Sunday POV Podcast; Aug 14th

Here is the Sunday POV Podcast – hope you enjoy it…

The school has sold over 53,775 season tickets for the Panthers’ upcoming football season, surpassing the previous record set in 2003 –– and achieving the goal Barnes set out for the program in February.

The P-G has an article about Pitt’s in-depth medial exams given to our athletes:

The EKGs, which check the electrical activity of the heart, and echocardiograms, which are sonograms of the heart, are done in addition to a newly arrived athlete’s standard physical that must be completed before beginning competition. If the cardiologists spot an irregularity on a reading, they’ll administer follow-up tests, which often include cardiac MRIs and a stress test in which the athlete walks briskly on a treadmill while attached to monitoring equipment.

If a risk is identified, doctors will try to see if it is modifiable through medication or other interventions. If not, as it was with Hill, they recommend a life-long restriction from competitive sports. Gilbert will miss this season, and his opportunity for future participation will be reevaluated after the season.

Pitt has had all of its athletes undergo these tests for the past 12 years. Before this year, only four or five, according to Blanc, had required some kind of additional testing, all of whom were cleared. To have two players on one team in a single class both be diagnosed with such conditions is, as he put it, “very rare.”

Dr. Timothy Wong, a cardiologist from the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute, said fewer than 2 percent of college athletes have any potentially career-ending heart problems. Estimates of sudden cardiac death rates among college athletes range from one in 43,000 to one in 83,000.

“I talk to my colleagues and they go, ‘Do you do those on everybody?’ I say, ‘Yeah’,” Blanc said. “They say it doesn’t sound very cost effective. Well, it isn’t until something like this comes up. The fact those guys played high school football … and maybe they would have gone to the NFL and played 15 years and never had a problem. But maybe not.”

Narduzzi says DiNucci, Stocker ‘neck and neck’ in Pitt backup QB race

 Pitt enters the 2016 season with little or no doubt about which quarterback will line up under center for its season opener against Villanova on Sept. 3.

Beyond starter Nate Peterman, though, the Panthers’ situation at the game’s most important position is decidedly murky. Before Friday’s practice, Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi provided some clarity on the issue, noting that Ben DiNucci and Manny Stocker are “neck and neck” in the race to be the backup quarterback, though he added Stocker’s stock is slightly higher, with “a head over” DiNucci right now.

“There’s competition at that spot,” Narduzzi said. “The heat will be on tomorrow and today with the live reps and who makes decisions.”

Trib’s Poll for the 2nd string QB; 60% DiNucci – 19% Stocker – 21% No Opinion

Trib’s piece on our young receivers

Freshman wide receivers Maurice Ffrench, Ruben Flowers and Clairton graduate Aaron Mathews are grabbing coaches’ attention. Mathews was worthy of special praise from Narduzzi.

“He’s a big, tall guy who can run,” he said. “He goes up and gets the ball. Maurice Ffrench has been impressive. Ruben Flowers has done some good things.

“I’d probably said Mathews (6-foot-4, 195 pounds) has shown the most as far as a deep-ball threat. Just go look at what he looks like. He’s a specimen.”

After practice, wide receivers coach Kevin Sherman said Mathews, Ffrench and Flowers are “stepping up when we need to make plays.”  Sherman said Flowers made “a big-time catch” Friday.

 Craig Meyer has the P-Gs Red shirt diaries are back in full form.

“My first year here was with (former coach Paul) Chryst (in 2014),” said junior linebacker Quintin Wirginis, who went to Fox Chapel with Bisnowaty. “And I felt like he was a little bit scared to mention the word championship. (Coach Pat) Narduzzi gets here and he says, ‘We’re going to win a championship.’ Everyone in the locker room truly believes we are going to win a championship.”

“The things they went through made it hard for them to come together as a group on the field,” he said. “We struggled in some areas that we don’t struggle in today. I think leadership is one of them.”

Leadership doesn’t appear to be a problem this season, with 20 seniors on the team, including Bisnowaty and 11 others who are fifth-year players.

Pittsburgh safety Jordan Whitehead is expected to reprise his two-way role this season, but he was coy about how many reps he wants on offense during games. Defense remains the priority, and in his second season he said, “I’m hoping for no mistakes on the field.”


14 thoughts on “Sunday POV Podcast; Aug 14th

  1. I think it’s pretty safe to say that if Pitt has to go the rest of its season with the #2 QB for any length of time they will find any victory hard to come by.


  2. Reed, All The Right Moves was filmed in Johnstown Pa. with the “Ampipe” steel mill scenes shot in the Bethlehem Steel plant, the games in the Johnstown Point Stadium, and the school shots in Johnstown High.Bethlehem Safety Engineers from our department Had to accompany, and control all production company acccess and activity in the plant.I might add it was amazing how much was shot that ended on the editing floor. It is also amazing to go to the shooting sites today and see that they are all gone including the steel mill that employed 11,000 people. One more aside. The movie company advertised for local HS football players to sign up for the game scenes. My son and his buddy who played for a suburban team locally were fired up hired to be in the movie when their HS coach advised them not to do it so no one could ever charge them with playing football for wages if they got Div 1 offers. My sons friend did get an offer from WV and started as the noseguard in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame for a national championship several years later. You referenced NCAA rules at times and they are crazy.


