Things That Make POV Go Hmmm?

  1. What in hell was that the Pitt dance team wearing at the start of the halftime show?  Those robes looked eerily similar to an Jim Crow organization not know for its diversity.  They had to know that was going to raise some eyebrows.

When the Dance Team took the field the talking in the press box came to a screeching halt. I’m all for innovation but someone at Pitt needs to vet these things before they actually become public.

2. Why did we burn RB Chawntez Moss’ redshirt on Saturday? Here is the participation chart:


I could see doing it if we were in need of a running back due to injury but that wasn’t the case. My first thought was that because we haven’t seen much of Ibrahim then Narduzzi and Canada wanted a firm #4 RB ready to go, but on the face of it that looks pretty silly
especially because Moss already played on special teams thus was available.

If we are going to use him this season then let’s really use him; if not we are wasting a year that Moss could use in the future when we lose Conner and Ibrahim then Ollison down the line.  Of course Conner might stay around for his senior year at Pitt in 2017. That would be nice.

3.  Why does Penn State think they held down our rushing game in the 2nd half This Penn Live article is very well written but I had to smirk when I read this part:

There’s no question that the Lions (1-1) are unlikely to face many teams that are as experienced, and as good, as Pitt’s offensive line is. Yet, without getting the gap integrity and edge issues cleaned up, it might not matter.

That means Penn State must use this week to get back to fundamentals, a hallmark of past Pry defenses, just like the unit did after halftime, when it cut down Pitt’s rushing totals from 200-plus yards after 30 minutes to just 115 after the break. It wasn’t perfect, but certainly improved from one half to the other.

Of course they don’t mention that our yards per carry in the 2nd half was 5.0 because that doesn’t sound as good as 155 yards…maybe?  Both sound pretty horrible.

4. What was Franklin thinking with that last series?  That might be the question for the ages – at least in the Penn State fans’ minds.  Here is how it progressed:


 So you can see that they had a 1st and 10 at our 32 with 1:32 left on the clock.  Our defense was tired with substitutions being made in the LB corps and with the DBs and Penn State had been running the ball pretty well in that half.  

Barkley had two 11 yard runs in the 4th quarter already and had Franklin and the PSU OC kept the ball on the ground they might easily have gotten the 1st down needed for an easier FG – or to keep driving for the TD.

The only thing I can think of was that our DL had been getting more pressure on McSorley as the game went on – he was sacked and fumbled just four plays earlier (PSU recovered that one) and Franklin wouldn’t risk a turnover that late in the game…even though we got one eventually.

I would have run Barkley a couple of times toward FG range then tried a short play-action pass to get the 1st down closer and then maybe try for a TD – lots of time was left. Whatever it was , poor decision-making on the HC/OC’s part, or a bad read by McSorley they lost the game on the INT.

5. Who are we going to see Conklin and Narduzzi fleet up into the two-deep at DE and LB?

The only non-two-deep LB to play last week was rsFR Saleem Brightwell and he pulled off a huge mistake on his special teams play by creaming the PSU kicker when it was completely unnecessary.  If you remember we were up 28-14 going into the 3rd quarter and PSU kicked off to us.  With Brightwell’s 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty we ended up on our 13 instead of our 28 and went backwards ’til we had to punt.



The we get it on our 46 and two plays later its 28-21.  Bad play with a bad outcome and I wonder if that will hold Brightwell’s playing time back a bit this week.

We saw rsFR Anthony McKee last week against Villanova again on special teams. But at 210 lbs he’s maybe not built for a lot of time on the field.

Do we have any true FR LBs that Narduzzi may want to roll the dice on?  True FR Kaezon Pugh was a star schoolboy player for Aliquippa (home of many good ball players) so he’s a fan favorite I think – but at 205 lbs he might not be ready and would be better served getting a year in Pitt’s weight room before playing.  Chase Pine isn’t in the equation.

Nor have we seen rsJR DE Allen Edwards get into the games other than on special teams.  Allen may be the one jump behind Rori Blair at one DE slot.

6.  Would you buy a used car from this man? I wouldn’t because he uses rhythmic clapping to get you to pay more than it’s worth.




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  1. By the way, this is a State Gov’t issue or should be local gov’t issue. Not an edict from DC. Like what they use to get in the Soviet Union or in present day China.


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