Things That Make POV Go Hmmm?

  1. What in hell was that the Pitt dance team wearing at the start of the halftime show?  Those robes looked eerily similar to an Jim Crow organization not know for its diversity.  They had to know that was going to raise some eyebrows.

When the Dance Team took the field the talking in the press box came to a screeching halt. I’m all for innovation but someone at Pitt needs to vet these things before they actually become public.

2. Why did we burn RB Chawntez Moss’ redshirt on Saturday? Here is the participation chart:


I could see doing it if we were in need of a running back due to injury but that wasn’t the case. My first thought was that because we haven’t seen much of Ibrahim then Narduzzi and Canada wanted a firm #4 RB ready to go, but on the face of it that looks pretty silly
especially because Moss already played on special teams thus was available.

If we are going to use him this season then let’s really use him; if not we are wasting a year that Moss could use in the future when we lose Conner and Ibrahim then Ollison down the line.  Of course Conner might stay around for his senior year at Pitt in 2017. That would be nice.

3.  Why does Penn State think they held down our rushing game in the 2nd half This Penn Live article is very well written but I had to smirk when I read this part:

There’s no question that the Lions (1-1) are unlikely to face many teams that are as experienced, and as good, as Pitt’s offensive line is. Yet, without getting the gap integrity and edge issues cleaned up, it might not matter.

That means Penn State must use this week to get back to fundamentals, a hallmark of past Pry defenses, just like the unit did after halftime, when it cut down Pitt’s rushing totals from 200-plus yards after 30 minutes to just 115 after the break. It wasn’t perfect, but certainly improved from one half to the other.

Of course they don’t mention that our yards per carry in the 2nd half was 5.0 because that doesn’t sound as good as 155 yards…maybe?  Both sound pretty horrible.

4. What was Franklin thinking with that last series?  That might be the question for the ages – at least in the Penn State fans’ minds.  Here is how it progressed:


 So you can see that they had a 1st and 10 at our 32 with 1:32 left on the clock.  Our defense was tired with substitutions being made in the LB corps and with the DBs and Penn State had been running the ball pretty well in that half.  

Barkley had two 11 yard runs in the 4th quarter already and had Franklin and the PSU OC kept the ball on the ground they might easily have gotten the 1st down needed for an easier FG – or to keep driving for the TD.

The only thing I can think of was that our DL had been getting more pressure on McSorley as the game went on – he was sacked and fumbled just four plays earlier (PSU recovered that one) and Franklin wouldn’t risk a turnover that late in the game…even though we got one eventually.

I would have run Barkley a couple of times toward FG range then tried a short play-action pass to get the 1st down closer and then maybe try for a TD – lots of time was left. Whatever it was , poor decision-making on the HC/OC’s part, or a bad read by McSorley they lost the game on the INT.

5. Who are we going to see Conklin and Narduzzi fleet up into the two-deep at DE and LB?

The only non-two-deep LB to play last week was rsFR Saleem Brightwell and he pulled off a huge mistake on his special teams play by creaming the PSU kicker when it was completely unnecessary.  If you remember we were up 28-14 going into the 3rd quarter and PSU kicked off to us.  With Brightwell’s 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty we ended up on our 13 instead of our 28 and went backwards ’til we had to punt.



The we get it on our 46 and two plays later its 28-21.  Bad play with a bad outcome and I wonder if that will hold Brightwell’s playing time back a bit this week.

We saw rsFR Anthony McKee last week against Villanova again on special teams. But at 210 lbs he’s maybe not built for a lot of time on the field.

Do we have any true FR LBs that Narduzzi may want to roll the dice on?  True FR Kaezon Pugh was a star schoolboy player for Aliquippa (home of many good ball players) so he’s a fan favorite I think – but at 205 lbs he might not be ready and would be better served getting a year in Pitt’s weight room before playing.  Chase Pine isn’t in the equation.

Nor have we seen rsJR DE Allen Edwards get into the games other than on special teams.  Allen may be the one jump behind Rori Blair at one DE slot.

6.  Would you buy a used car from this man? I wouldn’t because he uses rhythmic clapping to get you to pay more than it’s worth.




104 thoughts on “Things That Make POV Go Hmmm?

  1. Reed I follow you because you’re typically a realist and not a cheerleader.

    57 of those 155 second half running yards were surrendered on the first Pitt TD drive where Ollison and Hall ripped two big runs of 18 and 20 yards respectively. 30 more yards on the Peterman scramble prior to the missed field goal. Perhaps that’s is why the Penn Live author felt better about the second half performance and why the article didn’t note the average. The big runs, especially Peterman’s, were anomalies that distorted the average.

    I remember thinking the same thing regarding PSU’s last drive. They were on the edge of FG range already. Pitt was having trouble with quick throws all game. They had momentum and plenty of time. Why push it?