  3. I started to drift off during the podcast and then your phone rang. Holy crap! That scared the bejesus out of me! I think that might be a good strategy going forward, Reed. Just do that at a random point in each podcast. Now, to be clear, that’s not a testament to how interesting your podcast is; more likely it’s because your voice is very calming.



  4. If anyone sees this —- please watch the video at the bottom, AMAZING!!!

    “All The Right Moves” is a classic. Lol but I remember when I first saw it I heartily laughed out loud when Tom Cruise’s character says he’s 5’10”. Hahaha just like Tino Sunseri would insist he was 6’1” (c’mon now, not even close to 6′) and Chad Voytik insisted he was over 6′. If they said, “I meant when I’m in my cleats!” it would still induce an eye-roll, but the exaggerations would less egregious lol.

    Oooooo, @Reed in the podcast I feel like I understand so much more about your perception on recruiting, specifically with Pat Narduzzi. I personally (I even tend to get a bit ‘catty’ about it) despise putting ** too much ** emphasis on both Stars, and most definitely trying to analyze Scholarship offers from other Football Programs (i.e., the “Offer Sheet”) to analyze a player. Why? Look at the absolute phenoms who arose at Michigan State when Pat Narduzzi helped Spearhead that whole program, and infuse his crazy energy and passion into it. LeVeon Bell, Conner Cook (2 star, zero other Power 5 offers, Fought For and recruited with 100% belief by Narduzzi), Darquise Dennard, Trae Waynes (3 star, 1150 ranked nationally, only 1 other power 5 offer from in-state Wisconsin) etc. — in fact, none of the 5 star and very high 4 star “Big Catches” Michigan State got during Narduzzi’s tenure ever became big stars for the team. Narduzzi knows who the heck he’s offering.

    Paul Chryst brought in a lot of character guys, but no poster can deny he either did not evaluate speed + athleticism + explosiveness. His 3 star, poor offer guys, were slow as snails and that is why our overall team speed is un-explosive. Every guys Narduzzi is bringing in has speed, or they have some tangible other skill (like Aaron Mathews’ great size) to off-set any lack of speed.

    Look, *** Michigan State *** rose to Big 10 Prominence will classes filled with 3 star and even 2 star players. But some of the 2 star and 3 star players with MAC offers again were guys like LeVeon Bell, Conner Cook, Kirk Cousins, etc., we all know the story.

    Other schools also succeed with classes that are usually ranked by ‘experts’ outside the top-25, but with coaches who really dig and analyze to find athletic and talented guys, such as Baylor (Pat Narduzzi would never allow that mess to happen under his watch btw), Oregon, Boise State (talk about always finding “unwanted” great talent! Classes usually ranked outside the top-50), heck, even Oklahoma with Bob Stoops —- yes, The Oklahoma, often has classes ranked outside the top 25 filled with 3 star guys and a few 4 star recruits from Texas that weren’t recruited hard by SEC / Texas / Texas A&M. Many of Oklahoma’s biggest stars are 3 star guys who were overlooked.

    I’m never gonna sweat rankings because if Narduzzi helped build what he created up in East Lansing (a recruiting no-man’s land up there in Michigan) with classes that were all ranked 35-50 I think he’ll find all the talent he could ever need at Pitt.

    …………… @ Reed…… You really worried me with your tepid non-discussion about Pat Narduzzi and….. staying at Pitt 😦 😦 😦 …. I mean, as long as Pitt’s Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and our Athletic Director make darn sure Pat Narduzzi, the staff, and all facilities and logistics are “taken care of” and absolutely first-class…..where the heck would Pat Narduzzi want to go??? 😦 😦

    I mean, I even understand where all the Penn State Haterzzz are coming from with this long-delay, because they live in their tunnel-visioned, isolated country school, “Football is all we have please don’t take it from us because we are Indiana University of Pennsylvania without it!” bubble ——- but Pitt is not some Big L-East also ran anymore….we have all the money, opportunity, and resources now…I think Pat Narduzzi wants to take Pitt up to the top, and then relish his reign at Pitt with the elite :). That’s my hope!! 🙂

    ^^^^^ Thank you “Steve Cable” for this magnificent youtube video!!!!


  5. ^^^^^ Hitler would-be a PS “Who?” fan! — and sorry a bad word is right up front on the video, did not intend that 😦


  6. Two factors that will significantly influence this Pitt football team for 2016. One, coaching continuity, & even the one coaching change at OC is appearing to be an upgrade in regards to compatibility with the HC’s philosophy & energy level. Two, the return of a healthy James Conner to lead this team.

    It is a misguided assumption that the influence of just one person is unlikely to have a significant impact on an organization that depends on the contributions of dozens of individual players to produce wins that can result in a Championship.

    Narduzzi fully comprehends the importance of establishing goals as an essential ingredient in obtaining success. Winning doesn’t just happen by going through the motions.

