POV’s Monday Morning QB

OK – Monday morning after a nice win against Georgia Tech by a close score of 37-34 on a last play of the game FG by Chris Blewitt… a reprisal of what he did against the Yellow Jackets in 2015.

One of the nice things is that all Pitt fans seemed to like the Throwback uniforms the players wore.  In what was supposed to be a recognition back to the 1976 championship team we wore these out there: “


The Panthers wore vintage blue-and-gold jerseys in a nod to the program’s glory days of the 1970s and had Johnny Majors, the coach when Pitt won the 1976 national title, serve as honorary captain. As sharp as Pitt looked, however, Narduzzi made sure style didn’t trump substance.”


However what those had to do with the 2b890b8078b372c7eb3b31b7caa5cb82actual 1976 uniforms(right) eludes me but the thing is everyone seemed to appreciate them and hopefully Pitt is making some extra money on apparel sales.

So – onto the game.  Here are my three positives (first because we won)  and then I’ll list my three negatives.


* We stuck it out and came from behind to win a close game which is something we failed to do against OSU and North Carolina.  We held a 27-20 lead going into the 4th quarter and promptly lost it on a 45 yard run by the GT RB and then five minutes later on a shorter drive that put the score at 34-27. 

Then we scored the last 10 points to eek out the win.  That Pitt squad played all 60 minutes full out and showed some real mettle in doing so.  We have seen Pitt teams fold when losing a late lead but that didn’t happen on Saturday.

* Nate Peterman showed control and strength through out the gameHis receivers keep dropping a lot of good gainers but against GT he kept throwing with strength and accuracy and it paid off on the 73 yard TD pass to his TE Scott Orndoff.  Peterman’s stats line isn’t great; 14/20 (70%) for 196 yards and 1 TD,  but he played a level game and led to them to the win.  On the season he’s done this and with four wins I’m OK with that.

NP Stats.PNG

* Pat Narduzzi and Matt Canada’s coaching.  Aside from trying to ice our own kicker at the end of the game that was a well coached football team out there – and least 50% was.  I have no real positive things to say about DC Josh Conklin.

But the team overall was well prepared as could be and this wasn’t a Sister of the Poor team either.  Each game seems like we are growing in confidence – even through those two close losses and that is a reflection of the HC.


* Josh Conklin’s inability to get any sort of a pass defense going at all.  Yes, we held GT to under our horrendous season average in passing yard given up – they got only 130 of them Saturday.  But every pass they completed meant either a first down or got them out from deep in their own territory.  We stopped their QB on only three attempts (7/10 for 130 yards).

That allowed GT to set up that good triple option run game and with they torched what was the heavy strength of our defense for 241 yards at a 5.4 ypc clip – way too much even if our defense hadn’t been so stingy beforehand.

Aside from that one good series and 4th down stop at the end of the game – which I think was fantastic but skews the impression on how bad the defense actually was for the other 58 minutes. It was another in a long line of crappy defensive showings with Conklin as our DC.

* The TV announcers and the cameramen.  That might sound like a trivial thing but when you have hundreds of thousands of fans from both Pitt and GT watching the game then you should at the very least be able to figure out who has the ball.

* I‘m having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the last negative but I’ll go with not playing Quadree Ollison more often.  We have discussed James Conner’s dip in play for this season and while understandable and as much as we fans hate to admit it it, might be best if we looked elsewhere for our primary running back for the rest of the schedule.

Between Chawntez Moss and Ollison I think we can rest Conner and get in him for plays where he can do the most good.

Those are mine – what are yours?





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  1. Moss did look good thought. He seems to have the extra burst that you look for in a running back. Enjoy your column every day. Keep picking against Pitt, it seems to be helping!!!


  2. Positive – defensive line. Disruptive and the motor kept running. Positive – Matt Galambos directing traffic (although lots of missed tackles hurt.)

    Negative – getting beat deep, even when our dbs are trying their best to interefere!

    I was at the game, so I’m not sure how it looked on TV, but the long TD pass to Orndoff seemed to benefit from the defensive tip. From my view, it would have been way short had it not been deflected. Any insights to that?


  3. pretty sure Ollison doesn’t have a “u” in his first name. Qadree?

    Canada: his offense continues to expand and he’s letting Nate chuck it.

    Fortitude: not to copy but PITT has been impressive with their fight in these games all the way through.

