Fine Progress Off the Field

A while ago on the Pitt Blather I wrote a three-day series detailing behind the scenes of the college football recruiting game and how it pertained to Pitt football.  It is pretty eye-opening when you realize just how much work goes into a process where the results are mostly driven by unseen forces.

Which means however you parse the complex makeup of a HS player at that point in his young life and then try to project what he’ll be like in college,  the main determining factor lies in what is between his ears.

Something that every college football fan will agree with is the premise the talent and character are the two most important aspects of a recruit’s ability to segue from HS to college ball and succeed in moving forward in his college days… and not just on the field.

Talent, taken in this sense, is pretty much physical. You can lump skills in with that also as that also rests in the body of the recruit.  Character is generated from between his ears and in his heart and is perhaps the defining need in the long run.  We want our players to have a lot of both character and talent of course, but one without the other never works out in the long run.

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