Sunday Podcast; Two-Deep Talk

Here is today’s morning podcast.  We’ll discuss the recent and historical two-deep listing put out by the Athletic Dept’s media people and how they either morphed or stayed the same at certain checkpoints.  Then we’ll talk about this years pre-fall camp depth chart and how it might change before the Villanova game and through the first part of the season.

I say first part of the season because it takes the staff a few games to see if a player is a “Practice Star” or a “Real Gamer”.  Plus in the 4th quarter of the PSU game we are going to be so far ahead the position coaches will be able to rotate the whole bench into playing time.

HERE IS THE 2015 PRE-SEASON DEPTH CHART (Pg 4 of the link)



2015 final two deep



24 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast; Two-Deep Talk

      1. I used Stubhub. I’ve had used them for many years for all sorts of tickets and have never had any issues at all. Also looking at the UVA game as well.


  1. Are we not getting some commenters from the Blather on here due to this blog’s format? It was brought to my attention and I’ll upgrade or what ever to fix it but may need some help…


  2. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but any chance that Pittsburgh Sports Now somehow encouraged Chas to let the Blather wither on the vine?


  3. The only difference I see is being able to comment directly to a post. I actually like chronological posting (like the Blather) better. Makes it easier to know when you’ve read all of the comments.


  4. Great podcast! I definitely think the most change in the 2 deep will come at defensive back and defensive tackle. There is virtually no talented depth behind whitehead and maddox at either of those spots and a bunch of really talented freshman will be arriving there this fall.


  5. As I opined on a previous thread, Dontez Ford has a breakout season coming. The key to the passing game is an emerging WR to play Ford’s supporting actor. Who will it be? If it is Weah, I’ll be flabbergasted!


    1. Beyond Ford, it’s going to be a committee. Speaking of flabbergasted, I’m still surprised Narduzzi did not bring in another QB for this season. If Nate goes down, it’s going to be very very difficult to have a successful season. Peterman is the most important player on the team for this season.


  6. Reed, my only thought regarding the blog, comparing with the Blather, I preferred the Blather’s color contrast between/separating posts..


  7. Just a guess but think that the coaches may move one of the Money LBs – McKee, Brightwell or Bradley – over to the Star LB position to shore up Odowu and Ziese unless there’s an incoming freshman that is ready to play the Star. Bradley’s a hitter. I’d love to see both him and Caprara in the game at the same time. Wirginis and Galambos are an experienced group in the middle.

    Seems like we are thin at WR (if Ford were to go down), Safety and of course QB…


  8. Reed,
    I agree with PittPT concerning the bright color contrasting. Seemed to somehow make it more alive.
    Add that with Pittpov’s strong content and this would be a killer sight!
    The content is already amazing!!!


  9. Only issue I have is my cell phone posts do not keep my name and email and must be re-entered each time I comment.. this does not occur on the laptop.


  10. Enjoying these weekly podcasts. The new blog has been great so far. Cannot get too excited about football until they start the season. Big question is what happens against Villanova? We did not exactly blowout Youngstown State last year and Villanova is better!


  11. No problem posting either. I think we will get going once a few recruits verbal and practice starts. Did you have posting data from the blather? It’s the dog days!! I appreciate the outlet Reed. I get close to big10 programs and candidly can’t wait to talk about Pitt after hearing big10 all day, every day.

    I think my plan is to attend the Dairy College game and perhaps one other. My problem is that I am required to attend and work at least 4 Big10 games per year.


  12. I haven’t posted on your new site until now.. but I’ve been following it. I’m still working in Oklahoma but trying to relocate to Charlotte so if I can do that before the season, I should be able to catch some games this year.


  13. New site is fantastic. No changes needed. Posting is down because it is summer. It will pick up.

    That two deep will change by Villanova. A young WR will step up. My concern is at LB. Can Pitt please find a stud LB for once.


  14. Posting is OK for a blog just a month old yesterday!

    I am going to try to tweak this site – add comments ‘quick tags’ so you can bold, italicize, link, etc… when you comment. You can do that if you edit your comment but not as your are writing the original. – weird

    I do have a favor to ask – if you or anyone you know can take a look at The Pitt Blather and try to figure out which WordPress ‘theme’ it uses it would help immensely. I don’t want to copy it all – just try to figure out how to make comments boxes stay with a white background and clearly separated from the ones on either side…

    I’m blocked from the tech side of that blog now that Chas has frozen it…

    “It takes a village to raise Reed’s blog”


  15. Reed

    I was not a frequent poster on the Blather. Even less so here. Not a reflection on the POV. I just can’t keep up with all the you post. By the time I read it, it is an old post.



  16. Reed:
    Love your post and enjoy reading anything Pitt related, Was very pleased that the ACC finally got the tv deal done and can’t wait for the possibility of more Pitt athletic teams on tv. Think ACC Commissioner Swofford is a lot smarter then people think and to me this tv deal solidifies the ACC with the other conferences. Getting the GOR extended to 2035 and with Notre Dame also extended will keep the Big Ten from any additional poaching. There were rumors floating that in the early 2020’s when the current GOR ran out that the Big 10 was eyeing North Carolina and FSU. Still am pissed they took Maryland(my wife went to Maryland) Can’t wait for the PSU game . H2P!!!!


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