POV Bits & Pieces; Sept 27th

We’ll start off with Narduzzi’s presser yesterday – more calm, cool and collected on his part.

That’s a good press conference and when he stands up there and talks about actual football stuff he’s very informative and engaging. Here is the full text of the presser as provided by Pitt.

It is interesting how he, at the 9:05 mark, he discussed that killer 17 play (!) drive NC had to come back for the win. 

“Not in particular. When you look at that 17-play drive at the end of the game—we always chart plays and mark each as a win or a loss—12 of those 17 plays were wins for us. They were really good. It only takes five of the 17 to be really bad. We have to find a way to make a play. We have to find a way to knock an arm off us when we’re rushing the passer. We just need to find a way to make a play.

Not to make you sick at your lunch hour but take a close look at this play list in the drive he’s talking about:

1st and 10 at UNC 37

(3:18 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Austin Proehl for 5 yds to the NCaro 42

2nd and 5 at UNC 42

(3:16 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass incomplete to Austin Proehl

3rd and 5 at UNC 42

(3:05 – 4th) NORTH CAROLINA Penalty, Illegal Block (-11 Yards) to the NCaro 31

3rd and 16 at UNC 31

(2:50 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Austin Proehl for 10 yds to the NCaro 41

4th and 6 at UNC 41

(2:40 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Ryan Switzer for 15 yds to the Pitt 44 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at PITT 44

(2:16 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Ryan Switzer for 4 yds to the Pitt 40

(2:16 – 4th) Timeout NORTH CAROLINA, clock 02:16

2nd and 6 at PITT 40

(2:11 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass incomplete to Bug Howard

3rd and 6 at PITT 40

(2:02 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass incomplete to Austin Proehl

4th and 6 at PITT 40

(1:56 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Austin Proehl for 13 yds to the Pitt 27 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at PITT 27

(1:50 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky sacked by Saleem Brightwell for a loss of 11 yards to the Pitt 38

(1:50 – 4th) Timeout NORTH CAROLINA, clock 01:50

2nd and 21 at PITT 38

(1:32 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Ryan Switzer for 5 yds to the Pitt 33

3rd and 16 at PITT 33

(1:02 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Ryan Switzer for 7 yds to the Pitt 26

4th and 9 at PITT 26

(0:51 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Ryan Switzer for 9 yds to the Pitt 17 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at PITT 17

(0:38 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass incomplete to Austin Proehl

2nd and 10 at PITT 17

(0:31 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Bug Howard for 13 yds to the Pitt 4 for a 1ST down

1st and Goal at PITT 4

(0:23 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass incomplete to Bug Howard

2nd and Goal at PITT 4

(0:10 – 4th) Elijah Hood run for 2 yds to the Pitt 2

3rd and Goal at PITT 2

(0:02 – 4th) Mitch Trubisky pass complete to Bug Howard for 2 yds for a TD, (Nick Weiler KICK)

 I highlighted the most important plays made by NC in red.  We dropped the ball on three different 4th down plays of 6, 6, & 9 yards, after we held them on the previous 3rd down plays.  That is a hell of a lot to ask a defense to do with 3: 18 left in the game.

I’m going to add this next video as an instructive tool only.  Skip it if you want but it highlights two things – we didn’t get any pass rush on NC’s QB Trubisky hardly at all on that drive and that our DBs and LBs were beaten like a tin drum on most completions. Of course the pass rush was working on fumes because they were out on the field almost the whole 2nd half.

I have to ask myself why anyone in their right football mind can say that after watching this, and remembering the way the two previous QBs racked up yards against us, can think things will get any better on this front.  If this were the first game of the season then perhaps you could write it off – but we are 1/3 of the way through the season and it’s  getting worse.

The offense didn’t help the defense one bit in that quarter with us holding the ball for only 6:19 in total with two straight 3 & outs as our last gasp efforts.  Those two series used only 3:25 and gave NC more than enough time to cut down a tree, lop off a branch, fashion it into a stake then drive it straight through our collective hearts.

On a separate We had some very insightful comments on here after the game ended on Saturday evening.  Of course the main topic of discussion was what went wrong so badly that we ended up losing a game we led in for 58 minutes.

My Monday Morning QB articles cover the broader points on the positive and negative sides of the game – mainly because I know you guys and gals will fill in the detailed instances of plays gone bad – and you always do.

