POV’s Pitt vs ‘Nova Prediction Thread

OK – the time has come, the die will be cast and on Saturday afternoon we’ll have a little bit better idea of what we have in the 2016 version of the Pitt Panthers football team.

Will we look like a team with equal strengths across the board?  Or will we be shaking our heads at 4:30 and wondering how we are going to shore up our glaring weaknesses?

I’ll go first with a prediction then you guys follow suit.  If you have the time explain whos, whats and whys you factored in to come to your final score conclusion.  Also- put down what you think will be the final score as there will be prizes throughout the season.

Offense: Conner’s return will be great but we won’t see him for the whole game.  But we will get a chance to see Chawntez Moss , Hall and the slimmed-down Ollison running the ball.  I think we start out with running the first two series then start blending in the passes.

We’ll take some downfield shots early on to Mathews and Weah to get then accustomed to the feel of pigskin slapping into their hands… then it will be off to the races.

Defense:  ‘Nova is going to run straight at our interior DL and have some success.  We’ll see DLs Camp and Watts play a lot in the 2nd half as a rehearsal for later on in the season when one of them becomes a starter.  We get over three sacks with a true FR getting one of them

They will also throw some short passes and get long gains on those completions with YAC.  Our LBs will be sluggish out there at first then tighten up in the 2nd half.  They’ll hit two deep throws though.

Production:  Peterman throws for 200+ yards then Stocker comes in and passes for around 100 yards. Stocker also has a nice 20+ yard run.

Conner starts and gets sat down after he scores one TD.  Ollison will be the leading rusher.  Weah is leading yardage receiver based on the deep ball,  but Ford has the most catches. Orndoff scores a passing TD.

I don’t think we see DiNucci on Saturday although I’d like to be able to gauge what he does in an actual game.

We get three turnovers and give up an INT (Stocker).

Overall:  It will be a close game through the 1st half… maybe 10-3 or 14-7 Pitt and the fans get restless.  Then we start moving away with some quick scores in the beginning or the 3rd quarter for a 14 point win.  After the game fans will talk about Conner’s return and be surprised that Stocker can actually throw the ball.

31-17 Pitt.

Notes: here is a bit of info I forgot to put in yesterday’s article about Villanova… it is their NCAA stats page and rankings from 2015.

villa statsYou can see that their offense was pretty good against the competition they faced.  A team 175 pass efficiency rating us truly excellent.  20121218_inq_robertson18-a83neeTheir QB, SR John Robertson was the #1 passer in the FCS division and had great stats with 197/301 (65%) for 2846 yards, 35 TDs to 3 INTs and a passer rating of 181.25.

35 TDs guys… hope our DBs are ready, he can throw a nice deep pass.

Oh, and this is somewhat scary: 

The SOB graduated on me last season… we’ll face a different not nearly so good QB.

From the Pitt media dept.

On a separate note and for some fun:  I’ve been requested to present a lecture on my Coast Guard career at the county library (#1 library in the USA in 2014!!).  It will be on Nov 10th and I’ll make it interesting and fun… about 60-90 minutes. Drinks on me afterward… or before…

Semper Paratus: Adventure and History in the Tales of the U.S. Coast Guard

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Branch: Central Library, 10375 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044

Discover the missions, history, and achievements of the U. S. Coast Guard as Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger, USCG, Ret., imparts his knowledge and experiences from his 33 years of active duty service. Discussion includes his years at sea and his work in Search and Rescue, Emergency Response Policy, and Marine Safety Inspections.

Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger retired from the US Coast Guard in 2011 after 33 years of active duty. He was a “Mustang” advancing through the enlisted ranks to Chief Petty Officer, where he was the Operations Center Supervisor at numerous commands. He then advanced through the Warrant Officer ranks to Warrant Officer 4. The Coast Guard awarded him a meritorious promotion to Lieutenant. He was assigned into the Marine Safety field and became a Senior Marine Inspector. LCDR Kohberger retired out of Coast Guard HQ where he had been a Regulations Development Manager and the Coast Guard’s formal Nation State to Nation State Liaison Officer to the Makah, Quileute and Klallam Native Peoples tribes in the Puget Sound area.

*Registration is preferred. Register online or by calling 410-313-7800.


124 thoughts on “POV’s Pitt vs ‘Nova Prediction Thread

  1. @ Reed, good luck with your speaking engagement. If it is anything like your podcast you will have them on the edge of their seats for the entire lecture.


  2. Wish I was as confident as you are Reed about this first game. I’ve been following Pitt for so long, I never know what to expect in any game until at least the first quarter is over.

    I think we will win the game but I don’t think it will be the blowout that you expect late, although I agree that the Panthers will wear the Wildcats down due to better conditioning and throwing in fresh troops towards the end.

    My player predictions are as follows, first I think we are disappointed with Weah once again with his inability to catch the damn ball. I also think that Pitt surprises us with their pass rush efficiency and end up with more than three sacks. Both Hendrix & Price get multiple sacks.