    Soto: What’s up with this young man? Game in and game out he shows up to play and another great game for him

    Announcers were one of my negatives. wtf, PITT still getting no love but beggers can’t be choosy, thankfully we could watch the game.

    Not playing Mitchell bugs the daylights out of me. I just don’t get it. and BTW, he’s not superman but he could help a little.

    Uniforms were nice but……………………Like Johnny once said, why can’t they get these colors right? Even the stripes on the pants were off.


  4. Positives:

    1) Winning a Homecoming Game
    2) Wearing some descriptive Brand Uniforms
    3) Getting some luck for a change
    a) Blewitt hitting Big Ben but still goes in
    b) And 83 yd TD pass on a Tipped Pass
    4) Blewitt’s 3 FG’s & no misses


    1) Gave up a 21-10 lead (becoming a trend)
    2) 96 Yard kickoff return
    3) Very bad LB pursuit outside the Tackles
    4) Small crowd for homecoming & the throwbacks
    a) probably due to Noon start


  5. Aside from the Villanova game, all have gone down to the final minute or so. Thus, we are a handful of plays from either a 1-5 or 6-0 record. So 4-2 isn’t so bad.

    I doubt things will change that much for the remainder of the season. The new depth chart shows both Therran Coleman and Damar Hamlin as 3rd cornerback but, barring injury, I think both will be redshirted.

    I would like to see more youth, but not burning redshirts …. i.e, Brightwell, McKee, Edwards, Watts, J Stocker. etc …. if these people are anything close to being ready to contribute.


  6. Positives: Having my personal losing streak against Ga. Tech end. The throwback uniforms. The continuing surprises of Matt Canada’s offense.
    Negative: The continuing failures of Conklin’s defense. Coming to the conclusion that Whitehead is not that great at safety. All the Pitt fans that left when we got behind!


  7. Positives

    Canada’s creative offense
    Peterman’s accurate passing
    D playing pretty disciplined
    Two big plays to win the game
    Overcoming adversity


    Special team breakdown
    Poor tackling
    Bad fumble
    Could not stop the wide pitch play
    Can’t put a team away early


  8. Emel,
    The weather was a factor. Not that is was bad in the Burg, overcast and rain before the game but for the folks trying to get in from the south by plane or even by car. Matthew had a bunch of folks worried to include folks I know who usually either fly in late Friday for an early game or early Saturday for a afternoon/evening game. I flew back from Greensboro late Friday afternoon thru Charlotte and got into the Burg around 10:00 PM. I guess there were issues in Charlotte on Saturday morning with flights and since there are next to no direct flights to Pittsburgh you have to connect either thru Charlotte, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, all in Matthews projected path at one point in time or another. So it was a small but noisy crowd.


  9. Positives
    – Great resolve to win even after giving away the lead
    – Moss is and will be a beast runs like Leven Bell very patient with great burst
    – Soto was defensive bright spit
    – Blewitt didn’t but tried
    – Weah continue’s to get better and is gettin open
    – Offense is finding subtle ways to play off their base plays and is consistently putting up points (when they don’t go into a she’ll.
    – Can anyone play CB
    – whitehead is a total non- factor again
    – Conklin can’t figure out a defense that will work with the talent he has
    – LBs are slow slow and not good tacklers when they get to the RB.
    – Ibrahim and Blewitt need to learn how to play kick coverge. Would help if Blewitt could consistently boom it in end zone.


  10. Taxing, let’s not get carried away. Whitehead still had 6 total tackles, 5 of them solo …. which was tied for 2nd. Yea, a low input for him but certainly not a “total non-factor”


  11. It was a great game! Plus, a win is a win is a win is a win is a win………….


    a) The uniforms looked FANTASTIC!!!! Yes, the color is off from the Dorsett/Marino years BUT it looked classic Pitt (much more so than our current unis) and awesome on the screen. The uni’s also dominated the voting nationally on the best looking throwbacks. Hope the Eagles elect to suit them up the rest of the year.

    b) COACHING (offense). The Duzz and O’Canada have learned to effectively use the “forward pass” and have finally learned to play to win instead of playing not to lose. I give Duzz kudos because that’s hard for a D minded coach to do but he has done it!!!!!

    c) The creativity was fantastic – O’ Neil running for a touchdown……. O’Neil?, did you say O’Neil?


    a) The defensive backs and the pass coverage. It’s the “Turd in the Burg.”

    b) CONKLIN: I’ll say it again. If my job performance was rated that poorly, in the middle of Saturday night I would dress my wife up as a Catholic nun and me as a priest and stowaway on a train out of town!

    c) The student section and fans who left when we temporarily lost the lead.


