I’ll Have the Braised Crow Please…


I must say I swung and missed on that game yesterday, so I will.

I was totally wrong…and not just about the score of the game.

I’m a Show Me kind of guy and really wondered, not believing actually, that Pat Narduzzi would pull this one out – not after watching the Miami and Navy games last year.  But I was wrong. This was his first Big Win and how grand he must have felt at the end whistle yesterday.  Notice I said ‘first’ big win… there will be more.

I was totally wrong with my thoughts of how Pitt was going to come out and play against Penn State yesterday.  I thought it would be a slow start for us and that PSU would steal the win on a pivotal turnover play in the 4th quarter in a low scoring game. Couldn’t have been more mistaken on that one, especially when both teams scored 81 combined points.

I had my doubts about Narduzzi’s ability to strongly motivate his players when those Broadway spotlights lit up and the music started to play the overture.  He faltered with that in the last two game of 2015,  but that was then and this is now and boy what a difference a season of experience makes.

He sure did have that team ready to play their parts well, wow the audience and to deserve more than a few standing ovations after the final curtain fell. And I gave them one and bragged about the coach’s preparations and the team’s play for the rest of the night to anyone who would listen.

I wrote yesterday morning that I woke up and my first reaction, an emotional one, was to change my prediction around.  But I’m glad I didn’t because 1) after all the research I did I logically thought we’d lose a close game and  2) I try to be as honest with you readers as I can possibly be.

With all that, with as many whiffs as I had on the day, I was one of the happiest Pitt fans at the stadium yesterday.  Why you may ask?  Because it doesn’t bother me one iota to be wrong about something like a sporting event – and in this case it sure made my day and my week.  I’d say my season but I’ll reserve that for a wins against our conference foes.  But I’ll savor it all year, that’s for sure.

Hell, I almost got booted out of the Press Box because I couldn’t stop “showing your emotions so loudly, Sir!”  I did OK with that in the 1st half of the game – but then former Pitt DB Shawn Robinson and I (more on that in a minute) really got into the game in the 2nd half and started to jump around and exhort our boys on just a bit.

Although I have to say that there was more noise, albeit not actually noisy, and more movement in the Press Box yesterday than I’ve ever seen before – but given the circumstances you can figure that followed.  That was by the Pitt and national media – the PSU media guys just kind of sat there stunned all afternoon.

As to the game itself.  I’ll have our normal in-depth Monday Morning Quarterback article up before your lunch hours tomorrow and there I’ll give you my detailed thoughts on what went down, and why, in that win.  But in a nutshell…

Our OL execution sucked against a FCS team in game 1 and looked great against a Big Ten team in game 2.  Our running game faltered in game 1 and exploded with success in game 2.  Our defense played very well in game 1 and… well, we won the game.

But we came out like gangbusters, took control at the start and built a lead that was, finally and most satisfactorily, insurmountable.  And thank God for that because we did just about everything possible to try to give that lead away in the 2nd half.

But unlike some Pitt teams in the past we didn’t do that – we fought hard  and used big defensive plays late in the game to keep that lead switch from happening and hung on for a three point win.

Although I have to say James Franklin helped a bit on that last PSU drive.

But  Franklin didn’t go up and snatch an interception out of the back of the end zone like our DB Ryan Lewis did to effectively end the match and give us that big win.

I’ll be wrong again this season, probably about my game predictions because I’m lucky if I have a .500 batting average with those, and I may feel bad about that.  But not now and not after that great win yesterday.

Now I’m full of nothing but satisfaction that we beat an old rival and that Pat Narduzzi can breathe a bit easier and get on with doing the same thing more often.


I mentioned in the comments yesterday that I was watching the game with Shawn Robinson and his brand-new fiance yesterday day as we ended us sitting on stools in Blogger Purgatory together. First off I’ll say this – his fiance might have been the prettiest girl in the stadium. She was certainly the happiest and it wasn’t because Pitt won either.

Shawn was smart and proposed to her on the field hours before kickoff – nothing like some subliminal pressure to get a “yes” answer when it really matters.

If you remember Shawn Robinson played defensive back and punt returner under Walt Harris and DC Paul Rhoads back in 2000-2002 and had six INTs in one season. aaeaaqaaaaaaaacdaaaajgi5n2nlmwjhlwiwmwitndg2yi1iytfilwi4ytq1nmviytu5ygHe needs to get on the practice field and teach that skill to our guys… although we do have two on the year so far.  He played on that nine win team in 2002 so he knows what a winning season feels like.

