Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

Let’s hear it – keep us rolling in the aisles with the great observations you guys make during the game.  Game starts at 12:30 – I’m posting this early since I’m going to get onto the road at 6:30 am as I’m driving down to Charlottesville for the match.

Our predictions were made in yesterday’s article and it looks like Pitt fans overwhelmingly feel that Pitt staff and the players (and fans of course) will be a happy bunch around 4:00.  I feel that way also and with no second guessing upon wakening as I usually have.

It will be partly sunny with a high of 70° and just about no chance of rain.  With the winds at 6 mph both passing games should have no hindrances, except what the opposition puts up.

I’ll not be on this gameday thread much – maybe a bit from my phone – but we’ll have our regular POV Sunday Morning podcast tomorrow to talk about the win.

Here are the latest odds:





Let’s go get them and bring home a 5-2 record.



463 thoughts on “Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

  1. Expect nothing from Upittbaseball for the next few hours on here because Pitt won as well as covered. Mr. Dependable! Always bet against Upittbaseball, easy $$$.


  2. Doc – I didn’t bet this game you Self Rightous almost Doctor. I can’t wait to have dinner with you. It is going to be so enjoyable. If you want to pick 3 games a week I will as well so you can showcase your gambling prowess.

    I stated my bets today and doing quit well. Bragging about us covering which we did only 2 times this year is comical. I’m happy we won. Didn’t think we would glad to be wrong.


  3. @emel

    Chubbs is in deep shit, UGa isn’t going to make it to a bowl this season the natives are really restless.


  4. Finished helping to move my son today just in time to see #24 enter to field on D at the DE position. He looked great and very beast like.

    Good to see we won – sounds like we got banged up quite a bit. On to the the bye week to prep for 1st place VT.

    The Pursuit is on…



  5. I like winning. I dont like getting kicked in the balls. I was kicked for 4 straight years in the balls under Chryst. I’m glad Nard Dog has figured out how to coach and WIN before year 2.


  6. Pittastic, I did not see Coleman or Hamlin. But can’t wait see our speedy defense next year with the likes of Coleman, Hamlin, Whitehead, Miller, Maddox, Brightwell, Pugh,, etc …. not to mention DEs Hendrix and Conner


  7. VT getting beat by Cuse, UNC putting it to UM (same old Canes, you never know what team will show up) … We are right in the Coastal Race but have to take care of business at home


  8. I mean DID EVERYONE GET TO SEE James Conner on that Play at Defensive End??? —- YOU CAN’T BLOCK THAT MAN —– he made both the Left Tackle (6’5”, 300 pounds) and the Left Guard who “attempted” to come help double team Conner look like Junior-Varsity Fools On Ice Skates!!!. Then James Conner proceeds to WWE-style body slam Virginia’s 6’4”, 230 pound Quarterback like a *BO$$ — Conner grabs the QB around the waist, spins, picks that poor QB 2 feet off the ground, then slams him down on the turf and shows him who’s BO$$!!

    It doesn’t have to be full-time of course —- but just like Jordan Whitehead just keeps getting offensive touches because he’s too talented not to ‘Tote-the-Rock’ on offense sometimes —- James Conner has gotta keep lining up in the 3 point stance and rushing the passer 10-15 times a game. Best Players gotta play — and just like Jordan Whitehead bursted for Huge Runs today that immensely helped Pitt’s Offense, Quadree Henderson’s incredible Touchdown on a Kickoff Return was huge for Pitt and the Victory-Effort, putting 7 “Free Points” up on the board — James Conner can make an Immense contribution to Pitt and the Defense by putting his hand-down and coming in to help Rush the Passer (Rori Blair isn’t 1/10th of the Talent that James Conner is).

    Imagine an Important 3rd and Long for the opposing Offense —— Ejuan Price on one edge, and (THE BEAST!!!) James Conner on the other edge, both with their Ears Pinned back, coming for the Quarterback!!! The opposing QB is gonna need need to be wearing Pampers!!!

