Know Your Enemy

I’m not going to take a lot of time and expound on who, what or where Penn State is as a football team.  We can go to other places to get that info and I’ll throw some links up for you to do just that later in the article.

But first here is all you need to know about this game, its history and the details surrounding it.  The Pitt Media Dept. puts out a Game Notes document prior to every game and I always print them out to have when I’m watching the games.  They are free (as opposed to $$$ for the Game Programs) and have a ton more info.

Here is the one for Pitt-Penn State this Saturday… and here are some excerpts that interest.  First some tidbits:


Here is the Two-Deep going in.  Note that Hendrix is still listed as a starter at DE and that Ziese is 2nd string at LB.

Sorry – but I think that is pretty crappy to list kids that may not even be in uniform that day.  I may be wrong and both those guys will be fine to play… Jerry DiPaola of the Trib addressed the issue on Tuesday.  I say plan on seeing Rori Blair at DE opposite Price and Seaun Idowu and one of the rsFR LBs rotating at the Star LB position.


Here is the PSU two-deep as of Tuesday.  They have some experience on their OL also and there DL is the same mixture of JRs, SRs, and a rsFR.  I think their WRs are pretty shifty and have good hands – I don’t see any long bombs by their QB McSorley but a effecient passing game that gets them 1st downs via a good completion percentage.


As for the game itself.  We’ll post up a predictions article tomorrow but here are my thoughts.

I wouldn’t bet on a Pitt win this Saturday with your money.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think we can win.  I sure do and am hoping we pull it out.  But at the same time I watched the Villanova game in person and wasn’t all that impressed with the team Pitt overall.

Yes, the Defense ‘threw a shutout’ – against a FCS team. That is a world of difference than going up against a Big Ten in-state rival.  I didn’t see team speed on defense last week save for blitzes and it looked like the DL and the LBs were not any quicker or stronger than we were last season.

I think we’ll have a tough time containing PSU’s very good RB Saquon Barkley.  He is a true SO this season and had a great FR year for the Nitters.  He’s not small at 5’11” and 223 but runs a 4.38 40 (fastest on the team) and has power to break arm tackles. He’s also the 3rd strongest kid on that team and that includes the lineman.

Folks, tackling in the open field has been a problem for Pitt’s LBs (for years it seems) and I think we’ll have problems with this on Saturday.

And the fact that our leading tacklers last week were the four DBs means that their RB Barkley is going to get past the LOS and the LBs on a regular basis – and if that happens then we are screwed because he can make things happen in the open field.

We think Ollison did well for us and he did – but Barkley had just a few less yards (1121-1076) but a better YPC average of 5.9.  That is the same YPC average Conner had during his great 2014 years and if you watch the Barkley film you’ll see there are some other similarities as well.  Barkley isn’t a jitterbug type HB but can move the ball forward in many ways.

He did that while missing almost three full games last season due to injury, and he did this on a team that wasn’t afraid to pass the ball around either.

Overall PSU’s running game wasn’t that great in ’15 – again their most productive rusher was laid up for almost three full games… but that was last year.

I guess the more research I do into this opponent the more I’m thinking this game can be a real toss-up that may hinge on a turnover or two.  Our QB is pretty good at protecting the ball overall – the last two games of the season last year not withstanding.

But we haven’t been getting the turnovers that we all thought we would when Conklin came over from the FIU program where he excelled in getting his kids to create fumbles and INTs.  We pretty much sucked at that last season where we were 66th in the nation and dead even at giving and taking 16.  PSU had a +4 in that area.

I’m also not sold on Blewitt being able to come through in the clutch if necessary.  So I’ll say this.  I don’t believe we have a home-field advantage in Heinz Field anyway and especially not when there will be a seas of screaming PSU fans there Saturday so throw that +3 points out the window.

But if we can get more that two TOs and if our rushing game can put up over 200 yards we’ll do OK.  If Peterman and his receivers progress from last week and get 200+ yards and 2 TDs with no INTs then we’ll win.