  2. IDK on Questions 1 thru 4 and on #6, the answer is no.

    Q5: I do think Pugh and Pine will be starters in the future, and Pugh may see some action this year. It’s just that neither of them played spring ball and they just need practice. I am disappointed that Brightwell and McKee aren’t seeing more (or any) action on defense since we are badly in need of speed at LB. On the other hand, Galambos and Caprara are heady players with tons of experience.

    DEs: Blair and Price 2nd: Edwards and Forston. Edwards was in for a few snaps the other day but since Pitt had big edge in TOP, maybe they felt they could stay with the starters. Note that neither Watts or Camp saw any time at DT … while Soto and Jarrett continue to play well.


  3. Soto played a great game. Galambos needs to play much better. He is off to a very slow start this year. We are really missing Tyler Boyd this year. A receiver’s first job is to get open and Boyd did that almost every play. The 2 passing TDs to Henderson and Conner were the same play – Peterman rolls to his right a little, Conner follows, and Peterman then reads who is open. Great execution by Peterman on both plays. I love the play, very good options.


  4. They looked like the made up monsters from the movie The Village (M. Night Shamalyan movie
    Pitt has a curious history of burning redshirts on insignificant plays so I am hardly surprised. Though I thought if he participated in less than 30% of action he could still redshirt but maybe that only applies in basketball.
    Just another PSU delusion. I work and live around a lot of PSU fans and when they start waxing poetic about how they could have won the game I point out the many instances where Pitt easily let them back in it. Evened out in the end IMO.
    I believe they probably called a certain play and the inexperienced QB wanted to be a hero and went for it. Next year he does not make that mistake.
    With all these spread teams we are facing it will probably be one less LB a lot of the times anyways. Hopefully Rori Blair plays with a chip on his shoulder considering he was passed by Hendrix and Pitt does not suffer any more injuries at that position.
    After watching the Field Pass when he takes the football and whips it across the room and says “We don’t need any gameballs!” I love Narduzzi and his spirit and would buy anything from him. Also liked how he was screaming “They don’t respect us!” prior to the game.


  5. Apparently my numbers for each of the questions did not come up in my response. So please keep that in mind I was responding one by one to each of Reed’s thoughts.


  6. I thought I read somewhere that Edwards had a decent game? I can’t pick up numbers like I use to.

    Narduzzi was right in saying that psu didn’t respect them.

    Sorry guys I still don’t get the SOP thing. What can Majors burning Zimmerman’s redshirt freshman’s year have to do with this year?

    Everything has changed, everything.


  7. Reed,
    – Concerning your first question regarding the Pitt band and dancing routine. Quite simply, the band formed the outline of the batman signal and the dancers all had on batman capes while the band played the theme of Batman.
    My educated guess is that by halftime you had so many Jim Beams on the rocks at the free bar in the press box you got confused between Jim Beam and Jim Crow!!!! :>)

    Concerning burning Moss’ redshirt, it made no sense to me either! Only long shot guess I have is the Pat signal was for an incoming 4or5 RB and Duzz doesn’t want to lose Moss. I realize that guess is unlikely but that’s about the only thing that would make any sense. Good question!!!


  8. …….maybe more possible with burning Moss’ redshirt is that Ibrahim is not the back he was since his major injury and Moss has moved up???


  9. Reed. You are dead on with point #4. PSU had all the momentum and to pull a bone head move and go for the long pass is on the coach. I was thinking that the worst PSU was going to do was at least kick a field goal to tie the game. The way the game with shifting I could see PSU winning in overtime. Thank god that James ” Dominate the State” Franklin coaches like Wanstadt( will never forget the bonehead moves that Wandstadt made versus Cincinnati that still pisses me off). H2P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Pitt and Temple this week.


  10. Watch this and tell me that Narduzzi isn’t coaching this team up for The Pursuit!

    Narduzzi in the pregame talk to the team. “THEY DON’T RESPECT YOU, THIS AIN’T 1976, THIS AIN’T 1968, THIS IS 2016, THEY DON’T RESPECT! THEY’RE GOING TO FIND OUT!

    Hell, I want to put on a helmet and play for this guy! Hail to Pitt!


  11. Burning the RS of Moss is meaningless to me. It means he’ll likely get some reps later this season. But, more so, unless he’s incredible or transfers, he’s not leaving Pitt for three seasons after this one. Otherwise, he leaves after his JR year or just up and transfers.


  12. @ Dr Tom I couldn’t agree more after watching that. That got me jacked up and the part at the end. By the way not sure if you remember but I met your tailgate for the Pitt/UNC game two years ago. I was there for my batchelor party. You were very hospitable to my friends and I. Still enjoy reading your comments. H2P!


  13. I know that Pitt has a number of capable RB’s currently on its roster. But Narduzzi said more than once that Moss just keeps making people miss in practice. I expect to see a good deal of Moss at running back especially when we get into our ACC games. Right now Pitt doesn’t have any RB’s playing that will scare the opposition when we go wide instead of off tackle. Moss just might be the one that fills that role down the road.


