New Blood on Defense?

Yesterday we discussed the offense and which new players we may see for the first time out on the turf at Heinz Field.  Because of Narduzzi’s background as a defensive coordinator while at Michigan State it is normal that we fans think that the big improvements we’ll see in the Panther’s play will come now in year 2 of the Narduzzi Era.

Especially because this is the soonest he can field some of his own recruits as the first recruiting class is always a hybrid between the old HC’s kids and the new HC’s kids.  That was our 2015 recruiting class.

Maybe I’m overstating that.  Looking further Narduzzi did land these guys after he was hired:

Nard Recruits.png

These guys are the base for the young players we may actually see this season, especially Camp, Hamlin and Watts on defense.  We talked yesterday about what WR Mathews may bring to the offense.

Come to think of it that late flurry of commitments was what made us think Narduzzi was some sort of great recruiter and let’s hope that turns out to be true.  Now that we’ll see more of his own recruits in action it will be a better gauge then just their star rankings.

That ’15 class is made up of Narduzzi’s players who either played very little last year (save Whitehead) or redshirted and sat out the season completely.

We are counting on these kids to provide immediate help and especially immediate depth is some key areas.  And well we should as we pretty much dropped the ball on defense last season.  In every main indicator we were a bit above average at best…



We did OK in total defense which helped us in a decent Time of Possession (31.42) but then again our scoring defense was only 57th at 26.1 ppg.  In other words we need help and fast, especially with the passing defense.

We gave up too many big passing gains last year which showed up in 214 ypg allowed and even more important our passing efficiency defense was a poor 126.97.

So how do we fix those problems?  With an influx of talent where needed and deploying that talent in ways that keep the defensive players fresh in the latter part of the season.  Narduzzi stated that he felt the team was ‘tired’ in the last three games of the year as our defense gave up an average of 36 ppg against Louisville (W), Miami (L) and Navy (L).

That is unacceptable especially when you factor in that we scored over 32 ppg in those games also, which should be enough to get us wins.

Then what tools have Conklin and Narduzzi to work with this season that they didn’t have last year?

For starters it looks like we’ll have a decent new Defensive End to put out there in rsSO Dewayne Hendrix.  We fans know his story by now and are excited to see him play.  As with any transfer kid there is an air of uncertainty with him but the staff is talking about him as if he’s already won the job opposite SR Ejuan Price.

JR DE Rori Blair really hasn’t panned out the way we hoped he would after a good-in-spots first year when he actually led the defense with five sacks.  Wow – and just how putrid was our pressure that season if five sacks led the team (out of a total of only 19)!

I think rsSO James Folston will be a player to watch at DE.  He slid up from LB and is fast and smart.  He’s an under the fan’s radar type but I think he gets more PT than one would think looking at the two-deep.

Narduzzi will also have players who redshirted last year with rsFR LB Saleem Brightwell and rsFR LB Anthony McKee  to bolster the LB corps.  I don’t see them starting – I think Conklin will stick with Bradley, Caprara and Galambos but who knows.

I have been hoping for two years that LB Quentin Wirginis would overtake Galambos at that MLB position.  But since LB Coach Rob Harley figured out a way to pry Galambos out of the somnambulist state he was in his first two years that won’t happen now.

The staff isn’t giving us any info at all as far as how the individual players are performing other that rote coach speak like:

“I think we’ve got good depth there. I think when you look at it overall, especially with the starting group of [Matt] Galambos and Mike Caprara. [Quinton] Wirginis is doing a great job. Saleem Brightwell just continues to make plays. He doesn’t always get lined up the way we want him to, but he’s a football player. Out there at the star position, Seun [Oluwaseun] Idowu does a nice job. Elijah Zeise had a nice scrimmage. Bam Bradley, who I haven’t mentioned, he’s kind of been floating around doing a little bit of both. He’s much improved. We’ve got a lot of depth at that position.”