So I think we win a close one.  But my score prediction itself will be given tomorrow.

BTW  here are the full  PSU Game Notes for this game.  Interesting look at the other side of the field…

Oh – and before pledging your dislike for anything PSU-related watch this video – not all the good and decent kids sit only on the Pitt roster.

Now I’ll add my personal and intimate thoughts on this game. 

We love to hate Penn State’s football program and its team.  That is pretty damned obvious.  But I hope that we Pitt fans can limit our antagonism to the arena and not let it bleed out toward visiting Penn State people who, after all, love their team and university as much as we love ours.

I’ll greet PSU fans on my way to the stadium and the writers up in the Press Box with a handshake and a smile and I would hope that given the opportunity the majoity of Pitt fans will do the same thing at the tailgates and in the stands.

I have read for five years since Penn State’s scandal how much better Pitt fans believe they are than Penn State fans and in my opinion – if you truly do feel that way – then show it by taking the high road of civility rather than the low road of vitirol and spite.

You are adults and will do what you want.  I just hope that what I see outside and inside the stadium on Saturday makes me feel a part of something, the Pitt family, that I can be even more proud of than I now – and I’m pretty damned proud of Pitt and its peoples.

Win or lose – to me life is bigger and better than just a game played on a field and I’d hope others feel the same way, no matter which way the score ends up.

Thanks and HTP!!



78 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy

  1. You may have hit on something there with Barkley missing 3 games. He runs hard and a lot of times these running backs get injured. Durability may become his biggest issue. As for the lecture? I’m always nice and you know that Reed. Seriously if a PITT fan wants to yell obscene insults in the direction of psu fans it’s his or hers own choice. Although I do agree and I have always been respectful to opposing coaches, players, umpires, refs and the other teams fans. At least while I’m not on a message board of any kind…….ike


  2. This article sums up how I feel..unsure/uncertain/no confidence with our team..The running game and that experienced OL is suspect especially at center. We dominated the offensive LOS under Chryst and Rudolph..not so much the last 2 years and that has to change Saturday..We need to start strong and finish stronger as a team and especially the offense and do it on a consistent basis..DBs should not be the leading tacklers on any team..Hope we can control their running game and force the pass..hopefully we don’t get burned with their QBs legs. Nate has to take charge early and manage the game. Think back to Louisville Nate-you can do this…

    Will not be at the game but will be watching it in Nags Head NC with my best buddy and his wife who is an undergraduate of Penn State and graduated from Physical Therapy school with me at PITT and I will be checking in on a high school friend who likewise went to PSU as andundergrad then to Pitt Med school and the list goes on. I respect them, love them and harbor no ill feelings against them or their team..I just hope we show up and kick their collective asses by 30 points…never forget 48-14 you fellow POVerts who are old enough to remember!!


  3. I have the same concern as bj. With Narduzzi creating a media blackout on the order of a major military operation, the team may come out tight and flat. This could cause us to turnover the ball early in the game with a downward spiral. Except for the Louisville game, Pitt has been slow starters under Narduzzi.


  4. The game Saturday will be a war. Obviously, there are a number of “keys” but the success of our running attack will be critical. We all know PS will load the box against the run, so Peterman’s passing will be a focus throughout the game. He and the receivers have to be successful enough to make PS defend the pass and open up our run game. We have the players to move the ball consistently and I hope JC gets back in stride quickly, and I think he will. But, if he doesn’t, I’d like to see Olison given the majority of carries. Any runner that may have to replace Conner will need carries to get in rhythm and that didn’t happen last week. I expect to see Ibrahaim given plays Saturday to take advantage of his speed on the edge. And I expect to see Henderson given the ball more to take advantage of his explosiveness. They are two big playmakers Pitt should use throughout the game. Those guys, when used along with Orndoff, could make our passing attack difficult to stop. HTP! Pitt wins in a close game, 31-28


  5. I just don’t even attempt to figure out Pitt football anymore.

    Just as easily as the Panthers play down to their competition and cough up games to the likes of YSU & Akron, they come out and pull games like last year’s Louisville win out of their hat. The same thing in HCPC’s last season at Pitt winning over a Miami team that was just more talented than Pitt was.

