POV Sunday Podcast: GT Win (Yeah Us!)



OK then.  It’s two weeks in a row that we held on to win games against pretty decent opponents.  There are a few things that jumped out at me and we’ll talk about those – but overall every Pitt fan I know, except for one pretty smart curmudgeon, has to be happy with the results at Heinz today.

Here are the stats I used for the podcast:gt-pitt-d





Here were the comparison stats going into the game:GT Stats.PNG


Team Stats – Through games 10/07/2016  (before GT)

Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 60 434.6
Rushing Offense 16 250.0
Passing Offense 104 184.6
Team Passing Efficiency 44 145.78
Scoring Offense 39 37.4
Total Defense 72 406.6
Rushing Defense 4 69.8
Passing Yards Allowed 126 336.8
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 109 151.55
Scoring Defense T-87 31.0
Turnover Margin T-16 1.00
3rd Down Conversion Pct 54 0.419
4th Down Conversion Pct T-25 0.667
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 39 0.338
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-95 0.667
Red Zone Offense T-29 0.913
Red Zone Defense T-115 0.941
First Downs Offense T-60 107
First Downs Defense T-59 99

Team Stats – Through games 10/08/2016 (after GT)

Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 53 430 (Better than last week)
Rushing Offense 19 244.2
Passing Offense 103 185.8
Team Passing Efficiency 36 148.83
Scoring Offense 34 37.3 (worse than last week)
Total Defense 66 400.7
Rushing Defense 10 98.3
Passing Yards Allowed 123 302.3
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 120 154.57
Scoring Defense 91 31.5
Turnover Margin T-28 0.67
3rd Down Conversion Pct 43 0.435
4th Down Conversion Pct T-16 0.714
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 44 0.354
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-90 0.615
Red Zone Offense T-22 0.926
Red Zone Defense T-118 0.947

Whitehead Post-GT Win Video

Orndoff Post-GT Win Video

Peterman Post-GT Win Video

O’Neill Post-GT Win Video

Conner Post-GT Win Video

Here is an excellent photo of tough guys Soto and Jarrett on the LOS getting ready for the next play..

Here is Narduzzi talking about getting ready for GT:

Then here is Narduzzi’s post-game conference… a happy man!

Onward to Virginia in their place next Saturday, Oct. 15th at 12:30 sharp.  I think we take that one.

Monday Morning QB tomorrow.

Note:  Here is a link to the book I mentioned in the Podcast. It is Playing Through the whistle by S.L. Price of Sports Illustrated renown.  here is the lead-in:

In the early twentieth century, down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company built one of the largest mills in the world and a town to go with it. Aliquippa was a beacon and a melting pot, pulling in thousands of families from Europe and the Jim Crow south. The J&L mill, though dirty and dangerous, offered a chance at a better life. It produced the steel that built American cities and won World War II and even became something of a workers’ paradise. But then, in the 1980’s, the steel industry cratered. The mill closed. Crime rose and crack hit big.

Here is a bit more:

But another industry grew in Aliquippa. The town didn’t just make steel; it made elite football players, from Mike Ditka to Ty Law to Darrelle Revis. Pro football was born in Western Pennsylvania, and few places churned out talent like Aliquippa. Despite its troubles—maybe even because of them—Aliquippa became legendary for producing football greatness. A masterpiece of narrative journalism, Playing Through the Whistle tells the remarkable story of Aliquippa and through it, the larger history of American industry, sports, and life. Like football, it will make you marvel, wince, cry, and cheer.

And here is an article about the book in Sports Illustrated from a few weeks ago – great read also.  But I think I’m going to do a separate podcast just about this book – it is that good and not just on about Quip football either.


75 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast: GT Win (Yeah Us!)

  1. Observations:

    No lead is big enough

    All games will be decided in the last minutes

    The offense is very good

    The defense is hit or miss

    Those that said Jarrett was too fat are eating crow

    Moving Soto to tackle was genius

    4-2 is way better than 3-3

    Every game is winnable or lose-able ( except for maybe Syracuse and Clemson)

    Pitt football is not for the feint of heart


  2. I liked the fact that 9 different players carried the ball and 7 different receivers caught passes!! Everyone is contributing! Truly a team effort on offense!


  3. Why did Moss disappear in the second half?
    Slim pickings behind Tyrique, Soto and Price for next year.
    JC doesn’t break tackles like he did two years ago…understandably.
    I think Aaron Mathews is going to be a player and then some.
    And finally, we are a work in progress


  4. Herndon played Brightwell did not.

    Did notice that overall, defense was pretty disciplined and did not freelance,very important against the option. Maybe why Brightell did not play.

