POV’s Pitt vs ‘Nova Prediction Thread

OK – the time has come, the die will be cast and on Saturday afternoon we’ll have a little bit better idea of what we have in the 2016 version of the Pitt Panthers football team.

Will we look like a team with equal strengths across the board?  Or will we be shaking our heads at 4:30 and wondering how we are going to shore up our glaring weaknesses?

I’ll go first with a prediction then you guys follow suit.  If you have the time explain whos, whats and whys you factored in to come to your final score conclusion.  Also- put down what you think will be the final score as there will be prizes throughout the season.

Offense: Conner’s return will be great but we won’t see him for the whole game.  But we will get a chance to see Chawntez Moss , Hall and the slimmed-down Ollison running the ball.  I think we start out with running the first two series then start blending in the passes.

We’ll take some downfield shots early on to Mathews and Weah to get then accustomed to the feel of pigskin slapping into their hands… then it will be off to the races.

Defense:  ‘Nova is going to run straight at our interior DL and have some success.  We’ll see DLs Camp and Watts play a lot in the 2nd half as a rehearsal for later on in the season when one of them becomes a starter.  We get over three sacks with a true FR getting one of them

They will also throw some short passes and get long gains on those completions with YAC.  Our LBs will be sluggish out there at first then tighten up in the 2nd half.  They’ll hit two deep throws though.

Production:  Peterman throws for 200+ yards then Stocker comes in and passes for around 100 yards. Stocker also has a nice 20+ yard run.

Conner starts and gets sat down after he scores one TD.  Ollison will be the leading rusher.  Weah is leading yardage receiver based on the deep ball,  but Ford has the most catches. Orndoff scores a passing TD.

I don’t think we see DiNucci on Saturday although I’d like to be able to gauge what he does in an actual game.

We get three turnovers and give up an INT (Stocker).

Overall:  It will be a close game through the 1st half… maybe 10-3 or 14-7 Pitt and the fans get restless.  Then we start moving away with some quick scores in the beginning or the 3rd quarter for a 14 point win.  After the game fans will talk about Conner’s return and be surprised that Stocker can actually throw the ball.

31-17 Pitt.

Notes: here is a bit of info I forgot to put in yesterday’s article about Villanova… it is their NCAA stats page and rankings from 2015.

villa statsYou can see that their offense was pretty good against the competition they faced.  A team 175 pass efficiency rating us truly excellent.  20121218_inq_robertson18-a83neeTheir QB, SR John Robertson was the #1 passer in the FCS division and had great stats with 197/301 (65%) for 2846 yards, 35 TDs to 3 INTs and a passer rating of 181.25.

35 TDs guys… hope our DBs are ready, he can throw a nice deep pass.

Oh, and this is somewhat scary: 

The SOB graduated on me last season… we’ll face a different not nearly so good QB.

From the Pitt media dept.

On a separate note and for some fun:  I’ve been requested to present a lecture on my Coast Guard career at the county library (#1 library in the USA in 2014!!).  It will be on Nov 10th and I’ll make it interesting and fun… about 60-90 minutes. Drinks on me afterward… or before…

Semper Paratus: Adventure and History in the Tales of the U.S. Coast Guard

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Branch: Central Library, 10375 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044

Discover the missions, history, and achievements of the U. S. Coast Guard as Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger, USCG, Ret., imparts his knowledge and experiences from his 33 years of active duty service. Discussion includes his years at sea and his work in Search and Rescue, Emergency Response Policy, and Marine Safety Inspections.

Lieutenant Commander Reed Kohberger retired from the US Coast Guard in 2011 after 33 years of active duty. He was a “Mustang” advancing through the enlisted ranks to Chief Petty Officer, where he was the Operations Center Supervisor at numerous commands. He then advanced through the Warrant Officer ranks to Warrant Officer 4. The Coast Guard awarded him a meritorious promotion to Lieutenant. He was assigned into the Marine Safety field and became a Senior Marine Inspector. LCDR Kohberger retired out of Coast Guard HQ where he had been a Regulations Development Manager and the Coast Guard’s formal Nation State to Nation State Liaison Officer to the Makah, Quileute and Klallam Native Peoples tribes in the Puget Sound area.

*Registration is preferred. Register online or by calling 410-313-7800.


124 thoughts on “POV’s Pitt vs ‘Nova Prediction Thread

  1. Let’s be honest. I know why there is a lot of skepticism here regarding the potential SOP outcome. But if we think we are a decent team, should there be any question on the outcome of this one?
    Pitt 47
    Nova 6
    Shutout lost in final minutes on a fluke play.


  2. 41-6 Pitt. ‘Nova is scrappy in the first half and MAYBE keeps it respectable, but Pitt’s big boys take over after halftime, if not by the 2Q, and start mauling. I almost feel 41 isn’t enough but it is game 1. Conner should sit after 1-2 series in the second quarter and then feed Hall & Ollison and watch them gash the Philly boys. Like to see Stocker if its over by the 4th Q but passing game might need the work and hate to disrupt any building chemistry for Peterman and his WRs.


  3. JJ, it’s what happened at the end of last season that has created much of the skepticism. Getting the bad taste out of our mouths from the Miami and Navy debacles are hard to forget.


  4. Pitt 420 – Nova 10.

    Reed…Really Looking forward to your lecture. As a history buff, few people know that the Coast Guard was started in 1790 by George Washington…..long before the Navy!


  5. So several days after Reed convinces us to take the high road, Penn State announces that they will honor Joe Paterno at the Temple game. Disgusting.

    Anything less than a 3 touchdown blowout is unacceptable this week and next.

    I hope there is 1000 Joe Knew t-shirts there tomorrow.


  6. Just arrived in Pittsburgh and I grab a PG to read in my hotel room – the top two stories on the front page of the sports section are about the pedos.


    I’m with gc – kick them while they are down / nothing less than a 3 TD win.



  7. All of a sudden the Nitters schedule looks a lot easier! Temple looks awful and goes down to Army!
    MSU looks real real bad in beating Furman.
    NW stinks, Mich is overrated, and OSU can be had.
    Even more so, our game takes on extra importance for them, as beating us can springboard a huge season for them!
    Smack Nova, and then let’s deal with those arrogant assholes!


  8. Erie … 10-2. Miami loss is close. Clemson loss is not. Pitt comes back with a vengeance and embarrasses DUKE and CUSE. Pitt wins are surprisingly comfortable except Marshall, GT and UVA.

    W NOVA
    W PSU
    W OKST
    W UNC
    W Marshall
    W GT
    W UVA
    W VT
    L Mia
    L Clem
    W DUKE
    W CUSE


  9. I may still get the game on ESPN Extra. Looked up ESPN Extra on Google and learned that for one year at least it is a streaming channel via ESPN until the ACC Channel starts in the near future. I read another on line article on how to access this streaming channel. I went to my ESPN 3 web site and found out that if I clicked on the All Networks link and scrolled down to ACC Extra it would pop up and would reveal events on that channel. Pitt-Nova is listed for today, but just in case I clicked last night and watched live the Colgate-Syracuse game listed for yesterday for a while. The site worked. Called my brother and we will watch the game on line here in NE Ohio at 1:30. If my luck holds. Go Pitt!


  10. Justin A – did the same last night, as a test to make sure I can get ACC Extra. It works out of watchespn site. All set to watch the thrashing

    HTP …. 1-0!!


  11. Lot’s of nova fans in town. I hope most of the 63,000 tickets that Barney claims are sold for today show up.

    Dr. Tom – did your flight get out of Georgia yesterday?

    Conner Strong, Beast Mode and Erie Express!



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