We had a long discussion about the great charity that Shawn has started and is the president of; Orange Arrow.  It’s a program that helps young athletes strive for, and have, as much success off the field as they have on it:

To coach young student athletes to aim for success off the field.

Founded in 2013, Orange Arrow is a non-profit organization whose mission is to coach young student athletes to aim for success off the field. We offer engaging, sports-themed programming designed to develop winners outside of the sports realm. While emphasizing essential values such as hard work, determination and leadership, we maintain a competitive, team-oriented environment. Inspired by our founder’s personal journey from sports to philanthropy, our vision is that someday every young student athlete will aim to be a positive influencer to the world.

The emphasis of this organization is well grounded in reality – that being the chances of these young boys and girls making a living in the NFL, or other professional sports, is so slim that the kids have to prepare for a full life if they don’t reach that particular goal.

I think this one statement echoes my personal thoughts about student-athletes perfectly…

The goal of Orange Arrow is not to discourage young athletes from pursuing a dream of professional sports, but to broaden the reality of those with athletic aspirations. 

We aim to provide a practical vision of success in life, no matter which path they choose.

Earlier Shawn had asked Narduzzi if they would used the Orange Arrow logo on the signboard that the line coaches use to signal in plays and Narduzzi agreed.


So if you saw this on the sidelines yesterday that’s the reason.  Pretty novel way to get your message out there.

Shawn wasn’t real happy with the current DBs’ play against PSU.  It is interesting to watch a guy who excelled at something discuss what others are doing, or not doing, out on the field.  But he had nothing but praise for Jordan Whitehead and he thinks Narduzzi is good and just what Pitt needs at the helm.

Take a look at the charity – the Trib-Review had a piece on it back in May and I referenced it in an article also.  The current Pitt football players who have given their time and effort are: Mike Caprara, Ryan Lewis, Jordan Whitehead, Avonte Maddox and Darryl Render.


Another good and positive thing to come from the student-athletes at Pitt.

Monday Morning QB will be drafted today and up on Monday – makes sense.  Until then enjoy the win and start thinking about Saturday’s score against Oklahoma State – who was upset yesterday.



102 thoughts on “I’ll Have the Braised Crow Please…

  1. Reed,

    I have never met Narduzzi personally, I have attended a few functions and observed his mannerisms during his speaking events.

    He seems to be a players coach and a real fiery guy who projects passion. This game was important for various reasons there was no doubt regarding on getting the team ready to play and their emotional mindset for this game.

    You missed this one big time, the rivalry is back and we have bragging rights for a year and all PSU has is lame excuses.


  2. Great game yesterday. I was wrong also.i thought Psu would win by 4. So glad my sons got to be at the game. Largest crowd for sporting event in Pittsburgh history. . Wish we could have gotten it to 35 – 7 late in 2nd to really put the foot on the jugular . Pitt played an inspired game . Never quit. O line played very good. I will keep replaying this game in my head forever. Great day to be at Heinz Fileld. Kudos to the Pitt fans in the last 4 rows in section 104. Lots of Nitters in our section but every time the PSU fans started a chant the guys and gals behind us started a Pitt chant and we all drowned out the PSU chant. Great job guys.


  3. We had 3 pedo fans in our section – 1 jerk and 2 good sports. The noise after the Lewis INT was deafening, intense and exciting.

    I was so glad to be apart of an entertaining Pitt victory.

    I saw one Joe Knew t-shirt and numerous good natured signs. But for the most part I saw an energized fan base – no more SOP – I did not give up nor did I think negatively after the 4th and 16 completion. I kept cheering on a defense that stepped up and closed the deal.

    Just win and do it consistently – this city and fan base will get on board. I witnessed that yesterday – HCPN did not disappoint.

    Media blackout? Sure why not if winning follows. Protecting (concealing) the injured? Again, why not if the NCAA allows it.

    The feelings I currently have about Pitt FB take me back 33 years.

    And yes, the pedos have not beaten us in 17 years.



  4. What a game…didn’t get to post in the game thread, but wow. To me, that first run by James Connor told me, this just could be our day. And that first drive…it was fine art, that first drive. And of course forcing the TO on their very next drive…definitely, in the top 5 of glee I have felt during a Pitt game, ever.