    Liked that Ollison got carries and a touchdown.

    Canada offense is very creative.

    Even more obvious now that Pitt could have won vs UNC and OKST if they would have tried some third down passes. Thankfully the turtle offense has been put away.

    All in all, we are getting many, many more individual big plays by numerous guys, than we have in years.

    Those big plays are what wins games, Jarrett’s tackle and Orndoff’s reception made the difference.


  5. Yesterday should have convinced you that it was the personnel and not the coaching. 3 questions:

    1) How many missed tackles were there?
    Correct Answer: Plenty

    2) What percentage of receptions were there when the Pitt DB was there to make the break-up?
    Correct Answer: Plenty

    3) How many times when GT ran wide when you thought that the Pitt defenders has the angle, only to see their backs get to the boundaries or the hole without being tackled?
    Correct Answer: Plenty

    Pitt defenders had plenty of opportunities to make plays … but didn’t. I would think (Hope) that the players currently on redshirt, with a year’s practice and weight training, would improve this situation immensely.


  6. Blewitt has now made 7 field goals in a row.

    wbb, they better because we have a lot of starters leaving at the end of the year


  7. Interesting comparisons;

    Miami gave up 267 yds on the ground to GT, Pitt gave up 241

    Miami gave up 94 yds in the air, Pitt gave up 130

    GT lost two fumbles to Miami, Pitt lost one fumble to GT

    Pitt Ran for 215 yds vs GT, Miami ran for 94

    Pitt passed for 192 yds vs GT, Miami passed for 241

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  8. Have to say, I loved the throwbacks yesterday, colors looked great even if they don’t exactly match anything we wore in the past. Speaking of uniforms matching, does anyone else notice that the gold pants of the new/current Pitt uniforms match the color of the pants that the Steelers are wearing, which I think are supposed to represent what the Steelers wore in like the 1930s/Great Depression? Just plain beige/brownish/goldish colored pants with no stripe.


  9. I think a big comparison to James Conner now, is actually Pitt’s own running back Ray Graham a few years ago. Ray Graham shared carries with Dion Lewis in 2010-11, and Ray Graham looked like a magnificent heir-apparent after Dion Lewis left.

    Then in 2011-12 (Todd Graham’s lone year) Ray Graham was looking like Pitt had our own Barry Sanders!! Anyone remember Ray Graham through the first half of that season?? — Ray Graham I believe was leading the Nation in rushing and was getting looked at as one of the best running backs in all of College football…. 😦 😦 then Ray Graham tore his ACL on a non-contact cut vs. UCONN, and his career at Pitt just was not the same when he came back for his final year in 2012. Ray Graham still ran for 1.000 years but he just was not the same 😦 (Paul Chryst’s first year).

    I watch James Conner and I see the exact same type of performance-drop and pure “Explosiveness Decline” as Ray Graham. It’s how it football works though with new guys coming in: now the young whippersnapper Chawntez Moss is just so much more explosive, is so much more elusive, and is just playing on a straight-up higher quality than James Conner (and obviously Darren Hall) at this point. Chawntez Moss gives Pitt’s offense by far the best play and needs to get every Run Carry until he’s tired and needs to be spelled.

    Does anyone else agree that James Conner might offer so much more to Pitt’s offense (and give himself a much better shot at the NFL, as James Conner is not going to play in the NFL as a runningback 😦 ) — especially after showing his great hands —- if he transitions at Pitt to Tight End? I see it so clearly. He’s just far too slow to ever play in the NFL at halfback. Tight End though, at 6’2” , 245 or so, Conner immediately becomes an explosive tight end. Great for him and his NFL dreams, and great for Pitt (the only path, really for James Conner, a la Shakir Soto moving inside to D-Tackle).

    Darren Hall definitely is the guy who transfers at the end of this year. Another Paul Chryst recruit who (yeah, ranked at 4 stars — coaches should’ve analyzed his abilities better in-person) probably should not have been offered a scholarship. Doesn’t have the Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, or Instincts to contribute to Pitt’s offense at all. He just isn’t close to a Power 5 -talented player.

    Nathan Peterman needs to have a heavy, digging chip-on-his shoulder. I love that he has stopped looking glassy-eyed, and always Too Nice in the middle of a darn game. Even though he’s a Very strongly Religious person — Nate Peterman needs to go full-on Old Testament on Gameday 🙂 haha. Again — he’s making that Metamorphisis right in front of Pitt fans’ eyes right now from “Game Manager” into a real Field General who can carry Pitt to wins on his back when he needs to.

