What They Really Meant; Aug 17th

Here is the Pitt Media Dept’s news release after yesterday’s Practice #10.  Lots of fun stuff here and I’ll let the coaches and players speak for themselves… with some personal commentary thrown in.

Love the throwback uniforms and, to some fan’s chagrin I’m sure, we won’t see them for the PSU game but for the Homecoming game on Oct 8th against Georgia Tech. Another reason to buy season tickets.

Folks, we can talk all we want about if Pat Narduzzi is a good Xs and Os head coach and whether or not AD Scott Barnes bungled the basketball hire but in my opinion there is no denying that the excitement level has risen, honestly risen and not just with hype bumps, over the last 18 months.

This article from the P-G points to only one of the positive benefits this new team has created :

 Barnes added Pitt has seen a 50 percent increase in merchandise and apparel sales since unveiling of the Pitt script May 18 and carrying through until the end of the fiscal year. First-quarter sales numbers are not yet finalized and will not be available until October.

But here is the best part – some happy campers and a look at Narduzzi when he’s (pretending) not happy…

These throwbacks are much more Marino-era than Dorsett-era colors but I guess Pitt had to choose one or the other.  I can see why they went with the yellow-gold rather than the mustard-gold as it presents a much more modern look.  The 1970’s uniforms were more subtle.  These bolder colors jump out and I’m sure they appeal to the younger set more that the older ones do.3c090347bb5d917e9e799f9a7818174d

This is what I’d like to see in the future, maybe Barnes can wear it at the next BB coaching hire presser.

Here are the notes from the practice yesterday, my notes are italicized (all in fun folks, all in fun):

Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Opening statement:

“We got a double in yesterday. They were off the field at like nine o’clock last night. We woke our guys up early this morning. We had two really good practices yesterday. They came out and got after it pretty good, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ve got today.”

“I beat their asses like a drum yesterday. Ha ha….”

On if he’ll be taking it easy on the players today after working them hard yesterday:

“It’s camp. There are no easy days. We will have a lot of focus. We won’t do anything live today even though we’re in full pads, but it will be heavy, heavy thud.”

“That is a silly ass question.  I’d like to thud you right on top of your head.  How do you think I got this tough guy reputation, by coddling those punks out there?”

On whether or not one of the practices yesterday was lighter than the other:

“In the evening. I guess you can ask the kids if it was light or not, but we went indoors. I think it was like 150 degrees in there last night, but we got good work done. We didn’t go live, but we got a lot of work done. We had some good thud period and some good focus periods.”

“There is AC in there but we turned it off because we were testing stamina. And I’m going to keep using the word ‘thud’ until someone asks me what it means.”

On offensive lineman John Guy competing for a starting spot:

“John [Guy] is just a steady, steady-Eddie, guy. He’s tough, he’s physical, and he just goes about his business in a professional way. That’s what you really like about John. He doesn’t say boo out there, he just gets the job done. He’s doing a god job of competing for that right guard position.”

In other words “No”.

On if John Guy is leading the competition at right guard:

“I don’t know if he is leading at this point. We’re still kind of juggling them around in there. There’s a lot of competition going on the offensive line. The great thing is that, I think on game-day you’re going to see that we can play up to eight guys, which will be good.

You’re keeping a guy fresh, and then in the fourth quarter, maybe you don’t have an exhausted guy. Maybe we can make a big play, or pop a big run because there’s a fresher guy in there. It’s good that we can play more guys at that position.”

In other words “No”.

On if offensive lineman Alex Officer is John Guy’s main competition:

“There is all kinds of competition. I think it depends on how you throw them out there. There are only five starting positions, and I think we’ve got eight guys. There’s a lot of guys fighting to be a starter out there.”

In other words “Maybe, it depends on later practices”.

On if offensive lineman Alex Bookser has been taking reps at both center and guard:

“[Alex] Bookser is taking some snaps at guard. [Alex] Officer is taking guard and center. Jaryd [Jones-Smith] is taking reps at both tackles. We will continue to work those guys around. The more positions they know, the more valuable they become.”

In other words “Yes”.

