POV Podcast: Marshall Win


We’ll follow up that nice win last night talking about the differences we saw out of the offense.  Here are some facts to look at while you listen.

Boise State’s Jeremy McNichols did not have a rushing touchdown Saturday, stopping his streak of games with at least one rushing touchdown at 15 games. Pitt’s James Conner, with 13 games, has the longest active streak in the FBS.



87 thoughts on “POV Podcast: Marshall Win

  1. Hate the fact that there is such scarce press coverage before and after the game as to injuries and non-playing opportunities; Hall, Whitehead,Ollison, Hamlin, etc. If not mentioned by Pitt in press release no writers seem to care to follow up.


  2. Really nice to see us throw in an agressive way – by “agressive”, I mean as a way to attack the D – not just a few attempts to loosen the D. I’ll always wonder why we refused to do that in games 3 & 4! Neither loss would have needed more than 3-4 more 1st downs to claim a victory.

    NP and the receivers looked sharp all game long! We are much tougher to defend when we throw like that!

    24 of 65 offensive plays were passes = 37%. Almost exactly what you predicted, Reed.

    Now the pass D…….…! We are what we are. We are going to have to pour it on offensively for 4 qtrs for the rest of the season in order to get some more Ws.

    wbb: I think Doc’s tuberculosis just got a little worse, after coming so close!


  3. I was there in person at UNC last week and that last UNC drive KILLED ME! 3 4th down conversions and that las second TD catch was some kind of exceptional big time play from their WR named BUG! Even though the UNC Fans were gracious in victory to us Pitt fans in town that defeat had me pissed off all week.
    This week, Pitt could have gagged up another loss just as easily as the had in the previous two games that we lost in the end. Didn’t happen! They finished this one on both sides of the ball.

    No doubt about it our secondary is still weak, but considering that Marshall got their good experienced QB back and we had our leading tackler and star safety, Whitehead out for this game, they played just well enough to be acceptable.


  4. VT, UVA, Miami, GA Tech wins last night with that effort. Narduzzi needs to get better. Offense at least played to win but it took 3 games to learn a lesson.

    Bronco is getting UVA better.

    Fuente already has VT way better.

    Miami is a serious team.

    GT – I’m not sure about.

    Changing my tune on Steelers tonight. I think we play a good game. High scoring. Take Steelers and Over.


  5. That was me in the last anonymous post. Now the other good news in this well needed Pitt win.

    New guys made an impact in this victory. Moss, Ffrench and Matthews all got touches. Tipton is finding his roll in this offense now too. Both Ffrench and Tipton scoring TDs are confidence builders. And this game has to give Weah tons of MOJO going into the rest of our ACC schedule.

    The game against GT now takes on a more optimistic feel with this Panther win. Throwback unis next week, lots of new blood getting their opportunities, finally tasting the sweet treat of avoiding defeat with a solid closing drive by our offense and a slammed by of the door by our defense with a sack and a final pick six score to finish.

    Hail to Pitt!


  6. We must win our next 3 games (GT, VA, VT) to have a chance to get to 8 – 4. Mia and Clem on the road are not good for us. Then home DU and Syr. We would be 5 – 3 in ACC. Very slim chance to win Coastal. But that might get us an upper tier ACC bowl (no ACC bowls in NC). Nice to get more wins but …


  7. Is Josh Conklin still employed by Pat Narduzzi and Pitt Football after the season??

    —- Josh Conklin might be gone after this season. Pat Narduzzi has repeatedly said that he desires to be the Chief Operating Officer — he wants to delegate and let his Guys do their thing, while overseeing and focusing on the “Bigger Picture”.

    Josh Conklin is just not getting his Defensive Backs in positions to stop deep passes at all. This is 3 weeks in a row, where Pitt’s pass defensive has consistently been giving up, Total-Breakdown pass plays — & doing so Multiple Times a Game!! That’s totally unacceptable, what is Pitt’s Defensive Coordinator doing?? It’s insane.

    This will be the first “Big Test” money-wise for the Scott Barnes run Athletic Department, in terms of football hires. If it happens, will Pitt Football pay Competitive pay to go acquire a top-flight defensive coordinator for Pitt and Narduzzi?

    —– @Reed Syracuse is at Heinz . Dunno why you think they’re so good?? They’re only 2-2, got crushed by old Big East University of South Florida at Home — and at home they just-barely beat an AAC UCONN team that is 2-3?? Where is this coming from? Their QB Eric Dungey is fun to watch, but otherwise they have nothing going-on right now.

