POV Predictions: Georgia Tech

OK – here it is on Friday morning and that is the time for game result predictions by myself and you smarter guys.  Yesterday I wrote a Know The Enemy article where I showed a bit of what this current version of the GT Yellow Jackets is all about.

One thing sticks out in that the GT rushing attack isn’t as formidable as it has been in the past.  That’s a good thing.  Another is that their passing game is sub par also.  However, each QB we have faced has had great games against us except ‘Nova’s in the opener so I expect GT’s QB Thomas to have a season high game and throw way more than his current 108 ypg.

On the other hand Pitt has leveled out our offense approach a bit by letting Nate Peterman air it out a more than he had been allowed to do in the first four games.  He responded with 280 yards with two TDs and in doing so established Jester Weah (7 for 176 @ 25.1 ypc and 1 TD against Marshall) as the primary receiver for the rest of the season.  Most probably that is – he’s our best deep threat this year.

Our run game kept pace with the 250 ypg average we have carried so far last game and we’ll probably do the same against GT. But this is college football, and ACC conference play, which means things can turn on a dime.  And I think they will starting at 12:30 tomorrow.

As stingy as we have been against the run – we’re currently letting the opponents get only 69.8 yards per game – I think GT breaks some big runs against our slow LBs that result in quick points on the board. Let’s say two TDs on long breakaways and one other normal-type TD on the ground.  That’s 21 points.

Our porous pass defense does a bit better this week but the Yellow Jackets get two more TDs passing for 14 more points – one of those TDs happens late in the 4th quarter.

We’ll put up points also but our running game’s big plays get stifled a bit.  Without big plays our run game is actually not that great. But we’ll get 200+ yards on the ground along with  two rushing TDs.  Peterman is effective again and throws for two TDs and that gives us 28 total points via offense.  But we will be on the short end of turnovers and that impacts the game also.

Right there is 35-28 with GT on top… throw in a FG or two by each team and we lose by a come-from-behind GT score late in the game.  Or we could win…. but head over heart this week I think and it’s:

GT 38 – Pitt 34

And the Throwback Uni’s look as weird at the end of the game as they do in the beginning.


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  1. The past two weeks I haven’t made a game predication because I thought both games were two close to call. I don’t believe that is the case this week.

    This week the difference maker will be Ty Jarret. As long as the refs don’t allow balant holding on ever play like they allowed Marshall to do Ty will bottle up GT. The FB dive will be dead before it starts.

    Moss, Peterman, Weah, Conner, and Henderson all have big days in store.

    Pitt 42 – GT 21


  2. I really like what the offensive did last game and the youth movement. I wish PN would get some younger guys in there on D as well.


  3. Pitt 31, GT 28
    GT in bad weather is better than their record, we are a bit better than our record, but all things add up to this being close. If weather is good, helps the good guys.



  4. The kids are gonna be pumped up in those throwbacks, which are like PF Flyers. As such, they will “run faster and jump higher.”

    Jordan Whitehead to the rescue in run support, preventing all but one long run.

    Pitt wins 31-27


  5. Can’t forget the last time I watched GT in person two years ago. What a cluster. Game was over before it started. This time a little closer GT 37 Pitt 30. Narduzzi outcoached again.


  6. Well I predict we won’t fumble on our first 5 touches. So far GT hasn’t run well but we have not stopped a Navy/GT team since they went to the triple option. We almost did versus Navy when a few years ago but got beat on a late long bomb and we protect this so well (sarcasm). Our offense has played well so 38 points is not unrealistic. I hope the defense is half as obsessed as PN and JC are. I was struck by how Maddox said in the past week that they got bored preparing for the Navy bowl game – huh?
    With the hurricane and present predictions of rain up to game time this could be a mudder. My biggest fear is that teams seem to get trounced when using throw back unis. Of course most throw backs actually existed at some point – this throw back did not. Hence
    PITT 38 GT 35.


  7. ^^^ For any Obsessed Pitt fans with time-on-their-hands, who really, really want to see Georgia Tech in actions — this is their Home Loss last weekend to Upstart Miami, who got their Alum, career Jim Kelly backup QB Mark Richt, back as their head coach.

    I Predict Pitt vs. Miami EPIC BATTLES are in the future, on Prime-Time ESPN in Sportsbars across this great nation!!

