Marshall vs Pitt Game Thread

There were a lot of predictions made yesterday for this evening’s game and I believe I saw only one or two for the Thundering Herd, who BTW up until 1965 were also called the Boogercats, Big Green, Green Gobblers, Rams, and the Judges.

Anyway The Boogercats’ starting QB returns for this game and unless he’s a complete moron will throw for 1,000 yards against us.  It may not even happen because he’s that good – although he is a good passer.  It most probably will be because we just don’t have the problems in our defensive backfield worked out yet.  Apparently FR Damar Hamlin is back from the dead but I don’t put a lot of stock in true FR – but then again he’s replacing someone, anyone, who has thoroughly failed at their job multiple time already this year.

And of course it may not happen at all.  If we hold them to under 200 yards passing I’ll be at the Shrine of St. Francis when the bell tolls midnight sacrificing a neighbor’s ferret.  I’d kill his dog but people would notice.

I have worried about this game for some time now – I’m not a “Johnny come lately” worrier. As I wrote yesterday Marshall has had a great recent history and their coach Doc Holiday knows how to win games against ‘better’ opponents.  Each year it seems like Marshall bounces up out of nowhere and pulls an upset.

I’ll be watching for a emphasis on the passing game in the first half.  If there is a game to try to get it back on track it is this one.  The Green Gobblers are currently ranked #66 in Rushing Defense at 151 yards per game so we should be able to get up and down the field relying on only running the ball if necessary to do so.  But I think it is imperative to try to build Peterman’s confidence up for the future ACC schedule.

If he can’t hack it tonight he probably won’t against any other teams on our schedule so if he’s to be pulled than Canada needs to make a decisive move and stick with it.  And that means Stocker – he’s a better player than most fans think.

Marshall runs for only 160 ypg so we’ll shut that down, but my gut also tells me they will break a big run or two and put points on the board that way this evening.  We haven’t seen any of those by our opponents so far this season so let’s watch out for that.

The game is at Heinz and is being played in the upper 60s temperature with virtually no wind to speak of and looks like it will be dry also.  Have fun at the game – I’m sitting this game and travel to and fro out this week so I’ll be on this thread- and as always be careful about getting behind the wheel.  Nothing is worth that sort of problem when you can either take a cab or toss your keys to a friend.

Final diagnosis: I see a Pitt win over the Marshall Rams, er… Big Green… uh… Thundering Herd!


1st Q Stats


1st Half Stats:




Ending Stats Pitt wins!!






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  1. Don’t think Peterman is the problem.
    And I didn’t not expect Canada to utilize the passing game anymore than he already has.
    He might be saving it for next year.


  2. LOL!!!! @Reed!!

    Catch some highlights of the North Carolina vs. Florida State game, and see why it’s definitely a good idea for Offensive Coordinators to incorporate in those Quick Wide Receiver Screens.

    It’s a really good play to force defenders to make a play way out “in space” where it’s one-on-one where the wide-out can cut either way, it opens up the defense, and sometimes, those plays absolutely do go big!! North Carolina just scored a huge touchdown on a seemingly nonchalant quick Wide Receiver screen —- to their #4 ex walk-on wide-out, no less.

    Quadree Henderson AND Jester Weah should both be getting these often (and they’re not, get creative @Matt Canada!). Great opportunity for yards after the catch from genuinely athletic receivers, and it will build Nathan Peterman’s confidence (and stats 🙂 haha).

    #HailToPitt !!!


  3. What is everyone’s drink of choice tonight? I’m back to hard liquor after the last two.

    COME ON PITT! Right the ship! Make this fun to watch beginning to end!



  4. Wowww Tino Sunseri is an assistant coach at Florida State now, just saw him on High Def TV.

    Pitt’s future head coach??? (:) 🙂 hahaha)

    Okay, no more from me — radio silence til the game 🙂 !!

    Pitt Is It *


  5. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but… Why don’t we put Whitehead at CB and play Webb and Mitchell at S? Seems obvious to help the secondary… In my opinion


  6. Holy hanging green snot batman. Where was that info earlier. The yellow fans dressed as seats are out in force. Weather beautiful. If the little qb is ever a pitt coach I am jumping off the Cathedral. Reed just yelled jump. WTF


  7. Because if Whitehead played cb, and Mitchell at S (who actually does look for the ball when it’s in the air) were on the field like that, then you guys wouldn’t have anything to complain about, as Pitt would be 4 and 0 and headed to a bcs playoff game.
    Bring on the vodka! .. er.. herd.