    Lol @ Reed …..I don’t comprehend why you don’t comprehend why Pat Narduzzi has inherited almost all “Out-House” players, who are all still starting sans Jordan Whitehead…. It seems quite clear, it just does!!! haha


  10. Dark – He is way to small for a Pro TE. Maybe Fullback but I think DE but may not be tall enough. I’d say LB maybe but too slow for that I’d guess. Whatever he does I wish him the best.


  11. Conner is playing 20 pounds heavier than he was coming into last season, mostly because of a lack of conditioning. His stamina is also not at an elite level right now, mostly because of a lack of conditioning. He’s also 4 months removed from his last chemo treatment. The explosiveness will come back … he has shown flashes of it. He was hitting the hole harder and quicker this game. He’ll show up to the combine weighing 230, run a 4.5 40 and make himself draftable again. He reminds me a lot of what he looked like his freshman year. He just needs an offseason of being healthy and focusing on getting in shape. He was never going in the first couple of rounds. He was always shaping up to be a 3rd or 4th round pick. The combine was always going to make or break him That’s still the case.


  12. I agree with what you are saying about Conner, but add to that, this line is not focused on the power running game like the one two years ago was. This offense is much more versatile. Two years ago Conner had some wide lanes to run through and he was a step quicker. He was the game plan. Now he is a strong role player.

    He is still a great asset, although certainly not the dominant force he was. As TT points out he will get better as he recovers from what he has been through.

    Really disappointing to see his TD string end though. More importantly this offense has lots of weapons and should keep getting better.

    Maybe Conner comes back for one more year, wouldn’t that be something.

    Ollison looked pretty fast getting around the corner. Hopefully he gets some more carries.

    Moss is the real deal too.


  13. Dane Jackson is going to be a good CB. He is fast and tall enough. He was there to make the play, just missed. He just needs PT.

    Galambos may be a computer, but he can’t make tackles sideline to sideline. He is just too slow. Love the kid but Wirginis should be mixed in.


  14. A Look See (as they say) at what Pitt’s past and future opponents did over the weekend.
    Use to do this on the Blather, so here goes…first Edition of the Year.

    Villanova (5-1) Beat Rhode Island 35-0
    Pedo State (4-2) Beat Maryland 38-14
    Okla State (4-2) Beat Iowa State 38-31
    N. Carolina (4-2) Lost to Va Tech 3-34
    Virginia (2-3) Idle
    Va. Tech (4-1) Beat N. Carolina 34-3
    Miami (4-1) Lost to Fla. State 19-20
    Clemson (6-1) Beat Boston Col. 56-10
    Duke (3-3) Beat Army 13-6
    Syracuse (2-4) Lost to Wake Forest 9-28


  15. Per JC, it’s kind of hard to post about, cause we all want the kid to do well. However if you take out the 21 yd run he had, he then had 39 yards on 13 carries, which avg’s out to 3 yards per carry. And that isn’t good.

    So I don’t know what you do as a HC, but he’s certainly not our best RB this season.


  16. Okay, I’M RIGHT on the James Conner Tight End switch lol, but I’m gonna try and be patient and explain “my-case” for why it needs to happen for all-parties:

    First off, before I school-off here on the obvious and best move for James Conner and his career — (cough, SHORT MEMORIES) No one remembers Dorin Dickerson, for REAL??! Played every position on the-map. He was a 6-foot, 210 pound great High School running back. Wanny tries to make him a linebacker — doesn’t work. The the 6 foot, 220 pound Dorin Dickerson gets moved to Tight End (Pure Tight End too — On the line, hand in the ground, blocking on run-plays, releasing on routes from the 3-point stance, Tight End) and he becomes an All American, and 1st Team All Big East, with Soft-Throwing Bill Stull delivering the ball. Dorin Dickerson even made a real-play at an NFL tight end career (Size?? You’re talkin’ about SIZE???*) at 6 foot, 225. Don’t even have to look-past our-own Pitt History for an example of what I’m discussing.


    Delanie Walker — 6′, 245 — an incredibly well-compensated NFL Tight End for the Tennessee Titans and was a star with the 49’ers — played at FCS and had running back and H-back duties as well, and became a 6 foot (listed at 6’2”) Big-Time NFL tight end. Has played almost 10 years now as a starter (But…6 foot? 240-245 pounds? Impossible!!)

    ***Best Example Here: Jordan Reed, All Pro (and do-it-all) Tight End of the Washington Redskins

    ‘Listed’ at 6’2” , 245 — played pure “H-Back” (never put his hand down like a tight end) at Florida — now one of the highest paid and most prolific pass catching NFL tights ends with the Redskins. Jordan Reed is the exact same size as James Conner right now, so: “Yeah, NO”, on the “size argument”.