    The list is long and perplexing, on both sides of this discussion. The SOP acronym has been earned over the years by inexplicable failures, but just as head scratching are the wins that only need to be referenced by the final scores to be identified by faithful Pitt fans, i.e., 12-0 or 13-9.

    But I’m seeing in this current coach an attitude that instiles confidence in this team to aspire to greatness without concern for fearing the repercussions of defeat if they fail in their quest for victory.

    IMO, Coach Narduzzi is demanding that this team focuses only on the goal of success. Anticipating anything less handicaps his team before they ever step on the field. Coach Duzz is injecting swag into this team. Not the kind that appears obnoxious to the casual observer, but rather a incurrent of confident attitude that let’s the action on the field to speak for itself.

    Does that mean that we beat penn state on Saturday? No it doesn’t. What it doe’s provide however is a platform that this team can build on for future success.

    The mind leads and the body follows. Right now Narduzzi is working on this team’s mental aspects necessary to compete for championships. Some fans see such bravado as hollow egotism, especially if his team comes up short or performs poorly. Such fans are more concerned of the foolish appearance that defeat imposes on their team when they can’t back up that talk, not important! What’s important is that the team holds that self confidence in the first place going into the game. When done properly, the inevitable defeats that occur, just serve as motivation for future success.

    So far in Naduzzi’s first year, he has not lost a game that was an “assumed win” going into it. Likewise, he has not yet produced an unlikely win over an opponent that is stronger than the Panthers were on paper.

    Even HCPC had one of these in beating ND at Heinz a few years ago. When does Pitt give Coach Duzz his first one of these? Coach Duzz has squarely identified this game as THE ONE!

    No excuses, he has called it what it is, a renewal of a great historical rivalry. He has stated that it is his responsibility to educate his charges to the importance of this game in the historical perspective of this rivalry. Narduzzi has painted a bullseye on this game in just the right way. First, he has communicated to all that this game as absolutely no bearing on the team’s ultimate goal of winning an ACC Championahip, which, of course is accurate. However at exactly the same time he has clearly identified that this game is very important in a totally different level. This is a SWAG game. This is a game that gives the victor a year of bragging rights when you go home and talk football with your friends and HS teammates during the upcoming Christmas holidays.

    Narduzzi is challenging his team in no uncertain terms to earn those bragging rights by impressing in this team that this gam is much more than just another OOC early season game.

    The question is, will this team respond to the challenge? That my friends, we will find out about in about 48 hours. The thing that I appreciate about our Coach however is that he is now shy about this expectation of his team winning this important contest. No “coach speak” here. Narduzzi has the cojones to challenge his team to get it done. No apologies necessary.

    Big game, big win, no excuses. Remember 12-0. Make some new Pitt history. This one matters! Hail to Pitt!


  6. One key to keep an eye on. JC and his running the ball. Last week was not his best week. Rusty, tentative and a step slow. If he doesn’t have it early, Canada gotta recognize this early and get Ollie into a groove.

    All i gotta say……..Just win the F’in game. I want this one bad.


  7. BIG GAME. I feel it will be close and Pitt must be sure tacklers on Barkley. He is a horse but runs like a deer ends must play like D1 and catch every catchable pass. QB must be a leader and play like one and we must play with passion The O and D line got to play tough mean and never quit on blocks. 110% is needed on every play with no excuses. Time to man up earn your scholarship and show leadership. Who will step up is the question. PSU has a lot of great players and fast skill ends and backs. It will be enjoyable. Pitt wins 17-14. HAIL TO PITT see you at the game


  8. 5 keys for Pitt defense:

    stop Barkley
    defend their athletic WRs
    stop Barkley
    keep pressure on McSorley
    stop Barkley

    5 keys for Pitt offense

    control the clock with ground game
    get Henderson in open space
    control the clock with ground game
    no turnovers
    control the clock with ground game


  9. Slowing down Barkley and the QB while covering the athletic WRs and TE will be key for Pitt’s D. To me, this game feels like last year’s Pitt v ND game where ND just had too much speed and athleticism for Pitt. Pitt may hang in there and keep it respectable, but I don’t see a win for the good guys unless we play inspired defense like we did during WVU 13-9 game.