On how Alex Bookser has matured in the past year:

“He’s really matured a lot. As coaches, you see daily stuff. For example, even in the spring game, he misses a block and Rachid [Ibrahim] gets hit in the backfield three yards deep and he was–I don’t want to say this laughing–in the huddle like, `Sorry, that was my bad.’ I haven’t seen any of that this year. He’s been more serious. I think he understands how important it is. Even just from the spring game, I’ve already noticed that he’s matured a lot.”

“Yes, since he got the shit kicked out of him in the locker room last year by a running back who was much smaller than he was. Plus he quit sucking his thumb in the unit meetings – I guess that would be a maturity indicator also.”

On if Alex Bookser is more natural at center or guard:

“It’s hard to say. I think he does a good job at both.”

“Can we stop talking about Bookser?”

On if Alex Bookser’s snaps from center are improved:

“I think they are. There are ups and downs. Some are up; some are down. Overall I think they’ve improved. They haven’t floated back there like they did a little bit in the spring. He’ll continue to get better.”

“No, which is why I don’t want to talk about him any longer. Next subject!”

On what the cornerback position looks like opposite Avonte Maddox:

“Opposite of Avonte [Maddox], it’s Ryan Lewis right now. He had nice day again yesterday. He’s made some strides. You start to look at him and say, `Hey, we can rely on him.’ Phillipie Motley and Dane Jackson are in a heat right now, and I’m not sure that Dane Jackson isn’t ahead of him. Dane Jackson has really come on strong the last four or five days. Phillipie [Motley] is still there. Malik Henderson had maybe an average day yesterday, so he’s battling. They’re all battling out there.”

“It’s a mess and if Hamlin doesn’t pan out we are screwed.”

On if any of the freshman are battling for that second cornerback spot:

“A little bit. Damar [Hamlin] and Henry Miller are still going strong. Therran [Coleman] mentally is probably a little step behind them, but they’re all going to be great players.”

“If one on these kids doesn’t win the job and get some damn INTs Conklin’s ass will be on the unemployment line as fast as his head can spin. We sucked at Pass Defense last year and will again this year if someone doesn’t breakout chop-chop.  Conklin’s the one who wanted these little DB kids; I wanted some more decent defensive lineman,  so he’s going to live or die by them”

On how the players responded to the new throwback uniforms behind released:

“They exploded a little bit. They were fired up. I showed them a little video–maybe the same thing that you guys have seen. We’ll let you know later today. We’ll let you see it.”

“Holy hell – watch the damn video and ask me at least one intelligent question.”

On if the new throwback uniforms are a one-time thing:

“I think it’s going to be something that our seniors, our eagles, will kind of decide, `Hey, what do we want to do?’ If they like the look, I’m open to anything. I just want to coach football.”

“Since when don’t we capitalize Eagles when it is used as a title?  Also, who really gives a crap about the uniforms.  Talk to Scotty Barnes about that crap.  I’m a football coach, not a judge on Project Runway.”

On how things are progressing now that we are in the second week of camp:

“I feel good with where we are. We are going into [practice] No. 10 today. I think we’ve had a good camp so far. We’ve got to continue to stay healthy and take care of our bodies. Right now I think we’re ahead of where we were a year ago.”

“Same as every frigging year; it’s always the same.”

On if there are any major injuries right now:

“No major injuries, no. We’re good.”

“Shut your damn mouth.”

Offensive Lineman John Guy

On his thought on campus so far:

“It’s going well so far. We’re getting better each day. I’m watching film, learning a lot from it. So I think it’s going really well.”

“Well since you ask about the campus I’ll say this.  We need more parking over by the Student Union.  I do like the corn fritter lettuce wraps at the Porch though. I can eat those all day.”

On working with the first team as right guard:

“I feel like [right tackle] Brian O’Neill and I are doing really well in there. We’re communicating and talking every play so that we don’t make a mistake. The coaches have entrusted in me and given me the opportunity to go out there and believe that I can play with the No. 1s, so I appreciate that.”

“I’m getting the snot beat out of me on a regular basis but we’ll see.”

On what Coach John Peterson has said to him about the competition at right guard:

“He said that there is a competition at every position and that nothing is locked down. Everyone is going to get their fair chance to play. We’re going to plug each guy in and see how they respond.”

“He said that I’m competing with a player who has 21 consecutive starts and did well at two different OL positions so I better pay someone to kneecap him.”

