Pitt POV Sunday Podcast; Aug 7th

Here is today’s podcast – it is a bit scattered as I have a busy day today with the family and just now carved out some time to record something.

Some issues we discussed were:

The POV articles of the week.

The NCAA rules governing fall camps and practices.

Preseason practice guidelines:

For days in which institutions schedule a two-a-day practice, live contact practices are only allowed in one practice.  A maximum four (4) live contact practices may occur in a given week, and a maximum of 12 total may occur in preseason.  Only three practices (scrimmages) would allow for live contact in greater than 50 percent of the practice schedule.

Inseason practice guidelines:

Inseason is defined as the period between six (6) days prior to the first regular-season game and the final regular-season game or conference championship game (for participating institutions).   There may be no more than two (2) live contact practices per week. 

And I mentioned the coach at St. Johns College in Minnesota, John Gagliardi, who preaches teamwork and executing football over hitting and tackling.

coacha650Gagliardi’s coaching is predicated on “Winning with No’s,” and it has created a football utopia at St. John’s, where he has a record of 439-119-10 and has made 23 postseason appearances and won 26 conference titles.

 He does not allow tackling in practice, has no playbook and does not require his players to participate in strength and conditioning workouts. There is no yelling, no tackling dummies and no whistles. His quarterbacks call most of the plays.

Gagliardi also insists that everyone call him John instead of Coach.

“We don’t have no mission statements, no big philosophy,” Gagliardi said. “We just do it.”

Hey, you never know right?

We discussed not overlooking Villanova and then, most importantly, I asked you to let me know ASAP what questions you would like answers to… or what specifics you would like me to concentrate on while I’m on the Southside on Tuesday.

NOTE: Here is a good article about school’s fall camps...


14 thoughts on “Pitt POV Sunday Podcast; Aug 7th

  1. @Reed. We know PN’s philosophy, he wants a run oriented offense. Canada has a history of a run heavy offense. Even further back than NCSU. 60-65% run would not be a shock. The backs and the OL is the strength. It’s not the passing game. One thing we do need this year, is much better starts to games coming out of the gate. This was a real issue last year.

    On Ollison, do not forget this. If healthy, JC is going to be the feature back. On Ollison, it’s not by mistake that he was benched at times last year, due to some costly fumbles and complete lack of blocking. Also he was listed 3rd on the depth chart, he’s being sent a message from the coaches. According to Narduzzi he transformed his body, I’m sure the coaches talked to him at the end of the last year they implemented a workout routine for him on the off season. He had a huge game against YSU, over 200 yards. Taking out that game, a non FBS team, he averaged right at 76 yards per game during the year.


  2. I won’t saddle you with the inevitable question at this point but if the opportunity arises in the future i am interested in Coach Narduzzi’s practice of closing fall camp to members of the media and what his philosophy is behind this, did Dantonio close them, doesn’t he feel the need for more media coverage and the excitement it leads to. in the past week the two Pittsburgh papers have run article after article on Penn State. I realize it puts media members in a somewhat uncomfortable position of appearing somewhat self-interested
    Two realistic questions
    1) In the year he has been on the job what does he feel have been the greatest obstacles in returning Pitt to an elite program (besides money)
    2) Without dissing Coach Chaney or even discussing him what is it that he feels that Coach Canada brings to the table to make the offense better for the ACC. Further, does he have a general offensive philosophy which he prefers to augment his well respected defensive philosophy.
    For Borghetti – is there any thought of having a weekly show with Narduzzi where he reviews the games with players and coaches on the show ala Johnny Majors 1 as opposed to just holding a presser. Pitt needs a more public face locally and pressers and Pitt Live don’t reach enough IMO.


  3. Good podcast Reed. 1st off when you drop Aaron Donald’s name as a reference in parallel to the WR position regarding how toreplace Boyd’s production, I almost spewed my Sunday afternoon vodka tonic.
    Donald was , is, and will be a HOF PLAYER that Pitt was lucky enough to have recruited. By comparison Boyd was a great WR, that because he played at Pitt was able to garner early playing time because of the absence of quality upperclassmen ahead of him.
    No slight to Tyler, he showed up as a true freshmen ready to contribute & contribute as he did! But to compare him to Donald however is a joke! Plus the talent behind Boyd is hands down much deeper than what was available to replace the huge void left by Aaron on the interior defensive line.