    That was something that blew me totally away —- James Conner is Pitt’s most explosive and most talented Defensive Player by-far…..and I’ve been going on-and-on that James Conner’s NFL future was at tight end….shaking my head at myself! 🙂

    #HailToPitt !!!! Beat those Purple-Turkeys in 2 weeks at Heinz for 6-2 ( Thursday Night game, the Pitt fanbase is hype after a solid win this week + National TV, Heinz is Gonna be ROCKIN’!!! )!!!


  9. ^^^ Darren Hall just didn’t show enough in his opportunities early in the season for the coaches to want to keep giving him the ball. Darren Hall for the first few games got the “Feature Back” carries right after James Conner — but I believe Hall averaged less than 4 yards a carry, and from the “Eye Test” he just looked very slow and not explosive enough.

    Chawntez Moss was promoted over him on the depth chart for the pure #2 Running Back, and Quadree Ollison plays the main “wing back” spot when they’re 2 running backs in the backfield at the same time. And Matt Canada has also been running Jordan Whitehead on Jet Sweeps and run plays out of the shotgun as well to get the most talented guys on the team touching the ball.

    The Carries are already so “precious” in Matt Canada’s “Spread-It-Out” offense, so the players need to absolutely maximize their opportunities, or Matt Canada is going to go elsewhere immediately with the touches. Darren Hall just has not shown enough talent or potential with his opportunities (clearly in practice as well) to warrant anymore touches —- and I don’t foresee him getting many touches after Chawntez Moss has risen-up, and Quadree Henderson, Ffrench and Lopes (the 3 Wide Receivers) have all been incerdibly effective running on their jet sweeps..


  10. I say player Conner on offense in the 1st half and on defense in the 2nd half … you can also bring him in on short yardage on offense in 4th quarter. And I’m not being facetious …. at least I don’t think


  11. Just got home from the game. We tailgated next to Tyrique Jarret’s mom and stepdad. They told me he absolutely loves playing hor HCPN. Says coach gives everyone a lot of individual attention. Jarret delivered again today.

    Nice turnout by Pitt fans, but we could do better.


  12. Believe I wrote on a previous thread, this was a ‘trap game’ for VT, at Cuse. Since it was in between their big win over UNC, where their offensive production wasn’t really indicative of the 34-3 score, and their Thurs nite game with Miami. And Miami loses as well to the Tarholes 🙂


  13. ~ BigB, think we saw you on TV, you sucker punched the Cavalier and took his horsey and rode off.
    You big meanie. He’ll be in his Safe Zone for a long time now.


  14. The herd has been culled losing Maddox and Webb and the best defense we have seen to date… put Lewis’s backup in .. it would be worth a try


  15. lmao. Yep Webb got Pan Fried several times in the first half. Typical. They got to keep him on the bench except for Special teams, the kid is lost out there.



    Pittsburgh: The Panthers have scored at least 36 points in six consecutive games, a program record, so offense isn’t a problem. Their run defense is statistically solid, but might be artificially so because its pass defense is spotty. Kurt Benkert thrived in the first half, when Pitt had no sacks, but the Cavaliers quarterback seemed rattled after the Panthers sacked him three times in four plays early after halftime.


  17. in fairness, I don’t think UVa’s QB or WRs were nearly as good as what we had seen the last month. But I do think it helps to get pressure on the QB, even if it requires blitzing


  18. Yes wwb, if you can’t get pressure with 4, you have to blitz. We were coming with 5 or 6 on lots of plays in the 2nd half. Even an average QB can look like Darryl Lamonica if you give them eons to throw.


  19. Congratulations to Pittman4ever for nailing the score with his prediction..

    October 14, 2016 at 9:38 am

    They can pass, we can’t stop the pass
    We have a productive O, they don’t
    Pittman4ever looks into his crystal ball and sees:

    PITT: 45
    UVA: 31

    I thought I had won with a 44-30 score prediction but double checked.