  8. Pitt2Cali.. same thing happened here. 3rd down and 4.. we pass long.. then cut to commercial. Game comes back on and it’s 1st and goal at the 4. Wtf



    Nathan Peterman 4/5 83 16.6 0 0
    TEAM 4/5 83 16.6 0 0

    Pittsburgh Rushing

    CAR     YDS     AVG     TD  LONG

    Quadree Henderson 3 43 14.3 0 34
    James Conner 6 27 4.5 1 12
    George Aston 1 5 5.0 1 5


  10. 😦 😦 😦 😦 PERFECT, NFL QB-Quality pass 😦 😦 ….. Weeee-ahhhh?????

    I admit when it’s not going to happen. Nate Peterman is playing like a MAN — and that ball was incredible.

    —- Quadree Henderson, Ffrench!!!, and Aaron Mathews time 🙂


  11. Nathan Peterman —- Lookin’ Like a STUD right now 🙂 — that guy’s gotta “Play Angry” and he can be a Real-Deal, “Big-Time” Dude — He’s just gotta stop acting like a he’s a Jehova’s Witness door-to-door recruiter trying to make everyone’s day out there on the dang ball field!


  12. Nathan Peterman has that, “Too Nice” Gene — he’s gotta Override that on gameday and not be afraid to hurt the opposing players’ feelings, and go Take It.

    Okay, Radio Silence, sorry (@rkb especially 😉 haha)

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  13. …….”Post on dk😎…..”

    ….Anyone See that Manny Stocker was about to take that 4th and goal snap, with James Conner behind him???? haha


  14. Although the results + maybe the Actual Play-Calls were horrible ( 🙂 lol ) —- Good to see Pat Narduzzi going for it each time — he knows Pitt fans are after a lil’ “blood” after the last two weeks.


  15. I was wrong, & I OWN it — Nathan Peterman is playing like a True-Stud and he’s gotta keep playing that way.

    Pass Interference on Marshall ???? + !!!!!!!!


  16. Peterman has no progression skills. Locks into a receiver every time and will not move…. This is his sole reason for struggling this year I am convinced. He did it last year but we all took it as “they kept telling him to only throw to Boyd.”


  17. Nathan Peterman, making NFL throws, “throwing guys-open”!!! —- I know it’s “Just Marshall” — but Nathan Peterman is playing with way more Energy tonight than the previous 4 games.

    —- Maybe Pat Narduzzi let Manny Stocker and even Ben DiNucci gets some first team snaps this week to let Nathan Peterman know he could get the “Chad Voytik” treatment if he didn’t step his game-up. lol.


  18. He throws a nice ball there is no doubt about that…. He just doesn’t look off defenders very well at all to me. That holds him back a lot…. He’d be a bigger name nationally if he “looked his receivers open” more.

    He’s a better thrower than Voytik was, yet a lot of his stat lines look similar. Its because this was a huge knock on Voytik. Peterman’s better throwing ability leads to more efficiency, but the end result looks very similar


  19. Big Shout Out to Jackagain,

    Thanks for that link brother….all my old standby online streaming sites, for some reason did not have the Pitt game !!!

    Drinks on Me Jack !


  20. We have a passing game, who knew?

    Weah with a great game and Tipton with a TD.

    O-line giving Peterman time to throw and RB’s picking up blitzes very nicely.

    Peterman on the money.

    Defense also playing very well.


  21. Here’s the deal fellows. NP has always been known as a good passer. PITT has played and lost to 2 very good teams in the last minute the past 2 weeks. I never did get all the rumpus about Narduzzi and this PITT team. The schedule was and is rough. All things considered to me? I couldn’t be more happy with the way this seasons is playing out. trust in the guys to do their jobs and we will do ours. Bitching! 🙂


  22. good 1st half…but didn’t think QB sneak on 4th and goal was the right call…and what is going on with Blewitt…Hope 2nd half is more of same H2P!!!


  23. Let’s no go overboard DK. NP got lucky on the ‘pass interfence’ call on a badly under thrown ball. His underthrows never seem to result in interceptions. Good for Pitt, but extremely lucky non-the-less.

    Marshall sucks btw.