    Syracuse, Virginia, and Duke HAVE TO BE WINS. That’s 3 wins. A win at Deshaun Watson led Clemson in Death Valley would be a Crazy Upset. If Pitt can just play right-up with the Clemson it would be an incredibly-positive sign for Pitt and Narduzzi’s future (Clemson Football is incredibly Stable and “Built-Up”, with a Decade under Dabo Sweeney: a True “Stable Program”)

    Pitt plays Miami in Miami, FL and gets Virginia Tech at Heinz — those 2 games are big-time games between all Ascending ACC Programs.

    Hail to Pitt !!


  8. The NCAA does not require teams to report injuries but here is an interesting fact sheet about NCAA and injuries in general.


    Mandated that any injured player be removed from play and cleared by medical personnel before returning to play. Limited blocking schemes on kick plays to not more than two players shoulder to shoulder

    I’m drafting an article now, probably for Tuesday, that details some of our Pitt HCs’ approaches to injuries and discipline – I include discipline because a lot of times when a player is on the sideline and still in uniform but doesn’t play it is an informal suspension based on minor off the field issues.

    With a formal suspension the player is usually not in uniform at all and don’t travel to away games.

    Supposedly Whitehead had the flu last night.

    BTW – I will be traveling down to Charlottesville, VA for the Pitt-VA game on the 15th and will have a hotel room Friday and Sat nights at the Super 8. If anyone else is going to be there let’s have drinks together… on you. If the game is later that afternoon what is there to do that is interesting beforehand?


  9. 1st half was excellent but 2nd half was very troublesome. This team still has major issues on the defense. Until this is corrected be prepared for a unpredictable season.

    Last nights game should have been over at halftime but we continue to allow teams to score almost at will.


  10. Wanted to share an interesting post:

    “Heads have to roll
    Warner has to go. Snyder has to go. Lewerke needs serious consideration for the starting job. Its nice that Dantonio went to T’OC for his fifth year, but the experiment obviously hasn’t worked. This isn’t the same team we’ve had since Narduzzi left and obviously thats a regression due to Snyder (special teams are awful. LBs, although hurt, aren’t good either). Warner calls plays from a coloring book and I fear Bollman probably isn’t any more creative. Losing to a great Wisconsin team is understandable. Losing to Indiana is cause for people to lose jobs over.

    Posted by tjakes12 on Oct 1, 2016 | 11:40 PM”

    On of the most “Rec’d” / “Liked” comments from a Michigan State fan after their Debacle getting beat by Indiana.

    “It’s just not the same since Narduzzi left” is what every Michigan State fans feels. Pat Narduzzi at the very least brings a ton of Energy and attention to Pitt Football. Everything Marc Dantonio built at Michigan State was with his longtime friend, Confidant, and #2 Most-Trusted Man Pat Narduzzi running his Defense and being basically the Top Lieutenant and #2 Coach.

    The Next-Step for Pitt is just to keep recruiting, and filling out Pitt’s roster with more Speed and Size —> Especially Length in the defensive backfield — long arms, and good-height, with the Hopeful Exception being 5’9” Lamont Wade back playing Safety (yes, Free Safety: I can envision it, and it’s beautiful lol) for Pitt! — the young guys just need to start getting on the field. Pitt is going to be a National Contender (albeit with a bit of time) and Economically is going to become a National brand.

    Georgia Tech is also 3-2 ….. We Shall See 😉 .


  11. Reed,
    Go to Thomas Jefferson’s plantation…always a plus in beautiful Charlottesville.

    As for the secrecy, it would be more palatable if we dominated on the field


  12. Dr Tom .. We most certainly ” avoided defeat” just as we did versus the Nits and in the previous 2 match-ups “avoided victory. ”
    There is just something totally different about watching my/ our Panthers comparatively speaking and I can’t even articulate it.. I will blame it on old age, alcohol consumption, getting ” my bell rung” during my youth…blame it on Neil Diamond
    @Reed .. see you in Charlottesville …


  13. couple notes:

    Whitehead is supposedly a great young man in general so I don’t doubt the flu reports.

    Thinking Weah found himself last nite. Confidence is what he was lacking, plus Matthews now on the reception board.

    Agree on Peterman. He’s good enough and was being held back due to game planning.