OK, maybe not all coach speak – this part was pretty honest:

Saleem Brightwell just continues to make plays. He doesn’t always get lined up the way we want him to, but he’s a football player.

That made me laugh a bit.  But hey, as long as he knocks the snot out of players in the different color uniforms who cares where he lines up?  Todd Thomas did OK with that and he had no idea where he was supposed to be on any given play.

As to the DL interior; they better get FR Keyshon Camp and FR Charles Watts (this kid plays hard and fast with no emotion on his face whatsoever…) ready to play or we are in a world of hurt. Here is who we fielded on the DL going into the ’15 bowl game against Navy:  USN

You can see that the even though the two men we lost from last season in DT Darryl Render and NT Mosley-Smith were not the greatest of defenders, it looks like their replacements are even worse.  Hell, let’s be honest here – I don’t care if KM-S is on the Steelers, those guys stunk.

But keep an eye on rsSO Shane Roy – I watched him in drills last week and while he’s tall and somewhat thin (as thin as you can be at 280 I suppose) he’s quick off the ball and seems to have a good motor and pursuit.  sleeper for sure but with the existing personnel in front of him we can dream, right?

At defensive back we need to make some changes.  Really, the only position that is untouchable should be Whitehead’s as everyone else is expendable IMO.

The listing below is whot the staff floated out as the DB two-deep going into camp and as I said other than the Wunderkind at Safety I don’t see anyone we can’t replace.

So maybe we’ll see new names like local hot-shot FR Damar Hamlin or Central Catholic’s FR Brice Garner (who probably isn’t even Catholic – those Priests have been lying about that forever just to get good football players!  BTW – the current Principal there was a Coast Guard shipmate of mine) and rsFR Malik Henderson, in the lineup.


DBs are guys you can rotate in on a regular basis if needed so we’ll do that.  Expect the oldsters to be out there first against Arch-Rival Villanova but then soon after expect to see the young blood flow in.

All in all I’m worried that our defense isn’t going to take the leap ahead we all want it to.  I know that Narduzzi has more of his own resources to put out there now but I just don’t see any playmakers on the defense with the exception of Whitehead and possibly, fingers crossed, Hendrix.

The beauty of college ball is that we do see kids come out of nowhere and surprise.  But I can’t remember that really happening on defense for us for some years.  Whitehead was expected to jump in and contribute right away.  Perhaps Blair two years ago gave us more than we expected.

This season Hamlin looks to be that kid who grabs a starting job ASAP but we need someone in the front seven – preferably the front four – to blow up and dominate at his position.  Again, save possibly Hendrix, and he’s no sure bet, I don’t see that happening with our current roster personnel.



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    Narduzzi’s opening statement:

    “Saturday we had a great scrimmage. We came out here and ran about 130 plays I believe total, with special teams included. We were really crisp and really healthy. There were a lot of good things. Obviously a lot of things we can correct; but after six or seven practices, I would say that we’re probably ahead of schedule. I was very happy with the attitude and the intensity that our guys took. Yesterday we went out and had another good morning after a physical scrimmage the day before, and we got a lot accomplished. Now we’re at two-a-days today, so this is when the grind starts. We had individual dinners last night by position coaches, so we freshened them up before we get after it here today.”

    On who won the scrimmage:

    “The offense did win the scrimmage. It came down to a two-minute situation with the ones and twos at the end. It was a tight ball game. The offense did win the scrimmage, that’s why they’re wearing the blue jerseys today. You can always tell by the jersey color.”

    On if any adjustments were made to the depth chart:

    “There were little adjustments. Nothing major, which I guess is a good thing. I’d say about three or four little changes that you probably won’t be able to see out there, but nothing that would surprise you. Just little moves here and there that just might happen.”

