I Better Study My Pitt Basketball…

Well, if I’m going to be providing some basketball content on The Pitt POV then I need to cram some BB study in quick-like.  To help with that, and to familiarize some readers to the details of the basketball  program, here are some things to get started with.

We have a new BB coach! Yeah Us!!

Kevin Stallings was hired away from SEC’s Vanderbilt University in AD Scott Barnes’ first big personnel move.  Like it or not – he didn’t have the best track record there.  The Vandys had four sub-20 win seasons in the last decade and averaged  only 20.9 wins per year… barely meeting the 20 win benchmark that defines a ‘good’ season.

But he’s  our guy now, bought and paid for.  Kevin StallingsAs soon as he’s finished Part II of his anger management course I’ll try to get an interview with him.  Just kidding!

I think our new Athletic Director went out on a bit of a limb to hire Stallings .  Even though the general consensus among fans, at least from what I can tell and remember I’m new at the BB coverage, is that Jamie Dixon had run his course at Pitt.  We were what we were and it wasn’t champions.

I did follow that story line a bit back when the chatter about Pitt changing coaches was on the Internets and it seemed to me that signs pointed to Dixon being gone no matter what the Pitt administration or the fans wanted.  It was more like Jamie Dixon was washing his hands of the Pitt job rather than the reverse.

Many fans were not happy with the Stallings hire.  I have no real opinion on it yet but I do wonder if he is a stop-gap measure by Pitt until there is enough money in the BB budget to go after someone that would be a better fit.  Pitt is spending big money on the FB program.

Salaries are the highest they have ever been in that sport and we are pumping money into brick and mortar facilities, both in FB and with major investments in the ‘minor’ sports infrastructures.

I don’t know for sure but looking back on Barnes’ long-term plans news he released last week it does makes me wonder.

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New Pitt POV Basketball Coverage

Friends, Readers and Countrymen,

Since there has been a lack of basketball (BB) coverage on The Pitt Blather of late I’ll go ahead and start putting up BB related pieces so that you all have a forum to discuss that Pitt sport also.

Funny – I played BB every single day from the time I was 10 years old until around 18 when I graduated from HS.  I did play some afterwards also with intramural play at Pitt, but then I put down the ball and walked away.

At 6’6″ I was a good player if I do say so myself.  The problem was that I was also a skinny 175 pounds and played like a point guard (street ball moves but quick 1st step and ball control…and a good outside shot) yet the coaches insisted I play center and I got my ass kicked.

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POV FB Bits & Pieces; July 12th

Here is what we have seen in the media about Pitt football over the last few days.

First off here is Chris Peak’s latest podcast on the Trib-Review you can listen while you work:

A nice note he hits right away is that the recruiting ‘dead period’ has ended so we should see the Pat Signal a few times soon.  he also goes position buy position to talk about if we’ll be better this season than last.

He touches on the QB position first and , kind of sad to say he keeps labelling Peterman’s accomplishments of 2015 as “not terrible” which is misleading IMO. Peterman certainly wasn’t a star player for us but he played some very good football in getting us a 6-2 ACC record as a starter.

Take a look at how he played in those six crucial wins:

NP Passing 1

NP passing 2

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