    We run more than we pass and although Peterman proves accurate on his throws, His passing efficiency is negatively affected by Weah’s inability to catch the ball.

    Conner scores two TDs before sitting down and Pitt wins by 14.


  3. From: E.J. Borghetti

    Re: Final Coach Narduzzi Media Briefing

    Coach Pat Narduzzi’s final media briefing of the week will be held at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on Thursday at 1 p.m. This will be the standard time on Thursday for the balance of the season.


  4. BTW Reed, Robertson is old news. He was hurt last year with a knee injury and a RS freshman Zack Bednarczyk took over at QB. The kid well, but he’s no Robertson.
    That’s who we face on Saturday, NOT so scary.


  5. My score, the same as yours, 31-17 Pitt wins. How we get there is different though. We score often and early up by 21 at the half. Our second string D let’s them close the gap to 14 by game’s end.


  6. OK, here goes
    1) Villanova scores this first time they have the ball.
    2) we will be down at the half!
    3) we look very bad and struggle
    4) we do just enough, score late, and win 27-17

     For some sick reason I have more of a Upitt view of this season than a DK view. I hope this is just silly jitters, but I can't shake the feeling!


  7. Reed – Congrats on the speaking engagement, should be very engaging!

    Offense – I think we will see the starters for the entire first half, unless the game gets out of control early then Narduzzi will begin to play the back-ups to protect silly injuries. I know I have read elsewhere that the first play may be a deep ball, but I dont see anything other than a hand-off to Conner for an off tackle run of 5+ to start the game. The sell-out crowd will give a standing ovation and the team will surround him in celebration. Conner finishes the day with a 100+ yard, 2 touchdown day. NP has a strong mid 200 yd day passing. The RB bench is emptied in the second half. Moss has a 100 yd day as well. Overall I think our line will wear down Nova and dictate the pace early.

    Defense – The wildcard. I believe early our interior linemen will struggle early but will be offset by Price and Hendrix pressure in the backfield. I really don’t see Nova being able to handle the edge rush of these two. The LB core will be able to play up to handle the run defense without giving up 5+ypc. Any air attack from Nova should be able to be handled by our DBs and Whitehead. I see someone picking off a pass for a TD as the pressure builds on the Nova QB to get rid of the ball quickly. It will be interesting to see the CB match-ups early and how we fair. Whitehead could be busy early.

    Pitt 48-10


  8. Can’t believe the optimistic Doc Tom isn’t too confident about this one.

    My take – Narduzzi has the men ready to play on both sides of the ball and Pitt goes up by 2-3 TDs at the half with the Cats lucky to get 3 on the board. Conner has 100+ and 2 tds in the first half then sits the remainder of the game. Pitt continues rolling in the second and wins big, 47-10.


  9. Pitt will win the game. The score will be 35-21 although the game will not be that close. Two of ‘Nova’s score will come against the scrubs.

    I agree with your assessment that the linebackers will have a tough time at the beginning of the game. One of the starters will be replaced while the game is still in doubt. Pitt will experiment with two LBs and an additional defensive back in a 4-2-5 scheme. Weah will have beginning of game yips and drop several balls before catching a pass.

    Stocker will complete more passes than he has rushing attempts in his debut as a backup.

    James Conner will get more than five yards on his first carry but will be a blocker on the first play from scrimmage for Pitt. He will play only about half of the third quarter if that. He will also be given rests for several series during the first half as Pitt’s staff ease him back as well as save him for PSU.

    Time to get this show started! Hail To Pitt!


  10. Pitt 37 – 17

    Remember, Pitt is going to stay generic on O and D, I don’t expect Orndoff to have a catch. That will be saved for next week. Lots of running and medium to short passes.

    Each back will get about the same number of carries. Lots of back up OL and D will play.

    There will be an effort to get all the inexperienced receivers some catches. Weah will have a good game.
    Henderson scores the first TD after a short pass and long run.

    Pitt dominates them.


  11. Offensively, I see James Conner breaking his first carry for 64 yards and a TD. A lot of running by Pitt this game. Ibrahim will catch a pass out of the backfield. Moss has 94 yess mostly in the second half. Two deep balls thrown by Peterman, one is caught by Weah? I hope. The rest of the passing game consists of short passes. Defensive ends tear it up and Price looks like an NFL star in the making. Don’t really see any terrible plays for our defense except for one spanked punt. If that even counts as d.


  12. Reed – I agree with your predictions. I will be in da Burgh to see it first hand and will offer some thoughts next week. I also plan to make your book talk in November so bring plenty of $$ to take care of my bar tab!


  13. I do believe our offensive line can dominate the Villanova defense. And as such I expect Pitt to dominate the game offensively. If Pitt stays away from turning the ball over I see Pitt winning by 3 touchdowns plus 3. Pitt dominates time of possession.

