POV Game Thread: Georgia Tech

Yesterday I predicted a four point GT win over the Panthers 38-34 because I thought this might be the game our run defense – as great as it has been – shows some weakness against a speedier backfield using the Triple-Option, something that we haven’t seen yet this season.  Here’s a good in-depth explaination by the GT HC Paul Johnson.

That’s how HC Paul Johnson’s offense will look today.  Now, here is a well-seasoned and expert ex-Coast Guard academy Defensive Coordinator John Loose explaining how to defend against it (just a coincidence, really!)

Interesting Huh?  What we need is the defensive approach Dave Wannstedt used to shut down Navy’s great option offense back in the day.  The key there was to keep our MLB Scott McKillop as the ‘spy’ on the Navy Fullback regardless of what was happening on the play.  It worked well and we won some games doing that.  Of course having McKillop at MLB help a bunch there also.

But the more I look at all the factors with the Pitt squad and how we have played it just gnaws at me that I can’t get a handle on how good this team is or isn’t as a whole.  I suppose it is the glass half full dilemma – we have won three games and that’s fine.  But in doing so we have yet to play a complete 60 minute game.

We also, except for last week against an underdog, haven’t shown a balanced offense to the point that I’m comfortable enough to think ‘Well, if our run game falters our passing game will pick up the slack and win the game‘.

But I have a lot of faith in Nate Peterman and feel that Canada misused that part of the offense prior to our win over Marshall.  Granted our running game was going full-bore and all the games had been close ones so he and Narduzzi played it very safe.  That worked out fine versus PSU, but not so well against OK State and North Carolina.

I think we’ll see Canada be more balanced today and that is what makes me want to reconsider the final score of my prediction.  However I’ll keep it as is because that is what I put down in our prediction thread.

Chip in with your thoughts, complaints, wit and kudos as the game rolls on in real-time… game time is at 12:30 and here’s to a Pitt win!


Note:  Here are the Game Notes as compiled by the Pitt Media Department – they are great to have at hand when watching our Panthers do battle.

LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. Georgia Tech)  

431 thoughts on “POV Game Thread: Georgia Tech

  1. Doc,

    “Solid” is not a word I would use to describe Blewitt. He is Pitt’s scoring leader because he’s been at it for four years. I’d rather roll the dice and start with another stud scholarship K.


  2. No guarantee that our next kicker will be better than Blewitt.

    He set the alltime Pitt record for career field goals today, already owns total points by a kicker, and is second in total points to, wait for it, Tony Dorsett.

    Maybe our next kicker will be more reliable, probably not.


  3. There is a freshman kicker grayshirting who was one if the top 5 kickers coming out of high school this past year. Devin Street plays for Indy.


  4. Nick – cut by Dallas. Cut by Pats and hasnt played for Indy. 3 years and 100 yards receving career stats. AB gets that by 2nd quarter.

    My point is college stats mean nothing.


  5. Erie, just saw your comment about the hoops team. They got almost no reaction whatsoever. It felt very strange. The natives are not very happy.


  6. Who would blane them?? Lame duck never been from
    vandy was hired.

    Athletes all
    Over the field for Miami and speed. Plus great coaching.


  7. I tried getting season tix for b-ball about 12 years ago & had to get on the waiting list. I would try to get individual tix & the Pitt athletic dept. would basically tell me to go %*+# myself. Now they’re calling, emailing, begging me to buy tix, so it’s my turn to tell them the same. I’m not wasting my time & money watching Pitt crap the bed against a bunch of teams I have no interest in watching.


  8. Meanwhile, Buttgers is down 50-0 midway in the 3rd quarter…..enjoy your new member B1G and all 19 people from the NY area watching them.


  9. PittPT – Hey Man!! Tell Jeff I said hello. He is a great guy.
    That is awesome.

    John – yes he is a great coach. 4-0 and first year coach there. Plus leading FSU 13-0. The stadium looks really great with the new renovation.


  10. Mark Richt. The guy got fired from Georgia for basically not going to a major bowl the past NINE years at a university where they throw money at football. The guy could take the New England Patriots roster and go 9-3 in the SEC East. Oh… and one detail, idiot. FSU lost to UNC just like your beloved…err… hated Panthers did. At home.


  11. Love these game day threads. I’ll be re-reading them as they just tell me sooo much about my new comrades on here. The little I followed today does not make very happy. I see the lovers and I see the absolute haters. PITT football is a rocky ride in the rocky waters of a hurricane. Not for pussies and crybabies. Stay on board or get the hell off!