On being a player the coaches can count on every day:

“Coach [Matt] Canada told me I do a really good job learning from the film. I’ll make a mistake in practice but when I watch the film I won’t make the same mistake twice, so that’s what he has told me, which I really appreciate.”

“He said I make a lot of mistakes.  Also, he said that he’d rather I make one mistake twice than 10 mistakes one time.  He’s always talking about mistakes – booooring!”

Offensive Lineman Alex Bookser

On playing some center in camp thus far:

“I’m getting there. Obviously there is an added part where you have to snap the ball. But it’s definitely more natural than it was in the spring.”

“I hate it.  Everyone else gets to run around and hit people and I get knocked on my ass as soon as the ball is snapped – how would you like that to happen to you 70 times a game?”

On Coach Narduzzi saying he’s matured since the spring:

“Personally, I think I have a grasp on the playbook better. I’m a year older; I’ve grown up. Last year at times I didn’t take things as seriously as I probably should have. I think I’ve turned a new leaf on that. It’s just been the process of growing up.

I realized that I’m not here forever. If I want to play here, I’m going to have to take things seriously and do everything the right way.”

“I told my mom and dad about that and they said they would take care of it.  Words hurt and I hurt when he says things like that about me.  Excuse me – I’m late for my nap.”

On taking on some leadership qualities:

“I have to come out and identify the front. I have to make calls and tell people where to go. I wouldn’t call myself the leader because we have so many veterans on the line. I’m just doing my best to try to make sure that the guys we have on the line know where they are going.”

“I’m a leader if I say I’m a leader.  Just because someone has been here longer than I have doesn’t make them a better person.”

On following in the footsteps of former Pitt center Artie Rowell:

“Artie was starting here for so long. He’s one of the hardest working guys in the building. I can just hope to try and duplicate his work ethic and how much he cared about this team.”

Oh, ‘Mr. Short Stuff’?  That’s what we used to call him.  Or ‘Old Man’ because he looked like he had been teaching grade school for ten years.  He was OK but I’m a lot better and we are all glad he’s gone, at least I am (don’t write that please…it makes me sound immature).”

Quarterback Manny Stocker

On the battle for the backup quarterback spot:

“It’s a grind every day. I try to do my best and work on what I can control. I just try and be the best player I can be to help this team.”

“C’mon man! Are you serious… Look at my competition.  If I can’t beat out “Call me Benjy” Dinucci I may as well be back at Tennessee – Martin lugging the Gatorade out onto the field.”

On Coach Canada and how he has changed from his time at NC State:

“He hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still that fiery coach that’s going to be on you and do everything he can to make you a better player. He’s going to do everything he can for this team, and I’m just happy to have a chance to work with him again.”

“He’s almost completely bald now.  Has he dated any chicks since he’s been here?  We used to wonder about that back in Raleigh. I mean he’s a pretty good-looking dude and all but he’d just disappear right after practice.”

On when he moved to quarterback:

“It was this January. I played receiver last year and then the coaches moved me to quarterback to give it a shot there.”

“As soon as that Chad guy quit the team.  Where is he now anyway?  Boy, was he pissed off at Narduzzi!  He was so mad he wouldn’t even talk in the QB game prep meetings.”

On the transition from wide receiver to quarterback:

“I played quarterback my whole life. Receiver was actually more difficult to learn–coming out of breaks, cutting and things like that. Making the switch to quarterback was a fun move for me. I know how to control the game from that position.”

“I’m better than Peterman.”

On his familiarity with Coach Canada’s system:

“Coach Canada has a good system. We’ve been working at it every day. It has progressed a lot since last year, so we’re learning new plays. But it’s an adjustment for everyone.”

“An idiot can understand Canada’s offense this season.  Run Conner until Dr. Marks puts a stop to it.”

On being a mobile quarterback and the challenges to stand out in practice:

“As of right now I’m just going through my reads, and doing everything I can to make the right decision and throw the ball on time. It’s kind of hard to stand out, but I don’t necessarily think it takes back from my abilities and what I can do. I have the red jersey on right now, so I can’t really run around much. If I can operate in the system with a red jersey on just like any other quarterback, it makes me suitable for that position.”