  24. Right EE. I think considering the last 2 games and the opponent, we have a nice sized crowd. the Endzones are fairly full or were. I was thinking about 55K


  25. Here’s my issue with the “we lost two games we were supposed to” setiment….

    Yes, we were underdogs and coming into the season knew they’d be tough games. So we were predicted to lose the week of… BUT, a lot of people picked us as possible ACC Coastal champs. The OSU game doesn’t really matter, but the UNC one did.

    Why is us being picked to lose that week taking supremacy over being picked all preseason and during the season up to that point as potential Coastal contenders??? That is why I am not OK with that loss… and now with them beating FSU we really killed our own chances.

    The overreaction of calling for every coach to be fired is stupid. I am not that upset. But I am not ok with losing two games we could have easily won. Losing to UNC satisfied the score line for the game, but went against our odds of being coastal champs.


  26. Agree Jerry S ^^^^

    Anything with the Gold, no matter how washed out looking is better than all blue, is better looking.

    Let’s put a dagger in these turds in the opening minutes of the 3rd Q. H2P


  27. Right Burger.

    How can anyone be happy with losing a game, where the opposing team converted three 4th down plays on a drive that resulted in them scoring and winning the game with 2 seconds.

    Give me break! That is not killing SOP.


  28. Hahaha, @Emel1981 🙂 : “Marshall sucks btw.”

    —- Cannot argue with that, and it’s definitely worth noting.

    But regardless, Nathan Peterman is playing (Hyperbole Time!) “Lights-And-Above, “Light-Years-Ahead”, “Infinitely Better”, haha 🙂 etc., better than he played the last two weeks. This game, I just have a feeling on each pass play that Nate P. might make a really solid play — which the last two weeks I just felt “wariness” every time Nathan Peterman had to make a big-play.


    North Carolina beating Florida State AT Florida State, After blowing a huge-lead, absolutely lit a fire underneath Pitt too. Along with Oklahoma State walloping-Texas.

    Pitt is right-up-there as a top 25 team, Quality-Wise right now. Pat Narduzzi is finding Speed, Quality, and “Pitt Men” to totally fill-up this roster as well, to continue to build Pitt into a National Quality Product 🙂 .

    Keep it up Nathan Peterman, you’re lookin’ like a Way Better Brian Hoyer right now!!


  29. Getting more than tired of losing 5 or 6 games by a combined few amount of points.

    Let’s start winning games by a combined few amounts of points ! I take no condolence in losing close games, in games we could have just as easily won. Same in bball.


  30. Excellent points Burger – It isn’t that you lose but how you lose. Both OSU and NC are as strong as people thought they would be during the off-season. Even then you want to see a team with a HC in his 2nd year be able to close out wins against the ‘bette’ teams.


  31. You can’t lose to UNC when you possess the ball for 40 minutes and have a 13 point lead with 7 minutes and change left in the game.

    I’m glad we’re winning tonite, but what does it mean. We’re beating a team that Akron destroyed too .


  32. Love the mixing-in of both Reggie Mitchell and Terrish Webb — Reggie Mitchell definitely seems like he’s quicker and has a better feel of defending downfield throws than Webb —- BOTH GUYS have to play all season.


  33. Somebody said last week after I said ….well Duke would be a possible win for Pitt. That Duke would not be since they beat Notre Dame. In that regard I guess then…it would follow suit that Virginia will not be an easy game for Pitt. Since the Cavaliers (is that still PC) beat Duke today. 34-20


  34. GROWING PAINS — Saleem Brightwell (RS Freshman) in there on 3rd and short —— the Youth Movement is beginning.


  35. There are a lot of reasons kids don’t play but I don’t see him on the sidelines either.

    Now – not saying this is the case… but it could be off field stuff; missing class, late for team meetings, etc… something minor but important. Or he could be dinged up but I haven’t seen him there at all tonight.

    Whatever it is you can be sure HCPN won’t discuss it.


  36. OHHHHHH 😦 wow, I’m dumb —- Reggie Mitchell and Terrish Webb are on the field at the same time (Mitchell at Free Safety, and Webb as we-hoped down at Strong Safety) solely because Jordan Whitehead just isn’t playing. Goodness I missed that lol.


  37. And Saleem Brightwell (@ maybe 210-215 right now?) has routinely been knocking the stuffing outta the (280 pound +) Marshall Offensive lineman on his snaps. Brightwell is already a monster.

