Musings and ??s on the 2015 Season

Chris Peak and I just had a short conversation regarding his “Six Questions for Narduzzi” podcast he did the other day and that I also based an article around.  I thought that was a novel approach to the subject-dredging that has to be done by anyone covering Pitt football during the off-season.

As I was drinking my coffee this morning I thought about your comments to that post, and the replies Chris had on the Rivals’ message boards, and wonder which questions would I ask Pat Narduzzi regarding last season and how it all shook out.

So – thus sprung another article.  Here goes;  if I was sitting at the bar and Narduzzi walked in and sat next to me what six questions would I ask him to answer as honestly as possible?

Here are mine, you tell us yours in the comments:

1.   What single thing do you think you most positively changed about the Pitt football program in your first year at Pitt and how will you make sure that carries over into 2016?

Narduzzi may not be the best judge of any actual changes as he wasn’t here in 2015.  However you can be sure that people have been slapping him on the back and talking to him about the positive changes everyone else saw happen.

We talk a lot about the new energy and excitement He brought with him but here is what I saw as the biggest difference between the two years… the HC and staff holding players strictly accountable for what they actually did in uniform in the camps and in the games.

Sitting down an incumbent starter at QB isn’t a common move in college football yet Narduzzi did it without hesitation when he saw Voytik was failing in his role as the starter in the first two games.

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