  10. To all those jagoff PSU fans who keep parroting the “It’s just another game on our schedule” BS, all you need to do is go to any of their message boards and see the number of comments and the vitriol contained therein to see it truly is BS.


  11. I know many diehard psu fans and they all accept what happened up there and are disgusted by it. What we have to remember is that message board people and bloggers are a different breed all together. What we see here is not reality in most part. Some will remain over the top but most understand the nature of ribbing and partaking over an anonymous internet message board. All that aside I really want PITT to win this game for all kinds of reasons…



  12. This game will come down to something much more simple. We hear about Connor and Barkley and the lines etc. this game will come down to the punters, and I am scared to death of ours!


  13. I for one fear that PN is a rah, rah coach a lot if talk and not much substance. He makes statements about how good the line is, the quality if our running backs and how good the kicking game is to mention a few. The kicking game was horrible punting was a high school average, the line couldn’t get out of their own way and the backs couldn’t break tackles to save them. Villanova is no power house but they looked like one playing us. I think we outweighed them by 40 lbs?
    I fear that a loss in this game will send us spiraling and maybe unable to recover. Seems as though PN put so much on this game that no others matter.
    Why do we come out flat almost every game? If that happens on Saturday, we will lose by 3-4 touchdowns. Ped state has an entirely new offense while we are told although we too have a new offense there are many similarities to the old; yet, Ped state seems to be ahead of the curve.
    I’m beginning to believe that we really are jinxed when changes occur but the team always remains the same.


  14. Best thing anybody involved in this game can do to improve their odds for victory is just to get a good night’s sleep on Friday. Show up loose with a determination to get it done, then good things will happen.

    This game will be all about who wants it more. Plenty of play makers on both sides of the ball from both teams. Mindset is an intangible that can have enormous implications regarding one’s performance. Just don’t know who will want it more. No doubt that Narduzzi has pegged this game as one he wants his team to bring home for him and the fans. He gets it’s importance, even although it has no bearing on our conference championship goals set for this team in fall camp.

    Invigorating stuff. We can only hope that this one summons up half the drama that the ND-Texas game provided us college football devotes. These are the games that we live for in Panther Nation.

    Just plain exciting stuff!


  15. Playing up to your potential…giving it 110%..leaving it all on the field…playing with an edge. so many axioms used and expressed over the’s time for Pitt to play with some anger..I bet Caoch Duzz played with some anger in his days….needs to put the OL and the RBs in a cage and poke’em with a stick then turn’em loose on the Nits..


  16. Dr. Tom, was typing as you posted..they always show up loose..we need controlled rage..Remeber when we were young we were going to “Kill your ass!! (figuratively)


  17. Hope we get on them early and keep “the foot to their throat” for the whole game. I pray Blewitt gets his weapon or two more misses in quick succession-it’s time for “next up.” Remember Carson Long missing like 3 field goals vs PSU and said “I would hang myself but I probably couldn’t kick the stool out from underneath myself.”

    I’m getting fired-up..might have to slap my Nitter friends who will be watching the game with me before I by’em a beer.


  18. Dr Tom posted: “Best thing anybody involved in this game can do to improve their odds for victory is just to get a good night’s sleep on Friday. Show up loose with a determination to get it done, then good things will happen.”

    Great advice Doc but what about the players? I’m all in except the going to bed early part.