    Pitt 38 Villanova 14


  14. 31-17 seems way too close. I think Conner has 3 TD’s and Ollison/Hall add 2 more. Probably 1 passing TD too. 42-10, if Nova even scores 10 that is…


  15. Pitt 45, Vanillanova 17. Pitt dominates on both sides of the ball, gives up some late points with the 3rd string in. JC 110 yds on 11 carries, 2 TDs, J Weah 3 catchs 1 TD, (1 drop). Defense has 3 sacks, a fumble, and an Int.



  16. 41-17 … We score 5 TDs and two field goals… Lots of substitutions . Jester catches his first pass of his career but it won’t be a long ball… He will go on to catch four passes thrown to him but does taken intermediate reception in for a TD and Duzz works in other wideouts who are untested… No one is injured… Everybody has a belly full of ice cold beer and has enjoyed looking at the new huge midfield script logo… It’s a happy day for Pitt fans


  17. Pitt 34 – Villanova 23 Pitt will be very vanilla on both offense and defense almost as if they are trying to keep their practices secret. Pitt bolts out to 28-7 halftime lead and a few meaningless TDs by Nova and a very conservative effort by Pitt in the second half make it closer than it seems at the end. No standout stars on either side just a solid “meh” effort which is exactly what HCPN wants a certain team to see. H2P!


  18. Pitt finished 37th in the country in total defense last year. I predict Pitt’s defense with Hendrix now playing finishes in the Top 25 Nationally this year and Pitt’s defense under year two of the Nard dog plan is better than the offense. Villanova gets shut out.


  19. I say it will be 31-17. Just kidding but that will be close to the final score. PITT’s history, which I never understand why anyone would consider it years later, dictates the game will be a little close. Not this year. The offense will be slow out of the gate but the defense will be flying all over the field.

    PITT wins 38-10 with back-ups and everyone wondering if PITT held back the game plan for psu.


  20. Reed

    What library and where? Free drinks if we can find you.

    45-20. We look good from the start. They get late score when we have the reserves in.



  21. Pitt34-13 Pitt tough on defense will play hard. Second group gives up td or defensive turnovers do takes seven easy. We run a lot. Wear them down and will show little getting ready for next week Conners starts but rest a lot it’s a long punishing season we need him down the road h2p. See you all at the game


  22. 42-13 Pitt Panthers!

    The O starts slowly as we have a brand new system. Penalties will be part of the problem along with ironing out the kinks. However, we simply have too strong of an O line and too many power backs that simply wear The Vill down. Some nice passes will be sprinkled in also.
    The D ends will have 5-6 sacks. DTs will bend but not break and the corners will make some mistakes.


  23. Pitt wins 41-20.

    Pitt turns the ball over on the first drive. Villanova takes a 3-0 lead.

    It is all Pitt after that as they go ahead 31-3 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Backups ease off the gas.

    The linebackers will total more sacks than the defensive line.

    Pitt rushes for more than 350 yards and throws for 200. Villanova rushes for 61 and throws for 250.

    There will be more than 15 total penalties.

    Pitt will suffer three minor injuries that will affect next week’s starting lineups.


  24. Villanova has no answer for Quadree, who scores 2 TDs. Pitt’s defense is stingy, especially tough in the red zone. Pitt’s LBs have an excellent game.

    Pitt wins 27 to 13, but everyone attending the game is swore to secrecy and cannot disclose anything that they saw until the season is over.

    Go Pitt.


  25. Pitt 42
    Nova 6

    From what I’ve seen from Nova the last several years is they are small and terrible. Like RMU…
    And they have a couple good starters out.


  26. Didn’t realize Nova’s QB was that good. #1 in FCS eh. 35 TD’s and only 3 picks.

    Well obviously one of the keys to the game will be :
    Generating consistent pressure on the QB or this kid is good enough to pick our weak link, the DB’s apart.
    So the new DE’s are going to have to play well, so we don’t have to blitz to get pressure.

    This Nova QB won the Walter Payton Award(top player in FSC) in 2014

    The Good News for Pitt is…….that kid GRADUATED last year. You must have been looking at Nova’s old media guide from last year(2015) which is still posted on Nova’s website.

    The kid that will be playing QB for Nova (Zack Bednarcyzk) is not nearly as scary. Only 10 TD passes.
    But this kid is a dual threat QB (you know how we love them) and he was also Nova’s leading rusher of 2015 with 617 yards. Oy vey, we better be much better this year on containment. Kid avg’d about 5 ypc.

    So since it’s not the 35 TD kid, I like our chances much better, for a blowout.

    Pitt 41 Nova 21


  27. Reed, the timing of your talk is awesome. I know you will remember the Veteran’s a day early.

    I think Jester Weah gets a WR screen for his first catch. That should give him some confidence. Hopefully he catches it. I think Orndorff has a big game down the seam against slower linebackers while the safeties are out providing support to the CB’s and providing run support.

    The video above shows a slow developing offense which should help our pass rush. I see a couple of sack/fumbles which allows us to put points on the board. Prediction is 1-0 after Saturday.