Here is a very good look back at the game by Allan Saunders of Pittsburgh Sports Now that discusses the overall coaching issues and also individual plays – and plays that were mentioned on here; Henderson’s fumble, Officer’s bad snap and Malik Henderson’s penalty on a good return to name three. 

They all contributed to the loss but the one that really got to me was Officer’s snap over the head of Peterman when we were driving to get another TD.  It was like a bad instant replay GIF of what we saw him do earlier in the season (see below).


When you lost by one point on the last play of the game, the end of the game gets magnified. But Alex Officer’s snap on 2nd and 8 from the North Carolina 14 late in the first quarter was so far over Nate Peterman’s head that the Panthers lost 28 yard and Pitt had to scramble to get back into field goal position instead of two shots to get a 1st and goal.

Given the way Pitt ran the ball all day (5.1 yards per carry), I have no doubt that this play cost the Panthers four points.


Hard to say there is a bright spot on that play – but look at true FR Chawntez Moss’s reaction to the bad snap – he sees Peterman has a path to the ball so peels off to block the closest NC defender from getting to it.  Wonder if he instinctively knew to do that or it was drummed into the RBs in film study after the first wave or crappy snaps by our Center.  Either way – Heady play and good job!

The P-G this morning had a follow-up article addressing Narduzzi’s comment that we may see some changes in the secondary.

Narduzzi hinted at simplifying things in the secondary, but said improvement mostly will come down to cleaning up details in the back end.

“We’re going to get probably a little bit simpler as far as what we do and really hone in on the details of what we need to do to be perfect back there,” he said.

Perfect might be a stretch. Solid would go a long way to helping matters. (Edit: you go Jenn!)

Exactly what players could be inserted into the secondary, or shifted around is unclear. Narduzzi said making personnel changes for the sake of change can be valuable at the right time, as can changes from what he sees this week at practice.


73 thoughts on “POV Bits & Pieces; Sept 27th

  1. Reports are surfacing that Hamlin (pg and PSN) and Coleman (PSN) may see the field this Saturday in the D backfield.

    I’d like to also see Mitchell in T.Webb’s spot and slide T.Webb into JW’s position so he could be our #2 RB. Start the game with Conner on the 1st series and Whitehead on the 2nd. If we score on both drives, keep it rolling as long as the D is not missing JW to much.

    Sometimes change is good – we need a win against Marshall and don’t think their coach doesn’t want this – he has good athletes and he is a very good coach, who I believe Pitt glossed over when we hired PN.


  2. Good observation on Chawntez Moss. We have averaged 38.7 ppg the last 3 games so the offense has done their part … even with the 4th quarter breakdowns. So the only adjustment that needs to be made is the not to lose approach at the end.

    I expect to see a lot of young faces this week. Price was wore out in the 4th quarter(last drive), Hendrx would have helped. But we need to improve the defensive depth (and speed) all around.


  3. great metaphor with tree story. Good catch on Moss’ move to block NC from path to ball; perhaps it is the lack of doing these type of things that keeps QO on the pine. There is clearly something personal there – excluding the wife 🙂 funny line, it may be he has a bad attitude to corrections in practice, if I remember I think he got benched a bit at some point last year. Even so he is more explosive runner at this point.
    I cant see wholesale changes in one week in the secondary but it is time to get some young ones some PT even if they are freshman as long as they get a meaningful number of snaps every game. The defensive line was thin coming into the year and it shows late in the game.
    Does anyone remember if Shane Roy, who played, is the player that Nard moved from OL to DL in fall camp?


  4. Nards needs to call it like it is…when u suck u suck..say it…this defense is just putrid less Ejuan…face it they aren’t getting it done…and you’re a Defensive coach?


  5. rkb – the accusations that QO is missing his blocking assignments have been around for a few games. So, I watched closely and I call BS.

    In fact, he has leveled the defender in some cases with text book pancake blocks.

    Hall on the other hand, HAS missed some blocking assignments.


  6. Going off course for a brief second. Todd Sibley from Archbishop Hoban has verballed to Pitt. Today, there is news that their 4 star qb has decommitted from OSU. This is an opportunity for our coaches to go after him hard. His body is college ready.

    Back to the game. I didn’t watch it so I can’t comment on specifics. You all do a great job on here. Without the personal attacks, it would be awesome. We need to build up the franchise, not rip it down. Don’t ruin the redshirts unless the players are going to play a lot. The schedule is easier next year and my preference would not be to go into that campaign with a qb that has taken zero snaps in live action.