    On how exciting it is to see his former Pitt players perform well in the NFL:

    “You know what, we do get excited. I get excited. Those are Pitt Panthers. Those are Pitt men. The next day we got both of those plays up on [Twitter]. I know all of those guys have a dream to play at that next level. I texted Lafayette [Pitts] saying, `Hey, how many times have you pressed and done that? You should be good down there in Miami, pressing and doing what you’re doing.’ That’s what he did every day here for a year. Just to see it transfer from that field to down in Miami in an NFL game is great. I’m proud of those guys.”

    On how difficult two-a-days will be for the players, especially the freshman:

    “We’ve got a tough group out there. We’ve got 20 seniors. The freshmen are like little ducklings that have to follow their parents. Mommy and daddy are going to walk, and they’re going to follow. I think they’ll do a good job of following the lead.”

    On how things at the linebacker position have been progressing:

    “I think we’ve got good depth there. I think when you look at it overall, especially with the starting group of [Matt] Galambos and Mike Caprara. [Quinton] Wirginis is doing a great job. Saleem Brightwell just continues to make plays. He doesn’t always get lined up the way we want him to, but he’s a football player. Out there at the star position, Seun [Oluwaseun] Idowu does a nice job. Elijah Zeise had a nice scrimmage. Bam Bradley, who I haven’t mentioned, he’s kind of been floating around doing a little bit of both. He’s much improved. We’ve got a lot of depth at that position.”

    On the offense struggling in the red zone during the scrimmage:

    “We’ll get down in there. The field gets constricted a little bit. You kind of tighten it down. Guys are making plays. We had an illegal procedure down there, so that’s part of it. That’s an easy fix. A lot of easy, fixable things, but the defense is doing some good things down there as well. It’s scoring defense and scoring offense. We’d like to score when we’re down there. As a head coach you kind of feel good for the defense, but then you kind of go, `Ugh, we’ve got to score points down there.’ You’re never happy as you sit in that office up there.”

    On what things he looks for as signs that the team is progressing during camp:

    “The first thing is that there are not many guys in yellow jerseys. If you’ve got that, then you have a healthy, conditioned team. I think that Dave Andrews has done a great job through the offseason of preparing them, and I think that they’re doing a great job of recovering after a practice. Today will be a big day. This week will be big. I told those guys yesterday that today is No. 8 and yesterday was seven. If you didn’t count a spring game, that’s halfway through spring ball really. So we got half of spring ball done in one week. That’s a different deal. After this week we’ll have 15 days done of spring ball and then we move on and get better. One of the things that we’re looking for is consistency. Who are those guys that are consistently going to do it? Or are they like a yo-yo, up and down? The consistency part of it, the guys are engaged every day when they go out there and focused on the little things that they need to do to get better.”

    On if he is beginning to see any separation at running back:

    “There are so many good players back there right now that you’re not seeing a whole lot. Right now, and again I’m not going to give you a depth chart, all of those guys are doing a great job. James [Conner] continues to impress in my opinion. I might even tweet out one of his runs. Just like the end of it, so you can’t see the whole thing, but he continues to impress. Rachid [Ibrahim] had a great day the other day. Darrin Hall had a great day. [Chawntez] Moss continues to impress as well. Qadree [Ollison] has been really versatile in what he can do. I’m happy with the stable that we have back there.”

    On how quarterback Ben DiNucci has progressed from where he was a year ago:

    “He’s certainly better. He’s made some nice throws. His knowledge of the offense is a lot better. Right now I think Manny Stocker is ahead of him. It’s probably one of those spots that we’ve seen a little bit of a change. As we move closer to September 3rd, we’ve got to start to get that depth chart squeezed down and really get repetitions to the guys that need it. Right now I think Manny [Stocker] is separating himself a little bit at that spot. You’re talking a fifth-year senior compared to a second-year redshirt freshman.”

    On how the running backs’ individual skill sets affect the role he sees for them:

    “It is certainly a major factor. That’s what we do as coaches. Whether it’s the guys that can cover or the guys that can’t cover, we’re going to get involved in the run game. We’ll put them in there when we know it’s going to be a run. It’s the same thing in that situation, but obviously as a tailback you better be versatile [enough] to do both. If you’re just a runner and you can’t pass protect or catch, defenses know that. We’re certainly going to use the tools that they have.”

    Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada

    On keeping the players on their toes:

    `It’s really been a good camp so far. Guys are playing well and working hard. I really like the way we are working. Our guys like football; I can’t stress that enough. I appreciate the way our guys work.”

    On the growth of quarterback Manny Stocker:

    “He’s getting better every day. He’s taken a couple of big steps. We’re throwing a lot at him, and he’s taking it in stride. He’s playing like a senior needs to play and I’m proud of him. He’s probably more focused on the details. Manny worked hard [at NC State]. I would never question his work, but the details matter. So does appreciating pressure. Pressure is a privilege. Everybody doesn’t have pressure. Sometimes we don’t like it, but if you want to be the guy then there’s going to be pressure there. I think he’s learned to embrace that, understand it and work at that. I think he’s attacking the details of the game and the details of his position.”

    On how players will separate themselves at the running back position:

    “Whoever is making the best plays and the best runs. We’re fortunate to have as much talent as we do there. Sometimes you’re in a tough position because you don’t have anybody good enough to take the job and sometimes you have a whole bunch of guys who could be a No. 1; we fall in the latter right now. We have a very good stable of backs. Coach [Andre] Powell has done a tremendous job with them. They’ve done a tremendous job working. It is an extremely deep group. We’ll see how it goes, but we feel really fortunate to have them all.”

    On the plays from RB’s that caught his eye during Saturday’s scrimmage:

    “They all made some plays to be honest. They’ve all made plays through camp. It’s great to have James [Conner] back out here, and he’s certainly doing a great job. [Chawntez] Moss is a young guy who is doing tremendous. I think Qadree [Ollison] has really come back attacking and had a tremendous camp. So has Darrin Hall. All of those guys have done a great job. It’s a really good group.”

    On the depth of the playbook:

    “We don’t have all of it in yet. We’re adding to it every day and I appreciate how hard guys are working to learn it. We’re slowly and methodically implementing it. The weapons we have and the guys who can make plays give us an opportunity to do different things. We’re trying to be sound in what we are doing–simple is always better–so we’re going to be sound in what we do and make sure we’re always improving. We are fortunate to have multiple backs who can play, multiple tight ends who can play and multiple wideouts who can play.

    On the role of the tight ends in the offense:

    “I don’t know. Saturday is different than Monday. Once we start playing on Saturdays we will see who comes in and makes plays. But they are going to have a role for sure.”

    Running Backs Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Andre Powell

    On the running backs’ performance at Saturday’s scrimmage:

    “They continue to get better. We’re trying to make sure we are sound fundamentally and are learning the offense. I’m pleased where they are right now.”

    On the depth at the running back position:

    “We have five guys that can play. We can put these guys in multiple positions. They separate themselves, they find things that one can do better than the other and then they form various roles.”

    On the competition level:

    “It has been good. It’s more of completing than competing.”

    On James Conner:

    “He’s at 100-percent physically.”

    On how the running backs fit in Pitt’s offense:

    “The offense is built for guys who can make plays, understand and execute. If we had only three running backs that could execute and more receivers and tight ends, those are the guys that would fill those roles. I just happen to have a room filled with guys that are pretty smart and make plays.

    On some players that might contribute on special teams:

    “Some of the guys on defense that I don’t know are starters or not but have done really good are players such as Malik [Henderson]; he’s done really well. Also Dane [Jackson] has done really well. A lot of the redshirt guys and second-year guys have done a really good job.”

    Linebackers Coach Rob Harley

    On linebacker depth chart after Saturday’s scrimmage:

    “Some guys showed some things. It is week one. We are going to move some guys around and see what they can do. The second scrimmage will also determine a lot. We won’t set anything until the week of the first game, and even then the game will tell the whole thing.”

