New Pitt POV logo

^^^ Here is our new logo.

I like the 1960s look of it and hope you get used to it also.  This logo translates to placement on shirts, gifts, 20 dollar bills, etc much better than the old Cougar fur… although I though that logo was pretty cool also.

My daughter did it and there it is!

Let’s Get Crazy with J-White!

(Don’t use that nickname – I just had to fit the title onto one line)

A few days ago Mike Vukovcan of the Pittsburgh Sports Now website teased us with a vague paragraph when he wrote this

“I know this won’t make people happy that I can’t give details now but I learned of an interesting situation that could be happening but at the moment am not at liberty to elaborate. etc…”

I read that twice and still couldn’t get anything from it… but I’ll give it my best guesses:

  1. An on-campus feasibility study. I highly doubt it.
  2. Beer sales at Heinz Field. If so Mike V. is a bit behind the times.
  3. Kenny Chesney as the halftime entertainment at the Pitt-PSU game. That would crack me up…but no.
  4. A transfer QB coming in before fall camp starts. Yes, thank you!
  5. Jordan Whitehead playing both full time defense and offense this season. Grrrr.

There has been fan speculation on the internet that Vukovcan actually was referring to our wonderful Sophomore Safety, Jordan Whitehead, moving over to offense as a two-way player.  Of course Vukovcan didn’t really say one word about Whitehead, or offense, defense, or any other subject for that matter in that paragraph, but this topic is something that fans love to discuss and apparently want to see come true.

I couldn’t disagree with the idea more.

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