/football.ballparks.com/NCAA/ACC/Virginia/aerial.jpglocated on the Virginia campus down in Charlottesville, VA.  I don’t know how crazy the fans down there are so the Cavs may not have a true home field advantage.Image result for University of Virginia fans

I do know that the fan’s choice of wardrobe is cut from the same clothas the ‘well off’ upper class back in the 1950s.  They might be the only youngsters who wear Brooks Brothers and Lily Pulitzer clothing to football games – at least while sitting in the plebeian sections. Hell, just because of that I hope we kick their well-dressed asses.

At this point in Pitt’s season the first thing I believe a fan has to do is check on what the opposing QB has done in the air so far.  With Virginia we get first year starter JR Kurt Benkert.  As you can see below he’s been a bit hot and cold over the season so far.



However over his last three games he is averaging 333 yards per game passing with eight TDs to two INTs.  Better get welding helmets for our DBs as they are going to get torched.

But that won’t lose the game for us. 

Now that our passing game is having attention paid to it by our OC and FR Chawntez Moss is rushing well and coming to the forefront as a primary runner, I think our offense will outscore the Cavaliers.

I see us having three TDs on the ground; two TDs in the air and a FG to get us to 38 points.  We get a turnover that stops a late drive in the 4th quarter by VA to help close out the game. If that isn’t enough to win against a 2-3 Virginia team then start the firing procedure for Conklin on Sunday morning.

We’ll be 2-1 in the ACC when the dust settles Saturday afternoon…

Pitt 38 – VA 31

Note: Here are the Virginia Game Notes as put out by Pitt.

82 thoughts on “Pitt vs Virginia Prediction Thread

  1. This is definitely a game we should win. But our offense is due for a sub-par performance – just as our D is overdue for a stellar performance. Let’s hope they both happen in the same game.
    I don’t have a good feeling about this one for some reason. And as much as I feel that, I still can’t make myself predict a losing score against us.
    SO…..Pitt 41 UVA 38


  2. I think this will be the week Reed beats his unblemished? record. Love those VA fans above. Was in Williamsburg with my wife when it was announced Pitt was joining the ACC and a UVA fan, spotting my ever present Pitt cap, welcomed us to the ACC telling me they needed a class upgrade class with V Tech in the ACC. At Emel’s Charlotte Car Part Bowl the UVA fans were very nice to us; though Heath Miller not to the team. 🙂 I hate nice (ha ha). Lets see glycerin pills, high BP meds, alcohol, yoga mat (cant spill food or drink on new hardwood floors). Yup ready. Pitt 45 UVA 42 – gotta be close. 🙂


  3. We will go out to a double-digit lead in the 1st half only to have UVa wage a fierce 2nd half comeback, but will fall short as they are held on 4th down at Pitt 7 yard line with 58 seconds left. Pitt 31-27


  4. They can pass, we can’t stop the pass
    We have a productive O, they don’t
    Pittman4ever looks into his crystal ball and sees:

    PITT: 45
    UVA: 31


  5. Majors Majors,
    Rumor has it the gypsy with the crystal ball is no other than Reed’s wife, who while stranded on a deserted island was found and rescued by our hero Reed during one of his many sailings around the world. Fact check it!


  6. Pitt 35 UVA 31 – Pitt flips the script and after being down 21 – 7 at half outscores UVA 28-10 in the second half as UVA goes conservative and plays right into the strength of Pitt’s defense. Due to being down the offense cannot do their usual 2nd half turtling and 22 yard pass from Peterman to Tre Tipton puts Pitt ahead with under a minute left. Pitt fans still suffer heart palpitations as UVA drives down the field with 50 seconds left and on a 4th and game from the 20 UVA throws an 18 yard pass as the receiver is stopped on the 2 yard line as time expires. H2P! It should be HA2P (heart attack 2 prevail!)


  7. I have consistently been too optimistic this year. But, come on, have some faith in our boys. Pit wins 45 – 17. After the game, the well-dressed undergrads head back to the frat houses to get focused on higher priorities.



  8. I Predict an Overall Score of…….Oh man, I dunno!

    But I want to see Strong Safety Jordan Whitehead Blitzing like a Maniac all-game!!! If Josh Conklin is so Heck-Bent on Jordan Whitehead being a Run-Stopper Strong Safety —- then Blitz him all the time to get Tackles for Loss on Run Plays, and Sack the QB!!!! 🙂

    Ejuan Price is so great so far and is playing at the level of a straight-up, no-exaggeration, First Team All American Selection 🙂 as of 6 games. He’s been Elite-Quality Fantastic —– and Shakir Soto inside is so solid. If Shakir Soto at his 6’3”, Great-Frame can put on 10-15 pounds and Carry 300 “nicely”, then all-of-a-sudden NFL Scouts are going seriously-notice him. Great for these young men First, Foremost, and Secondly —- and also great for Pitt Football!!

