Sunday Morning Podcast; July 3rd


(Please excuse fading in and out but I used a new mic and it screwed up.  also – excuse the garble at the beginning of Part 1 – I over-recorded after the surprise phone call.  That won’t happen again.)

Take a look at the tagline under the Website’s title (between the Panther’s eyes).  I changed it to include everyone who reads and comments on this site!  It now reads “We have our eyes on Pitt football”.

As promised here is the latest edition of The Pitt POV’s Sunday Morning Podcast series. It is always fun for me to do and those of you who have listened to other podcasts I have done both here and on The Pitt Blather know that I try to keep a semblance of order to it.  However, that sometimes goes out the window as soon as I start talking into the microphone.

I had to cut it into two parts today because the phone rang and discombobulated me.  So we have Part 1 which talks about the website itself, you readers and commenters and the way forward with that:

Then Part 2:

We had a scary tweet (to me at least) from a new employee of Pitt’s Athletic Dept. who sent this out on Twitter.


I say scary because E.J. Borghetti is the one who offered me media credentials and the contrarian that I am sometimes I saw them flying out the window with a new Media Director.  But it turns out Ms Weisenbach is the Media director for Woman’s Basketball only.

We cover Mike Vukovcan’s Pittsburgh Sports Now article this morning and the cryptic 2nd paragraph that says nothing but a head scratching ‘wait and see’:

It isn’t taking long for a couple of the Pitt freshman players to make an early impression.  A “Little Panther” is telling me to look for cornerbacks Damar Hamlin and Therran Coleman to push for plenty of playing time if not a starting cornerback job.  Also, don’t be surprised if freshman George Hill and Henry Miller are moved to safety.

I know this won’t make people happy that I can’t give details now but I learned of an interesting situation that could be happening but at the moment am not at liberty to elaborate.  It’s one of those situations where sources trust you with information and if I burn that source, I’ll never be trusted.  At the proper time, everything will come out and hopefully I can be the first to reveal it.   Stay tuned.

Then we get into Phil Steele’s magazine’s 2016 College Football Preview and the interesting things I found when reading it last night.  Some we all can agree with, other issues he raises can be debated as to whether they will happen or not.

Note: I am trying to put an “Events Calendar” on the site so that I can inform all when The Pitt POV will be hosting something.  Most likely it will be revolving around beer or food before the games.

Also, I will be sending out an email soon to those addresses I have asking for your feedback and discussing other issues with this blog.  If you get one and don’t want anymore of them just reply saying that – I’m doing newsletters and other things so give it a chance… if not then let me know you aren’t interested.

And… thanks again for everything – we have gotten off to a great start!



18 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Podcast; July 3rd

  1. Folks- I just listened to the podcast in full. I have to apologize for the quality because I used the laptops interior mic and every time I turned to read something it faded out. I will go back to the standing mic for our next one.


  2. I wouldn’t trust a thing Vuk says. Sounds like a ploy to get more website hits in a dead season for football.


  3. Good talk Reed and I’ve been a fan of Steele’s for a long while. If you want a heads up going into the gambling season his magazine will give you an edge.

    Interesting that some younger players are making their mark already. It’s nice to hear. I totally agree on Dontez Ford. Never understood the negativity surrounding his play. He didn’t get that many looks to begin with but he looks tough to me. You know how I feel about Zeise and another LBer I like is Wiginis.

    I also think it’s a bush league move for Vuk to announce a big nothing. Although I will speculate away. I can’t see it’s about Whitehead because that’s just not the sort of a topic to be so top secret? But who in the heck knows?


  4. My guess on Vuk’s speculation is that J.Whitehead will be in the backfield with James Earl Conner. With Hamlin and Coleman making strong first impressions along with Hill and Miller slotted to play safety, this could be the time to play Whitehead more often as a two way player. Speed and smash mouth strength in the backfield – the starters would be JW & JC with Rashad and Quadree on the second team. The third team would be Hall and Moss.

    Man, let the fun begin.



  5. I think it is utterly silly to move your absolute best defensive player in a unit (the DBs) that needs improvement over to offense. it is truly cutting your nose off to spite your face. Especially if you think lightning will strike twice in a row with a true freshman in the defensive backfield.