  14. Used to matter who we redshirted. HCPN is building a program. Play skill kids when ready, well just keep recruiting them! Linemen and backers, different story, they need built up. This is truly a different day in Pitt football!


  15. the band played the (old) themes to batman and superman at halftime, those uniforms were supposed to be like batman’s suit or something?

    they certainly didn’t make me think of a certain organization founded by certain former confederate cavalry general/war criminal. not sure how they would unless any robe worn outside makes you think of that certain organization.


  16. I saw the robes on the band front at half and pointed out to anyone listening that they looked like the reverse KKK. Having said that, I think the band has improved greatly over the last two years. Whomever took over is doing a fantastic job!


  17. @ Ghost, I remember you and your posse well. We’ll be there at Chapel Hill again this year. This time we bring home the frickin win that we let get away from us in the last 3 minutes of the last game at UNC. Narduzzi gets it done this year!

    I hope that all your children will be raised as Panthers and that you’ve trained your bride well regarding all things PITT, however in all other matters, take it from a guy happily married for 34 years and simply memorize the married man’s mantra, always available on the tip of your tongue when required, “Yes, Dear”.


  18. Ike – I don’t remember seeing Edwards on the field but apparently he played – with no tackles though.

    Those robes were a subject of wonder in the press box – and yes, everyone thought it was like a “Reverse-KKK”. l It was very strange anyway.

    Narduzzi certainly got those kids ready to play. i wonder why we came out so flat in some games last year – ACC games that would have gotten us closer to a conference championship game. Must be the 2nd year as a HC syndrome and learning from his 1st year.


  19. Just heard an interview on CBS Radio Doug Gottlieb and HCPN. Gottlieb started off with the psychological angle of his team coming off of a big win playing an angry team … PN replied that he can’t control how OSU prepares but he tore right into his team on Sunday afternoon, ripping them a new one about how poorly the team played in the 2nd half. He then said that the team practiced better yesterday and today than they did last week


  20. i don’t wonder why pitt came out flat in multiple games last year – that is a long-held and cherished pitt tradition and a single season definitely isn’t enough time for pat narduzzi or anyone to completely reverse that tradition.


  21. Concerning Moss, I agree with jrnpitt. Conner, Ollison and Hall are similar runners in that they are pretty much straight-ahead power guys. They do not make people miss, but they do run thru some tackles.

    If Moss can truly make people miss, then I would work him in. And the way that Coach is recruiting, I wouldn’t worry about red-shirting anyone who, if they play, can give Pitt a better chance to win.

    Go Pitt.


  22. Ollie is a redshirt sophmore, Hall is a true sophomore, Conner is a redshirt junior, and even Ibrahim is a redshirt junior, who is a shake and back runner. Like Reed I don’t see where Moss is going to contribute enough this season to warrant, blowing his redshirt if in fact they see him being the feature TB down the road.

    He certainly would have to ‘leapfrog’ a bunch of guys, two of whom are ACC players of the year and the ACC Rookie of the Year. Ollie was also ALL – ACC 2nd team.

    This is a headscratcher for sure.

    Punch a Cowpoke !


  23. And we also have on the recruit list the kid who de-commited from Ohio State and committed to Pitt at TB.
    That kid could be really good since the Bucknuts recruited him.


  24. Wonder if they ever took my suggestion and tried Ibrahim as a slot Receiver at camp or practice since. Need more offensive playmakers than just Henderson at WR.

    In a limited role in 2014, Ibrahim had 11 receptions on mostly 3rd down plays.


  25. *** I think Matt Canada has Pat Narduzzi’s ble$$ing to constantly-unfold new wrinkles with Pitt’s personnel, as well as actual schemes and plays.

    For example — I wouldn’t be shocked if that lil’ shovel pass is barely used for the rest of the season (only in certain moments maybe to catch the defense off-guard).

    You’re telling me Rachid Ibrahim — fully recovered, looking muscular, and who drew rave-reviews from Spring and Fall — isn’t in Matt Canada’s “Pandora’s Offense-Box” , with some secret-role Canada is holding onto until the right opponent??

    Quadree Henderson is just…..Holy $mokes, I knew Pitt had themselves a great athlete and all, but in his big-returns I had a lack of respect for the team-speed of both Navy last year and Villanova so…… but even against penn state (some pretty fast athletes on defense, good-not-great Power 5 level speed as a team) Quadree Henderson looked like an Olympic Sprinter among a bunch of Amateurs lol.

    Matt Canada has gotta be cookin’ up all sorts of plays in the passing game especially to get Quadree Henderson open in some space.

    P.S. — Oh, and get Jester Weah the ball @MattCanada and @NathanPeterman !! He is a beast who just needs to be Unleashed!!!