    On to Chris Clark, you’re seriously dissing on this kid for what reason? Maybe he is indecisive, maybe somewhat of a flake but seriously, with the depth that Pitt has at TE you actually question whether this human being even exists , or perhaps is just a figment of our imagination? Really?? You’re better than that. I guarantee you, Chris Clark will directly contribute to some Pitt wins before he goes to the NFL, mark my words.

    I do completely agree with your assessment of Conner’s reps this year though. A 1000+ rushing season will be had, but James Conner will not be getting 30+ carries a game this year unless we are decimated by injuries again this season at RB. But as you expressed, you’re all about YPC for RBs and I concur. Conner will excel at YPC for two reasons. One, we have enough quality backs, so we will NEED to give everybody
    their reps to keep everybody happy at RB. And two, when Conner gets his reps the defense is going to pay! He will be fresh & the opposing defense will not be.
    If Canada plays his hand well, our RB depth will trump 3/4s of our competition’s defensive depth. Played correctly, our guys run through defenses that have their hands on their knees sucking wind. It remains to be seen, but that is the scenario that I anticipate for Conner if Canada manages his troops effectively.

    Camp begins tomorrow. All of our BS walks soon and the ral had work put in my the guys in Pitt Script helmets yaks over in less than a month.

    Keep up the good work! Wish Narduzzi would open up practices more, since a program like Pitt’s could use the exposure, but in any case H2P!


  4. @ Reed I laughed out loud at one point because it completely turned on a light bulb on Quadree Ollison. Last year he showed great “deceptive” speed, breaking off big runs against Virginia Tech and Navy which had some pretty quick defensive players. Quadree Ollison is clearly a strong, burly young man, easily carrying 225+ pounds on his wide, 6 foot frame. He really does have it all after watching him last year, but I could not get over why he wasn’t having MORE success getting yards after contact.

    It was almost like the moment Ollison got touched, that was kind of the end of his run. And you said it!! Quadree Ollison never, ever stiff arms!! It’s like once Ollison gets the ball on the handoff / toss / option run whatever, Quadree Ollison holds the ball with one arm and the other arm is tied around his back, or turns into a useless T-Rex arm or something! That was such a good point!

    Stiff arms don’t have to be like some of those epic James Conner stiff arms where he just reaches out with his entire arm and just throws guys back. Many Hall of Famers never stiff armed to that degree, but just used every tool at their disposal to keep defenders from being able to get a hold of them, and make defenders have to second-guess their attack. Emmit Smith would Baby-stiff arm / even just arm-shiver all the time just to wiggle for 3 or 4 yards after contact and move the chains. Great Point here on Ollison, it was strange how he just would not use his tools to keep separation between him and defenders to create room for himself sometimes. He just got the ball and ran like he was a pinball lol.

    —–> Some ideas for questions:

    — This has been heavily discussed, but how has Rachid Ibrahim established himself back after the long layoff?? Is he a big part of the offenses plans, and how will he potentially be used in both the run and pass games?

    — How is the Offensive line solidifying as a whole after our three big-time stars (Adam Bisnowatty, Dorian Johnson, and Brian O’Neill) — basically we know who will be playing left tackle and guard, and right tackle. Where does promising Alex Bookser, and massive returning injured lineman Jaryd Jones-Smith and Alex Officer all fit into the lineup??
    –> And after these 6 studs, is there solid depth (goodness forbid) if another player has to step up due to potential injuries? Any younger guys fresh off redshirts showing anything to the staff?

    — On defense, does the coaching staff or Narduzzi honestly think that there has been real improvement in the front 7? ….. yeesh on that note, how about in the defensive backfield too?! Last season the defense was brutally under-talented, and severely lacked foot-speed. There was one player (though he’s one heckuva player lol) on Pitt’s defense who would be a starter on any other over-.500 ACC defense. We all know who that player is, and it’s another testament that he was only a true freshman.
    ——> This is almost a pointless question, because as you’ve said Coaches are just going to ‘clam-up’ and keep everything in their hip-pockets lol: But are there any potential breakout stars who are going to earn spots on Defense? Young guys maybe fresh of redshirts who are ready to explode on the scene? Because Heaven and Hell -knows that without some strong infusions of athleticism and talent on our defense Conklin and Narduzzi can be as aggressive as they want but a DeShuan Watson is going to raze our defense til there’s nothing left.

    —> @ Reed you’ve pretty much already mentioned most pertinent questions in your podcast. I think most of your readers are hoping you can dig-up some tasty tidbits like you have in the past from your personal conversations with players / families / coaches etc.


  5. I DO have to really give another view @ Reed on just how great it is for Pitt football to see Pitt Players go on to be great NFL players.