    Score was taken so I rounded up to 48-17


  28. Jackagain – I think you take the prize! If the QB in the highlight Reed showed above, is their starter, and he’s nor playing, it won’t be a game. I counted only 3 passes where the ball hit the receiver in stride. And the defenders were way off in a lot of cases. Most receivers stopped, turned around, or otherwise had to wait on the ball.

    I predict we get 4 ints; 1 for a pic 6. On offense, we steam roll them. I said earlier this week that we wouldn’t punt once this game, and I’m sticking to it. We run, run ,run, and only throw enough ( and short, only) to show our countrified cousins that they better not pack the box. We have 3 100 yard backs, and win 45-3

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!


  29. Penn State has plans to honor former coach Joe Paterno before kickoff of the Nittany Lions’ game against Temple on Sept. 17, according to the team’s promotional calendar.


    No comments being allowed on this story. Most if not all cbs sports stories always have comments.

    Disgusting Main Stream Media. This is why whatever it takes to keep the horrors of Creepy Valley alive in the public’s mind, is not off base.

    Classless is allowing a pedophile enabler to be honored, not wearing a T-shirt.


  30. It hasn’t rained down here for weeks, we are in the middle of a drought (which is typical for this area in the summer over the last 20 years) again. But wouldn’t you know the Steelers are in town for a game this evening and we’re having torrential rains.

    Maybe a mudder, which is always fun 🙂


  31. We win 7 games this year.

    Narduzzi has potential but seems more talk than performance so far.

    We win 27- 17

    Who are the 2 ACC Schools considering Big 12?

    More important matters!

    True or False?

    The endzones will
    Actually be painted and not stripes like 1945.

    Mrs. Jones fifth grade class from Carrick Will do the 50
    Yard line and you need a telescope to see Pitt Script it is so small?

    Barnes has to buy 7 extra tickets off a scalper for his concubine of wives and large inflated fat head.?

    Lots of yellow and Pederson somehow shows up and says 58k fans were there?

    I have a bad feeling we lose a very good player to injury. Hope I’m wrong.

    Im Reed’s illegitate son procreated at a a Neil Young Concert in Austin?

    The uniforms will be ugly and we will turn the channel if it is even on tv because we will think it is Notre Dame vs Utah State or Navy vs Airporce. ?


  32. Good news for the Steelers, the temps have dropped by 20 degrees with the rain so it would have been in the 90’s for the kickoff, now only low 70’s. Kickoff moved back 30 minutes due to heavy rain.


  33. Funny stuff upitt. I guess the Eagles (captains) can’t pick the uni’s until after the cool blue ones debut against (say it ain’t so) Ga. Tech.


  34. Answers to your True or False.
    1) False (we’re still using a chalk guy from the 1950’s to do chalk lines)
    2) True (even the Steelers logo is small for a NFL or even college team)
    3) True (but actually 8, he needs one for the guy who runs that Search Firm)
    4) True ( Cornhole left those instructions for the next AD when he was asked to exit stage left)
    5) False ( we don’t need anymore bad karma, since it come’s naturally at Pitt)
    6) That one I’m not gonna touch. ha
    7) True (any uniform without pant stripes look bush league)


  35. Predicted a Pitt win of 48-3 over nova earlier in the week and I’ll stick with it.

    Reed – my shirt size is a large for the JoeKnew t-shirt prize.



  36. Emel – On a plane from Pheonix to Pitt as we speak. Gonna visit Mom. I don’t mean to sound like a non fan but zero interest in this game. It is Nova after all. But if some
    of you guys are gonna be there I might show up and say hi. Priority is Mom. She is getting worse. Slured speach bad and cant do stairs and lost tons of weight. Has a feeding tube now. Sucks but she is tough woman. Thanks for continued prayers. Anyone going?

    Emel – Miss you buddy.

    Gas – LOL

    Emel – Off the record. We are there doing the Space X work. I have a team there now. Musk took a hit today as well.

    Didn’t see Todd Graham but am happy to say I’m back into golfing. Ready to play in NC and with Doc in Savannah. We got a big job there.


  37. The naivete of Pedo State never ceases to amaze me, but I’ll save my hatred for next week.

    As for this week, Conner comes into the first offensive series after the other 10 are on the field. The 58k (dig at Smiley) in attendance give him a standing O. Nova loads the box and stuff him for a 2 yard loss. Next play is play action to Weah, who drops it. 3rd and 12, screen to Conner who goes 77 yards to the house. Pitt controls the line of scrimmage and as a team rushes for 250. Defense bends, but doesn’t break until the starters are out.

    Final- Pitt 41, Nova 24.

    Season record: 8-4 (loss to UNC, Ok St, Clemson and Duke). 3rd place in Coastal and a trip to Pinstripe Bowl.


  38. TXLuvChild – I’ll be at the game to see Conner run out of the tunnel and eventually dominate the wildcats. That in and of itself will be worth the trip.

