POV’s Penn State Game Thread

The thing about football – the important thing about football – is that it is not just about football.”   (Terry Pratchett)

That  sure applies to this game today doesn’t it?  With all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the match this afternoon and all the emotions; good, bad and indifferent, it all revolves around a set of numbers up on a scoreboard at the end of the game. Those numbers are going to make some people ecstatic and will make others want to kick their dog.

Don’t do that.  Instead I invite you to my house to kick our two cats -” Joe” and “Pa”.

The final score will award bragging rights for one school and “Wait til next year you SOBs!” for the other. It’s going to be a good game to watch and let’s hope it is well-played, at least by Pitt, but everyone likes to see good solid competition by two teams battling each other out there.

In my opinion, and it seems the opinion of about 90% of fans and media types offering prediction, we’ll see a close scoring game and some exciting pivotal plays.  If our defense we watched last week dominate FCS Villanova is the real deal and can play that same way against an evenly matched PSU team – and I do think we are evenly matched – then we’ll most probably win.

The very last thing I want to see happen is the outcome of the game being taken away from the players by the referees.  That ruins any game but this particular one it would be magnified 1000x especially if a PSU player’s mother’s second cousin’s son’s HS football coach is the Umpire.

Honestly, I dread going to the North Side today – it is going to be packed to the gill with cars and drunken fans for us semi-sober fans to try to deal with en-route to Heinz, and I actually have a parking pass and Press Box access, albeit in Blogger Purgatory on the 4th level of seats.  The deadline and national sportswriters get the lower ones but that’s cool.

Us 4th level guys break out the weed at Sweet Caroline so I’m fine with the switch.  Besides when watching Pitt football we claim medicinal marijuana usage to knock down the psychotic urge to kill someone.

After driving up to PGH yesterday, having a bottle of wine with my BFF (54 years now, since 2nd grade mind you – who else can claim that?) and sleeping on my 24-20 PSU prediction I’ll tell you I woke up and almost switched it around – that’s how badly I want Pitt to win this game.  Still, looking at it from every angle yet again I see a ball bouncing PSU’s way once or twice more than Pitt’s way.

But my words don’t win or lose football games, nor do anyone else’s on the Internet or at the tailgate parties… but cheering once you are in the stadium sure does – and you’ll have competition in the stands on that count so be prepared.

I say “you” because the press box is run like a Carthusian Monastery with the accompanying vows of silence – here is how we have to sing the Pitt Fight song when the band plays it right before kickoff:

So – onward to the game and the ebb and flow of things we just cannot control.  That is a hard fact to throw a turn on because we are, and excuse me you ladies on here, grown men used to being The Master of All We Survey.

Well, today it will be Pat Narduzzi who is in semi-control. I say “semi-” because having 105 young men and teenagers on the roster is like trying to tame a bunch of wild coyotes – the best he can do is rub raw meat all over the PSU skill position players and turn our guys loose.

My friends and fellow Pitt’sters… be safe today and enjoy.  This game is a long time coming and the day should be fun as hell for everyone.  Yes, even the Nitter fans as dejected as I hope they are at 3:00.

Bits and Pieces:  Here are some articles to get your blood up this morning and minds occupied until the game starts…

The Post-Gazette has a good one on the history of the rivalry.

The P-G’s Craig Meyer talks about the scheduling problems in keeping this series going.

Ron Cook talks about his choice of a Pitt win today and hits the nail on the head with this bit – and it dovetails with that PSU article I wrote last week:

They (PSU fans) want their team to beat Pitt, but it won’t necessarily destroy their fun this season if it doesn’t.

The opposite is true of a lot of Pitt fans. I have been told by many over the years that they would rather see Penn State lose on any given Saturday than Pitt win. I have seen that at Heinz Field when a score is announced — Ohio State 38, Penn State 10 — and the place erupts with joy as opposed to a similar announcement at Beaver Stadium — North Carolina 26, Pitt 19 — and there is little or no reaction. I’m convinced those Pitt fans would rather see Pitt beat Penn State today and finish 3-9 than lose and go 9-3. It’s a bit frightening — a bit of a whacked perspective — if you think about it.

Well, no one said Pitt fans are rational God love ’em.