    But this week, No Prediction, not gonna waste anyone’s time lol —- I don’t even know

    But, what I feel are Pertinent Defensive Questions —-> Does Pat Narduzzi have the Courage /+ Mettle to just tell poor Final-Year players Matt Galambos and Matt Caprara that the Youngins (Junior Quintin Wirginnis, RS Frosh Saleem Brightwell) just have to play over them??? Loyalty to two great, loyal, Highest-Character young Men vs. What is Best for Pitt’s success: it’s a tough call for the Head Ball Coach.

    And I-you-sean I-Tofu (was that right??? haha) is just a total, utter “Zero-Factor” to the degree I can’t even tell if he’s messing up, or if hes actually where he’s supposed to be but just not making plays??? —- Has RS Freshman Linebacker Anthony Mckee (High 3 star, low 4 star Ohio Recruit — 6’2”, 200lbs when he arrived in 2015) gotten on the field yet on any defensive snaps?

    I want more (way more!) Nathan Peterman to Jester Weah!!! That is Fun to watch!! I liked Tyler Boyd, but really we all knew he was more like a really solid NFL Slot – possession wide receiver who was just so much better than the other guys on Pitt’s roster. Jester Weah is a straight-up man out there — Even though he’s still dropping good throws 😦 it’s still been “A big improvement” over those previous Blooper-Real level drops (Louisville in 2015) lol.

    —- Another Question: Anyone else besides me believe that Pat Narduzzi may Subtly be trying to set James Conner for a future Position-Switch? —> Is James Conner actually an NFL Tight End??? 🙂 🙂 He could be great there with his skill set.

    This is not even remotely-nonsense here: imagine James Conner playing full-time Tight End next year (at his current 6’2”, 240 — already great NFL size for an athletic, pass catching tight end), along with Chris Clark, to be the most incredibly talented tight-end duo in the Nation for Rs Freshman Phenom Thomas MacVit….errr, who-ever is starting at Qb for Pitt 🙂 🙂 . James Conner proving himself at tight end, immediately transforms him from a under-explosive, but Huge running back prospect into an Incredibly Explosive and good-sized Tight End talent. Food for thought for Conner and the staff — this change could be a Reverse (and just as effective) Brian O’Niell switch for Pitt.

    #HailToPitt !!!


  8. Holy mackerel Reed, I never you and souf were blood brothers with all the cynicism?

    First off you make two bold predictions. You really think Thomas for GT can have his best passing day this year? huh? What will that be 129 yards? Then there is the run prediction, pretty safe bet that GT gets some long gains since that is what they do. Now I kid you friend :>) but you may be a closet Narduzzi hater?

    Honestly, I just don’t think GT can just drop back and pass willy nilly. It’s all about deception with their passing offense. They just aren’t set up to win games passing. GT running the ball, yes they will get their yards but I look for Narduzzi to have a better scheme this year. Many believe HCPN stinks at playing option teams but he did win the game last year vs GT. or his players did. Navy was a very good team with an exceptional QB.

    Was up hating the uni’s again? I love the idea but they didn’t get the colors right but baby steps. Improvement and I like it and them.

    Then the prediction of losing. Man you are getting very negative in your older age or is it the bump on your noggin. You’re tough on PITT and Narduzzi, I know he rubs you the wrong way on many things.

    I’ve left myself wide open so you guys can let me have it. I’m very use to it.

    Lastly, I am very beautiful. My wife tells me all the time that I’m a real beauty.




  9. I’m feeling extreme DREAD — I just don’t see our DEs and LB being up to the task. We’re just not strong enough, quick enough, or experienced enough. I remember the last time GT was here — on a couple of their long TD runs we didn’t even touch the RB — I don’t think we knew who had the ball…

    GT 45 — Pitt 34

    Go Pitt.


  10. Can’t see Pitt holding any team to less than 40 points. We have one of the best defenses in the country to score on in less than 2 minutes of playing time. It’s downhill from hear for Pitt this year I’m afraid to say. GT 45 Pitt 28


  11. Since I disagree with you on the throwbacks, I will disagree on the winner/score

    31 – 23 the Yellow Hats


  12. ike – “a real beaut” is sarcasm – trust me, 30 yr marriage.
    Reed is perfect on his predictions, kinda of like betting opposite of UPitt – as close to a sure thing that there is. 🙂
    wwb – a loss – my world is Turned Upside Down.


  13. Another close game…G-tech will score on the final play of the game and Pitt fans will be irate (well the Pitt fans that like to gamble) as it will be a spread buster and Pitt will only win 31 – 27 and not cover the spread. The question for me is can this Pitt team as currently assembled actually play a complete game where Offense and Defense both produce at the same level for 4 quarters? Answer is not likely but it would be nice to have a game like that…one can dream.