    Barney says there are 63,000 tickets sold – I sure hope they show.



  39. Pat Narduzzi keeps the “Petal-to-the-Metal”, and Narduzzi decides he wants to be the biggest-Heel in college Football— and Pitt wins 75-13, thus getting fined by the NCAA and villainized on every media outlet across the country — but We Pitt Fans LOVE IT and Pat Narduzzi relishes it, and we all say, “You’re Next Penn State, your-turn to get *Victimized!! Hope you like how this tastes you Cow-Tippin’ Culties!!! No you’re all gonna know how all those poor kids felt!”*

    For real haha: *** Pitt 42, Nova 21 *** No FG’s for Chris Blewitt, only extra points, and only “Manny Stocker + Ben DiNucci time” punting for Ryan Winslow.

    As many others have said, not that close. Pitt running game just rolls like Boulder down a 80-degree incline. The offense simply auto-pilots through the first half and scores a TD on each drive against a really, really undersized and not even close to Division-1 talented Nova Defense.

    James Conner looks like a Razor-Sharp Ginzu knife slicing through warmed butter all game. Too easy. But beautiful. You who else also looks great in their return? Rachid Ibrahim baby!!!

    Halfway through the 2nd quarter Pitt fans and supporters utter the sentiment: Nuff’ Seen —- Bring on the Nittany Lions 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Defense just shuts down Nova, and Nova’s offense just looks bad. Overall Villanova is not only an FCS team but this year they’re even just a team that may only go a few games over-.500. It is what it is.

    Biggest thing, so many Pitt fans truly evolve-out from the reluctant, hesitant enthusiasm, that has come as a result of the really-bad “Same Ol’ Pitt” years (or more scientifically: Nordenberg and Steve Pederson poison, self-sabotage years) .

    But beyond any-score or Stat-sheets or Box Scores, Pitt fans and supporters are ecstatic watching their and all of our Pitt Panthers. Because from the first play, Pitt Plays HARD, FAST, PHYSICAL, & like they KNOW THEY ARE WINNERS from snap one. #CurbStompSOP lol.

    As discussed this all comes right from the top, on-down: Pitt finally has a great Chancellor who also loves and wants the Pinnacle for Pitt Football, to an Athletic Director who is a real winner and wants the same — and as we all well-know, Pitt finally, finally has ourselves a Head Ball Coach who is a Beast — this all finally permeates into all our Pitt Players and they know it’s their time to create the New Pitt Football. 🙂

    Same Ol’ Pitt = the junky, Chancellor Nordenberg + Horrific Athletic Director Pederson years.

    Even in Pitt Football’s inevitable losses this year (yes, I even acknowledge this will happen, I AM semi-reasonable lol), Pitt fans will be able to have pride and love for Our Panthers because they didn’t lose because they were scared and wilted under spotlight and pressure like Pitt’s past teams. #EverythingYouGotEverytime

    You can bet your Ball$ Chancellor Gallagher, and also AD Scott Barnes will be at the Pitt game cheering as loud for Pitt success as us fans, big change!


  40. And yup, forgot to note:

    Matt Canada simply Force Feeds That Dang Ball to Jester Weah early to get him that first catch.

    Additionally Weah also runs multiple cutely set-up Jet Screens to finally get the ball in his hands in real games, and Weah just rip-roars through poor Wildcats. Lol Jester Weah is literally taller and stronger than the Villanova receivers.

    Matt Canada’s Pet Project shows you all what I’ve been saying: This dude is legit!! lol


  41. DarkKnight – Just educate me. The same Weah who never in his life caught a college pass? Im being serious. That is like saying my Uncle Ronnie from New Kensington is going to meet Hurdle at a bar in Mount Oliver and Hurdle will out him in the rotation against the cubs.

    You are the most positive man in the world. 👍🏽


  42. Wade Freebeck (Ex Pitt 4 star verbal right?)is the starting qb for Vanderbilt against South Carolina. Too early to say how he will do at the end of the day, but he is starting.

    Wow is USC fast on defense. Vandy is winning but this is a different breed of players. Speedy Gonzalez would look slow in this contest. So glad to have college football back.


  43. Shurmer is their starter. Freebeck came in for a couple series. I thought he was leaning towards Pitt too… Weird how these players show up on tv and I say…hmmmm, that name sounds familiar.


  44. Huff – Freebeck – Ft. Lauderdale kid started some as a Freshman. Im not sure why but our QB Recruiting if existent at all has been atrocious. We are screwed if whats his name gets hurt and next year as well unless we actually get a stud.


  45. Pitt wins 33-17, scoring 7 times, but with 4 scores being field goals that leads to a week of worrying about Pitt’s “struggles” in the red zone. The result is never in doubt, but Villanova scores late in the 4th to make it look closer than it really was.

    Defense will get 3 sacks and an interception.