  12. I’ll take those uniform’s if that is all we are going to get but I say keep trying. Those colors represent bad PITT teams. Anyone hear how the players reacted to wearing them? Not getting a lot of positive feedback like I thought we would get.

    The thing about Conklin and his performance ratings? It’s us rating him not someone who’s paid to critique. Bottom line. What the hell do we really know? Although I did stay at a Holiday Inn one or two times.


  13. Positives: Unis even though they werent 1976 they were not the blah Pederson Navy/nd blue gold ; Peterson continues to perform. While some (Reed WADR) were off the bandwagon bc of conservative play calling by MC , he has an accurate and strong enough arm. But with all due respect Reed, the pass to Orndorff was tipped and clearly changed direction – that is luck or good fortune – in a post game interview NP stated he was late in seeing Orn open and there was good fortune involved but it is nice you have your Natecolored glasses back on. haha ;);

    Soto play on DL – he was too slow and heavy for DE IMO; MOss at RB – as i cautioned back in the spring, JC faced his situation bravely but many who predicted he would pick up where he left off just havent seen anyone go through chemo and try to rehab a knee at the same time.
    Negatives: DBs duh, Too happy to pick a second or third but I will agree with a point I believe Emel was making. I got the impression that JC was picked as PN would be able to mentor him and not get in the way of HCPN who made a point off mentioning that JC called him at FIU to inquire about the Nard Defense. PN make the decisions on defense and most of the problems there rest with him. Being considerate he does have Outhouses type of player, much different than his.
    Thanks Emel for the opponent scores.


  14. I did say before that Whitehead is being misused on defense. I don’t know how he is at catching the football, but I’d be using him opposite Henderson on the offense to create even more problems for the opposition having to deal with his speed. Pitt’s best chance at winning is scoring a LOT OF POINTS. And IMO scoring some points is almost needed on its every possession. Since I have have little faith in the defense with Whitehead at safety, using his natural talents on offense would seem to be the better choice.


  15. Positives:
    – Moss. Can’t recall the last time I saw a true freshman RB with as complete an overall game as the one Moss brings. Incredible strength and cut-back ability for a true freshman. I know much has been made of how little Ollison/Hall have been getting the ball, but it’s not like Moss hasn’t earned it.

    Weah. Statistically not a huge day, but you can see him developing as a receiver. If he can learn to adjust better to passes in the air, it would make him a tremendous threat on those deeper sideline routes.
    Jarrett, Bradley, and Galambos all came up huge on that last GT drive. Jarrett was a force. Bradley took an excellent angle on 2nd and 10 to stop a wide run that had been working well for GT. Galambos diagnosed the 4th and 1 play and Jarrett executed that perfectly. Given UNC’s loss to VT, that may turn out to be the single biggest defensive play of the season.


  16. Re: the DB’s

    I’ve tried to temper my criticism of the DBs because I think it’s the toughest position group to learn. Given the evolution of spread offenses over the last 10 years, I also think it’s the toughest & most demanding to play and the easiest to exploit. I don’t think there are enough kids who have the combination of football instincts & athleticism needed to execute at a high level play after play, especially at CB.

    That said, as the ball is in the air and coming down, there are too many times I see Lewis, Maddox and Jackson a half-step or step behind, chasing the receiver. Because of this, they can’t get turned around to make a play on the ball. The best they can usually do is to keep their eyes on the receiver & get a hand up. This gives the receiver less to fight through to get the ball and often results in an interference flag because the DB clearly isn’t looking for the ball.

    It’s frustrating as hell to watch, but I don’t think it’s coaching…at least not entirely. I tend to think it still speaks most to the overall talent level at the position – the current combination of experience and natural talent. The most “football-talented” kids are still learning the coverage schemes. The kids who know the scheme best don’t appear to be the most gifted football players.

    I know Narduzzi prefers man-to-man, but the corners have struggled with it. They’ve gone to zone to adjust and it prevented some of the deeper stuff – especially on the sidelines. However, they were picked apart by Trubisky & Switzer underneath, by Marshall’s running game, etc. Why? In part because the LBs as a group are all in the same boat as the DBs in terms of overall talent; the better talent & athletes are still learning.