    —– We also May Never ** have ** to see Nathan Peterman go win a game totally with his arm if Pitt can avoid early turnovers which put them in a hole, or just come-out anemic on offense as a team (Narduzzi era: Iowa, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Miami, Navy —- haha i.e. , every one of Pat Narduzzi’s Pitt – losses).

    —– Nate Peterman is doing a really good job, and I really, really want to see him Use His Legs and Athleticism more and scramble to pick up first downs too! When Peterman has done that consistently and really looked for his opportunities to take-off, and not tried too-hard to just be Pure Pocket-Statue, he’s totally opened-up the Game and Offense for Pitt during his short-tenure.

    Nate Peterman was impressive against Penn State. Maybe not in the way that Wows and NFL Scout, no. But what Nathan Peterman did was he *officially passed Bill Stull in my-book as the BE$T Pitt quarterback of the last 15-odd years for Pitt.

    That the moment wasn’t too-big for him where he just became flaccid and Pitt never had a chance, showed that Pitt Finally has a real Winner at Quarterback (AHEM, Tino, AHEM).

    And Nate Peterman is good enough at QB that Pitt has a chance in every game.

    Heck, Nathan Peterman came in last year and straight-up helped change the culture in Pitt Football. Another example of the potentially “Overlooked qualities” of Nate Peterman: he Always took the blame for Everything, and praised All of His Teammates while sincerely lamenting all of his mistakes. He solo-OWNED every interception and missed big-play from him last year, and he brought these up unsolicited in all of his post-game interviews as well. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM, as a person, and as the QB for Pitt.

    I never give enough credit to how much Nate Peterman, and his Courage he brings to the Pitt Quarterback position (Staying-in and taking brutal hits, but afterwards encouraging his lineman always, etc.) , has really helped infect the whole team with a positive attitude and a lot of “Swag” —–> sometimes I, like many Pitt fans, want Nathan Peterman to LITERALLY be his Pittsburgh-compatriot Ben Roethlisberger at times lol. To be-fair though lol, It’s impossible not to always “want more” from your Quarterback.

    —- Well, maybe Nathan Peterman doesn’t throw the ball as powerfully and beautifully as Aaron Rodgers — and maybe Nathan Peterman doesn’t have the other-worldy athleticism and cannon of DeShuan Watson in Clemson (two other 6’1” – 6’2” , 210-220 sized guys like Pitt’s Natie P.) etc. —- but Hot Darn if Nathan Peterman isn’t a Player who I have gained immense respect-for —- his arm talent, and Much More Importantly his Character and how it inspires his Pitt teammates, are plenty “good-enough” to potentially win every game on this schedule —— and I genuinely believe Nathan Peterman can lead Pitt to 8-10 regular season wins this season, no doubt 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    This year’s Pitt team, with how Confident, Resilient, and Passionate they have shown themselves to be, is also physically talented enough to compete on absolutely “even-footing” at Oklahoma State this week and in each ACC battle thereafter.

    My goodness — wait til this Pitt Football program is all “Narduzzi-Guys” from RS Senior to incoming-freshman — ‘LIGHTS-OUT ACC’ lol 🙂 🙂 ) —- Forget penn state, already So Ready to CRUSH the dirty-Mountaineers!!! 🙂


  26. It is still my opinion that Rasheed may not be fully recovered. The Achille’s tendon has hindered or ended many an athlete’s career. Perhaps he will be unleashed in a month or so. Of course we haven’t really seen him, or anybody else, practice. So far I think OCMC is half the size but twice as good as Chubbs. He showed that he can look at a defense in advance of the game and come up with a plan of attack. The only question in my mind is was the second half a failure to adjust or just HCPN playing it ultraconservative and telling Oh Canada to keep it on the ground. Excited to see what happens on Saturday. I see on the OKSt web site they are giving out free t-shirts for a “Stripe Day” in the stands. Maybe we could dress yellow seats in Pitt t-shirts. Hmmm just kidding.

    My bro-in-law, former Pitt engr grad, lives in Boise where the newspaper tells fans what colors to wear as per where they sit in the stands. I’ve been to the field – cool. Lasso the Cowpokes. HAIL TO PITT


  27. The Pokes offense isn’t nearly as lethal this year. Only avg’g about 370 yds offense per game, Of that 95 or so is on the ground (116th out of 128 teams) and only 3 yds. per carry. Only 5 yds per play, about the same as us, with little to no passing game.

    So I think we’re getting them at a good time. Offense not up to snuff and their confidence is a low ebb.

    Poke a Poke (in the eyes). (one of our guys poked barkley in the eye, got him off the field for a play)


  28. ~ Jack You don’t think Voytik could have had Pitt at 2-0. Had we had any semblance of a real DC in 2014, Pitt wins 8 or 9 games. Up to this point this season NP has only been a game manager.


  29. Actually think Voytik would have prospered in Canada’s offense, if you saw any NC State games last year as I did, their QB was a dual purpose QB who ran over 100 times. Kids name was Brissette.