    All week I thought people who thought Pitt would come out “tight” becuase of the media blackout had “Jamie Dixonitis” on the brain but that it would not happen.

    To me PSU got the vast majority of “bounces” and “calls”…that offsides early on Pitt that was CLEARLY a flase start. Obviously one hand reception and the reception after the Pitt corner blocked the ball. So when #6 for PSU missed that catch on the last drive, it sort of evened things out.

    Really, only one complaint: we got vanilla at the end. I don’t quite follow how you completely and utterly stop the jet sweeps the second one of them does not work. We were 100% in between the tackles for the last two drives and the results were bad. Our fastball is good, but not so good that it is all we can throw and expect to succeed. We let them back in the game becuase our play calling went totally vanilla.


  5. It really was a tale of two halves. The first half was one of the most satisfying that I have watched, with the exception of the punt return and the last drive it was total domination.

    The second half was just the opposite with us holding on for dear life. The only thing saving us at the end was a dropped pass and a poor decision.

    I think you can say that we let them back in the game as much as they made plays when needed.

    Penn State will win enough games to save Franklin’s job, at least I hope so. They may even have a chance in their big games this year, if they get a few breaks.

    I also think we were very lucky that their star linebacker was out for the game.

    Also appears that the loss of Givens was bigger than we thought when he switched sides. Looks like he is going to be a good one that got away.

    Don’t feel too bad about your prediction Reed, I think we stole one from a pretty good team with a superior game plan. Hats off to Canada and Narduzzi.

    A great win for the program and a great day to be a Pitt Fan.


  6. Reed, you weren’t that far off. While I did think you (and others) put way too much stock in last week’s performance, PSU showed their mettle and could have won.

    Meanwhile … and feel free to call me Negative Nellie … I saw the SOP! Blow large lead …. play not to lose …. give up a 4th and 16.

    Yes, we won and I am very, very happy (trust me) … but this game should not have been as close as it was. Pitt lost its aggressive on both offense and defense.

    Peterman is a senior QB who allegedly can throw and is smart. Yet, the one pass he attempted the entire 4th quarter was that little swing to Conner that went for a loss. Not blaming NP but the play calling.
    4th and 16 and we sit back and play passive defense …. same thing for the 2 point try.

    We have seen this all before only this time, we won.


  7. Sunday AM and still a little blurry eyed. What a wonderful game and game day experiance! Here are my takeaways:

    1) pre-game was a lot of fun, good natured with PSU fans gathered in groups mostly, but many mixed groups, with one friend wearing Pitt and another PSU.
    2) winced only once when group of guys were carrying a large cut out of Joes head with x’s over his eyes! Did chuckle when I saw the 40ish woman getting a huge JoeKnew airbrushed down her arm!
    3) if national media were saying it was 50-50 or anything close they did it to sensationalize. Guess that would be a better story but no where near truth. 70-30 at very best. But again, who care as it was hard to tell. Those PSU fans were in shock and did not have much to say.
    4) Pitt got ultra conservative in second half attributing to the comeback. Both on O and D.
    5) I think we are seeing a coach who learns from his mistakes, one who is growing, and it is going to be a pleasure to watch.
    6) I was as wrong as Reed. Guess it was expecting the SOP but failing to recognize this is a different coach. Sure,we will lose and he will make mistakes as he grows, but oh what fun this will be!
    7) Finally, there are those of us who, if we went 15-0 and won the NC would bitch that next year we will suck! Please, if it is in your nature, enjoy the moment, smell the roses, and take the time to savor the feeling. It will fade, and there will be ups and downs, but if you can’t savor yesterday I feel sad for you.
    8) PSU websites are actually acting like they won the game! It is fun, isn’t it!!


  8. Why are some already chocking up a loss for next years game already? For one enjoy this one will ya. And second our defensive backfield should be much better. Add Hamlin Ford Coleman Miller and possibly Wade. Hope we can keep focus for next weeks game.