“That’s like asking me “How long have you been a Black Quarterback?”  If I was white as a lily you would be asking me about my passing game… you know you would.  But No! As soon as you see a Brother back there you all assume all he can do is run.  I thought we got past all that crap long ago.”

Wide Receiver Quadree Henderson:

On the competition level between the wide receivers:

“The competition is always there. We are all competing for a spot as a starting receiver. The competition in the wide receiver room is always a good thing. We’re competing, but at the same time we are trying to help each other.”

“Don’t believe the ‘We are all in this together’ hype with the WRs. I’m better and faster than all those guys and just because I’m 5’8″ doesn’t mean I can’t out jump a 6’3″ DB for the ball.”

On being a sophomore:

“Being that I sat out a little bit of last year, I watched Tyler Boyd and learned from the little things he did and the small mistakes he made and the little things he corrected himself on. I watched from the sidelines and watched a lot of things I can do to better myself for the 2016 season.”

“I learned that you don’t have to actually throw downfield blocks to be drafted into the NFL.”

On his chemistry with quarterback Nathan Peterman:

“Nate and I are like brothers. In the summer we would come out to the fields every day after workouts to make sure our timing was down perfectly. The chemistry with Nate is top-notch.”

“He’s the man! Much better now that he has absolutely zero competition and doesn’t have to even think about losing the starting job.  We joke about that all the time.  Plus he can drink like a fish – I mean when we start putting a drunk on he goes right up until the beginning of practice the next day.  Wish I could do that.”

On Tuesday’s Pitt alternate jerseys reveal:

“I love the new uniforms. Coach Narduzzi had two of our teammates come into a meeting late. He made it feel like since we had two-a-days yesterday that some people were slacking off, and then the players came into the room in the new uniforms and my eyes lit up.”

“What new uniforms?”

Offensive Lineman Dorian Johnson

On the movement within the offensive line:

“They are trying to get different guys at different positions. We want to see who we have.”

“I think I’m getting the screw job somehow.  Just a feeling but it keeps bugging me.”

On Alex Boosker playing different positions:

“He’s doing well. He’s putting in extra work after practice. I think he’s transitioning well.”

“Career two-deep (don’t tell him I said that!)  I mean he’s a nice guy and all,  fun to be around but I wouldn’t want to get in a bar fight with him next to me – look around and Boom!…he’s out the door.”

On starting his freshman year up to his senior year:

“I was just talking to my mom about that a couple days ago. The time here has flown by. I’ve gained a lot of confidence. I look back at this experience and I’m definitely happy I started my freshman year.”

Yeah, did our OL suck back then or what?  How many sacks did we give up again?  Wow, 43 for 118th nationally.  Holy Hell, I knew it was bad…of course Savage didn’t help with that any either.  He was like a water buffalo out there.

On the throwback Pitt script uniform:

“The new uniforms are crazy. They feel great. I like the colors. You look back at all of the national championship teams and they wore those colors. That gives us something to look forward to. We are a new team, and we can’t look back at the past, but it’s definitely something we keep in our minds.”

I like them.

Defensive Back Ryan Lewis:

On the defensive back unit chemistry:

“We have a great group of corners. A lot of our guys have high energy. They want to get better and are willing to learn. They’ll do whatever it takes to get on the field. We are a strong group together.”

“I think I may lose my job.  It really wasn’t just my fault last year. We all played like 3rd graders.”

On the new script uniforms:

“I was hyped up. Coach Narduzzi had us thinking that a couple of the guys were late. He did a really good job acting. When I saw those uniforms I was speechless. I didn’t think we had any other uniforms and when those came out I got a whole bunch of energy and my eyes lit up. I’m excited to wear them.”

“I like them. Really, they’re fine… How many times do we have to wear them again?”

On learning from Lafayette Pitts last year and competing for a starting job now:

“I definitely learned patience. Last year I was behind Lafayette Pitts, who is a great cornerback. I was waiting for my chance. Now that I’ve been given the opportunity, I want to seize the opportunity. I want to do whatever to get on the field. It’s great being able to work with the No. 1s and I’m taking it day by day.”

That piece of work!  Man, if anyone learned anything from him it was to be honest with yourself and sit your own ass down on the bench.  We used to joke that if he turned his head around one time lightning would strike him dead.