  19. Someone above said it right – this is a historical rival. Unfortunately it is no longer a rival. Pitt does not have a rival. Penn State does not have a rival. We are both the same in that regard and probably both will never develop a new rival again. The only games that count to accomplish our goals this year are the ACC. Same for PSU in the Big10. I think the winner of the game gaining a big recruiting advantage is way overrated. Now do I want to win the game – ABSOLUTELY – like every game we play. I will be there is at 8 AM tailgating and cheering us on with a few beers in me. GO PITT


  20. It’s too early to season is on the line with this game. But if we lose I can’t see Pitt going into the Oklahoma State game with any fire in their bellies. And from what I watched from North Carolina playing Georgia, I’m not too excited about our chances in that game. So what we could be looking at is a Pitt 2016 season start of 1 and 3. Coming back from that kind of a start will be difficult to watch if that’s the case.


  21. @jrnpitt, we usually start out 5-1 and end up 1-5 through conference play. We can’t afford to lose these early games. The schedule is tough this year too.


  22. DiPaola, Trib, picked PSU to win … as is his right. Whaley, Cardiac Hill, picked Pitt. Dave Jones, PSU writer picked Pitt. Most PSU writers picking PSU … but not all

    Source … new PennLive article


  23. No clue who wins… I do think Crowd is 75% PSU.

    Jack – It’s like taking a hot girl shopping for Louise Vuitton’s. They will go shopping with you but won’t stay the night.

    NOLA – I lived in Shreveport and do lots of work at LSU. LSU traditionally recruited Game Managers, Matt Mauck, types. This kid from Bossier isn’t the answer. They need to get the Cali or Texas Studs. That is where the good QB’s come from.


  24. Stalling’s couldn’t close the sale on a Brissel to a Frat house.

    Guy looks like a Lame Duck joke. Embarrassing hire and joke of a coach. Couldn’t win in the SEC when the SEC was bad.


  25. Fumbles. Still remember the GA Tech game where we fumbled on our first 5 possessions, all resulting in Tech scores. A killer was Conner’s long run for an apparent TD and the ball being stripped from his grasp from behind as he looked at the big video screen instead of crossing the goal line first. Fumbles and turnovers could turn this game between two relatively equal teams (IMO) into a rout. Whichever team is guilty of these errors will lose, IMO. Reed is right about Blewitt, whose last name might be an unfortunate harbinger of what to expect from his efforts. Hail to Pitt.


  26. All thru the spring, and thru fall practice, all I heard was, we’re gonna kick psux’ ass”! Now game week comes, and all of a sudden, all I’m hearing (except for the good Doctor) is, “Oh crap, psux’ has the best back in the country, and a terrific running QB. We’re gonna shit the bed this week”. Guys, we just pitches a shutout, and scored 28 points, and looked like crap doing it! You gotta be kiddin’ me!!!

    I have met the enemy (SOP), and he is us!!! Get hold of yourselves. It’s game week, but we’re still gonna kick their ass!!

    Nittany?? You shittin me? H2P!! We win, going away!!


  27. Savannah Panther, TRU. & Upitt you’re a funny guy, 75% penn state fans at Heinz Field. Hilarious, but remember, looks aren’t everything my friend.


  28. I understand, Vanderbilt has always been known as a college basketball power. How did this guy recruit 2 future #1 rd NBA draft picks just last year?


  29. I’m nervous as hell about this game and don’t have a clue on what to expect.

    In 2000, I remember walking up the ramps at 3-Rivers before the game and for some reason I got an overwhelming sense of confidence that Pitt was going to win. I remember smiling to myself and looking at the PSU fans and thinking that they were going to be surprised — and not very happy — with the result.

    I hope I get that same feeling — and same result — while walking up the ramp this Saturday…

    Go Pitt.


  30. You guys amaze me each day with really insightful and honest posts – it really makes doing this worthwhile. We all make good points and I’m drafting my predictions article now.

    BTW – traffic is going to be horrendous tomorrow – remember the Liberty Bridge and such are still closed.

    I’m driving up early tomorrow evening to avoid the PSU fans on the Turnpike west on Sat morning. I’ll drive home after the game – any suggestions on a way to the DC area NOT using the Turnpike?