    Also with the Redskins making bank and having a great career: http://www.nfl.com/player/nilespaul/2495211/profile — Niles Paul (listed at ) 6’1” , 240 , TE who played possession WR at Nebraska. Has played 4 full seasons and is in his fifth (played almost every game the last 4 seasons) at TE and has made a ton of money in the ‘League.


    Shannon Sharpe, the darn greatest pass-catching Tight End in NFL history was only 6 foot – 6’1”, 225 pounds –but blocked like a beast and just got open. James Conner can do that.

    A ton of current Big-Time guys are listed at 6’2- ’63”” : Charles Clay, Vernon Davis, Jacob Tamme, etc. — Dallas Clark future Hall of Famer with Peyton and the Colts was 6’2” , 245.

    I’m a Football junkie — eat sleep and breathe it — James Conner can easily carry 5-10 more pounds and be a solid 6’2”, 245-250, and play Tight End in the League. I dunno who argues against that, but my point isn’t really up for discussion there. Conner can block hard, and has shown he can catch and run routes this season. Will Pat Narduzzi bring this up with James, and will James Conner go for it?? Well, he should if he wants to play in the NFL.

    My idea would be best for both James Conner and Pitt Football, but it indeed in all likelihood it isn’t going to happen…..even though it would transform Conner’s future from trying to catch-on as a future Free Agent halfback somewhere to potentially becoming a Star Again at a new-spot.

    I’m done, I’ve reached my posting quota apologies (:) haha), til later ya’ll.

    #HailToPitt !!


  17. Pitt had a much more legit threat at QB to run the option in 2014, as Voytik ran for almost 500 yards and other teams had to game plan for that. So that perhaps also plays into JC’s decline. It certainly has an effect, it’s just a matter to what extent.


  18. Emel, thanks for the info on Pitt’s opponents. Great collective record of Pitt’s opponents so far. Will have a good idea of how good we are after the next 2 weeks.


  19. And a totally different offensive philosophy of o’Canada’s as opposed to Cheesehead Paulie’s.

    We moved the ball with brute force in Paulie’s offense ala Wisconsin, with the occasional jet sweep by Boyd. Like maybe 1 per game, as Boyd ONLY carried the ball 12 times the Entire Season.

    O’Canada’s offense depends on a lot more misdirection plays and trickery to keep the opposing defense off balance and hopefully confused.

    Proof in point, while Boyd only had 12 rushing jet sweeps the entire season in 2014, Henderson already has carried the ball on jet sweeps 31 times and we’re only halfway thru the season. Tipton has carried the ball another 8 times, Whitehead 6 times and others another 7 times. So that is 52 rushing misdirection plays by WR’s in total. Halfway thru the season as opposed to only 12 by Boyd in 2014.

    So you can see the huge difference in the offensive philosophies.


  20. I think O’Canada’s offense is much more entertaining to watch for sure. You got guys going Every Which Way……and hopefully, they get Loose.


  21. Conner does not have the size, or blocking ability to make it as a TE in the NFL. Neither do I. His best shot is at RB and his strongest year will be next year, a full playing season after injury. That is the recovery time. For that reason he will be a 6th round pick if he drops 10-15 pounds. He is showing a nice ability to catch the ball which may higher his draft position. NFL will not draft him for DE or LB because he has no film.

    Many predictions on here for a 5-7 or 6-6 year early on. I see three should wins, two evenly matched and one overmatched left on the schedule. For that reason, the next game is big for us.

    Did anyone watch the Miami qb get clocked and they went back and picked up his chicklet or two that was on the ground? Hit him and he gets nervous, but lets stay on Virginia and Virginia only. The OL has to dominate this one and should. The defense needs a big game too. Hamlin time?


  22. Love the roar of the crowd yesterday on 83’s TD …will remember it forever. Never know when that last trip to see Pitt might be. I’m at that age. Even w 40m in attendance, atmosphere was great. Why we would wear any other uni is beyond me!

    Having said that, lets face facts. Pitt was very lucky to win yesterday. Kickoff run back for TD and 4th Q fumble should have killed us dead. Blink by Blewitt was scary!

    Someone one this site said it yesterday. We all passed our weekly stress teat! H2P!!


  23. Dorin Dickerson was the fastest TE ever at the combine and played WR at Pitt. Conner has average hands nowhere that kind of speed. The speed of the game has changed dramatically since the 90’s since Sharpe played. Conner is what he is, a short yardage power back in the NFL.