    😦 Not to be a jerk but Terrish Webb, Reggie Mitchell, Avonte Maddox ….. they all just did not improve one-iota (at least from the “Fans’ Perspective” with actual On-Field Gameday Production and “Eye-Test”) one-Iota since they arrived at Pitt (??). The Coaches are now clearly are totally-resolute that Terrish Webb is the starting Free Safety, period —- what is he showing in Practice? As he looks really, really 😦 ‘Exposed’ every game-day?

    ******* Chawntez Moss gets 25 carries this game — that’s my “Prediction”. Moss shakes Virginia Defenders “outta-their-shoes” all game as he tip-toes for continuous 5-10 yard gains — sometimes getting 5 yard gains even-after juking defenders penetrating into the backfield.

    Scott Orndoff is Nate Peterman’s main-target all game, just getting open-enough and snagging Clutch Catches all-game.

    Funny — I like how Nathan Peterman rocks the super-high, rolled-up sleeves ‘look’ to show off his ‘Guns’ — I like that he obviously hits the weight room hard, especially as it has helped him “not-break” after a lot of big-hits he’s taken halfway through the year. Nathan Peterman is making a believer outta me, as his whole (don’t hit me 🙂 , lol) “Swag” (pronounced: Shhh-wwaaaggg lol) has been going ^^^up-up-up^^^ since halfway-through the Marshall game —-> when he **FINALLY GOT PI$$ED OFF in front of everyone after getting painfully denied on the pitiful 4th-and-goal QB sneak at the 1 yard line. His helmet was ripped halfway-off his head, and he straight-up looked ANGRY, and he even appeared to Yell at the Ref!!! 🙂 🙂 I loved it!!

    On Nate Peterman’s next opportunity he leads Pitt on a Huge TD drive when he Finally says EFF-IT , and throws a 40-yard bomb to Jester Weah on a 3rd and 1!!!! 🙂

    #HailToPitt + #PittIsIT —and ya’ll are awesome, and I absolutely can’t wait to see the “Color Commentary” during the actual game!!!


  9. Pitt 38 UVA 35, we still don’t cover the spread which is why it is so low (along with our inability to put away the other team in the second half less last minute heroics.


  10. @Upittbaseball —– Oh mannn… I have to hope you think Pitt at least SHOULD win, right?…..You’re implying a Major, incredibly-disappointing Upset of Pitt correct? —- If Pitt can’t beat this year’s Virginia Cavaliers Football Squad — which frankly is just totally rebuilding after super-“uneven” recruiting by Mike London which left the ‘Hoos’ with some greatly talented individual players, but tons of glaring weaknesses across the board —– then who the heck is Pitt going to beat on the rest of their schedule??? lol

    Virginia overall talent-wise is right-there with Duke and Syracuse, so with that Prediction: if Pitt loses, that would mean Pitt Football is equal in talent with the absolute lowest-tier teams in the ACC?! 😦 😦


  11. VA 38 Pitt 28—Pitt has enough difficulty trying to cover 2 receivers never mind trying to clover the 4 receivers VA normally sends out on most plays.


  12. Thank you Upitt, thank you!!!!! You are my George Costanza! As Elaine admonished George to do on one episode of Seinfeld, “George, do the opposite”. Kind of like George’s character, your success to fail prediction ratio is horrible so I’m much more comfortable in proposing my own prediction on tomorrow’s game now. Thanks again. Prediction comes later.


  13. I haven’t seen the Hoo’s play this year – but looking at that QBs numbers, they sure like to sling it… which is not good news for Pitt. They’ve won 2 straight after getting smoked by a bad Oregon team that’s since lost 4 in a row, and losing on the at UConn.

    I think Pitt holds the ball for nearly 40 minutes, wins the turnover battle – hangs on to a 38-28 win.


  14. Dark Knight and Dr Tom,

    UPittBB is well known for

    bashing Pitt coaches
    bashing Pitt players
    bashing Pitt AD
    bashing their uniforms (actually I agree with him on the new uniform numbers)
    expecting their teams to lose
    gleefully pointing out when Pitt NFL players get cut or do poorly

    but aside from this, he’s quite the Pitt fan


  15. ~ rkb We were at the PITT/UVa bowl game in Charlotte that year, think it was 2003. Fitz’s last game in a Pitt uniform. Wow that was just a terrible game, Pitt was playing to get into the Orange Bowl against Miami the previous game, another bummer game we were at in a cold nite at Ketchup Bottle. Continental Tire was the Bowl sponsor that year, as being headquarted in Charlotte and one of the last American manufacturers of Tires.

