Sunday’s POV Podcast; 7/17/16

Here it is Sunday already and we are starting to really count down the days until the opening of fall camp.  As it stands this morning it is 23 days until the kids get out on the field and can start some staff run drills and practices.

I’ll try to get up on August 8th for the first day of camp.  Since I have my own blog now I’ll probably stick around for the interview sessions after the closed practices are finished.

Those interview sessions are set up by the Pitt Media Dept and have set personnel (always the HC)  among staff coaches and some individual players.  That will be interesting. I’ve done that in the past sometimes and asked some good (I thought) questions but I’ll try to do more.

Doing the interviews will actually depend on whether I’m staying overnight that evening or driving the 4.5 hours straight home after practice ends.  I’m hoping that Narduzzi’s closed practices policy will change but I don’t think it is going to happen.  That policy does make driving up not as tempting as it was under past HCs who kept the practice sessions open the whole time.

Here are some in-depth links for subjects I touched on above:

Tipton’s 4th year 

PGH Sports Now-Dickerson’s staying at Home.

 Aussie Punter Kirk Christodoulou

Reeds’ Bet about Peterman beating Palko’s 2004 stats 

Alex Van Pelt -and Pitt’s all-time offensive leaders.

Pitt Script License Plate through the Alumni Association

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ORANGE ARROW Mentoring Program

New article up tomorrow… and thanks for everything,






18 thoughts on “Sunday’s POV Podcast; 7/17/16

  1. Reed,
    I wish you didn’t feel as under attack as you do. I, for one, would feel lost without this blog. I very much appreciate what you do and appreciate your opinion on matters. Your podcasts are interesting as well. Keep up the good work!



  2. Panther94 – I don’t really feel under attack all that much. I do find that some complaints, as such, are pretty funny considering the situation with writing the blogs (POV & Blather) and the effort put into it. Honestly, I learned a long time ago that when someone is doing you a favor you don’t nitpick it to death.

    What I was trying to get across to my Facebook friend was that I do this for all of OUR enjoyment… and as such it is pretty damned informal, more like a conversation – at least with most articles. Honestly, I get great enjoyment doing it but it is kind of a favor – at least that’s how I feel reading others blogs – they are doing something for me to enjoy.

    But I was kind of shocked when he asked me why my ‘blog shouldn’t be held to the same standards as newspapers’ (although their proofreading is as bad as mine sometimes!).

    Anyway – I think you’ll find that anyone who writes a blog that has as much traffic as these two blogs did/do the writers do get pretty emotionally involved because it isn’t a professional thing. If it were so it would be way easier to sit back and say “Hell, I’m getting my money no matter what people think“.

    But we all have egos and as much as I am able to put things in proper perspective in life, I’m pretty good at that, it does pop its head up sometimes.

    Plus, and this may really be the answer, after trying to kick out an article a day as I have done since this blog started I get tired and a bit cranky… it ain’t easy to plan, approach and execute something that I hope everyone will enjoy seven time a week.


  3. Reed- Frankly your work exceeds many newspaper’s that I’ve dealt with where facts don’t get in the way of a good story. I edited (wrote) a monthly civil war roundtable newsletter for 12 years – a thankless job done out of love – don’t burn out. The PG ran an article on PSU defendants – please note y’all that only Penn State people were interviewed. First chance to listen to the podcast so later.
    ps “He’s baaaack,” the Dark Knight returns.
    Dr. Tom – none of us except you a pretty sights when cranky, except you the Fount of Optimism – must be the laughing gas you guys use. LOL H2P.


  4. Reed, there is a difference between enjoying and agreeing. If I didn’t enjoy your blog, I wouldn’t read it but don’t always agree with what is written.

    This is your blog and you certainly have the right to express your opinion, but by allowing responses, you are open to disagreement. At times, you seem to really take exception to opposing viewpoints …. fact is you may see me as an antagonist or adversary even though I agree with the majority of views.


  5. Reed,
    For me, the blather, and now pittpov are the main stream of all things Pitt. I read every article, comment often, and can’t wait for fall practice to begin. In my opinion the Pittsburgh papers are a disgrace to Pitt athletics. Therefore, this blog is my life line to the Panthers.
    ….stay thirsty my friend!


  6. Again, I don’t mind disagreements at all when it comes to content – I expect and welcome that as it is the reason for the blog… discuss and debate. When it comes to criticizing technical points of the blog itself or what my intent is in doing this I get cranky. But I do have to remember things are different on here with so many new readers who don’t really ‘get’ my writing than it is with all of us old-timers who are used to each other.

    wbb – I don’t see you as antagonistic at all. Truthfully, I see you as someone who speaks his mind much like I do and many others on here. Sometimes I make mistakes and need to be corrected and that is always a good thing. Your criticisms are honest even if I don’t always agree with them. You are banned for 30 days.


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