Recruit: “I’m here!” Pitt: “Thank God!”

As a follow-up to some items we discussed on here last week regarding recruiting and  Narduzzi not hesitating to switch kids to positions where the team needs help and the kid can thrive here is something that dovetails with it.

The Post-Gazette has a piece on the impatient go-getters from our 2016 who have already reported for summer drills.

“He did tip his hand a bit, though, when asked about positions that could use reinforcements from the freshman class. The names Narduzzi mentioned — Zack Gilbert, Keyshon Camp, Rashad Weaver — all play defensive line, an area where the Panthers do look thin heading into 2016.

“Those are three cats that can play a lot of different things,” Narduzzi said.

Another player who figures to play a number of roles, at least immediately, is Ohio athlete George Hill. Hill, a former four-star recruit, could end up playing defensive back, running back or even receiver, and Narduzzi wasn’t eager to pigeon-hole him before training camp started.”

Obviously having them on the Southside before fall camp starts isn’t a coincidence.  Narduzzi can say that he’ll let the player themselves choose which position they would be most comfortable with and that seems to be the case…you also get the impression from the HC that even if that player isn’t 100% sold on the idea of switching the decision will be made by the guy who is paid to make those decisions.

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