    Yes the UVa fans we encountered all over downtown Charlotte were nice and polite, but you also tell they were looking down their noses at Pitt and Pitt ppl. They had a pretty good team with future NFL QB Matt Schaub and Steeler TE Heath Miller. Another disappointing loss to another disappointing Pitt season of;
    ‘what could have beens’.


  16. I see UVa plays in an old old on campus stadium (Scott Stadium) built in 1931, complete with all bench seating. Somehow they never felt the urge to ‘pull it’,


  17. I remember the ’03 bowl game vividly.
    1. flew down on the Pitt charter where they gave us all yogurt for breakfast and had no spoons on the plane.
    2. Ric Flair chased Larry Fitz during the pep rally where Fitz took off and hid behind other players
    3. Walt when talking about Charlotte during the pep rally said “it’s clean”
    4. Game sucked
    5. Watched Nordy tell Fitz good luck in the NFL

    Now that I think of it every time I’ve been away to see UVA, Pitt lost. I have tickets for tomorrow and can’t go. So with that Pitt will win big. Pitt 41- UVA 21. All of UVA’s points are in the 3&4th quarter.


  18. UVA has a trick that they trty to blind the opposing QB. When the opposing team in on 3rd down and facing the scoreboard they strobe the scoreboard and the side scoreboards which hang from the bottom of the upper deck, back and forth orange/white. Then on the snap of the ball it goes black. it can take a second or two for your eyes to adjust I can say from sitting in the end zone facing the scoreboard it can be annoying.


  19. Yea that must have happened in the 2007 PITT/UVa game in Hootersville, Bostick got blinded, as did the whole team by those strobe lights. We lost 14-44.

    Blinded by the Light.


  20. My favorite Walter White quote (responding to his wife): “We are are not in danger. I AM THE DANGER!”

    My father, daughter and wife are all UVA grads…been to a lot of games. The atmosphere is OK when the team plays well, although the fight song is sung to the melody of Auld Lang Syne. Should be interesting to see how many show up for the game – they recently have not been filling the stadium and the fans ditch early when things aren’t going well. Fans yearn for the George Welsh era. Sound familiar? They are Pitt with a tea drinking pinky extended, although the fragrence of bourbon will be easy to detect.

    UPitt- Bronco may be proven but he also lost to Richmond and that hasn’t happened in decades. And Richmond has had better teams than the one they are fielding this year (I’m an alum) He’s a year behind in recruiting as well. My old college hallmate Mike London left him with some players, so that helps him.

    Weather will be excellent tomorrow. Clear skies and 70.I hope to see plenty blue/gold.

    Time for Pitt to leave C’ville a winner. 37-31 PItt (Blewitt misses a PAT)


  21. My concern isn’t with whether Pitt is better than the Cavaliers, it’s whether they’ll be allowed to win (plus how many ACC teams can we get bowl qualified).


  22. Pitt will control time of possession to keep UVA passing game on the sidelines. Big day for our running backs-similar to PSU game.
    Pitt 35
    UVA 21


  23. Looking at UVa’s future schedule, don’t see them getting to 6 wins and Bowl Payday for them & ACC unless they beat Pitt. As they have UNC, Louisville, Miami and Va Tech. All those teams are either in the Top 20 or in UNC’s case were in it, as recently as last week. So those are all losses imo. Leaving them with win possibilities against Wake Forest and GT and Pitt to get to 6 wins.

    As Yeti mentioned they aren’t drawing to well down there, even though this is Bronco Mendenhall’s first season, since they opened up 0-3, Hoo fans were probably saying SOV (same old Virginia).

    To get them slightly excited down there for the future and to sell some more season tickets, they really need to get a Bowl game. No matter how insignificant that Bowl game might be.

    So unfortunately those factors are causing the Tea Leaves to look like a typical Pitt pulling a boner on the road.

    UVa 42 Pitt 40 (blewitt misses 2 Fg’s)


  24. 42-28
    Good guys from Pgh.
    Don’t see Coleman playing if he spent the previous week pretending to be GT’s qb.
    Don’t know if they will burn Hamlin’s red shirt, though I suspect Avonte’s injury will keep him off the field for a while.


  25. I love UPITT because he truly makes me LOL.
    If the Panthers were playing Yale good ole UPITT would say that they will outsmart us to win the game.


  26. Emel – The fans were probably a little like Harvard fans. I knew it was the Continental Bowl – first bowl game I attended (in my 40s)- since then it has been Bellke, Meinike pick your car part. When Heath MIller became a Steeler, a friend who told him he was a Pitt fan and Heath asked why Walt didnt put Fitz in at 1st and goal as their bench couldnt believe it. Answer – Walt was trying to prove to Fitz we could win without him – we didnt. I lost my voice as I sat behind the Pitt bench screaming to put Fitz in. Nice stadium compared to Ketchup Bottle. Ate at a house/bar with Cajun food and jazz/dixieland/blues bands on second floor – cant remember the name. Fun place.
    Joel = LMAO – Pitt fans with pinky finger extended
    Cornhole born with a silver spoon kept his in …..
    I didnt realize how futile we had been there. Definite nail biter


  27. Oh yea for sure, you had to be at the Cajun Queen Restaurant, one of the older independently owned restaurants in Charlotte. In the Elizabeth neighborhood.