    As much as I would love to see Weah grab a couple of long passes, I will predict that Canada will start him out with a wide receiver screen early on to at least let him make a catch in a game and build some confidence.


  46. We are going to run the ball. A lot. Then we are going to run some more. Duzzi is not going to show the Nitters anything. This will limit our possessions and keep the score from reaching the 50s. We won’t throw more than 25 passes in the game, total. The defense remains somewhat suspect, and will give up a few big plays, but it will mostly be bend but not break. I’m going with 41-13.


  47. Look forward to your insights Emel on football and ditto on honoring the child molester protector – they will never stop rewriting history. UPitt always suspected a sailor was somewhere in your past. The odds of Reed being your daddy greater than a nice looking field. Prayers to mom and to OhHowIH8. Speaking of the lightly chalked field somebody has to dump a little water on this optimism. This is a first game and Pitt rarely blows out the competition. I agree we will play vanilla with Pedos coming up. Pitt 31-24.


  48. Thanks Guys!! Just got a shertz sub!! Im happy. Haha.

    Guys Nova plays Lehigh next week for the Good Lord’s Sake. We need to win by 33 or we are not a good team.


  49. 49-13

    Nova gets a fluke TD early, drives pretty well, but winds up going 2 for 4 on FG. Pitt hits one long pass, but opens up the run on short stuff. Average YPC is sky high. TOP is 35/25 favoring Pitt….


  50. James Conner comes back…D ready to be in a big attack mode…PITT’s OL gives a dominating performance…and PITT wins 41-10!

    Hail to PITT!


  51. I think Conner goes right around 100 yards with 1 TD. He’d go for more but the other backs all get a share. Moss gets at least 50 with less carries than Ollison and Hall (both around 30 yards with a TD for Hall).

    Peterman throws 2 TDs for 200 yards (one to Ford, one to Henderson). Matthews leaves his Rookie debut with at least one impressive catch of 20-30 yards. Stocker comes in and gets some yards but the RBs take his TD’s.

    Blewitt has a 30-40 yarder and a long shot (47+) to test the waters and he ends 2-2 on the day.

    Defense has a fine day with Mitchell and Maddox getting picks. Whitehead has no turnovers but is in every tackle (10+ on the day). We get four sacks (2 Hendrix, Price, Caprara) and hold our own except for 3-4 big plays from Nova. One in the second half gets them a TD or close for a punch-in run.

    Final score 34-13 with the late TD (most of the game we hold them to 6).

    Bet the farm on the above fellas (and fellinas if there are any females present). I’m feeling it tonight !!!


  52. Season prediction: 10-2 in the regular season with losses to Clemson and one of these three (VT, GTech or OKState). I think Pitt is good enough to beat every one on the schedule but Clemson – although it could happen in an upset, but I don’t believe any other team is that much better.

    Saying all that, Pitt will win in a very pedestrian way – close games except tomorrow. The key word is WIN. There is something different with this team and coach. It feels like when I was in school when Marino was there – Pitt was real good back then. We may be approaching that air. MAY BE…

    HTP and wallop the wildcats!


  53. 5 different players score for Pitt with JC getting 2 short TD runs and Ollison 1 on a long run. Weah does little and drops one.
    Pitt scores on their first 3 possessions and cruises 39-13


  54. This team is talking championship. Not that Fraud Graham and Paul Chryst lets try to compete crap. Conner inspired the whole team and pushed the whole team. Pitt rolls big against Villanova, Conner has 3 TDs and over 100 yards before halftime. Pitt by 35+, and after the game people start to wake up this team is for real.

    What is your final score…?


  55. A few things – will be on the road to PGH with family today so I won’t have a Friday article up – sorry. Will put up a ‘Nove game thread on Saturday – that should be interesting especially if “Nova draws first blood. If you are watching the game from home or can comment via mobile I’d love to get your impressions as things unfold.

    I’ll be in the Press Box on Saturday – I’m thinking about recording a play-by-play (or something) podcast during the game with my commentary on how things progressed during the day… like observations pre-game, press box stuff, the game itself and then post-game.

    I think it might be interesting but long so I’ll break it up into manageable recordings. That way I don’t have to look at the keyboard and type while Conner is running for TDs.

    I think I am Upitt’s father. And if any of your wives or Mothers went to Pitt in the years 1973-76 drop my name and let me know their reactions… you may get slapped, if so – Sorry! I may have a few more Pitt fan kids out there.

    As to making money on this site get this… and I need advice from someone who knows about this stuff:

    In the last week of June (right after I started the POV) I had 115 “Ad Impressions” ( I think they are clicks on the ads by readers) and got paid $10.98. I thought that was OK for a week’s work right? and it was $.094 a click…and I use WordAds as the advertising program.

    The July came and went and my numbers for that month went through the roof – thanks again to you guys and all the readers – and my July Ad Impressions number went up to 54,148. Yes – that isn’t a typo, WordPress lists the number as 54,148… and I don’t use any ‘click attraction’ programs or anything like that. (BTW – my Views and Visits were a big multiple of that 54K+ number.)