    Foster transferring at end of year is becoming more a reality, absent any injury to their starters. Dravon Henry out for year. Rushel Shell is doing average in his senior year so far and Montae Nicholsen is playing okay so far this season.

    So far, a total miss on an improved passing game. I hope things improve there. We should win next 5 easy.


  7. Huff – Foster can’t transfer and play D1 FB unless he graduates from Alabama first.

    Listening to XM84 College Sports, they were playing the close end of game replays – after the unc vs Pitt replay, both commentators expressed their eagerness to know how Pitt handles theses 2 heartbreaking, back to back losses. Both stated they thought Pitt has a very good team and that they are not giving up on them just yet.

    Why are so many Pitt fans giving up?

    Let’s bash the Blundering Herd this weekend and get back on track…

    Edit Note: Foster is in his 3rd year of eligibility – he can play another season after a transfer but he’d have to wait a full year at his new school. A graduate transfer can play right away as Chad Voytik has done at Arkansas State.



  8. Watching that video of the completions on the final drive, I’ll say that UNC’s passing offense is pretty darn good, with that QB (provided he has time) and the weapons at receiver.


  9. I agree and don’t understand the negativity. I’ll say it again. Leaving out the details and just listing the final scores I guess 95% of the posters would be happy how PITT has started out this season. (before the season)

    On that recruiting note, Malik Zaire had a good bit of interest in PITT a few years ago. That would be interesting. but……..if MacVittie is the real deal I would love to wee him thrown in there next year.


  10. Erie – nice on the “Blundering”, but I sense a typo. Should be ” Blundering terd”! In any event, I don’t think I can beat that one this week…..but I’ll sure try!


  11. The reason many Pitt fans are frustrated is that with just a LITTLE 4th quarter “balls” we would be 4-0 and ranked. Instead we are a ‘meh’ lukewarm 2-2 because our coach continues to play “not to lose” instead of “playing to win” in the critical 4th quarter. What’s MORE FRUSTRATING is that even if we showed the balls needed to win the game in the 4th and it totally backfired – we’d STILL be 2-2 with the acknowledgement that at least we played to win the stink’n game.

    Another reason for the frustration is that Duzz is so dynamic, enthusiastic, and upbeat – BUT when the game is on the line and needs to be won he becomes a “ball-less librarian!”

    Come on Duzz, be more like the late great Arnie Palmer – who ALWAYS played to win!!!!!


  12. Herm Edwards anyone – you play to win the game! Now come on Narduzzi start doing that and us fans will be more on board and positive!


  13. Every fourth down play, UNC got much more yardage than they needed.

    The coverage blew on every play and UNC matched up Switzer perfectly down the middle.

    6 defenders to cover 4 receivers, but each play there were one or two LBs on the field

    Switzer beat Briggs and Idowu (because Maddox blitzed), two guys that could not cover him in 100 out of 100 plays.


  14. Giving up may be too harsh, but absent any answer for our dismal pass defense giving up might be the appropriate response. As I previously posted there is no need for the opposition to run on Pitt, just keep passing until we collapse. And from what I observed so far, it’s a given that we will do so on defense.


  15. I still think Pitt will match 8 wins from last year. The majority of teams on their schedule will not have the offensive fire power that OSU and NC does. They are two very gifted teams.

    The D numbers will improve.


  16. You dismiss the Maddox blatant overlooked facemask penalty on that blitz far too easily. If that happened against any top team in the country there would have been a record amount of flags thrown on the play.


  17. @ Erie – Correct. Foster is a Red shirt Junior now. At the end of the spring, he should be ready to graduate. Barring any injuries to Alabama’s current receiving corps and if they continue winning, he will not see the field enough. I like the sounds of Foster and Mathews (big and fast) with Q, Tre and FFFFFrench (fast, faster and fastest). One can dream of a WR corp like that. Add-in a quality QB and a couple of OL and DB’s and LB’s and DL’s and TE’s, we will be set!


  18. That guy at PSN did a really good job outlining those plays, though I can’t understand how he determined how Peterman missed Ollison when the camera angle (being a ESPNU production there were a limited number of cameras) was so poor on the play. But… whatever. I agreee… it’s on Peterman.