    Lots of things I didn’t understand today. Webb playing mostly 3 quarters is goofy to say the least. Breakdown’s (Weah drop) at the worst possible times continue to hurt the Panthers. Special teams are bad and a change will be coming. (not soon enough) Soo………..what’s the bottom line?

    PITT wins and played a good solid D-1 college football game. You guys go on complaining. I’m looking forward to next week and a horrible PITT win!!


  12. Update: Butgers down 78-0 now late in the 4th quarter and only 2 NY area people are watching….and they are asleep on the couch.


  13. ” PITT football is a rocky ride in the rocky waters of a hurricane. Not for pussies and crybabies. Stay on board or get the hell off!”

    Hahaha 🙂 —– That’s “ike” ^^^ Up there!!! Don’t give a hoot, ride that rocky Pitt-Storm like a Wild Man!!
    lol that’s awesome.

    …..”PITT wins and played a good solid D-1 college football game. You guys go on complaining. ” …..Ummm, I mean, Georgia Tech is not exactly a top 15 team (i.e. where we want Pitt to soon attain, then Perennially Be) — nor are they exactly Clemson / Miami / Virginia Tech in the ACC who……lol Sorry ike !!!! You’re right: let’s just enjoy the win for a night.

    @ike: “Love these game day threads. I’ll be re-reading them as they just tell me sooo much about my new comrades on here. The little I followed today does not make very happy.” —- 😦 That’s actually kinda scary …… are you gonna track our IP addresses and hunt down the trolls you don’t like —- like Liam Neeson in Taken??? Haha: because that’s what that sounded like!

    —- Kidding! ……Kinda….lol


  14. I feel badly for Rutgers. However they do add an even stronger position for the big ten in the metro NYC market and Rutgers gets some money for athletics. I wish the ACC picked them up. I like the exposure in the Big Apple.


  15. Rutgers is happy because they’re making a buttload of money & the B1G is happy because they jammed their network down NJ/NYC’s throats whether they wanted it or not & are making even more money. Conference expansion was never about worthy teams.


  16. I call em as I see em DK. Don’t go get all fussed up about it friend. The old saying is “If you go looking for trouble you will surely find it” Instead look for the good, and this will surely make you happy!!


  17. While I have been on Avonte’s case all season, I hope he is well.
    Despite his numerous limitations, no one tries harder.
    Get well, my man.


  18. Will we are not clemson, louisville, alabama, washington, michigan, nor ohio st., we are also not notre dame, psu, syracuse, and oregon.

    We have a ton of room to improve, but we are no where near as disappointing as some other teams.


  19. FSU provides Pitt an assist by beating Miami 20-19 last night, defeating the great coach Mark Richt in the process.

    We are facing uva this coming week who is 1-0 in the coastal and then the following week on Thursday night (prime time game) we play Coastal division leader VT.

    The Pursuit is on!


  20. Ike – we have a 95.342% : 4.658% Love:Hate relationship by readers and commenters on here. It’s true – I figured it out myself.

    We don’t actually have any ‘haters’ on here at all – what we have is one contrarian commenter who exaggerates for effect. But the bottom line is that anyone who reads Pitt football blogs then takes the time to comment cares about the Panthers or they wouldn’t do it.

    New podcast will be up soon. Lots to talk about.


  21. I was there. After Tech took the lead I took off my older block PITT cap and put on my new script Pitt cap just bought during the third quarter by my brother-in-law. I kept the price tag on like the boys in the hood. I hoped for a change of luck. All of a sudden we moved the ball and that tipped pass went to Orndorff (sic) and a spectacular TD. Hat still on, I saw that great fourth down stop and Pitt’s ability to move the ball closer to the goal line and Peterman’s move to put the ball in the center of the field for the kick. I closed my eyes and lowered my head, unable to watch the kick. Crowd roared and I raised my head to see Blewitt in a heap of white shirted Tech players. I did not know the ball hit an upright and fell through, with both officials under the goal posts looking at each other first before signalling good. Learned of the near miss only on the long walk to the parking lot. If only Pitt could play pass defense. Whatever.


  22. I understand and have total respect for all posters. I get that it’s the squeaky hinge stuff. It’s just that I respect a PITT win a little more.

    I have to admit it was just the one poster that riled me up. I’m defensive player like that. 🙂


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