POV Sunday Morning Podcast; 7/10

Here is our POV Sunday Morning Podcast for this weekend.  The sound quality is better this time around.  First we talk about the week on Pitt POV island (Hey, if Revis can have one so can I!)  Then I share some interesting web articles with their links posted below – I have a running commentary on each link also.

Hope you enjoy and for those ‘readers but not commenters’ out there – get onboard.  It is fun and we all want to hear your thoughts on the football program also.

Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook on why “PITT IS IT”


Pittsburgh Sports Now’s Mike Vukovcan on Pitt player’s draft prospects:


Pitt Media Dept: Notes going into 2016 Spring Practice


Pitt Media Dept: Notes coming out of spring Practice


Pitt Nation Sports – Defensive line to be tested early & Often


Chris Dokish Panther’s Prey – Pitt’s future needs by position


Twitter  – Devin Street’s rants on about Todd Graham (tip of the hat to Rivals’ Between 5th and Forbes message board).


Pitt Staff Directory Email addresses







23 thoughts on “POV Sunday Morning Podcast; 7/10

  1. Reed, good job today. You covered a lot of ground. I applaud you for asking people to leave comments if they don’t agree with you. And you won’t even delete them or censor them. Like Dokish does, you even commented on this. What is he in, 3rd grade? He has to approve every post, if he doesn’t like it, he deletes it. Wow.

    Agree with you on your Narduzzi thoughts. Agree on your Boyd thoughts.

    I have a suggestion for you, when your actually doing the podcast live, either turn your ringer off or put your phone on mute.


    1. bj – Yes, I will take that suggestion under advisement.

      I set aside Dokish’s internet personality because I get pretty thinned skinned sometimes also if you remember from the Blather… but you truly can’t have an oversized ego if you choose to put yourself out there like we do with blogs. That would kill the fun.


  2. Reed, your comments about Galambos are very perceptive. If he continues to improve with outstanding coaching it would be tremendous upgrade for Pitt.


  3. Isnore – I do he he was overlooked by the fans especially since he was the butt of jokes his first two years starting. He played is all 13 games as a true FR and started two that season. Then won the starting job as a true SO. He has three solid years experience and in his second year with Narduzzi and Chaney I think he do well again.

    Here is his progression from ’14-’15:

    GP Solo Ast Tot TFL Sacks – Yds Int-Yds
    47 Matt Galambos 13 51 37 88 10.0- 53 5.0- 42 2 – 53
    47 Matt Galambos 13 43 29 72 4.5 – 10 1.0 – 19 0 – 0

    So you can see he had 16 more tackles but way more impressive is that his TFLs more than doubled from 4.5 to 10 for (-)53 yds. That is damned good, and his sacks went from none to 5.0 with (-) 43 yds.

    Add on 2 INTs for 53 return yards and he did a fine job last year.

    Actually at 6’2″ 245 and having played under Narduzzi for two years I could see him being in the NFL draft in 2017..


  4. If Galambos makes it into the NFL I would say that it would set an example for all potential recruits to
    think of just how much better they could be under the guidance of Narduzzi & Co.


  5. The player who really showed how great coaching can bring success in my opinion was Brian O’Neill.
    The Delaware strongman came in very unheralded and earned a position on one of the better O Lines in the ACC. I think that O’Neill has the potential to be playing on Sundays.


  6. Quite an insightful column from Ron Cook. He themed it well as he focused on coaching. However, I have a long memory of a column he wrote when the University was contemplating hiring Jamie Dixon as head coach of the basketball team. Mr. Cook scorned the potential new hire stating that Jamie would be the wrong choice. Thankfully, stronger heads prevailed. Dixon is gone, but he gave us a great ride during most of his tenure.


  7. Ron Cook’s article practically put me on the floor. I could not believe what I was reading. I was checking the sky to see if there were pigs flying….


  8. Trust me, Cook set this up. He already has the piece written if we fail to meet his expectations. Never,ever trust him!


  9. Duzz leaving? To where? Alabama, Saban isn’t going anywhere soon as well as Urban Meyer or Dantonio and Kelly. USC, UCLA, Standford, Oklahoma, Texas? No. Nebraska as suggested? No way. So who are the so called big boys that might come calling? The way I see it, Pat Narduzzi would only leave for Ohio St, ND, and maybe Mich St. and as I see it those guys aren’t going anywhere soon. If Pitt administration steps and compensates accordingly, which I believe they will, the Duzz will be here for a while.


  10. Sounds to me like Cook is laying ground work to get Fraklinstein fired, asap. What better way to do it than to praise Pitt all year, and protray psux as rotten?


  11. Reed, about to listen to the podcast. What is up with the blather, btw? I have room in life for two Pitt blogs. I would just expect Chas to give a statement one way or the other.


  12. Quick suggestion, Reed. I think you should use Pitt PoV instead of Pitt POV. The ‘O’ represents ‘of’ which is a preposition. My opinion, but I don’t think they should be capitalized in acronyms.


  13. Panther… which are you, Strunk or White? 😉

    I did think about that but went with POV for the visual aspect.

    As far as the Blather goes it was always 2nd or 3rd fiddle for Chas except for BB sseason.

    I did 95 percent of the FB stuff on there because I was retired and had the time. It is a huge time and energy drain to write an article over 1000 words and Chas has a career and young family so he doesn’t do it.

    We have to remember The Pitt Blather as well as the Pitt POV are personal & independent blogs thus don’t get funded like others do like KDKA’s Pittsburgh Sports Now… or Cardiac Hill.

    PK- We though Walt Harris was successful and would stay unless someone like OSU called but it was Stanford who got him with more money.


  14. JoeKnew, interesting take on the Ron Cook article and despicable if true. Hopefully the Panthers have a successful season and we won’t have to find out if Cook was setting Pitt FB up to fail.


  15. Cook can’t set Pitt up to fail. But if they do he will be the first to criticize.

    While I agree that Galambos was better under Narduzzi, he should be maturing with experience and age.
    Maybe not the weakest link anymore, but he is way to slow for the NFL.


  16. Cook has a history of spewing venom when he predicts a team to win and they don’t (except for Steelers) … which has occurred on quite a few occasions. Of course, it’s never his fault with an incorrect prediction, but instead because the team didn’t play up to his expectations.


  17. More interesting than Cook’s article is the comment section. PSU fans are crybaby’s much like Caps fans many root for both. Please whatever you do Duzz beat them down to hell with Joe over the next 4 years.


  18. Reed- always enjoyed reading your input on the Blather. I had a smoke with you a few years ago in the 500 section at Heinz (oops, sorry to have ratted us out). I’ll take your advice from this post, which is the same advice you gave me before, and try to comment more.

    Love the new site. I always enjoyed your work on the Blather. Your passion for Pitt football really comes through in your writing. So far, I like the variety and the volume of information on the new site. I like the podcasts in particular, as they are easy to listen to while at the office.

    Keep up the good work and H2P!


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