New Pitt POV logo

^^^ Here is our new logo.

I like the 1960s look of it and hope you get used to it also.  This logo translates to placement on shirts, gifts, 20 dollar bills, etc much better than the old Cougar fur… although I though that logo was pretty cool also.

My daughter did it and there it is!

16 thoughts on “New Pitt POV logo

    1. I like that Pitt look. I did not like the 80’s block lettering look of the last 20 years but the clean lines on Pitt look good.


  1. Guys – here is an example of someone just not reading an article of mine the way I intended it to be read. The writer is defending his friends from what he thought were insults by me towards them. I said Mr; lysowski looked 15 years old and that Jerry DiPaola was a “Silvered Backed Gorilla”… which is actually a co,pliment in how I wrote it.

    “I guess this is what passes for fair journalistic appraisal when it comes to pitt fans. I never realized that ridiculing people’s personal statures was such an important thing. I know Lance Lysowski personally. He has covered my high school soccer in a fair fashion and awarded praise to my athletes when deserved. He also happens to be a dedicated hard worker who paid his dues throwing everything into covering high school sports. He’s not some fly by night Johnny come lately with an Internet connection who confuses having the means to something with being an actual expert. You would think your time serving this country would have taught you something about respecting others but I’m afraid by your actions it hasn’t.

    As far as your characterization of Jerry Dipaola as a silver backed gorilla you need only look in the mirror if you want to make physical comparisons to wild animal. I find Mr. Dipaola quite informed and have ever since I met him some two.weeks after his son became my fraternity brother and have enjoyed my numerous conversations with him ever since. I’m sorry you think he’s harsh but honestly Pitt has deserved it.

    Finally I’m ashamed that so many people I consider friends enable you. As if somehow having a delusional bully on their side makes them better Pitt fans. I would hope they all reconsider, or perhaps it would be better to reconsider my relationships with them!”

    Man… did i miss the mark or what?


  2. Congratulations Reed, you are on your way. You are headed for big ratings because you will have people who read your work because they love it and others who read your work because they hate it (well, at least one so far!). It’s like ND football, people seem to love em or hate em and they tune to NBC to watch them for both reasons.


  3. Reed

    I have never read anything you authored that was even slightly offensive. How do I say this bluntly…

    People today are thin skinned pussies!

    Now if you were throwing out compliments like Upitt they may have a point, LOL.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. wwb – you just pissed in my morning Wheaties.

    Have to say I never connected that logo although I’m sure I’ve seen it in the past since we played them.. and I’m damn sure my daughter never did… but we’re keeping ours. That was a solid $50 I had to pay my daughter to design that POV logo and I know she’ll not be giving it back to me under any circumstances… so it stays!

    Thanks notrocket – I’ll skate on the edge of humor sometimes, and sometimes have pretty strong and even harsh opinions, but I will say that I take GREAT pains not to personally insult anyone. But the Facebook commenter was defending his friends from what he saw as insults so you can’t blame him either…

    BTW – here is my response to that criticism:

    “You don’t get tongue-in-cheek humor at all do you Scoop? Geez, guy – I guess you never heard the phrase “Silver Back Gorilla” – it means the ‘King of the Hill’ and the most experienced person in that field. It has zero to do with Jerry’s looks.

    As to Mr. Lysowski’s looks, c’mon man – you have to admit he looks very young, like a teenager actually, to be in the sports writing field and that is all I was alluding to. I have read his stuff and it is good and I’ll keep reading it – saying someone looks young isn’t a character slur.

    If you ever read my stuff you see that I quote DiPaola all the time in my articles and why do I do that? Because I think he’s the best professional sportswriter in the PGH area and have said so many times in print.

    You obviously don’t know my background on the blog writing scene – I have written for the Pitt Blather for five years – just about 500 articles and close to a million words. I have held full media credentials from the University of Pittsburgh for that full time period and, here I’ll toot my own horn, am read by 300-400,000 per month with an article last year hitting almost 1,000,000 readers.

    If I am ‘fly by night’ then so be it. Look, you obviously missed the humor in the article – I truthfully didn’t say one derogatory thing about Mr. Lysowski or Mr. DiPaola’s professional capacities or writing talents. You got out of the wrong side of the bed the morning you read that article along with apparent preconceived notions about me. That’s OK with me. I will warn you to pass over my stuff in the future if you think those innocuous jibes were insults.

    You may want to climb down off that high horse and re-read that article with the above explanations – it will help you sleep better tonight.

    And finally – unless you have put 33 years in uniform and into Public Service in the Armed Forces then you have no foot to stand on in discussing my career, so I’ll invite you to stick with what you know.


  5. FWIW, I have often disagreed with Reed … but never took it personally, with the exception of a posting he wrote about 2 months ago when he actually tried to interpret what I had posted — and had most of it wrong. It kinda pissed me off. Heck, Reed really knows nothing about me except that I’m a Pitt fan. FWIW, I know much more about him.


    1. Which post was that? I’m curious how the tables could actually be turned and you are right and I am wrong – as hard as that is to believe… 😉

      There is a lot of info on me on the Internet because of my last part of my career in DC… and the Blather, etc…


      1. it’s not an issue of right and wrong. It’s an issue of you misinterpreting or misrepresenting what I wrote on a post. I would love to find it in the archives but really don’t have the time … and not even sure if it happened back in May or April .. who knows, may have been March for all I know.


  6. Reed,

    I’m digging the new look. Really appreciate all your efforts with the site. Keep up the great work.


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