  9. As a follow-up to my posting above, here is an excerpt from DiPaola’s updated Trib article:

    To that end, Narduzzi will spend Sunday and the rest of the week leading up to the game next weekend at Oklahoma State asking questions. He’ll try to figure out why a team that won the time of possession battle (35 1⁄2 minutes to 24 1⁄2), sacked the quarterback four times and ran for 341 yards still had its fans sweating in the fourth quarter for reasons other than the 85-degree temperatures.
    “It was a back-and-forth slugfest,” Narduzzi said. “You look at the stats, (and you say), ‘Why was it?’
    “We have to find out why we couldn’t finish it off faster.”


  10. Just got home and want to settle in for now but I couldn’t agree more on Soto. I thought he had a great game. His move to tackle has given PITT a little more depth there for sure also it was good to see that joe knew shirts and all that side junk talk really wasn’t around much yesterday.


  11. I had my crow with a healthy dose of Johnny Walker Black. Barkley was everything I thought he’d be but most of the day genius Franklin used him as a decoy.

    Truly one of the best games I’ve ever attended and in my top 3 Pitt wins of all time. A classic.

    Cannot get the smile off my face this morning and the inner satisfaction that goes with a win over the most arrogant and ignorant cult in the USA! By the way .. It was a 70-30 split between Pitt fans and Pedophiles!

    I think later in the year, with more confidence in our passing game, Narduzzi would not play it as conservative as he did 2nd half. And on D, Pitt was in 3 deep prevent all 4th quarter…. And we all know what prevent D prevents… And it almost did!

    So proud of this Pitt team and win!



  12. Absolutely incredible atmosphere yesterday. The AD’s need to find a way to make this an annual event. If other schools from opposite conferences can make it happen, surely these two can as well. Regardless of what anyone says, this IS a rivalry. Looking forward to the MMQB article to hear everyone’s thoughts. I’m assembling my 3 positives and 3 negatives.

    As for the game day thread, uPitt, are you EVER happy?


  13. Well said above, Reed. I’m with you, I thought Pitt would lose a close game due to a lack of WRs and weak front 7; I just thought there was still too much of a talent differential in the game. But Narduzzi had his team a little better prepared, which was enough to overcome our FG kicker disadvantage (remember, many believed having a struggling fg kicker would be the difference in a close game).

    A few of my top surprises-

    Surprised that Pitt was the notably stronger running team, as evidenced by the stats.
    Shocked at how few passes we threw to WRs (don’t agree with this tact)
    Also pleasantly surprised by the play of Ryan Lewis, I can see why he won the job.
    Most estimates say the crowd was 75% Pitt (a few said as low as 70%). Can we trust the media to report on anything these days?

    Takeaways from the game for improvement-

    We should take a hard look at the play of our DB’s and see how we can improve scheme and possibly replace personnel, since this was a big weak spot. Will HAMLIN come back soon?
    A few have commented about us taking our foot off the gas peddle to let PSU back into the game, both offensively and defensively. I really wish someone in the media would ask Narduzzi about this concern, this is one of the many things I couldn’t stand about Wannstedt as a coach, and I sure hope Narduzzi is smarter than that.
    It seems like we have a few “next level” players in terms of athleticism, Whitehead and Henderson, would be nice to see them more involved in our offense, maybe even throwing some short to mid passes to them as well. Looks like we certainly need help at the WR position. Still not sure why we went away from Henderson in the second half, and disappointed at that.


  14. Nothing wrong with a little crow now and then. Keeps the head from increasing the hat size. The problem with some is that they forget, this is season two of the Duzz era. He has just one recruiting class after a late start and most of those kids are using a red shirt, He is just in the middle of his second class and those kids are still in high school. Why is it that we hear all the time , can’t judge a new staff ,or system till it has at least three of the new guy’s own classes.??? Considering Pitt has not had a top QB in forever, as well as very little depth that has to be really coached up to be a positive, we should be happy with what is happening to this point.In 2017-18, when his staff has their players, in their system, at their University, I think being Pitt Proud will take on an entirely new meaning to all friends of the program.

    Hail to Pitt,
    Class of 1960.


  15. I too can’t keep the smile off my face after watching my biggest win as a season ticket holder and sharing the game with my son , who is also a Pitt alum. A few of my observations
    1) I too would put the crowd split as 70% Pitt.
    2) My only confrontation with a PSU fan was añ older female security worker, who said Pitt Fans were ignorant SOBS because some enthusiastic students were chanting Penn State Sux. I felt compelled to remind her that Joe Knew…
    3) Stanger that after scoring 42 points and giving up 39 I felt better about the team defense than offense.
    4) There are few things in life more beautiful than a Pitt coed wearing a sport bra with a P, I, or T painted on her abdomen!
    Hail 2 PITT . Savor this victory !