    —-> This is the Ultimate Goal and passionate dream for 99.9% of all of the players on our current Pitt Squad, R.S. freshman to R.S. Senior. That’s something strength coach screams-out to our Pitt players to make sure they go all-out, “Do you want to make the NFL or not?!”

    The National Football League is the Starry-Eyed dream of 99.99999% of every single young recruit, no-star, 2 star to 5 star, 0 offers or 50 offers, and Pat Narduzzi can sincerely tell all of these young men that Pitt has everything to offer and that nowhere else will give you any better chance to achieve that dream. Sure, maybe a young player decides he wants to play somewhere else for whatever reasons, but it will NOT be because Pitt gives them less of a chance at the NFL, EVER.

    As a Pitt Alum, and diehard Pitt fan of all sports as well as a huge NFL fan —> It is such an amazing thing to have Pitt players go on to be professional players ($$$$$ great for them, make sure give plenty back to your School 🙂 🙂 lol) and even stars. And there is nothing greater than for any exceptionally talented young man with NFL dreams to fully-know that any other coach is an HUCKSTER and a LIAR if he attempts to tell them that any school gives him a better chance to become and NFL player than PITT.

    Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, ANYONE, is a straight-up LIAR if they try to tell any young player that their school / conference / anything gives them any sort of a better chance to become an NFL player than our University of Pittsburgh.

    @ Reed I see your point of view as well, but I religiously and proudly follow our Pitt players in the NFL and I always keep-up and cheer-on all of our guys who try to make the league and are out year-in year-out trying to make squads (all of our fringe-guys: Devin Street, Chas Alecxih who just got hurt 😦 , K’wuan Williams with the Browns, Dorin Dickerson got some NFL p.t. previously and is now looking for a team, and many more).

    Darrelle Revis and Larry Fitzgerald are IN the NFL Hall of Fame on their first ballots. Two more Pitt NFL hall of famers. Aaron Donald is better than J.J. Watt and he’s now in L.A. in Americas #2 market, he’s going to become potentially soon be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL EVER, and now he and Todd Gurley are the unquestioned Stars of the Los Angeles Rams and will play in a 2 billion dollar stadium. If Aaron Donald plays like he has for 7 more years he’s a first ballot hall of famer. The biggest star of LA Rams and one of the biggest NFL stars is a proud Pitt Panther. Pat Narduzzi can quickly Kibash any silly notions that Pitt is not IT to any impressionable recruit who may not know a whole lot about a whole lot.

    We all know about LeSean McCoy.

    Not Hall of Fame level, but he’s made his money and he always reps Pitt hard.

    If Dion Lewis can stay healthy this whole season with the Patriots, then he too will be a guy Pitt fans can point to as huge NFL success.

    And heck, if Jordan Whitehead could’ve come-out to the NFL draft he would’ve probably been a 1st round pick last year as a 19 year-old!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    With Pat Narduzzi now, but frankly moreso—-> support for Pitt Football at the TOP (i.e. a Baller-Chancellor finally 🙂 🙂 ) starting this year and in the future Pitt will be churning-out players into the NFL pipeline, simply because our program will swell at-the-seams with talent. Pitt is a wonderful, Top-Shelf institution in a beautiful city and we all know this, and we’ve all reiterated this. But it is HUGE, TREMENDOUS….EVERYTHING to make sure that every young player both Pat Narduzzi and even BBall coach Kevin Stallings recruits understands full-well that Pitt gives you as great of a chance to Fulfill your pro sports dreams as ANYWHERE in our United States, PERIOD.

    Rant Over. Let’s get to Camp!!


  6. Shoot sorry posted Aaron Donald twice. He deserves it though. 🙂

    And keep in mind there is absolutely, positively, nothing wrong with Narduzzi and his assistants bringing up any of these players on speaker phone to hype to Pitt to a young man and his parents / fam on a recruiting trip.


  7. A few things – I didn’t compare Boyd to Donald. The only times I mentioned Aaron Donald was 1) when I said it was nice that he and other Pitt guys did well in the NFL and 2) when I said he decided to stay for a 4th year at Pitt and that Conner might/could do the same. I’ll have to listen again but a Donald-Boyd comparison has never been on my mind in any way.

    NCAA rules prohibit contact by alumni ballplayers and recruits and their parents except by ‘incidental’ contact meaning “Hello….Goodbye” type of thing at the facilities or an alumni dinner, etc…. There are a lot of NCAA rules fans don’t know like if you have season tickets you are not allowed to contact any recruit in any way even through social media.