    Yep UVA’ers & Dukies, act like Ivy League’rs of the ACC. Snobs ! Then the Chapel Hell creeps.


  28. I wish I shared the optimism of most on here. UVA is coming off a bye. They have a pretty good passing attack with a solid QB and some decent receivers. Our Defense is AWFUL. Hope I’m wrong. I see this as another gut wrenching road loss.


  29. Frat boys at Ole’ Miss wear same outfit to football games as UVa boys except for using bow ties.
    The “Grove” is also the only place where I have seen chandeliers in tailgating tents.


  30. Those look pretty good, like the gold helmets. Would like to see that with gold pants ala old days.

    Would be sweet also to have the throwbacks in an away uni, with white tops and yellow pants.


  31. ike, I was at the Eric Clapton comeback concert at 3 Rivers in ’74 when someone from the crowd threw a flaming object on stage that landed close to EC. He kept on playing but had some very choice words at the end of the song (not sure if they found the culprit – nearly 50k in attendance)

    Clapton’s next album was named “There’s One in Every Crowd”


  32. wwb, I was there. Todd “The Runt” Rungren opened up and I did see the object thrown at EC. It was his 461 Ocean Blvd concert. and it was good. The drummer had a cool white hat on.


  33. —- Even if Our Pitt Squad isn’t quite-yet as stocked with pure Talent and Speed as Nick Saban’s or Urban Meyer’s teams — Pat Narduzzi is getting these Young Men Ready-to-ROCK every day at Practice and on Game Day!!!! 🙂 🙂

    I think we can all say that Pitt fans are excited to have Pat Narduzzi Runnin’ The Show, especially with Chancellor Patrick Gallagher enthusiastically — even ‘giddily’ — embracing and appreciating Pitt Football. And I believe Pitt has found a real, Legit Athletic Director in Scott Barnes (I don’t care what you say, @Upittbaseball lol I really think he ‘gets it’ for Pitt Football!)

    #HailToPitt !!! 🙂

    I think Nathan Peterman comes out tomorrow and the rest of this season like he’s Royally Pi$$ed-Off that he’s not even remotely being viewed as an NFL Quarterback by any pundits Anywhere, and he shows he belongs in that National-Discussion — Pitt Football this season (as we’ve all said since pre-season!!), In-The-End, Will go as far as Nathan Peterman can carry them.


  34. Met Tyler Boyd’s Uncle this evening. So there must have been a reason for that. I’m gonna revise my prediction.

    Pitt 42
    UVa 40


  35. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 —- Emel1981 !!!! YES!!

    Now, when @Upittbaseball one-day predicts a close Pitt win, we will all know that Pitt Football is in the Elite lol.


  36. I agree with Pittfan28, Pitt finally plays up to their potential for an entire game. Maybe we even see a RS get burned in our DB secondary.
    Pitt 45
    UVA 28


  37. Pitt will be 1-0 tomorrow. I wrote several weeks ago that Pitt would roll to 5 victories in a row. We are 40% of the way there. After tomorrow, it will be 60%. This is an important game to give us a solid chance at 8 wins this year against a much more difficult schedule.

    Foe the first time, Narduzzi doesn’t look as confident in the game during his pressers. Don’t worry big chief, Pitt wins in a blowout 28-24. It will be a weird game. I say in total there will be 5 attempts to go for it on 4th down and one of the field goal kickers hits the post. Pitt wins game number 5 and starts to receive votes in the polls again. That’s how big this game is. 100% effort Saturday and then take a break for a few days.


  38. wwb,
    I was also at that Clapton concert with my girlfriend (now wife of 39 years). What stood out to me was he came out with an acoustic and after a few songs went with the electric. Great concert.
    I think(?) The Band fronted him.


  39. You goobers realized I picked us to win last week. Until GT basically gave us the game after taking every ounce of momentum.

    UVA had a bye week. Our defense would look bad against Chatham’s Indian All Girls Field Hockey Team. Bronco is no dummy and had 14 days.


  40. I’ve been confident about the last two games–I still don’t quite believe we lost to UNC. I have no real gut feeling whatsoever about this game. Hear says we should dominate them. UVA is primed for a big step backwards, our D is due for some lucky breaks–if not good play–and as good as our O has been, we’ve left points on the field. But who knows! 44 – 27, Pitt. Maybe??? Three pass, two rush, 3 FG???


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