    On Bam Bradley at the Star linebacker position:

    “He looked good–proved that he can do it. He’s going to give us added depth and the guys are battling it out right now, but he proved he can do it.”

    On who else made plays at the Star linebacker position:

    “Seun [Oluwaseun] Idowu did really well. Elijah Zeise pops out there, especially in spread formations. Bam [Bradley] made a couple plays. Guys are producing and a lot of it comes down to who we play against and what formations we are seeing. It might come down to personnel situations. All three showed what their talents are in the scrimmage. It’s good for us because now we know how to utilize it.”

    On competition level during camp:

    “It would stress me out a lot more if we didn’t have anybody. I love that three or four guys are fighting for the starting job. It is a credit to these guys for getting ready. It makes happy because it means we are building depth. The more reps they get, the more depth we are going to have.”

    Defensive End Ejuan Price

    On the state of the Pitt program under Pat Narduzzi:

    “They tell you in recruiting don’t commit to coaches, commit to the university. No matter who came in we already had a close knit group, we are a family. When Coach Narduzzi came in he was just a plus. When you bring in a genuine guy such as Coach Narduzzi around a good core already, only good things can happen.”

    On the team facing adversity in the past years:

    “That type of adversity only builds stronger character. We all had to go through something and it just brought the team closer together. I think it helped us in the long run.”

    On Pitt’s goal to win the ACC:

    “I’m not trying to look that far ahead. We have Villanova on the clock. To accomplish our goals, we have to focus what’s in front of us. To take it one game at a time.”

    On former teammates playing in the NFL:

    “It is a big motivation seeing guys that were just with me now making big plays at the next level. Those are a group of my best friends. They are people that I grew up with and have a strong bond with. We talk every day. Talking to them every day and getting energy from them lets me know that it’s not far away. I’m focused at the task at hand and trying to get better to get there.”

    Running Back Rachid Ibrahim

    On his health:

    “We took it step by step in the offseason; it was a long process. This fall I feel 100 percent. I’m happy to be back in the room with the guys.”

    On what it was like to be James Conner’s roommate throughout his treatment:

    “I was just trying to be there for him as a teammate. He’s my best friend on the team. We’ve been roommates for the past three years. So I’ve just tried to be there for him as a friend. Anything he needed, I’d be there for him.”

    On what it’s like to see Conner out there on the field now:

    “You wouldn’t guess what he went through. Sometimes even during the workouts you couldn’t even tell that he had chemo. He’s a real tough, physical guy, and he’s a special guy. He feels like he’s 100 percent. He’s tired, but I’m tired, so I’m like `you’re not the only one.'”

    On what he expects his role to be this season:

    “We have a lot of running backs in the room. That’s probably a better question for Coach Powell. I want to be an every-down guy; that’s my goal. Everybody has to be able to do first, second and third down. That’s what we’re all working on.”

    Running Back Chawntez Moss:

    On his performance Saturday:

    “I personally feel like I performed average. Looking at the film I had some good plays and some bad plays. There is a lot of stuff we need to work on in preparation for Villanova.”

    On the competition at running back:

    “That’s something I thought about before I even came here. We have a lot of running backs, and that’s a good thing. The competition in the running back room should bring out the best at that position. The more the merrier.”

    On if he expects to play this year:

    “I haven’t been told I’m going to redshirt, but anything can change at any moment.”


  2. Waaaa! They aren’t musturd (spelling is correct) colored. They aren’t wearing them for the PSU game. The music is too loud. Get off my lawn.

    I like them and that is all that matters to me.


  3. A lot of good stuff Reed. All very positive. Different approach than many coaches that say we have to get better at certain positions. We do have a lot of seniors, no more youngest team stuff.

    The depth is also the best we have had in a long time.

    One thing that was very impressive last year was special teams. Narduzzi and Co. know how to coach them.