  16. I think most are overthinking this. Look, we scored 42 points against a power 5 defense. Who wouldn’t be happy about that. Pitt was the better team. The game was won in the trenches fellas. Our OL was better than their DL and our DL was better than their OL, albeit somewhat more close. Jarrett and Soto controlled the run game pretty well. Special teams was a push. Blewitt is fin. See my prior post on that.

    4th and 16 was disappointing, because it was too easy. Ryan Lewis made a play when his number was called. I thought our db’s, specifically Briggs, looked confused yesterday. In the post game party dance, Rachid Ibrahim looked a bit disinterested. Everyone else was into it!! Time to focus on OKSt. starting this afternoon. They will be playing for their season next week already since they lost to a MAC team, albeit,by mistake. Two losses and they will be fighting back the rest of the year to get into the top 25.

    I think teams are evenly matched on paper. We need to be into it mentally as they will play with an attitude. Narduzzi will earn his stripes keeping our troops focused! PURSUIT!


  17. Reed, remember, you run a blog not a newspaper sports section. It is perfectly acceptable to be a cheerleader for your team if you feel so led. Hopefully after yesterday’s performance by the Panthers you will feel so led more often than not, in the future.

    I hope that more people begin recognizing how dynamic a football coach Pat Narduzzi is. He is passionate about the game. He is a scholar of the game, he loves the emotional aspects of the game and he takes no frickin prisoners! This is the face of Pitt Football present day. Forget about what Pitt did back in 2000 something against this or that team. This is the second season of the Narduzzi Era and it is just as NONCOMPARABLE to previous teams/seasons as was the paradigm shift we saw back in 1973 with a “Major change” in Pitt Football.

    This is uncharted territory for the Panthers with Narduzzi at the helm, a guy still finding his way as the man in charge, an experienced coach but one with no track record as a head coach. The University gets it now too, with Chancellor Gallagher calling the shots in the University’s front office. I also like this guy Barnes as our AD. I realize some have reservations about early decisions that he has made but maybe it’s just my frame of reference, for he is a huge upgrade over that guy named Pederson that destroyed all things Pitt from our previous football glory days from the 70s/80s. Best of all we landed on our feet with our ACC berth. We could have just as easily been left out like UCONN or Temple in the most recent conference realignment musical chairs, left to scramble for the leftover crumbs fallen from the table of the Power5s or, almost as negative, fallen into a conference misaligned with our own best interests like WVU ended up, now saddled with huge travel expenditures for all of their sports teams with no regional opponents or rivals left on their schedules.

    So here we are, undefeated in 2016, with last week’s team’s concerns vanquished with solid performances from both our OL & Conner this week. Savoring a victory over an arch rival that thumbs their nose at the only true rival on their schedule with self righteous indignation. Pitt’s reply to such? As is Narduzzi’s philosophy, prepare for battle appropriately, both mentally and physically then let your play on the field be your response to such disrespect. Narduzzi is the real deal. A perfect fit for the blue collar hard-nosed football that Pittsburghers love and we haven’t even scratched the surface of Coach Narduzzi’s potential yet!

    Unlike you Reed, I feel that this very game WILL have an impact on this team’s future recruiting fortunes. I refuse to believe that any impressionable youth standing on Pitt’s sideline yesterday could remain unmoved by such an emotional victory over an arch rival in such a hard fought game. And there was a $hitload of high-end recruits in attendance at the game yesterday.

    That atmosphere yesterday at Heinz Field was electric. Some point to the penn state fans as the reason that the stadium was full and raucously loud. I’m not buying that. I’ve seen the same atmosphere at the Cindy game from a few years ago, at the inaugural ACC home opener against Florida St. & at the ND game that gave HCPC his signature Pitt win. It’s simply Pitt playing in big games that matter. The more competitive Pitt becomes, the more EVERY game becomes a BIG game, especially the ACC contests!

    Narduzzi will prove to be a very effective coach as well as a solid recruiter. Give him a couple more years to fill the roster with his guys and you will see. Because of all of these factors, Pitt’s football future is brighter right now than it has been in decades!