P-G’s Jenn Menendez has a good “Five Points” piece in the Red shirt Diaries.

Switching over to the Tribune-Review we have Jerry DiPaola with a bit on the ‘healthy hatred’ between the schools.

Rob Rossi goes overboard a lot… he always tries to dominate the time at the press conferences he attends, but he writes an interesting article today that will generate some raised eyebrows.  I disagree with his comparison of Narduzzi to Paterno but there is some truth to his other thoughts.

You might want to skip this one by the Trib’s Bob Cohn as it is a look back at the 1981 Pitt-PSU game.  BTW – I listened to that game in the Radio Room while underway on a Coast Guard ship out of Honolulu at 7:00 am.

On a seperate note – when my wife and I were in Coast Guard housing long ago I bought a big color TV and invites some fellow Coasties over to watch a Pitt-PSU game.  One guy had gone to PSU and while I was being very respectful as a Pitt fan he was obnoxious as hell and screaming about how much better PSU was as a university and football team.

I asked him to cool it twice then kicked him out of the house mid-2nd quarter.  He thought I was kidding until I literally pushed him out the door.  My wife was appalled but a crazy-mad look stopped that complaint in its tracks.

Here’s a piece on that time period of the ’70s – 80s when these games mattered nationally.  That would be when the Mythical National Championship was a beauty and popularity contest voted on by biased sportswriters

ESPN has a video and article on this game and the history of our 1976 Champs – whose players are invited to be at the game today (it always makes me nervous when Pitt does this).

Here is some important info from Pitt about the gameday situation on the North Shore.

Finally – here are the Pitt-PSU Game Notes put out by the Pitt Media Dept.  They contain a wealth of info on this game, the stats, facts and news about the two football programs – a real wealth of info for fans to slip into their pockets for the match today.

But for quick reference while watching at home and commenting on this Gameday Thread here is the Pitt two-deep:


472 thoughts on “POV’s Penn State Game Thread

  1. Well we learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses today. OK State will have the film.

    Kind of thought both our lines tired out in the second half. Especially the D, which you would expect due to the lack of depth. Price was much less effective in the second half. Less overall pressure on McSorley.

    Thought our D-backs played a pretty good game against an accurate passer and pretty good receivers.

    There were obvious blunders, Barkley down the sidelines and the 4th and long left wide open.

    Would like to know the reasons for an absolute dearth of downfield passes. Even one deep ball to Weah just to keep them honest. Looks to be a combination of no trust in the receivers, Peterman, and pass blocking. At least we had two nice TD passes, and a timely shovel.

    Hopefully it won’t be 100 degrees in Oklahoma next week.

    Special teams needs some work. Also a few too many penalties.

    Loved the use of Ollison and Hall. Need to keep Conner fresh to finish games.


  2. The Box Score is up. Lewis lead the way with 9 tackles, Whitehead 7, and Idowu 6.

    Great game by Conner and solid performance by the D holding Barkley to 4.2 yds per carry.

    Lots of good stuff.


  3. I’m with you Dr Tom, some people can’t enjoy todays win without throwing us the bus for the Okla. St game. How about giving Pitt a few days off before you begin thrashing us in the next game. Yikes!!! Some people just love being negative.—-I was dead wrong on todays game. And for that I’m very happy. But I’ll wait a few days before I start in on Pitt before the next game.


  4. McSorely did not impress me as a passing QB at all. Sure he made plays when he had all day to throw. Any QB can do that. Any time he got a whiff of pressure he folded. There were several plays where Pitt brought pressure that if he had kept his head and kept looking there were PSU receivers open, but he either hurried his throw or tossed it away or got sacked.


  5. Just because someone had a white shirt on doesn’t mean they were a psu fan. I saw plenty of Pitt fans in white, it was 90 & sunny after all. psu did not bring the amount of people they thought they would. My section was 95% Pitt, much to my surprise & delight. A very satisfying day all around.


  6. “Doc – I agree but the atmosphere was bc many from PSU attended.”

    That’s complete BS upitt, it was Pitt fans that made that atmosphere. Go peddle your yinzer crap somewhere else today.


  7. I predicted a 2 point Pitt win. Just like last week I was only one (1) point off(predicted 20 point win and we won by 21).