  19. Newbk – the thing about one side playing exceptionally well is that the other team is failing at the same time. If last weeks huge passing yardage given up was a one week fluke then that is a different story – but I listed a chart just yesterday that showed how much better our opponents are playing against us than their other opponents up to meeting us.

    But because it wasn’t a fluke a hell of a lot of reasons for that last drive were our ineptness rather that just good play on their part – we have a disastrous trend downward as far as passing defense goes and it has to get better or we won’t win 7 games and maybe not 6.

    Here is what we have done against the pass so far:

    Villanova – 16 completions for 119 yards = 7.4 ypc (good)

    PSU – 24 completions for 335 yards = 13.9 ypc (bad)

    OSU – 26 completions for 550 yards = 21.5 ypc (horrendous)

    NC – 35 completions for 453 yards = 18.1 ypc (terrible)

    All-in-all we have given up this: 101 for 154 (66%) for 1,444 yards, 14. 3 yards per catch with 8 TDs & 2 INTs.

    Factor that out and it is 4332 yards and 24 TDs in the regular season.

    It ain’t pretty any way you look at it and I’m not sure at all playing true FR is going to make that much of a difference, but we have to try something.

    Here is another thing to think about – our rushing offense is getting only 5.0 yards per carry which is better than last season(4,8 with Ollison) but you would think it would be a lot higher given we have 998 yards on the ground (15th nationally).


  20. PITT (2-2, 0-1 ACC) vs. MARSHALL (1-2, 0-0 C-USA)

    October 1, 2016 • 7:30 p.m., ET
    Heinz Field (68,400/Natural Grass) • Pittsburgh, Pa.

    ROOT Sports Pittsburgh • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network

    PittsburghPanthers.com • @Pitt_FB • #PITTvsHERD

    LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. Marshall)

    LINK (PDF): TV Affiliates List for Pitt-Marshall


    • Pitt completes the non-conference portion of its schedule when it hosts Marshall of Conference USA. The Panthers return to Heinz Field following a pair of tough road defeats (at North Carolina and Oklahoma State) that both came down to the final minute.

    • The Panthers’ two losses were by a combined eight points. At North Carolina last week, Pitt led the entire game before being upended by a touchdown pass with two seconds left.

    • Despite being a mere four hours apart, Pitt and Marshall have never previously met on the football field. This will be the Panthers’ first encounter with a Conference USA team since a 42-25 victory over FIU in 2014.

    • Under Coach Doc Holliday, the Thundering Herd has averaged 11 victories a year over the past three seasons. Marshall fashioned a 23-4 record over the 2014-15 seasons, the best mark among teams from the “Group of Five” conferences during that span.

    • Pitt defensive end Ejuan Price is producing at an All-America rate in the opening month of the season. The senior ranks second in the nation in quarterback sacks (1.38 per game), tackles for loss (2.4 per game) and forced fumbles (0.75 per game). Price paces the ACC in each of those categories and should be considered an early frontrunner for the league’s Defensive Player of the Year honor.

    • The Panthers boast one of college football’s most dangerous all-purpose players in Quadree Henderson. The sophomore wide receiver leads the nation in total all-purpose yards with 825. Henderson’s average of 206.3 yards per game leads the ACC and ranks third nationally.

    • Pitt ranks third in the nation and leads the ACC in rushing defense, surrendering just 61.3 yards per game. On the other side of the ball, the Panthers are averaging 249.5 yards on the ground to rank 14th nationally and third in the ACC in rushing offense.


    This is the first meeting between Pitt and Marshall…the Panthers are 7-3 against current members of Conference USA…Pitt last played a C-USA member in 2014, defeating FIU on the road, 42-25…Marshall coach Doc Holliday is very familiar with the Panthers, dating back to his days as a player and assistant coach at West Virginia..

    Holliday spent 23 seasons as an assistant with the Mountaineers (1979-99 and 2008-09) and had a 12-9-2 record against Pitt during that span…he also faced the Panthers as an NC State assistant in the 2001 Tangerine Bowl, a game won by Pitt, 34-19…as a West Virginia player from 1975-78, he was 1-3 in the “Backyard Brawl” with the Panthers.