    I’m trying to be patient with the coaches because the talent may just be what it is at this point. There may not be much more they can do with this group this year, short of burning redshirts or playing some underclassmen who may still not be ready. I can respect why they may not want to try that. The underclassmen may not be worse but they may not be any better, either. I can understand not running the risk of shattering a developing player’s confidence, especially at positions where mistakes are most magnified.


  17. PittMan4, it’s great to see PITT’s pass defense rising through the ranks at record speeds. 😉

    I think we do see Hamlin and maybe Coleman this coming week?? Maddox was very under-rated as a CB. jus saying. You guys got what you wished for….and maybe me too.


  18. I’ll add one more positive and one more negative:

    Positive: Getting our young wide outs involved more
    Negative: Going too conservative with too much time left and almost blowing another game because of it. We start out the past few games so dynamically and then become one-dimensional with a lead.


  19. 3 Up

    Fans – it was very loud during that defensive stand.
    Offense – creative, productive – guys are improving.
    Luck – it’s nice when some of the bounces fall your way. You need some of those when you’re not an outstanding team.

    3 Down

    Fans/students – where the heck are you going in the 4th quarter of a dog fight on Homecoming? Seriously…
    Defense – not creative, not productive, not improving. I actually think the run D won the day, but it still gave up to many big plays at terrible moments. And the secondary is a problem. I like Whitehead at safety vs GT and that kind of offense – but he’s the best athlete on the team. Stick him at corner immediately. In this scheme, it’s easier to find a safety than a CB that can play press man.
    Details – too many big plays in the run game. KO return. Fumbled exchange on a handoff. All of those come down to focus, execution, and details. All correctable. But average teams usually can overcome those kind of mistakes.


  20. I’m all for preserving the red shirts of as many freshman as possible. That should be the goal of every successful program. To have so many talented upperclassmen, the the freshman just have no chance of seeing the field.

    This currently is not a successful program. And Narduzzi needs to be coaching for, and prioritizing every game – this year. And I know we don’t get to see how the guys are practicing – but I see plenty during the games. Plenty of the same players getting beat, over and over.

    Try something else – like Whitehead at corner. Throw Brightwell at safety. Rotate some of these kids in to see if they can play. Hamlin, Henry Miller, Coleman. I would love to have them all as 23 year old RS seniors. But Pitt needs guys that can play now. The current configuration of starting DBs is below the line.

    I do not view burning their red shirts as a negative. It’s getting them ready to realize their potential faster, while also trying to find solutions and win games now.


  21. The one most positive development that I forgot to mention is that we had a come from behind fourth quarter victory. Don’t know for sure but I am guessing you could count those on one hand over the last seven years.

    In this current age of football, the team that has the last possession has a chance to win much of the time.

    We finally have an offense and a QB that can get it done. If the coaches recognized that earlier we might be undefeated. But better late than never.


  22. Not sure where Whitehead was a non-factor… he had several good plays on Saturday.

    Not sure how he can be a bigger factor when they never bring him on a blitz or anything aggressive really. They’re keeping him back as the last line of defense on run plays. And on pass plays opponents continue to throw away from his side of the field more often than not. I’d rather pick on Terrish Webb’s side than Whitehead’s any day and that’s what offenses are doing.

    Pitt also defended the toss well in the first half but stunk against it in the second. It looked like GT made some adjustments that really drew Galambos in in the second half. He was reading toss plays correctly and in position to make the tackle or slow the runner down in the first half but in the second… whoo boy was he a complete non-factor on toss plays.

    The biggest positive is obviously that the offense is opening up more and made plays through the air multiple times on critical 3rd downs. Good route-running, good throws, good catches. The offense continues to execute at a very high level and as long as it does Pitt will at the least have a shot in every game left except perhaps at Clemson. When you’re a ball-control win time of possession big-time offense and you’re still averaging 37 points a game, you’re not going to be totally out of many games with no chance to win at all.


  23. The tv coverage really was bad. Hard to have confidence in place kicker right now that sure was lucky at the end. DB’s are struggling and I fear any team that can throw.
    On the other side, offense is looking good. Interior defensive line stout. Uniforms were great.


  24. Dan 72 – I want Hankin in the game too – can he defend a WR? Show me some film – lol


    The defensive stand by our SR’s on GT’s last series.
    Increased is of our passing game.
    QO with blocking, running & TD.