    I’ll keep taking these…. off by 1 point…… predictions.

    Pedo State Sux!


  8. Nick – agree. other than a few minutes in the 4th qtr. I didn’t hear much noise from the cult zombies! Proud of the fans. Couple observations:


    I can’t agree with the comment above that the D backs (especially the corners) played well. Shitty quarterback and wide receivers running wide open all day. Thank god they can’t catch.

    Our Wr’s other than Henderson stink. Covered and smothered all day by a below average defense. Where is Dontez Ford? Having no receivers will kill us when we play a real team.

    Our special teams absolutely suck across the board, Pathetic.


    O Line and D Line played much better than last week.

    Liked the offensive play calling

    They didn’t fold (SOP) under pressure and played at a high emotion level all game,

    Our fans were 10 times better than the cult D-bags. Students were great all game!


  9. We ran 56 times and threw 15 times of which 4 were shovel passes.

    Pretty amazing performance.

    I don’t think Chryst ever ran that much.

    Peterman beat out Voytik because he was a better passer, sorry to bring it up but it is kind of funny.

    Hopefully the game plan was designed against PSU’s weaknesses and we will see a better passing game when it is needed.

    deepemblues, sounds a little like sour grapes, McSorley came within one very close play of beating us today. He is only a sophomore, I would love to have him on our team.


  10. How about that….former NFL No 1 pick, & Pitt All-American CB Tim Lewis’s son makes the game saving pick.

    And first CAREER interception for Ryan Lewis. What a moment and place to make your first career pick.

    Oh My !


  11. There were pedders there but most white shirts were pedders. Several women had white ped state shirts that said ‘shit on pitt’ yeah good choice of shirt wear ho’s. What was fun was pedders were quiet until second half comeback attempt then sat back on their hands. They were taken out early then for most part were quiet. Much quieter than Hoopies when we play them here. Dr Tom provides the extreme optimist and UPitt the dependable negative, keeps my head balanced.


  12. **** Oklahoma State is gonna come-out so FIRED UP for Pitt and whoop-butt god lawd’…

    What the….heck??? Lol maybe Pitt wins in a blowout next week at Stillwater, maybe Pitt loses a tough game against a pretty talented team that needs a home win against Pitt desperately —- whatever, so as long as our Pitt Panthers play their hearts-out than we will all have pride in our team (aka *not Nordernberg/Pederson Pitt: SCARED, No-Guts+ Definitely No Glory).

    YO, dunno where some people are getting their weirdly-skewed info, but Oklahoma State was not even that much more talented that Pitt last year, and Pitt continues to catch-up. Oklahoma State just lost at home to a Central Michigan Team that was 7-6 last year. WHAT are some people watching that they think Oklahoma State is Alabama?? Our talent level is about totally-equal, and it’s going to come down to our Pitt Panthers just balling-out next week.

    —– P.S. anyways, let’s make a big-improvement on a common-term here. Instead of “Same Old Pitt”, we get more accurate, and Say Nordy/Pederson Pitt. Cheap-A$$, Apathetic, Disinterested, Self-Sabotage (from the absolute top-on-down) Pitt.

    I.E. Cheap Pitt + Lackadaisical Pitt etc. was the result of leadership not giving a Hoot about Pitt Football, and being literally one of the most embarrassingly-cheapskate Football Programs around under the whack previous leadership before (*Shining Light for Pitt Football!!! 🙂 🙂 )

    Chancellor Gallagher arrived and (!!!!) FIRED STEVE PEDERSON’S PITT FOOTBALL-DESTROYING A$$, and he didn’t give a Hoot he payed that buyout in Straight-Cash-Homie and told Stevie P. to pack his silly-bags and get the He*l outta Pittsburgh.

    ****** It’s not like Pitt and Heinz were built on top of some ancient burial ground of a Native Tribe, who were all a bunch of scared losers who wilted in the brightest spotlight and Big-Moments, so there Pitt was destined for failure. ***** —

    C’mon now, lol. Anyways:

    Pitt v. PSU:

    Great, great game for Pitt — because they are WINNERS in their own-hearts now with Narduzzi’s Swagger and Attitude and Character now permeating into the Pitt Football Program.