    Series Began: 2016

    Series Overall: 0-0

    At Pittsburgh: 0-0

    At Marshall: 0-0

    Last Meeting: 2016 is first meeting


    Television • ESPN

    Bob Rathbun, play-by-play

    Takeo Spikes, analyst

    Rebecca Kaple, reporter

    Pitt Radio • 93.7 The Fan & the Pitt IMG Sports Network

    Bill Hillgrove, play-by-play

    Bill Osborn, analyst

    Larry Richert, reporter

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio

    Sirius Channel 113, XM Channel 193, Internet Channel 955

    WPTS Radio (Pitt Student Station) • 92.1 FM

    Pitt IMG Sports Network Online Audio Options

    PittsburghPanthers.com via CSLive

    Pitt Gameday LIVE App

    TuneIn (free live and on-demand content)

    #H2P | Twitter | Instagram


  21. 46 Pass attempts in each of the last 2 games against Pitt. Usually there is a risk of incomplete or interception as a deterrent, but none of the 92 pass atempts were even remotely close to an interception. Add pass interference in & it is astonishing that anyone even tries to run against Pitt.


  22. PITT’s pass defense sucks and there is no way around that. Sadly there is not a defender anywhere close to the receiver in the short to intermediate routes. What gives? Maybe having a slow middle linebacker that I didn’t notice in this game at all and it wasn’t all his fault. Don’t forget PITT has had good to decent leads in the past three games with a way above average run defense. Would you pass 46 times a game in these circumstances. I certainly would. This is what it is….



  23. Listed in the trib that it’s going to be on WTAE. Although I think that ESPN and WTAE channel 4 Pittsburgh are affiliated. Don’t think it will be Root Sports network??? I’ve been wrong before a time or two. Probably where you live if you get the game or not?


  24. Story in the PG about Jamel Artis as Pitts point guard. He of the 80 turnovers last yrs. Lots of games are going to be lost in the last 2 minutes. Sound familiar Panther fans.


  25. “I agree and don’t understand the negativity. I’ll say it again. Leaving out the details and just listing the final scores I guess 95% of the posters would be happy how PITT has started out this season. (before the season)”

    ALRIGHT, I think this is getting to the point of maybe, “LET ME SPEAK FOR MYSELF“.

    I think the Obsessive Rationalizing is “SAME OLD PITT”. What is wrong with seeing that Pitt was good enough to win all 4 games — had the last 3 teams on the ropes at some point in the contest, and Pitt coulda Knocked Them Out — and Pitt let (Stop Saying They’re Good, Ever Again lol) penn state, and mediocre Okie State and North Carolina Escape with wins vs. us???

    ^^^ That’s “Personal Projection” — YOU perceive Pitt fans desiring greatness as Negative.

    🙂 I perceive it as PROGRESS. 🙂 That is all, I rest my case. 🙂


  26. Comcast directory has the game only on RootTV in Pittsburgh. Not WTAE or ESPN. Could change I suppose but that’s what is listed.


  27. Reed — I don’t disagree that our pass defense has been a disaster. Our sad play has certainly benefited our opponents. The confidence of our pass defenders looks shaken; I don’t see anyone out there playing with much football instinct, they look tentative. I guess getting beat deep a few times (a la Oklahoma State) will do that to you. But even with that in mind, the UNC quarterback and receivers impressed. I can just envision Switzer in a Patriot uniform as the next Wes Welker or Julian Edelman. Bill Belichick must be salivating over the prospects of drafting him.


  28. In My-View —-

    No, without a doubt, EFFORT IS EVERYTHING — When you can really tell the young fellas out on the field truly, “Held Back Nothing”.

    But — barring a Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State theft from a horrible call/ etc. —- In a “Fair Contest”, it’s all about who wins, and who loses. That is the essence of “SPORT” — that is the ESSENCE that compromises COMPETITION. You build yourself into a someone capable of “Winning”.

    Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier!!!! 🙂 haha not: “Doesn’t Matter Who Wins, and Who Loses!! Both Guys Can Look At the Positives Afterwards!!” lol

    I was told this one time in my life, and my-goodness, it has stuck with me: “Whatever Happens and whatever you do, good or bad or in-between, be totally truthful. JUST DON’T RATIONALIZE“. lol 😉 Okay I just made that up just-now, but let’s just not “Rationalize”.

    Pitt gave-away two games in a row. Pitt’s offense needs to step it up! With 3 definite high round NFL draft picks starting on one-freakin’ offensive line — 2 of whom are SENIORS including a captain (with 2 really-decent guys filling it out), and a 5th year QB (who I would BENCH if I were Coach, haha)!