Defensive Back Dane Jackson:


On having leadership from Avonte Maddox and Ryan Lewis:

“It’s very big. They are both veterans. It’s good learning from them.”

“It’s like the blind leading the blind.  Let’s get honest here.  If Hamlin and Garner or another rookie  doesn’t show up big time and play ball we’ll need another series of group therapy just like we did after last season.  I actually liked those though – you can say anything and no one’s allowed to hit you.”

On being in a competitive group:

“It’s just about staying focused. I focus on myself and strive to get better. I want to get better in the film room and on the field.”

“We truly hate each other.  You should see us in the locker room after the game.  we’re all up in each other’s faces, pointing fingers, and  all pissed off…  That’s kind of the fun part actually.  Don’t write that please – “the Eagles will swoop” as Coach Duzz likes to say.”

Here are some additional photos of the throwback uniforms and of Practice #10:

Photos: New Pitt Retro Uniforms | Practice No. 10

30 thoughts on “What They Really Meant; Aug 17th

  1. Hate to say it but I really believe the season hinges on great play by Hendrix. If he can provide consistent pressure on opposing QB’s, the D will be much improved. It will also help Price to be more of a factor.

    I don’t really see the freshman d-backs being much of a factor. Seniors are men freshmen are boys.

    None of them have the muscles of Whitehead coming in.

    It would be nice if I am wrong, but only if the freshman are that good.


  2. gc – Whitehead? He’s OK but we have true freshman who look more muscled than Whitehead. Campbell and Miller are pretty big guys.

    I think you are correct though – we’ll see the regular two-deep list going into the opener I believe, then maybe after Hamlin gets a look in actual playing time maybe he’ll do what Whitehead did last year and take a starter’s job.


  3. Hilarious.
    HEAD COACH NARDUZZI: On the Pitt Point of View.
    I really enjoy the input from The View bloggers. Full of insight to help me decide how to move forward.

    Who the hell is this gc guy? wwb? Emel?

    On Reed Kohberger
    You mean that pencil thin geek. Boy I’d like to show him what a Thud session is all about. Incessant whiner, thinks he’s funny, wants to come to practice? I’ll show him what a Thud session is. Thud, you out Coastie.

    Given the script gear Pitt has been selling since may the colors were a foregone conclusion.

    If Campbell, Miller and Hamlin are that big, Avonte Maddox will be fortunate to be in nickel and dime packages – too damn small – but he can turn his head.


  4. I’m new to PittPov and would like to know how to read comments that go back more than a day or two How can I read old comments that I missed while away?


  5. Marietta – on the front page is a listing of the older articles. you can click on those to see what people wrote in response to the pieces.

    I have to try to get the logo linked with the front page… but if you look directly above any article you’ll say text that says “Reed Kohberger in Pitt football”

    Click on the “Pitt Football” part and all the POV articles will come up. I have every article categorized as ‘Pitt Football”.


  6. Too funny. Keep up the great work.

    The key for this season is keeping NP’s shirt clean. The pass protection has to be excellent for the offense to succeed. Every time he gets hit my heart will be in my throat hoping he gets back up. Same goes for JC but for totally different reasons.

    I can’t wait for the season to start.



  7. @Gc I disagree with you on the freshman DB’s. One of them might be starting early in the year. Others will play a lot during the year. Towards the latter part of the season, their on the field play could be better that Maddox. It wasn’t by mistake that Narduzzi recruited so many of them last year, he didn’t like what he currently had on the roster. That is pretty clear.

    The season does not hinge on Hendrix.


  8. Reed,
    Great job with the italicized humor!
    Some observations:
    – If Duzz flames out as a coach he can always get a secondary acting role in the next Godfather movie.

    Clearly the team is bonding and coming together as one. Very encouraging!
    Really like the back to the future uniforms. However, IMHO I think the true “glory years” color is mustard, not yellow and that they could of made a bright metallicized mustard that was as flashy as the bright yellow. So, I give them a rating of “9” instead of a “10”.

    P.S. Big B, thanks again for the Pitt magnet. Look at it everyday on my fridge!