    I read some of the Negative Nancy BS yesterday predicting a Pitt letdown next week after such an emotional Panther win, and again I call BULLSHIT! Narduzzi and his team could not be in a better place emotionally right now. They now have the confidence of knowing that they can hang in there to win the close ones against a team that really played their heart’s out trying to avoid what was a devastating loss to a program that they are in denial of as even being their arch rival.

    These Panthers will examine the tape of their next opponent that will expose the vulnerable soft spots that allowed the Chippewas to steal a win with the aid of the zebras in Stillwater. This team will be prepared to take on the Cowboys. Yes, that team is going to be pissed and ready to take out their frustration on their next opponent. But just wait until they they get a mouth full of our offensive line shoved in their faces topped with the condiments of Conner, Ollison, Hall with a side of Orndoff, topped off with some Henderson sauce! Remember this Pitt team is hot on The Pursuit!

    This team is discovering itself, show no fear, prepare adequately and play with emotion and good things will result. Next week is our most important game of the season, and you all know why! Focus on the next game. Lasso the Cowboys. Hail to Pitt!


  18. FWIW
    1. With all due respect, we do not know if this was a big win, but it sure felt good! Big wins require that the opposing team be significantly better or at least universally perceived as better. At this point it may truly be that PSU s@#ks. If they win the B1G this year then this was a big win if they end up 2-10 it wasn’t a big win.
    2. Yes there is nothing more satisfying than the stunned silence from the unwashed PSU (and ND) folks. But I would rather watch them slink out of the stadium at the half or midway through the 3rd quarter than to allow a comeback like we did. I hope it was the play calling and not the heat because as the game went on we were the gassed team as they got stronger. That won’t bode well in Stillwater next Saturday if it was the heat.


  19. A great day all around, still wearing my Script Shirt and Hat,and this was a big win even if PSU and particularly Franklin are indeed a mid tier Big team behind OSU, MIch, MSU, Wisky, and Iowa. I thought before the game that we still lack depth and it would tell as the game went on and I think that had some effect on letting them back in the game (one must give credit to their players who didnt quit). There were not many cramps issues as I’ve seen in the past which probably goes to conditioning and better hydration (at the end of the player presser a Pitt person could be heard saying they needed post game hydration). The counters and shovels really worked well and that is game plan and execution.
    Crowd was no more than 15 to 20 k pedders who were quieted and outshouted by Pitt fans. The only nastiness i saw were two ped state women wearing “shit on Pitt” shirts which is all I expected. (I can only hope that posting two links the day before your JOE KNEW article is why you wrote it – the debate before nova was getting stale – hope i played a role in landing a royal blue blooded coastal Marlin 🙂 – most posts of that week -brfore predictiond). Of course the week cant end without a pedder story, i went grocery shopping this morning and a pedder did a humorous bow to me, I laughed, we talked of how this game should be played every year, THEN HE SAID “it was really good for Pitt to make some money” Nice guy but they just cant help themselves. 42-39 HAIL TO PITT
    PS Dont eat all the crow, I may still have some to eat on Jester Weeeeahhh.


  20. The win yesterday for PITT was absolutely a signature win. I mentioned that if PITT could just make it a game that it would psu that would have more to lose rather than PITT, which is interesting that it seems as if Narduzzi made more of an emphasis on the game than james from state college. I also felt the game was a swinging point on recruiting here in WPA. Maybe not so much out of state but the game mattered to the high school players around the tri-state area.

    For the few psu fans that were willing to talk about the game it was a consensus that the blame is solely on jimmie one finger. In no way were the delusional psu fans expecting a loss yesterday and although reality will never be a part of a nitter fans repertoire they suffer in silence today. Shocked beyond belief and saddened, sickened, and suffering like the whiners that they are. PITT fans in general were fairly square with psu fans and I didn’t see any inhospitable behavior. I can’t say the same about those guys after the game. To the victors go the spoils and this game jumps PITT ahead a few years in practically all aspects, with recruiting at the forefront…….Its a great day to be a PITT alum and 50 + year fan……ike



  21. I am not one of the diligent posters (Emel) who research and then assimilate. But seeing Sterling Jenkins on the sideline made me wonder about the kids who did not choose Pitt. And while recruiting is guess work…
    Sterling Jenkins -5 star OT buried on depth chart
    Troy Apke – junior safety – second team with a junior ahead of him.
    Nick Bowers – former Pitt commit – injured.
    Kevin Guvens – former Pitt commit – starter – injured yesterday.
    Shared Miller -DE rs fr – buried on depth chart
    Johnny Petrishen – rs fr – buried on depth chart
    Miles Sanders – fourth team, at best with two red shirt freshmen ahead of him.
    Noah Beh – rs so third team

    I am sure are others, but that’s it for my limited memory.

