Sunday Morning Podcast; July 3rd


(Please excuse fading in and out but I used a new mic and it screwed up.  also – excuse the garble at the beginning of Part 1 – I over-recorded after the surprise phone call.  That won’t happen again.)

Take a look at the tagline under the Website’s title (between the Panther’s eyes).  I changed it to include everyone who reads and comments on this site!  It now reads “We have our eyes on Pitt football”.

As promised here is the latest edition of The Pitt POV’s Sunday Morning Podcast series. It is always fun for me to do and those of you who have listened to other podcasts I have done both here and on The Pitt Blather know that I try to keep a semblance of order to it.  However, that sometimes goes out the window as soon as I start talking into the microphone.

I had to cut it into two parts today because the phone rang and discombobulated me.  So we have Part 1 which talks about the website itself, you readers and commenters and the way forward with that:

Then Part 2:

We had a scary tweet (to me at least) from a new employee of Pitt’s Athletic Dept. who sent this out on Twitter.


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