    Penn State is gonna actually benefit greatly from this game—- they needed Pitt to find their own motivation, vs. playing their generic, fly-over state, interchangeable Big-10 Land Grant schools week-in, and week-out.

    Pitt and PSU belong in the same conference, and in the same division in that conference. Oh well.

    @ Matt Canada: Jester Weah is 210+ pounds, and runs like a gazelle, and he can cut on a dime —- so: hows-about we get main-man Jester Weah-included here on some of that sweet Jet Sweep Action sir 🙂 🙂 🙂 —- he might just take one to the house.

    GREAT GAME, and all of it is a taste of Pitt now with Genius, Gentleman, All-Around-Stud Chancellor Gallagher pouring his passion into the football program, and our equally awesome Head Coach, Pat Narduzzi (Good job Mr. Barnes too!!!). Packed Heinz, a talented team with Great character, who give it all for each other, THE University of Pittsburgh, and all of us fans and supporters.

    —– Now, imagine today — the enthusiasm, the National Exposure, WINNING — when Pat Narduzzi’s team his all ‘His-Guys’ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 . I said before, a HYBRID program like a mixture of the new-age Oregon Ducks, and Narduzzi’s best Michigan State teams —– Lightning-Fast, Powerful, Svelte, powerful and agile athletes at each spot — and a ton of HEART 🙂 🙂

    Enjoy these moments these next few weeks and this whole-season, all you guys who’ve felt “downtrodden” about Pitt but always stayed loyal and enthusiastic lol —- because you might actually MISS the Mediocre-Pitt days….. ‘Cus it’s gonna be hard to find a seat, or get any space when the Bandwagon Fills-Up haha


  13. deepemblues, sounds a little like sour grapes, McSorley came within one very close play of beating us today. He is only a sophomore, I would love to have him on our team.

    There was nothing close about that play. There wasn’t a PSU receiver within 10 feet of where the ball came down. That play is emblematic of who McSorely is as a QB right now. He felt the pressure and heaved it up in the general direction of his guys in the end zone. Unfortunately for him there were only 2 of his guys and 4 Pitt guys there.

    I wouldn’t love to have McSorely because he stinks when pressured as he did today. He didn’t make a single play when pressured, he looked great when he had 5-6 seconds to throw. Like any QB would.


  14. That’s on McSorely too, he overthrew a man who had a solid two and a half maybe even three steps on the defender. I’m not gonna make excuses for the other team’s QB especially Penn State’s QB! If McSorely wants to be a good QB he has to make those throws, not almost make them.


  15. So where was all the downfield throwing Canada was supposed to bring? Did Pitt complete a pass thrown longer than 10 yards today? So far Chaney looks like a gunslinger by comparison.

    Pitt had success throwing to Orndoff over the linebackers last week. Today nothing but shovel passes and only one that worked.

    Much better blocking by the offensive line today. There were some nice holes.

    Pitt had a lot of trouble generating QB pressure in the second half. Seems that had something to do with the PSU passing game success in the second half.


  16. He threw for 332 yards vs our 91 and has two more years of eligibility.

    He will get better under pressure.

    He threw a lot of excellent passes today. He is already better than anyone we have had

    for a long time. Almost brought his team back under pretty dire circumstances.

    I am not looking forward to playing him next year.


  17. “Dontez Ford was hurt making the tackle after the interception. He was on the sideline with his arm in a sling.”

    That’s terrible for the young man….but he clearly is not much of a part of Matt Canada’s plans.

    The interception also happened in the first-place because Ford not only dropped a perfectly timed and placed ball from Peterman (short of the 1st down but still would’ve been huge for field-position), but it careened-off his hands up in the air like a volley-set for an easy pick for the Penn State defender —- totally ruining Pitt’s momentum.

    It might be much better for Pitt to get Aaron Mathews in there in that spot. Dontez Ford is a real “Loyal-Soldier” and all but he is almost a decoy out-there just to take-up a defender.


  18. no just 1 shovel pass for a TD. one of the other ones set up a TD.

    by the way pitt simply doesn’t have the horses yet on defense or on offense to put its boot on the neck of a team with as many playmakers as PSU has. that’s coming though, maybe as soon as next year for the defense anyway.