    We Know the Defense has TWO PLAYERS starting out of 11 right now who will EVER even get onto an Active, game-day NFL roster — WE KNOW THIS already!! — Unless the young guys blow-it-up, the “Chryst Dudes” (Minus Resurgent Ejuan Price and Jordan Whitehead) are slow, have zero instincts, and are just going to give-up huge plays all season!

    — So what?? Then win the game 50-42, or go gut-out a game winning drive at the very end of the game to end-up with more points than the opponent (like Oklahoma State and North Carolina did to Pitt).

    Lol and Pitt did not Score enough to beat Oklahoma State nor North Carolina, because the other team scored more, I checked the math, So Pitt needed to score more than the other team scored to win!!! 🙂 lol

    #HailToPitt — Who woulda been “Happy” pre-season with 2–2, by-the-way? Because regardless of Rivals / Conference games / whatever: 2-2 means that Pitt is already totally-out of the Playoff, where Pitt needs to be!!!

    Jordan Whitehead at Corner — Let’s see what RS Freshman Jay Stocker has at free safety — tell him his one job is to stop every-single-dang deep ball the QB throws, All Game, and then his only other role is to try to make a td-saving tackle if the running back breaks through Everybody.

    Terrish Webb is done. Reggie Mitchell was done last year when he left in the first couple games with a season ending injury. Time for Fresh Blood in there.

    Not one reporter has asked Pat Narduzzi what the Heck is going on with the “Free Safety” in his defense? Unless it’s an “All-Out Blitz” , there ALWAYS needs to be at least one guy back playing deep to break up a deep ball!!!

    I honestly think Terrish Webb just keeps “Screwing the Pooch” (That’s really an odd saying???) at his Free Safety role. I think he just totally does the wrong-thing a lot, and has zero instincts about how to play Free Safety. Sean Taylor he is not.


  29. Please peeps, stop with any thoughts of moving to Whitehead to full time offense so that he can be RB #2… Another RB is not a necessity in any way, and plus with this offense Henderson will be our RB2, for better or worse I guess (so far so good).

    Only move I would consider would be JW to CB…. JW to CB, Webb to SS, and Mitchell to FS would be ok IMO; second CB position goes to Hamlin or Coleman whoever earns it that night…. But I think we will miss him more than we think despite him slumping and this is why…

    Notice on the final drive clip how many times Whitehead does a good job shutting down short middle passes for short gains…. Then the one where he goes out wide, he does great sealing off the WR, but they throw a deeper pass right into the middle of the field. You take Whitehead out of patrol and shit starts to go down.

    Also, watch the full game replay and you’ll glaringly see that 2 TDs were 100% Webb’s fault because he misread the route and did not keep his assignment.. The result is the receiver getting behind the CB’s zone and right into that flag-route soft spot in the secondary. It happened twice because I was screaming at my television (and the kid wouldn’t even acknowledge me!!!)

    I feel like it has to be Mitchell time. Something needs to change. I think Hamlin and/or Coleman is in order… They cannot do any worse statistically (almost quite literally) so let’s get some experience. Its hard to say that with the other two being Seniors and sticking through the program all the years. But the writing is on the wall. With 2/3 of the schedule I don’t consider it “burning a redshirt” if they get almost a full season of experience for the future.

    That’s my health-professional’s take on being a College football coach… I think that qualifies me right? Right Guys?….. Guys?!?!


  30. Reed, you mention the rushing stat of 5 yds per carry vs last years 4.8.

    But the real difference is Conner 4.4, Henderson 13.0 vs Ollison 5.3 Boyd 8.7 last year.


  31. Burger, As I recall, Webb was a 2-star who was recruited in part to help entice fellow Clairton Tyler Boyd to Pitt. Despite being a 2-star, he saw a lot of PT as a natural freshman. He, like Mitchell, Lewis, Galambos, Caprara are experienced players who give everything they have but are not fast enough to make an impact against many of the better teams and players. They may be in the area they are supposed to be but, when isolated, cannot catch up with or due to lack of speed, take the wrong angle to the ball carrier or receiver. I have seen this many times especially with Webb and Galambos.


  32. … the best example of Caprara was vs PSU this year when Barkley caught the swing pass and ran untouched down the left sideline for a 40 yd TD. Caprara at first appeared to have the angle but ended up not even coming close to him.