    This was missing from the Pitt program when HCPC was here. He was all about “teaching” and was focused on stabilizing the program in the wake of the coaching carrousel that the Panthers had endured. Chryst succeeded, but those goals don’t necessarily produce wins or championships, especially with the type of athletes that Chryst had brought in.

    Coach Narduzzi is all about setting goals that speak directly to WINNING. He is not shy about setting lofty goals. Competing to win championships of course is always the implied ultimate goal in any competitive sport. But how often is this aspiration left unspoken by those in the position to clearly identify those goals? Coach Duzz has set the goal. Now the job of making his team believe the goal is obtainable comes into full focus. That is all about motivation. That right there is where the Conner Factor comes in.

    Don’t think for one second that James Conner is ever going to permit his team to hang it’s head in defeat this season. Conner will be Pitt’s inspirational leader this season. Everyone on this team fully realizes that this is Conner’s last go round with the Panthers before going to the NFL. He is the face of the Panthers for 2016. His story continues to be written this year and that story will conclude with a successful Panther campaign. This team will make that happen. It may come up short and not result in an ACC Coastal Crown but it won’t be due to a lack of effort.

    The goal has been identified by Narduzzi, the focus has been refined by Conner’s recent life tribulations that now will challenge this team to continue Conner’s winning comeback with mutual victories on the football field this season. That is focused motivation, right there, my friends.

    When you have hit that wall and you need to push through it to win, that’s when having a team mate like James right there rooting you on that makes you want to play your heart out, that provides that intangible factor that can result in performance beyond personal expectations.

    The Conner Factor, watch it in action this season. Hail to Pitt!


  7. FWIW, ESPN picks Pitt 5th best in ACC (Clemson, FL St, Lville, UNC) with following comments

    Pittsburgh: The Panthers are a popular dark horse in the Coastal Division. They return quarterback Nathan Peterman, and the offensive line and backfield will bruise opponents. If defensive wizard Pat Narduzzi can plug some leaks on that side of the ball, watch out for Pitt.


  8. a tweet from a PSU student

    PK ‏@PKing1101 Aug 14
    Shouts out to Penn State Football for ordering $1,200 worth of Jimmy Johns for delivery and leaving a $0 tip. Hope you lose every game.


  9. Dr. Tom,
    You are truly a very capable motivational speaker! (I’m serious here). The Duzz should use you at half time of the games to rally the troops!!! Keep up the good words Doc, us povites appreciate it.


  10. Listened to the podcast this morning.Really enjoyed it and agree with all of it, especially your take on recruiting.

    While I hope that DK is right and Narduzzi can again beat the odds and turn 3 star guys into elite players,I still want to see more 4 star and even a few 5 star guys. This will signal that Pitt has arrived and that elite high school players see Pitt as a winner.

    If recruiting 4 and 5 star guys isn’t important why are the rosters of the top echelon teams loaded with them? Why is Narduzzi making offers to them?

    Still very concerned about this years recruiting.

    Loved the DK video, hilarious.

    Stay classy Penn State, screw the little guy out of a tip, priceless.


  11. I also think Narduzzi’s media blackout is a bad PR move. Little for the talk show guys to talk about, and hurts local enthusiasm for the program. People want to know how the kids are doing. Look at the Steelers, the get thousands of people to go to St Vincents. Helps to maintain the cult.

    Pitt’s media blackout is just the opposite of whats needed for a team with a small but loyal following. Especially when they are competing for fan love in a city with the Steelers, Pirates and Pens.


  12. Reed, nice broadcast. Apologies for the late listen, but did some time in Vegas this last week.

    Recruiting – I think that Narduzzi is doing what we have all been clamoring for which is to recruit Florida, N.J., Ohio, Virginia and the WPIAL/PA. We are getting faster!! I don’t believe the hogwash about parents and kids looking for a great college education first. If they did, Harvard and Yale would be national powerhouses. Think about that. Parents are not going to say to you or me “hey, the extra benefits I got for my kid going to blank university was the reason why”? C’mon now! Think about Louisville for a second. The benefits are just not going to the players. The parents and handlers are getting benefits you wouldn’t believe.

    QB’s – Look, Dinucci’s arm strength and accuracy is the problem. Let’s also not forget that he came from Pine Richland. It made sense for Pitt to throw him a bone and get in tighter with that school and coaching staff for the bigger prospect, Phil J. That said, scout team qb provides an opportunity every day to show what you can do.

    WR’s – Just thought about Pitt going to a jumbo package. Ford 6’2″; Mathews 6’3″, Flowers 6’4″. That looks good against a bunch of 5’10” DB’s. Clear advantage to Pitt if our guys can ball. I think they can.

    Arrests – Nice signage. Most manufacturing sites have those types of signs. They work well with accountability. Talk to Barnes. One of his biggest concerns has to be with mental illness challenges with athletes….and the general college population. Every AD I speak to has this as a major concern and of course, kids showing up with injuries that were not disclosed and they have to honor the scholarship.


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