  30. I thought Voytik was move of a spread, option QB. Not sure he fits this more pro style offense.

    I agree….I think OSU is overrated this year. I don’t bet but I would take Pitt & the points. I know Narduzzi will have them ready Saturday. He didn’t let the win get to there heads. Next team up…


  31. ~ ike. Good point. If we have to go to Manny, the QB would be more involved in an option type offense with
    similar passing attempts as the game against the Pedo’s. Which is why Canada brought him.

    Good link Jack. Thanks. Everyone seems to want the Pitt/Pedder games to continue. It’s obviously good for high school football in Penna. Something JoPedo cared nothing about, just like those tortured molested raped boys. A tyrant only cares about his own Empire.


  32. If you haven’t heard, the ACC is moving the ACC championship game out of Charlotte.

    It’s quite disgusting that the ACC and the NCAA is siding on the side of sexual deviants. And that sends a chilling effect all the way down the line to children. Next will be siding with pedophiles as just another lifestyle choice. AGAIN DISGUSTING !


  33. Also of note and show’s the powerful forces pushing this agenda is:

    The ACC Football Championship Game has ONLY been successful in Charlotte. It was a bust in Jacksonville and Tampa.


  34. Voytik was not stopped from walking out the door. Not even close. Seems Narduzzi and Canada were both convinced he was not going to flourish whatever the offense.


  35. What they were both convinced was that he wasn’t going to ever see the field if Peterman stayed healthy. As such if he really wanted to “play” he’d need to find another school that had an opening. And it does look like he had a hard time finding any named school that would guarantee him that chance.


  36. Emel .. I posted earlier about the NCAA pulling multiple championship games out of our state ” where men use the men’s room and ladies use the ladies facilities.. NCAA overreach.. creepy and ” Sanduskish… Money is more important than morality and safety


  37. Earlier I posted a comment about the NC AA tournament and championship events being removed from North Carolina, might’ve been on the blather. Our state has a law were men and women use the bathrooms and showers corresponding to their biology… Makes sense… Common sense for the citizens of the state.
    It looks like money is again trumping morality and safety..this almost feels ” Sanduskish”
    As you mentioned there are powerful forces at work here not to mention blackmail. money is used to push influence particularly by The currently managed federal government.
    My question would be “does the federal government have any direct financial influence on the NCAA?
    NCAA has become an activist judge.. Phuck em


  38. Last post BigB..I note when I dictate on my iPhone dictation will be placed in the comment section and will also fill up the name section? For got to erase what was in the name section so it was posted


  39. PC American and PC ACC are disgusting. God Bless, I am amazed how people refuse to take a stand on what is right. Sad they cower to CNN and Liberal Media. Makes me want to move to NC although Texas is on same page.


  40. Update on Todd Sibley, Archbishop Hovan, Akron, a 3-4 star RB who decomitted from Ohio St and committed to Pitt … referred to by Emel above;

    3 games: 179 yds, 124 yds, and 214 yds

    The 124 was vs defending state Div 1 champ, St Ed’s; the 214 was vs Youngstown Ursuline. Hovan is #1 rated Div 3 team in state (7 divisions)


  41. Emel and Ike … I was actually thinking how valuable Voytik may have been in the 4th quarter when Pitt was trying to run time off the clock while the PSU defense packed it in and stopped them. We threw only 2 passes the entire 4th quarter … a shuttle pass and a swing pass to Conner that lost 2 yards


  42. UPitt .. It’s more than political correctioness – it’s using political power through the use of money, public shaming from a biased media and activist judges to go directly against the will of the majority.. Swoggert is a Carolina guy/ grad.. Side note -His brother is Oliver the singer… Would love to know the pressure and who is pressuring him to hurt his own state both from a financial perspective and going against the will of fellow North Carolinians who overwhelmingly support the bathroom bill..


  43. Wwb.. Thanks for getting me back on football but this transgender BS has me pissed..I was thinking the exact same thing watching the 2nd half of the PSU game ” wouldn’t it been great to see Chad out there” but didn’t want to bring up his name as we have tossed that around a bunch.. I still think if he had some PT when NP should have been pulled he would still be around..but that is all history and I don’t mean to start an argument over Chad..What we have is no tested back-up which CV could have provided (he was one of the leading passers in the ACC in 2014) So NP has to be protected and Pitt will be risk adverse with him. With a solid backup you have more options…next year we will again be without a solid back-up behind a first year starter…
    Need to keep winning this year..lot’s of experience on this team despite their weakness’s..need to keep recruiting and winning is the key along with a game day ward-robe


  44. I never understood the redshirt issue. Never looked back on a players career and said, dang, we should have redshirted him. If he play just on special teams he is still getting valuable experience. Plus, there is always a kid in next years class that will take his place eventually or pass him up. It really is a non-issue.