    So maybe, sticking with Pitt and an improving team ain’t so bad

    And Reed, yesterday, sneaked out for a smoke?
    Knock that shit off…best thing you will ever do (aside from this blog, I’d course)


  22. Best comments after the game 1) James Connor—Maybe next year they will consider this game a rivalry. 2) Pat Narduzzie re Franklins’ statement that he thought Pitts’ defense clapping was illegal. That’s our defensive signals just as they use offensive signals.It is not new! Running back rotation toward end might have helped with heat. Kudos to Pitt adm. and AD for insuring packed house and at least 70% Pitt. It showed up , even on TV 100 miles away.No better way to quiet the nasty Nitters. Now lets get ready for next week . Surely we can outdo Central Michigan at Oklahoma State.H2P


  23. Pitt 60- I got a kick out of the clapping comments from Franklin as well.
    Blewitt is continuing to look shaky. If he does not improve, it will cost us a game or two by the time the season is over.
    Nitters already are discounting this game saying that Pitt just had a more veteran team and PSU has so much more potential… Seriously, these guys will never get over themselves.


  24. Note to Pit adm…..the next time we play at home in 90 degrees with 90% humidity, give the guys a lighter color to wear, especially the helmets. Did you see them in the 4th quarter compared to those in all white?

    All dark blue with dark helmets? Did any of you get past 4th grade science class? How, I’ll never know…


  25. 5) I think we are seeing a coach who learns from his mistakes, one who is growing, and it is going to be a pleasure to watch. ~ Joe Knew

    I hope so…Wanny never learned from his and played Wanny ball all the way out the door. Of course he was a head coach before and may have been set in his ways. Note: It takes humility to learn from mistakes.

    wbb, it’s time for some walk on kicker tryouts, sad to say. And i read that article too about the time of possession. We got 42 points in 35.5 minutes and the pedos got 39 points in 24.5. We need to clean that up.

    Reed, you were one pair of sweaty hands away from being right…


  26. Won the most important game of the year. OC Canada knows what he is doing. Team does not quit. Coaches seem to know how to get the most out of players by creative position assigning. Conner effectively back. Henderson a true star. 2-0 and everyone including team thinking it could be 3-0.

    Two important (one critical) season ending injuries. Penn State has an OC that knows what he is doing. Passing game still an unknown. No clear indication that special teams have improved let alone merit approprium. OL back on track. Aston healthy and a key to offense success. Jury still out on defensive backs, QB, safeties other than JW. Defensive depth a problem.
    Players love their program,
    their coaches, their school, their teammates. Recruiting still lagging. 2016 season so far — a blast. I’m

    All things considered: pretty darn good.


  27. Jackagain, I believe we actually have a walk-on kicker available who is ‘greyshirting’ this year, and will go on schollie next year. If memory serves, he’s from Michigan.

    Blewitt has kicked for 4 years now and you would think he’ll be able to turn it around but he has got to do better


  28. Reed,
    You’re “eating crow” approach is one of humility and maturity – not surprising knowing your history. Well said! Now, for some of you fickle SOP alleged Pitt fans, sure, everyone has a right to predict a game anyway they want, but I still hope this game helps you grow a pair. Why do I say that? For starters your team – Pitt- was 5 point favorites. Yet when you wrote why they would lose you would of thought that we were 21 point underdogs playing on the road.
    Hey, I didn’t pick Pitt to go 13-0 on the season, they will lose some games this year. But to have your home team favored to win a game against their MOST HATED rivals and you guys – SOP fans throwing your own team under the bus, well that’s just pathetic, no it’s more than that, it’s shameful!!!
    But hey, there’s a lot of season left, I love you guys as a Pitt brother and look forward to sharing the rest of the season with you, win or lose!


  29. A few things – I had some inside dope a couple hours before the game that we weren’t going to pass hardly at all – that’s why I didn’t comment on the lack of pass plays called in the huddle. But Peterman was effective because . his 11 completions (out of 15 passes) – 6 went for 1st downs and 3 for TDs. Nine out of 11 passes produced good things.