  24. With this type of offense, with everything going on, reverses, misdirections, etc. You could have Conner and Moss, or Ollie & Moss in the backfield at the same time. Again in this offense, it’s really just up to the imagination of what personnel, you have on the field, at any given time or on any given play.

    Must be hoot drawing up these plays during the week.


  25. Reed – I didn’t care much for your blanket statement that business CEO’s don’t really care too much for their employees.

    I am a CEO for a small PA company that employs 30 individuals. My people know I care about them and many really want to work at our company and take pride in doing a great job.

    I like your podcasts – just wanted to voice my objection to your incorrect blanket CEO statement – and I’m not holding back…

    Great win yesterday!


  26. Upitt give it a break. You were wrong about Boyd in the draft (2nd round not 4th or whatever you predicted) and he will make you look foolish with the career he will have in the NFL. He’s going to be a quality possesion WR and a tribute to Pitt. Get on the bandwagon and drop the negativity.

    Great Pitt win and with another against Va Pitt will have a chance for a 7-5 record. Unfortunately talent level isn’t good enough to play with the big boys (Louisville, Clemson, Fla St. and Miami but hope springs eternal.

    Moss really looked like he has a chance at being another great Pitt RB. I think Matthews will also be very good, but where is the future on the D side of the ball

    DC Conklin has not figured out how to use what talent he has,but maybe its just too little talent. Definitely the case in the DBs and safeties. Whitehead not effective in pass defense.


  27. Emel – One of Dad’s favorite movies.

    Dan72 – Hang in there Boss!

    I loved the Uniforms!!


  28. Couple things:

    Yeah I get too upset when posters get all critical of a PITT team that actually wins a game. Was up wit dat? < baby boomers schitt! ( looked it up and had to lol that Gen-X excludes me from their club) 😦

    Been around and was fortunate enough to watch Tony and company win the National Championship. Pretty much have seen it all since the around 1965. Really bad days then some really wonderful days. Then there were times I almost gave up but I never did. Not a quitter but not an excuse maker either.

    I get the blogger and message board stuff more than most think I do.

    Moving along, Great point Reed on Nate’s throw to Orndorf. That was a great toss and catch. Not so much luck as many think.

    PITT keeps kicking themselves in the ass with just a few plays of breakdowns. Dropped passes and special team lapses. PITT is too close to borderline to have these miscues.

    The flag on the field goal sealed the deal so I don’t fret over Blewit not blowing it.

    Bottom line: Narduzzi does send a quality D-1 college football team out there for 4 solid quarters and that was my biggest expectation going into this season.

    We all have different opinions and thoughts on our favorite team and I sincerely respect that.



  29. Taxing – I will work on the positivity but you can’t be serious. Do you watch him play? He has been replaced by the free agent WR after dropping that pass. NFL doesnt put up with drops.


  30. UPitt did you watch the Steeler game? A few drops in that one.

    I also saw Brandon Marshall drop a few easy ones today.


  31. Btw if we beat the ninnies of Charlottesville next week, everyone in the Coastal will have at least one loss.

    And then the team that doesn’t (VT) comes into the Ketchup Bottle after Pitt is off for 12 days for a big Thursday Nite matchup.

    And by that time, they might have 1 loss as they have Miami on the previous Thursday nite. They could even get caught in a ‘trap game’ at Syracuse. (between UNC & Miami)


  32. UPitt, thanks for giving it the good old college try. Seriously, I don’t suggest he will be the next Fitz or anything even close, but 2nd round picks will get a bit more rope and I hope he makes the most of his chances, except against the black n gold.

    Soto’s game was as good as a couple that A. Donald had for the Panthers, it was a beauty to watch and helped to slow down the spread that typically gives Pitt fits. With him and Price done next year, the Jeter decision is really tough to swallow. The path was open for him to start in his first year at Pitt. Hope for his sake it isn’t another Robert Foster situation.

    Narduzzi needs a bunch of 4 stars with the 10 or so slots he has open, especially in the D backfield and line. I’m really thinking that Whitehead’s future is at LB and not safety.


  33. I See the Light —- Okay, no more James Conner switching-positions talk lol. But other posters are totally spot-on: Hopefully this offseason James leans-up and gets down to a svelte 215-220 or so, and works on improving his agility and quickness. I just want to see that Cat make it to the NFL like he always dreamed-of, before beating Lymphoma.

    @Reed good point on Matt Canada, and whether he stays at Pitt after this off-season. Fans can fully-understand and empathize with the difficulty of his job, as we’re all aware that there is an extreme lack of talent at both Linebacker and Defensive Backfield to work with (while all the young guys have to gestate and grow). But the issue is Canada makes zero personnel or strategy changes , ever, and he just keeps doing the same exact (totally ineffective) game plan and defensive calls over-and-over with zero adjustments.