  4. Reed – everyone seems to overlook DE Allen Edwards for our front 7. Any insight as to why? Lingering injury maybe…

    I see K. Camp and Amir (Charles) Watts as potential impact players up front, this year. I also see Brightwell and McKee pushing for playing time with their speed and athleticism. I’d like to see a six man rotation at DE to keep fresh legs pressuring the opposing QB. Hendrix and Price as starters, Folston and Blair as their back-ups with Edwards and either Weaver or Jones getting spot duty.

    The secondary is a free for all in my book, except as Reed mentions, WHITEHEAD. Maddox may beat out the talented PN recruits, but he will have to be really improved over last year to do that. I think there are a few other safety types to give the two SR’s a run for their money (Webb & Mitchell).

    As a fan, I want to see the best talent on the field, matched with the best coaching this staff can deliver.



  5. Somnambulist..looking for my dictionary… DL improvement is a key to a successful defense of season. We need disruption on the front line both in the running game and rushing the passer… Looking at a pictures of a couple of those guys – I worry about someone carrying 335 pounds especially the way smaller, more athletic Navy guys took it to them last year. Also, looking for improvement in turnovers INT’s, fumble recoveries. Those were lacking last year. Team had trouble getting off the field and had difficulty stopping the opponent on third down no matter the yardage. I was at the North Carolina, Miami and Navy games … Hopefully the head coach can work some of his defense of magic this year as he returns experience and has recruited some quality on the defense of side


  6. I actually think Coleman will have an impact early. City league kids never come with the hoopla that others do, but the kid can flat out play.


  7. The good news is that at linebacker and d-back there is quality depth that will be pushing the upperclassmen for playing time. Hopefully they will be good enough to earn some, or the older guys are playing so well that they don’t.


  8. But I agree that the key is the pass rush. If we get one the d-backs are going to look a whole lot better.

    The other big question is whether the interior linemen can stop the run?


  9. @Tossing No hate can be possible. That color match is unbelievably awesome!!!

    Going forward, cannot wait to see Hamlin, Coleman and Miller. All 3 play this year.


  10. As soon as recruits are better than the starters they will play. Maddox has a lot of heart but he is a tiny CB for Narduzzi’s schemes. Somnambulist? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  11. A better pass rush is going to equal better pass defense. All the guys are one year better and one year stronger. Plus Juan Price is like 24(!). Plus we have Hendrix.

    Really worried about our run defense though, especially if Jarrett does down. Reed your boy Taleni needs to step up in a big way.


  12. Even Herbie throwing us some love today.

    Kirk Herbstreit ‏@KirkHerbstreit 1h1 hour ago
    Kirk Herbstreit Retweeted Pitt Football
    @Pitt_FB should wear these jerseys for EVERY home game. Love those colors!


  13. Nothing to hate about the uniforms, if you complain about those you are complaining just to hear yourself talk.

    On D, everyone is overlooking the red shirt freshman because of Hamlin. I don’t think Hamiln is physically ready. He isn’t on the level that Whitehead was as a freshman.

    DBs Henderson and Motley, have been in the system for a year already.

    Worried about the D.

    I don’t see an improvement unless a cornerback steps up, Brightwell steps up big at LB, and they find a bookend to match Price.


  14. @Notrocket I agree with you on the Hamlin/Whitehead thought in a vacuum. But lets be honest, Hamlin is going against a kid who is a senior with zero starts. The path to playing time isn’t that difficult. Out of the gate, Coleman needs a serious look as well.


  15. The positive energetic changes in recruiting, facilities, fan experience and now uniforms and logos is so refreshing. High time Gallagher, Barnes, and Nard-dog get credit for changing one of the most lazy and non caring athletic departments in D1.


  16. @Emel, @BringbackPittScript and many, many others who pushed for the colors and the scrip over the last 10 years, we have arrived. I might add, I like the new uni’s that were unveiled in May. How many times I said, have them both. You wanna buy a Navy Blue hat, a Royal Blue hat, or mustard. Give the customers what they want. Have some choices. Marketing 101.