    He looks like he can “comfortably” be a solid 225 and be quick and fast.

    —- Where is Anthony McKee ??? He was a High 3 star, low-4 star recruit who is also a redshirt freshman linebacker — is he getting any time?


  38. well you got to give the Marshall coaches credit for halftime adjustment and keeping their kids in to it. our side….not so much.


  39. TOTALLY UNCATCHABLE —- Referee’s trying to cover a spread to their bookie lol, HORRIBLE CALL.

    Anyways — let’s see if Narduzzi & Canada come back and Get After It or some Soft, Scared play-calling.


  40. That was GOOD!!!! —- He almost made it!!!

    Nathan Peterman needs to keep making decisions like that!!!

    Otherwise, if there’s nothing there, should he just throw a B$-pass, or throw it away???

    Heck, he was only 2 yards from scoring a TD and making the crowd go-nuts, he made a 10 yard, A$$ertive-Run — Love that from Nathan Peterman!!


  41. I don’t know how these guys could have any confidence on defense. The dbacks have got to be shell shocked. I hope they offer PTSD counseling


  42. boy is Duzz one stubborn ass. make no mistake, Marshall sucks big time. but we will make their offense look good. this is a frustrating watching our opponents make adjustments and abuse us.


  43. “Tipton has no speed.”

    —– Why do you think I keep investing so much in Jester Weah!!!!

    He has Elite speed, but the guy just needs to get his “Confidence Up”!!


  44. #HailToPitt !! — First-Off!

    But: Adam Bisnowatty, Dorian Johnson are both So Soft. Big-Guys, who probably throw-up a ton of Weight in the weight-room —- But Pitt CANNOT even run to the left side?????


  45. Enough “Sample Size” now —- the offensive line goes Soft when it matters most. Adam Bisnowatty, and Dorian Johnson had been getting hyped as definite 1st round picks in the NFL draft pre-year. Well, THEY’RE SOFT — shown by-the-way that all of Pitt’s successful runs are to the dang right side (Alex Office @center, Alex Bookser, and Brian O’Neill).

    Soft Offensive line on the left side is a Huge Problem. Bisnowatty and Johnson go-soft when they’re needed.


  46. This is not brain surgery. Play the lbs and safety’s off by 15 yds and give the the underneath. Like all of you, I am tired of watching Narduzzi learn how to be a head coach!


  47. I’m with Pat Narduzzi, and his look on the sideline though:

    Recruits aren’t just “Physical Traits” —- a lot of these guys get glassy-eyed scared when the game is really on the line. Pat Narduzzi’s look: “What THE HECK am I supposed to do to get these guys to Freakin’ Be Winners??!!!”

    Pat Narduzzi did not recruiting these guys. Where are Chryst’s Linebackers??? Invisible.


  48. Reed – our D was allowed to play loose and instinctively. That per quotes from Narduzzi. Now that have to actually play the position, they can’t. Outplayed every play. Even Whitehead this year.


  49. I’m willing to bet my life that the stadium emptied out halfway through the third/at the end of the third quarter regardlesss of the momentum or score…. We have horrible home field advantage. We fill up only when other fans come into play, and at the first sign of adversity everyone jumps ship.

    City of Pittsburgh has better things to do. Have to rest up for tomorrow’s rela game I guess…..


  50. Just when you think it can’t get more embarrassing… here it comes!

    EMel …I switched to single malt.

    Cannot believe my eyes. Reed you were right. HCPN and staff cannot coach.


  51. watching our coaches get their ass handed to them again – going back to last year- is getting old. anybody feel like continuing to defend this bunch? this is not a game where we can blame it in the other team having superior athletes. our coaches SHOULD be embarrassed, but they won’t be.


  52. Nate P. —- Where you atttt????

    Don’t even act like he’s not going to have to make a HUGE 3rd down play this drive 🙂 .

    Dont’ “Be Fooled” — Paul Chryst “Inherited” Players at Wisconsin who are 95% tough, hard-nosed, “Not Scared of Anyone” Bret Bielema’s players (Just like how Pitt now is 95% Paul Chryst players).

    I’m watching and seeing right now.


  53. I’m going to ask this question again. We’ve been told we’re spending a lot more money on football and we all know we’re receiving a helluva lot more…where is it? Why do I think this is the same old eat-shit Pitt administrative approach to football? Incompetency should be dirt cheap.