    Even if none of the young-guys are ready to play — and I’ll allot that Canada knows far better, seeing them everyday in the South Side—- Still for example: the fans saw that Reggie Mitchell at least puts himself in Far-Better position to defend deep-passes at free safety than Terrish Webb, who has been making inexcusable errors at Free Safety. But Canada just does nothing at all. Terrish Webb back at Free Safety after Marshall — even after Pat Narduzzi says in his press conference Terrish Webb Blew another deep coverage leading to Marshall’s huge bomb-touchdown. Same thing ‘over and over’ when it can not get any worse — yet expecting a better result…what is the word for that??? haha

    Jordan Whitehead is the type of talent that chose Pitt — even though he was being strongly recruited by Nick Saban, and Urban Meyer. Jordan Whitehead has shown that physically he’s an Elite-Level Power-5 talent. And I honestly don’t even really know what his purpose is anymore on defense, and I don’t think Josh Conklin has any idea whatsoever how to utilize his incredible abilities. Whitehead kind of plays some no-man’s-land spot right now, where he’s being totally neutralized by his own Defensive Game Plan. And that’s on Josh Conklin, totally wasting Jordan Whitehead’s abilities on defense.

    It honestly made no difference that he was gone against Marshall — because Jordan Whitehead’s position now is just to kind of hang-around the line of scrimmage on one side of the line — so even if a run play goes to the other side he’s totally out of the play??? 😦 Jordan Whitehead is by-far the fastest and most explosive player on the entire defense. If he’s healthy it’s insane not to try and make Jordan Whitehead one of the Main-foundations of your defensive gameplan with Pitt’s current D-backs and linebackers. This is Insane.

    That’s on Conklin— Heck, if he’s going to play Jordan Whitehead in the ‘corner of the box’ every single play , then let him replace Iyousean Idontknowyou at Outside Rover Linebacker —- because he’s doing nothing there anyway (does he even have a tackle, honestly?).

    Okay, I’m out for-real this time, sorry enough from me 😉 lol

    Dark means Conklin, not Canada here.


  34. With Avonte injured, who will replace him?
    Put Mitchell in his spot?
    I would put Dane Jackson in for Lewis And put Whitehead in for Avonte.

    Wouldn’t burn anyone’s redshirt at this stage.
    And what happened to Watts?


  35. Erie, I meant the Fortune 500 type company where there are a lot of levels between the executives and the rank and file. But I stand corrected for painting with a wide brush.


  36. And my two cents on Conner:
    Obviously not the same player.
    Too heavy.
    I wonder if he received steroids as part of his chemo and if they resulted in his weight gain.

    Now, before anyone gets their skivvies all balled up:
    Steroids are often used to treat lymphoma.
    Further, there are three types (classes of steroids):
    Salt steroids -which help regulate the balance of sodium and potassium.
    Sex steroids -estrogen and testosterone analogs – Barry asshole Bonds. Builds muscle mass, and endurance, etc.
    And glucocorticosteroids -prednisone – which help modulate the inflammatory response . Think asthma, poison ivy. It is this class that contributes to weight gain and is used to treat some lymphomas.


  37. Imo Conklin is just a guy they brought in, because….well….how do I put this. lol Yes Man I’m thinking.

    Well the guy doesn’t have much of a background as a DC(2 years at low level FiU), no stature in the business and he’s given his first big job at a P5 program(where else ….Pitt ). Yea he did have 1 year at Tennessee as the Safeties Coach, when they were in SEC doormat in 2012. And they were just horrid, 1-7 in league play, gave up an average of 35.7 ppg (109th worst) and Total Defense was 107th worst. In league play they gave up 40 ppg and even gave up 48 points to the SunBelt’s Troy U.

    Ok so one horrible year at Tenn(with Chubbs btw). Before that The Citadel and Wofford. Impressive. Hey let’s make this guy a DC at a Power 5 school. Ok…where do i sign.


  38. They were so impressed at Tenn….they politely said…..here’s a bus ticket. Don’t come back.


  39. Emel – With the train wreck year that MSU is having, do you think Duzz can get one of the two co-DC’s to jump ship?

    After six games, many think the Pitt D cannot improve. I disagree – but if it does not, Duzz will need to make a change or two with his D staff at the end of this season.


  40. Anything Conklin does has the blessing of the head coach.
    While our pass defense blows, I hope he doesn’t throw Conklin under the bus.
    That would be so…what’s the word…Brian Kelley of him.