  19. and yeah PSU gave up on running almost entirely in the second half when mcsorely got the bulk of his yardage

    pitt’s offensive gameplan handcuffed peterman. peyton manning couldn’t have cracked 200 yards passing with that gameplan.


  20. deepenblues, that is certainly true of the defense, but the offense needs to learn how to finish games.

    Too many mistakes in the second half, combined with the late fumble by Conner.

    Hopefully it was just the heat today, but they need to pick up more first downs on the ground late in games.

    They gave Penn State way too many opportunities today.


  21. Pitt ran well to the outside, but did not have as much success up the middle. Why did we keep running up the middle on crucial plays when we needed yardage- only to get stuffed? My hubby was going nuts. I understand you need to keep the D honest, but when you need the crucial yardage on 3rd down you go where you know you can get the yardage.


  22. The O-line needs to develop the killer instinct to dominate the line of scrimmage to put the game away, like the Steelers and Bettis used to do.


  23. The Jet sweep was unstoppable in the first half, but was only used once in the second.
    Not a bad idea to put Whitehead in as a decoy once in a while too, and run the other way.


  24. Deep – The PSU contibuted to the atmosphere means without the 30-40k PSU fans the game would have 40k in attendence. They being local making attending easy. You think UNC or any ACC school would bring a 1/3 of that amount??? Hell no.

    As far as OK St. They are like 29-3 against Non Big 12 teams at home over last 10

    Big B – Hope you took Arkansas. Easy Money.


  25. Emel – Ryan Lewis is Tim Lewis’ nephew, not son. Regardless, great bloodlines and great pick to save game.

    Penn State is very good at what they do best – suck.


  26. Hope the Pedo Cult enjoyed that long long ride, on the Route 22 Trail of Tears……back to Creepy Valley.
    I hope they don’t fire Franklinstein too soon.


  27. There was not 30-40k psu turds. The problem with watching on tv is you see less than half the stadium & the part you see is the visitors side. 20k max. I prefer our opponents not bringing people. Easier to get in/out, no lines for food/ bathrooms. Sellouts suck. I could care less about yellow seats.


  28. Posted this elsewhere but not here.

    Did anyone else see the Pedo State players crying on the bench as the game ended.

    Not a rivalry ? Really Psu ! 🙂


  29. Upitt- Try again on puffing up Okie State. Since 2011, have only played 3 non-com a year. One a FCS, one a sunbelt & one FBS. Not even good FCS & Sunbelt but dregs. Not surprised at all with a 29-3 non-com record with two gimmes a year.

    Didn’t take the time to check out earlier 5 years but I doubt if thier scheduling MO changed.


  30. Back from the game and thrilled we sent those arrogant Assholes home with a loss. Game took 2 years off my life! A few thoughts:

    Anyone who sat in 96 degree sun and heat deserves a tip of the hat. That was the hottest game I’ve ever sat through, and I was in the shade.
    Franklin is a complete idiot. His taking 2 time outs mid 4th quarter and then throwing long into the end zone ( they were in Fg range, had come back from near death, and had all the mo if the game goes to OT) was very Wanstedian !
    Watching the old Penn State couples having to go to the top of the stadium to sit (bitching all the way) was joyful!
    No more excuses for Blewitt.
    We all witnessed a classic game today. Pitt was the better team on the field and won. Goes to my top 3 Pitt wins ever.
    We have a terrific team that plays with more heart than head. Just need a new kicker and a reorg in the secondary. I say we beat Okie St easily next week and did anyone else notice Clemson almost shit the bed vs Nichols St?
    Don’t know how many more Pitt games I will be around for. Thanks to Narduzzi/ Pitt fans and Franklin for making this old Pitt fan ecstatic this evening! H2P

    PS No rivalry my ass!


  31. Saw this on Scout.com:

    Fun fact:

    42 points was the most points scored ever (by us) against PSU (in the 97 all-time meetings).

    The previous high was 41 points in the game played back in 1931.