    Been asking for Mitchell for two seasons now. He’s a ball hawk and it would be great if PITT can pair Whitehead and Reggie together.

    PITT remains only a few plays and a couple of non-calls away from a lot less stress for PITT fans and an undefeated season.

    The on-sides kick reminded me of Narduzzi not having any back last year on a kick off. Bad coaching right there.

    The fake field goal was dumb. I watched Doc point his two fingers to his eyes indicating to be on t he watch. That was expected and PITT delivered on a platter.

    Narduzzi has a ways to go but I still see a quality college football team being presented on the field weekly.

    Lighten up on HCPN a little. We are way ahead of years gone by….



  14. We will lose the next four because of our DBs. Not feeling good about a single one. If I were any team facing us, I would throw intermediate to long routes on EVERY play. Sounds silly, but with all the poor coverage and pass interference calls you would always move the ball. Only after a breakup would I run. GT will come out and throw the ball on every down of the first series to set the tone.

    Throwbacks will only soften the blow. At least we will look good getting torched.


  15. Reed. Charlottesville is great place to visit for a game. Went 2 years ago. Definitely go to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello – a fun and interesting 2-3 hours. And check out Edgar Allen Poe’ s dorm room. I was planning on going to VA and still have a reservation but I left the NC games saying no more road games this year so I am not sure now. I believe my reservation is at the Super 8 too.


  16. Whitehead needs to move to corner if we have no one else.

    I think Narduzzi is a good coach. These losses -especially due to poor DB play must be killing him. Expect changes in the offseason in both coaches and signees.


  17. –Dline was disappointing last night – looked totally worn down in the second half. Why didn’t we see Watts or Camp, whichever one has played already. And we could be in trouble at DE. Rori Blair is banked up, Hendrix is out. We got Folston. We need help – need a young guy to step up.

    –LBs didn’t seem to do much either. Lots of work to do. Need Caprara back – maybe not as quick as we’d like, but smart and tough.

    –Great to see Jester Weah have a big-time game. Agree on confidence being the key for him — still would like to see him not bobble the ball so much…

    –Shame that JC dropped that one pass – would have been a giant gain, if not a score.

    Thanks for your work here Reed.

    Go Pitt.


  18. MajorMajors – our leading tackler amount the LB corps was Galambos at 4. The others each had 2. Very low production out of that group. Graduation will help.

    Price is having a very fine season, but he needs help from the LBers and other Dlinemen.

    Wreak GTech!


  19. @Dark Knight You asked will Pitt pay the money to get Narduzzi a top flight DC. What top flight DC worth his salt will come here when he will not even be able to run his own unit? A top flight DC is beyond 7 figures per year. All of our defensive assistants combined cost less than that.

    Our D assistants compose of 2 dudes from FIU, one from Youngstown State and one from Wyoming. Not exactly spending the money if you know what I mean. Not one assistant has been plucked by a bigger school yet.

    Our HC needs to recruit better players faster. This years class needs some serious work quick. Current class is weak. BTW, we have zero actual verbals since the PSU win. One Pat signal was sent out weeks ago but so far crickets on that.


  20. it’s not only the DBs. How many times did you hear Galambos or Caprara’s names last night? They are not OL; when you don’t hear their names, they are likely not playing well …. and I thought they were exceptionally bad in defending the run game in the 2nd half


  21. While I’ll hold off on my 3 positives/negatives for Monday Morning QB, I can’t adequately express the relief and joy I felt when all arrows pointed to ANOTHER 4th quarter loss BUT thankfully the panthers CHANGED their late game strategy and prevailed!!! #H2P


  22. wwb – Caprara did not play in the 2nd half last night. But, I get your point – the LB corp did not play well.

    Nor did the Oline…


  23. With a decent D e are 5/0 at this point.There must be someone better than Webb. I cant wait to see Whitehead and Hamlin on the field this year and hopefully with Wade added next year.H2P


  24. yea, Eire, I was agreeing with you. The MLB should be getting more than 4 tackles. I saw quite a few times on Marshall-s runs that the LBs were not getting to the holes in time, or even overran them


  25. That was JC’s worst game since he was a freshman I believe. Only 3 ypc. Also dropped an easy pass for good yardage. Only thing is now, with him having this 13 consecutive games with a TD, how do you limit his carries. You could use him in goal line situations to keep the TD thing going. Clearly we have better backs than him, so where Pitt is very weak is Pass Rush.