    Kicking game with GT run back for TD and Blewitt’s almost miss.
    QO’s low # of touches.
    The Jester drops


  25. There was a high snap which threw the timing off on the last field goal, so not all Blewitt’s fault.
    Still, the kick was good and he has made seven in a row.


  26. Yeah, what was up with the camera man/woman last Saturday? Did Kelly send him/her too high up in the atmosphere on a scissor lift? He/she had to be an intern. Here’s hoping she/he is still alive???


  27. Negatives-Whiny bitches complaining about attendance while sitting at home. If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem. Buy a ticket & show up or shut the hell up.


  28. “Negatives-Whiny bitches complaining about attendance while sitting at home. If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem. Buy a ticket & show up or shut the hell up.”

    Oh lord, that escalated quickly, haha.

    I’m sorry (aka not sorry) but Dane Jackson just can’t really play poorer than Ryan Lewis. It’s just a “wash” at-worst even if Dane Jackson isn’t quite-ready. All Pitt fans (and with logical reason!) would rather have the 6-foot, RS Freshman Dane Jackson playing out there over 5th year Senior Ryan Lewis.

    Can’t believe that Jordan Whitehead isn’t going to be used at legit, Boundary Cornerback (“real cornerback”, actually out on the edge covering a wide receiver — not the slot guy / tight end / a back) at some point this season. Imagine this: Reggie Mitchell where he should be at deep-ball preventing Free Safety, Terrish Webb up close to the line as he should be as run-support Strong Safety — and Jordan Whitehead and Dane Jackson (long — looks the part already) manning the two corner spots: Huge Upgrade !!! Should this have happened already??

    Yes, probably, with Avonte Maddox at Nickel Corner vs smaller slot receivers. Why hasn’t this happened? —– It’s been Loyalty to RS Senior Ryan Lewis and Avonte Maddox by Narduzzi mostly. Narduzzi can’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to get the best talent on the field however.

    Avonte Maddox is just a nickel cornerback. It’s not that he’s too small —- It’s that he’s just not quite explosive enough, nor talented enough to play out there at 5’7” or 5’8” or whatever he is. He gives it his all, but frankly he’s not an elite-level athlete to begin with regardless of his height.

    Hopefully Dane Jackson steps-up to the degree that Avonte Maddox can be a Nickel Corner when he gets back.

    Oh, ps: Jordan Whitehead, if he’s going to be a Strong Safety up at the line, should be Blitzing the QB frequently!! Don’t waste your best player @Josh Conklin lol


  29. http://www.pittsburghpanthers.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/anthony_mckee_jr_972833.html

    Man…. — RS Freshman Linebacker Anthony McKee (part of the Pitt’s future at the Linebacking core) is only listed right now by Pitt 6’2” and only 210 pounds(so they may even have a “generous” listing) .

    Saleem Brightwell looks like he might be 210 pounds with all of his pads-on out there…

    Pat Narduzzi is recruiting all lighter, but explosive High School players for linebackers to build-up speed, and he’s hoping all these young kids can come to Pitt and get their weight-up to the 220 range and keep their speed. The only “issue” with that is you never know if these young guys can really get their weight-up.

    There aren’t many out there like Brian O’Niell, who will wake up 3 times a night and Grub to make sure they get their Mass-Up!!! 🙂 🙂 hahaha


  30. 3 Positives:
    +: Loved all the weapons used by OC Canada in the game.
    ++: The return specifically of Q. Ollison as a contributor on offense.
    +++: THE STOP!!!
    BONUS ++++: The defense’s improvement against the Triple Option overall.
    Three Negatives:
    (-): Kickoff coverage
    (-) (-): Pass coverage (duh)
    (-) (-) (-): Fan desertion in the 4th quarter.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’ll know a lot more about this team after the next 2 weeks .


  31. Not much left to comment on, but I’ll give it a go:

    –I think Peterman is playing well but could play better. He could place the passes in better spots for our receivers. If you think that’s crazy, look at what opposing QBs do to us. We have guys totally covered but the ball is perfectly placed and their guy ends up with the catch — has happened many times this season.

    –There was talk somewhere about teams being permitted another coach. If so, we definitely need a QB coach and I nominate Walt Harris. Would help with the decision making and the mechanics and with how to throw the deep ball….

    –I actually thought the defense made a lot of plays against GT. Problem is that with that offense, you need to make 3 and sometimes 4 good plays in a row to get a stop. Two good plays and one bad play and they have a 1st down. But we got them into many 3rd down situations – which is a big improvement over the past.