  41. Okay Reed …. I vehemently defend Erie and could not disagree more with you comment about CEOs.
    While running a business is “blood sport” in today’s business atmosphere a CEO has to be a leader who is respected by both his employees and shareholders. I work for a Fortune 500 company and call on C Level people at businesses large and small. If you met my CEO you would find one of the most passionate employee friendly people you’ve ever met. If you met him, you’d have drinks and he’d leave as a good friend.

    I too bristle at comments that CEOs are cold hearted bastards. Next time we get together, I’ll relate some stories which I hope will change your mind. Now CFO’s… that’s a different story!


  42. For the uva game –

    According to VegasInsider.com, the opening line for Saturday’s game in Scott Stadium is Pitt favored by 5.5


  43. But, Gasman, regarding Conklin and coaches who may not be “cutting it”, if our HC finds that they aren’t doing their job, at years end I would hope that he would make a change if he feels an upgrade is available. To not do so, would be rather “Paul Chryst” of him.


  44. PittPT,
    What I am saying, however, is that any defensive scheme/plan has the blessing of Nardo. And while it has been, in a word, abysmal, I don’t think the D.C. Is the problem.


  45. Conner in the NFL right Now? H-back or bust?

    Soto, What a story here. So many wrote him off long ago.

    Is Conner too heavy or too light? I hear both.

    Antonio Brown. Compliant. How wonderful.

    Thinking PITT’s defense is slowly improving?

    Thinking PITT’s offense is slowly improving.

    Thinking that PITT win’s at UVA this coming week!!!


  46. So, how does Pitt get passed up by NC State in the ACC power rankings (ESPN) because NCSU beat Notre Lame in a hurricane? I mean, the Domers already lost to Duke…they’re obviously not the same team this year and GTech has a better record. Makes no freaking sense!


  47. Watched some of the replay on Root Sports today.

    –The throw-back uniforms looked much brighter in person than they did on TV.

    –We are going to have a very good defense in another year or two. I mean, we made many good defensive plays against the triple option yesterday — and this was done with players who simply are not as good as the players Coach Duzz has been recruiting…

    –One reason I say that our defense is going to be good is that even or DBs are starting to cover much better — though it is so maddening to see our DBs all over the WR but the WR still catch the ball (or get a pass interference call)… I think that will change was we start playing just a bit more athletic DBs next season.

    –Peterman is doing a fine job – but wouldn’t you like to see him put some air under the longer throws. Everything is a line-drive fastball – there’s a time and place for the fastball, but that deep ball dropping out of the sky would be nice to see to a guy like Weah.

    –Agree with you Reed on the RBs – need to run Moss and Ollison and JC, and I’d give the priority in that order.

    Nice to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat…

    Go Pitt.


  48. Loved Brian O’Neil’s TD run. Talk about a miss direction play. & did you see that escort of OL men there blocking for him all the way to pay dirt? One for the big uglies in the trenches.


  49. Defense next year will probably be worse than this year. Loss of Soto, Price and Jarrett with little in the way of upper class replacements does not bode well for the 2017 D IMO.


  50. I disagree with the defense being worse next year …. next year’s team defense will be faster ….. Pugh, Pine, Brightwell, Coleman, Hamlin, Miller and possibly Ford. Add a healthy Hendrix and Gilbert along with a stronger Camp, Watts, etc.

    This will be the start of seeing the new staf’f’s recruits and they will continue to improve as the year goes on. They are doing well with the offensive players that PC left, trouble is he didn’t leave much on the other side.


  51. JC at H-back in this offense? I don’t think Canada uses H-backs anything like they do in the NFL. Isn’t Ollison basically being used as an H-back? It seems he rarely runs patterns downfield on passing plays.

    By the way, it does appear Ollison has improved his overall game. I still remember that whiff he had on a pass block last year … On Saturday, I saw him absolutely stone a linebacker that blitzing hard on a pass play.


  52. The D was much improved against the triple option. I was one ripping Narduzzi for not figuring out how to defend it. They obviously did their homework in the off season. Kudos to Conklin on that one.

    I have never seen DBs in position to make so many pass break ups and miss. My God, bat the ball away.

    The talent is not there on D. You could hire the best D coordinator in college and it will be the same result. Oh, Pitt did hire the best D coordinator in Narduzzi.

    Pitt needs another pass rusher, speed at LB, and some DBs that can turn their freaking heads.

    Brightwell and Wirginis need to get more playing time.

    Hamiln will not beat out Dane Jackson this year. Only way he sees PT is if Lewis gets hurt.