  54. Holy $mokes —- Chawntezz Moss is now Pitt’s #1 running back.

    Scott Orndoff comes up huge. Nathan Peterman does enough to get that freakin’ 1st down.

    Paul Chryst “Inherited” a bunch of players who went to a Rose Bowl and were right-there to beat Stanford, and have been right up-there in Big 10 talent…

    Pat Narduzzi has inherited all Chryst guys whore are “SCARED TO WIN”.



  55. At least Narduzzi isn’t playing not to lose — attempting a fake FG, calling real pass plays on 4th quarter third downs (including a long ball to Weah).


  56. Reed- I agree with them being a good program. But we have the same score differential with them before that TD as UNC. You cannot say that UNC and Marshall are equals…. This is our fault, not the other teams play.


  57. I Said — I Knew Jester Weah has to potential to be a Top Wide Receiver In The Nation — he just needs to keep growing.


  58. You know what really sux at Ketchup Bottle, nobody (or hardly nobody) stays to relish a Pitt win. I can’t get to the games much anymore…..but when we go….we stay to the END>…win or lose.


  59. By the end of this season, Marshall will have an OK record against bad teams… I just cannot count that as a team good enough to be in a similar win/lose situation as OK State and UNC…. We play down to our competition and beat ourselves.


  60. #TakeoSpikesApproves 🙂 — hahahaha any NFL fans?? He was a really great NFL player (obviously along with being a Monster @ Miami 🙂 )


  61. Pitt was a 15 1/2 to 16 point favorite. Wonder how much that int for a td hurt/helped.

    Also loved the pass call on 3rd down at the end there.

    Scary second half. Thank the good Lord. HTP


  62. Emel – LOL. No house buying. These announcers act like we beat Alabama. Are these guys highschool AV technicians or professionals.


  63. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This season is all on our defense. I don’t care enough to look up how our offense ranks nationally but we’re scoring a ton of points. Our D sucks. And our coaching sucks worse for not trying to mold their system to the personnel. How in God’s name do you keep playing press on the corners week after week when your D-backs are small and slow? Shameful. Is Jordan Whitehead even on the roster?


  64. 17 bet put in Tuesday. If line came down I still would of taken them so I got lucky and so did Dallas Mike. We both took Marshall.


  65. Whitehead had 12 tackles last week… It is either an injury or non-football related disciplinary action. I don’t need specifics, but they better say something as to what is going on.


  66. @NathanPeterman: GET YOUR KILLER-INSTINCT UPPP!!! haha !!

    Dominate the other team — Have a Darn CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER!!!!


  67. See what happens when Nathan Peterman tosses the ball up to the receivers to let the make a play??!! lol

    —— Dude’s got an arm, but he’s been playing like he’s one of the Missionaries for “Life of Mormon” — 😉


  68. The announcers before the game list Whitehead as one of the 2 key players for Pitt & then never tell us why he is not playing. Isn’t that what the sideline reporter is for?


  69. Miss all the great wateringhole’s in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. And the great Bar Food ! 😦

    As well as places like Primmadonna’s and Lombardozzi’s.


  70. there is no reason save “everybody else available is injured” for webb to ever see the field again. god is he just plain bad. a freshman in that spot will make mistakes but is there really no one that sideline faster than he is because he can’t cover anyone.


  71. Bar food in the South generally consists of frozen chicken wings and other assorted frozen deep fried garbage. These bars are lame. Glad I don’t go to them much anymore. There are the rare, very rare exceptions.


  72. +

    The teams Pitt lost to are indeed darn-good 🙂 🙂 .

    Jester Weah absolutely shoulda-caught that PERFECT deep ball from Nathan Peterman early in the game, for sure — but Nate P. luckily did not give-up on his 6’3” , 215 lb. guy and just kept going to him 🙂 .

    Nathan Peterman made a believer outta-me, he looked really good. But he’s gotta keep growing and he needs to KEEP LEARNING to make those deep, CONTESTED throws out-deep to the wide receivers.

    Does Pitt win today without Nathan Peterman throwing the deep-ball to the wide receiver, where the wide-out has a chance to catch it over the opposing corner??? —- Whether it’s Marshall, or Ohio State / Alabama / (now with Jim Harbaugh, lol) Michigan, Whoever —- QB’s have to successfully throw THAT BALL to win games 🙂 . You have to: Throw The Wide Receiver Open, period.