    So at $.094 per ad impression I figure they owe me a huge $5,129 (which I am sure is not correct)… but they paid me a total of $3.98 for July.

    Told you I wasn’t in it for the money!!

    But I figured I’d make about $50 or $60 bucks for July so I am totally confused and have a work ticket in to figure this out.

    Anyone familiar with WordPress and this WordAd stuff? If so please enlighten.


  56. Kyle Shurmur and Wade Freebeck, both Pitt possibilities, played QB for Vanderbilt last night … Shurmur started and got most of the snaps. From what I saw last night from …. compared to both of them, Nate Peterman is a Heisman candidate. Freebeck was particularly awful.


  57. Hope there are no suspensions today as occurred before Chryst’s opener against Youngstown State. Including the big star Shell. Remember that debacle? If something as bad as that happens, game is a tossup, IMO. If everything goes as planned, Pitt will hold back back to win, 34-17. Am praying that James can play in the game without any recurrence of any kind of injury like the one that put him out of that opener last year. Sorry to be pessimistic. Same old Pitt vibration that I feel. Want the best and too often expect the worst. Still can’t get the game on ESPN3 or any other TV channel that carries ACC here in NE Ohio. Sigh, Sirius internet channel 956 better be working. Internet and satellite stuff always comes in a bit after the actual live play at the game. Have fun in the press box. Columbia is a beautiful community, one of the first planned communities as I recall that tried to incorporate the best features of living in the U.S.


  58. Nard-dog proved last year that his players will care against lesser opponents when the YSU and Akron games ended. This year it is even more important since PSU and Ok State are right around the corner.
    Conner scores first TD, Peterman gets the ball to Weah even if he has to wedge it in his face mask and 1st team d shines, Pitt goes up 24-6. Second half looks like a pre-season Steeler game and the final ends up 33-20 with a late nova score against 3rd teamers.


  59. Kudos on the speaking engagement. What an honor!

    -My heart says Connor runs for 100+ yards and 2 TDs in the first half, Peterman looks efficient and the D-line dominates as Pitt rolls 52-17. We all head to the post-game tailgate to discuss travel plans for Charlotte.

    -My 35 years as a Pitt fan says We come out flat, struggle to move the ball and give up a few big plays to fall behind early, rally to take the lead and stop ‘Nova on a potential game-tying drive in the waning seconds, as Pitt hangs on 23-17. We all head back to the lot heads shaking, muttering to ourselves.

    -For the contest, I’ll split the difference. The O-line takes a few series to gel but the ground game overwhelms the ‘Cats undersized front. Peterman looks ok, despite an early pick. The D-line dominates from the start and gets 3 sacks (or more).
    The game makes us all nervous early but the Panthers’ size and power are just too much. Pitt 37-17



  60. As App. St. demonstrated last night, every opponent better get your full focus & respect, less you get your lunch eaten when you’re not paying attention. The Vols dodged a bullet last night. Let’s hope the only gunfire we hear on Saturday in Heinz Field is coming from the Pitt arsenal.

    BTW, any upgraded Pitt branding at Heinz Field will be greatly appreciated but not expected. Unfortunately the Rooney’s are not interested in promoting Pitt football.

    I’m sitting here in Savannah, waiting to see if my 3pm flight to Pittsburgh gets cancelled due to this frickin tropical storm passing by at the present time. I was hoping for good weather in Pittsburgh when I signed up for the Home Opener, little did I know that the God damned weather in Savannah would be the one to screw up my weekend plans.


  61. Pitt recruit Wade was at Tennessee game last nite I hope it helped sway him toward Pitt after seeing offensive display from the top team in their sec division. On my way to Pittsburgh. Hope to see you.tomorrow at the game. The atmosphere will be uplifting and the season of mans greatest sport begins. It’s a great tuneup for the winners next week. HAIL TO PITT


  62. Saw this online.

    Pitt (0-0, 0-0 ACC) vs. Villanova (0-0, 0-0 CAA)

    Kickoff: 1:30 p.m. at Heinz Field (68,400/natural grass) Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Parking lots open at 8:30 a.m.

    Gates open at 11:30 a.m.

    First 15,000 fans receive ‘Hail to Heroes’ cheer card

    The annual Heinz Field Rib Fest will be taking place as well

    Coaches: Pat Narduzzi is in his second year at Pitt with an 8-5 record, 8-5 overall. Andy Talley is in his thirty-second year at Villanova with a 221-133-1 record, 249-151-2 overall.