  9. Pman4ever… You are quite welcome… I plan to have another hundred made to pass at eight games this year… They will be in the Dorsett era colors of the darker mustard which is actually “harvest gold”
    Like all of you I am really looking forward to this year… Very funny article Reed.. I would post more but my cell phone will not retain my name and email address so I have to enter it every time…


  10. Same for me BigB. My phone and iPad will not remember my info and have to put in each time. Pain in the butt. I should mention, one of my browsers on iPad does remember but I don’t use that browser the majority of the time.


  11. If your browser clears after use, check the settings or google how to prevent it. Their usually is a simple settings change to stop it. Unless you are hiding porn, you don’t need to clear cache, etc. 🙂


    How come there weren’t any stats from the scrimmage. I was curious how many rushes Connor had and thought about no stats being published. Doesn’t the staff usually publish it?


  12. You’d be a hoot to watch the Olympics with Reed. Never seen so many swaths of empty seats, except for Pitt home games vs anyone not named Notre Dame. jk


  13. Last year our d-line combined sack total was 19. 11.5 were Price, but 5 of those were in one game.

    We also played mostly below average qbs, and when we didn’t we were soundly beaten.

    Hendrix good play is a must since we will play much better qbs this year.

    No d-backs can cover forever, and interceptions are usually made after pressure.

    We haven’t had a great pass rusher since Donald, and that year he was the only one.

    Reed, Whitehead hits like a freight train, we’ll see if the new guys can play soon.

    Maddox is small but he hits and makes tackles, he also has three years experience with little or no pass rush.

    Galambos and Caprara had 5 sacks each last year which is encouraging, but disappeared in too many games.

    We will know if we have a pass rush after three games.


  14. I should have said after 4 games.

    We will have great d-backs in the future. But our d-backs weren’t the real problem last year nor will they be this year.

    Anyone that attended the Miami and especially the Navy game saw that our front seven was manhandled.

    The only worse manhandling that I have seen in over 50 years of watching Pitt, was 48-14, against one of our best teams ever.

    Everyone remembers how Maddox was torched by Will Fuller, the 21st pick in the NFL draft. That would happen to most guys going one on one with him, especially with no pressure on the QB.

    Hendrix has to make a difference or we will see more of the same no matter who plays corner.


  15. Wow….I was not prepared as I read through this article lol.

    I shared this with all of my ‘Hollywood Friends’ as, who go-figure, coincidentally are all huge Pitt fans as well…

    —- They thought this article was funny too. No I don’t know those people.

    The Manny Stocker, “running ability” translation, the Alex Bookser comment on ‘Old Man’ Artie Rowell… all of it —-> @ Reed do you do stand up comedy too? I was crying!! 🙂 Hahaha


  16. Honestly @ Reed you just can’t be more right about the secondary. Like another poster, I think Avonte Maddox is ragged-on harder than he should be. Last year against every receiver not named Will Fuller Maddox was all-up-on every receiver even when completed on. If we had three Junior Avonte Maddox’s this year, I would think corner is a legitimate strength. However — lol — Ryan Lewis?? Philippe Motley??? yeah, no, those Chryst guys would not have even been allowed to walk-on by the New Staff. They’re just J.V. guys period.

    It’s up to the R.S. Freshman corners (long guys, had a year in the strength program) and Damar Hamlin to upgrade the secondary. But, alas, no reporters or any of us fans have ANY CLUE what any of these guys can do because Pat Narduzzi has locked everyone out!

    What, is there some Illuminati, Goat-Sacrificing Ritualistic stuff going on in the SouthSide yeesh??

    Lol no no, in all seriousness: I think frankly that Pat Narduzzi is so unsatisfied with the overall talent level of the team at this point that honestly he’s a little, “Embarrassed”, for the media and outsiders to see this Building, evolving team. Because as of now, we all know they’re quite a few players on the team who a coach might not be gleaming-proud of throughout practices.

    Maybe if Narduzzi can indeed mold Pitt Football into that Dynamite-Squad I keep trying to convince everyone it will evolve into, Narduzzi will be excited to show-off his Team, and even turn it into a Spectacle. A “Football Extravaganza”, lol. See Reed now you have me trying to be funny and embarrassing myself.


  17. Vuc reported today that DB coach Hill wants Hamlin and other frosh Garner on the field at the same time. Hill said they are the two smartest freshman he’s coached.


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