  14. LOL, you guys crack me up. Trust me when I say I know exactly what the wife is telling me. I’m a real piece of work for sure in her eyes and I think Reed’s eyes too.

    “I’m not here on business, I’m just here for fun” < I think The Eagles but probably mucked that up as well. It’s what I do……..



  15. I have two club seats for free, problems over here. No parking pass and you will have to come to Latrobe to pick them up.


  16. Pitt 35 GA Tech 21
    My Georgia Tech game jinx ends tomorrow! Presently 0-3 combined in football and basketball since we joined the ACC. The run defense will be the difference. I do not think the GA Tech quarterback can beat us with his arm but believe GA Tech should darn well try to beat us through play action given our passing defense!


  17. exactly 100 years ago today, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College 222-0 …. and you thought we had a bad pass defense!


  18. Ike…I love you my brother. Do you still go on the message boards?

    I really don’t hate Narduzzi, I just don’t think he’s all that great yet. He may get there.


  19. See Reed

    I am not the only want picking up on your Narduzzi negativity, lol.

    Pitt will do better this year against the option.

    Pitt 31 GT 24


  20. Narduzzi is learning. Conklin is learning. O’Canada is learning, and imagine what good things there are to come! If we get just 7 wins this year, it will be the best two year stretch we’ve had post “Stash.” It’s a little ironic that the secondary is so bad, statistically, but it will snap in place. We’ll get burned lest and less, and at the end of the season we’ll be saying if only they had brought that game to OSU and UNC, we’d be…. Clemson will be our championship game, and we’ll feel we belong on the same field.

    Remember, we’ve lost Dewayne Hendrix, Elijah Zeise, Dontez Ford,and 25% of James Conner…Chemo sucks! More D depth, a double threat from the D ends, a half step more speed at LB, a tad bit more experience at WR, and a consistent +2 or 3 on those up the middle plays, and we’re 5-0.

    That said, the pieces we have are coming together. Our O is really kind of amazing and just starting to gel (although I keep looking for QO to reappear). The D will click, starting Saturday. Slower O start, stronger finish. D still botches a couple, but looks solid for the most part. Pitt 38–GT 20. HTP

    PS Prayers from LA to all of you facing the storm.


  21. I don’t think that we will score our average against the yellow jackets. Plus I predict right now on AT LEAST one play GT will suck our whole D in and throw a TD pass to a WIDE OPEN receiver .However, our panthers will still eek out a homecoming “W”!!! #H2P

        PITT: 30
        GT :   27

    Sidenote: I restudied the unis for tomorrow and concluded the helmets lean towards mustard yellow. What I see is that the bright yellow long sleeved shirt that the model is wearing makes the whole uni more bright yellow looking than it really is. I don’t belive that shirt is part of the uniform.


  22. My brain sez, “Pick the Wreck!” but my heart sez, “No way, Jose!” What to do???

    1st Quarter: The EPA recalls The Wreck for illegal emissions – no catylic converter; damage to the Ozone Layer: 15 yards from the spot of the foul! (Why do you think they call it a “Wreck”?)

    No way they can Wreck our running game. No way we stop the triple option – but summer practice pays off, and we slow it down. No way they pass for 200 yards (???). No way they stop NP – he has another big day; POD orgases, as “The Jester” doesn’t “joke” around – gets another 175 yards. Just to rub salt in the wound, Blewett kicks a 3rd Q 50 yarder (it is Throw Back Day, after all!). And yes, Reed, it is “Throw Back”, not “Throw UP!”

    35-24; Pitt wins, Pitt wins! “Just another can of corn!” (Isn;t that what he used to say?) And Paul Johnson has to take the Wreck back to the shop for an overhaul!!


  23. BTW: Savannah Panther has left the building – vacated to Greenville, SC (far western part of the state)until “Matthew” has blown himself out to sea! (And it looks like we may be doing the same thing next weekend!)


  24. Narduzzi is the anti-Chryst (not trying to negative of either.)

    — PN is aggressive; PC is laid back.
    — PN is not shy about asking for things (i.e., many costly renovations to Pitt practice facility) whereas PC apparently is (he settled on hiring Matt House.) .. of course the new chancellor and AD helped here.
    — PN is modern and uses social media quite often; PC still may not know what twitter is
    — PN’s success this year thus far has been because of the offense even though he’s defensive coach; PC’s success since he returned to UW is due to his defense
    — PN talks a lot shit; PC wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouthful

    I kind of like both, and certainly expect PN and his program to improve in the long hauk


  25. We came into the season, most of us feeling we had a pretty darn good and tough schedule this year. Then we showed that we had a real good chance to beat Ok. St. and followed that up by letting NC come back and beat us.