  20. Had to laugh at this post by “anonymous” ” So happy to be wrong! Great job by Narduzzi and the players to improve dramatically in the second half”

    Way to face the music like a man? 🙂


  21. Wow —- Alex Hornibrook is actually a PLAYER!!!!

    He was a low 3 star ‘Southpaw’ from North New Jersey — and when Hornibrook went off with Paul Chryst I honestly felt like, GOOD! And let’s get Chad Voytik (Arkansas State was 9-3 last year now they’re 1-4) outta here too!

    Hornibrook isnt flashy or ever gonna play in the NFL — but he’s one of these Old School – Wisconsin, Solid College QB’s.

    Just giving credit where it’s due —- but Nathan Peterman has been a real “Soldier” for Pitt, and I think he deserves to get a shot to be an NFL Quarterback!! Hope he keeps improving this year, and finishes the season Strong —- hopefully Nate Peterman does a ‘Reverse’ of last season, and he Crushes it and Evolves in these final Five Games + Pitt’s Bowl game!!!

    Thomas MacVittie is going to be an ALL TIME GREAT QUARTERBACK for Pitt. —- Mark my words: Thomas MacVittie is going to carry Pitt to banging-at-the-door of the College Football Playoff 🙂 .


  22. @when is Lamont Wade gonna finally Commit to Pitt ?? — The ACC Coastal is growing stronger-and-stronger — and anyone can see that Pitt is Growing into being a National Power —> Lamont Wade coming into Pitt and becoming an All American Defensive Back (I say @ Free Safety) would be poetic.

    Pitt is where Lamont Wade belongs 🙂 🙂 and where he’s gonna help Pitt get into that Final 4 — i.e., into the Playoffs 🙂 .


  23. @ emel1981 — hahaha — Hey, if freakin’ TINO SUNSERI CAN GET INVITED INTO AN NFL CAMP, you never know!

    I like Nate P — I think he can lead Pitt to an 8-4 season this year!


  24. ^^^^ A 9-4 season — with a huge-win in a Big Bowl Game vs. a really, really Good Power-5 opponent!!

    —- Not backing down that Pitt is rising into the Elite in all of College Football 😉 I know that’s gonna happen.


  25. Yea well we know why Tiny was invited to an NFL camp right ?

    Anyway I asked Tyler Boyd’s Uncle about Lamont Wade last nite, he said, Wade should be committing to Pitt shortly. Mind you he said it,,,,,not me ! ha


  26. My Dad, if he were still alive, would love to see all of the Pitt players playing both ways. I had to listen at least once every Pitt game how they played both sides of the ball back in the day.


  27. Wade is graduating in December & enrolling early, so we’ll know way before LOI day. He is focusing on his senior season, so we likely won’t here anything until it’s over. That could be mid-December if Clairton goes to the state final, which is very possible.


  28. Big B – printing money this weekend. Won 5 in a row and have Bengals tomorrow.

    October 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm
    No Jack but took Duke last night and Chargers.

    Have Bowling Green + 30.5

    Wisconsin + 9.5

    Bengals +8.5

    Wake Forest + 20.5



  29. I agree DK. Nate is smart, has great pocket awareness and is a savvy runner. He’s a tough guy too. I don’t think he gets enough credit for that.


  30. Emel,
    Thanks for the “Mad Bomber” video. I grew up Buffalo centric but never to root for them again after they traded Daryl and kept that bum Kemp. He was a bum QB and a bum in all his other escapades.

    I made that “bum” call (with definition and examples) on here a couple time earlier this season … and so far I have seen nothing to change my mind.

    I’m always grateful for the Pitt win but ….


  31. YW…..9-2, 11-1, 11-1, 11-1. NOBODY could throw the deep ball, (the Bomb) like Lamonica. I was always him in schoolyard Touch football games. All Buffalo wanted for Hanukkah was for Oakland to give back Lamonica !


