This Pitt Fan’s Point of View

Lest we think the writer of this blog is all about blown game losses and the not-so-positive issues Pitt football has been through, let’s try to understand what his fan level is right now and how it came about.

Stay with me here – I have a point or two to make…

First off, no one sits down at a keyboard for 2-4 hours a day and writes long articles (sometime 3,000 words)  for others to read and discuss unless they really cared about the subject matter.  That just doesn’t happen especially when the writer gets no payment of any kind.  So, with that knowledge can we just drop the inferences that somehow I’m not a ‘real‘ Pitt football fan?

Yes, I get the various emails and Facebook messages telling me that I’m not good for the Pitt football program.  To that I say “So what?“and, more to the point, “Who are you to judge”?

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