  33. Burger,
    As coach will you keep your foot on the opponents throat for 4 quarters and play to win or will you “play not to lose like Duzz?”


  34. Good job Reed.

    I can’t bring myself to comment on Pitt football right now. I’m still mourning all day and mourning all night.

    Go Pitt.


  35. That’s sad news about the Tribune Review ceasing their print publication. Are they going to stay in business with an online version?


  36. Interesting news for sure. The newspaper has been the anchor paper out of Greensburg for many many years in the heart of Westmoreland county and I can’t believe that isn’t going to continue but with the death of the money man?? Who knows?


  37. The Trib is only stopping the Pgh T-R print edition. The papers serving Greensburg and the Valley will continue. The Pgh Paper will be replaced with an online version (free).


  38. Guys, sorry I missed the lunch hour article today but I have been very busy with my son and other things. Thanks for the well wishes also.

    He had surgery last week and was back in the hospital for site infection 3 days later. Out now and better now but I get to play nurse… he’s sick of hearing about Pitt’s secondary.

    Will have 2 up tomorrow. One early and the other at lunch.


  39. Yeah great news Reed. I was thinking earlier, how in the hell does this guy expect to keep up this pace? Tell your son good luck and you relax a bit.



  40. Glad to hear about your son’s improvement. Avoid the temptation to pull a Cpl Klinger and don the white stockings. 🙂


  41. wwb… I agree full heartedly. And the Barkley catch is a great example because I remembered explicitly saying that after the play about Caprara. I can do with just flat out not being athletic enough, that is where I agree when everyone says “its a process” because it is just that.

    Now unless I saw wrong, Webb didn’t get burned. Webb would suck into the middle of the field almost banking on a post route and would leave the outer deep zone wide open. Its just a short hesitation but that is all it takes. That I cannot accept because that is a mental error and when you aren’t as physically gifted, you make up for it with using your head. This secondary is not talented enough to gamble like that at this point.

    Pittman, as coach I will not lift my foot off the throat for I am too lazy to pick it up. Nevertheless, enemies will be terminated. So please, vote Burger 2016 for your next living-room-coach of the year!


  42. 🙂 How about @HailToReed (!!!)

    Thank you so much for this forum for (Unanimously-Awesome 🙂 ) Pitt fans!

    I wish you the best as well 😉 . And please think about maybe trying some Pod-Cast all ins??? Along with so many others, (haha) I NEED to hear Emel and Upittbaseball and you @Reed conversing and debating!


  43. ^^^^ And Please Bring Up Whether or Not Pat Narduzzi and Matt Canada need to start introducing some Manny Stocker and Ben DiNucci into the offense too!!!

    Who Knows, maybe Ben DiNucci is freakin’ Chad Pennington in there —- Not the strongest arm, but just a Stud!!!!

    #HailToPitt !!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 #HailToYa’llAndYourFams!!!


  44. Good grief. The Marshall starting qb is back from injury this week. We need to pressure the snot out of him and hit him as early as we can. Thought we were getting the backup during my earlier posts.

    Also, Bama is indicating that Arderius Stewart is injured and it may open the door again for Foster.

    Our team needs to be focused and take the will out of marshall early. Go for the jugular!


  45. Huff,
    If I may add on to your post: “Our team needs to be focused and take the will out of Marshall early [add on]……and LATE, like 4th quarter late, which would be unlike our last 3 games where we laid down and played dead in the 4th quarter on O!!!!


  46. Did I hear Jon Rothstein correctly in that Stallings interview…..”james Robinson a rock of a point guard”

    lmao. Did Rothstein watch robinson play at all the last few years. Then again his lift off the ground was that of a very large heavy rock.


  47. Report from PSN –

    “It looks like Marshall will (have) its starting quarterback for Saturday’s game. Chase Litton who missed last weeks game vs. Louisville with a concussion will play this week, according to HC Doc Holliday.”

    Pitt needs to right the ship this Saturday if we want to attempt to get back in the Coastal Division race.

    With unc playing FL State on Saturday, VT next week and Miami the week after (tough stretch), Pitt could be right back in the race with the right changes in the D backfield.



  48. The ACC network is on STO (whatever that is) on ATT U-verse in Columbus.
    I’m feeling sorry for Marshall already. I hope my pity isn’t premature.


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