  32. Thank you PITT-cockfan,
    Indeed I humbly nailed the final score of a great Panthers victory!
    Reed, please try to get my new Cadillac in metallic red!
    Pittman4ever. :>)


  33. UPitt … my gambling has been reminiscent of the Pitt defense of backfield… I have benched it for the past two weeks ..I was beginning to believe that I could influence the outcome of the game by putting money on it… Negatively influencing it
    I focused on Webb yesterday and honest to God I don’t know why he starts ..


  34. This is the best OL. Since the Russ Grimm Mark May days with 4-6 potential NFLers counting Orndorff.. I am a bit surprised O’Canada doesn’t have a “power” run gear ala Chryst/Wisconsin… JC just not getting into the 2nd line of defense as he did under OC Rudolph… just an observation


  35. BigB – our Canadian offense is not built for power run blocking. It’s not to say they can’t, but the OC chooses other methods to move the ball & score. Not complaining as they are averaging 38 points per game – of which, 14 of the points were not scored by the Canadian offense yesterday.

    Noticed the crowd was at 39,000 for a 61,000 seat stadium on uva’s homecoming. That’s 64% capacity or a big fat D.


  36. On reflection after watching the highlights from yesterday’s win. This team is FUN to watch again! The Panthers are far from a dominant football team but they are an exciting football team.

    The offense is diverse with a bunch of looks and developing playmakers coming out of the woodwork. Orndoff has allowed us to forget about the reliable contributions made by JP Holtz for the previous 4 years. New guys like Moss, Ffrench & Matthews are making their debuts as true freshman. Older players like Tripton and Aston are really coming into their own now.

    No need to explain the “Conner Factor”. Him just suiting up in a Panther uniform again would have been victory enough considering his tribulations over the last year. Now yesterday, the guy is playing both ways! Seriously!?!?!?!

    And our other two way player is an impact player on both sids of the ball. Whitehead’s pick 6 was the turning by point in Pitt’s win yesterday, no doubt.

    And then we’ve got Henderson. IMO, this guy is our replacement for the void left by Tyler Boyd. He may not make the circus catches like our TB possession WR was but when Henderson has the ball in his hands he’s even more explosive than Boyd ever was. Let’s hope that he sticks around for four years.

    Last but not least please let me apologize for my lack of faith on n Jester Weah. My thinking back in August, I had Weah riding the bench by this time in our season. So what does he do. After Ford goes down, he simply steps right into the “next man up” roll and has turned into our go to possession receiver for this year, coming through again yesterday with a twisting reception going for our first TD to get our victory rolling.

    That long list of playmakers is backed up by a OL that any elite team in the country would be happy to call theirs! Yep, this is a very productive bunch that are both fun and exciting to watch LED by a solid “game manager” in Nate Peterman. We have an offense that can beat ANY TEAM LEFT ON OUR SCHEDULE.

    Our defense,,,,, not so much. However, that doesn’t mean that our D is hopeless, far from it. I still see a RS or two getting burned in our defensive backfield, especially if our mounting list of injuries are long term. But that’s the weakness. Let’s talk defensive strengths. Who thought that our interior defensive linemen we’re going to be a forte for this D by misseason? Yeah, me neither!! Both Jerrett & Soto have become success stories this season. And even with the loss of Hendrix in our first game the DEs are doing their jobs well, especially Price. I’m praying that Price just tweaked something yesterday and with therapy, will be ready for VT in a week & a half. Our by week couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

    Now yesterday’s 4th Q appearance of Conner at DE gets THAT discussion going again! LOL!!!

    We got ourselves a good football team that is only going to get better going forward. I love what Na fuzzies brings. We have a team that is playing 60 minutes who are learning how to win. Let us remember, with the penalty riddled 1st UVA drive that resulted in a TD for the bad guys, this was once again another come from behind victory! SOP is officially dead. Long live the new Pitt Panthers of the Narduzzi Era. Get ready to hang the Hokies!


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