    Don’t like seeing his play decline at RB, so perhaps he can help us more at DE. With some touches as RB inside the opponents 10 yard line and other spot situations.


  26. I hate saying it, but he is not the RB he was 2 years ago and that is certainly understandable.

    Now how does the Nard Dog handle this touchy situation ?


  27. Back from Columbia,SC. Listened to PITT game on Sirius. Then on RSN (Fox). Happy first half.
    Oh Shit 2’nd. Told wife we were going to lose. (She was watching Clepsum-L’ville with family). Then Weeee-aaaaah. (Nod to the dark knight).

    Reed – I believe I won the prediction this week. (Ignore my prediction commentary.)

    PITT-cocks Fan
    September 30, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    PITT 44 – Marshall 27. Score is closer than the actual game as Marshall wins the 4’th qtr. : 17-3 as Stocker, Taleni & everyone not on the two deep plays {except freshmen who will redshirt for the year}.


  28. Emel – Juan Price is modeling to James Conner what it means to come back one more year before attempting to make the leap to the NFL. Whether he plays RB or DE is up in the air.

    One thing I’ve noticed with Conner – when QH is on the field, JC’s production is positive because another threat is available and the D can’t key on James. When QH is on the sideline, JC’s production is negative.

    Fortunately for the entire team and the fans, a new threat may have surfaced in “The Jester”.



  29. ~ DK

    Pitt needs to look at dumping both Conklin and Renaldo Hill, the DB’s coach. The offense saved that from being another Pitt 4th quarter meltdown when they had climbed to within 30-27. Pitt’s defense gave up nearly 300 yards of offense in the 2nd half.


  30. Right EE

    However when Moss and QH are on the field together that is even more dynamic. Didn’t notice if Ollie got any snaps at all, know he got no carries. Anyone notice if he got any snaps ? We’ll lose him, which is crazy.


  31. I’m with Pitt it Is, the opposition needs to focus their offense on throwing intermediate to long passes against our woefully weak secondary. In doing so they are likely to either get some long reception gains or an interference call on the Pitt secondary. Putting up 50 points against our defense should be the norm with any decent QB and some tall WR’s.


  32. Ollie was on the field for a few snaps. Mostly with Conner as the featured back.

    Moss does look the part and secures the ball well when in traffic.


  33. The paper talked about Ollie having a hold but that might have been the other Q by mistake and i dont remember the play. He definitely had no touches. If you cannot pay your assistants big time bucks then you have to scour the ranks like Majors 1.0 did and find the Sherrills, Pat Jones, Jimmy Johnsons, Joe Avenzanos etc that are young, talented and ambitious. Nard has not done that.


  34. Seems to be a concerted effort to denigrate Ollie if that is true rkb.

    Shame he was a very good RB, but that doesn’t seem to matter .


  35. ~ Conservative.

    Yes lots of us, mentioned the obvious thing to do against passing offenses was the use of the nickel back.
    The LB’s for the most part of useless in pass defense anyway. And they are even more likely to get a sack if you blitz a dB, since they are much faster/quicker to the QB.

    It’s called stubbornness.


  36. As I posted, i think on this site, UVA is not looking like the ‘cake walk’ now, as it did pre-season. They scored 49 points against the same Central Michigan team that beat Ok State, winning 49-35 and scored 34 against Duke in a 34-20 win.

    In the Duke win yesterday, their QB threw for 336 yards and 3 TD’s.

    And the previous week’s game against Central Mich, he threw for 421 yards (ouch) and 5 TD’s.

    So they seemed to have figured out their offense and that game is in Charlottesville as well. Just our luck they have a high voltage passing offense now.


  37. Emel, I figured that thought had been expressed. Just recovering from surgery and the fog is heavy.. However, knowing that any competent QB (even Tino Sunseri) could have his way with this secondary. You would think that the CW would be to double down on a cover 2…


  38. Well…. hope you have a speedy recovery Conservative Panther. The way we play pass Defense, we could use 6 db’s really. Our LB’s are usually ‘mia’ anyway.


  39. ~ PittPT

    The colossus of Rhoades is currently DB coach at Arkansas. After Iowa State fired him as HC. Pitt’s defense was always weak link on WLAT’s teams as well.


  40. You’re Welcome BigB ! Got the halftime show if you wanna see it.

    Only 10 Golden Girls this year. Small crop. Think we use to have 20 back in the day.