    –We played better defense in spite of the performance of Idowu who was obviously overwhelmed in his first playing time against the triple option. He just froze when they ran to his side, playing neither the QB nor the pitch man. On GTs last two TDs, they just ran right past him. If he makes a couple of plays, we win the game a lot more easily.

    –I think Henderson is due to run back another kickoff next week.

    –Hope to see Ollison used more in the offense from here on in. And I’m waiting for Aaron Mathews to have a break out game. I think he has the talent and body to do it.

    (Hope things settle down for you Reed — thanks for your work on this blog.)

    Hail to Pitt.


  32. Great comments fellas.

    I will add a short one on the negatives and if you watch enough of the film it will become crystal clear. On Blewitt’s field goals and extra points, the defense is overloading to his back side and rushing hard. They have almost blocked several this way, starting with the Dairy College game. When that happens, Blewitt feels the pressure and pushes his kicks to the right which is natural. We need to start protecting him better and allowing him to feel confident that he is not going to get nailed. Decrease that traffic and he starts kicking the ball square again.

    I stated on here long ago to cut him slack because he is a real nice kicker…..and has been for awhile. So I studied the kicks and you can see plain as day why he is pushing them right. The answer is bad blocking scheme in front of him. He was also roughed on the final kick. In the end he is a winner. I am glad to have him. What is his make percentage under 45 yards?

    Last positive – WIN!

    A win Saturday and the season sets up for a minimum of 7-5 which is a little better than most predicted this year. I was at 8-4 and still think that is where we end up with wins at VA, Duke, Syr and one win out of Vtech, Miami and Clempson. Would love to sneak up and have a program changing win at Clempson. Just one of those and we take off!!! But first, 100% on Virginia.


  33. Did Jed Clampett go to Clempson ?

    Good point Huff on Blewitt. Saw a still photo and I was thinking that perhaps he was like a golfer pushing his shot to the right. The cause……not a good follow thru….in his case…with his leg. Instead of a golf club.

    And he might not be following thru, cause of the defensive rush and he doesn’t want his leg broken.


  34. Huge game this week, to maintain some momentum for the real big one with Va Tech on National TV, 12 days later. So we have a bye week after Virginia to get ready for the Gobblers. Gobble Gobble

    We can’t play like Turkeys in Charlottesville, as the Ninnies can pass the ball pretty well this year.
    Again the key to the game, will be getting pressure on their QB. And of course keep scoring and scoring on offense.


  35. Forgot to add as a Positive

    5) Ollie got to actually carry the ball. Scored a TD and got the huge 16 yd run to setup the winning FG.

    So he’s not getting many touches why ?

    And the followup would be…..Really ?


  36. Nick (@6:37),
    Before you call your fellow Panther and pov fans “whinney Bitches” you should know something about each of us. For example, I was at every home game from 1970 to 1982. Never left early by the way. Were you even born yet Nick? At the end of the 1982 regular season
    I moved to Texas for additional education for my vocation. I was in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl at the conclusion of that season, which was Dan Marinos last game. I have basically been in Texas since then. So, if you want to fly me up to the Burg for every home game I’ll give you my address. Just don’t address it to Whinney Bitch, address it to PITTMAN4EVER.
    Thanks Nick!


  37. Nice thing about being out here on the left coast is I can read all the comments, and try to say something profound without fear that any of you will be awake to contest my wisdom, On the other hand, it would be nice to find a few other left coast exiles to banter with…

    I’m really happy with the win. We’ve not been good at coming back to grab victory from defeat, especially once we’ve grabbed defeat from victory.

    Did anyone else think we had them stopped on that first 4th and 1 that HCPN challenged? I thought the runner’s back broke the line to gain, but not the ball, which he was holding to his chest. There was a play like that in our National Championship season where we stopped Syracuse (I think) deep in our own territory on 4th and 1 late in the game. Our line is starting to make those championship type stops. Pretty cool.

    Not sure all that many breaks went our way. Pretty sure there was a hold on the return team around our 40. That first 4th and 1 call was a break for GT, and the 1 in 100 perfect pass for the subsequent touchdown was a break, as well. That QB doesn’t drop that throw in 9 times out of 10 in red jersey practice sessions I bet. 12 yard tosses to the sidelines, all day long… Change a drop or two, and Pitt wins by 14-20 points.