  31. All thru the spring, and thru fall practice, all I heard was, we’re gonna kick psux’ ass”! Now game week comes, and all of a sudden, all I’m hearing (except for the good Doctor) is, “Oh crap, psux’ has the best back in the country, and a terrific running QB. We’re gonna shit the bed this week”. Guys, we just pitches a shutout, and scored 28 points, and looked like crap doing it! You gotta be kiddin’ me!!!

    I have met the enemy (SOP), and he is us!!! Get hold of yourselves. It’s game week, but we’re still gonna kick their ass!!

    Nittany?? You shittin me? H2P!! We win, going away!! OK


  32. Aw crap, double post! Aw crap, double post! Is there an echo in here??

    UPITT – How bout giving Caesar a chance to put a team on the floor before you go ” Full UPITT” on him? But, funny as hell.

    We are gonna beat psux’ like a drum this week. So Bad, in fact, that Franklin’s gonna demand that we change our mascot from a panther to a Brave ( yeah, I know, politically incorrect!)

    Go Pitt – pulverize the pedos. (Can I call them The Hunchbacks??)


  33. ~ Reed…..Lincoln Highway (Rt.30) parallels the Turnpike to Breezwood and then hop on Interstate 70 South into Maryland. To 270 south at Frederick. Happy Trails.


  34. Reed, this may sound really stupid to you and many but if you don’t want to sit in traffic, I always come home from the beach this way. I come up 32 to 70 west to breezewood. Take rt 30 west all the way to Latrobe or Greensburg, believe it or not it’s 12 miles shorter than the turnpike wherever you want to get off. After that I take 22 west from Latrobe but just plug into your gps and it will take you to Monroeville. Or not. It’s a beautiful ride. if you’re serious just drop me a line. It’s a longer ride time wise but not stuck in traffic. 30 would be better for a roadie or two.


  35. Reed – may not work for you coming from downtown, but I live south of the city and I take Rt. 51 south almost to Uniontown; then US 119 to US40 East. US40 goes up over the mountains – some steep sections – and gets you to I-68. I-68 goes thru Cumberland to I-70.


  36. Reed,
    Great points. I used to get really depressed with our losses and I had to realize that life is more than this game. That’s the only way I can take being a Pitt fan!



  37. Reed, Route 43 (toll) in Jefferson Hills to Uniontown. Route 40 (National Pike) all the way to Interstate 68. You know where to go from there.


  38. After two long work days, I was looking forward to reading all the predictions and posting my own. Boy, where did all the negativity come from?

    Pitt is it! and penn state $u<k$!


  39. Pitt announced this week that they’ll honor the schools 1976 National Championship team on Saturday. That means Tony Dorsett and the boys will be back together.

    Who of that championship team will deliver the motivational speech before the game?

    I’m ready to be entertained and watch a good cat fight.

    The Pursuit begins vs the pedos – signature win #1 for HCPN.



  40. “Pretty crappy to list kids as starters who may not even play….”
    They could list Tony D and Mother Theresa for all I care, just so it spins the cards our way.

    And all this OUR LINE CANT BLOCK and JC IS RUSTY and PETERMAN IS IN A RUT nonsense is wearing thin. Wah-wah-wah. I am so scared.
    Go to a urologist if you can’t find your stones! I bet you fellas are the same ones that spent the summer lamenting uniform colors and which pants matched which jerseys. “Make sure you bring your pom-poms and lip balm. And dont forget your hand fans…gonna be a scorcher. Maybe instead of the alma mater, a jaunty rendition of kumbaya will show everyone that we are but one merry family.”
    This is Pitt playing PSUcks!
    Wake up.
    Stop talking about being nice and cozy and this friend went to this school and I love them nevertheless. Makes me want to vomit!
    Michigan doesn’t talk love-fest when Ohio St comes a knockin.
    Auburn ain’t playing kissy-face when Bama shows up.
    And I guarantee nobody in College Station is rolling out the red rug for the Longhorns.