    Most of our feelings now stem from the higher expectations the team created for us by showing they could already compete with those teams.

    While we have had major issues defensively, I still feel we have a slightly better team than we all expected to have this year.

    I think we are on a path to becoming a force in the ACC, but everyone will need to continue to improve, coaches as well, and we will need to find ways to recruit better than we have been.

    As for this game, I’m hoping we play a complete game for once.

    Pitt 34
    G. Tech 23


  26. I have consistently overestimated our scores. But, come on, we have to win this one. 45 — 18 us.



  27. wwb… hilarious comparison between Duzz and Chryst…
    Having a hard time predicting Saturday’s game since we usually only show up for a half… Need to do some serious drinking, put on my throwback gear, light some incense and break out my Jimmy Hendrix black light posture and do some serious meditation
    Shout out to Dr Tom and Savannah Panther living in the Hurricanes path..Hunker down.. prayers are with you


  28. Reed, do you remember meeting ike jr many years ago at the Tilted Kilt with BG and co? I was thinking maybe you were mistaking me for him? 🙂

    billystull chucked the rock. Those were some days.


  29. GT 42

    Pitt 28

    The pass defense shines because GT hardly throws but the run defense looks really bad this game.


  30. Negative yinzers rule this blog. I guess I am the only one who saw GT-BC game. GT is not the GT of 2 years ago. More like the GT of last year.

    Pitt: 34
    GT: 24


  31. LB’s too slow to contain, DB’s in the box, even GT can throw. Sad day in the Burg.
    GT 28 / Pitt 20


  32. Starting next week PITT may finally play a conventional offense? I’m not even sure of that. What am I saying? PITT will need an unconventional defense that is very flexible moving forward. Don’t think it’s all on the players at this point, Narduzzi needs to take a look at the tapes.

    I predicted a big season from Galambos, should have looked harder at the schedule. Maybe he has some better days ahead though?


  33. Pitt 45
    Georgia Tech 31

    Tech’s defense isn’t stopping Pitt’s offense and Pitt’s defense will continue to give up it’s average which is around 30 points a game. Pitt is averaging 37 points a game but will do one score better than that tomorrow.


  34. BigB – Yes, they are predicting the storm will turn south after visiting the SC coast. It’s supposed to dive south, and hit Florida again. Hope it doesn’t mirror its trip up the coast again next weekend! Hope Pitt doesn’t mirror it’s previous late game UNheroics!

    Dr Tom – You OK? Hopefuliy you have evacuated by now, and are in the midst of a cool DRY adult beverage!


  35. AD is one of the fastest players in the NFL.

    There is nothing faster than getting in the backfield and blowing up the play before it even has a chance.


  36. JohntheListener @ 1:11, not only did Pitt beat GT last year in FB, I believe we beat GT twice in the1st year in the ACC in BB. I know we beat them there.


  37. OT game .. halfassed canary yellow throwtheminthegarbagebacks win 40-37
    We are the PITT Panthers not a runway show for Nike .. who are the designers at Nike?? Men.. boys .. girls or trannies.. Hurricanes and alcohol.. great combination🍻


  38. wwb: I said MY Georgia Tech jinx. I was at the football game two years ago as well as the first one at Atlanta. All losses even though A.D. was a one man wrecking crew in the game in Atlanta. I was also at the BB game in Atlanta last year at the end of the season that we lost. Hopefully tomorrow that streak will come to an end. On the other hand I have never attended a game at Clemson where we lost, currently at 3-0. One MBB and two WBB games. I have tickets to the Pitt at Clemson football game there this year and if we win that I will be flabbergasted!


  39. Paraphrase from the Wanny team that wore the throwbacks first game way back when. We felt invincible or something like that. Big uproar that they would not wear them the rest of the season including from the stache. Then again they did play YSU that game. I’m sure the team has been watching highlights from days gone by in those uni’s.

    Look for a fired up PITT team and a convincing victory.


  40. Expect little defense and Pitt hanging on for dear life at the end again, but does for a 48-42 victory over the Yellow Jackets..


  41. Pitt goes 1-0 tomorrow. I still can’t figure out how any fan predicts a loss for their respective team, ever. Caveat…..Unless there is money involved of course.