    There is a pattern with Narduzzi. He slowly works in younger players that deserve playing time over the course of the season. Expect to see more Brightwell, Mathews, Moss, etc.

    He has stated it is not just how they perform in camp, it is how they adjust to school and how they adjust to weekly game planning. Zeise passed Idowu the first week based on game prep. They adjust the schemes each week and the players have to have the mental part down or they are out.


  45. I’m all about treating people fair but that’s out-of-control. I mean how many transgender people are there out there? Good points Big B. Big B – who is playing tonight and lines?


  46. Wow, people have short memories. SOP fans again.

    Peterman is a good QB.

    Watch the video (of his first year starting!) and quit being so freaking negative all the time. Pitt has a good college QB right now, he hasn’t needed to throw and hasn’t been asked to, yet. His performance against PSU was good as Reed stated.


  47. Emel – I don’t think we can call Peterman a game manager only – his play in the two wins against Duke and Louisville last season was outstanding. Those were two wins against ACC opponents and UL was a tough team.

    In both games he had a combined record of 35/57 (61%) with 412 yards and 7 TDs and 0 INTs. – that was good for a 163 QB rating in those games and that is excellent.

    Against Duke he threw 3 TD passes and we won by 19 points… against UL he threw 4 TD passes and we won by 11 points.We won both of those games on the strength of his passing game.

    In 15 games at Pitt Voytik never threw for more than 2 TDs a game – Peterman has done it 4 times… In those same 15 full games Voytik threw for a total of 16 TDs – Peterman has 25 in his 15 games. I’d say if anything Voytik was a game manager and Peterman won games with his play.

    I know you don’t think Peterman’s any good but we should give credit where it’s due. He scores points with his arm.


  48. Please note that my thoughts about Voytik playing in the 4th quarter was for that situation only. We were intent on running every play and PSU was well aware of it and played defense accordingly. I think a effective running QB like CV would have provided another option to defend.

    This is somewhat similar to the Texas – ND game last week where Texas brought in the running QB near the goal line. Not only did ND have to defend the run vs the RBs, they also had to pay attention to the QB, who also has passing experience. And as I recall, CV passed better on the run than he did as a dropback, so the defense has to defend that also.


  49. Reed, I have one issue with Peterman …. he throw too many passes while leaning backwards, and thus, his passes seems to hang. I implore you and others to look at his form on the interception vs PSU (if you can find it) .. yes, Ford probably should have had it, but maybe the ball is thrown lower and easier to catch if it is thrown properly.

    I first noticed this last year in the Duke game during warm-ups about 45 minutes before the game. Many of his balls seem to hang … and then I noticed he releases a lot of balls off of his back foot.

    But please don’t take my word for it … look at the replay of the interception this past week — it is quite blatant.


  50. GC – Glad you took it to the basement. This is happening at grade school levels as well man. Parents are saying 5-6 years olds are gender neutral it is beyond ridiculous. I think it is wrong and disturbing. I also think the term rednecks says you think everyone in the South is not refined and that is BS.


  51. Not being negative about NP..good to have solid back-up..maybe a change of pace..but we don’t..NP can be a good, consistent QB..His part is scripted by the coaches calling the plays..he was solid against PSU.. I found the play calling in our last 2 or 3 possessions more interesting than Nate’s play..he executed the plays given to him..Will be interesting to see this weeks offensive game-plan…I am guessing “run it til they show they can stop it” will prevail as it should with our OL and RBs. Would like to see a more vertical game which needs to develop at some point. The opponents defense has to defend the whole field a somepoint.

    Our defensive backs will have there work cut out for them..It will take a complete team effort but we prevail..This week I don’t have that SOP feeling that I had before last weeks game. What a difference beating our ancient rival I am ready to see us to come out strong and keep our foot to their throat. collective throat .Kick’em while they are down

    UPitt- I am supposed to be working so no research yet..been doing pretty good with “overs” in the few I have bet on..getting harder and harder to win in the college game these days…for me going to any games? I will be in Chapel Hill, Charlottesville and Clemson..would love to by you a beer.


  52. BigB, I totally agree. The plays called were not a reflection at all on NP but instead of our ‘not to lose’ approach. And of course, we again almost lost a game we should have won by more a TD or more.

    NP is a senior QB who is smart and seems to make good decisions. I would have had no issue with him throwing a medium range pass in any one of the last 2 possessions. A first down by us would have meant so much in either of those series.

    And also, playing passively on defense on the 4th and 16 didn’t exactly work out too well. I thought PN would be an upgrade over Wanny because he had a college mentality unlike DW’s pro experience.


  53. Not sure what some are watching. I think NP has played very well. I mean, he’s not being asked to through for 300-400 yards per game.

    If you’re looking for stats, ain’t gonna find them. TD passes very right on the money. Did the shovel pass extremely well. (big deal, it’s a shovel pass?, ya, I’ve seen many of those go bobbling around or hit the ground). His run was oh so important.