    Series Began: 1911

    Series Overall: Pitt leads 2-0

    At Pittsburgh: Pitt leads 2-0

    At Villanova: DNA

    Last Meeting: Sept. 5, 1998 (Pitt 48, Villanova 41)

    Current Series Win Streak: Pitt has won 2

    Longest Pitt Series Win Streak: 2 games (1911, 1998)

    Longest Villanova Series Win Streak: DNA

    Largest Pitt Victory Margin: 12 points (12-0, 1911)

    Largest Villanova Victory Margin: DNA

    TV: ACC Network Extra (Dave Weekley, play-by-play; John Gregory analysis)

    Radio: 93.7 FM (Bill Hillgrove, play-by-play; Bill Osborn, analyst, Larry Richert sideline) ; WPTS Radio (Pitt Student Station) 92.1 FM

    Satellite: Sirius Channel 106, XM Channel 94

    Internet: Pittsburghpanthers.com, Pitt Gameday Live App, TuneIn

    Notes: Pitt head coach is entering his second year as head coach at Pitt, his first head coaching job. The game is being billed as the “Hail to Heroes” game. Villanova won the FCS National Title in 2009. Villanova head coach Andy Talley will be retiring after this season. The Panthers have had a 1000-yard rusher in each of the past two seasons. Pitt faced Villanova just twice in its history, in 1998 and in 1911. Since the 2000 season, the Panthers are 11-5 in season-opening games. James Conner will return at running back for Pitt after suffering a season-ending injury in last year’s season opener. While recovering, he was diagnosed with cancer, which he also recovered from in the offseason. Conner is expected to be the first player out of the tunnel when the team runs onto Heinz Field on Saturday.

    Line: No Line


  63. Interesting that there is a 12-0 game in this series. With the Pedo’s on the horizon. What was the score of the last game with them in 2000. Cue the music.


  64. Blue shirts, White pants, Gold helmets

    Pitt Script in the middle of the field (not encircled). New Pitt script helmet logos on the field’s barrier walls


  65. Let’s be honest. I know why there is a lot of skepticism here regarding the potential SOP outcome. But if we think we are a decent team, should there be any question on the outcome of this one?
    Pitt 47
    Nova 6
    Shutout lost in final minutes on a fluke play.


  66. 41-6 Pitt. ‘Nova is scrappy in the first half and MAYBE keeps it respectable, but Pitt’s big boys take over after halftime, if not by the 2Q, and start mauling. I almost feel 41 isn’t enough but it is game 1. Conner should sit after 1-2 series in the second quarter and then feed Hall & Ollison and watch them gash the Philly boys. Like to see Stocker if its over by the 4th Q but passing game might need the work and hate to disrupt any building chemistry for Peterman and his WRs.


  67. JJ, it’s what happened at the end of last season that has created much of the skepticism. Getting the bad taste out of our mouths from the Miami and Navy debacles are hard to forget.


  68. Pitt 420 – Nova 10.

    Reed…Really Looking forward to your lecture. As a history buff, few people know that the Coast Guard was started in 1790 by George Washington…..long before the Navy!


  69. So several days after Reed convinces us to take the high road, Penn State announces that they will honor Joe Paterno at the Temple game. Disgusting.

    Anything less than a 3 touchdown blowout is unacceptable this week and next.

    I hope there is 1000 Joe Knew t-shirts there tomorrow.


  70. Just arrived in Pittsburgh and I grab a PG to read in my hotel room – the top two stories on the front page of the sports section are about the pedos.


    I’m with gc – kick them while they are down / nothing less than a 3 TD win.



  71. All of a sudden the Nitters schedule looks a lot easier! Temple looks awful and goes down to Army!
    MSU looks real real bad in beating Furman.
    NW stinks, Mich is overrated, and OSU can be had.
    Even more so, our game takes on extra importance for them, as beating us can springboard a huge season for them!
    Smack Nova, and then let’s deal with those arrogant assholes!


  72. Erie … 10-2. Miami loss is close. Clemson loss is not. Pitt comes back with a vengeance and embarrasses DUKE and CUSE. Pitt wins are surprisingly comfortable except Marshall, GT and UVA.

    W NOVA
    W PSU
    W OKST
    W UNC
    W Marshall
    W GT
    W UVA
    W VT
    L Mia
    L Clem
    W DUKE
    W CUSE


  73. I may still get the game on ESPN Extra. Looked up ESPN Extra on Google and learned that for one year at least it is a streaming channel via ESPN until the ACC Channel starts in the near future. I read another on line article on how to access this streaming channel. I went to my ESPN 3 web site and found out that if I clicked on the All Networks link and scrolled down to ACC Extra it would pop up and would reveal events on that channel. Pitt-Nova is listed for today, but just in case I clicked last night and watched live the Colgate-Syracuse game listed for yesterday for a while. The site worked. Called my brother and we will watch the game on line here in NE Ohio at 1:30. If my luck holds. Go Pitt!


  74. Justin A – did the same last night, as a test to make sure I can get ACC Extra. It works out of watchespn site. All set to watch the thrashing

    HTP …. 1-0!!


  75. Lot’s of nova fans in town. I hope most of the 63,000 tickets that Barney claims are sold for today show up.

    Dr. Tom – did your flight get out of Georgia yesterday?

    Conner Strong, Beast Mode and Erie Express!



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