A Win for the Masses

Proverbs 31:4-8 ” Give beer to people who are dying and wine to those who are sad. Let them drink and forget their need and remember their misery no more. “  Obviously we need to get wine sales to the public in Heinz ASAP because with 2016’s schedule there may be some real sad-making days this fall on the Northside.

One of my real problems with Pitt football over the years is how they had treated the common fan when it came to purchasing alcohol at Heinz Field.  Not only were we dragging ass in adopting this policy…:

Where is Pitt?

…we were also enforcing an extremely prejudicial (or crass ) allowance policy that was already in effect.

Pitt ‘s previous stance was that if you paid the extortion fee of a “donation” (and I use that word in protest) you could then buy the much more expensive Club Seats and watch the game with a fully stocked and enclosed bar in your club’s section.

Club seat prices

Don’t get me wrong here – there is absolutely nothing wrong with donating to the Pitt Athletic funds if you choose to do so.  There is something seriously wrong when favors are withheld because you don’t do it and that is exactly what was happening.

To Pitt’s and Chancellor Gallagher’s credit that has now changed.  I say the Chancellor Gallagher because while the “Beer Sales Now Dammit!!” was  recognized and carried forward by Athletic Director Scott Barnes and the new Fan Experience Committee, the final decision

What? There a game being played?

rested with Gallagher and the University’s General Council’s Chief Legal Counsel Geovette Washington.

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