    So stop this sissified, hug each other garbage. This is football, not a quilt-a-thon!


  41. Reed, the turnpike is the fastest, but you can take it just to the New Stanton exit, then Rt 119S to Uniontown to pick up Rt 40 to Rt 68E. Don’t take the way to Jefferson Hills since that’s Rt 51S and you have to go through the Liberty tunnels and cross the Liberty Bridge.

    Avoid Rt. 30….way too many lights and traffic. Even Rt. 22 would be better than that, but it will be loaded with pedos heading home. I’ve dome service work in all these areas for over 20 years.


  42. Once you get past Latrobe-Ligonier there shouldn’t be much traffic going East on the Lincoln HIghway (Rt.30). Especially on a Saturday late afternoon. 119 to 40 to 68 would also work, however the 119 part actually brings you back west before hitting 40.

    Probably six of one, half a dozen of the other.


  43. Stop and see the family in Uniontown near Nemacolin Woodlands while at it.

    Ike – 2 Top NBA’ers and Ceasar couldn’t even make the tourney less a play in game.

    I don’t need a season. He has stunk his whole coaching career. Now we expect him to come to life and flourish bc pucker lips Herman Munster says so. They can both take their cheapo suits and 11 wives and go to Utah for all I care. I’d rather Chapstick Micro Manager than a guy who couldn’t win in the nations worst hoop conf with NBA talent. Barnes Head will take up 3 sections itself at Heinz Field.

    Anyone going to Ok St? I’m in…


  44. lol Upitt.

    Love to see Pitt play from ‘in front’ on Saturday. We have a habit in big games, to play ‘from behind’.
    If we can’t solve the center hike in the shotgun, ditch that formation and put NP under Center. Also
    like the Running out of that formation rather than the 1 back set in the Shotgun. They are expecting
    only 1 back in the backfield, let’s fool them with a FB in there and get those lead blocks for Conner
    and Ollie.

    Also like to see Ibrahim in there, but this coaching staff is not familiar with his play from 2 years ago
    and his ability to catch a pass out of the backfield and create a nice gain. So who knows if he
    even plays.

    And an attempt at a trick play or two would be nice too ! This is college football after all.


  45. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed with how many of us Povites are wetting their pants and running to their mommies over this upcoming game!!! It’s time to GROW SOME guys!!!!
    Yeah, I get it. We didn’t beat Villanova as soundly as we should have. So what??? It was the first game of the season with a new OC.
    Penn State didn’t look so hot either but a least their fans are staying behind their team.
    You know what? I think I just figured something out: SOP may apply MORE to us Pitt fans than to the Pitt team!!! We’re the same old Pitt fans. Go back and read these posts- some of you guys are the biggest Pussys in Pennsylvania!!! Win or Lose – we root for P-I-T-T. It’s time to man up or get a new hobby like collecting Barbie Dolls!!’
    Let’s Go Pitt- beat the crap out of our arch enemies.


  46. I remember cursing, throwing popcorn at the tv, screaming at everyone when my teams were losing or lost games. So one day my dad said to me something that really hit home, he said “they don’t pay your bills do they?” I’d suggest we all should keep those words in mind going forward.


  47. Reed, have no idea of current construction but a way to DC area using all highway would be 79 South to 68 East which runs right into 70. There are more miles this way but no tolls and all major highways.


  48. Emel – nice comment on the empty backfield, and trouble with the snap. I think the reason for that was so as to not show psux’ anything. I think we’ll see a fullback this week, all game long – and big hole/gains for JC And The Boys.

    I’m hoping to pitch another shutout!! But I think something along the lines of 27-10, the Good Guys. Blewett, BTW goes 2/2: regains some MoJo.

    After psux “Blows” another one tomorrow, “SOP” becomes, ” same ole pedos”!!

    ROLL GOLD, BEING THE PEDOS TO THEIR KNEES! …… Come to Heinz; witness The Pulverization of the pedo-nation! This game will bring new meaning to the terms: “Having a Nooner”!!; And “Afternoon Delight”!