    Is he great? No probably not, but I think he’s playing well.

    Again, if you’re looking for him to breakout and through for 400 yards, I believe you’re going to be sorely disappointed all year. He’s not going to be asked to do that, and not going to have the opportunity to do that.


  54. Damn shame about Dontez Ford. Wish him the best, hope he get’s back soon. If season ending, does he have a redshirt even left? Not sure of his status with the transfer and all.

    Now, that I’ve wished him the best, I have to say, and some people don’t like this, next guy up.

    We have no choice. Need the younger guys to step in, and step up. Like it or not.

    Not easy, but many people would have said a few weeks ago, who the hell is Quadree Henderson too.


  55. I find this Pitt-Ok St game to be one that has some of the most emotional variables of a game, that I can recall??

    Pitt, coming off that win. Will they be flat and a let down, or will they be fired up to keep the season moving forward?? Could be either.

    Okie St, will they be pissed off because of the incorrect call and loss to C. Michigan, and come out swinging, or will they be like, “eff it, we got screwed, we lost to Central Mich”.

    A very interesting mix and match coming up.


  56. Really concerned about the loss of Dontez Ford. He wasn’t TB but he was the best WR that we had with experience. Where do we go from here?

    Jester Weah, suddenly has a heavy burden on his shoulders. And who steps up? Of course now Henderson looks super promising after his Penn State performance, but who else steps up?

    Challingsworth? Everybody else is a bigger question mark or a true freshman at WR. Can Pitt put some whip cream on the bad news pile of $hit and discover a rising star, or does this kill our hopes for an effective passing game going forward?


  57. In HCPN radio interview on XM 84 yesterday, he noted that a big difference between last year and this year is the overall depth … and the team can absorb injuries better this year. We will see.


  58. I find it interesting how Pitt fans, as well as some sports reporters are spinning last week’s Pitt & OSU game results. IMO, best case scenario that could have occurred. Pitt is riding on a wave of momentum now, while OSU is self doubting themselves. Really, the last play that never should have occurred in the 1st place, is getting all the focus in this OSU loss but it took 60 minutes of OSU ineptitude against the Chips (a lesser test than Pitt will be) to even permit that game changing play to become relevant! And then the Cowboys got further embarrassed by letting them pull that play off with no time on the clock to win. Devastating loss!

    I don’t care how pissed that the OSU players come into the game on Saturday. They still are going to be harboring a lot of self doubt after watching their film all week of that performance and trying to clean up that mess from their previous game.

    If Pitt comes out against the Cowboys like they did against the Nitters, we could dictate the momentum of the game right from the start. And that’s all good for the Panthers, if that happens.


  59. @ web, just like the opportunity that Boyd took full advantage off as a true freshman. There is a spot for a new WR to make an impact with their contribution on the field. Boyd was up to the challenge.

    Do any guys like Ffrench, Flowers or Matthews have the skill and cojones to pull off a Tyler Boyd impersonation? Are any of these kids even ready to take the field yet?

    In any case somebody better take full advantage of the huge void vacated by the absences of Boyd and now Ford or else this team starts looking one demensional real quick without an wffective true WR passing threat.


  60. My guess for ACC title game is Orlando. Jacksonville is at home on Sunday, can’t be Miami since it’s the home field of the “U”. Landover MD (Redskins stadium) would be a great option.

    Sorry to hear about Ford. Time for the young guys to continue to step up. Matthews? Tipton?


  61. Reading the posts:
    -You guys from N.C.(and Upitt) are spot on with you comments about the NCAA. Biology 101 (for 10 thousand years on earth): if you have a pecker you go to the Men’s room, if you don’t you go to the Ladies room. God made Adam and Eve – that’s it. For the 0.003 % on earth who don’t “feel” that way – face reality!

    It would be nice to have Chad. It would also be nice if someone gave me a million $’s. Unfortunately, neither are going to happen.
    Bad break (no pun intended) to lose Ford. However, as mentioned we have a whole corral of young stud WR’s in the barn. Could be a good problem for us.


  62. This is too bad for D Ford and for PITT but maybe a star will be born out of it all? I just have to wonder if this had anything to do with Moss playing last week? Here’s a name I haven’t heard mentioned much R A Lopes. Lot’s of smaller quick WR’s. Mathews and Flowers could become big time players and I also think Challingsworth can be a serviceable player. It will have to be by committee.


  63. FWIW, while I’m certainly not as conservative as many posters here, I do agree that there is too much furor over this bathroom issue. To be honest, I do not have a definitive opinion one way or another .. which should tell you something about my moderate viewpoint … but was shocked by the reaction by not only the NCAA but other organizations to this.


  64. I’ve lived in NC now for 20 years and I’m not really sure how I feel about the bill. I do know there are other very important parts of it like allowing employers to discriminate based on a person being transgender. It is hurting this area with all of the lost potential businesses and events. Mind you, the area is still booming…just looking at opportunity cost.

