How Many Pundits Does It Take…

After the press release for the new fan initiatives went out on Monday four local media reporters had a chance to sit down the AD Scott Barnes and discuss those changes and other topics.

Sam Werner of the Post-Gazette, Craig Meyer of the Post-Gazette, 15 year old  Lance Lysowski of and the silver-backed gorilla of Pittsburgh sports writing  Jerry DiPaola of the Tribune-Review  all took part in it and what followed was a very long and detailed interview, more like an overview type discussion, regarding the ‘momentum’ Pitt is carrying now that we have had personnel switches at the University’s administrative leadership positions.

Those personnel would be Pat Gallagher replacing Chancellor Mark Nordenberg; Scott Barnes replacing AD Steve Pederson and at the more grass roots level Pat Narduzzi replacing head football. So far it looks that has come rolling it and made positive changes to both the Athletic Department and in how that Department interacts with the fans, alumni and students… and media.

Gallagher, Narduzzi and Barnes (if he keeps eating the way he has been)

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