  41. 305 piece band!!! Think it was 120 piece all male band when I started… really liked the way they marched in the 70s.. remembering them marching of the field to the theme from Patton… also playing ” the Horse” from their section below the students section at Pitt Stadium… really miss the CFB halftime shows .. as a kid I learned most of the cool fight songs from watching halftime shows which often had both teams bands..Sadly, this pageantry has been replaced by 3-4 people bull$hitting-non-stop


  42. There are times I don’t get what people are saying on here. Granted I am more used to a message board type forum where the talk is a bit more frank. I guess I’ll learn the lingo but I wish people would say more of what they mean and mean more of what they say.

    I don’t do twitter and only have Facebook because I thought I had to have it to post on here. Goes to show you, I don’t no schitt!


  43. Regarding the golden girls, they are terrible this year! Looks to me like the good ones joined the dance team and all they got to stay were leftovers. They are not in sync, drop batons a lot, and look worse than our high school girls. This will sound bad, but some of them should not wear those outfits either. Really disappointed in them.


  44. Emel, thanks from me, too. Love the script Pitt. Maybe we will have guests of honor dot the eye in future games. It is a tradition in some other schools, cough, cough.

    Also, Happy New Year to those observing. I just found out it is 5777 and unfortunately I wrote 5766 on all my checks 😛


  45. BigB…. Yes, the band size was set at 120 bandsman, which as I recall did not include the Operations Crew or the Drum Major. I was part of the band from 1965 – 1969, and I always liked the herald trumpets coming out on the field first and announcing the band, which were followed by a series of drum line cadences. The old Pitt Stadium had the neat acoustics in it’s cavern-like interior, so when the drum line began their cadences inside the tunnel, you could hear the muffled rhythms out in the stadium and you got a tingly feeling as the drums came out along with the band marching in a fast beat to get to the field quickly. I appreciate seeing the band videos which still bring back some great memories! I’m looking forward to seeing the band in person when Pitt comes to New Orleans to play in the Sugar Bowl in a couple years!!


  46. the internet is up in arms because PSN tweeted they might have come upon something “disturbing”. The most extreme reaction was people wondering if Whitehead was leaving the program… Oh how quickly panic these days. All these fourth quarter let downs have left the men restless.

    My guess is this…. AND ITS ONLY A GUESS!!!… I am guessing the October 1st mystery recruit was Donovan Jeter. And after getting his commitment we lost him after his ND visit. Again, purely speculation, but I have had that feeling ever since we got the mystery commitment that it was Jeter.


  47. Let’s put it this way, I would rather that be the case than something along the lines of Wade leaning heavy elsewhere now (ie: Tennessee)


  48. The holding call on Ollison was on the TD that was called back … and Pitt was eventually stopped on the 1 yd line. It was on Ollison and it was a hold — they showed the replay on TV.

    James Conner is no way near where he was — understandable. He does not have the speed, even before, to be considered a high draft pick — middle rounder at best. Maybe a switch to DE next year may be considered.


  49. Emel, the AP and Coaches’ polls are menaingless (allegedly … it’s the committee poll that counts, and its brief history shows that they do take in account strength of schedule


  50. I’ll bet the disturbing news is academic issues – although if so they won’t be able to talk about that publicly without the player’s consent.

    Let’s hope it wasn’t an arrest because we have done so very well over the past three years in that area.


  51. NOLA69 – that dramatic band entrance is the best memory I have of Pitt football at the old stadium. I would always run down to stand next to the tunnel when that entrance was about to happen.


  52. Weah removed all doubt about his hands. Moss separated from the RB pack. Tipton grabs the third spot.

    Peterman can throw.

    More offensive weapons to add to Conner, Henderson and Orndoff.

    The coaches finally get that they need to win with fourth quarter offense.

    Better late than never.


  53. Some sort of negative thoughts::::

    –Great to see Weah making some catches, but to think he has removed “all doubt” about his hands sounds like a bit much to me. He “juggled” at least 3 of his catches against Marshall, but now maybe — and hopefully — he will be over the hump on the confidence meter going forward.

    –And with getting so much one-on-one coverage, why is it that Weah and our other receivers are not getting some separation from their defenders? Weah had a guy on his back all night and made some catches in spite of that fact – I guess that’s the good news and the bad news.

    –Peterman needs to place the passes a little better. Yes, this is asking a lot and I know he has an excellent completion percentage and all that, but what separates the wins from the losses is the ability of the QB to complete the tougher passes or place the ball so that instead of a 15 yard gain, it’s a TD.