    Wishing Dontez Ford the best. Quadree definitely looks for real, though.



  65. In my professional opinion Ford is done… Next man up… Is he a senior? If so’ career is over.
    Next man up!!!
    @ Dan … Not knocking NPs play last Saturday at all but rather was inferring to very conservative play calling on our last 2 to 3 possessions when we were not having success on the ground.. Deja vue to some late HCPC games.. An intermediate completion or a possession reception at least to accomplish a first down or two would have been a stake in the chest of the Nittany Lions… Just saying… Of course there’s the old adage that when you put The ball in the air three things can happen… And two of them are bad…


  66. excerpt from a current Pgh Sports Now article … quote from WR Coach Sherman:

    “It’ll be all those guys,” he said. “It’s Tre Tipton, Rafael Araujo-Lopes. Jester Weah has to continue to come on, Zach Challingsworth has to step up, Quadree Henderson has to continue to get better. Aaron Mathews is getting better every day and every week. He’s going to have to get used to changing from one opponent to the next and seeing different things from week to week. We’re going to have to continue to get better at little things and the details to make things slow down for them.”


  67. ~ Reed. If you read my post, it said specifically that thru the first 2 games THIS season NP has been pretty much a ‘game manager’. If you only pass for 175 yards against an FCS team and only 91 yards against the Pedo’s… are a game manager.

    NP had a pretty good season last year, as his stats pretty much mirrored CV’s from the 2014 season.

    I thought his biggest play or one of the biggest, was with his feet. Something CV excelled in. IMO Pitt is 2-0 this year as well regardless of whether CV or NP was QB.


  68. Although we haven’t seen much from NP since the first half of the L’ville game, on the passing end.

    He was below avg against Miami = 13 of 27 for a Buck42 with 1 pick 24.6 Adjusted QB rating
    He was way below avg against Navy = 13 of 21 for a Buck37 with 3 pick 17.6 Adjusted QB rating
    To start off 2016 against Nova = 19 of 32 for a Buck75 24.7 Adjusted QB rating
    And 11 of 15 against the Pedo’s for 91 yds. 4 of those comps were shovel passes, but he did throw 3 TD passes so that was good. And that really boosted his Adjusted AB rating to 89.1

    So let’s hope he’s on an upswing. Go Pitt ! Punch a Poke !


  69. CV’s stats were posted after Game 1, he did not have a good game.

    Game 2 he was better, against Auburn. But didn’t see his stats. So here they are.

    15 of 21 for 214 yards 71% comp ratio 74.2 Adjusted QB rating.

    Pretty good considering a sunbelt team going up against an SEC team at their place.


  70. UPitt, we have plenty of rednecks in PA as well, so not a slam on the south, just those that would harm an innocent. I was surprised to see that there are so many that identify as transgender. Based on those numbers most of us have sat in a bathroom stall next to one. Don’t see it as a big deal. But I guess if I was one of them I would.

    I do think the NC law is ridiculous. How will it be enforced? What are the penalties? Will Emel make a citizens arrest?

    I do agree that the 4 and 5 year old thing is a conundrum, and that they should at least wait till puberty to chose a side.


  71. Emel is pretty liberal on a lot of social issues. But men dressed as women in women’s bathrooms is beyond the pale imo. Especially when it gives perverts and predators access to little girls and teen girls. Now yes it has happened before, but now it’s being sanctioned by the Federal Gov’t. ESPN non-withstanding, this is more a psychological disorder than anything else. And for a country that is taking meds for everything else, kind of strange that this isn’t being treated as a disorder. Rather than a right.


  72. What’s ridiculous gc, is the Federal Government and Corps sanctioning this insanity. Considering the myriad of problems that this country has on so many much more important issues.


  73. Didn’t know you had a degree in psychiatry.

    Agree that there are a lot of bigger problems, hard to solve any of them when the House just wants to investigate phony scandals, or vote on repealing Obamacare, instead of solving any of them.

    Still waiting to see the increase in perverts and predators lurking around bathrooms that you predict.

    As of yet, I have not seen one transgender person taking advantage of their new rights, or heard of one misadventure or heinous act. Of course I don’t watch Fox so maybe there has been one?

    I would be more disturbed by a transgender that looks like Kaitlin Jenner entering my bathroom than my wife’s. Just saying.


  74. There have been several incidents of men in the women’s bathroom. Just in Target alone. One was using his camera to video tape women/girls undressing.

    What you didn’t think stuff like this was going to happen. America is full of perverts and giving them access to the womens/girls bathroom is just an open invitation.

    And one does not need a psychiatry degree to know that ! lol Just common sense which appears to missing on MSNBC and the like.


  75. By the way, this is a State Gov’t issue or should be local gov’t issue. Not an edict from DC. Like what they use to get in the Soviet Union or in present day China.


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