How We Look on Paper

Pittsburgh Sports Now has a ‘five story lines going into camp‘ piece up and they make good points.   But since this is what I do I’ll take a friendly shot, for fun, at the article and place a rebuttal of my own.

Mike Vukovcan (I’ll call him Mike V. because his name is hard to pronounce even in my head) is clearly drinking the Narduzzi Kool-Aid when he says this:

On paper, Pat Narduzzi looks to have a 8-9 win team and if things break right, Pitt could be looking at 10 wins. While that might now seem like much, consider that since 1981, Pitt has only had 1 ten win season (2009, 10-3).”

We may have a different idea of what “on paper” means here.  When I hear the words ‘on paper’ it means stats and historical facts. One formal definition is:

“…on paper definition, meaning, what is on paper: judging something by how it has been planned rather than how it really works in practice.”

So using that as a basis I’m more pessimistic than he is for the upcoming season.

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