    I think Nathan Peterman DEEP to Jester Weah is gonna be a “Thang” from now on 🙂 .


  73. Back to football, Pitt can lose to each and everyone left on the schedule. I did think last week that UVA, Cuse and Duke were lock wins. Not so much anymore, as if that Eric Dungey plays for Cuse that is not a lock. And after today’s UVA/Duke game, neither are those. Nothing is with that piss poor D2 pass defense.


  74. Yeah and when they start double coverage on Weah, the other guys will be open.

    I like our receiving corps, just wish they would have used them the last two weekends.


  75. But after three games of fourth quarter futility, the offense stepped up and won the game.

    That is huge progress in my book.

    And we appear to have a passing game, really important.


  76. Pitt might just have 2 Defensive Tackles who are drafted next year in the NFL….

    Shakir Soto (no joke) is looking like a 3rd-4th round pick at the moment (he looks super-slim for 290 too!)

    —- Tyrique Jarrett looks great (although if he lost 20 pounds and improved his Explosiveness he’d look even better!!)

    For those of you who CARE about this kinda-thing — This is the year Pitt breaks back “On-The-Map” in terms of getting guys Drafted to the NFL. Ejuan Price especially is going to be a guy who’s going to have Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd MckShay going-nuts for him 🙂 .

    #HailToPitt !!

    Nathan Peterman looked GREAT today — Great Quarterbacks make HUGE PLAYS downfield when it matters 🙂 and he most definitely did that.


  77. ^^^ Let’s Not B-$ here —- Can we admit (at least really knowledgeable football-fans 🙂 ) — Pat Narduzzi was the “HEART, AND THE ESSENCE” of Michigan State Football??? It wasn’t no-pulse Mark Dantonio who Pat Narduzzi ‘Carried+Made’ .

    #HailToPitt 🙂 🙂 🙂


  78. No BS dk….Michigan state was due to go down…as Michigan rose again. Those two thruout history have ever been very good at the same time.


  79. He just needs big-time games, and big-times situations to step-up 🙂 ….lol I just feel like Jester Weah just is such a “Sleeping Giant” and has such a potential to be so great!!!

    I think Jester Weah needs Aaron Donald to pep-talk him into maximize his potential (now, as the heir-apparent to J.J. Watt as the new NFL “Defensive Star”) / or Pitt Legend Larry Fitzgerlad (!!! 🙂 ) to give him some real “Hype-Up” come Homecoming Weekend 🙂 .

    🙂 —- Nathan Peterman looked GREAT tonight. Keep it up Nate P. !!! “Raise The Bar!!!”


  80. Mannnn….. —- @Nathan Peterman:

    🙂 🙂 Hahaha — I Like you Ahhh-Lottt!!!! Great Game!!!

    Nathan Peterman is a Darn-fine Quarterback for Pitt 🙂 —- But those Downfield-Passes are Game-Changers, and Jester Weah, and Aaron Mathew (plus Quadree Ollison if he’s open, even though he’s shorter!) are gonna SNAG those downfield-passes if you throw ’em!!!! lol


  81. Great win for Pitt! So OSU crushed Texas. I guess we should beat Texas. So UNC beats FSU. I guess that means we would beat FSU. There are the tier 1 teams and then a bunch of teams that are very similar and can beat anyone else on any given Saturday.

    A positive for Whitehead having the flu today is that he will be well rested for a game wherein he needs to make a lot of tackles. This is a tackling week. Angle penetration is so critical to stopping GTECH. When we went 2-2, I immediately said we would run off 5 in a row and maybe 6. We can do this fellas!!

    Any word on attendance and possible commitment?

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  82. attendance didn’t look too bad to me on TV once everybody got to their seats in the 2nd half

    of course by the 4th quarter the place was 60% empty


  83. Attendance was good – I’d say 50,000. Probably 8,000 Herders though. Worst was that was 90% of the students bailed after The Song…the adults mostly stayed. The student exodus was highly noticeable and looked awful…lower student section was pretty full for 3 qtrs then FAIL.


  84. Since this team is sooo good and this QB’s name is too funny to pass over. Here goes our FCS report.

    FARGO, N.D. — Easton Stick was 13-of-18 passing for 256 yards and three touchdowns and North Dakota State cruised 31-10 over Illinois State on Saturday.