    I’ll disagree about the 99.99999% dreams of the NFL – that hasn’t been my experience in talking with the recruits and their families – or let me modify that. I think they may dream of it but that isn’t the main reason all of them choose Pitt.

    I love ya Doc… but just last year PSU had 38 players in the NFL compared to our 18. We do put HoF’ers in more than most schools though but let’s not kid ourselves, many schools put more kids in the NFL than we do. Hell – we just went through a five year period where we had just five (4) players drafted.

    2012 – 0
    2103 – 0
    2014 – 3
    2015 – 1
    2016 – 1

    Our rivals to the east? Even with the so-called sanctions and the scandal they put 18 players into the NFL draft over that same time period. The Air Pistol Capital of the World – WVU even had 12 players drafted in that time period.

    I love Pitt and Pitt football but c’mon Doc! When you come back at me with two-barrels of pure unmitigated optimism (which I don’t get and can’t do with this blog even if I wanted to… which I don’t) I have to snap right back with some facts.

    Again – and as I wrote in those recruiting articles, recruits and their parents see four or five years at Pitt as way more than just football or a ticket to the NFL.



  8. Looking over the schedule I’d say (excluding villanova) we play a top 40 team, a top 10 team, a top 25 team, a top 50, top 40, top 50, top 30, top 20, top 5, top 50, and a top 60 team. Pretty awesome and daunting schedule. How do you guys see it?


  9. PittFan28 – good view of our opponents. I don’t think we have an easy game on the schedule this year / baring a total meltdown, we should win game one against nova.

    This “should be” an entertaining season for the fans. Reports say Pitt sold a record # of season tickets in the mid-50,000 range. Now we need them to show up.

    I’m ready for some football and good entertainment. Question for HCPN – with the senior leadership heavier this year, is there a chance you name one or two underclass men as team captains? Maybe Conner and/or Whitehead?



  10. @ Reed, I apologize on the Aaron Donald/Boyd comparison thought, you are correct in your assessment of your previous reference to Donald in your podcast, I was totally mistaken, IDK where I got that???

    On your other reply comments directed towards me, Dark Knight was the poster with those comments you refer to I think.
    And I’ll try my best to keep my optimism in check so as not to have to endure your wrath of reality. But I feel I’m only reasonably optimistic at this point.

    Yes, I’m confident our WR situation will pan out but conversely, I am extremely apprehensive of our tenuous back up QB situation. Another dark issue, learning of the loss of Moody to injury, the interior DL depth is even more in question now. Therefore I’m certain that we see at least one true freshman in the two deep there simply because of the dearth of bodies at the position. Awful!

    Wheeler, Camp or Watts, who knows? Sure hope these guys realize that their services are immediately required and that somebody is ready to contribute. If not, our interior defensive line is going to be totally gassed going into the 4th quarter if we’re unable to rotate at least two deep in the DL routinely. As I see the roster, with one more injury, we’re forced to put true freshmen into the line up whether ready or not. Not a good situation, not good at all. Realistic enough for you Reed?


  11. BTW, over on Cardiac Hill Anson has the 10 questions that I would also want answered in fall camp. Pretty comprehensive list.


  12. I have been upset for some time about Pitt media coverage and game coverage in their home turf. All these podcasts and comcasts do not mean shit in the majority of the media. Most of it never leaves a limited part of Pittsburgh. Pitt used to own the WTAE media and had its games going all over western Pa. WV and ND get regular shows on Root sports which is regional.

    What happened to the Pitt show that used to be on Root. ,Wheres PITT? You ask why ND is recruiting in our back yard so well. Try looking at your TV some time. Our media effort SUCKS. The ACC deal seems to guarantee a Wake Forest or NCState game etc on WTAE the Saturdays Pitt is away wheras TAE used to always be Pitt. Where is this ACC channel. All I do is hear about Pitt games on ESPN10 or ESPN anything but ESPN 1 or 2.

    The old watch Pitt on tv is almost as hard as getting it on the radio and maybe I am just not tech savey but my efforts to get games on a laptop seem to require accts etc which is BS. 60 Miles away I have trouble getting a radio station that will carry down into the steep Pa. valley,s or not drop pit for the Pirates the first half of the season.

    And to make it worse Franklin and the Nitters seem to be getting in more with the area sports announcers. Who ever is doing the media planning in Oakland needs to wake up and stick their head outside to see what is really going on. I hope the new AD reads this!


  13. You could be right, trial by fire! Or if they are not ready, sacrificed and humiliated by superior O-line play of our opponents.


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