    Whitehead is not switching positions mid season. That will never happen.


  53. In the ESPN nationwide poll, Pitt was the big winner in throw-back unis over Miami, NC St, Oregon and another school (can’t remember) with > 50,000 votes cast nationwide.


  54. Dan…again, I didn’t mean that CEOs were uncaring about their workers. I meant that the CEOs in big corporations were too far removed to individually impact the workers wereas a football coach has only one level of separation which is the staff coaches and even then he is constantly seeing and interacting with his workers which are players.


  55. upittbasell – you lost some credibility w/ your comments about “great coaching” and Mark Richt. Will you ever learn my friend?

    UVA is a crucial game. crucial. Need to prove to themselves they can win close games on the road since every game will be close when you can’t stop anyone – until you stop them with the game on the line. Who knew?


  56. Do we have a Pitt Throwback Away Uniform? Say we wanted to wear them next week can we?

    John – He got conservative against FSU and it cost them and the blocked Extra Point. You dont coach at Georgia as lomgbas he did if you stink. I do agree being conservative lost him the game.

    I like us next week at -5.5. What style does UVA play now Bronco is HC? I remember BYU was always pretty exciting when he was there. Havent seen them play yet.


  57. Will the defense be better next year? That is a very difficult question. Jarrett, Soto and Price will be hard to replace. Roy and Herndon, and Watts have played a little. How will Hendrix and Edwards do, and some of the young guys? What has happened to Taleni? Linebackers will be faster, Wirginis and Idowu have some playing time as does Brightwell. Will Zeise be back, plus a lot of young guys to pick from. Defensive backs should be better but no guarantees until we see them play. They certainly can’t do worse than what we have been seeing, but certainly will have little experience.

    There will be a lot of opportunity for some guys that work hard this off season. Maybe for a stud freshman that decides to come here and start right away.

    But the biggest question for next year is will we have a QB capable of playing at a decent level? The offense should be very good otherwise, with tons of O-line depth, solid running backs and experienced, talented Wide Outs. Hopefully Clark is a solid replacement for Orndoff.


  58. @Reed Heard you talking about Conklin. I think Narduzzi has a much bigger influence on the this defense than you believe. He is fully integrated in this defense.

    Starting to wonder if your on to something on Hamlin.

    That UVA ticket you have available, I would like to throw my hat in the ring. Would be appreciated.


  59. gc, as I have often written here, a good OL makes up for a lot of ills …. and this year is great proof. We will be missing Biz and Dorian next year, for sure, but appear to have a great nucleus returning.

    My optimism for next year for the defense is based o team speed and talent … primarily at LB and DB. Vs GT, I saw our defense continually be in the position to make a play (both run and pass) but just unable to tackle, break-up the pass, or get outrun to the boundary.

    I think the defensive talent brought in by the new staff is a big upgrade over the incumbents … hopefully we can maintain the good ground game (we should be able to)


  60. wwb, as you know, line play is the most important thing on both sides of the ball.

    The big question is will the D-line next year be able to stop the run and most importantly pressure the passer? I do agree that the backfield talent should be improving.


  61. gc, I do also believe that Peterman will not be easily replaced next year. I may be surprised on that front, time will tell.


  62. Our D line is much better than we expected, primarily because of the emergence of Soto.

    Overall there is a great deal of experience on the line. Jarrett, and Soto have been playing since they were freshman. Price has played a lot and is in his sixth year. Blair has played for three years. Next year, Blair will be the only one with significant experience. Hopefully Narduzzi will get the understudies as many snaps as possible for the rest of the year. A fifth year senior transfer or a JUCO may be in order.


  63. I do think PITT’s defense played better Saturday but that could be for a couple of reasons. GT hasn’t been able to run the option this year as well as they have in past years. Narduzzi made some phone calls and made a few adjustments to help better defend it but the PITT players were still taking horrible angles to the ball carriers. PITT right now is handicapped by the lack of quality players. They just have holes that can’t be filled with the bench.

    Good for Ollison to get the touchdown, Seems like a good kid and it also seems he loves being at PITT. Why Mitchell isn’t playing more is a bugaboo of mine though. but since I deferred to the coach on his decision on Ollie I guess to be consistent and I’ll defer to the coach on this one as well. (put in Reggie)

    I know receivers have been wide open all over the field this year but many of the big plays the defense has given up, the D-Backs have been right there to make a play but the ball was perfectly thrown or the receiver makes some kind of circus catch OR a hand doesn’t find it’s way to knock the ball away. Anyhoo, on to Virginia. A big game for Narduzzi and the team. That win against GT was HUGE!



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