    Some additional good names (Hollywood couldn’t script this team) lol

    King Frazier added 76 yards rushing and Rj Urzendowski had 70 yards receiving for the Bison (4-0, 1-0 Missouri Valley), who have won their last six conference openers.

    Go Bison !!!


  85. Dark Night Narduzzi and other Pitt apologists..
    Up 27-0 and almost blow it.. AGAIN!

    Narduzzi is Wanny. Stubborn. Except, Wanny could actually recruit. I don’t want another coaching change but you morons that are optimistic are idiots.

    I’m sick of this shit. 30 years of mediocrity and nothing changes.

    Do you morons even watch the games?


  86. Jay91… I am in this for the long haul and will give the guy 5 years to really build something. But I agree with being happy with this game. I stated above this was not a good win by any means.

    Terrish Webb and Lewis had that horrid on that long pass play, receivers would run hitches then literally run around Lewis, and the pass rush was average….. I swear Lewis and Webb have the longest leashes I have ever seen, and there is still no indication of replacing them.

    I hope Duzz has some plan with saving these youngins….. I know the strategy involved in redshirting. But if our hopes of getting Ford and Wade and all these good DBs in the future, why are we trying to stock pile all of them??? Sounds like transfer situations to me….. Granted that is a big IF


  87. yes the offense will have to outscore teams still and not disappear in the third and/or fourth quarter

    it’s not like this is a surprise anymore


  88. Was there ever any doubt?

    Let me count the ways…lol

    The fireworks after the game were worth the wait.

    With the way the ACC is shaping up, we will be playing for 2nd place anyways.

    On to wreck Georgia Tech, next week.



  89. it would have been the near perfect feel-good day

    Ok St scores 49; UNC wins AT FSU. Even Villanova blew out Elon!
    ASU gets completely blown out by a not-so-good USC team
    Pitt’s defense is dominant in first half

    Hope Whitehead is OK and back next week


  90. I feel a whole lot better that Whitehead had the flu and wasn’t out for some other nefarious reason. Thank goodness the flu came this week. I’d like to know when the coaches found out that he couldn’t go, in terms of their ability to plan for his absence .


  91. Where was Hall?
    And does Moss supplant JC as starter?
    JC clearly not back to where he was And the added weight has been added baggage.


  92. Caprara didn’t play in the second half and with Whitehead on the bench may explain why Marshall ran all over us. It wasn’t just bad pass defense that got them back in the game this time.

    UNC and OKST should be in the top 25 next week, what might have been.

    Whitehead on the sidelines sure didn’t look loike he had the “flu”


  93. The announcers were particularly lousy last night. They hardly ever mention the players making tackles. For those that watch channel 2 Pittsburgh I thought the one dude sounded exactly like Paul Martino. Who is a lousy news broadcaster


  94. At least we know we can win if the offense plays four quarters.

    Weah had a Boyd like day with some really good catches. Hands look pretty good as does his body control.

    We won on an off night from Conner.

    Moss played for the last drive of the game, that is a big change.

    No carries for Hall or Ollison, but Ollison played, do not remember seeing Hall.

    Still wondering why they didn’t let Peterman throw down field in the last two games or in the second half vs. PSU. Pretty obvious he has some skills.


  95. Two very costly mistakes, the hold by Ollison that cost us a TD and the interference by Bradley that kept a drive going. Really bad because the pass was overthrown and Aston was already around the end.


  96. Serve up 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie to me on Weeaahh. I didnt think he would ever catch ball but he gets more confidence every week – a manimal. The second half onside kick took the wind out of Pitt’s sails, you could feel it in the stadium and the crowd. We still went into turtle mode until the pass to Weeaaahh. The crowd was not as good as the TV apparently made it look from your comments. There were three whole sections in upper deck home side that had 10 people in them. If not for 8 to 10 K Herd (and WVU fans – sat next to one and not bad for a Hoopie). That crowd could not have exceeded 46 K minus 8 is 38 K Pitt, pitiful. Speaking of pitiful do Webb, Lewis and Maddox have pictures of Nard and Franklin fffrenching? Nate was finally given a chance to throw more than 5 yards to a running back; he is the least of our worries. Play that bad on defense next week and it will be a sad homecoming.
    ps Marshall is really young.


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