    Not sure it’s true…


  32. “The PSU contibuted to the atmosphere means without the 30-40k PSU fans the game would have 40k in attendence. ”

    ROFL 30-40k PSU fans


    i was actually at the game as were many others and it was 75-80% pitt fans. psu had somewhere between 15k and 20k and it was closer to 15k than 20k.

    i’m wondering if you even watched the game because until conner’s fumble you could count the number of times PSU fans got loud on one hand. pitt fans dominated butts in the seats and dominated the cheering. all game. PSU fans tried to get loud in the second half and pitt fans responded and outdid them every single time.

    yinzer garbage ain’t flyin today


  33. There is always at least 1 & usually 2 games every year that are hot as hell & sunny like today. Always within the 1st 2-3 games. Nova last week was just as bad. I don’t know how people in the south do it. That is the main reason I hate noon games.


  34. Where the hell do you get 40k PSU fans? Are you nuts? They were around 20 percent at best. Seriously, some people are full of shit!
    Just woke up from post game nap. Game had something for everyone. It was entertaining on so many levels. THAT is why it should be played every year.
    BTW, kudos to the current student section, they where great!


  35. Jack again – you are correct. 42 is most followed by the 41 you cite.

    Emel – the WR who dropped the long pass was sobbing at the end. I swore I saw McSorley hug him and give him a kiss.


  36. On TV the entire side was white Deep. Yinzers live in Pittsburgh you dolt. At some point the announcers said it was half PSU fans.

    I love the excitement. Now we are going to kill Ok. St. There is no in between on being a Pitt Fan. Either we are going to beat Bama next week or we stink.


  37. Really glad to hear it was only 15-20K. Announcers kept saying it was 50/50.

    Also glad to hear Pitt fans stepped up and cheered over the opposition.

    Good point about only seeing the visitors side on TV. Have been complaining about that for years.

    Very bad optics.


  38. On TV the entire side was white Deep. Yinzers live in Pittsburgh you dolt. At some point the announcers said it was half PSU fans.

    No it wasn’t. The end zone upper deck was 99% PSU. The visitor’s side upper deck looked about 85% PSU to me. The visitor’s side lower bowl looked about 60 PSU-40 Pitt.

    Yinzers don’t just live in Pittsburgh, you prove that every single day.

    I don’t care what the announcers said, I was there and it was 75% Pitt fans. The home side was 99.9% Pitt.


  39. It was not 50/50. I’d say 75/25. Maybe 70/30. Whoever said it was just as hot last week for Villanova is on crack. It was the hottest game I can ever remember. I can’t thank James Franklin enough for his assist in our victory today. Yes,mour boys came out fired up and ready to play. But Franklin way underutilized Barkley in the first half, then gift wrapped the finish. We could not stop them the entire second half. There was no need to take the risk of throwing deep. Thanks Coach Franklin. And to Ryan Lewis for making the pick.


  40. You would have to actually stay the whole game to know it was just as hot last week. Coming in late drunk & leaving after Sweet Caroline fogs your judgement.


  41. I agree with the people saying that the crowd was 75/25 pro-Pitt. Seemed close to the amount of ND or WVU fans we get, although a bit more. I sit upper end zone and my section (which is closer to the home side) was almost entirely Pitt fans, so whoever said upper end zone was 99.9 percent PSU fans was way off (the other side of the upper end zone, closest to the visitor side, was probably a different story).

    Pitt fans were loud, PSU fans not so much.


  42. Could not have been more completely wrong on my pre-game prediciton. We would come out horribly (not exactly) We would make adjustments and half time and make a second half comeback. (not exactly). We would lose. (Not exactly). For some reason I seem to be in a very good mood this evening even with such a horrible prediction. One thing for sure, I never gamble and that is never, ever going to change given my prediction ineptitude!


  43. I am not down on Blewitt although most here seem to be. First his kickoffs are shorter this year and that is planned. If the kick goes into the endzone for a touchback, the opponent starts the drive on the 25. If the kick is short of the end zone and high, the cover team has an excellent chance of stopping the returner before he hits the 20. That is a small but important differentiator than past years. I think he does it well. I am disappointed that when we kicked off from the 50, he sent it through the end zone. To me, it should be short and high. Pin them down!

    Hall had a nice game at the RB position too. He made some nice runs. Offensively, our WR’s threw some good blocks today but did little else. They were playing against a good defensive backfield. I do not mind that we didn’t throw deep. That will come. My gosh, only the POV could complain about scoring 42 points. Our offense was diverse with a lot of movement. Keep that going and exploit weaker db’s in the future. WE HAVE OPTIONS and we are incrementally faster!!