  49. Pittman……well said!

    “I think I just figured something out: SOP may apply MORE to us Pitt fans than to the Pitt team!!! We’re the same old Pitt fans.”


  50. Upitt

    Love the picture, that is funny.

    You are strangely obsessed with how people look, LOL.

    I give Stallings this year to prove himself. He has an experienced, somewhat talented team. In reality, he should top last years team in wins, make the tournament and not lose in the first freaking round. Anything less, is a big failure and I will blast him with you.


  51. @ Pittman4ever. The kids on this team aren’t handicapped by the memories of SOP, maybe Houston, (never forget Houston) they are however, exposed daily to Pat Narduzzi’s energy & attitude. Now some “reality checkers” (read Reed into that) withhold their confidence in Coaches leadership up to this point because the on field accomplishments of his team remain only slightly above average after his 1st year on the job.

    Well, I see a guy who is a very good fit for this University’s football program here in Pittsburgh. A local guy who calls Pittsburgh home. A football guy from the time he can remember. A blue collar rock em, sock em type coach that the football purests in the Burgh can appreciate for the power football concepts that they adore which he is installing.

    That is what Narduzzi is building, a team that is constructed to be a run first, power I Offense complemented by an aggressive Defense that takes the game to the opponent rather than the bend don’t break mentality that we’ve become accustomed to over the last few years.

    The players on this Panther team are being groomed to possess that attitude necessary to run that type of offense & defense. There is no room for the tentative SOP insecurities in his team’s psychie. That’s Pitt’s future under Coach Narduzzi, IMO. I can only imagine the encouragement that he is instilling into these guy’s heads over this last week of closed preparations. Narduzzi gets it, totally. “You only get twelve opportunities” he likes to say. No time for SOP in those limited opportunities.

    The fanbase by comparison, doesn’t have the advantage of that daily constant contact with Coach, so they are slow to absorb the winning attitude that he is instilling into this team. We can only wait to see the fruits of all of that instruction, coaching and indoctrination of proper winning attitudes. That winning result comes at the end, not the beginning.

    We are no longer at the beginning of the Narduzzi Era. We are not near the culmination of the process either. Where are we in the process, I’m not sure? This game on Saturday will be a good barometer to help define where we are on that road to success. One thing for sure though, this team is way ahead on that championship curve than the Panther fanbase is.

    Yes, there are a lot of pussies in this group. Tentative, apprehensive, unbelieving doubters that like to wring there hands before games and whine thereafter about the deficits apparent on the team after the contest ends.

    What I saw in person last Saturday was a team that never was in danger of losing the game. A team that was working through their first live action against an opponent that wanted to actually beat them, since it was Villanova’s biggest game of the season, us being their only FBS opponent on their schedule. I witnessed a Pitt defense that blanked the opposition. I saw a WR that had NEVER caught a pass in a real game come out of his shell hauling in four receptions & put six on the board too while building some much needed self-confidence in the process. I appreciated the work put in by a guy who has existed in the shadow of JP Holtz so far in his Pitt career seeing him blossom into the new “go to” TE for the Panthers while hauling in six receptions. And who is going to tell me that Conner’s determination to get into the end zone on his first rushing TD of the season didn’t look impressive while he manhandled his defender with a pro level stiff arm in the process? And finally, less we forget that we have a game changer missle of a returner man by the name of Henderson that is just getting started. BTW, exactly how long has it been since Pitt had a guy that ran back kicks for a TD in two consecutive games??? Yeah, I can’t remember either!

    So your right Pittman4ever, grow a pair Pitt fans. Sure our OL played crappy & Conner only had 53 yards in his return to the field after coming back from his knee surgery & defeating CANCER!!! What great issues to have to work through! Quit your whining!

    Get behind this coach and your team! We need to beat the $hit out of this pompous team coming into Heinz Field tomorrow. Narduzzi would greatly appreciate some fan support during the process. Hail to Pitt! penn state SUCKS!


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