  17. I might add, anyone that was kinda of “so-so”, on the news uni’s from May. Give them a chance. If you haven’t seen them on a grass field backdrop, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The blue is a lot brighter than what they looked like at some podium. It really pops.


  18. Defense? I don’t know, my one thought is, without getting into nuts and bolts, our head coach is one of the best D guys around (not my opinion, he proved that at MSU), so I feel it’s in good hands. Does he have enough of his recruits yet to really set his D up, doubtful. But if anyone can help these kids that were here become better at their position, I would have to think it would be a guy like him. No matter how good a D coach is, or O for that matter, something I’ve always said, you still need to have the horses. So, I’m a bit nervous.


  19. New Uni’s in May suck Sheep Balls. The ones that looked good were soccer and who cares about Soccer. Today’s Throwback is 100% better than those ugly ass cathedral numbered debacles.


  20. Considering how bad the defense was, especially the Pass defense, it was a good thing a lot of the opponents had terrible quarterbacking or we don’t win 8 games. YSU, Akron, Va Tech, UVA and Syracuse all had terrible QB’s. Luckily we got the 2nd stringer for Duke or that game could have been different as even the 2nd stringer for Duke passed for more yards than our QB (250 to 180). Even with 6 games playing against horrid QB’s the pass defense ranked (according to Reed’s box) a horrid 11th (of 14) in the ACC and 54th nationally. RedZone defense was terrible as well, worst in the ACC and indeed the Nation. If you go inside the 20 against Pitt, you SCORED points, 100% of the time. Wow that is amazingly bad.

    Again seems we were very fortunate to win 8 games.


  21. Room for both uniforms. More merchandise to sell, more money for the athletic department!

    The uniforms released in May still rock. Especially the blue helmet….any the players are going to be voting for the blur helmet often.

    All the combos are great.


  22. I loved HCPN’s comment when asked if these new throwback uni’s would be worn in more than one game – he said, “I don’t know, it’s up to the senior leaders, the Eagles. I just want to coach football”.

    Now that is bad a$s Pittsburgh – through & through.



  23. With the high definition of today’s HDTV’s the Classic Uni’s should look stunning on them.

    No comparison in my view at all with the generic looking non striped pant uni’s they released in May.


  24. Love the unis colors … amongst all the Div 1 schools sporting ” blue n gold” the mustard n blue are ours.. Get rid of the khaki tan.. Erase all traces of Peterson… and the numbers that are supposed to reflect the Cathedral arches … who the phuck thinks that shit up.. We are a working mans town .. Shot and a beer… I will be coming home for homecoming… because of those colors ..btw white stripes on the helmet needs some tweaking … Ha ha


  25. Just a question. When JM introduced the colors did teams in all sports go to them or just FB initially?? I see no reason FB can’t wear these at home.
    Someone above said give fans choices and it’s marketing 101, and they were absolutely correct!
    Recruits are still dazzled by bright and shiny things. Just another tool for HCPN to use!


  26. Pitt got a featured article out of the new uni look. Won’t call them retro, cause they aren’t exactly copies of those uni’s. Missing the stripes on the sleeves and white stripe on the helmet and pants. But certainly a big improvement on the boring generic and same blue/gold of many NCAA teams uni’s of May.


  27. @ Reed, hi, with the HUDL videos they don’t let you embed them without “buying them” lol, so I just copy the url up at the top of the screen for the video you want to share, and I post the url on the comments. Just for anyone who actually wants to click on it and follow it.

    So once you have the page-up with your desired HUDL highlight video front-and-center, just copy entire link up in the url box and post it and it should be there for all your 🙂 awesome 🙂 posters to click and watch.

    Sorry if that’s not what you were asking — again HUDL makes you “buy” the video if you want to share and embed it unlike youtube or other video-sharing sites unfortunately. Greed jerks! Haha.