    The last place on the football field we need help at is the RB position. Sitting down a 1100 yard rsJR to put an ex-Safety where he doesn’t need to be a huge mistake and I don’t think we’ll see that.

    Our pass defense was bad last year, with Conner and Ibrahim back our running game will be fine – especially behind an experienced OL.

    I really don’t think that is what Mike V was hinting at – at least I hope not.


  6. To be concerned about burning a source means that the information points to the source ie a player or coach. I hope it is not moving Whitehead, he is the best tackler on the team.


  7. What the hell, I’ll bite….the Vuk speculation is about an OCS…and Mark Cuban is going to pay for it…yep that’s got to be it!


  8. Where is the Whitehead to offense stuff coming from? I don’t think that is what Vuk is talking about at all, not even a little bit.

    I think originally this staff wanted Whitehead as a corner. It was Whitehead himself who requested to play safety. He awarded the staff by having one of the finest seasons ever by a Pitt freshman. After a year under his belt, staff and fans alike should really be excited to see what he has in store as an encore.

    I’m sure new OC Matt Canada will have a few packages for Mr. Whitehead, but he is ensconced at safety and not moving anywhere.

    Relaxing now with an adult beverage and about to listen to podcast…


  9. Listened to podcast, good stuff Reed.

    As far as Rachid Ibrahim, if he can get back to where he was health wise and assuming Conner does too, with a solid veteran line, the running game can be off the charts.

    An Achilles injury can be very tough to recover from. But if he is healthy Ibrahim is a guy who averaged 5.0 per carry as a freshman and 8.0 per carry as a sophomore. Now that was in a somewhat small sample size, but the kid can play. I think where OC Canada should really look to capitalize on his strength is with throwing to him out of the backfield. This is something neither Conner or Ollison do particularly well. Again this is a small sample size, but in his career Ibriham has 20 receptions for 161 yds averaging 8.1 yards per reception.

    A lot of question marks on offense for sure. But if a couple receivers step up, the line performs as expected or better, Conner and Ibriham are healthy, and Peterman has a big senior year, this offense can be special.

    Is it September 3rd yet?


  10. Pap76 – “Where is the Whitehead to offense stuff coming from?”

    Reed jumped on my 6:51pm post last night after reading the 1st sentence and called the idea silly. In the 2nd sentence I mention my main point of making Whitehead more of a two way player this year.

    I guess I’ll post shorter versions of my thoughts in the future – like WTF!

    HbgFrank – I like your Vuk speculation the best – an OCS. If soccer and Lacrosse (club sport mind you) can build a domed stadium, why not football? Whoops, too many words.


  11. The 2017 season will be when the defense improves to a large extent. U cannot expect true freshmen to make large contributions to the defense this season, especially on the defensive line. Freshmen dbs will hinder the level of play due to lack of experience contributing to mental errors.

    The biggest question on offense will be finding adequate wrs to fill the Boyd void.


  12. Reed, really enjoy reading all your hard work with this new site. Thanks for putting out a great new source of Pitt information.


  13. I got the impression that Vuk’s scoop would be on a new recruit, not an existing player.

    Regarding Whitehead, I thought he might play corner this year. With him on one side and Hamlin on the other, they could cover just about anyone. The corner blitz would be amazing. You would have Mitchell and Webb, experienced safeties. With Hill and Miller pressing for playing time.Also Jay Stocker, who looks like a hitter.

    In any case, lots of options and really good depth.


  14. Other guys on the roster include Ryan Lewis, Dane Jackson, Dennis Briggs, Malik Henderson, Phillipie Motley, Mark Bernsdorff, Rob Boatright and Rimoni Dorsey. A lot of good players. I wonder if any will be leaving after fall camp?


  15. It should be clarified that what Vuk wrote on his blog as listed above may have absolutely nothing to do with Whitehead. This is the trouble for writing something so ambiguous that, for that matter, may not even come to pass.

    I believe the hot blog rumor a year ago was that there was supposed to be a mass 412 verbal commitment event where all of the top local players were to make their verbals en masse. And while we did get some quality 412 commits last year, that rumor never did come fruition … thus I wouldn’t waste too much thought on what, if anything, will occur


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