    Close game. 27-24. Orndoff needs to have a nice day. If he does, we land Reeves tomorrow night! Remain hopeful that we can also land the Hoban QB that decommitted from OSU, Clark. I am 20% of the way of 5 victories in a row. Tomorrow, 40%. Ejuan has three tackles for loss.

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  42. ^^ Cause we’re being honest.

    Pitt faces it’s first real defense of the year and their athleticism doesn’t completely shut down Pitt’s run oriented offense, But they shut it down enough to win.

    Unless the unexpected happens and Pitt does something they haven’t done since the much maligned Dave Wannstedt was HC (and that is shut down the Triple Option), our defense does the expected and literally gets run over, run thru and run down in trying to defend the Triple Option with D2 slow LB’s and a very undisciplined over matched secondary. That opposing team defense against the rush gets exposed bigtime by GT, suggesting it was only ranked so high (#4) because teams found it so easy to pass against Pitt, so why bother rushing the ball. The 2nd half of the last game against a C-USA passing team, was a portend to that.

    Pains my heart but we lose. 45-31.


  43. It’s a calm, wet morning in Pittsburgh. I expect the field to be a little slower than usual.

    That may give our LBers a slight edge – who are described as smart – two of the starters have played against the triple option several times in the past three years.

    Hopefully the game slows down enough for them to make a positive impact.

    Conklin and Duzz HAVE to make a positive impact today to keep The Pursuit alive.

    I’m confident our O has a big game today and eats clock. The seniors WILL step up and lead well today on a “throwback” homecoming Saturday in Pitt Stadium at Heinz Fiekd.



  44. The Panthers have been pretty strong up the middle. Wet field should slow down the option play, maybe cause a few fumbles. Also make our Jet sweep more difficult.

    Really need a better power running game today.

    Don’t know why, but I feel pretty good about this one.

    Even though we usually lose on homecoming.

    Pitt 28-17.


  45. Dark – you said this:

    “And I-you-sean I-Tofu (was that right??? haha) is just a total, utter “Zero-Factor” to the degree I can’t even tell if he’s messing up, or if hes actually where he’s supposed to be but just not making plays???”

    … and it holds a real truth – this defense Conklin has instituted (with the lead by Narduzzi) is of the sort that it allows the defensive players to play more ‘freely’ – in that there are a lot less strict formations and sets involved.

    But because of our low talent level in the backfield and LBs there is just a mass confusion out there. If you watch after our opponents make big gainer plays there has been a lot of frustration and finger pointing out on the field by our kids.

    I think it is pretty interesting that the Marshall QB – after throwing for 309 yards in his 1st game then 413 in his 2nd – gets held to 240 yards against us when Whitehead is out of the lineup. Also, that is the lowest any QB threw against us since ‘Nova and again, Whitehead was out of the game.

    Whitehead really made his name last season on his great run support and his offensive skills – his pass defense hasn’t been as good and Reggie Mitchell is more experienced and has more ‘football intelligence’ out there.

    It will be interesting to see what Conklin and Narduzzi do with that Safety position this afternoon… assuming of course Whitehead has gotten over his “influenza” illness in time to play.


  46. Weather station says a 10% chance of rain today and tonight with high humidity. If the field is covered it will not be sloppy at all.
    Also, some “experts” feel that on a wet field the O has an advantage because it already knows where it’s going while the D has to react and during the reaction is more prone to slipping.
    The bad news is we always seem to be the team slipping around the field – hopefully not tonight!

    Reed, God bless you, praying for you good Pitt buddy!!! It’s scary when out of nowhere life blindsides us (in this case by a reckless lady driver). Makes one think about how fragile life truly is and ponder future things.


  47. If describing our linebackers smart may be true. But so is slow as shit, not athletic and terrrible angles to the ball.

    Glad Barnes and his genuis waited this long to reveal the throwbacks on the same day the U is having a throwback to the Championship years. Another idiot move.

    As far as a winner I know Pitt won’t cover. Whether they win is a question. GT is weak and Narduzzi will find a way to be outcoached again then blame his players. I personally would play all Freshman at LB’s and Secondary. The starters are atrocious and I’ve been saying that about Maddox for years. Pitt wins by 2-3. 27-24


  48. John the listener – are you somewhere in NC or SC? BigB you are near the NC coast? If so, be safe today/tonight. Prayers for you safety! We escaped damage to our house, and are heading back to Savannah area later today.

    Will miss the game, but will catch up tonight. H2P!!!


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