Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

Let’s hear it – keep us rolling in the aisles with the great observations you guys make during the game.  Game starts at 12:30 – I’m posting this early since I’m going to get onto the road at 6:30 am as I’m driving down to Charlottesville for the match.

Our predictions were made in yesterday’s article and it looks like Pitt fans overwhelmingly feel that Pitt staff and the players (and fans of course) will be a happy bunch around 4:00.  I feel that way also and with no second guessing upon wakening as I usually have.

It will be partly sunny with a high of 70° and just about no chance of rain.  With the winds at 6 mph both passing games should have no hindrances, except what the opposition puts up.

I’ll not be on this gameday thread much – maybe a bit from my phone – but we’ll have our regular POV Sunday Morning podcast tomorrow to talk about the win.

Here are the latest odds:





Let’s go get them and bring home a 5-2 record.



463 thoughts on “Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

  1. Question: As the Away team, why are we wearing the navy blue shirts? (As you know the Away team wears white shirts almost always).


  2. Pittman – the “Eagles” chose gold helmets, white jerseys and blue pants for today’s game.

    Enjoy an entertaining game…

    Go Pitt!


  3. Thanks EE. But the visiting team wears white shirts. That’s how you know who is the home team and who is the away team. The ONLY exception is when for some reason the home team chooses to wear white shirts. That’s one of the benefits of the home team. The Eagles didn’t make the call on Pitt wearing colored shirts, Viriginia did.
    So either UV prefers to wear white shirts at home (uncommon but allowable) or there’s some special reason.


  4. Pittman4ever, it’s my understanding that Pitt is wearing white jerseys with blue pants. But it is the home team’s choice … note that Georgia Tech often wears white at home.

    Dan 72, NP has been very effective the past few games. However, it certainly helps when he plays behind a really good OL — as he has been sacked only once in his past 86 attempts. I bet there are a few recent Pitt QBs who are jealous


  5. One of the other sites indicated that Narduzzi was out a couple of days this week tending to personal matters. This could be impactful, but hopefully in a positive way. Bronco had two weeks to prepare for Pitt and we had a few days with our HC if the report is accurate. Regardless, Pitt blows them out today by at least two points.


  6. In Tulsa the game is on channel 9 again like last week. And on watch espn app.
    I can’t wait to move to Charlotte instead of this middle of no where land.

    Go Pitt!


  7. Pretty much Ike.

    I’m excited for this game. First time since Pitt psu game. Had a bad feeling for ok st. And since been nervous. This feels like a break out game.

    Maybe we get some varsity announcers instead of jv!


  8. Tulsa, lots of tornadoes. iMO Bronco is at this point a better HC than PN, I have never jumped off NP wagon. Neither he nor offense benefited from Chubbs, the worst OC at Pitt since Kartcher. Last year was just get ball to Boyd as often as possible then hand to JC/QO. Canada starts with giving QB 4 options based on defense, plays then called, OL and others adjust, players execute. One reason sacks are down is that NP knows how to throw the ball away or tuck and run, Excluding Nova, the conservative play-calling may have been having to teach the more complicated offense to everyone, including FR rsFR wideouts. It opens up and varies more every week.
    For Nard to miss 2 days the “personal” reason must have been very important. Pure speculation – familly or MSU.


  9. Dark Night.. Now THAT’S some coaching! We FINALLY get a stop on D and we get offside and illegal substitution penalties to give them the ball back.


  10. Pitt can’t afford red shirts right now….a couple losing seasons and Narduzzi won’t be able to get 3* players to come here. Burn them red shirts!


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