  44. @Dan72 I have season tickets in upper deck 511 row H – hot as hell (and was so for Nova and YSU last year). Have sat there since we moved in 15 years ago. More importantly anyone who thinks there were 60% ped on that side is on crack. There are always a lot of Pitt fans there. Why I stay there in 90 plus heat in September nooners only shows I love heat stroke. During late rally the one time I heard the We Are Ped State – it was upper and lower deck only on the scoreboard side. Upper deck endzone mostly Pedders, with at least one half of a section entirely empty. They were outshouted by Pitt Fans, period. At most 15-20 K, at most, and boy were they quiet. Loved it. Gonna wear my script shirt to bed. Good Night. HAIL TO PITT.
    ped state says this is not a rivalry only because they are either delusional or they realize they are a slipping mid tier Big 10 team – at least OSU, Michigan, MIch ST, Wisky are better. One pedder near me said several times Pitt is in the Big East – dumber than Hoopies. When they fall lower over the years they will comeback arrogant hat in hand – at that point lock those arrogant pukes in for 50 years.
    Finally, Pitt had few if any players with cramps which was not true in the past – better conditioning and better hydrating. HAIL TO PITT.


  45. Next week PSU has Temple for a home game to honor Paterno. The other big PA team for Penn State. That one is a must game for them, IMO. Pitt must close better.

    Still cannot defend against the pass downfield. No. 2 and No. 14 for Pitt were really picked on, as was Caprara and even NO. 35 ON ONE LONG PASS AND GREAT CATCH. BUT NO. 35 DID NOT DROP THAT LAST PASS.

    No doubt Penn State has top notch players talent wise. Wish we had them. Although right now our team may not have as much talent, so far they have enough heart to make up for any talent difference. Thanks to Pitt coaching. Wow! What a game!


  46. S O to the Pitt fanbase. I must say that viewing on TV, most of the crowd standing during all of the big plays, of which there were many on both sides, impressed me. This debate of how many Penn State fans were there in person is comical. There looked to be at least 45,000 actual butts in seats at our home opener against Villanova, & I saw that with my own eyes when I came up for the game. Add another five grand to that figure for such a big game and we have an easy 50,000 of Pitt fans out of the record crowd of 70,000. So can we please retire this nonsense? Way more Pitt fans there than Penn State fans.

    What I do know for sure, as does anybody else that watched the game on TV, is when Pitt made a big play, the noise was substantial. So as I said, good on you Panther Nation, you represented well.

    Hail to Pitt!


  47. In reviewing the OK St. SB Nation site, “Cowboys Ride for Free” you can’t help but feel for the Cowboys getting royally screwed by the game officials. Considering that there are like 10 people who should at least have had immediate access to a rules book to properly adjudicate the final play of their game yesterday, it is pretty amazing that nobody who counts, got it right in the end. And then of course there was that miraculous final play of the game that never should have transpired in the 1st place.

    Well, besides that travesty standing up as a loss for OK St., the other ramification is that the entire officiating crew got suspended for two games. Sounds about right to me, FUBAR!

    So Coach Gundy released a statement today trying to convince anybody who cares that the entire mess now needs to be seen only in the rear view mirror so that the team can concentrate on their preparation for their next game against, you know who. Yeah, good luck with that one. My suggestion, pull a Narduzzi and shut the whole team organization down to outside interference. No coverage or interviews of any kind and mums the word from their administrators, simply because the fanbase has the torches & pitchforks out about this one and therefore it ain’t going to go away by itself by just issuing a statement from the HC on Sunday afternoon.

    Myself, I never feel that playing pissed off because of hurt feelings of being unrationally wronged by some extraneous factor is EVER a good thing. Why? Simply because it leads to the “here we go again” syndrome as soon as anything else goes against you immediately down the road. This can only be to Pitt’s advantage this week, IMO. The Cowboys will be preoccupied dealing with the fallout of this officiating dumpster fire, and the potential various extenuating circumstances that can result from this are many. All of which can only distract them from their focus of preparing for the Panthers.

    It will be interesting seeing how the game’s Vegas line evolves over this week of preparation. Lots of variables to consider in this one.


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