    Case in point, on passes down the sideline, our opponents kill us by having their WRs work a bit toward the middle of the field and then they throw the pass out over the receivers back shoulder, so the WR then has room to drift toward the sideline – away from the DB – and make the catch. We, on the other hand, tend to lead the WR to move toward the center of the field, which helps the DB… Course both the WR and the QB have to pull it off to get this to work…

    Go Pitt.


  54. NP threw very well but we benefitted by an interference call for a pass he underthrew. He threw it off of his back foot which he has shown tendency to do, but he was mostly in fine form the other nght


  55. @MajorMajors – I noticed on the replays of a few of Weah’s contested catches that it appeared he ran substantially less than full speed – as if to say “the ball isn’t coming my way”.


  56. My sources tell me Pitt is replacing Barnes who is taking over a compound in Utah with Peterson. Peterson was quoted as saying he is so excited to be hired for the 9th time by Pitt. Peterson immediately called Dixon and offered him a lifetime contract and has ceased all use of Pitt Script. We are now to be known at Pittsburgh de technologie supérieure


  57. Ike – not really. Just saying that there is some form to personnel issues in college ball.

    “Suspended for the season” – usually means failed a NCAA required drug test; “suspended for one or a few games” usually means that the player missed meetings, classes or just misbehaved in some way.

    All those will not have reasons made public.

    If a player is injured that is one thing. But if he’s on the sideline without an injury and not in uniform it is probably something either academic (failed class, missed classes) or internal discipline – hence no uniform.

    If a player doesn’t play but is in uniform on the sideline that usually means 1) some sort of injury or illness (Whitehead’s flu?) or 2) a minor disciplinary issue where the HC wants to keep him out but could play him in an emergency or 3) the player just sucks at his position or pissed off the coaching staff (lazy at practice, etc…) and someone is playing ahead of him.

    If a suspension is announced internally only – that is only to the others on the team – then that player will most likely not be in uniform… but if it is something just between the coaches and the player – like an attitude adjustment – then he could be in uniform and available to play like I just mentioned.

    As to drug tests there are two kinds – the NCAA required random test (once or twice a year) where a positive result is an automatic suspension and loss of one year eligibility by the NCAA. Or the other is a University’s football program’s drug test where any discipline can be awarded by the HC – in the past few years that usually meant a suspension for a year at Pitt…. but it doesn’t have to.

    Past Pitt HCs didn’t stick to that at all and let kids play pretty soon after a failed test.

    Who knows what this “disturbing news” is, if any, – but there is a good chance Narduzzi will either not address it or will call it an injury that he still won’t talk about.


  58. Now this is interesting – Jerry DiPaloa of the Trib just tweeted this:

    “Narduzzi very vague on Whitehead’s absence. Asked if what kept him out of lineup has been resolved, he said, “It’s never resolved.” Huh?”


  59. I gotcha on that Reed, I understand that “IF” (not saying you do) you may know what’s up, you may not be at liberty. I’ve put up a few posts about JWhitehead about how he loves playing at home. I normally try not to get too riled up about rumors but right now is really not a good time for any bad news. PITT fans are very quickly becoming unglued.


  60. No Ike – keep the glue intact. life is what it is with Pitt football and Pat Narduzzi – for all the warts that I think he has – has been a very good HC in terms of keeping his players out of trouble so far.

    Rumors being the life blood of Twitter means that what you read on there – by a blog that has done this sort of teaser thing four times before – means we should just wait and see what transpires.


  61. Positives:

    Jester’s breakout game (he still had a couple balls that should have been caught but he caught the one that matter’d)
    Moss hits the hole with the best burst on the team


    Secondary Play sucked! (at least they are consistent)
    Linebackers (Brightwell is young but seems to be best of the bunch)
    Connner looks to be playing at about 50% (what a great kid that still has a lot of success in his future….As delicate of a situation it is Moss is the best back on team right now.

    This game could very well be a springboard to a much better team going forward.

    I have a couple of lineup shakeup ideas as well.

    Move Whitehead to Linebacker at least on passing down and distance.

    Reduce James Connner’s workload carrying the ball and let him come in with Whitehead on passing situations with Price on the opposite side of the field of the two.

    Let the two D freshman takcles play. At least spell Ty Jarret once and a while. Although I think the refs held him the entire second half which helped Marshall get back into the game.


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