    Re: Conner, I think he needs to stage his rehab a little more realistically. I’d love to see us give him some warm ups in the first 3 quarters, even blocking, and then break him out to punish D line and linebackers with 3-8 yard clock killers. If he never recovers rookie of the year levels, he’ll still be a terrific player and teammate, and more importantly, more of a man at a young age than many ever will.

    Christ and Narduzzi have gifted Pitt fans with truly surprising kids who wind up playing a star or two above their rivals rating. So much fun to find out who that linebacker Connor was playing tailback, and what about O’Neal!? Can’t ever remember seeing a lateral to an eligible tackle. What about QO and QH??! And lighten up on my man JW. So many interesting possibilities, even on defense.

    When we play Clemson, regardless of the record, we’ll be far more improved by that game than they will be.

    Bastante! Enough lucubrations from La La Land.


  38. LA Panther thanks for your positive, optimistic comments. I agree with you on the Clemson game, but we need to find a better secondary before that game.

    I pulled this from Cardiac Hill regarding the uva game this Saturday –


    Believe it or not, uva is ranked lower than Pitt with it’s pass D with a MUCH weaker schedule. I posted the other day that their (uva) DB’s are young & not very deep, as at least 2 starters are out with injuries. (2 SO’ and 2 FR)

    We should be able to score at our normal rate. So, this would be a great game to make changes on D (mainly in the defensive backfield) – like introducing Hamlin and/or Coleman, playing 5 DB’s because uva likes to pass and/or getting more playing time for the front 7 second string guys like Herndon, Watts, Folston, Edwards, Weaver, Brightwell, Wirginis, etc.

    The Vegas line moved from an opening of Pitt by 5.5 to 3.

    Let’s win one going away –

    Clobber the cavs!


  39. LA Panther,
    You are right about that huge defensive stop being against Syracuse in 1976 on our way to our 9th National Championship!!!


  40. Wish Peterman’s deep passes had more loft to our receivers. Pass to Orndoff was too low and luckily was tipped to him for a TD. He has a stronger arm than I thought. He can wing it with authority. Perhaps throws too hard at times.

    BTW, I saw video of Clairton’s terrific player Wade in monster rout of Aliquippa last Friday night. He is a spectacular player, on offense and defense. He was a man among boys. I hope Pitt can get him. He is someone special. He might be related to their head coach whose last name is also Wade.


  41. Positives:
    1. MC’s creative 1st half play calling.
    2. Defensive Front Four. Have played stout all year.
    3. QB Nate Peterman. Has done a great job with limited passing opportunities in this offense.

    1. MC’s stale and predictable 2nd half play calling.
    2. Linebacker play. Just too slow and not athletic enough, although IMO Galambos played a solid game.
    3. Defensive Backfield. There is truly only 1 player (Whitehead) that belongs on the field.

    Other Opinions:

    Tough for me to say, but it is time limit JC’s play and get QO out there a bit more. JC clearly is not yet able to play at his former level (very understandable given his last year) and it is time to give QO more reps especially with the tough remaining schedule.

    Those of you who are down on JWhite, please consider the simple fact that your safeties should NOT be your leading tacklers. If the linebacker play was decent, he wouldn’t have to even think about being a run-stopper. Idowu gets blocked out too easily, and Bam Bradley was terrible and missed more tackles than he made. I do agree that he has been burned more than once this year for biting on the run, but I’m sure the LB play is a big reason for that. And let’s not forget the play of the other 3 DB’s out there with him, not exactly the strongest group, especially TWebb.
    I’m not trying to make excuses for him b/c at the end of the day, he IS responsible for his own play, but maybe he is trying to cover for many other glaring defensive insufficiencies. But he is definitely still a very high level player and elite athlete.

    Also, I would also like to see OCMC use JWhite’s athletic skills more offensively. Great runner and pass catcher.


  42. I made a comment during the lives gain thread that we all past our stress test for the week…maybe we older boys should have a stress test.. the combination of 4th quarter Pitt and alcohol comsumptiom can push one to the edge…maybe broadcast of our boys should start with a disclaimer ” Watching Pitt football while consuming alcohol can lead to stroke or sudden cardiac arrest.” Heck, you don’t even need to be drinking!!!
    Waiting for the game when we kick ass on the field from beginning to end. At least we won the uniform beauty contest in style..wasn’t even close


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