    BTW – don’t think we won’t see a passing game get more shots in the future – the whole game was planned out in advance to run the ball down their throats and once up by 14 and 21 points we were staying on the ground.

    Tom – If I think Pitt will win I’ll predict Pitt, if I think they will lose I’ll predict the opponent. That’s what it all about writing this blog – again I’ll give credit due but I’m not going to cheer lead. If they play well aI’ll say that – if thinks didn’t go so well I’ll say that also.

    I though we had a lot to work on after that game – as happy as I am with the win I was kind of horrified by our DBs in pass defense – they were bad and on the last play of the game #11 for PSU was running down the right sideline by himself with no Pitt guys anywhere near him. But that’s the luck of football – the QB locked on and we won.

    I’ll work on the Monday Morning QB tonight and tomorrow morning with more detailed thoughts but even with all the drama and uneven play yesterday we did a great thing. Now beat NC and I’ll be really happy because I think – if we can even out our play, we have a shot at the conference championship.


  30. Yeah we all saw the psu wr wide open. PITT’s pressure play a part in that. Crow must be lousy tasting considering an Admiral must be use to eating high on the hog.


  31. Anyone want to revise their season predictions yet?

    Syracuse, Duke and Virginia stink really bad. Most of the teams on our schedule look pretty weak.

    A win next week would be big. Mismatches all over the field.


  32. Blewitt has been disappointing, but that miss was on Narduzzi. You don’t attempt a 49yd fg into the wind at the open endzone with a kicker who has missed 5 of his last 6 attempts. You shouldn’t call timeout on a 4th & 16 on D either.


  33. Good to see A.Matthews and Challingsworth on the field yesterday. Both could impact the passing game progression this season. I think AM was on the field due to D.Ford’s injury – burned redshirt, but he looks the part. Let’s see if his talent matches the physical look.

    Idowu & Wirginis played well, as did Bam Bradley. Look for the LB’s to step up next week and play well. Conner may go for 200 yards and four TD’s. Power running should win that game vs the cowgirls.

    Central Michigan showed the recipe to beating OK State – we have a smart coaching staff that will play off the film and utilize more of the defensive depth to keep guys fresh for the 4th qtr.

    This game will be used as a tune up for unc. No one will overlook the cowgirls, as this is a potential nationally recognized win that could nudge Pitt into the rankings. The media will probably have some access to the team this week, because the following week they will be blacked out for the UNC revenge game in Charlotte.

    Savoring the pedo victory as I prepare for another work week.



  34. Miami made the top 25 while ESPN’s ACC power rankings has Pitt ahead of the canes.

    Pitt must be close to breaking into the top 25 – beat the cowgirls and the showdown in Charlotte becomes a HUGE game – bigger than it already is…



  35. ~ EE . It would be nice if the UNC game was at Charlotte. Would be an advantage for Pitt, rather than playing at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill. Where we have never beaten the Holes. Maybe this year !!!

    Go Pitt !!


  36. Winners and Losers from Yesterday’s Games

    Winner — A rivalry revisited: It took 16 years for Penn State and Pitt to play again, but it was worth the wait. Pitt’s 42-39 win was a classic. Though it looked like the Panthers were going to steamroll the Nittany Lions after jumping out to a 28-7 lead, Penn State made a valiant second-half comeback on the shoulders of running back Saquon Barkley. A blowout shrunk to a one-score game by the fourth quarter before an end zone interception from Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley sealed it.

    Penn State and Pitt play three more times between 2017 and 2019. It’s no guarantee each one will be as good as this one, but it’s good to see these two teams playing again. Penn State-Pitt doesn’t have the national lore it used to, but in a weekend of undesirable non-conference games, this one delivered.



  37. JoPedo deprived everyone in Pennsylvania 15 years worth of memorable games and their chief rival to boot.

    What a horrible vendetta filled small creature this creature was on several levels.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Much as he destroyed countless little boy’s and teen’s lives (we will never truly know how many boys were actually molested and raped at Pedo State), this dirty little creature tried to destroy Pitt’s football program.

    Well it didn’t work and like many tyrants of the past, they end up destroying themselves. It’s just too bad he didn’t have the balls to Face the Music.

    marcire All ‘inferno


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