    —- And I know, I know it’s conceivably, theoretically-possible that my Pro-Pitt “musings” (prefer that over “Rantings” 🙂 lol) sound wayyy too rah-rah, or gung-ho…Yet I can sincerely guarantee that they’re all so truly From-The-Heart. It’s my nature in general about most-everything in life, and here I just pour it out towards OUR great Pitt Panthers. It’s not that I feel I’m delusional about what the reality of the recent-past and current-present is — it’s more just that I feel Pitt Football (and basketball) has everything Logistically, Geographically, and Situationally Overall it could ever need to reach the pinnacle compared to anyone.

    (Rah-rah time) Plus, Pitt has seemingly-found a great leader-of-the-charge in Chancellor Patrick Gallagher (who I think is passionate for The University of Pittsburgh in ALL Leadership aspects, only including Football) —-> Question to ponder: If Chancellor Gallagher is Pitt’s Chancellor in the 90’s, does he also make the move to Heinz, or does he maneuver a way to keep Pitt Football On-Campus???

    And I also think that yes, additionally, Pat Narduzzi the ‘The Man’ for Pitt. Our Joe Pa / Art Briles (Brought-up Baylor from 1-11 to 3-9 seasons to yearly top 10 prominence and total Texas + Big 12 dominance)…………except for I strongly-hope that unlike Art Briles and Joe Paterno —- Pat Narduzzi will do THIS with zero hesitation if any of that Silly-Bull$hit goes down at Pitt — from Staff / Players / any ‘Gabronies’, period:


  28. So, we break out Pitt Script against GTech and fumble 6 times. Now, we’re going to break out these unis versus this same team. IDK, I’d probably choose a different opponent. I’m a little superstitious, I guess.


  29. Since the change to Pitt POV, it took me a while to figure out how to post. And I am an IT guy. Ouch!!. Not the only one I am sure that has had to figure out how to post to the new site.

    It took the new uniforms to motivate me. Give the people what they want, 101. Agree. All home football games should have these splash, awesome uniforms.

    On to the topic of the day besides uniforms, how about the guys that redshirted last year? Will anyone there help the D. Agree, this is an area that needs to improve to deal with the spread offenses and speed of the game. A great pass rush that can also snuff out the wider runs is essential. I feel good about the DE. It is the DTs.

    Great job Reed. Love your charities by the way. I am a Marylander from Carroll County and am very much supportive of your charities. Can’t wait to meet you at a game.



    Interesting stuff on the Pitt Site this morning.

    John Guy fighting for a starting job with Officer, so now eight guys in the O-line mix.

    Bookser looks to be holding the center position. Jones-Smith, the back-up at both tackle positions.

    Fantastic depth.

    Upperclassmen still holding on to starting corner jobs.

    Two a days will be separating the men from the boys.

    On the PittsburghSports Now site, Carnell Lake’s son staying with UCLA.

    Still waiting for some splash verbals.

    Maybe if we beat Penn State.


  31. –Maddox is way better than some of you seem to realize – he will not be beaten out at CB.

    –Since when is “bright yellow” equal to “gold?” Oh yeah, the Steelers somehow did that…

    –Not crazy about the blaring blue and blaring yellow throwbacks, but I really don’t care what they wear. Winning is what matters – winning with honor, of course. 😉


  32. Great work Reed, thanks!
    Absolutely love the new retro unis. I wish that was our everyday look.
    I think we will use them more than once a season though.
    Avante Maddox is fast and has swag and can cover but unfortunately the guy is SHORT!
    I can remember several times last season he was right in step with the received but the ball sailed right over his outstretched arms to the receiver. I like his enthusiasm for the game but I think a taller player will take his job as the season progresses. Nard Dog likes tall DBs in his scheme.


  33. Our defense was horrid last year. One of the worst in the ACC, and the worst in the nation in the Red Zone.

    ALL POSITIONS should be, ‘in play’. Other than Whitehead at Safety.


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